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00:36.48sacarascsilly people getting me to tank as an enhancement shaman ;( (is only on 4 horseman in naxx10, though)
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03:09.21mxswait, what do you mean "queue" ?
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03:33.25Mikkperforms a ritual exorcism on Adys
03:33.47Adysperforms a sexually arousing ritual on Mikk
03:34.28Adysokok, tell me my orders mastah
03:34.40Mikkreroll female nelf and /cower
03:34.44Mikkneeds wibbling titties
03:34.57Adysrerolls female nelf and /cowers
03:35.20MikkDamnit, doesnt work for me when I have no idea where you are
03:36.15MikkOh and guess what my boomkek got today
03:37.11Adysi just bought deadly gla dlegs
03:37.16MikkIt's only the best caster chest in game. With a 6% droprate. This is where you stand in awe or something.
03:38.03MikkAnd I whined the mages and warlock out of it
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04:04.11pcjlol from the wow website
04:04.13pcjHit the space bar (jump) to climb vertically in the air, much like a Harrier jet.
04:04.18pcji didn't know thats how you fly a jet
04:05.25sacarascyes, that's how i fly my jet
04:09.10SynicalWell Harrier Jets are one of the only jets that can take off vertically.
04:10.12SynicalOne of the only ones that can stop in midair, turn around, and fly the other way as well.
04:12.21pcjno i meant using a space bar
04:12.21pcjbut ok
04:12.56SynicalOh, lol. Gotcha.
04:13.30Mikkno i didnt know harriers had space bars either
04:15.36SynicalZomg it's BiggieSmalls back from the grave.
04:20.37sacarasche's here to promote the new movie about him later this year, Synical
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04:21.16SynicalI was unaware they allowed movie promotion from the grave.
04:21.34sacarascoh yes, it's the new big thing in hollywood
04:21.50sacarascliving people charge too much, so they get the dead
04:22.40SynicalI wonder when they are just going to start taking the movie stars heads and putting them in tanks of water. Like in futurama.
04:22.56SynicalOr am I late and they already have?
04:23.02Synicalis scared.
04:23.11SynicalNixion might come back to promote his movie..
04:23.24SynicalOr he never left! bum bum bummmmm...
04:24.26SynicalThat would be frightning.
04:24.37pcjbetter than gene roddenberry coming back to promote the new star trek i guess
04:25.33SynicalWell it all depends. Would you rather have trekkies ruleing the world or currupt, neo-conservative, beurocrats?
04:25.56SynicalThats a really hard choice...
04:26.41pcjat least with trekkies ruling the world we would have replicators in under a decade
04:26.59sacarascyeah, but synthahol
04:27.02SynicalI think we'd be better off converting to Blorgs and Kleons.
04:28.08SynicalWe'd be able to beam places to. That would be fun.
04:28.21sacarascthough if it meant i could have "meat" more often, i'd support replicators
04:29.00SynicalReplicators are the things that make fake stuff right?
04:29.31SynicalGets out the bong and lighter.
04:29.40SynicalLets replicate us some drugs!
04:32.37SynicalBlah blah blah.
04:32.46SynicalSo hows everyone tonight?
04:32.59sacarasci need to pee
04:33.56SynicalThis world is a great place to pee, it's so crappy. I wish sometimes I could turn it into my own toilit. That be one giant toilit.
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05:06.14Eraclitohi there
05:06.37Eraclitothere's some player who healed as a druid?
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08:31.04sacarascmorning gOurra with an o
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13:50.43syberghostNo thanks, it's too early for supper.
13:52.18Das_SynicalHa, thats a good reply to that. You mind if I use it sometime?
13:54.09Das_SynicalAnyways. Good morning everyone. How life for you all?
13:55.23Osenobody in this channel has a life
13:55.40Oseespecially not Fikser-
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13:57.25Oseor g0urra
13:58.30g0urrainfobot, kiss Ose
13:58.31infobotACTION forces Ose to give Mike-N-Go a big kiss on the hand
13:58.42Raenihow sweet
13:59.01Ose~whalenuke g0urra
13:59.02infobotACTION dons her radiation cloak and tinted glasses while a highly intelligent whale named Ray precipitates critical mass for uncontrolled nuclear fission around g0urra with his mind powers.
