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01:52.03YcareneWhere can I go to improve my gear? I'm saving up mats for the trollwoven stuff and my engineering headpiece.
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01:57.14pcjdo you see the armory's gear upgrade feature
01:57.16pcjuse it
01:57.50pcjill look but i won't be much help since im not a rogue
01:58.01pcjmmo-champion has a good gear list
01:58.24sacarascgo pcj!
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04:35.07karl1ive lost my wow disk 1 and my dad uninstalled wow will i have to buy wow again from the shop or can i just download off site?
04:36.12sacarascyou can download it
04:36.32karl1were do i download it sacarasc
04:37.57sacarascif you just want the single disk, you're out of luck, but WoW full version can be found:
04:38.44karl1yer id profer all of them my disk are scratched due to little bro
04:55.28karl1does anyone no if the new wow comes with 30 days membership like the over copys?
04:56.02sacarascWrath of the Lick King? nope, it doesn't
04:56.26karl1well no point me getting it till im level 55 anyway :S
04:57.18sacarascand you'll need The Burning Crusade too
04:57.29karl1i have it :D
04:57.34karl1im propered :P
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04:59.22karl1i cant wait to see all my old friends :)
05:00.02sacarascnot played for a while?
05:00.22karl1about a year i lost my job so wow was the first thing i had to let go off
05:02.04karl1i no it sucks but now im comeing back it will be like when i first started so ill be questing like mad
05:02.40karl1i dont even no what level i am :P
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05:24.53karl1does your wow account get frozen when you run out of credit?
05:26.28sacarascyes, but you just need more credit and it will be as it was
05:27.19karl1ooo good i was pooping myself then :P
05:28.41karl1is there a way to look at what char are on your account through website?
05:29.25sacarasci think you might be able to by going to the transfer char thing on the account page
05:29.44sacarascnot actually transfer them, but you should see what they're called and what realm they're on at least
05:31.00karl1i forgot what realm im in :S
05:38.07karl1you wont happen to no what server a new hope is on would you :P
05:47.34karl1i just cant wait to see all my old friends :D
05:56.17karl1i forgot i had 2 level 70s :P
05:56.32karl1so i get new wow class?
05:57.40karl1ok at 6:00 ill be at pc world
05:59.42karl1anyway im going to bed i wont be able to sleep because im so excited :P
05:59.53sacarascnight karl1
05:59.56sacarascand good luck
06:00.07karl1did the specs change for new wow?
06:00.30sacarascthink so
06:05.01karl1amyway im, deffo going now
06:05.22karl1and thanks for chatting to me sacarasc and shareing my excitement
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07:03.06LucidFoxA'dal: 'Silvery moon, washed in blood, / Led astray into the night, armed with the sword of broken Light. / Broken, then betrayed by one, standing there bestride the sun. / At darkest hour, redemption comes, in knightly lady sworn to blood.'
07:03.32LucidFoxLiadrin: [/rolleyes] You've just made that all up, haven't you?
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10:44.02LucidFox"Some people are so paranoid. I mean, okay, Sargeras was constantly burning from within in an inferno powered by his own hate, but you'd think Velen could have given him the benefit of the doubt the way Archie and Killy did."
10:44.17LucidFoxI *love* the "Know Your Lore" articles for passages like this.
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11:01.41Bencehi..anyone want to buy 14-day key?
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16:38.38KirkburnHaving a good holiday, all?
16:44.57foxlitBut only for now.
16:45.08foxlitFor now there's happiness -- but only for now!
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16:56.39Fisker-Kirkburn it's birthday
16:56.57Kirkburnfoxlit, glad to hear it...?
16:57.01KirkburnFisker-, yours?
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16:59.56foxlitIs it the day you began your trolling career?
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17:01.35Fisker-thanks pcj!
17:06.53KirkburnCongrats Fisker-, though ouch at having a birthday so close to Xmas
17:07.14g0urrahis parents planned carefully
17:11.21KirkburnMarch ftw
17:11.50foxlit"Please give a warm hand to the star of Girls Gone Wild parts 2, 5 and 7, Lucy the Slut!"
