IRC log for #wowwiki on 20081029

00:05.21Kirochik thanks for helping
00:05.27KirochiI haet u
00:05.30KirochiI haet u all
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00:40.17Eraclito[01:05:31] <+Kirochi> I haet u all <- but nao u got a surprise? :>
00:40.39Kirochicome stai amico
00:41.11Eraclitobene bene, un po' stanco
00:41.15Eraclitotu come stai?
00:42.55Kirochianch'io stanco :(
00:44.35Kirochile vacazione non mi servono di niente
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01:42.34AdysKirochi: hyjal est clean deja cette semaine pour moi
01:42.53Kirochitu veux bien me rendre service alors ?
01:43.52Amarande'Hyjal is clean today <something> week for me?'
01:44.34AmarandeI really must work on my D'Angeline ... err ... French heh :)
01:44.43AdysKirochi: wai?
01:44.54AdysAmarande: "already"
01:45.02Adysmy sentence was incorrect grammatically
01:45.15Kirochiben prendre un max de screens potables pour mon article pour joystick :'(
01:45.33Adyseuh ok mais t'auras pas un pet de mob
01:46.21Kirochic'est mieux que rien :'(
01:46.25Kirochi700 euros quoi
01:46.33Kirochije citerai ton nom étou
01:47.08Kirochinan me suis mal exprimé, les 700 euros spour moi parce que j'ai écrit 11 putain de pages sur warcraft
01:47.31Kirochimais comme je dois me taper la maquette ce sera moche sans screens
01:47.47Kirochidonc si tu peux en prendre même sans les boss ça me sauve la vie
01:48.39sacarascthey be speaking the gibberish
01:51.06sacarascI must be tired for I just giggled at the word "merde"
01:51.50AmarandeI know what I am going to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season
01:51.57Amarandethat super mega win and awesome invention called ... the cardboard box
01:52.06sacarascgonna be living in one?
01:52.20Amarandegonna be packing even more of my life away into them so I can make room for things
01:53.01Amarandefor instance, I apparently need to pack away an entire bookshelf's worth of books soon
01:53.04Amarandeso I can remove that bookshelf
01:53.09Amarandeand have wall space for my framed Nimue
01:56.40sacarascthe watery bint
02:14.03mxsoy, Adys, status report on the scryer aldor thing !
02:14.11Adysim sleeping :(
02:14.19Adyswoke up for the trick or treat
02:14.28Adysand found my connection fucked up ffs
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02:18.06mxsAdys: so ... you never finished the turnins ? :)
02:18.30Adysmxs: i did tell you I only handed in 8 atm :P
02:18.38Adyswaiting to have them all to handin the rest
02:19.17Adysbut anyway I still got 33/35 even tho Im only at 32 exalteds now
02:20.01mxsbut it does not increase after the switch
02:20.07mxsat least not on ptr and beta when I tried :)
02:20.32Adysmaybe every new exalted it recounts them all
02:20.52Adyswonder if i get back to revered with one of the factions
02:21.00Adysand hit exalted with scryer
02:21.05Adysid be back to 32
02:26.14pcjwhoa g0urra
02:26.19pcjgrats on being a card
02:26.27g0urrawhoa pcj
02:26.39g0urraI don't even play alliance
02:26.40g0urraso gg
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13:15.42crucially_new cache server in the pool, please tell me if you get logged out or something
13:20.14sacarasci got logged out
13:20.27crucially_you did?
13:21.20crucially_btw.. add ?123 to the end of the URL
13:21.22syberghostBrowser?  I hardly know her!
13:21.24crucially_I bet you are logged
13:22.03sacarasci logged back in after, was just browsing a few minutes ago when it happened
13:22.39crucially_I bet it was varnish2 and not varnish3
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13:23.56crucially_if it happens again, please tell me
13:27.14KalrothSuure, blame the old varnish
13:27.20Kalroththat's how we handle it at work
13:27.28Kalroth"it was the old developer that left us a while back"
13:27.56crucially_it was my fault
13:28.01crucially_i loaded the wrong config
13:29.17Kalrothoh, that's not how we handle it at work
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13:30.40syberghostAt my office we just blame crucially_.