13:59.16g0urra~whaleparry Ose
13:59.17infobotACTION uses a slightly less-huge but eminently more agile killer whale named Edwardo to parry Ose's attacks.
13:59.31Raeniher? you mean i have competition from another female? Im not liking this :/
13:59.58g0urraespecially since she's a whale too
14:00.08Raenishe uses cooler words than me :(
14:00.18infobotI'm pregnant
14:00.24Raenioh dear
14:00.27Raeniwhos the father?
14:00.28Das_SynicalWhos the father?
14:00.42Raenihe's cheating on me?
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14:01.05Das_SynicalLooks like.
14:01.14Das_SynicalNow don't be down yall.
14:02.27Das_SynicalIt's quiet...
14:02.32Das_SynicalToo quiet...
14:02.38Raeniim in mourning
14:02.51Ose~entertain raeni
14:02.51infobotACTION shows raeni a magic trick while tap dancing on black and white movie reels
14:03.00Raenithats really insensitive you know
14:03.06Das_SynicalOh I'm sorry for your loss.
14:03.09Raeniflaunting it in my face
14:03.48Raenino, Ose
14:03.51infobotextra, extra, read all about it, pcj is a cheating bastard
14:04.00Oseless QQ more Pew Pew!
14:04.38Das_SynicalNo no no.
14:04.47Das_SynicalLess QQ more Snu Snu.
14:04.47Raeniim not sure i like where this is heading either
14:05.06Das_SynicalIf you've seen futurama you'll know what Snu Snu is.
14:05.15Das_SynicalWink wink knudge knudge
14:05.33Oseah, snu snu!
14:06.22Oseall hail FemBot eh?
14:06.52Raenistop with the bots!
14:06.54RaeniI cant hear you!
14:08.36Das_SynicalReani, I'd like to intoduce you to my friend. His name is HotStudBot
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14:08.48HotStudBotAloha baby.
14:08.54Raenibut i only want pcj :(
14:09.21Das_SynicalWell that complicates things...
14:09.30HotStudBotWhen I'm done you'll only want me baby.
14:09.41infobotACTION gets in the car
14:09.43Raenithis is very bizarre.
14:09.55HotStudBotBizarre is my middle name.
14:10.20HotStudBotsounds like ze Terminator!
14:10.30Raenithats not sexy, sorry
14:10.49Das_SynicalSee now you gone and upset him.
14:10.54*** part/#wowwiki HotStudBot (
14:11.07Raenitry and see if he's not up for romancing infobot so i can have pcj back?
14:11.29Das_SynicalTo late for that.
14:11.41Das_SynicalHe just blew his wires and bolts onto the wall.
14:12.26Raenithis is such a flashback to farming that recipe from the ogres by ogrila. They'd be all "Queen kill me? why...." making me feel guilty about fucking pixels
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14:14.06Das_Synicalyou felt guilty about fucking pixels...
14:14.11Das_SynicalYou were fucking pixels?
14:14.14Raenioh cmon
14:14.34Das_SynicalI'ma tell pcj.
14:14.51Raenioh dear
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14:15.35*** topic/#wowwiki is Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | | Happy new year !
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14:15.53Das_SynicalWelcome back infobot. How was your trip?
14:16.14Raenipcj, is it true you're infobot's baby's father? :(
14:16.42Raenigood <3
14:17.02Das_SynicalThen who is infobot's baby's father? Is it...infobot? Is it Arthas? Is it the 1989 Miami Dolphins?
14:17.27OseCartman's mom?
14:17.41Das_SynicalSomeone caught it.
14:17.46Das_Synicalhigh fives Ose.
14:18.18Das_SynicalFine don't return it.
14:18.33Raenihe's a bit antisocial, dont take it personally
14:18.46pcjhe could be OCD
14:18.50pcjprobably washing his hand atm
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14:19.01pcjand then there's Bibi
14:19.03Das_SynicalBibi' bread and butter?
14:19.05Oseor playing wow?
14:19.26Raenidont yell :(
14:19.31Oselate-fives Das_Synical
14:19.36Bibi`what :(
14:19.38Ose[15:14]<pcj>WHO DARES SUMMON ME
14:19.54Raeniwell pcj was making a dramatic entrance
14:19.56Das_SynicalHi Bibi'!
14:21.20Das_SynicalThis! Is! Bullshit!