17:12.14foxlitI wonder if that musical is performing anywhere close to here
17:15.57AckisWorkFisker-: are you serious?
17:16.36Fisker-Yeah g0urra
17:16.46Fisker-my brother has birthday the 23rd :D
17:16.46AckisWorkFisker-: my bday in on Thursday
17:16.55Fisker-Yeah but i hate you :(
17:25.04KirkburnPrevious gf of mine had her birthday on the 14th February. Great when you're a child. Not so great when you're a teenager/adult.
17:25.41AckisWorkKirkburn: dude you save money on presents
17:30.12syberghostMy sister's is on the 15th.
17:30.32syberghostShe's always complained.  But then, she's always complained about everything.
17:31.10syberghostShe hasn't spoken to our mother since mom told her she couldn't bring her then-boyfriend in our house because he was a thief.
17:31.29syberghostPlease note his subsquent conviction for multiple counts of theft.
17:38.12g0urrawhy so Ose_ Ose
17:38.43Ose_1x stationary pc and 1x laptop?
18:13.45Ose_you forgot the "?"
18:14.54g0urraWHO DARES? SUMMON ME
18:15.13Ose_no no no
18:15.56Ose_"who" is the asking part of the sentence
18:17.29Charitwopcj what percentage of you guys' tooltips uses dpl?
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18:18.39pcjit doesn't use dps
18:19.04Ose_pcj I has an easy js question
18:19.37Ose_I want to disable the dismiss button (for the sitenotice)
18:19.55Charitwopcj: <gahoo> well in theory all links to [[Moat Carp]] would be changed to {{Template:Tooltip|id = Info|text=[[Moat Carp]]|tooltip={{#dpl:title=Moat Carp|namespace=Main|include=Info|allowcachedresults=true|}}}}
18:20.05pcjOH GOD
18:20.07pcjTHEY DIDN'T
18:20.10CharitwoOH GOD
18:20.16pcjose: go ahead then
18:20.33pcjthere are so many problems with that code
18:20.43pcjwhy do they use {{Template:
18:20.51pcjwhy do they use dpl
18:21.06Ose_did I append a "?" to any of the sentences I said (before this)?
18:21.07pcjwhy is their text parameter wrapped in wiki code
18:21.16Charitwoi don't know, i havent been following along with this tooltip project of his
18:21.30Charitwoi just saw him talk about implementation and i'm like O_O
18:21.46pcjthey move the processing from client side to server side
18:22.11pcjwonder how that will look on a page with 100 tooltips
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18:24.44infobotTo me crucially is the devourer of websites
18:24.45pcjcrucially its all your fault
18:24.57cruciallywhat is now!
18:25.20pcjmake wikia scrap its plans to ruin wowwiki
18:25.40Charitwocrucially: gahoo is planning on taking down the servers with his tooltips project
18:27.16pcjmmmm tasty dpl
18:28.06pcjPages transcluded onto the current version of this page:
18:28.07pcj# Template talk:1,000 Contributor
18:28.30pcjthey are transcluding everything in the template talk namespace?
18:28.35Charitwoi think pcj is broke now too
18:29.00pcjthe best way to break that template would be to add dangerous code to the template talk namespace
18:32.44syberghostthe best way to break ur mom would be to add dangerous code to the template talk namespace
18:35.21g0urragood job
18:36.51pcjso charitwo when is ffxiclopedia being moved to a subdomain of
18:37.08Charitwoi think kirkburn said sometime this spring
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18:37.23Charitwog0urra: i was hoping for a more devasting reaction
18:37.34Charitwoapparently all custom domains are on a list
18:37.54g0urraso what's wowwiki going to be
18:38.19Charitwono idea, you'd have to ask your commander in chief
18:38.27pcji want to impeach our cnc
18:38.38pcjwhat is the process
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18:39.43Charitwo(ask Kirkburn, I have no idea!)