13:30.47syberghostWe don't actually know him, but he's handy for blame.
13:31.35Kalrothwell duh, he willingly blames himself
13:31.40Kalrothso he's an easy target
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13:31.43Kirochithe scapegoatfucker
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14:46.06soufronObama J-7 : c'est l'heure de la politique open-source -
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15:07.50soufronObama J-7 et politique open-source -
15:08.29syberghostYay, French people's opinion about my country's internal political matters.
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15:23.22OseI was under the impression we'd be getting 3.0.3 today :(
15:27.01syberghostPatches typically happen on Tuesday.
15:28.58Osenot in europe it doesn't
15:29.11Ose should I laugh or cry?
15:29.31pcjUS typically get patches first
15:30.13syberghostOse: got time to do both?
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15:37.21syberghostAfter the scalpel, the next step requires a frying pan, a little olive oil, flour, and black pepper.
15:50.01Fisker-why would you fail so much Ose?
15:50.23Osebecause you're danish
15:50.27Oseit's contagious
15:50.28syberghostYou can't spell "loser" without "Ose".
15:58.55g0urraI lol'd
16:03.41Eraclitoand you can't spell Eraclito without "clit" :>
16:03.47Eraclitoget banned ;_;
16:04.25pcjyou can't spell pcj without cj
16:04.33pcjam i doing it right
16:04.49sacarascvery good, pcj
16:04.56sacarasc/pat pcj
16:05.57syberghostur mom is doing it right
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16:12.48foxlityou sound like an old... clarinet, Fisker-.
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16:17.37Fisker-slaps foxlit around a bit with a large trout
16:18.13foxlittaunts Fisker- with a larger trout
16:18.41Fisker-eats the trout
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16:21.25DennetHello everyboyd.
16:21.59Dennetwaves hello to WoWWiki from Wowhead
16:22.09syberghostIt's half the same people.
16:22.10DennetI'm here bringing da questions. Lore ones...
16:22.19Dennetstrangles syberghost.
16:22.21*** join/#wowwiki TranceControl (n=TranceCo@
16:22.31syberghostBut over here, g0urra can kick you if your question is stupid.
16:23.00TranceControlhey guys .. does anyone know if there exists a little addon for checking my latency while playing?
16:23.16DennetIsin't latency... built-in?
16:23.18g0urraTranceControl, mouseover the menu button
16:23.33Fisker-g0urra my enemy
16:23.38DennetNevermind, I'm questioning DeathKnights...
16:23.42g0urraFisker- my lover
16:23.42TranceControlmmh and thats it?
16:23.52Fisker-good call g0urra :3
16:24.07foxlitThere's a multitude of alternate displays for the same data.
16:24.14foxlitBut basically, the provided data itself is bad.
16:24.18DennetYou start in an instanced zone, help build a Scourge Cauldron and assault Light's Hope Chapel. Is the instance set in a different time (like, a year before/after) or is it the same timeline?
16:24.42foxlitDennet: some time after KT died.
16:24.50DennetIt can't be the same since... it makes no sense to attack Light's Hope with only 300 ( =) ) defenders... unless everybody's at Out...
16:24.54DennetWho was KT again?
16:24.58DennetKing Terenas?
16:25.04foxlit(well, "died")
16:25.23DennetCrap, W3/WoW conversion. I suck at that time.
16:25.25foxlitBut presumably before the whole outland arc
16:25.30DennetTBH, I suck at lore from W to WoW.
16:26.14DennetTHanks foxlit.
16:27.48DennetWhich timeline should I use? One of the officials or the unofficial?
16:28.02foxlitthinks Fisker- needs to obtain new original trolling material.
16:28.27foxlituse for what?
16:28.37pcjtoilet paper
16:29.36DennetSo... starting from TBC, 1 day in Warcraft  = 1 day on Earth?