14:21.30Das_SynicalMy pencil has gone missing from the confines of my desk.
14:21.53Raenia proper geek wouldnt need a pencil
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14:23.25Das_SynicalWell I got plenty of pens.
14:23.32Raenithen why the QQ?
14:24.09Das_SynicalBut I have to do a math test and I need a pencil. Two reasons. One! So I can erase if I made a mistake. And Two! So it doesn't seep through the paper.
14:25.32Raenioh ive not been in school a while, didnt think of that posibility
14:25.48Das_SynicalYup. I home school.
14:26.04Raeniare you 8?
14:26.05Das_Synicalhas absolutly no life.
14:26.11Das_SynicalNo I'm 16. XD
14:26.20Raenitwice as good!
14:26.37Das_SynicalWhy would you think I'm eight?
14:26.45Das_SynicalThat hurts my feelings...
14:27.00Raenii find it hard to believe the average mom will manage to teach math past that level
14:27.15Das_SynicalOh, lol no no no. It's a wierd kind of program.
14:27.20Oseololol ur moms a geek lol
14:27.30Das_SynicalNo one teaches me. The school sends me the work, I teach it to my self, and then send it back.
14:27.48Das_SynicalWell, all I really need to send back are the tests.
14:27.56Raenii guess thats comparable to my own education except i cba'd to do anything but the exam at the end of the year
14:28.00Raeniyou clearly got the losing end of that one
14:28.27Raenicouldnt be arsed
14:28.44Raenididnt have to
14:28.50Raenibut cba'd was less letters
14:28.56Das_SynicalGot it.
14:29.06Das_SynicalWell, like I said. I don't 'have' to do any of the work. Just the tests.
14:29.19Das_SynicalBut when it comes to the math, I enjoy doing the work.
14:29.47Raeniyou've lost me, im a language student, i use spreadsheets to work out the 10% offspec dkp costs in raids
14:30.30Das_SynicalI havn't done any raids where the term dkp came up in almost a year.
14:30.54Das_SynicalInfact, I havn't played on retail, closeing in on a year now.
14:31.11Raenibet you're sad they closed your realm then eh
14:31.24Das_SynicalWell no. I just switched to private servers.
14:31.30Raeniwell yes
14:31.32Das_SynicalSold my account for a hefty price.
14:31.38Raenibut they closed down some major servers a month ago
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14:31.45Raeniand thats not really something to share
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14:32.17Tuqui-tuquianyhoo, good morning everyone
14:32.40Tuqui-tuquitwo weeks off make me not wanna work
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17:48.56Tuqui-tuquidrop kicks g0urra
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20:21.07g0urra"try to keep up..ok?" hah
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21:11.58pcjgg fandy
21:16.27g0urraoh fandy
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22:05.56Skkyehmm, can i ask about wow?
22:06.12Skkyeon what?
22:06.36pcjon if you have a high enough iq to formulate a question
22:06.50Skkyei think i do.... let me consider... :-)
22:08.06Skkyeok, im a newbie.... i just decided to ditch the trial and install the full version, been out and bough the wow origonal disk and the burning crusade... installed them and it wants me to install massive patches, is there a better way to do this? a quicker place to get them? any advice?
22:08.29pcjgo to
22:08.58pcjthe game should download the correct patch
22:08.59Skkyewill lich king include all the new patches?
22:09.05pcjup through 3.0
22:09.11pcjyou will have to patch to 3.0.3
22:09.27Skkyeis that still alot to download?
22:09.35pcjmaybe 200 MB
22:09.49pcjmaybe slightly more depending on your region
22:10.03Skkyemuch much less then huh... ok, i will check out the mirrors... thankyou very much
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22:29.08Skkyepcj are you still here?
22:29.22pcji'll give you two guesses
22:29.51Skkyelol. ive downloaded a patch from a mirror and its an unrecognised file... what do i do with it?
22:32.35pcjif it's an MPQ file put it in a folder with the updater.exe
22:32.54Skkyeits not got a file extension?
22:33.04Skkyeshould i make it a mpq?
22:36.16pcjif you don't know what you're doing just use the blizzard downloader
22:37.14Skkyeok, well thanks for trying.... not an easy question to answer i guess i will keep trying to figure t out for myself :-)
22:37.59Skkyeahh, figured it... just needed to be an exe... thanx
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