IRC log for #wowwiki on 20081203

00:04.54Fisker-attacks pcj
00:08.46Amarande"you have no characters on Quel'dorei, please select a different realm"
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00:51.14Sandwichman2448I think we needed one.
00:51.51Sandwichman2448Anyone have any thoughts?
00:53.39Sandwichman2448[[Wailing Caverns right eye socket cave]]
00:53.40DottedSandwichman2448 meant:
00:54.28Sandwichman2448{{move}} is limited
00:54.29DottedSandwichman2448 meant:
01:04.28Sandwichman2448'Conjecture' as a name would be confused with 'Speculation' I think.
01:08.26Sandwichman2448Is 'Category:Unofficial names' or 'Conjectural names' better?
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05:10.25Adysnvidia 180.x drivers are quite an upgrade
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08:08.31DrakoniaHi :) is ther som life her?:P
08:09.27Drakoniahehe first channel were ther is life in today :P
08:11.58Drakonia:P so whats happening her
08:12.07Drakoniasomone waiting for wow to jump back to life?:P
08:13.03g0urramost idlers here
08:13.16Drakonia:P hehe i notice
08:13.46DrakoniaIs ther som other wow relatet or grim batol Mirc arounds ?: ) havent founde them yet :P mostley becuse i just joined the mirc community again
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08:16.07g0urraDrakonia: you should check quakenet
08:16.13g0urrathey have server specific channels
08:16.59Drakoniai am fresh to this how do you get to the Quakenet And how can you se the server specific channels? :P sorry for noob question :po
08:17.36g0urraDrakonia: do you have an IRC client?
08:18.14DrakoniaNot sure ^_^ i just DL the mirc and installed it
08:18.41g0urraah, you have an IRC client then
08:18.55g0urrayou should check your menu and look for a server setting or something
08:19.06g0urraI don't use mIRC so I don't know
08:19.11Drakoniahehe ok
08:19.18Adystype that
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08:19.34Adysi dont like mirc users.
08:22.21Kalrothit's mIRC!
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08:23.20Adys[10:12:03] <Drakonia> Is ther som other wow relatet or grim batol Mirc arounds ?: ) havent founde them yet :P mostley becuse i just joined the mirc community again
08:23.24Adys[10:17:13] <@g0urra> you should check your menu and look for a server setting or something
08:23.27Adys[10:17:27] <@Adys>  /server
08:23.28Adys[10:17:38] *** Drakonia has quit ()
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08:24.55g0urra<Adys>  /server
08:24.55g0urra<Drakonia> hehe ok
08:24.55g0urra<Adys> type that
08:25.02g0urra* Drakonia har avslutat ()
08:25.11g0urrayes that last line is swedish
08:25.18Adyslike your mom
08:25.36g0urrasomething you say for once is true
08:26.22Adyswhat i meant was
08:26.27Adysthat last line is YOUR MOM
08:26.38Adysit's all logical
08:26.42Adysthat last line is swedish
08:26.45Adysyour mom is swedish
08:26.47Adysthat last line is YOUR MOM
08:27.24AdysKalroth: I upgradet drivrerz!!
08:28.02AdysKalroth: was jumping around in #wowuidev about how much FASTER my..
08:28.04Adysterminals are
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15:03.20RamzieSand gnomes are gnomes who could avoid the curse of flesh
15:04.37Ose[[Sand gnomes]]
15:04.37DottedOse meant:
15:05.11Tuqui-tuquithere is no written article on sand gnomes? the greatest race in all of Azeroth?
15:05.16Tuqui-tuquiand apparently Outland too
15:05.33Ramziedotted u nob :p
15:05.43Ramziegnomes <> gnome
15:05.52Oseuhm, I think i'm the gnome
15:05.56Uhmnetawoooooga! :p
15:06.00Osedotted is just running a script
15:06.55Tuqui-tuquiwait a sec... arent there sand gnomes in STV?
15:07.23Ramziethere are?
15:07.39Tuqui-tuquitheyre paired up with the
15:07.46Tuqui-tuquioh, those are zombie gnomes
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15:11.04Ose epic fail
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16:26.39syberghostSunshine my shoulders makes me happy - discuss
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17:23.58pcj"She said she and the alleged wig-snatcher lived together for eight months. She knew his first name, but apparently recalled only the first letter of his last name."
17:24.35g0urra"She knew his first name, but apparently recalled only the first letter of his last name."
17:24.43g0urracurse you pcj
17:31.19Amarandesnatching a WIG?
17:31.30Amarandenot something more ... normal, like a bra or panties? :S
17:36.14g0urragoes flagging YouTube vids
17:42.15cruciallyflags g0urra
17:42.24g0urrashoots crucially
17:42.39Tuqui-tuquianyone know what the boss in wintergrasp is called? The one that drops the pvp tokens?
17:43.55Amarandeanyone know when they're going to fix the emberstorm transfer glitch?
17:45.10syberghostThere's an Emberstorm transfer glitch?
17:45.15cruciallycasts Disallow User From Wikia on g0urra
17:45.48Fisker-g0urra my bbbf
17:46.00Osetuqui-tuqui: [[Archeron the Stone  Watcher]]?
