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04:28.09Eraclitoworld server down, and dalaran books respawned
04:28.15Eraclitonow i only need three for the achievement
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09:52.45LucidFoxHow is /rolleyes supposed to work for NEs?
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10:02.21LucidFoxApparently I can't talk here.
10:02.27LucidFoxWhat just happened?
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10:02.58LucidFoxOkay... now to the question... How is /rolleyes supposed to work for NEs?
10:07.58gOurraHow is /moo supposed to work for any other race than Tauren?
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10:34.54LucidFoxg0urra> well... imitation
10:35.06LucidFoxhumans can emit a mocking moo sound
10:35.18LucidFoxbut you can't roll your eyes without visible irises :)
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10:55.28gOurraSure you can, they just roll different
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12:42.08AAndYYGuys... I have a little problem wondering if you can sort me out...
12:42.25AAndYYI need the Blizzard Downloader for WOTLK enUS...
12:46.06g0urraDid you remove it?
12:48.52AAndYYIm from UK...but my game client is from USA cos I  been playing since beta... my UK account is WOTLK activated, but I just need to download the enUS version of WOTLK now
12:49.12AAndYYSO im looking for someone from USA to go on theer acc management and send me the 2.8mb blizz downloader for WOTLK lol
12:54.30g0urrawhy didn't you get a UK game client in the first place?
12:54.36g0urraafter you did the beta
12:55.04AAndYYBecause I bought the game not realising i bought the USA version becasue that was released a few days before EU
12:55.51AAndYYso i bought a EU cd key and used that ever since...
13:04.52g0urra[[Patch mirrors]]
13:04.52Dottedg0urra meant:
13:07.17AAndYYWOLTK isnt on there...
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13:18.01KabakaTry that, AAndYY. :-)
13:18.03g0urrawratch fail
13:18.18KabakaTry that one instead.
13:18.31g0urraKabaka: [[Patch mirrors]] come first :P
13:18.31Dottedg0urra meant:
13:19.12Kabakag0urra: My point stands. :|
13:20.22AAndYYSurely 1 of you can just send me the damn blizz downloader lol
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14:22.24Tuqui-tuquiI need a little bit of help from someone proficient in wiki :D
14:23.01Tuqui-tuquiso I updated our server's page to include the new raids
14:23.21Tuqui-tuquiand in the order box (the one listing all bosses) you'll notice that the bosses are center aligned
14:23.39Tuqui-tuquihow can I have them left aligned without affecting the raid name?
14:24.39g0urrayou change the line above the boss name from align="center" to align="left"
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14:25.24Oseand get a better looking table :P
14:25.27Tuqui-tuquibut that affects the raid name as well
14:25.45Tuqui-tuquiif you have an example I'd gladly use it :p
14:25.56g0urraoh, hm
14:25.59g0urrayou mean that list.
14:26.50OseI think {{P}} is half-updated for wotlk, lemme check it
14:26.52DottedOse meant:
14:27.12Tuqui-tuquisee, there is the raid name (ex: Naxx Spider Wing) and right underneath is boss list
14:27.19Tuqui-tuquiif I change to align center it changes everything
14:27.47g0urra<center> on raid names
14:28.21Tuqui-tuquithank you :D
14:28.53Tuqui-tuquiand that is a nice template
14:29.01Tuqui-tuquisteals code
14:33.05Oseg0urra does WMV work again now?
14:33.13g0urraI don't know
14:33.15g0urraI don't use it
14:33.41Ose[[WoW Model Viewer]]
14:33.41DottedOse meant:
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15:46.46KirkburnI've started running AWB again on the wiki - there's always hundreds of spelling/grammar mistakes to fix :P
15:52.18AmarandeI had to put in my second GM ticket ever today, hopefully this one can actually be fixed
15:55.51AmarandeApparently, I have glitched Darkmoon Cards
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16:01.38KirkburnHow so?
16:02.51Amarande"You cannot auction an item with used charges"
16:03.11Amarandeapparently vendors won't take them either
16:05.42pcjyou could always use them
16:05.56AdysBUT BUT
16:06.21Amarandemeh, I'm trying to divest myself of obsolete junk now that wotlk is out
16:06.32Adysdelete it then..
16:20.11mxsAmarande: did you at one point mail them ?
16:20.29mxsAmarande: the pets they sent back after the great pet exodus of 3.0.2 were made like that
16:28.09Amarandemxs: I probably did at some point long ago
16:28.24Amarandesometime before 3.0
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16:28.42Amarandeapparently, a number of folks at the auctioneer forum have noticed that darkmoon cards from before 3.0 seem to be glitchy
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16:33.02syberghostSo it's Auctioneer's fault!
16:37.25Amarandesyberghost: actually, no, people have then tried putting the same cards into the blizzard auction UI and it still errors
16:37.45syberghostAmarande: I was being sarcastic.
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16:54.29g0urra"Rhonin shows up and in the worst idea in the entire novel, unites the raptors of Raptor Ridge into an army to fight the black dragons. This is as silly as it sounds. However, don't let think the book is terrible because of this, the rest really isn't horrible."
