IRC log for #wowwiki on 20081027

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00:09.56TranceControlargh how i just hate when this happens :S
00:15.32TranceControlerr .. i really hate installing TBC again :S lol it takes so long :(
00:24.40TranceControllol account login info should be the same as the one i use when i log into the game right?
00:34.23TranceControli thought so ... but somehow WoW EU wont reconize my username or password :S
00:38.09sacarasci have to agree with the 3 previous statements
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00:41.49sacarasci'm sure the new quest in the Scourge Invasion is meant to have some kind of follow up, but I can't find it
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00:50.20mxsHorde Leader raids during plague days are fun !
00:50.31mxsAlthough Sylvanas despawned on us
00:57.33pcjdamn zombies
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00:57.44pcj"oh hey, lets infect the auction house"
00:57.52Eraclitosame in my realm
00:57.53pcjyeah that was fun for like 30 minutes
00:58.01Eraclitocan't log on bank characters
00:58.06Eraclitoi like the event, really
00:58.10Eraclitobut it should be optional
00:58.19Eraclitoi want to be infected on my main
00:58.27Eraclitopve player, so yes
00:58.35Eraclitobut it's the game i like to play
00:58.45Amarandethis channel tends to be the home of Apathy Ursine :)
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01:01.06Amarandepcj: you know who Apathy Ursine is, right? :)
01:01.24Amarandethe I Don't Care Bear. :)
01:02.40Eraclitobut, about this event
01:02.59Eraclitoi think it had to be the chance for players to increase srsly the argent dawn rep
01:03.19Eraclitobut the rep gained is low. i'll farm again strat
01:05.58Amarandeis AD rep going to be of import in WOTLK?
01:06.05AmarandeI thought it was a different Argent faction there
01:06.28pcjargent crusade
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01:12.53Eraclitoyep but it is an...
01:26.07kd3wtb info on the new quests out of shattrath
01:26.15kd3supposedly there's a different one for each race
01:27.28Adyskd3: quests?
01:27.59kd3check outside the aldor bank
01:28.05kd3quick fedex to your racial leader
01:28.14Adyssince when?
01:28.17Adysa hour ago nothing
01:28.17kd3just now
01:30.30kd3huh. it's not up on the PTR yet
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01:33.37blademeldI live
01:41.56Adyskd3: lots of undead shiz, no quest
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01:42.03Adysoh nm
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01:52.12pcjkd3 did you find it
01:52.51kd3yeah. the gnome version's up on the wiki already. just looking for other races to chime in
01:53.59pcjwowinsider has human
02:00.55TranceControlhowcome the is slow in my IE ? :(
02:02.39TranceControlah much faster in FF :D
02:03.04blademeldIE sucks?
02:03.28TranceControlheh true :)
02:03.49blademeldgoogle chrome beta is nice
02:03.56blademeldand opera is also nice
02:05.34pcjchrome sucks
02:05.35TranceControlhow is it the update procedure is when you download the files outside the background downloader?. which files goes and what?
02:08.10pcjthose followup quests have really terrible names
02:32.42pcjgod i hope there's a feat of strength or something for like 20,000 cleanses
02:32.51pcjthat'll show all the people who are like "fuck you stop cleansing me"
02:47.38Amarandepcj: don't worry, at this rate by tomorrow there won't be a you're infected debuff anymore
02:47.49Amarandethat's if it doesn't happen tonight, what I think will happen eventually :)
02:48.06pcjwell that new quest has promise
02:48.13Amarandesuspects eventually there will stop being the disease debuff and we will go directly to being zombies when infected
02:48.51sacarascnew quest... "go take this little thing to that guy" it's poo
02:49.02AmarandeI'm just glad I was able to get the cooking daily done tonight
02:49.08Amarandenote: dont use the flight master in shattrath :|
02:49.20Amarandeuse the one in zangarmarsh to go to netherstorm, and use a flying mount to get to/fro zangar :P
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02:49.34Amarandeif the zangarmarsh one is infected, then use the one in friggin smv but not the one in shatt :P
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03:11.02LucidFoxShould I make an article about the Stormwind Glitch City?