17:46.01DottedOse meant:
17:46.06Ose[18:45]< Ose>archavon? methinks is rite-est
17:46.21Fisker-g0urra my bbff
17:46.35Fisker-then what? :E
17:58.49Amarandesyberghost: you can not currently transfer any character off any server in the Emberstorm battlegroup
17:59.04Amarandethere is a glitch which causes the transfer page to say you have no characters on any such server, even if you do in-game
17:59.17g0urrawtf is wrong with this image
17:59.29Amarandeyou know what I think would be a potentially awesome way to fix that?
17:59.38g0urrathe file history shows the correct image, but the current one doesn't
17:59.55AmarandeWoW should make the paid character transfer function (and maybe paid name change and subscription stuff too?) accessible in-game
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18:00.03AmarandeGuild Wars does that, and it works really well
18:00.17syberghostWow should just have free portals to all other realms in the major cities.
18:00.40syberghostYou want to be on Foo?  Walk into Org and step into the portal, click "Foo" on the menu.
18:00.44Amarande(as well as utterly avoiding any issues that crop up time and again where people apply stuff to the wrong account, because at least the way GW does it, anything you buy is automatically applied to the currently active account)
18:01.11AmarandeOf course, for all I know, that's patented to NCsoft, stupid software patents :|
18:01.45Amarandespeaking of patents, I'm still wondering how the hell so many folks think they -encourage- innovation :S
18:02.42*** join/#wowwiki gun- (n=gun-@
18:03.21Amarandepatents stifle innovation, this is extremely obvious. :P
18:03.38g0urratell me why the second image of is the only one that shows the proper image, despite that it's the same image on the latest one too?
18:04.02g0urrayes, I cleared cache, it didn't fix it
18:04.04syberghostAmarande: you mean idiots like Thomas Jefferson?  Those kind of people?
18:04.09*** join/#wowwiki Tsurphr (n=cephalon@
18:04.26Amarandeg0urra: the first and second both seem to look right to me, at least when I click on the link to view the actual image
18:04.33Amarandesyberghost: I'm thinking in the modern world
18:04.42Amarandemaybe they actually did encourage innovation back in Jefferson's day
18:04.44Tsurphranybody got a sec for an easy LUA question?
18:05.00g0urraTsurphr: #wowuidev
18:05.04Tsurphrah cool thx
18:05.05Amarandeafter all, I am a firm believer in that there are ten simple words which are the worst ones ever for a government :)
18:05.12g0urraAmarande: the correct image is the red one
18:05.13Amarandenamely: "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time"
18:05.19Tsurphrguess I shoulda read topic lol
18:05.26g0urrait's supposed to look like this Amarande:
18:05.41Amarandeg0urra: first two, as well as that, all seem to look the same to me
18:05.55Amarande-these days- at least, patents stifle innovation
18:06.06Amarandebecause it's pretty simple. the way innovation should work:
18:06.18g0urraAmarande: so when you open the image it shows the level 80 version?
18:06.27Amarande"hey, this seems like a really good idea. let's gather up all these widgets and put them together into our AWESOME-O"
18:06.34Amarandeg0urra: looks like it
18:06.52Amarandehowever, actual innovation these days: "hey, this looks like a good idea, to put these widgets together and make AWESOME-O"
18:07.14Amarande"what do you mean, the licenses for these widgets would sum to 130% of our profits? Ah well, it was an awesome idea but I guess it's not viable business to make it"
18:07.54*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
18:08.27syberghost  <- jesus christ get in the car it's a giant crawler
18:09.15AmarandeBut yeah. The problem with patents is that now they get in the way of innovation in a world where everything new tends to be a combination of smaller components
18:09.26Amarandebecause the combination of licensing fees and lawyers makes all too many neat ideas unviable
18:10.21Amarandeof course, I have a somewhat warped and possibly wrong thought process on that
18:10.35Amarandenamely, that viable businesses (which is what patents protect, also) are less important than the continuation of the creation and innovation process
18:11.28syberghostThe ability to make MONEY off of innovations encourages innovation.
18:11.57syberghostThe problem with patents is their length and the ease with which certain categories are granted, not with the concept itself.
18:13.14Amarandesyberghost: yeah, that's probably the biggest issue
18:13.22Fisker-g0urra my bbff
18:13.27Amarandeback in Jefferson's day, inventions had a much, much longer lifespan than they do now
18:13.47Amarandea widget that was invented in 1803 would almost surely still be useful in 1820 when the patent expired
18:14.03Amarandea widget that's invented in 2003 might as well be an accessory for a horse drawn buggy by 2020
18:14.16Amarandealthough, there's one widget that needs inventing
18:14.22Amarandewe need CFL bulbs with skinny bottoms :|
18:15.17Amarandeespecially if the new eco-friendly Democratic administration wants to phase out incandescent bulbs soon
18:16.13Amarandesyberghost: however, I tend to disagree on the one point, although most people seem to insist on it
18:16.16syberghostWhich is a decidedly eco-unfriendly thing to do since florescents are hazardous waste.
