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00:42.49phyburnwhat level toon do you need on your server in order to roll a death knight?
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02:17.01Charitwoi think the script was better :P
02:35.59pcjno it sucks
02:40.57Charitwonickserv doesn't give a quit reason, so your mom
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16:03.57Tuqui-tuquianyone know what other works Evelyn Fredericksen has written for WoW?
16:04.03Tuqui-tuquiaside from Road to Damnation?
16:08.09Ose[[Evelyn Fredericksen]]
16:08.11DottedOse meant:
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16:08.27Tuqui-tuquipooh :<
16:08.35Tuqui-tuquiguess I could write a page for her
16:08.47Tuqui-tuquiwill needs pic of her
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16:16.26KirkburnCan't wait to get my draenei on a mechanostrider
16:16.36KirkburnI hope it looks better than a draenei on a horse >_<
16:18.02Kirkburnnah, just a normal one
16:18.11KirkburnI didn't notice this change: "Players may now create death knights on any realm once they reach level 55" woo!
16:18.53KirkburnRandom mount and random minipet macros are awesome :P
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16:19.35KirkburnThat and a fantastic update to TF2, it's a good fews days :)
16:19.48KirkburnNow I just need the GTA IV patch...
16:21.15pcjremoved all of Bibi`'s stupid duplicates of documented changes
16:21.25syberghostWait, that page is a lie.  IT'S DOCUMENTATION OF THE CHANGES.
16:21.45Bibi`# Demonic Knowledge now increases your spell damage by an amount equal to 3/6/9% of the total of your active demon's Stamina plus Intellect. (Down from 4/8/12%)
16:21.45Bibi`# Demonic Tactics now increases melee and spell critical strike chance for you and your summoned demon by 1/2/3/4/5%. (Down from 2/4/6/8/10%)
16:21.56Bibi`# Frostbite now also reduces the cast time of your Frostfire Bolt spell by 0.17/0.34/0.5 sec.
16:22.01Bibi`nice job spreading rumors pcj
16:25.48Gnarfozno one sane trusts wowwiki as reliable for anything but lore crap anyway!
16:26.37syberghostBecause it's so reliable for that.
16:27.26Gnarfozanyone can put their bs lore stories up, so yeah! :p
16:27.56syberghostl2lore nub!
16:28.26Tuqui-tuquiIm writing a story about a mage that dual weilds sharks with lasers attached to their heads
16:29.23syberghostI'm writing one about my half-Pandaren half-Belven half-vampire half-demon secret lover of both Jaina and Thrall.
16:33.23Tuqui-tuquiit's really hard to find stuff on Evelyn Fredericksen besides writing lore and being Metzen's second
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16:41.39Tuqui-tuquiI think I found her picture
16:44.07Tuqui-tuquiturned out to be a guy
16:47.20Bibi`[17:28:06] <Tuqui-tuqui> Im writing a story about a mage that dual weilds sharks with lasers attached to their heads
16:47.23Bibi`overpowered shark?
16:47.31Bibi`I mean, overpowered mage
16:47.35Bibi`just update the current page :
16:50.59Tuqui-tuquiFOUND HER TITLE!
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16:52.49toxicityj:o what are we looking for?
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16:57.02Fisker-slaps Kirkburn around a bit with a large trout
16:59.36KirkburnFisker-, tried out new Goldrush yet?
17:04.29Fisker-tried out World of Goo yet?
17:08.50Tuqui-tuqui^_^ not much but it's a start
17:09.48KirkburnFisker-, well the demo yes. But not the full game yet.
17:09.52Kirkburn(yes, I know it's out)
17:10.12Tuqui-tuquitoxicityj, the evelyn on the top left (facebook)
17:10.14Tuqui-tuquiis based in Chile
17:10.23toxicityji'd like to think she's the old lady
17:26.16Fisker-of coruse you do i told you
17:27.17infobotwell, fisker- is Get to da choppa!
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17:58.07HealingfailEhh guys
17:58.12HealingfailI need some help with Retail n_n
17:58.58g0urrawhat is it?
17:59.07HealingfailIts a question
17:59.17HealingfailI've played on Private Servers for a while now
17:59.28Healingfailand am switching to Retail since P servers are getting shutted down
17:59.37Healingfailif I buy
17:59.40Healingfaila game card and wotlk
17:59.54HealingfailI download , WOTLK , TBC and the normal client
17:59.58Healingfailwill I be able to play on them?
18:00.24Osehealingfail: be careful, usually people are kicked from the channel for discussing private servers
18:00.35HealingfailI just said I was in a P server , quited it.
18:00.46HealingfailI'll , thank you for telling me Ose.