16:29.56*** join/#wowwiki Sunwind (
16:30.15foxlitI have serious objections to this translation!
16:30.24DennetWhat translation?
16:30.38foxlitDisney songs.
16:31.00Dennet<Do not want> label for me...
16:31.37foxlit"I take only what I can't afford" became "I take only what has value"
16:31.44Dennet...unless you count Kingdom Hearts.
16:33.03*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (i=Kirochi@
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16:34.03DennetOk, another question...
16:34.32*** join/#wowwiki mystadio (
16:34.33DennetCan someone explain how will "PHASING" work? As in, I know the very basics (you do X, the area Y looks like Z and not M)
16:34.57DennetBut... what if you have some unfinished quests down at XM, and you get kicked to XZ?
16:36.42Dennet...And I just set off the Logic Bomb
16:38.39g0urraDennet: usually you don't lose quests but gain quests from phasing
16:38.56Dennet"Gain" as in?>
16:40.09g0urramore NPCs that offers quests
16:40.09g0urraAnd the quests from the NPCs that do vanish are all done before the phasing
16:40.39DennetSo, in essence, the only quest that makes you phase is the VERY LAST QUEST, yes?
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16:42.03DennetAnd.. whole zones are phased?
16:42.18foxlitIt's not the zones that are phased.
16:42.40foxlitEverything affected by the phasing mechanic still exists on the same instance server.
16:42.56foxlit(in this context, world is also an instance server)
16:43.03DennetYou misunderstood me.
16:43.18foxlitIt's just that your client chooses what to display selectively.
16:43.24DennetI ment: zones as in for example "Dragonblight" has... 5 phases so to speak.
16:43.38foxlitConsider each phase as a binary flag
16:43.43foxlitYou either see it your you don't.
16:43.51DennetSo, when you and person X enter the zone... you end up in Phase 1 and he ends up in phase 4, yes?
16:43.54foxlit(attached to NPCs, mobs, scenery objects etc)
16:44.15foxlitYou only see Phase 1 things, he only sees phase 4 things
16:44.24DennetDoes he see me?
16:44.34foxlitYou're not phased :)
16:44.46foxlitor, well, no.
16:44.56foxlitIt really depends on whether the phasing flag is applied to you.
16:44.57DennetYes/No in the end?
16:44.58LukianSo you can see him attacking nothing?
16:45.09foxlitThe death knights, for example, do not see across phases in their starting progression
16:45.21foxlitSo you can't see a death knight razing stuff on a wyrm while you're an initiate
16:45.37DennetSo... when I enter Wrath Gate in Phase B (after assault), I cease to see my friend who is STILL talking to StY, yes?
16:45.55foxlitI believe that's how it works, yes.
16:46.07DennetBut I can talk to him via party/whisper/guild/etc/etc (NOT by say/yell)
16:46.18foxlitdidn't parse "cease"
16:46.23foxlitYou still get to see your friend in that case.
16:46.27foxlitAnd you can always whisper people.
16:46.46DennetSo he's like standing.
16:46.50DennetAnd attacking dust.
16:46.59DennetBut he can't see me since I'm technically "in the future", yes?
16:47.16foxlitOn the other hand, other phases are minor -- for example, one of the horde quests replaces the ruler of one of the Grizzly Hills outposts; it doesn't matter which phase two players are on -- they'll see each other.
16:47.40foxlitDepends on the individual phase transition.
16:47.59foxlitI think they tried very hard to avoid segmenting players (and mobs) on Northrend.
16:48.26foxlitSo unless you're somewhere very special like the DK start zone, you should be able to see people regardless of how they're phased.
16:48.41*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
16:49.05DennetI can see that. "Ilsa: Why aren't you coming? We got a quest t'do!" "Dennet: I can't! The fires will burn me! *points at blank area*"
16:49.11foxlitThere are, of course, exceptions -- one of the sunwell dailies uses phasing to pit you against a separate set of mobs while you're doing it
16:49.35DennetQuel'Danas is "uni-phased". The land changes, not how the players see it.
