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01:14.19Bagginswow, scuba is wow
01:18.54BagginsI did close scuba trainign today. It was fun
01:19.02Bagginsnext week we are going to do open water
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01:24.37oh_haioh hai : D
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02:08.19sacarascis the WoW briken for anyone else in EU? (me and a friend can't log in, the loading bar gets to full but nothing else happens)
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03:00.28oh_haianyone on bloodhoof US wanna roll new chars :D
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03:30.11Sky2042lol pcj
03:30.41Sky2042pcj: why removing itemid, anyway?
03:30.53pcjit's not used in tooltip
03:30.54pcjat all
03:31.00pcjnever has been
03:31.09Sky2042so, doesn't mean it couldn't be useful someday
03:31.24pcjdoubt it
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04:38.32KirkburnComing online briefly from my hotel room
04:38.42KirkburnBlizzCon is coming to a close :(
04:39.23KirkburnI snatched a few mins of D3 play - I think they did alter the colours a little after WWI
04:39.49KirkburnThey also made an awesome Diablo 3 logo in the style of care bears :P
04:41.09KirkburnTaking a look at the Press CD now
04:41.33KirkburnI'll try and upload anything we don't have tomorrow or next week
04:41.48KirkburnThe B-roll footage all looks to be new (and pretty good)
04:42.36KirkburnWe need to make more use of video extensions
05:00.07Kirkburngah, the screenshots are so variable
05:00.11KirkburnJPG, PNG, BMP
05:00.38Kirkburn60 MB screenshots >_<
05:00.53KirkburnSky2042, I've been chatting to the Wowhead team :P
05:01.02Sky2042Uh oh.
05:01.15KirkburnYou came up in conversation :P
05:01.20Sky2042Uh oh.
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05:02.08KirkburnNothing in particular (or, nothing I'm going to tell you :P )
05:02.17Sky2042Oh come now fine Englishman.
05:02.24Sky2042Don't mention it if you aren't going to talk on it.
05:03.06KirkburnBuuut it's more fun this way
05:03.15Sky2042I think not.
05:03.19Sky2042Do tell.
05:04.26KirkburnWell, Malgayne has to keep reminding you not to link to us all the time, apparently :P
05:04.38KirkburnBut hey, I ain't complaining
05:04.54Sky2042Um, he hasn't reminded me for a long tyme nao.
05:05.12Sky2042We had a chat, iirc.
05:05.18Sky2042Long long time ago.
05:05.34KirkburnIt was just one of those things that came up in convo :P
05:05.49Sky2042is certain there's more.
05:05.57KirkburnHopefully next BlizzCon will be even bigger and we can get more people here
05:06.08KirkburnSky2042, paranoia ftw
05:06.22Sky2042No, I just know there's more. -.-
05:06.25Sky2042You're you.
05:06.53Kirkburn:O Such accusations!
05:07.12Sky2042Accusation, or truth? I think the latter, kthx.
05:07.37KirkburnReally though, no bitching occured
05:07.49Sky2042 <- lol
05:08.00Sky2042Kirkburn: I was pretty sure there wasn't any. :P
05:08.15KirkburnOne thing that'll hopefully come out of the fansite meetups is more working together between the sites
05:08.39KriLL3Kirkburn: why?
05:09.12KirkburnMalgayne's got a list of lots of email addresses - we're gonna try a mailing list type of thing. Blame him if it gets lost :P
05:09.27Sky2042ponders on his somewhat-unique position of go-between.
05:09.29KirkburnKriLL3, why more working together?
05:09.44KriLL3Kirkburn: yes
05:09.56Sky2042ponders on unions and this working together between the sites.
05:09.56KirkburnBecause it's beneficial to everyone
05:10.02KirkburnLess stress, more community
05:11.00KirkburnYay for being a go-between :P
05:11.55KirkburnAnyway, I want to promote WoWWiki more as a neutral ground for everyone - plus there's space on the main page for news from all over the place
05:12.01Sky2042I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing...
05:12.20KirkburnSky2042, I'd say good thing, as long as it's not too stressful
05:12.30Sky2042Stressful? Nah.