18:01.14HealingfailGuys? >.<
18:02.34Fisker-You need WoW Classic, TBC and WotLK to access WotLK
18:02.39Fisker-so no you'll have to buy all 3 copies
18:02.57HealingfailI've downloaded TBC and already own classic
18:03.03HealingfailAnd I own WOTLK too
18:03.11HealingfailWill it work?
18:04.18Fisker-You'll need to own a TBC account to upgrade to WotLK
18:04.27Fisker-so if you have a WoW Classic account you'll need TBC and WotLK
18:04.39HealingfailBut..When I used a free trail game card
18:04.42HealingfailI had a TBC acc
18:06.56Fisker-a trial is a trial
18:07.34HealingfailSo if I enter my WOTLK key
18:07.43HealingfailUgh fuck this ;_;
18:07.51HealingfailI'm going to ask for my unused TBC acc of my friend
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18:15.03Fisker-private servers and account sharing
18:15.07Fisker-i lol'd
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18:58.19Eraclitohi guys - blizz nerfed frost mages again :(
18:58.47Eraclitoi always feel raped when i see the new patch notes
19:01.25Krapsmeh, priests are still worse ay pvp
19:03.59toxicityjfrost mage nerf
19:04.30HealingfailLulz :3
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19:10.47Kirkburn|afkWooooooo "The ritual objects that used to require 3 players to activate in Blackrock Spire and Uldaman now only require 1."
19:10.54Kirkburn|afkI can finally complete Uldaman
19:18.38Eraclito[20:01:27] <Kraps> meh, priests are still worse ay pvp <- yep it's right
19:18.47Eraclitobut... i'm speaking about pve :°
19:18.50Krapsty /bow
19:19.38Krapsi find priest pve exhilarating
19:24.25pcj doesn't show "Mount" on it
19:24.32pcjlike we have
19:25.14g0urrain-game tooltip show "Mount" as we have
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19:38.01Adysfrost mage nerf where? O_o
19:39.11Ose[[Patch 3.0.8#Mage]]
19:39.12DottedOse meant:
19:39.43Osenothing major there...
19:39.50Adys[21:02:11] <toxicityj> frost mage nerf
19:39.50Adys[21:02:12] <toxicityj> WTF
19:39.59Adys[20:56:31] <Eraclito> hi guys - blizz nerfed frost mages again :(
19:40.58Adyslast time was back in 1.6
19:41.45g0urra"Berserk now hit up to 1 target instead of 3."
19:42.28syberghost"up to"?
19:43.11g0urrawhy so fail pcj
19:43.24syberghostI blame crucially.
19:43.31Eraclitowell, i mean... frost isn't so bad in pvp. but it simply can't compete with paladins, rogues, dks and even huntards
19:43.55Eraclitobut in a hero it's just a joke
19:43.56Tuqui-tuquibuff mages
19:44.00Tuqui-tuquilike I wrote before
19:44.12Eraclitofire isn't bad, and arcane is getting buffed
19:44.20Eraclitobut frost need something more
19:44.20Tuqui-tuquimages need to be able to dual weild sharks with freaking lasers attached to their heads
19:44.23Adyshunters are the only ones unkillable
19:44.35Eraclitowell a dk is hard
19:44.42Adysyou get used to it
19:44.45Eraclitofor a rogue i need all my cooldowns up
19:44.45Tuqui-tuquino its not
19:44.46Adysgood dks are unkillable
19:44.53AdysAFK hunters are, too
19:44.54Tuqui-tuquijust kite DKs
19:44.58Tuqui-tuquiI get kited all the time
19:45.11syberghostMages should be able to dual-wield Hunters, then they wouldn't be lame squishy water fountains.
19:45.14Adysdo you even play a mage Tuqui-tuqui ?
19:45.28Tuqui-tuquiI had a mage at 70
19:45.30OseI like frost as a leveling build, but I think i'm going to have to respecc later on
19:45.33Tuqui-tuquidoes that count? :(
19:45.40Adysright so you dont know how to actually play it against a dk
19:45.42Eraclito[20:45:32] <Ose> I like frost as a leveling build, but I think i'm going to have to respecc later on <- yes
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19:45.47Tuqui-tuquibut I do play a DK
19:45.48Eraclitoi was frost in tbc and i'm frost now
19:46.09Eraclitoand it can't do a good dps if you want to raid
19:46.11Adysyou cant kite a dk
19:46.14Eraclitoor run heroics
19:46.20Adysams, dg, strang, etc
19:46.20Tuqui-tuquioh really
19:46.40Adysyou can just keep fucking around it hoping the dk is slower to react than you are
19:46.43Adysbut a dk is unkitable
19:46.47Tuqui-tuquiAMS and AMZ are made void if you keep range
19:47.08Tuqui-tuquiDeath Grip is for whoever is stupid enough to use it first
19:47.28Adyswhen did I say you'd have to use it as opener?