16:50.25*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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16:50.32foxlits/dailies/dailies in Blade's Edge Mountains/
16:51.21foxlitIt's the portal daily, looting mana cells while avoiding mana wyrms.
16:51.40DennetPortal daily? Where's the phasing in there?
16:51.52Eraclitoehi uhm
16:51.53foxlitYou literarily use a phasing generator.
16:51.58Eraclitois it easier to summon the elementals in av?
16:52.06Eraclitoi've seen ivus and lokhdude today
16:52.10DennetPortal Daily = Mana-Cell Hunting Daily?
16:52.24Eraclitoand i've seen only the horde one, just 1 time, in one year
16:52.48DennetWe'll see in the fray. Oh and will the shadows hit my graphic card by a lot?
16:53.08foxlitThey're actually quite bearable.
16:53.13foxlitBut that depends entirely on the graphics card.\
16:54.34DennetBut, is it a big jump from current WoW?
16:54.39Dennet...pre 3.0.2 wow*
16:56.26DennetI'm using RADEON X1600 SERIES
16:57.33pcjHOLY COW
16:57.37pcjTHATS ALL CAPS
16:57.40pcjSO IT MUST BE GOOD
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17:03.57KirochiBIG FµCKIN DEAL
17:03.57*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=sannse@wikia/
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17:04.54Adysi hate getting masks I want on the main on an alt :/
17:05.05Adys16/20 on all chars, but only 13/20
17:06.47*** join/#wowwiki Blooddust (
17:13.09pcjwhy so fail adys
17:13.17pcjjust call me pcj the hallowed
17:13.32Adysss or didnt happen
17:13.42pcjno u
17:13.58syberghostssh or ur mom didn't happen
17:14.03syberghostssh?  WTF?
17:14.10syberghostTEYEPING PHALE
17:14.13*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
17:14.25Adysbabies are born with ssh true story
17:14.31pcjssh's syberghost's mom
17:15.00syberghostShe's like 64, dude, knock yourself out.
17:15.14pcji knocked ur mom out
17:16.41*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=WK@
17:22.57*** join/#wowwiki jet (
17:23.54KirochiTeyeping phale ?
17:25.11*** part/#wowwiki jet (
17:26.23*** join/#wowwiki copystring (
17:28.39syberghostSUM KEYBORD R 4 TAIP, SUM R 4 FALE
17:29.04pcjwhy so qwertz syberghost
17:29.11syberghostpcj: 's fun
17:29.39syberghostRead Alamos guide to "durids" yesterday, got me in a mood.
17:30.49Fisker-what the shit?
17:31.30syberghostWow, now there is keebord fale.
17:31.43syberghostMy wrists hurt looking at that.
17:31.56pcjimagine playing WoW on that
17:32.12syberghostWithout remapping WASD
17:38.11*** join/#wowwiki Dakhma (n=Rik@
17:43.03Kirochisyberghost alamo's me god
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18:25.39*** part/#wowwiki Blooddust (
18:30.37Bibi`[18:30:01] <pcj>
18:30.46Bibi`... they included a "42" key ?
18:31.06pcjextra keys for OEM
18:31.07*** join/#wowwiki copystring (
18:31.16Bibi`that's 42.