03:13.54LucidFoxI mean this:
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08:35.01Adyswhats the 3.0.2 undocumented changes list?
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09:50.04Adyspeople moan even in the guforums
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11:26.01mads-Hi - which class is looking to be the best dps in WotLK? :) I'd like to have a nice dps...
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11:53.46Adysmy life in a nutshell: Scholomance
11:54.06Adysbeaststalker, wildheart, elements, valor, elements, devout, dreadmist, dreadmist, beaststalker
11:54.08Adysfuck you rng
11:54.15Adys93rd try incoming
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12:06.21Adysgot it
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12:29.14TranceControlguys ... aint the addon folder mainly in the World of Warcraft/Interface/ folder?
12:31.30pcjIf by mainly you mean only, then yes
12:32.09TranceControlhmm i cant get the Curse client to install my addons in that folder :(
12:33.28pcjwell thats because curse sucks
12:34.00TranceControlheh .. :)
12:34.20TranceControlwell according to some the addons is supposed to be in : "C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft"
12:34.43TranceControlbut i always thought it was in the main folder under Interface/Addons
12:34.51syberghostHint; if the addon is named after something BAD, this should tell you something.
12:34.55pcjare you using vista
12:35.03TranceControlyup :)
12:35.26pcjdid you move the game with patch 3.0.2
12:35.54TranceControlthe game is still in the same folder as it has been even before the reinstall.
12:37.00pcjwhich folder is that
12:40.42TranceControlD:\Games\World of Warcraft\
12:41.01pcjare the security settings on that set so everyone can access it
12:41.09TranceControlyup :)
12:42.07pcjyou should ask curse then
12:42.43TranceControlwell i dont have to use Curse :)
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12:48.12TranceControlahh figured out that the Curse Client does not make the Addon  folder it self .. forgot to get into the game after patching everything , before trying to install the addons :D
12:51.46TranceControlanyone know a good fishing addon? for tracking and assist with the gear?.
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13:29.57g0urra"We don't know what it is, we don't know why the wings disappeared when it landed on the cat's head, and we don't know where the probe is. All we do know is that we haven't been able to sleep since we saw these pictures."
13:35.14TranceControlhahaha :D
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13:35.29syberghostBecause if we sleep, the devilcat will talk to our dreams.
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14:00.23Satonendoes any1 here know about raf leveling
14:02.58pcji didn't know the royal air force got leveling
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14:04.10Satonen:D refer a friend!
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14:17.53mads-Hi - which class is looking to be the best dps in WotLK? :) I'd like to have a nice dps...
14:18.43pcjthey should all be fine
14:20.09g0urra<Here camez the Bad Boyz>
14:20.12g0urrawhat a retarded guild name
14:20.31mads-pcj: noone in particular?
14:21.23syberghostmads-: all the DPS classes can make really nice DPS in WotLK if you spec and gear them properly.  Pick one you enjoy.
14:21.54mads-I just have a warlock right now - it seems that they're being squashed..
14:22.33pcjit depends on what level you're looking at
14:22.50pcjat lower levels some classes may be slightly better than others
14:22.57pcjbut they're balanced mainly for level 80 now
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15:01.20cruciallyI am going to move all images to a new imageserver
15:01.22cruciallynew cache
15:01.31cruciallyplease tell me if there are errors
15:05.20cruciallyit is on the new intel SSD
15:05.29cruciallyI think the thumbnail problem is slow server
15:05.49cruciallyDevice:         rrqm/s   wrqm/s   r/s   w/s    rkB/s    wkB/s avgrq-sz avgqu-sz   await  svctm  %util
15:05.49cruciallysdb              46.53    19.80 241.58  0.99  2447.52    83.17    20.87     5.12   20.56   4.03  97.82
15:10.20pcjhow big is it
15:10.23pcj97.82% util
15:11.35crucially1.5 TB I think
15:11.42cruciallythere is plenty of free disk space
15:12.17cruciallythere is like 200GB free
15:12.20cruciallybut no performance
15:12.24cruciallythose 15 disks ain't fast enough
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15:23.49KirochiEtoileuh des nayges
15:23.52KirochiMon coeur amoureuh
15:33.51pcjje m'en fous
15:39.18Osetres bien
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16:00.05Kirochiwhy so BRAIIIIINS
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16:28.38syberghostWhat do vegetarian zombies eat?
