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01:44.49pcjdo enchants show up on arcanite ripper in guitar form
01:47.16Sky2042_afkI don't know whether to laugh or not.
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01:52.45pcjhello triath!!!!!!!!!!!
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02:02.39Adyspcj: what are the 1.11 bosses?
02:02.40Adysthe list
02:02.47AdysI know the one in strath thats all
02:03.01pcji think kd3 is working through them maybe
02:03.33Adyswhy do I have, with broken gear
02:03.34pcj tho
02:03.34kd3just did some minor pokes. they're all listed on [[Scourge Invasion]]
02:03.35Dottedkd3 meant:
02:03.41Adys0 stam, 0 int, 0 spirit
02:03.50Adys-81 haste, -262 hit rating
02:04.06pcjare you a zombie
02:04.31Adysive been
02:04.35Adysbut im not
02:04.44Adysi got 33 str and 39 agi
02:04.51pcjas a mage?
02:05.34Adysim thinking some stuff isnt correctly reapplied when you get out of zombie form
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02:16.18Coreyanyone here?
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02:44.42Howbizrnooooo wowwiki is down
02:45.25pcjit hapeens
02:45.32pcjblame crucially
02:47.27kd3apparently it's wikia-wide
02:47.33kd3so... back to taking notes in notepad
02:47.35pcjgg crucially
02:47.36Sky2042_afkI would guess.
02:48.04pcji use notepad++ personally
02:48.32pcjsee its obviously crucially
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02:50.12pcjgg crucially
02:52.10kd3the hell? there's an orc just chilling in darnassus
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02:55.33pcjyeah that happems
02:55.52pcjmy "happens" spelling is off tonight
02:56.32pcjthe scourge invasion image is lame
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03:13.11Sky2042_afkpcj: does npcbox need to have a div wrapped around it with nothing but a class in it, or could that be merged into the table class?
03:13.48pcjare you talking about for tooltips
03:14.04Sky2042_afkI would presume that the popups rely on tha class, yes.
03:14.29pcjit tends to insert new lines and <p>s between table cells
03:15.13Sky2042_afkso putting the class in the table would be bad then, correct?
03:18.03Sky2042_afki hope the guy who sued loses.
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04:00.58Eraclitodamned scarlet tabard
04:01.01Eraclitono drop in 15 runs
04:01.28Sky2042_afkI ran it a lot. I don't think I ever saw it drop. However, that was before the buff.
04:02.00Eraclitoit's cool that i skip all the middle pulls with invisibility
04:02.38Eraclitoi kill one mob each run, plus herod and the trainees
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10:35.17g0urrapokes kd3
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10:58.57cruciallypokes g0urra
10:59.03g0urrastabs crucially
10:59.22cruciallythrows a server at g0urra
10:59.35g0urrathrows an internal server error at crucially
11:01.25Camicio2what rates be serwer????????????
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11:28.04Fisker-i hate you g0urra
11:34.58g0urraok Fisker-
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12:20.38mxsAdys: ?
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12:33.43g0urrai can has Arcanite Ripper
12:55.46winkillernice, wow with wine works better than ever
13:02.07Fisker-cedega is better
13:02.18Fisker-Cedega doesn't need to wrap DirectX
13:02.21Fisker-it's just that awesum
13:05.10winkillerI don't care. I don't have to reboot to do trick&treat
13:05.20winkillers/&/ or /
13:05.40winkillerI'mn ot playing on my crappy laptop anyway
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13:37.44Fisker-wut u mean winkiller ?
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13:48.32winkillerI can start wow with wine if I need it
13:48.39winkillerdoesn't mean I'll use it often
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16:02.02Dogzhey, anyone notice that mounting and immediately dismounting restores your pets to full health?
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16:03.53Dogzok, sorry
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16:12.25Oseso is the time between each scourge attack decreasing or something?
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16:32.22Ose wat?
16:36.01foxlitI'm so getting a bot to kick anyone saying anything that matches ^oo+ld$
16:36.40Adysdoesnt match ose
16:36.56Adysdoesnt match either.
16:37.26foxlitwell, at least it'd force punctuation onto people.
16:39.23foxlit^[^a-Z]*oo+l+d+[^a-Z]*$ then.
16:40.53foxlitif nick == "Adys" then drop
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16:45.23Kalrothjust kick everyone saying something, to be on the safe side
16:45.30Kalroth(no, above line doesn't count!)
16:45.44Kalroth((neither does the above one or this one!))
16:50.35mxsAdys: ?
16:50.44Adysmxs: so, how many achievement points now.
16:50.52mxs3535 or so
16:51.08Adysbah sucker, Im only at 3300 :/
16:51.17mxshehe ;)
16:51.32mxsstill need my kj kill though
16:51.37mxshaven't been in the past 2 times
16:51.50*** kick/#wowwiki [mxs!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (NOOB)
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16:51.58*** kick/#wowwiki [Adys!] by g0urra (caps)
16:52.04*** kick/#wowwiki [g0urra!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Addybot (stfu)
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16:52.27mxsat least I have my atiesh fos !