18:37.09*** join/#wowwiki copystring_ (
18:41.48*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
18:42.03Kirochiune oasis de frenchattitude dans ce monde d'anglo-sacons
18:45.07pcjfrancophones sont vraiment stupides
18:49.18Kirochila ferme toi
18:49.29Kirochiva pex une grammaire sale immigré
18:49.48pcjva t'en
18:49.59*** kick/#wowwiki [pcj!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (you just asked me to kick you in french)
18:50.00*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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18:50.12pcjnom de chien
18:50.26*** kick/#wowwiki [pcj!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (you just asked me to buy gold from you in french)
18:50.26*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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18:50.58pcjadys, ton maman est un putain
18:51.36Kirochi>_< Perseverare diabolicum est
18:51.51*** kick/#wowwiki [pcj!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (you just asked me to buy drugs from you, have sex with you, signal you to the police and sue you in french)
18:51.51*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:51.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
18:52.21Kirochiet t'as oublié le serv privé
18:52.31Adyspas la place dans le /kick
18:52.38Kirochinext time maybe
18:52.42Kirochijoli coup de toute façon
18:52.57pcjvraiment échouer
18:53.01Adyslawsuit is on the way pcj
18:53.37*** kick/#wowwiki [pcj!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (ctb)
18:53.38*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:53.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
18:54.01Adyspictures pcj googling that
18:54.04Kirochimerci jérôme, maintenant j'ai un fou rire de connard qui ne me quittera pas de la soirée
18:54.40Chari2J'ai cassé votre grille-pain et a tiré sur votre chien
18:54.45pcjton maman ne me quittera pas de la soirée
18:55.22syberghostMon stylo est jaune
18:55.22Adysg0urra|away: pcj just insulted your mom
18:55.28Adysdo something
18:55.31Kirochithat's vintage wwquotes material
18:59.33pcjwhoa featured article content imo
19:01.58Eraclito(i can't connect to wowwiki since yesterday)
19:02.30Kirochi(mm yummy schnitzel)
19:04.11*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
19:05.12syberghostWoWWiki does not have a page with this exact name!
19:08.09Kirochi<BennyHill> Had I been born the son of Sophia Loren, I would've spent my childhood suckling <=lolwtf?
19:26.41g0urrawhy so so pcj
19:27.11pcjRC is boring
19:27.24g0urrathat's what she said
19:29.12pcji wonder if i can ban him because i don't like his name
19:36.24sacaraschow small would a gnome be if it used noggenflogger elixir and gnomish world enlarger?
19:36.39syberghost.  <- actual size
19:36.55sacarasci wanna see that now
19:46.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
20:00.52*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=sannse@wikia/
20:09.07*** join/#wowwiki Dennet (
20:09.21DennetI'm baack!
20:13.07*** part/#wowwiki Dennet (
20:21.17*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
20:32.34thedarkhaze[12:36] <sacarasc> how small would a gnome be if it used noggenflogger elixir and gnomish world enlarger? <-- you can't stack them
20:32.45thedarkhazecause it was too op in wsg so they made it so you can't shrink too much
20:32.56*** join/#wowwiki Amarande (
20:33.05sacarascawww :(
20:33.25thedarkhazeonly way to stack it is if you get a size debuff
20:40.35*** join/#wowwiki BloodyBunnies (n=BloodyBu@
20:45.24pcjhappy black tuesday
21:11.52*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
21:12.12*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
21:20.20*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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21:23.26*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
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21:25.46*** join/#wowwiki Arrowmaster (n=Arrow@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ResponsibleForEverythingAndNothing/Arrowmaster)
21:44.48*** join/#wowwiki Kraps (
21:46.48*** join/#wowwiki tomignatius (
21:50.27*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
21:57.17*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
22:00.24*** join/#wowwiki gOurra (
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22:01.34*** join/#wowwiki Groumnir (
22:01.41*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
22:08.14*** join/#wowwiki Sunwind (
22:09.22*** join/#wowwiki Groumnir (
22:10.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o g0urra] by ChanServ
22:19.31*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
22:24.39*** join/#wowwiki Lopen (
23:12.49*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
23:22.27*** join/#wowwiki Dakhma (
23:23.01Dotted i chuckl'd
23:24.57*** join/#wowwiki Gryphon (
23:25.15*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
23:25.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
23:32.07cruciallyI can replace the guru meditiation page, what should it be instead?
23:32.49g0urradid you say OLW Fisker-?
23:34.15g0urraCREAM CHEESE CHIPS
23:41.02Fisker-cream cheese?
23:41.56g0urrait's tasty Fisker-
23:42.06pcjthat's what she said

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