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00:46.26sacarascnight g0urra
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05:46.57cyph3rwhat level are you done with all the deathknight quest?
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05:47.44cyph3rlike when are you able to go back to playing with other non deathknioghts
05:48.34Amarandeusually 58
05:48.53Amarandethough you could conceivably be 57 I -think-, if you ended up killing the absolute minimum number of mobs for each quest
05:48.59Amarandebut you should be 58 normally
05:49.28Amarandeand then you can do winterspring, silithus, and the plaguelands till 63
05:49.46Amarandeand then you can find that zeth'gor *still* sucks. :)
05:50.11cyph3rcan someone summom me out?
05:50.20Amarandedont think so.
05:50.27Amarandethough I've never actually tried, and I AM a warlock main
05:50.52Amarandesummoning is kinda unstable and buggy of late though
05:51.07AmarandeI've had summons result in failures as spectacular as one day when the 3.0 patch was new
05:51.30Amarandewell ... we were on our way to get our jenkins titles
05:51.37Amarandeand guild leader realizes he left the UBRS key in bank
05:51.37cyph3rwell my wife was going to summon me
05:51.46Amarandeso he hearths to get it, and I summon him back, and I broke my guild leader LOL
05:52.04cyph3rwith recruit a friend
05:52.10Amarandeapparently, when he accepted summons, he DC'd and kept DC'ing every time he tried to log back in, until he had a GM fix it
05:52.42AmarandeI've also heard of summoning just flat out not working in some cases, like parts of northrend
05:53.20Amarandecyph3r: i'm pretty sure you have to finish the starter chain until you reach Orgrimmar before you can do anything else, though
05:53.53Amarandeyou're horde, -right-?
05:53.57cyph3rno ally
05:54.03Amarandeok, the starter chain till wherever then
05:54.11AmarandeI forget where it drops alliance off
05:54.14cyph3rwife is gonna kill a bitch if I'm 58 and she is 55
05:54.17Amarandeprobably stormwind :S
05:54.36AmarandeI'm pretty sure SW is the Orgrimmar of Alliance, so to speak
05:54.56cyph3rare deathknights anygood end game raiding?
05:55.08Amarandecyph3r: given how little end game raiding has really taken place so far?
05:55.10Amarandeit's hard to say yet
05:55.20Amarandeonly the really hardcore raid guilds are really raiding much yet
05:55.30AmarandeI guess there's a fair number just having their first taste of naxx, but the expansion is young yet
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10:28.14phyburnwhat is the best ally class for death knight?
10:28.44phyburnrace sorry
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13:39.08saffanyone here play a death knight?
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14:49.24OseI need to train my [[cooking]] for the achievement
14:49.25DottedOse meant:
14:53.48winkillernono, you meant s/oo/ockr/
14:57.09Kalrothcockrking doesn't make sense
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15:05.02toxicityj1hey hey hey
15:39.44pcjwhat i want to know is, did he get his shoes back?
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17:43.45pcjblogs suck
17:44.03pcjdeath to blogs
17:44.22Osepcj: [18:43]<Eulalia>ajax recent changes also seem to be broke'd
17:44.35pcjthat tells me nothing
17:44.37pcjbecause they work
17:45.54pcji hate blogs
17:45.57pcjno blogs
17:47.56pcjOH GOD
17:47.59pcjit looks terrible
17:50.35g0urraDIE DIE
17:51.50pcji vomited in my mouth
17:52.53Tuqui-tuquiwowwiki fan fiction?
17:53.01Tuqui-tuquiI can just imagine the steamy ones
17:53.36g0urrathat's DNP = no-no
17:53.48g0urrapcj remember the troll-on-orc lesbian fanfic?
17:54.01pcjoh wait
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18:06.11pcjblogs = DO NOT WANT
18:08.18syberghostSounds like a disease.
18:08.27syberghost"I'd like to go clubbing with you, but I've got blogs."
18:10.38pcjor a body function
18:10.46pcjwalk in a room, "Ewww, who blogged?"
18:15.17syberghostIt's a cat.  Kill it and get another cat.
18:15.41syberghostOr, better yet, just kill it.
18:18.58pcjthe comments are hilarious
18:19.10pcj"Seventeen years ago after my girlfriend died a friend brought a tiny black kitten around. He grew into a great buddy and trusted friend, a source of pleasure and amusement, so much so that when he died this year I actually wept as I walked away from that final journey to the vets. His stoical demeanor during the short illness which killed him was quite heart rending and maybe a lesson in dignity to humankind."
18:20.05syberghost"also, his meat was surprisingly tender and not at all gamey"
18:22.03pcjwell if blogs come on i am voting all of kirkburn's blogs down
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18:32.38Tuqui-tuquii see no linked discussion >:{
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19:04.01Eraclitoi so hate the grinch respawn rate
19:04.19Eraclitoand i so hate the race/class snowflakes
19:04.28Eraclitoi'm like a living target
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21:34.54pcji lol'd
21:37.32Amarandethe only achievement I've ever had a genuine objection to, really, is "Needy"
21:38.04Amarandeand that's because I thought (though not being 80 yet with access to the right drops, I don't know if that's actually come to pass) that it would result in people rolling need who have no legitimate right to
21:38.15Amarandeof course, given how much WotLK instance loot seems to SUCK so far ...
21:38.34Amarandepcj: when does wotlk instance loot stop sucking?
21:38.36Amarandenot till heroics/raids?
