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04:13.57Cooldownzhello there
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04:20.58Adyskd3: there?
04:22.36CooldownzI had question, may be someone will be able to help me. I did a few researches but i couldnt find a clear answer and I ended up just being more confused. I want to know what is the defence cap of a feral druid...
04:23.00Adys530 or something iirc
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15:00.40Tuqui-tuquiU LOGGING MAH KEEZ?
15:01.00syberghostGIEF PASWERD NAOW
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15:19.28pcjwe should advertise on blizzard's forums
15:20.42syberghostur mom should advertise on blizzard's forums
15:27.10Tuqui-tuquiI wonder how much it would cost to advertise there
15:27.34Tuqui-tuquiI would put a banner there that says "HEI GUYZ! CLICK HEER! NO KEELUGGER! I SWEARZ!"
15:35.44Tuqui-tuquiI think I broke the wow forums
15:39.20Tuqui-tuquiwoot! removed the ads and their frames 8D
15:39.25Tuqui-tuquifirefox ftw!
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16:00.40Tuqui-tuquiYou have won, Maiev... but the huntress... is nothing... without GREAT DEALS ON WORLD OF WARCRAFT MINIS!
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16:14.33pcjthe tubes are clogged
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16:21.32Fisker-omg teh internets
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16:35.43Osestill using CGI:IRC raeni?
16:36.36Raeniwell I could get mIRC but id be lost as to how to configure it
16:36.53Osewhat browser fo you use?
16:37.32Ose then
16:37.58Raenithat looks confusing
16:38.40Oseit's not :P
16:39.05Raenii'll try in a bit when i feel brave
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16:49.46Raeniit said to click install, I clicked it, nothing happened :(
16:50.10selckinyou're a spambot now
16:50.11Raenicant I just get mIRC and ask a few stupid questions while setting it up? :p
16:50.46Raeniwhats wrong with the gci anyways?
16:52.58Raenimirc installed, now what? (thats stupid question number 1, about 10 to go)
16:53.50Oselog off CGI and log on to mirc?
16:54.16Raeniyeah... how?
16:54.34Raenilogging off cgi will be simple enough, its the part that comes next that throws me,
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16:57.38pcjraeni should be in server options
16:57.43pcjselect freenode, enter the nick
16:57.57Raenii got that far
16:58.04pcjthen click ok and connect
16:58.53Raenithe connecting bit isnt doing its job
16:58.59Raenigod im a noob
16:59.14pcjwhat is it doing
16:59.34Raenijust closes the window with status not connected
16:59.40Raeniif i hit connect the same window pops up again
16:59.49pcjdo you have the server selected
17:00.08Raenisays freenode
17:00.34pcjin the main window type /server
17:00.59Raenipops up the server selection window again :p
17:01.06pcjdid you set your nick
17:01.16Raeniyeah but nothing else
17:01.19Raeniis that where im failing?
17:02.15Raeni*goes to google this shit
17:02.15pcjdid you select the server then click select
17:02.19pcjor just click ok
17:02.54pcjis your firewall blocking the port
17:02.59Raenidont use one
17:03.06pcjwindows firewall?
17:05.11Raenisomething happened
17:05.24Raeniyeah says my name is in use
17:05.30pcjguess why
17:05.33Raenibrb :p
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17:06.24Raeniei know
17:06.27Raenieits amazing
17:06.31Raeniewhole new world opening up
17:06.36Raenienow how do I fix my nick?
17:06.50pcj/nick Raeni
17:07.02Raenii feel proud
17:07.16pcjyour geek rating went up +5
17:07.30Raeniyou're turned on now, arent you
17:07.48Raenino, tomorrow
17:07.53Raeniwhat kinda question is that?
17:07.54pcjoh ok
17:08.18pcjwell idk why you said now is all
17:08.58Raeniim i supposed to register this nick somewhere btw?
17:09.05pcjyou can
17:09.13pcj/nickserv help register
17:12.02Raenido I get 5 more points for that?
17:12.24pcjonly when you complete registration verification
17:12.28Raenijust did
17:13.05RaeniI get 5 for changing nick which is one command, and 4 for reg'ing it which is 3?
17:13.10Raenithats fucked up dude.
17:13.53Raenistill, 9 points in a day, not all shabby
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18:08.54amroRaeni: the points are for learning the /nick command
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18:40.59pcjbah google checkout fail
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19:46.25Fisker-hey mxs
19:46.26Fisker-my friend
19:46.34Fisker-got a non-shit link for the new starcraft 2 movie? :D
19:47.04Fisker-die in hell
19:50.10syberghostBTW, how do you die *IN* hell?  Wouldn't you already be dead?
