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00:48.32NullityHey guys! Anyone know where all the shared DB's for Cartographer has gone?
00:49.00Nullityonly one i can find is tru gathere
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00:55.33NechcknNullity for ore/herbs/etc cartographer uses GatherMate
00:56.16Nechcknthen, GatherMate has a db type thing, iirc
00:56.28NechcknSo, it's one extra step now, is all.
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01:07.46NullityNecchckn just found another soultion
01:08.31NullityHandynote seems to have taken over for Cartograhper
01:26.46Arrowmasterhandynotes doesnt do professions
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02:00.59[L4E]Flowyi need addon that allow me to make mine quests - ie gather 90 copper ore
02:20.54sacarascthere are mining quests like that?
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02:22.38pcjno sacarasc
02:22.45pcji think he meant make an objective
02:22.49pcjso that he doesn't have to count the ore
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02:23.21sacarasca mining quest might be good for me, then i'd maybe actually get out of Dalaran and do it
02:23.40Eraclito4 run tonight, no deathcharger
02:24.12Eraclitoi got so good that i kill only the minibosses (and thuzadins) in all the gauntlet
02:24.32Eraclitoi skip even the necromancers in front of the frost necromancer
02:25.13Eraclitoi know how many abomination there're, and where're the four bile spewers (the ones who spawn the slimes)
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02:51.22DottedSandwichman2449 meant:
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02:52.07Sandwichman2449What is up with that page? Is it needed?
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06:04.23X3Does anyone know of any Vent channels that need some harrassing? I am bored and that is very enteraining to me
06:04.26X3serious question
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07:27.42Bagginswwhey anyone know about dual booting in vista?
07:28.26ThraeBagginsww: Like XP, it's better to let Vista's boot loader handle booting the other operating system, so install that one second.
07:28.41BagginswwI've installed xp on top of a vista system, and fixed my vista boot loader after. Used easybcd to create dual boot to xp
07:29.02Bagginswwwell once I go to xp, the vista boot loader won't show
07:29.17Bagginswwso it will only boot to xp
07:29.37Thraebcdedit is the native program and it's not that hard to use
07:29.38Bagginswwthis isn't a real problem, I just tell my mobo to load vista drive to bring up the bootloader again
07:30.02Bagginswwok going to check bcdedit
07:30.07ThraeWhen you boot into Vista, what drive letter is it assigned to?
07:30.16Bagginswwvista is on C:
07:30.24Bagginswwand xp is on D:
07:30.27Bagginswwseperate harddrives
07:30.29ThraeWhen you boot into XP, what drive letter does XP assign itself?
07:30.35BiggieSmallsanyone wanna bet on the next content patch
07:30.40Bagginswwit changes it to C : I think
07:30.54ThraeThat's your problem
07:31.00Bagginswwhow to fix?
07:31.08ThraeXP is numerating the drives differently then Vista
07:31.19ThraeThat is to say, your BIOS is
07:31.45ThraeIs the Vista drive setup as the first HDD to boot from in your BIOS boot priority?
07:32.07Bagginswwit only becomes a problem if I load up xp
07:32.19Bagginswwotherwise it goest o vista
07:32.25Bagginswwvia bootloader
07:32.48ThraeI think you have to reinstall XP to reset the system root drive letter to D:.
07:33.08ThraeThere are ways to do it otherwise, but they're hacky and may just fuck everything up.
07:33.22Bagginswwhmm... this could be a problem. It ried that originally, but my system hanged on restart.
07:33.31ThraeYou just have to make sure XP installs itself on D:
07:33.32Bagginswwso I ended up disablting my vista drive
07:33.36Bagginswwso I could install xp
07:33.58ThraeYeah, that's your problem, both systems see themselves as C: so you'll have to disable the Vista drive everytime you want to boot up XP
07:34.17Bagginswwwell I an bootload to xp
07:34.31Bagginswwbut to get back to vista, I just have to tell my mobo to go to first hardrive
07:34.48Bagginswwa minor annoyance I suppose
07:34.50ThraeThe XP drive doesn't recognize Vista's boot loader, but Vista recognizes XP's, so Vista lets XP boot first
07:34.53Bagginswwbut I don't use xp that much
07:34.59Bagginswwjust need it for legacy on a few things
07:35.09ThraeYou could just install XP inside a Virtual Machine like I do.
07:35.14Bagginswwno sound?
07:35.29BagginswwI' running vista 64 bit btw
07:35.48ThraeSound can work in a VM...and I run Vista 64 too...
07:35.55ThraeI run XP 32 in VirtualBox
07:36.10Bagginswwhmm I need to try this out. I heard sound didn't work in vm
07:36.17Bagginswwits een updated?