18:39.47Charitwoi just asked about ffxi :p
18:49.02Charitwohe changed it :o
18:49.37pcjit will still suck
18:49.44Charitwohow so?
18:50.01KirkburnSorry, was out getting food
18:50.03g0urrabecause it's not by pcj
18:50.06pcjnow its transcluding the entirety of the page
18:50.30pcjand doesn't have any default value
18:51.02AckisWorknerd lore talk:
18:51.23pcji saw wowinsider and stopped reading
18:51.25AckisWorkI don't quite agree with what he said about killing off an aspect
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18:59.45Charitwopcj: moar
19:00.01pcjthats so ugly
19:01.35pcjalso it doesn't even involve ajax
19:01.44pcjit just loads all the tooltips at page load
19:01.56pcjso its still more data for the wiki to process
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19:17.24foxlitdata is free
19:17.30foxlityou fetch it, you send it, you're done
19:17.49foxlitThe alternative is that you use another HTTP request to fetch it, which is going to be orders of magnitude more expensive
19:24.07pcjexcept that on a page with 100 tooltips there will be 100 other pages transcluded
19:24.14pcjno matter what
19:25.28foxlitAnd it's not an issue. Amazing, eh?
19:26.14pcjthey haven't tested it with that on a large scale
19:27.03foxlitThere's nothing in how mediawiki works that'd make their implementation bad.
19:27.12Charitwoit is rather scary
19:27.54foxlitSince pages are compiled once per edit, and viewed more than edited, your display performance is significantly more important than compiling performance.
19:28.36foxlitYou could argue that it'll choke the parser with too much data, but you'd have a very time hitting the NewPP limits, which I presume are established based on "safe" values.
19:30.06pcjwhen any of the 100 transcluded pages are changed then that page is out of date
19:32.40foxlitNot really much of a problem.
19:33.00foxlitviews : edits ratio should take care of it with plenty of breathing space.
19:33.34pcjwell you may downplay it but i have gotten complaints when the cache causes tooltips to show old data
19:34.08foxlitWhich cache?
19:34.17foxlitIn your case, it's probably squid.
19:34.35pcji thought crucially moved us to varnish
19:34.46foxlitSame principle
19:35.51pcjIndeed, but showing old revisions is more of a problem than you say
19:37.37foxlitProbably because you framed that problem wrongly :)
19:38.33pcjIf you're going to be belligerent, I won't be a part of it
19:38.36foxlitIt's not "any of the 100 transcluded pages are changed that page is out of date"  but "when this page is changed, all of the 100 pages that transclude it are affected"
19:38.58foxlitBut anyway, if they ever hit _that_, it's an easy patch.
19:40.21foxlitHash the only include sections and only invalidate transcluders if they actually change. That'd stop casual article editing from creating a long update queue.
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19:45.36g0urragoodnight sweet prince
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22:31.01infobotI looked up noob on wikipedia.  Who is this Fisker person, anyway?
22:31.27*** join/#wowwiki Movix1 (n=mattes@
22:40.52Fisker-~factinfo noob
22:40.52infobotnoob -- last modified 10m 21s ago  by g0urra!n=g0urra@wowwiki/g0urra; it has been requested 7 times, last by g0urra, 9m 51s ago.
22:41.00Fisker-purl, forget noob
22:41.06Fisker-infobot, forget noob
22:41.06infobotFisker-: i forgot noob
22:41.40g0urraFisker-, FYI I correct it so it wasn't borked. it said "infobot is dead. <reply> I looked up noob on wikipedia.  Who is this Fisker person, anyway?"
22:41.57g0urrabut thanks
22:44.54g0urraI vote
22:44.57g0urraanyone oppose?
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23:12.20Ose hehe
23:16.37CharitwoOse: 1 heart attack a day for pcj is quite enough don't you think
23:16.54Osethat's why you ping him?
23:17.06Ose <3 skin <3
23:17.41Osewho you?
23:18.23g0urrano u
23:22.57Charitwour mom
23:28.54g0urrabut it needs to have wow
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