19:50.51Amarandesyberghost: depends on the cosmology
19:51.18syberghostAmarande: nonsense, my imaginary friend is the one true imaginary friend, cease your blasphemy
19:51.19Amarandein, for instance, Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy, hell is inhabited mainly by the demon-dead, those who died but were too strong-willed to actually *go away*
19:51.32Amarandehowever, even as demon-dead, you can still be destroyed
19:53.31pcjsounds like a good plot for a new b-movie
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21:24.34g0urrawhy so Dotted pcj
21:25.19pcjnot saving any typing
21:26.56Kalrothpcj is emo
21:28.17pcjI AM NOT :'(
21:31.50Fisker-~die motherfucker die motherfucker die
21:31.51infobotACTION murders motherfucker die motherfucker die, takes two shots to the head then crumples to the ground, lifeless...
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22:01.42Tuqui-tuquihappy holidays guys
22:01.44Tuqui-tuquisee you next year
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22:05.30widdewowwiki have a script/macro/lua channel?
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22:10.02Osewidde: #wowuidev
22:10.12Osepwnt y00 g0urra
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22:18.50AckisWorkI need an interesting article to read
22:19.07Oseon wowwiki?
22:19.43Oseabout what? gameplay? lore?
22:19.55Osethinks Ackis has a boring day at work
22:20.03AckisWorkpreferably lore but something to kill the last 70 minutes of work
22:20.49Ose[[Lich King]]? [[Illidan Stormrage]]? [[Malygos]]?
22:21.01Osemeh dotted is phail today
22:21.12g0urrapwnt y00 Ose
22:21.18AckisWorkohh I'll re-read dargon lore
22:22.16Osedargons are cool
22:23.01AckisWorkI didn't like malygos getting pwwnt
22:23.16AckisWorkand I splooged everytime I saw an aspect in wrath
22:23.46AmarandeI still remember when I was on my way to Nexus
22:24.00Amarandeand one guy was still finishing off the last bit of the Keristrasza chain in the meanwhile
22:24.02Charitwog0urra my friend
22:24.05Osealso AckisWork:
22:24.10Amarandeand he's like 'am I going to be able to fight malygos solo?'
22:25.32Amarandebtw, are there loot pages up for NR instances yet, or is instance loot generally not good enough in NR outside of raids to be worth mentioning?
22:27.06AckisWorkhmm anywhere in game where you can see neltharion?
22:27.32AmarandeOse: Northrend
22:27.50Amarandenot that I'll be seeing Northrend for a few hours or so at least
22:27.53Osestill has no clue what happened in Night of the Dragon
22:27.54Amarandesince I decided to work on the cooking achievements
22:28.05Amarandewhich apparently means I have to spend an inordinate amount of time fishing. :|
22:28.14Osei'm stuck on 273 cooking
22:28.30Amarandewell, right now I'm doing the outland gourmet achievement
22:28.38OseI can't get the fish I need, and I refuse to farm more wolves today
22:29.02Amarandehave 377 cooking, but I need about 40 zillion different kinds of fish, none of which seem to be on the AH, and half of which require way more than 307 fishing to get
22:29.26Osegave up on fishing
22:30.12Amarandeand then I have to get to dalaran so I can eventually get delicious chocolate cake
22:30.21Amarandeseeing as the Shattrath cooking daily refuses to give it to me *grumble*
22:30.31Osemmm... caek
22:31.16Amarandeit's a lie.
22:31.55Oseit's still caek
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23:10.38pcjso does anyone know if you can sell cross-faction the motorcycles in patch 3.0.8
23:11.59Osethat would have been awesome
23:12.37Amarandepcj: are they BoE?
23:12.50pcjexcept you don't equip mounts
23:12.58Amarandeare there actually specific BoE items that are banned from being sold in the neutral AH specifically?
23:13.10pcjno they just have race requirements
23:13.26pcjsince patch 3.0.8 is removing race requirements on mounts i was wondering
23:14.30g0urraI don't think they are removing them entirely
23:14.55g0urrajust removing the limitations on mounts in the same faction
23:17.47Osedraenei on mechabirds ftw
23:24.41Eraclitowill reroll a draenei male only for get exalted with gnomeregan
23:25.59Oseor just pvp a bit?
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23:32.24tpopcazok so I just started up wow again and have  only a account thats with the classic game i downloaded BC but dont have a activation key. I was wondering if I go get lich king will that upgrade my account for both bc and lich king or ni
23:33.47Oseyou need a TBC key
23:35.53Eraclitohey guys... i'm a bit late ok, but...
23:36.09Eraclitoi remember that in the beta there were some nice wand crafted in enchanting
23:36.34Eraclitowhat happened to them?
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