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00:21.01Fisker-~kiss Fisker-
00:21.01infobotACTION forces Fisker- to give dracula a big kiss on the forehead
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00:28.25Ryan123hello, i got a question ... is there a macro to "talk" with NPCs, not only targetting them?
00:28.47winkillernot sure :|
00:29.21Ryan123someone knows it sure?
00:29.55draculathere are commands to select chat/quest options yes
00:31.03Ryan123i'm searching for a commant to talk with a vendor, that the sell window opens
00:31.36draculawell... opening the chat window has to be done with a mouseclick
00:31.38winkillerwell, all the "auto turnin/skip gossip" addons requie you to select the guy first
00:31.41winkilleras in rightclick
00:31.56winkilleryeah, so I doubt it you can spam a macro near a vendor
00:32.17Ryan123what is that "auto turnin/skip gossip"?
00:32.42winkillerthere are some addons who let you skip the "click on sell" part
00:32.54winkilleror "hand in 5 alliance blood"
00:33.08Ryan123thank you
00:33.20winkillerthe addons are called "autoturnin" and "get to the point"
00:33.31winkilleryou could read their sources and maybe be enlightened
00:33.46winkilleralso there are addons to autosell all grey items
00:33.51winkillerwhen you open a vendor
00:34.11winkillerbut as I said, all require you to rightclick the vendor first
00:34.17winkillerso I guess that'son purpose
00:35.27Ryan123mhm kk, so through API commands i cant rightclick a vendor, that addons you talked about, is that realiseable that it works through them?
00:35.58winkillerI think not
00:36.08winkillerdepends on what you really wanna achieve
00:36.13winkillermaybe there's a way round
00:36.19winkillertry #wowuidev maybe
00:36.26Ryan123okay tyvm
00:36.47winkillergl #.:)
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01:43.01MasterWillanyone know how to get WoW working on Ubuntu using wine?
01:44.22MasterWillI was able to download WoW and get it (and its various patches) installed, but when I run it it hangs my machine
01:46.30winkillermine runs decently
01:46.47winkillerjust some gnome taskbar apps flicker "through"
01:46.57winkillerthink it highly depends on your hardware
01:47.14winkiller1-2 years ago it just worked out of the box with an old ubuntu here
01:47.23MasterWillhmm ... this is a brand new acer laptop
01:47.31MasterWilland a fresh ubuntu install
01:47.46MasterWillall the downloaders and patch progs work fine
01:47.57winkillercan't really help you there, as I didn't have to adjust anything
01:48.05winkillersorry :|
01:48.20MasterWillthat's ok
01:48.58MasterWillit's very frustrating that the trial and error method requires a reboot each time cause I can't get it to do anything else once it hangs
01:49.21MasterWillI've also gone through some of the wikis online, and none of the suggestions seem to be helping
01:49.44MasterWillI can't seem to tell if it's the video or audio that is causing the problem ...
01:50.12MasterWillthe audio seems to play fine, but the video is whacked out in the game's display window
01:50.50MasterWilldo you know if you are running it with d3d or opengl?
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02:45.49Arttaxreally quiet in here
02:45.53Arttaxguessing everyone's playing wow =D
02:48.44ard_maybe not
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03:41.25Eraclitoadditional potions are always welcome (though notably, they can't be used in feral forms) <- <- it's changed, right?
03:45.59DottedThe job queue length is currently 14997
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07:28.16bongobingoanyone here ?
07:28.37bongobingoheloooo ?
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08:37.02Adyseveryone is sleeping or having breakky at this hour bongobingo
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09:28.20sacarascAdys: the aussies would be awake and not eating breakfast
09:29.51Adysbut aussies are such lower human beings
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15:27.24Strawberryfur3Am I still banned from this?
15:27.30Strawberryfur3Guess not!
15:28.18Strawberryfur3Sooo is this for chating, sleeping, or working?