16:34.01*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
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16:39.11Kirochisyberghost you rock
16:39.51syberghostThanks.  What'd I rock this time?
16:42.33Kirochimy sox
16:45.10*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
16:46.26syberghostdoes the dance of soxor roxor
16:51.58amrohahah that's awesome
16:52.15amro12:28 < syberghost> What do vegetarian zombies eat?
16:52.15amro12:28 < syberghost> GRAIIIIIIIIIIIIINS
16:52.42syberghosthaha, that syberghost, he's hilarious.
16:52.50syberghostThanks for sharing that with us, amro.
16:52.58Gnarfozno biggie
16:53.17Gnarfozping me when we start making sense again
16:53.37amroyeah that wasn't supposed to be pasted, I'm not sure how it happened
16:53.40amrobrb on a client that doesn't have free will
16:53.59Gnarfozfree will is an illusion!
16:54.15Kirochiklaatu verata nikto
16:57.42*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
17:01.57Kirochikorpiklaani <3
17:03.52*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
17:04.11Kirochiwoot un phrenkoffaune
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17:26.56pcjwhy so [M]
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18:10.21KirochiThe thought of making love fills me with mirth
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18:33.10syberghostputs on his anti-Nader aluminum foil deflector beanie and reads the Nader article
18:46.17*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
18:53.26Oseno moar zombies?
18:54.41syberghostThey went to the store for brain sauce and got lost.
18:56.36*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
18:58.14foxlitWrynn called in the insect exterminators and dumped the infected crates somewhere
18:58.28foxlitWonder what took him so long -- I mean, it's a trivial fix.
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19:20.55Fisker-it's halloween
19:21.03Fisker-Just thought it was a hoax
19:28.11*** join/#wowwiki KingTom (
19:28.16KingTomwudup guys
19:28.42KingTomif u wanna see me kill a lvl 70 on a lvl 36 mage.. watch this
19:28.57sacarascno, we don't
19:29.16*** part/#wowwiki KingTom (
19:30.47syberghostYeah, can't say I was jumping at that.
19:31.29syberghostspam; I clicked, couldn't help myself.  Goldhackspam.
19:32.31mxsI set my gold statistics at the permanent level today
19:32.37mxshad to give half of it back though :>
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19:45.21syberghostWoah, that Dr. Radosta on the left is kinda hot.
19:48.17pcjWouldn't you like to be the cat on her lap
19:48.44pcjQuit rewriting your own edits noob
19:49.26g0urrayes, I thought you'd be oblivious to the strange bug to the left
19:49.49pcjwell if you linked to the diff i'd be able to see what it was
19:49.50pcjbut no
19:50.12g0urrait's like that on every edit
19:50.54pcjslaps crucially
19:51.03*** join/#wowwiki BloodyBunnies (n=BloodyBu@
19:51.07pcjsee left diff
19:51.22cruciallythat is hilarious
19:51.27cruciallyrepeatable ?
19:51.33g0urrawhat's so funny?
19:51.34*** join/#wowwiki KriLL3 (n=KriLL3@unaffiliated/krill3)
19:52.31pcjthat should've fixed it g0urra
19:52.39cruciallypcj: what was it?
19:52.54pcjsystem messages somehow got garbled
19:52.57pcj fixed it
19:54.46cruciallyso you just purged that
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20:43.08Oseg0urra has a fan :D
20:43.25*** join/#wowwiki gneale (
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21:20.32*** join/#wowwiki caerydd (
21:21.28g0urrahello caerydd
21:21.43*** join/#wowwiki Cortez^ (
21:22.54pcjhi caerydd!!!!!!!!!
