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00:12.29amroultra vomit :/
00:12.52amroNOFX in french
00:17.18Dottedwell they are french they probably think it means something sexy
00:19.13amroim sure they don't, like I said they'reNOFX in french
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00:25.10Amarandenothing like getting credit for the hallow's end daily without doing anything
00:26.01Amarandeor at least, without doing anything to the fires I actually got credit for putting out :)
00:32.01Amarandeit pretty much went like
00:32.07Amarandepicked up quest in falconwing
00:32.21Amarandeapparently, though, they jacked up the difficulty in falconwing since we used to be able to do it with 3-4 folks there and now we failed epically
00:32.28Amarandeso I figured I'd better head to brill
00:32.45Amarandeand just as I actually arrive in Brill, they've finished putting the fires out and I get credited since I got there just in time for the quest credits
00:33.16pantomimehorselol nicely done
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00:50.44KirochiCha?ly32: putain
00:50.45KirochiCha?ly32: un patch pour C&C3 est sortit...
00:50.45KirochiCha?ly32: ...avant le jeu >_<
00:50.45KirochiB eN - J: xD
00:50.45KirochiB eN - J: EA game ! challenge everything !
00:54.17mxsAdys: so, update me on that scryer/aldor thing !
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03:27.34gOurraohai Sky2042
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03:32.22kirbygOurra my friend
03:32.23CharitwogOurra my friend
03:32.46Sky2042gOurra: I think it's the span.
03:33.20gOurrahe's mad because I logged on with both my computers earlier
03:33.43gOurraSky2042, yeah looks like it
03:33.49Sky2042no, not the span
03:33.54Sky2042kills cache.
03:36.14Sky2042it fixed.
03:36.18Sky2042so job queue?
03:36.26DottedThe job queue length is currently 44882
03:36.36Sky2042Who edited tooltip?
03:36.51gOurraSky2042, I think it was you editing Infobox
03:36.59gOurraI rewrote t:Infobox faction to Infobox.
03:37.01Sky2042It's not on that many pages yet.
03:37.12Sky2042not even 500 yet.
03:37.19gOurraThat's fandy editing t:cost.
03:39.31Sky2042good god, why the fuck did he edit it /3/ times?
03:40.15gOurra*shrugs* beats me.
03:40.21gOurraHe should really get on IRC..
03:49.50Sky2042uh, gOurra, why does the talk page render correctly but the user page does not?
03:51.45gOurrano idea
03:51.51gOurraI guess some wonky formatting
03:53.22gOurraSky2042: I think it has to do with the image.
03:53.40gOurraRemoved the image, boom, goes splat.
03:54.17Sky2042try removing the other stuff. ie, undo yourself, but in the same edit, remove one of the other things.
03:57.08gOurrano problems with just name, image and caption
03:57.46gOurraright. there's something with caption.
03:58.14gOurraa HAH
03:59.24Sky2042oh, we are stupid.
04:01.16gOurrastupid misplaced </span>.
04:03.18gOurrale pokes Sky2042
04:03.46Sky2042it wasn't my fault! I pulled that straight from the original copy you provided.
04:03.56Sky2042which you pulled from wikipedia
04:04.03gOurraI know
04:04.05Sky2042ie, blame wgTidy
04:08.10Sky2042goes to look up the documentation.
04:08.16Sky2042or rather, just google html tidy
04:08.53Sky2042in short, it fixes bad html. the parser must have considered that bad, else it would have rendered correctly. They don't seem to have the issue on wikipedia, which means that it must be due to tidy being turned on.
04:11.31Sky2042i posted it to wikipedia talk, so that should be fixed shortly.\
04:18.36gOurrahates xhtml editing.
04:18.53Sky2042whatcha adding?
04:18.53gOurrawhich is why I like wiki editing :(
04:18.57Sky2042or tweaking?
04:19.11gOurrathe label and header
04:19.26gOurralabels right now are ! instead of | (if you know what I mean)
04:19.58gOurraand with header I mean the main one. should be ! instead of |.