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18:17.52Strawberryfur3Hey peoples cna I please have autovoice?
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18:18.32Strawberryfur3Whats up?
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18:42.06kalleperssonHi there
18:42.33kalleperssonDoes anyone know how much time it -really- takes to upgrade from Trial to Full? Blizz's website states at most 72hrs
18:42.45kalleperssonBut it feels like that's for legal purposes
18:44.26g0urrayou could just buy an account from retail
18:44.49Sky2042_afkbut then he doesn't get 20 levels for free?...
18:44.50kalleperssonYes, but not online, rifht?
18:45.09kalleperssonI have a trial atm, but I want to upgrade and play. Now :-)
18:45.37kalleperssonand you can only buy retain from stores, right?
18:46.24kalleperssonThe only option seems to be to purchase that upgrade from the trial version
18:46.37Fisker-kallepersson my guess would be it would be activated the first thing on monday
18:46.49kalleperssonThat'd be boring
18:46.49Fisker-72 hours is mostly because they can't activate on weekends
18:47.38kalleperssonToo bad you can't just buy additional playtime online
18:47.43kalleperssonand continue the game
18:48.43kalleperssonThx for your help
18:48.51Fisker-Well the trial restrictions is partly withdrawn
18:48.57Fisker-You can level past level 20
18:49.01Fisker-But you can't chat
18:51.28Fisker-It apparently has something to do with how their billing is processed
18:51.51Fisker-And if they lift the trial restrictions immediately goldspammers would be able to gain access to WoW's chat features without actually paying
18:52.26Fisker-But the leveling mechanics are irrelevant in this sense, so they lift the leveling mechanics but keep the chat blocked
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19:03.53mxstherei s a wotlk eu iso on piratebay
19:04.32mxscan you still fudge with to play on us realms instead ?
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19:06.38g0urramy bet is on that it's the wotlk beta client
19:06.45Fisker-It's not
19:07.09Fisker-Unless someone made a custom installer which just happens to be signed by Blizzard
19:07.51Fisker-anyways mxs
19:07.54Fisker-Blizzard is awesome
19:08.21Fisker-"No download for WotLK", "There will be a download", "OP here: Disregard that i suck cocks"
19:09.48mxscould also be a keylogger
19:09.53mxsgonna put it in a vmware first
19:10.07Fisker-Signed files can't be messed with
19:10.38Fisker-And no don't englighten me on the possibility that they somehow had their key etc.
19:11.25Sky2042_afkFisker-: :LOL
19:12.12Fisker-Though i think Microsoft did that once
19:12.40mxsFisker-: how do you KNOW they are signed though ?
19:12.43mxs's just an ISO
19:12.51mxsand yes, signed files can be messed with
19:13.02mxsit's probably TRIVIAL to make the blizzard updater code not check signatures
19:13.03Fisker-ISO's can be extracted
19:13.24Fisker-Anyways noone on TPB would go through that anyways
19:13.29Fisker-Easy enough to trick idiots without :3
19:13.51mxsyou are not making much sense :P
19:13.53Fisker-The good ol no-cd crack hunting
19:13.58mxsthe possible payoff is pretty damn good though
19:14.10Fisker-But they could just as well just make a setup.exe
19:14.13mxsif youget 1000 people to use a keylogged installer of wotlk, you just got a bunch of money
19:14.36Fisker-or like with the good old no-cd crack hunting they had a file called "runme.exe" or "crack.exe" or similar along with the .rar :D
19:14.39Fisker-fail = fail
19:15.20Fisker-Anyways i'll check it in a VM too!
19:15.27Fisker-If you can call my machine a VM
19:15.45Fisker-Should be down in a couple of minutes
19:16.30Fisker-and the good news is that you can actually use this client
19:16.38Fisker-without having a wotlk account
19:17.00mxsi.e. right now ?
