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01:19.40LukianDoes Boar's Speed stack with Dive/Dash (pet talents)?
01:56.06AdysLukian: aye it does
01:56.10Adysoff to bed, gnite
02:00.17LukianAdys, evidence? :D
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02:20.09LukianAdys, I'm reading elsewhere it doesn't :/
02:24.56pcjadys is french
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02:35.59kd3+7,643 char edit... "tweaks"
02:40.24Sky2042i'm merging stuff that doesn't exist anymore nayway
02:40.57Sky2042lol, glyph of fireball > glyph of frostbolt.
03:08.45Eraclito[04:40:58] <Sky2042> lol, glyph of fireball > glyph of frostbolt. <--  shit > glyph of frostbolt
03:10.04Eraclitoi'm mage and i'm frost
03:10.25Eraclitotoday in za, full clear, i was the lowest damage from all the dpsers
03:10.38Eraclitowe didn't get buffed in this patch
03:11.22Sky2042it may be you were actually using an inferior dps spec - while you weren't buffed, you probably weren't nerfed.
03:11.39Sky2042while they were probably buffed, or they immediately respecced to nicer builds
03:11.55Eraclitoyeah i know, and i say.. i want buff for the frost tree =P
03:12.11Sky2042frost has had it good for a long time man. ;)
03:12.37Eraclitowell i like frost, but can't compete with other specs or classes
03:12.44Eraclitoeven before 3.0.2
03:13.34Sky2042not really.
03:13.40Sky2042you probably need a playstyle tweaking.
03:14.17Eraclitowhat do you mean?
03:15.07Sky2042I've seen people say Frost can compete. So odds are, you aren't playing it quite right, or you don't have equivalent gear to the people you run with... etc etc etc.
03:15.25pcjOR YOU SUCK
03:15.48Sky2042That would be the least polite way of saying it...
03:15.49Eraclitolol i suck a lot, but my rotation is easy, the elemental do it by himself
03:16.29Eraclitotoday on trash i had to spam-polymorph the flame casters
03:16.42Eraclitoso i didn't dpsed lot on trash
03:16.55Eraclitobut on bosses too i was slightly low on other raid players
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05:26.00pcjwowhead is faaaaail
05:26.05pcjnew comments say 2.4.3
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11:46.19Adysinventory tetris = awesome
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13:04.06Drakhaonwhats the xml for grapic fields? :P just plain ignore-mouse-clicks etc areas
13:04.38DrakhaonI wanna add a custom made graphic thing to the bottom of the screen, to put actionkeys etc on
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13:22.11Drakhaonnone awake? :D
13:23.13Drakhaontrying to create some custom graphic areas in my UI
13:28.07AdysDrakhaon: if you want help with UI customization or development, you should try #wowuidev
13:30.26Drakhaonoh :P
13:30.31Drakhaonsame server I take it?
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13:32.11thedarkhazehmm if there's like say 50 quests that are exactly the same name/text/reward/etc., but all different ids...which gets linked?
13:33.25Adysthedarkhaze: ?
13:33.29Adyswhat do you mean by linked?
13:33.41thedarkhazefor external link
13:33.45AdysDrakhaon: yah
13:33.52Adysah you mean on the wiki?
13:34.00Adysthe most relevant one i suppose
13:34.06thedarkhazethey're...all equally relevant ._.
13:34.07Adysotherwise a random one
13:57.42winkilleruhm, is seal of the crusader gone?
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14:03.35winkilleridd it is
14:07.59pcjit's rolled into all the spells
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14:41.57g0urrachanged map
14:42.11g0urradoes Stormwind ring a bell?
14:42.45Adysur mom rings my bells
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14:52.05pcjdid the scale change
14:52.36pcjsure did
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14:55.26DottedThe job queue length is currently 55660
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15:16.50firedawngood morning everyone
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15:35.42Nahkisswoot? tyr's hand is a bit extended?
15:35.47Nahkissis that live already?
15:40.52Nahkissah it's the DK starting area?
15:41.03g0urrawhat's left of it
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16:17.42MostlyHwhere's a database dump of WoWwiki (if it's), pls :)?
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16:21.00MostlyHor do U know some other offline WoW database?
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17:58.02Adysdoes this really drop?
18:05.50equiraptorYa. I've seen a screenshot of it flying in Outlands. But I can't seem to find the screenshot now.
18:06.45equiraptor <-- there
18:08.47Dottedpokes a hole in Tekkub
18:09.09Dottedgogo ;p
18:09.11TekkubI like kauc
18:09.33Tekkubwhat about it?
18:10.02Dotteddoesnt work in 3.0
18:10.10Tekkubworks fine for me
18:10.28Dotteddont have a scan button
18:10.35Fisker-flies into Dotted
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18:22.40Tekkubupdate your crap :P
18:24.13Tekkubhrm... actually that embed got skipped somewhere
18:25.12Fisker-i hate you Dotted
18:25.19Tekkubthere, fixed
18:26.31Dottedhurrah, thx
18:28.06Fisker-slaps Dotted around a bit with a large trout
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19:23.31Omenacio73hi to everyone im new here
19:24.28Omenacio73i dont find connection to all this with a hookup3d game...someone can help me?
19:25.26Omenacio73this seems something like peer to per file sharing site
19:25.40g0urraThis channel is about World of Warcraft.
19:26.20g0urraHow did you get to know about this channel?
19:26.36Omenacio73i try to get in any
19:26.49Omenacio73i get automaticly the list
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20:03.54Fisker-slaps g0urra around a bit with a large trout
20:03.58Fisker-why so slapped?
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22:42.20Fisker-i win
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