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00:00.56Kaso_my internet sucks, can i have your multiple redundant fiber connections?
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00:04.33cruciallypcj: the main ones?
00:04.44cruciallyMAE West
00:04.45pcjwell the ones you're talking about
00:04.50cruciallyin Iowa
00:05.02pcjare those the backup or something
00:05.10cruciallyand cache
00:05.15cruciallywe also have new jersey
00:05.18pcjis that a colo then
00:05.19cruciallyand full backups in S3
00:05.58cruciallycurrently we have the data in 4 locations
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02:47.08Eraclitouhm guys, anyone here?
02:48.22Eraclitothe blizz downloaderstopped WoW 2.4.3 to 3.0.2 TBC-EU-Stage3 bla bla file at 95%
02:48.35Eraclitoat work, different pc and different connection stopped at 95% too
02:49.00Eraclitoi'm unlucky a lot or there're some problems about this mpq?
02:49.29Sky2042_afkuse a patch mirror instead. I'm sure there are a few for that patch.
02:49.39Sky2042_afk[[patch mirrors]]
02:49.39DottedSky2042_afk meant:
02:52.46Eraclitothanks, but *n00bish time* when i download a file from patch mirrors
02:52.59Eraclitoand i put the file in the correct folder
02:53.22Eraclitoafter i run WoW client, he wants to try to download the same patch
02:53.37Eraclitothere's a way to fix this, making the client understand the file is already here?
02:53.55Sky2042_afkI don't know... o.o
02:54.05Sky2042_afkhave you tried the help forums at
02:55.05pcjput it where it goes anyway
02:55.11pcjand then run the program to check it worked
02:56.54Eraclitowhen i do it, there's written in orange "data for next patch available, download will start when open the program, blah blah"
03:00.20pcjrun backgrounddownloader.exe in your wow directory
03:01.05Eraclitooh i feel so stupid
03:01.07Eraclitothanks =P
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03:16.27Sky2042_afkIt goes up and not down. :(
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03:56.24ArxFortisthe article is messed won't load very far
03:56.59Sky2042Loads fine for me.
03:57.07Sky2042What browser / OS?
03:57.21ArxFortisXP Pro
03:57.23ArxFortisIE 6
03:57.41Sky2042other than the fact IE6 is moar fail than IE7, hmm...
03:57.53ArxFortislet me try on other PC
03:57.55ArxFortisbrb's just this PC....loads fine on IE6 and FireFox on other PC
04:00.18ArxFortisother pages load fine on this one.
04:00.29ArxFortisjust that one article messes up....oh well
04:00.35ArxFortisno biggie
04:00.43Sky2042try a hard refresh?
04:01.24ArxFortisi did "delete files"
04:01.28ArxFortisloads finenow
04:02.56ArxFortiskinda over a decade of using IE, i've never had to do that to fix anything
04:03.02ArxFortisguess there's a first time for everything :)
04:03.58Sky2042kinda funny you're still using IE (IE6 to boot), but you know, that's just opinion. :P
04:04.50ArxFortisit's work PC
04:05.04ArxFortisDoesn't matter I've been an MCSE for 8 years
04:05.10ArxFortisthey won't let me install anything new
04:05.11Sky2042tell your IT to upgrade to IE7 at least. :/
04:05.14ArxFortisCorporate BS
04:05.27ArxFortisyeah...i've told them...but with about 30,000 PCs...they move slowly
04:05.48Sky2042aren't the PCs networked?
04:06.02ArxFortisoh yeah
04:06.13ArxFortisa lot of employees are remote and VPN
04:06.15ArxFortislike me
04:06.15Sky2042so why can't they distribute a .exe with IE7 in it over the network?
04:06.19ArxFortisthey can
04:06.23ArxFortisthey just don't
04:06.25Sky2042why don't they? o,o
04:06.31Sky2042so tell them to stop being lazy. -.-
04:06.44ArxFortisthey do a lot of stupid not letting Out-Of-Office notices to distrubute outside of the network
04:06.49ArxFortisso that customers know we're not here
04:06.57ArxFortisor on vacation
04:07.05ArxFortisthey only let them circulate internally
04:07.09Sky2042lol... that's retarded.
04:07.13ArxFortisi agree
04:07.42ArxFortishard to argue with a behemoth with 330,000 employees
04:07.58ArxFortisit's only our division with 30,000
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07:48.12Fisker-so Corgan
07:48.17Corganoh hi
07:48.25Fisker-y so hi?
07:48.56Fisker-Blizzplanet = officially incgamers now
07:49.07Fisker-So why so starcraft 2 Corgan ?
07:49.19CorganI havn't had a chance to play it yet
07:50.10Fisker-so beta? >:3
07:51.29CorganI has beta key :3
07:54.13Fisker-btw Corgan
07:54.15Fisker-i hate you
07:55.57Fisker-do i hate you?
08:07.20Fisker-yes i do
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09:57.59LucidFoxIs the... water thing in the Stormwind Park a moonwell?
10:01.48LucidFoxA functional one? Can be used for mooncloth?
10:02.12g0urraI don't have an alliance tailor
10:03.20LucidFoxAh, wait... I should have consulted Google first :/
10:03.21sacarasci believe it can be, LucidFox
10:03.45LucidFox"There is a moonwell in the middle of the park in Stormwind.  There is no blue light coming out of it like in the others but it works just the same."
10:04.18sacarascdoes the moonwell just outside the Mount Hyjal instance work?