19:17.15mxsok, let me know how it goes
19:17.27Fisker-Catched up with the swarm there
19:17.58Fisker-~epic fail bittorrent
19:17.58infobotbittorrent, you have failed in such a spectacular way that one thousand years from now people will tell their children stories about a failure so great that it eclipsed every success from that period of time. And you bittorrent, you are that epic failure.
19:18.46Fisker-gogo 4kB/s
19:19.50Fisker-That's kinda what sucks with Bittorrent :P
19:20.03Fisker-If it doesn't have proper coverage at the beginning you might as well not join until the next day or something
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19:27.45mxswell no
19:27.52mxsthe limiting factor in this case is the upstream of the initial seed
19:29.41*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (n=kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
19:31.50mxshaven't updated that vmware image in ages ... aargh windows updates
19:39.43Fisker-need moar seeds
19:42.24*** join/#wowwiki KriLL3 (i=chatzill@unaffiliated/krill3)
19:43.47mxscareful what you wish for
19:46.30*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
19:48.16Fisker-That's exactly what i wished for
19:48.31Fisker-Swarm just about done wee
20:02.38pcji blame kd3
20:04.05kd3I wonder if there's some way we can hide the "Report a problem" link on that page
20:05.29*** join/#wowwiki copystring (
20:07.51foxlitDelete the page, np
20:08.03kd3the thought's crossed my mind
20:08.18foxlitI mean, why bother listing contact information?
20:08.34foxlitIt's linked to from... two pages? And we might as well just replace those with external links to
20:09.36foxlit(Or replace it with a page like -- the original purpose was a generic forum poster account page)
20:12.51Fisker-if you start now you'll probably catch up to us before we get the last 0.3%
20:20.15pcjwell at least they didn't list their login and password this time
20:21.31Fisker-that reminds me about that time on the EU forums
20:21.48Fisker-one listed his accountname, his password, his cd-key and his email
20:22.17Fisker-And the funny thing was that he kept reopening topics after they had been deleted due to the obvious security concerns :P
20:23.24pcjdue to
20:23.33pcjthe security concerns is why they were deleted
20:23.34*** join/#wowwiki Sunwind (
20:24.32Thraepcj: Which would change that sentence to "in spite of" ;)
20:24.52pcjthe topics were deleted due to the obvious security concerns
20:24.54*** join/#wowwiki WoW-Bot (
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20:25.13Fisker-in spite of should've occured earlier than due to
20:25.17Fisker-if that was the case btw
20:26.43Thrae"he kept reopening topics after they had been deleted due to the obvious security concerns" <-- <object> "due to" <reason>, or you could have said, "he kept reopening topics after the they were deleted due to security concerns"
20:27.48ThraeAlthough the use of "they" here is non-canon.
20:28.16pcjtopics is the object
20:28.28pcjthe fact that there is an intermediary clause is of no consequence
20:28.45ThraeIt's ambigious.
20:29.03pcjur sexuality is ambiguous
20:29.12ThraeThat is of no consequence.
20:32.41*** part/#wowwiki kallepersson (
20:34.03Fisker-looks legit btw mxs
20:34.24Fisker-also it has kewl musics
20:34.46pcjscreenshot or it didn't happen
20:37.10Fisker- btw
20:46.51Fisker-Anyways it's legit mxs
20:54.57foxlit"Thrae: That is of no consequence." << not to pcj, it's not!
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21:01.23Fisker-slaps mxs around a bit with a large trout
21:02.07pcjhaha i have fisker's password now
21:02.41pcjputting the keylogger on the wotlk torrent was a great idea
21:04.31kd3no more report problem link on [[Billing support]]
21:04.32Dottedkd3 meant:
21:04.58g0urraI see it
21:05.36pcjthey will find a way still
21:05.47pcjprobably on the talk page
21:06.08*** join/#wowwiki Daedals (
21:06.28Fisker-a shame i got an authenticator pcj
21:07.22pcji just have to unbind it from your account the very moment you log in
21:07.29pcjpiece of cake
21:09.05Fisker-you can't
21:09.05mxsFisker-: and can you log into the current realms with it ?