16:54.42g0urraI lol'd
16:58.53g0urra <_>
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17:19.41KirkburnPeople, stop playing fallout ... it's actually catching up to wowwiki, dammit!
17:20.26Kirkburn(in all seriousness, fallout.wikia is doing incredible well atm)
17:25.25Tuqui-tuquiI should try that game...
17:26.38KirkburnI plan to at some point
17:27.30Kirkburng0urra, yeah, dunno why people do that
17:36.03KirkburnWill probably be back later, have a good day/evening, all
17:39.12pcjhes never coming back
17:41.06pcj~kiss WoW-Bot
17:41.06infobotit has been said that kiss wow-bot is Equivalences between 1988 X.400 and RFC-822 Message Bodies. H. Alvestrand & S. Thompson. August 1993. (Format: TXT=37273 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
17:42.21g0urra~kiss pcj
17:42.22infoboti heard kiss pcj is Equivalences between 1988 X.400 and RFC-822 Message Bodies. H. Alvestrand & S. Thompson. August 1993. (Format: TXT=37273 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
17:42.29g0urra~factinfo kiss
17:42.29infobotrfc1494 -- it has been requested 12 times, last by g0urra, 8s ago.
17:42.41pcj~kiss Adys
17:42.41infobothmm... kiss adys is Equivalences between 1988 X.400 and RFC-822 Message Bodies. H. Alvestrand & S. Thompson. August 1993. (Format: TXT=37273 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)
17:42.42g0urrawhat the fuck.
17:43.08pcjlart WoW-Bot
17:43.21infoboteats WoW-Bot and falls over dead, courtesy of pcj
17:44.32pcjforget kiss
17:44.35pcj~forget kiss
17:44.35infoboti forgot kiss, pcj
17:44.41pcj~kiss WoW-Bot
17:44.41infobot[kiss wow-bot] a very fat 32 bit version of a pathetic filesystem, or apt-get install dosfstools, then man mkfs.vfat, or for info on getting write access for regular users, "/msg apt vfatrw"
17:45.09pcj~forget kiss
17:45.14pcj~kiss WoW-Bot
17:45.14infoboti heard kiss wow-bot is _really_ annoying btw.... gotta fix that
17:46.00g0urra~kiss WoW-Bot
17:46.44infobotProvides high-quality grabbing suitable for video recording. URL:
17:47.39infobotMJPEG video capturing tools. URL:
17:47.39infobotNo! You quit!
17:47.39robotuschStakkels pcj
17:47.56pcj~initiate self-destruct sequence
17:49.17pcj~kick pcj_2
18:10.57Adys~factinfo kiss
18:10.57infobotthere's no such factoid as kiss, Adys
18:11.46Adys~kiss pcj
18:13.07sacarascyou broke infobot
18:15.09pcjmmm chocolate
18:19.06pcjthey should make a movie about him starring James Cromwell
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18:55.49Fisker-You use armor vellums for shield enchants right?
18:56.03Adysyou wouldnt use weapon vellums
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19:07.50syberghostWhat if you're Captain America?
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19:41.21KirkburnAdys, quick ping to say this line is flagged up in AWB, on ...
19:41.29Adyswhat is?
19:41.44DottedKirkburn meant:
19:42.06KirkburnDammit, that's the "fixed" version ... in the code it's [Amity wine]]
19:42.11KirkburnI don't know if that is correct
19:42.18Kirkburn(so I've been ignoring it)
19:43.29KirkburnI know nothing about Wine to say whether [Amity Wine] or [[Amity Wine]] was intended
19:43.29DottedKirkburn meant:
19:43.43Adysprobably [[]]
19:44.40KirkburnIf you don't mind, I'm not going to edit, seeing as I can't answer questions on it :P
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19:46.42syberghost  <- Obama's FCC transition co-chair
19:50.51pcj~kiss WoW-Bot
19:51.04pcj~factinfo kiss
19:51.04infobotpcj: there's no such factoid as kiss
19:51.12pcj~factinfo g0urra
19:51.12infobotg0urra -- created by Ose <> at Sat Jul 19 19:02:08 2008 (125 days); last modified at Thu Nov 13 03:37:38 2008 by pcj!n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj; it has been requested 2 times, last by pcj, 2h 4m 14s ago.
19:51.36Adys~factinfo gourra
19:51.36infobotgourra -- created by g0urra <> at Wed Jun 11 20:38:36 2008 (162 days); last modified at Sat Jul 19 19:01:25 2008 by Ose!; it has been requested 2 times, last by pcj, 2h 4m 38s ago.
19:51.43Adys~factinfo g0urra
19:51.43infobotg0urra -- created by Ose <> at Sat Jul 19 19:02:08 2008 (125 days); last modified at Thu Nov 13 03:37:38 2008 by pcj!n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj; it has been requested 2 times, last by pcj, 2h 4m 45s ago.