21:39.18Amarandelike the other day I run nexus, and I need on the cloth boots from Keri, because they are indeed a significant upgrade
21:39.28Amarande... then I go turn in the quest and get upgraded straight out of said boots :S
21:40.20AmarandeI also wondered if the needy achievement would make dream shards cost way more than large prismies did, but I can't remember if that's the case now
21:40.30Amarandethat concern being rather more rational
21:40.56Amarandeas presumably, a lot of unwanted blues that would otherwise go to the DEer in the party would end up going to random members going for a shot at the achievement
21:41.15Amarandeand thus be vendored, instead of being sharded
21:42.24syberghostGasp!  You mean everybody gets to participate in the game, not just Enchanters?
21:42.28syberghostPerish the thought.
21:43.22Amarandesyberghost: I don't think anyone complained about that in 2.x :)
21:44.16Amarandethere are also a number of achievements that I suspect are pretty much impossible, but I don't really object to the mechanics of them. LOL
21:44.49Amarandelike there are probably only a scant few battlegroup/faction combinations where there's enough of a disparity in skill in AV to be able to get the 6-minute AV
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22:03.03Amarandegood grief, people whining about that
22:03.06Amarandehow about say someone like me
22:03.21Amarandewho now is going to have to hunt down a group to do the friggin Ogri'la prequest chain to get my winter veil achievement :P
22:03.36Amarandesince I never did that in BC
22:03.42AmarandeI focused on SSO, and Netherwing
22:05.49pcji was lol'ing at the character's name
22:06.12Amarandepcj: there seem to be a lot of people complaining because you have to grind cooking to get the winter veil achievement :S
22:06.48AmarandeI'd say the most annoying one overall will probably be the With a Little Helper ... one on a PvE server
22:07.15pcj...not really
22:07.24pcjthe fastest way to farm hk is in BGs
22:07.26pcjin any server
22:08.58Amarandepcj: the main thing is that BGs are going to be chaos
22:09.04Amarandebecause once you die, you lose your little gnome buff
22:09.29pcjso just /afk, wait out the debuff, get the gnome again and continue
22:09.31Amarandea lot of people will probably desert on death
22:09.37Amarandeyeah, that's what I mean
22:09.49pcjwill make for fast bgs
22:10.20Amarandeyeah, the ogri'la one's probably going to be more of a pain for me
22:10.36AmarandeI don't know if the prequest chain can be soloed even at 80
22:10.37pcjwowhead says wintergrasp may be a better way to do the gnome
22:10.49AmarandeI'm only level 73, wintergrasp would be a good way to give other people their gnome achievements
22:11.06pcjnah, get in a tank
22:11.21Amarandeon the good side, I can't get my proto drake till 2010 anyway so this year isn't as critical as otherwise
22:11.36sacarascAmarande: i have the same ogri'la problem as you
22:11.44AmarandeI'm going to be on vacation for basically the entire Love is in the Air event
22:11.49Amarandeno way am I going to get that one in 2009
22:11.49pcjthe meta-achievement "Merrymaker" explicitly lists the present from this year
22:11.51sacarascAND i'm hated by the goblins which teach the next level of cooking
22:12.53Amarandepcj: it just says "open one of the presents"
22:12.59AmarandeI'm pretty sure all the year-specific things are FoS
22:13.18Amarandeor will be made FoS in favor of a new achievement
22:13.29pcjGain 25 crashes with your Crashin' Thrashin' Racer during the Feast of Winter Veil.
22:13.54Amarandesince Blizzard seems to be pretty scrupulous about point-giving achievements being ones that don't lock out
22:14.10Amarandepcj: that one might well be removed in 3.0.8 then, if you can indeed only get the racer this year
22:14.20Amarandesometimes they've made mistakes, like with the infamous mask achievement at halloween
22:16.45AckisWorkhow do you get the racer this year btw?
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22:33.45pcjstupid wikia notice
22:34.23Amarandepcj: "wikia will self destruct in five seconds, hope you backed up all your pages, have a nice day"? :)
22:35.00Amarandeheh, the last wikia wiki I've contributed to, I think I'm the only one who ever contributes to it these days
22:35.18pcjAll wikis will be "read-only" from 9am - 10am UTC Tuesday morning (that's 1:00am Pacific, 4:00am Eastern). During this time, editing will be disabled while we do some routine maintenance, but you will still be able to access the site.
22:36.01Amarandepcj: well, that means you can get in some extra WoW before maintenance, and then you can edit wiki during maint :)
22:40.05Sandwichman2449What is [[Template:Multisource]] for?
22:40.06DottedSandwichman2449 meant:
22:40.12pcjblame fandyllic
22:40.17pcjor was it baggins
22:40.34pcjyeah baggins
22:42.42Amarandethe last wikia wiki I contributed to was chess, by the way
22:43.16Amarandewow, someone's actually been adding more to it since
22:44.48Sandwichman2449So it is to prevent stacking soandso-section templates with a proto-appearances project mixed in. Section templates AFAIK are only important for contradictions and timelines. I do not get it.
22:45.24Tuqui-tuquiI like sammiches
22:45.59Sandwichman2449As do I. Hence the name.
22:46.25*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
22:46.38Sandwichman2449I’m tempted to use 'deprecated' or 'now lacking in a point' in regards to the template.
22:47.04Sandwichman2449As for my name, it was rather spur-of-the-moment...
22:47.53Tuqui-tuquiSandwichman is good
22:48.47Sandwichman2449Yes. 2448= WoWWiki, 2449= Wikia gaming (now merged)
22:54.30*** join/#wowwiki Malarkey (
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23:35.51Sandwichman2449 <-How can I say this part better?
23:44.33Sandwichman2449I want to update WoWWiki:Citation.
23:46.55Sandwichman2449I'll be bold.
23:49.04Sandwichman2449does not want to say 'vote'.

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