16:53.00DogzCan I access Silvermoon city without the orb of translocation and without going through other zones?
16:53.22Adysportal from mage/shatt
16:54.21Dogzhmm, never been there, so no hearthstone.  And don't know any mages.  Is there a way to use the orb WITHOUT having the burning crusade expansion?
16:54.37Fisker-you can't go there without the expansion
16:54.43Adystheres no way to access it without it
16:55.06Dogzcan I get the expansion for free?
16:55.17mxscurrently there seems to be no way to copy any character to the ptr or the beta
16:57.34mxsdamn, finished my daily "clean the mailbox" routine.
16:57.34mxsstuck at 99999 gold.
16:57.34mxsI am gonna go beg.
16:58.07mxsI wonder whether "Plz giv me sum goldz cuz I need like 1g fo 100k!"
16:58.09mxswill wor
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17:18.01Kirochiabout twincruiser's quotation
17:18.12Kirochiit's excerpted from an e-mail he sent me
17:18.14g0urrawhy so troll Kirochi
17:18.19Kirochino need for fact check
17:18.39Kirochiyou may remove it safely, I can forward the e-mail to you if you wish
17:20.17Kirochig0urra !
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17:36.34Dogzis the wow account manager down for anyone else?
17:36.44Adysits down most of the time
17:37.22Kirochihelpful as usual :D
17:38.13Dogznever seen it down before
17:38.28Adysneither have i. i just know it is down most of the time
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18:51.31cruciallypcj: I am going to move images to a new server
18:51.34cruciallypowered by an SSD
18:56.04KalrothThe new Intel X25?!
18:56.35KalrothI want an SSD so I can browse my pron twice as fast.
19:04.34*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
19:06.36cruciallythe new Intel X25
19:06.38cruciallywhich is wicked
19:06.45cruciallyall other SSDs suck
19:07.03cruciallywe have one
19:08.29cruciallysuddenly swap is not a problem
19:17.15cruciallyyay, tests pass on OSX
19:18.58cruciallyugh, trailing whitespace
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21:07.42Adys or as frostmage?
21:09.17*** join/#wowwiki Movix1 (n=mattes@
21:09.48Oseis there a set pattern for the invasions?
21:10.04Osei.e. tanaris>aszhara>winterspring>etc
21:13.53Osebut does it go through all of them before starting over?
21:17.36pcjyou mean your server doesn't kill them all at once?
21:35.02winkillerhaha, this line is so awesome:
21:35.02winkillerWell my friends its time for all that experience to pay off because Illidari Council is the SUPER BOWL OF NOT STANDING IN THINGS!
21:49.13pcjlol tenris?
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22:24.20TranceControlguys .. is there anyway that i can get all the updates from the normal install (a fresh install of wow) to the latest patch ... in one go? without using the background downloader?
22:24.32*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (n=kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
22:27.20pcjyeah probably
22:27.44TranceControlmmh any hints to where? :D
22:28.05pcj[[Patch mirrors]]
22:28.06Dottedpcj meant:
22:28.35TranceControlahh .. and then the full ? ...
22:28.58TranceControlWoW → TBC   (Full) (~2300 Mb)
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22:34.48*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (n=kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
22:38.16pcjwow - wotlk i think it is now
22:38.21pcjlet me see
22:39.23pcjhmm idk why it's all incremental now
22:40.51TranceControlits not the "None -> WOTLK" :D hehe not yet :D
22:42.23*** join/#wowwiki soufron_ (
22:42.35pcjwell the best i can see is none -> 2.4.2
22:42.38pcjthen 2.4.2 to 2.4.3
22:42.42pcjthen 2.4.3 to 3.0.1
22:42.46pcjthen 3.0.1 to 3.0.2
22:44.05TranceControlalrdy got wow installed though :) Dont need to install it again :D
22:44.18TranceControlthats what i meant with a basic install with no patches :)
22:44.19pcjwhat are you patching from
22:44.34TranceControlfrom scratch .. a fresh install from the cd's :)
22:44.58pcjtbc cds?
22:45.00kd3wow classic install -> BC install -> 2.0.x-2.4.2 -> 2.4.3 -> 3.0.1
22:45.21TranceControlpcj no .. wow classic install :)
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23:24.15TranceControlwhat the heck? :  This update requires "World of Warcraft" version
23:25.55*** join/#wowwiki Loopers (n=43f156a2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:26.32Loopersso anyone seen any zombies?
23:27.16TranceControllol usually around Lakeshire or darkshire :S
23:31.10*** join/#wowwiki soufron__ (
23:48.30sacarasczombies suck
23:48.39g0urrano u
23:48.40sacarascnot the cool ones from bad movies, but the wow ones
23:48.46g0urracry more
23:49.20sacarasci think i shall!
23:49.24sacarascand curl into a ball!
23:49.30sacarascand probably suck my thumb too
23:51.06Fisker-cry more g0urra

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