21:09.44pcjdid it come with an authentication key
21:10.23Fisker-your mom :(
21:16.08*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
21:27.14Fisker-So what are you going to do mxs
21:27.17Fisker-have me killed? :3
21:28.24mxswhy would I do that ? :)
21:29.46Fisker-But what are you going to do?
21:30.48Adyslol this sig
21:30.49AdysYour Frostbolt hits random Warlock for 247 damage. (457 absorbed) (583 resisted) (789 eaten by wolves) (624 abused by Michael Jackson).
21:31.16mxsFisker-: gonna try to log into us realms when I have it
21:40.20*** join/#wowwiki Corgan ( works in 3.0.3, don't have wotlk yet though :)
22:09.53mxspcj ! rock ! hide ! where you came from !
22:13.02Fisker-harasses mxs
22:13.05Fisker-i hate you
22:19.15*** join/#wowwiki kachna|desktop (
22:21.51kachna|desktopheya, anyone familiar with linux here? i created a simple file to move&rename my combatlog files, when i run the command it works,but when i execute that file,it tells me "Access Denied" - i did chmod +x...any idea what could cause that?
22:22.10kachna|desktopthe file contains this: mv ../World\ of\ Warcraft/Logs/WoWCombatLog.txt ./CombatLogs/`date +%F-%H:%M:`.txt
22:32.10pcjyou should probably grant write permission too
22:32.14pcjnot just execute
22:32.47pcjwrite on the folder that is
22:33.08kachna|desktopjust found it,had execute rights,but the drive was mounted with "noexec" -.-
22:33.12kachna|desktopthanks anyways :P
22:33.21kachna|desktopi mean write rights
22:33.25kachna|desktopand all that you know :P
22:43.04*** join/#wowwiki KjartanOne (n=fa@
22:43.43KjartanHey guys, I'm having serious troubles with my TryWow.exe and Wow.exe. I try to start it but absolutely nothing happens.
22:44.14KjartanI check the processess but there's nothing going on.
22:44.27KjartanBeen struggeling with this for two days now. I can't find anything on the forums either.
22:44.56g0urraKjartan, have you moved or changed anything on your WoW folder?
22:45.43KjartanJust downloaded and tried to run. Nothing happens, no error, nothing. Pretty frustrating.
22:46.14KjartanAre there any preq for using it? I just recovered my machine to factory default and installed directx9
22:47.48KjartanGuess this isn't a common error either since I can't anything on the forums.
22:52.58robotuschWhat is TryWow.exe?
22:53.04robotuschtrial client?
22:53.55g0urraAlso, where did you download it Kjartan? Official site?
22:54.22KjartanAlso tried th enormal client
23:04.55KjartanGot any idea g0urra
23:07.38*** join/#wowwiki laeg (n=laeg@unaffiliated/laeg)
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23:12.35pcjkjartan check task manager to see if you have them running already
23:12.39pcjalso try running launcher.exe
23:14.04KjartanThere's not anything running, already checked.
23:14.13KjartanAnnoying the hell out of me. Can't find any solution.
23:14.21pcjwhat about launcher
23:15.44pcjtry running repair.exe
23:16.00KjartanThere's no repair, it's the trial version.
23:16.06KjartanAnd, its never been able to run either.
23:16.08KjartanIt's a clean install.
23:16.13pcjis it the streaming version?
23:17.32KjartanI've tried installing the 8000000 gigabyte version too.
23:17.52KjartanGuess it's hardware issues.
23:18.07KjartanI'm at a LAN now, going to try with a mates install.
23:18.12Kjartanuse his install files
23:18.13pcjwhat version of windows are you using
23:18.18KjartanWindows XP
23:19.29*** join/#wowwiki ANTRat (
23:43.10mxsyay, login servers fubared
23:46.02*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
23:54.28*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)

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