19:52.17pcjwhy did it show ose
19:52.23pcjits so broken
19:52.39pcjoh u
19:52.45infobot[gourra] ~g0urra
19:52.53infobotmethinks g0urra is a girl
19:58.49KirkburnSo what's new?
19:59.27KirkburnI'm fairly sure we could convince crucially to replace the wiki with that message for a day
19:59.30pcjinfobot is broken
19:59.40pcjwhat message
19:59.48KirkburnThat g0urra is a girl.
20:00.00pcjit really wouldn't be hard
20:00.05cruciallywe could do it for g0urra
20:00.07pcjjust code some quick JS and poof there it is
20:00.27cruciallyor we just put it into
20:00.37cruciallyinside the cookie loop
20:00.47foxlit"Night of the Dragon is an upcoming novel by Richard Knaak, due for release on November 16, 2008.[1]"
20:00.55crucially*cookie == 'g' && !memcmp(cookie, "g0urra"
20:00.59foxlit"Night of the Dragon is out! Read related articles at your own risk!"
20:01.21foxlitDamn you, wiki notice, damn you.
20:02.04Kirkburnfoxlit, I have no idea what you're talking about *whistles*
20:02.49*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
20:03.00foxlitI also dislike the lore header on that page
20:03.16foxlitIt shouldn't be there; the lead-in makes it obvious what the article is about :)
20:04.51KirkburnAye, it is somewhat redundant on the novel page itself
20:05.19KirkburnHowever, the other novel pages seem to have it, so it might be something for a general discussion just in case
20:06.19Kirkburn(the fewer management boxes, the better - people just want the content)
20:06.42Kirkburn(*cough* wookieeepedia *cough*
20:06.57pcjyeah same with ads
20:07.06Kirkburnhah :)
20:08.15KirkburnTouche, my friend, touche. But at least we don't combine the two in insane ways :P
20:08.30Adyswhy so not champion of the frozen wastes
20:09.40KirkburnI tried playing Wrath on this laptop yesterday - argh. I miss my desktop.
20:10.17pcjtell wikia you need a top of the line gaming notebook for business purposes
20:10.33Adysi guess wikia cannot AFFORD it.
20:12.10KirkburnI don't want a big laptop, that's why I got this one :P
20:12.23pcjwhy is shift+insert a shortcut for paste
20:12.24syberghostIt's his lap BOTTOM that's huge.
20:12.30KirkburnI had a big laptop for ages, and lugged it around Perugia ... not doing that again.
20:12.44Kirkburnsyberghost, :O
20:13.19KirkburnNow, an Xbox I could possibly justify if I was a content writer... but I'm not :s
20:14.32*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
20:20.18pcji just think the name is...awkward
20:23.51foxlit"wolfsbane root"
20:25.01pcjfoxlit: they're werewolves
20:25.16foxlitpcj: meh, worgen
20:29.25pcjif i say muradin is alive is that still a spoiler
20:30.03AckisWorkwow way to ruin it for me
20:30.12pcji was just asking
20:30.35AckisWorksarcasm on teh internet :P
20:31.50*** kick/#wowwiki [pcj!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (fuck you spoilerman)
20:31.50*** join/#wowwiki pcj (
20:31.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
20:32.14Adys4500 AP
20:32.22pcji'm a protection paladin
20:32.27*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (n=g0urra@unaffiliated/g0urra)
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20:32.29Adysahhhh so you suck
20:41.39*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
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21:23.45StijnHello, I was wondering if someone can fix this. If you go to   try clicking on the previous quest in the chain. It's impossible cause an error mouseover shows up, but it can't be linked directly to the quest page: there is a version of the quest for both factions.
21:26.45g0urraWhat are you asking for?
21:27.17StijnTo fix the mouseover, cause it's impossible to click the 'previous quest'
21:29.14Adyshe's right
21:29.25Adyssee above
21:29.44pcjworks fine
21:29.59Adysnot here
21:30.09pcjwhat resolution
21:30.09Stijnff3 here too
21:30.31Adysthe tooltip shows its border just under the mouse
21:30.35Adysand you cant click
21:30.36pcjtry using firefox instead of final fantasy
21:30.46AdysOH MY
21:30.51g0urraurmom is my final fantasy
21:31.01Adysthat's what she said
21:31.03Adysanyhow, fix
21:31.44pcjit works fine
21:31.50Adysit does now
21:32.08Adysit does not
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23:23.21*** topic/#wowwiki is Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | CVN: #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | |
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23:24.16g0urra~kiss pcj
23:24.17infobotACTION forces pcj to give Slackwise a big kiss on the ear
23:24.26pcj~kiss Adys
23:24.27infobotACTION forces Adys to give pcj a big kiss on the penis
23:25.11kd3~literal kiss
23:25.18pcj~literal cmd:kiss
23:26.46g0urra~lit kiss
23:54.06mxsso ... is there any way to leave a wintergrasp vehicle when you are sitting in a slot that does not get a vehicle bar ?
23:56.16mxsvehicle targeting seems to be pretty damn unintuitive, too
23:56.27*** join/#wowwiki mxs (
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