05:13.00KirkburnBeing able to work with very different sets of people is an excellent talent
05:13.52Sky2042The two groups aren't so different. They both run fansites about World of Warcraft.
05:14.14KirkburnYeah, I didn't mean it's quite that in this case :P
05:14.58Sky2042I've actually been moving toward becoming a contributor to Wikipedia...
05:17.20KirkburnSince when weren't you?
05:17.40KirkburnI mean, you've had that cloak for aaages
05:17.50Sky2042goes to check his first contribution.
05:18.27KirkburnJan 2007
05:19.08Sky2042I've only had the cloak since this February.
05:19.18Sky2042That aside, I wasn't really a contributor, you know?
05:19.28KirkburnEither way, cool
05:25.29Sky2042Wolpaw further describes the idea of using cake as the reward came about as "at the beginning of the Portal development process, we sat down as a group to decide what philosopher or school of philosophy our game would be based on. That was followed by about 15 minutes of silence and then someone mentioned that a lot of people like cake."
05:25.41Sky2042( [[wikipedia:portal (game)]]
05:25.41DottedSky2042 meant:
06:09.49KirkburnWhich reminds me, I forgot IRC was still open :P
06:10.21KirkburnSee ya'll later. I'm off to San Fran tomorrow, will be in the Wikia offices for a few weeks.
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08:10.17LucidFoxWhen WOTLK comes out, will I be able to upgrade my account directly from the website, or will I have to buy a box version?
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08:24.37LucidFoxAnd do I understand correctly that Patch 3.0.2 for non-WOTLK clients will be released on October 14th? On regular non-PTR realms?
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08:41.00Fisker-LucidFox probably not right away with the online upgrades
08:41.09Fisker-and yeah it's very likely the new patch is out wednesday
08:42.27LucidFoxWill the WOTLK client be available for download immediately, though?
08:42.37LucidFox(when WOTLK is released)
08:42.44Fisker-Also not known
08:43.09LucidFoxHow was it with TBC?
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08:44.04Fisker-you tell me
08:44.17amroyou can grab it now anyway
08:44.20LucidFoxWith the original game, I bought a box, but the CDs were scratched, so I downloaded it from the local network
08:45.03LucidFoxWith TBC, I bought a key in a local gaming club, upgraded the account and then downloaded the client as well
08:45.32LucidFoxTBC boxes arrived in a few days after that
08:49.35LucidFoxI take it I won't be able to upgrade from the PTR patch to the regular 3.0.2 patch?
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08:50.21LucidFoxSo I'll have to redownload the entire 1G+ thing from scratch :(
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09:19.53NahkissLucidFox, isn't the PTR-client installed to diffrent location?
09:20.06Nahkissin some sub-folder under Wow -main dir
09:20.42LucidFoxNahkiss> I have no idea, I'm still downloading it
09:20.45Nahkissso I think you should be able to update to 3.0.2 as long as you have the current live-version too
09:21.01LucidFoxI've copied the game files to a different folder and I'm going to aply the patch from there
09:21.36LucidFoxSo I can (hopefully) play both the regular game and the PTR client interchangeably
09:23.31Nahkisswell, it's sure that you can play on both but I think the ptr-patch copies the necessary files to it's own location on it's own
09:23.44NahkissI think it was like /wow/PTR/ or something
09:23.50LucidFoxSo I _will_ have to redownload everything :(
09:24.01LucidFoxAnd the regular patch will be 1G too? Or even bigger?
09:27.18Nahkissmhh, ye I guess so then, not really sure anymore
09:27.27NahkissI think it's bigger than 1Gb
09:27.45Nahkisswell, it's not that bad to down
09:27.49Nahkiss*download few gigs
09:29.02LucidFoxNot for me now, although it takes a lot of time.
09:29.14LucidFoxBut I imagine many people will be pissed...
09:29.49amrodidn't 3.0 get preloaded in the background downloader?
09:30.05LucidFoxWhat background downloader?