18:16.17pcjcfl bulbs contain mercury vapor :X
18:16.30Amarande"if people couldn't make money by creating, they wouldn't create" seems to be the canard usually tossed around
18:16.49Amarandewell, properly disposed of, cfl bulbs are supposed to be more eco-friendly by dint of energy efficiency
18:16.55Amarandehowever, there's one big problem with them
18:17.05Amarandenamely, shaded lamsp
18:17.09syberghost"supposed to be" is marketing hype.
18:17.34AmarandeCFL bulbs always have fat bottoms because of the flourescent light ballast component
18:18.15Amarandehowever, shaded lamps have harps, and smaller shaded lamps' harps tend to have too little space at the bottom near the socket to allow for that ballast bottom
18:18.21Amarandewe need CFLs with narrow bottoms :)
18:18.51syberghostWe need incandescents.
18:18.58syberghostThey're cheaper and better.
18:19.04Amarandeactually, CFLs are a better idea for me, if I can use them, which I can't
18:19.11AmarandeI'm still wondering when I'm going to get an electrical fire in here heh
18:19.18AmarandeI already have to count watts when I turn stuff off and on in this room
18:19.39pcji think that's just your OCD
18:24.12cruciallyi hate cfl
18:24.18cruciallygo LED
18:24.27cruciallyCFL also make noise
18:24.33cruciallyflips on the extra ads flag for g0urra
18:25.33pcjactivate the interstitials!
18:26.36g0urraactivates ABP to counter crucially
18:27.09Amarandepcj: that's having an air conditioner and all kinds of electronics in one room and only having a 15 amp circuit in here
18:27.26Amarandeand not wanting to turn too many things on at once and get an overload fire :)
18:27.28cruciallyAmarande: 110, 208 or 240?
18:27.33Amarandecrucially: 120
18:27.51cruciallyour datacenter in iowa has 90 amps @ 208 per rack
18:27.58cruciallywhich makes me happy
18:28.09AmarandeVolts * amps = watts, so that means I try not to go over 1800W total of stuff on at once
18:28.18cruciallyyes, i know
18:28.22Amarandeit also makes me think they should take 1875W hair dryers off the market as a fire hazard
18:28.34cruciallywe use 4GB sticks instead of 2GB sticks in san jose
18:28.40cruciallybecause each memory stick is like 4 watts
18:28.46*** join/#wowwiki Dakhma (
18:28.58AmarandeI mean ... typical residential circuit is 15A (so 1800W)
18:29.09Amarandethey sell hair dryers that -already- go a bit over the safe circuit limit
18:29.19cruciallyand we use L instead of X intel CPUs
18:29.29Amarandeplus there's the fact that people will have lights on in the bathroom while using it (often incandescents, which means in many setups they'd be using another 120-200W or so)
18:29.54*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
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18:30.30syberghostIn the late '80s/early '90s I worked at a radio station.  We had a very large signal area, but our transmitter used about the current of an average hair dryer these days.
18:30.40syberghostBut we were AM, that goes farther.
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19:51.46pcjyour hostmask spelled wikia wrong
20:08.48g0urracrucially_: so tell me why doesn't show the correct image
20:10.07crucially_what should it be?
20:10.21g0urra!Deathknight-undead-f-80.gif or!Deathknight-undead-f-80.gif
20:10.34crucially_they look the same to me
20:10.53crucially_oh crap, i know why
20:10.55crucially_blames g0urra
20:11.00crucially_pesky europeans
20:12.43g0urrablames crucially_
20:12.59crucially_the european servers aren't cache purging properly
20:14.00crucially_actually, you only say mean things to me
20:14.05crucially_why should I fix it?
20:14.23g0urrathanks for fixing the wiki for us crucially_
20:14.37crucially_hasn't images been loading faster for you?
20:15.04Osethanks for not sucking as much as g0urra crucially_
20:15.16g0urraexcuse me Ose?
20:15.28g0urracrucially_: yes
20:15.52Oseyou can't do anything to me, I have your number as a hostage
20:15.52crucially_gives g0urra
20:16.12g0urraSecure Connection Failed uses an invalid security certificate.
20:16.15g0urraThe certificate is not trusted because it is self signed.
20:16.15g0urra(Error code: sec_error_untrusted_issuer)
20:16.26crucially_just approve it
20:16.32pcjwhy even use a secure server if it's self-signed
20:17.00Osewhat's the M's and K's?
20:17.19g0urrastop failing so much Ose
20:17.30Amarandepcj: self signed certs still prevent password interception :)
20:17.56*** join/#wowwiki Kabaka (
20:18.26pcjwhat password
20:19.14*** join/#wowwiki Kabaka (
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21:11.40syberghostAmarande: unless the cert you're accepting is from the password intercepter.
21:13.57*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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21:24.32pcjcrucially is a keylogger
21:24.45pcji typed in my wow account and password on his site and my account was stolen
21:29.26syberghostMaybe the person you stole it from got it back.
21:33.17*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
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22:11.21crucially_pcj: because it is still encrypted
22:11.30crucially_though, since the data is public, it is kind of silly
22:11.52crucially_pcj: i could have that certificate saved somewhere
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