04:20.30gOurraanyway it's late. going to sleep
04:20.48Sky2042me too. or at least getting off
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08:58.00AdysGnarfoz: ping
09:01.01KalrothGnarfoz is a duck
09:08.36pb_ee1Adys: pong
09:09.06Adyspb_ee1: 15/20
09:09.09Adyslourds les masks
09:09.23pb_ee1moi c'est squashling + mount alors tg hein
09:09.27Adys18/20 si je compte les alts
09:09.42Adysvi mais je m'en fout de toi
09:09.51pb_ee1note je croyais que tu notais ma blague (15/20)
09:09.55pb_ee1j'ai eu peur pendant un moment
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09:12.44Adystoujours pas de signes de belf female et draenei female
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09:46.54pb_ee1waves at Adys.
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10:59.01mxsAdys doesn't love me anymore :>
10:59.44mxsscryer/aldor !
10:59.49Adysdidnt do it
11:00.15mxsdon't ask
11:00.25Adysi just did
11:01.02mxslet's just say I have 10 wands of each kind, plenty of penny pouches, and more than enough candy
11:01.43mxsand I also wonder why our well-known AH bot on Stormrage still is not banned
11:01.48KalrothI got a special wand for you too, Adys
11:01.52mxsthat guy has been botting the AH for about 2 years now
11:03.43Adysanyway mxs
11:03.46Adyshow many masks :>
11:04.03mxslevel 1 warrior in a guild named "Walmart Security" stands in the Stormwind AH for at least 16 hours a day, bidding on underpriced auctions in seconds after they have been put up
11:04.13mxsI don't want to talk about it :P
11:04.25Adyscmon you got more than me probably anyway
11:04.51Adysmore than 15, yes or no
11:05.04Adysmore than 14, yes or no
11:05.08mxsbut at least I still beat you on points
11:05.12mxsnot gonna TALK ABOUT IT ! :P
11:05.13Adysoh do you
11:05.21Adyspenny pouches
11:05.45mxsI beat you on points, period :P
11:06.14Adyswell if that makes you feel better
11:06.22Adysi may have more masks than you, Im still not gonna make it :P
11:06.26mxsit doesn't :P
11:06.46mxsI would like to have a word with Tigole on that achievement
11:06.50mxsalso the 2000 to 1990 one
11:06.55AdysI got that one
11:06.55mxsI will bring batons
11:07.00mxsyes, sheer luck
11:07.02Adysits very easy
11:07.05Adysif you're lucky like I am
11:07.13Adysgetting mount and pet on first day
11:07.14mxsI just generally go with 5cap groups :P
11:07.47mxsthough lately I have been joining pug abs just to ninja flag-defends
11:08.42mxs50 flag defends is harder than 100 wins :>
11:09.52mxsbut at least I will hit 500 dailies in 2 days :)
11:10.07AdysIm not in a rush about that one
11:12.12mxsI'm gonna stop after 500
11:12.26mxscan't do 1000 before wotlk release anyway
11:12.50Adysknow what annoys me mxs ?
11:13.05Adyspeople who do the fucking blacksmith before the inn in goldshire
11:14.01mxs"do the fucking blacksmith" ?
11:14.07Adysat the HH event
11:38.02Adys19/20 on all alts ...
11:38.05Adysffs >_>
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11:52.24Fisker-It annoys me they fixed the trick & treat spam
12:12.41Adyswhat spam?
12:13.11Adysor you mean the tricky treat spam when you kill HH Fisker- ?