07:36.27ThraeThere are different virtual machines
07:36.36ThraeMicrosoft also has their own
07:36.43Bagginswwmicrosoft is the no sound one I think
07:36.55ThraeVMWare is the biggest commercial one
07:37.20Bagginswwthat's the one you use?
07:37.32ThraeI use the free, open-source VirtualBox.
07:38.11Bagginswwwell I'll try that out if sound works :)
07:38.18X3im hot
07:40.03BagginswwI might actually try linux out with a virtual box...
07:41.06ThraeVirtualBox has easy install guides for both XP and Ubuntu. I tried Mac OSX on it and that was a bit of a pain...need to get around to trying that again.
07:41.36Bagginswwya I've been wanting to screw around with macos to try out some old school mac only products
07:41.56Bagginswwlegality aside :p
07:42.25Bagginswwso I need to dowload the amd64 version?
07:42.30Bagginswwof virtualbox
07:42.55BagginswwI have an intel chip :p I hope that's not an issue
07:43.17Bagginswwmaybe I went to the wrong website
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08:05.47gOurra I vomited in my mouth
08:06.47Bagginswwwall of text
08:07.03gOurrayou see now why I hate fanfic?
08:07.16gOurrathanks to blogs, we'll get to see even more of them!
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08:09.49X3gOurra:  whos nixxom
08:10.09gOurrasome random fanfic scrub?
08:12.05BagginswwI don't touch fanfic if my life depended on it
08:15.54BiggieSmallshey gourra
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08:20.17Bagginswwso apparently yes sound will work in virtual machine, but 3d acceleration may be an issue?
08:24.50KalrothIf you're talking about Virtual PC/VMware then sound works fine and no, there's o 3D acceleration
08:27.17Bagginswwthat's what i thought
08:27.43Bagginswwdefinitely going to have to keep to dual boot.
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08:34.57Mercsterruns WoW in wine
08:35.00Mercsterunder linux
08:35.35Mercsterworks perfectly
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11:38.00Mercsterding 18
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14:58.57pcjgOurra = pwnt
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16:34.03quamarettoNaxx-10 question... I was healing on Razuvious last night, and the instructor I had focused kept taking hits for about 89k. Is that normal or is it a bone armor problem?
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16:36.58Raenieh, they usually take hits for 10% of their HP but dunno how much that is.
16:37.37Raenibut if your healers couldnt keep up with it, it must've been a problem with the armor
16:37.47Raenias healer i usually afk the whole fight :p
16:46.33quamarettoThat's kind of what I thought. We have generally had instructors go down in about 2 minutes, maybe less.
16:47.08quamarettoI think my instructor MCer was just screwing around with bone armor.
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16:57.29infobotTo me crucially is the devourer of websites
16:58.22cruciallyCharitwo: you rascal
16:59.35cruciallyit is an endearing term you know
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18:13.31BagginswwHmm, am I the only one that thinks the use of "this is a fictional character" at the start of wikipedia articles is kinda redundant, and stupid? Only crazy people would assume a fictional character is real.
18:15.57BagginswwI mean I don't need to be told "this is a fictional character" :p
18:17.06Bagginswwits stuff like that, that makes me sometimes think that wikipedia caters to the lowest denominator :p
18:17.51Bagginswwat least wikipedia is good when it actually covers encyclopedic stuff. :p
18:18.11Bagginswwoh and I checked Bilbo Baggins article, no one actually starts it off as "Bilbo Baggins" is a "fictional character"
18:19.13BagginswwThat actually looks more professional.
18:19.35Bagginswwgranted I think the categories at the bottom range from good to stupidity...
18:19.50Bagginswwlike "Fictional characters who can turn invisible"
18:24.10foxlitBut how else am I meant to find ?
18:26.13Fisker-foxlit my friend
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20:21.15BibiFirefox can't find the server at
20:21.21Bibi... oh wait.
20:21.36Fisker-Bibi THEY NERFED THE HELM
20:22.25pcjno they didn't
20:22.28pcjthey buffed it insanely lol
20:23.01pcjall i see is two extra sockets
20:23.04pcjincluding a meta
20:23.09pcjwhich means godly stats
20:23.20Fisker-was just thinking titansteel helm = spiked titansteel helm :P
20:23.27pcjyeah screw dps
20:23.37Fisker-it's fucking annoying
20:24.44Fisker-no now i'll have to go use T7 or something like that
20:24.49Fisker-but i'll lose some hit rating :(
20:25.11BiggieSmallstitansteel mace is godly for paladins
20:25.27BiggieSmallsthe spell power is just ridiculous
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20:33.38winkillerwill be nerfed
20:33.42winkillerbut yes, I crafted one
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22:17.03infobothmm... g0urra is gOurra
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23:21.07Fisker-g0urra my enemy
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