19:47.28Tuqui-tuquiDeath Grip|Blink
19:48.05Adysassuming all my cooldowns are up I can escape all yours, Tuqui-tuqui
19:48.14Adysbut that doesn't mean I can kite you
19:48.42Adysall I can do is freeze you for a sec and get a shatter crit on you before it fades or before you make me use a gcd
19:48.53Adysand keep doing that until you're dead
19:49.08Adysits more or less the same for rogues, btw
19:49.20Tuqui-tuquiI dont know anything about rogues
19:49.35Adysi mean that dks are killed the same way as rogues are
19:49.36Tuqui-tuquithe only thing I can tell you Adys, in my experience, and from reading the DK forums
19:50.09Tuqui-tuquiis that keeping the DK away is the way to kill them
19:50.14Eraclitooh Adys, i was flaming with a tardadin in my guild, he says that we're op against 'em. when i said "but you use hand of whatever who removes snares" he answered "it's spellstealable"
19:50.20Eraclitoso, what's your suggestion to defeat'em?
19:50.23Tuqui-tuquiBS cant heal, DG has to be used carefully, etc tc
19:50.31Adyshe is right, spellsteal
19:50.40Eraclitoyes but he already removed my nova
19:50.44Adysdont care
19:50.48Adysmost of their dmg comes from their buffs
19:51.07Adyswhen he reaches you, blink, keep running spellstealing, pop pet
19:51.15Adysranged freeze, deep freeze
19:51.24Adysand frostbolt+IL and he's almost dead already
19:51.35Eraclitobut after the blink they usually stun me
19:52.08Adysice block then, pop icy veins and cold snap
19:53.07Adysor making good use of gcd you can iceblock, wait 1 sec, out+icy veins, ice barrier and frostbolt
19:53.24Adysif he doesnt suck he'll have broken the icebarrier and you'll get a shatter on the frostbolt
19:53.47Eraclitoit doesn't seem easy
19:53.49Adysthen frostnova+coldsnap etc
19:53.53Adysyou get used to it
19:54.06Eraclitoi need moar pvp. or reroll
19:54.35Adysalso sheep them
19:54.43Adysits funny seeing the baddies bubble out of it
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20:01.56DottedThe job queue length is currently 5648
20:02.07Tuqui-tuquiwhat is that
20:03.16Tuqui-tuqui<-- confuzzled but Im sure you know what's up :p
20:05.53Tuqui-tuquiwhat does {{DEFAULTSORT: }} do?
20:05.53DottedTuqui-tuqui meant:
20:06.46g0urrait makes the article or category sort under that name
20:07.11Tuqui-tuquithis is a must for every page then?
20:07.20g0urramostly used for articles where a character has a title or a last name provided
20:07.29Tuqui-tuquiah gotcha
20:07.38g0urrafor example Sylvanas Windrunner has the defaultsort of "Windrunner, Sylvanas"
20:07.44g0urrasince it's ordered per last name
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21:19.45Tuqui-tuquithat moon article reminded me of that movie for some reason
21:19.57*** join/#wowwiki triath (
21:22.09Ose#weirdlinks <---move thereplease
21:44.29*** part/#wowwiki toxicityj (
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23:05.54pcjwe should delete all links to wowinsider per WW:EL and WW:DNP since they discussed private servers in a favorable light
23:07.09Oseom nom nom?
23:07.12foxlitOr we could trash WW:EL if it actually suggests that.
23:07.34g0urrawhy so massive fail
23:08.38pcj"Note that linked content on websites are included under the DNP policy, and links will be removed if the website is considered as violating this policy. "
23:09.16pcj"Posting of info or links to any kind of exploits (and other ways of breaking the Blizzard's TUA and EULA), will be deleted and will result in a ban. It is suggested, therefore, that you not do so. "
23:11.38Tekkubwhere'd they do that?
23:13.32Tekkubah yes, "breakfast topic" is on the big list of shit I filter out of the RSS feed
23:13.37foxlit"linked content", pcj.
23:13.44TekkubI only get like 3-4 posts a day at best, it's quite nice
23:13.50foxlitUnless someone links to that article explicitly, I don't see a problem.
23:14.02Tekkuband yea, I have to say the same
23:14.06foxlitAnd even if they do link to that article specifically, it still shouldn't be removed.
23:14.09Tekkubno linking to that article
23:15.03foxlitIt's not actually "here's how you get your own level 9001 twink on Pirates'r'Us US"
23:18.28AckisWorkcan I has link for a level 9001 twink pls nao?
23:28.01*** part/#wowwiki olesean (
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