09:30.22NahkissWorld of warcraft background downloader
09:30.50Nahkissamro, I think it's 3.0.3 on the downloader already
09:31.03Nahkissatleast what I understand from
09:31.04LucidFoxAlso, in Russia at least, there are people who pay for traffic, so for them it's an issue of size, not speed
09:31.23LucidFoxWell, I see something called BackgroundDownloader.exe
09:31.27LucidFoxbut how does it work?
09:32.00LucidFoxI mean, how is it activated?
09:32.32amrorun Launcher.exe
09:33.17LucidFoxI hateit
09:34.11amrowell it activates the background downloader
09:34.14LucidFoxI'll rather leave it do download while I'm at work than endure that UI crappiness
09:34.16amroyou might want to run it from time tot ime
09:34.32amroyou have to endure it for all of 12 seconds
09:34.42amromight want to bring painkillers
09:34.46amrocould be tough
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10:03.15LucidFoxOn a completely unrelated note...
10:04.03LucidFoxThere was free food at yesterday's RP event on Argent Dawn, and we were handed a menu, where the last item was "delicious chocolate cake".
10:04.05LucidFoxGuess what :/
10:12.18g0urrait was a lie
10:14.16LucidFoxThey said they "ran out"
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10:30.10LucidFoxApparently, the GMs can't change weather :(
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10:31.04LucidFoxDuring said event yesterday, three GMs appeared dressed as Elwynn guards
10:32.11LucidFoxso I asked the first one in /w to stop the rain, and he said it was"beyond his powers"
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10:38.51LucidFoxAnd apparently, while it's always shiny in Theramore, its keep has its own weather.
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10:54.58AudunI have a problem
10:55.04Auduni cant login to my wow account
10:55.20Audunwhen i log in it says disconnected
10:55.50Audunmy account manager says that it's open for playing
10:56.13Audunwhat should i do?
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12:34.44LucidFoxAudun> I had a similar problem earlier today
12:35.02LucidFoxIt said "Disconnected" when I tried to log in half the time, but when I did log in, I was able to play normally
12:37.32pcjhe's gone
12:43.50Fisker-people should steal moar from Blizzcon
12:43.56Fisker-do want SC2
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17:44.41sacaraschaha! I finally got round to completing the Trials of the Naaru quests
17:45.40sacarascis it possible to turn off the "Champion of the Naaru" title without having another one?
17:46.37Ose not funnay!
17:46.49sacarascthe little title thing on my character sheet isn't there...
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17:47.40pcjlog off and back on maybe
17:49.53sacarascyeah, that worked
17:49.59sacarasc<3 to you, pcj
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18:31.54g0urraOse: saurfang facts aren't fun in general
18:32.03g0urraalso, lol @
18:51.19winkiller3k Silvermoon till Ambassador \o/
18:51.33sacarascgo go winkiller!
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18:52.25sacarasci might go for that one some time... I'm most of the way through revered with them all
19:13.28sacarascif an external link is a 404, should one delete the link?
19:14.20sacarascanyway, i gotta go, has the 404 link
19:20.19Fisker-WHY MUST I BE SO BALD G0URRA?
19:20.26g0urracuz u r
19:21.38Fisker-i like you
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21:44.35Fisker-your mom btw g0urra
21:44.51Oseno u
21:46.09Fisker-no u
21:48.17Oseapplies an infinite no u on Fisker-
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22:11.24soloslingerAnyone know of any other WoW IRC channels?
22:17.13*** join/#wowwiki cogakip (n=pear@
22:18.46g0urrasoloslinger: #wowhead
22:21.49Nechckn#wowuidev and #wowace are directed toward addons, but have alot of different wow-related chatting.
22:26.01Fisker-slaps g0urra around a bit with a large trout
22:26.33soloslingercools I was curious
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22:39.24Justarandom^ YOU
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22:39.50Justarandomhit a nerve I guess.
22:39.51Justarandoma (g0urra)
22:39.51Justarandom[23:39] * Attempting to rejoin channel #wowwiki
22:39.51Justarandom[23:39] * Rejoined channel #wowwiki
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22:40.16Oseany scots here?
23:33.45DottedThe job queue length is currently 17866
23:38.04sacarascunder 18k? pfft
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