21:22.57caeryddErm, I have a question about a page vandal - someone from a particular server keeps using a purely factual page to flame a guild. The opinion may or may not be true, but it's not relevant to the article. Does this fall under the 'sort it out between yourselves' thing? I'm kinda getting tired of reverting the guy's edits.
21:23.11pcjcan you link it
21:23.38pcjill look at it
21:23.39caeryddI can't revert it right now due to maintenence
21:23.53pcjthat kind of vandalism is [[WW:NPOV]]
21:23.54Dottedpcj meant:
21:24.10caeryddOh, sorry. I've not used this room before.
21:24.25pcjits ok
21:24.28pcji'll talk to him
21:24.33caeryddThank you.
21:24.47caeryddAs you can probably see from the page history, he's not listening -_-
21:24.52caeryddto me anyways.
21:24.57Osewell there's definently an edit war going on
21:25.08pcjslaps crucially
21:25.35pcjstop with the database maintenance during peak hours
21:25.40caeryddWell, yeah. he puts in irrelevant info, I reverted back to just the list.
21:26.08pcjwell caerydd be careful of [[WW:3RR]]
21:26.08Dottedpcj meant:
21:26.45caeryddI missed that ><
21:27.30pcjeh, it was over longer period of time than 24 hours
21:27.33pcjjust be careful
21:27.35caeryddI'm gonna stop now, I just want him to stop anyways.
21:28.36cruciallyok, this is going to hurt, we are purging all caches
21:30.37cruciallyno shit
21:30.50cruciallykernel network errors on one of the database servers
21:38.47kd3cowers in fear
21:42.36Oseholy macaroni!
21:43.15sannse_we are back, but going to be a bit slow for a while ... everything needs to restart
21:47.12pcjit won't be illidan fighting arthas
21:48.48Oseno shite
21:48.58*** join/#wowwiki Jagannath (
21:50.43Oseskip to post 17 :D
21:52.19*** join/#wowwiki Arrowmaster (n=Arrow@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ResponsibleForEverythingAndNothing/Arrowmaster)
22:00.02cruciallyand, we hit memcache memory fragmentation
22:00.07cruciallyso time to restart some again
22:01.35*** join/#wowwiki Sunwind (
22:03.19pcjhmm when did allakhazam get a wiki
22:04.53Ose so... much... stupidity...
22:05.25pcjso don't link it
22:05.45Nechcknpcj a few months ago, don't recall the date, though.
22:06.04foxlitI for one, welcome our new Illidan Priest overlords
22:08.07Osewants a pirate race :D I wish I could have had a go pre-patch
22:10.48caeryddsounds ....insane
22:11.28caeryddoops, wrong room!
22:11.53pcjthats what she said
22:12.46*** join/#wowwiki bamaboy` (n=bamaboy@
22:15.49Ose nooo it ar gone
22:15.58*** join/#wowwiki straylight (
22:19.38*** join/#wowwiki Sunwind (
22:25.11Ose I haz theoriz
22:26.04g0urra"Suppose the frozen shade would be a dummy thrown in to throw you off the scent."
22:28.10Ose I can has whine?
22:30.41Ose what the hell? intellegent discussion?
22:43.35*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
22:44.08*** join/#wowwiki Norsken (
22:52.45pcjsee also the topic immediately above
22:54.45*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
22:58.11pcjgg g0urra
22:58.14pcjxavius is an eternal
22:58.34sacarascpcj: more raiding updates! we just downed the nerfed illidans!
22:59.21Adysmxs: how many masks?
23:00.32g0urracareface pcj
23:08.03*** join/#wowwiki MrN (n=monikova@
23:12.39Dotted <- oh lord
23:15.00Dottedaw g0urra
23:15.10Dottedyou undid the lulz
23:18.24*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
23:22.50*** join/#wowwiki mastertop (
23:23.44*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=WK@
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