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00:52.11Sky2042_afkpcj: I'm not sure what's going on.
00:52.23Sky2042_afksee [[Macro API]]
01:08.20Fisker-what about it pcj ?
01:09.27pcjdeletes Fisker-
01:10.36Fisker-what about it pcj ?
01:10.47pcjtoo late
01:10.50pcji deleted you
01:11.43Fisker-why so srs?
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03:13.33Osehow long is the wait when you have been in too many instances?
03:14.05Kasoi want to say an hour, but my memory isnt the best i this semi-drunken state
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03:24.51Amarandewe're probably lucky they even allow you that many, heh
03:25.15Amarandethey probably only even allow you five because of holiday events where each person gets a daily summon kind of thing ...
03:25.32Amarandegiven, for instance, what they did with Diablo II :|
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06:10.56ShaethiaThere's like no quests in Dalaran, so how does one become friendly with them??
06:11.32Amarandekirin tor, you mean?
06:12.43ShaethiaThe only ! I see is the damn christmas one lol
06:14.57ShaethiaI tried looking through wowiki for an answer, but it only says gain reputation through cooking and jewelcrafting dailies or championing.. Since I have no interest in being a JC, or leveling cooking...
06:15.06ShaethiaI want to start championing.. but can't
06:15.14Shaethia'cause I rolled warlock instead of mage apparently...
06:15.19Amarandeah, that explains why I made friendly so quickly
06:15.26AmarandeI cook, and my main is a JC
06:17.46ShaethiaYeah mages start out friendly
06:17.49ShaethiaLucky them..
06:18.05ShaethiaI've tried looking all over but no where does anyone say how to get from neutral to friendly lol
06:22.17Shaethia"Gaining Kirin Tor rep, wear the tabard!"
06:24.22ShaethiaOh nvm
06:24.34ShaethiaThe damn daily dungeons..
06:24.45ShaethiaThey give you that 200 rep thing
06:24.56ShaethiaSeems a bit excessive just to buy a tabbard..
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12:03.00Fisker- <-fail g0urra
12:03.50Fisker-" When a paladin is buffing with an addon like PallyPower - their addon recognizes the pet as it's own class, not as a subservient of the master (hunter) - this differs from warlocks. "
12:03.52Fisker-lol retards
12:04.07Fisker-If ONLY we could decide what "class" people were on raids
12:04.41Fisker-Would be awesome as well if Blizzard fixes our reagent costs soon
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12:08.09g0urrait's funny tho Fisker-, nobody mentions rogues
12:08.19g0urraand when I buff rogues I buff hunter pets too
12:08.50Fisker-shouldn't be happening :3
12:09.05g0urraI hacked the game Fisker- so it does
12:09.23Fisker-i hacked your mom
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13:44.44Fisker- <-i lol'd g0urra
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14:01.07g0urrawhy so hebrew Fisker-
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14:20.08pcjhooray at last the beast is dead
14:20.40pcjalso pallypower sucks
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15:01.14AeonusI am a frequent user of WoWWiki, and noticed a tiny mistake there. I haven't registered as I don't really have that much to add, but I just got a screenshot of a WoW-artbook, and judging by the info there, the image in article is misplaced (It's a red dragon according to the artbook)
15:04.53g0urraAeonus, what artbook is it? And are you talking about ?
15:05.43Aeonus indeed. The book is "The Art of World of Warcraft"
15:06.48AeonusWith Tyrande and Malfurion on cover art. I can send the page dictating that the dragon in the image is a red one. I also noticed that the exact same design of dragon is used for Korialstrasz the red on the Sunwell manga, the wings and horns are similar.
15:07.19g0urraHowever, page 96 of the Shadows & Light RPG sourcebook has that particular image as Nozdormu
15:08.28AeonusInteresting. Is it in black and white?
15:09.14AeonusThe one in this artbook is colored red.
15:13.24g0urraStrangely similar
15:14.54AeonusYep. This is the book in question. I can send you the scanned page for both confirming it as well as a source for a colored version of the picture.
15:16.39g0urraYou can upload the picture and put it on the talk page of Nozdormu
15:17.54AeonusI haven't registered :P I don't play the game anymore, I just randomly browse the lore.
15:23.53g0urraYou don't have to play the game to register
15:24.30AeonusI know, I just meant that I don't really want to bother going through the registration as I'd only use it this once.
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18:16.57Fisker-indeed pcj
18:17.00Fisker-but that is old news
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23:59.15foxlit"Vote yes if you would like to keep the current domain ("
23:59.20foxlit"Vote no if you would allow wowwiki to move to a wikia domain (*"
23:59.28foxlitAnd there are 3 votes under "Neutral"
23:59.52foxlitThe way those instructs are phrased, "Neutral" is "No" :/

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