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13:50.51KirkburnThought I would pop in to say I'm not dead ... I'm just really busy :)
14:03.46pcjwe need a wowwiki hostmask
14:06.44KirkburnI assume you talk to freenode staff about it, not experienced with it
14:07.41sannseWoWwiki would come under the wikia group... I'm not sure if we have a cloak specific to WoW though... JSharp is our group contact
14:08.16KirkburnI reckon WoWWiki might be big enough to convince them :P
14:08.49sannseconvince them... yes... get them to actually make a change... could take a while ;)
14:09.18pcjwell considering they're expiring all their old pdpc masks they'll probably be getting a few requests
14:10.00sannsepossibly with the new changes they will get all efficent and things :)
14:10.14sannseat least donations are working again!
14:11.04pcjand they're like "yeah, we don't really need it...MONEY PLZ"
14:11.28sannseI've been trying to give them some for ages! so I don't mind ;)
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16:40.34soufronis at mit
16:41.57KalrothThey let frenchies in now? :(
16:43.54sacarascat 1700 every night there they have a frenchy hunt, so they gotta let one in every day
16:46.08syberghostThere goes the neighborhood.
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16:51.50SWE|FloWhey anyone from germany
16:52.10Oseno idea
16:52.26Ose~msg infobot help location
16:52.29pcjno, god damn nazis
16:52.41SWE|FloWI cant connect on the realm forsheliga the whole day is it just me?
16:52.52Oselemme check
16:53.34SWE|FloWit says the the server is up -.-but I still cant connect
16:53.38OseI get in
16:53.50SWE|FloWsince the server restart at 00:00
16:55.03pcj"6. Looking For Frumpy, Nerdy Girl to go to Obama - $1"
16:57.59Osepcj what do I remove from to disable the checkbox and enable it by default?
16:59.51pcjremove preloadAJAXRC function
17:00.01pcjif (ajaxPages.indexOf(wgPageName)!=-1) addOnloadHook(preloadAJAXRC);
17:00.18pcjif (ajaxPages.indexOf(wgPageName)!=-1) addOnloadHook(loadRCData);
17:00.52pcjyou can also remove setcookie and getcookie
17:01.09pcjand toggleRC
17:09.32OseI propably broke it :P
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17:24.34g0urraso the new James Bond movie is pretty good.
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17:26.19AdysSO IS YOUR MOM
17:26.45syberghostoh snap
17:27.17pcjive had better
17:27.26g0urrayour mom had better
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18:45.20pcjwtf is up with the sign in the mirror
18:45.26pcjsomeone fails at reflections
19:11.39*** join/#wowwiki syberghost (
19:15.03Gnarfozpcj: yes. and why would that sign be placed opposite to the basin? Oo
19:16.01Gnarfozapart from that, awesome strip ;D
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21:28.17g0urrapcj, AJAX RC is messed up again
21:28.39g0urrathe box doesn't show up.
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21:44.45bleeterhmm, have the consortium stopped giving out gems in 3.0.x?
21:45.33pcji'll let you know tomorrow
21:45.45pcjnot like they'll be very useful for much longer
21:46.30Osefree money?
21:46.47OseI dunno
21:47.12bleeterskilling up JCs
21:47.34bleeteryeh, I'm on an Oceanic realm, it's 08:47 on the 1st, not offering the bag of gems at all
21:51.45Osecall their customer support
21:52.12kd3meh, guildies got their gems this month post 3.0.2
21:53.41kd3oh, pcj; something up with ajaxrc? cleared cache, shift-f5, nothing
21:53.56pcji fixed it
21:53.59pcjcache is slow
21:54.02pcjgive it about an hour
22:01.01bleeterkd3: odd
22:01.18bleeteri'll check my US toons when those realms turn over ... want shinies!
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22:15.38Ose"The fate of Captain Valonforth after the battle is unknown. He may have died, but it is speculated that he was one of the survivors that helped found Valgarde. If so Valgarde might be named in his honor taking the first three letters from his last name and combining it with garde. This might be due to Valonforth being the last real leader they had, and that he guarded them during this time,...
22:15.40Ose...resulting in the Garde part of Valgarde."
22:16.28pcjits quite simple really
22:25.36OseI get what they mean, it just seems to be based on quite a few "might"s
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