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08:12.41KanadiaNanyone have a expression for the achievement link
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13:18.57Fisker-haha Addybot
13:21.36Adysyeah meh
13:21.45Adysi got old crafty the easy way
13:21.47Adysso cant complain
13:21.58Fisker-so did i :(
13:22.04Fisker-And i didn't even cheat for it
13:22.13Fisker-Just got it after 3 casts
13:22.23Fisker-Old Ironjaw was horrible though
13:22.33Fisker-Especially with that annoying dude corpsecamping me 24/7
13:22.34AdysLIKE YOUR MOM
13:22.39Adysthat was me
13:23.24Fisker-him and me go way back :P
13:23.38Fisker-Just didn't know it until a couple of months ago
13:24.12Fisker-Pre-expansion he was always lurking on his rogue in Silithus ganking our guildmembers, so i decided to pay back :D
13:24.21Fisker-Of course i exaggerate everything
13:24.34Fisker-So i usually wiped their stone group/raids
13:24.46Fisker-using the Gnomish MC cap on their MT etc. :D
13:25.18Fisker-Even got a couple of their bosses because it changed tag to me
13:25.43sacarascthey must have hated you
13:25.58Fisker-sure :P
13:26.02Fisker-But they asked for it :D
13:26.25Fisker-Just like how i found myself dead at the aces high spot in the Nexus
13:26.42Fisker-So now i frequently go there just to gank an alliance or 2 so i get my revenge :D
13:26.45AdysIm going to change this fishing mod
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13:32.05Fisker-:3 g0urra
13:34.10sacarascg0urra doesn't like you any more
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13:55.18Adysif StaticPopup_Visible("LOOT_BIND") then return print("Loot before recasting!") end
14:07.03Fisker-you're still going to be recasting it :P
14:12.01AdysFisker-: ?
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14:14.36AdysFisker-: just tested it it works
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14:16.13*** topic/#wowwiki by pcj -> Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | CVN: #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | Happy New Year to all
14:16.26*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | CVN: #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | it's not 2009 yet you idiot
14:16.30Fisker-didn't say it didn't work
14:16.38AdysFisker-: then?
14:16.40sacarascIt's my birthday soon, stick that in the topic
14:16.46sacarascit should be celebrated by all!
14:16.52Fisker-Just saying it probably won't keep you from casting :P
14:16.53*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | CVN: #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | it's my birthday soon, stick that where I think
14:17.02AdysFisker-: fmf, doubleclick to cast
14:17.02Fisker-no it's my birthday soon :(
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14:42.25pcjdoes anyone know about the defense cap and critical strikes
14:42.30pcjbecause i am getting crit
14:42.42pcjand i thought the defense cap wasn't subject to diminishing returns
14:42.46pcjbut it looks like it is
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14:54.37Raenithere's some mobs in lightning halls that gain 60% chance to crit if you dont kill them in X seconds
14:54.41Raenimaybe its sometihng like that
14:55.14pcjno these are world mobs
14:58.52Raeniaccording to elitist jerks the cap is 690, except on a few specific fights
14:59.30pcjso where does 540 come from
14:59.46Raenithats the cap vs lvl 80 mobs
14:59.56Raenibut instance mobs or bosses are lvl 83
15:00.55Raeni540 is the cap, 690 is the actual defense rating number on your gear combined?
15:01.25Raenii dunno much about plate
15:01.28pcjyeah that's different
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15:41.11foxlitmeh, Tereldor lift
15:41.19foxlitThey're not even trying to explain it, are they?
15:51.40pcjexplain what
15:51.48pcjthe lift to telredor?
15:51.54pcjit's obviously spores lifting it up
15:56.29Adys any idea where this is from?
16:01.56pcja fairy
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16:53.02pcjeveryone vote against
16:53.08pcjerr to delete
16:57.51pcjslaps Adys
17:11.37KanadiaNare we allowed to post code here
17:15.54Fisker-so why so srs pcj ?
17:17.49Fisker-Charitwo voted to keep
17:17.51Fisker-GET HIM
17:17.59cruciallyslaps everyone
17:19.07infobotTo me crucially is the devourer of websites
17:22.51cruciallywowwiki should be stable, I am going on holiday over new years
17:27.08pcjsee if i ever do anything for you charitwo
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17:31.54Charitwog0urra my friend
17:48.30pcjg0urra, quickly, before the vote closes!
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18:08.39mads-Being a new warlock I have been wondering how +hit acts on dots. Is it applied when casted or when ticking?
18:16.08Arrowmasternot sure about ticking, it didnt used to but im not sure if they fixed that or not
18:17.41cruciallyis it true pcj doesn't get a joke?
18:17.53pcjidk i got your mom
18:18.55cruciallygood enough
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18:37.38*** topic/#wowwiki by pcj -> Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | CVN: #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | Please vote delete
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22:13.26Riskysup sup
22:13.44Riskyis there a wiki page that tells you how to make wow spam all events to the chat window?
22:14.23Riskyi like create a frame and make it handle all events or something
22:15.51pcjyou could probably get the answer at #wowuidev
22:15.55pcjim not sure if there's a wiki page
22:16.01Riskyahh thanks
22:16.08pcj[[Events (API)]] would be it
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