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10:15.47Gnarfozsacarasc: yes
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11:20.33Mikkwhich moonwell is this?  "just outside MH?"
11:20.46Mikkyou mean in the room where you can choose 3 directions to go?
11:21.02Mikkor oh... in the tunnel leading up to the instance.. oh, gotcha
11:21.05Mikkhow silly =)
11:21.37Fisker-Do you mean the MH in Winterspring?
11:21.41Fisker-i win again
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11:22.37Fisker-noooooooo u
11:23.09Fisker-why so hostile? :(
11:23.20Fisker-it be vewy good question
11:23.21MikkI was just following protocol laid out in the topic, tbh
11:24.19sacarascit was an invalid question, Fisker-
11:24.27sacarascplease refer to my original question
11:24.29MikkAnd frankly it doesn't say that it'll only happen after you say something. It just says you will be kicked.
11:25.13Fisker-Wut sacarasc ?
11:26.10sacarasc[11:04:11] <sacarasc> does the moonwell just outside the Mount Hyjal instance work?
11:26.10sacarascnote the word "instance"
11:26.46Fisker-And technically the Mount Hyjal in live has an instance as well
11:26.58Fisker-It's just not active
11:27.16Fisker-i.e. Mikk will come swinging in ~soon
11:29.54MikkFisker is an ass but he's right.
11:30.37Mikk(You even used to be able to enter it, if you recall)
11:30.57Gnarfozyou could jump over the top of the 'gate'
11:31.09GnarfozI don't think you could ever actually use the instance portal
11:31.15Gnarfozthere's a physical 'gate' in front of it
11:31.31MikkYou could enter it. I don't know if there was an actual instance zoning happen, but you could get in and walk around.
11:31.32Gnarfozand additional to that, an invisible wall some yards before that (*this* was added only later)
11:31.39MikkAnd see archi nailed to the bottom of the tree
11:31.40Gnarfozyes, you could get in
11:31.44MikkAnd construction signs
11:31.47Gnarfozby wallclimbing etc :)
11:31.51GnarfozI was there =D
11:32.16Gnarfoztoo bad you can't anymore
11:32.21Gnarfozit's marked No Man's Land, finally
11:32.39Gnarfozthose were fun tiems :<
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14:40.10StrawberryOkay whats up
14:40.41StrawberrySo what is the wowwiki about?
14:42.03StrawberryWell then bye
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14:52.55pcjis there a better alternative to curse updater
14:55.19Lukianno :(
15:00.21pcjstupid wowace
15:12.00mxsso has it become time to make a new wowaceupdater-workalike ?
15:12.21mxsThere are many, many people who dislike Curse, and even more who dislike that they have "Premium" service for the most basic functionality
15:12.25mxs(update addons)
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15:17.34pcjlooks like wowi might have one
15:17.43pcjcoming up
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15:24.17LukianWAU is open source
15:24.22Lukianjust update/upgrade it :p
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15:32.35Arrowmasteryou cant update WAU
15:33.12mxsLukian: it has a slight problem though, the backend repository is not being updated anymore
15:33.32Lukianaye :(
15:33.46mxsthe task is to make a slick, fast, useful, secure updater/downloader while not having to pay a couple thousand bucks a month in server and bandwdith costs :)
15:34.32Arrowmasteronly a couple thousand?
15:34.43mxsit isn't more than that :)
15:35.01mxsif it is, somebody was wasteful
15:35.16Arrowmasterwell you have to add in hosting costs too
15:35.20Arrowmasternot just bandwidth alone
15:35.25mxsmaybe I should get off my ass and finally implement mutable BitTorrent
15:35.36mxsArrowmaster: that is why I said "server"
15:37.17mxsalthough a decent caching system would probably allow a single server to handle most of the traffic even if it's single-source (i.e. plenty of RAM, a non-crappy NIC, and copious use of sendfile())
15:38.06mxsit just doesn't scale easily without throwing more money at it
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16:35.02Fisker-mxs' mxs
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17:36.29mxsFisker-: ?
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20:49.22g0urraQ: Will we ever find out what happened with alleria and tyrion and deathwing?
20:49.22g0urraA: Working on it and yes.
20:51.48Eraclitowill gnomes ever save gnomeregan from lv36 elite troggs? <3
20:52.36g0urrabecause they can't without healers >:3
20:52.46Fisker-i lol'd
20:54.09Fisker-hell marches right over g0urra
20:54.22g0urraRed Alerts
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22:13.31pcj"Get your old naxx items within the next two days, because then they're gone."
22:13.36pcjconfirmation patch 3.0.2 is coming out tuesday
22:16.00AmarandeNaxx needs a month off so Kel'Thuzad can send his minions out to level. :)
22:16.14AmarandeScourge aren't smart enough to quest efficiently.
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22:18.32Fisker-60-80 in 4 weeks with no expansion is pretty neat
22:18.43Fisker-I'd like to see you beat it
22:19.29pcj60-70 is getting exp nerf
22:19.30pcjso its easier
22:20.06pcjand they're undead so they don't need sleep
22:20.06Fisker-Still not possible within 4 weeks
22:20.09Fisker-If at all
22:20.23pcjyes it is
22:20.34pcj60-70 is damn easy to get in a week
22:20.42pcjwhich gives you 3 weeks for 70-80
22:21.11Fisker-feels pcj missed an important point somewhere
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22:54.26AmarandeHey, just because WE can't go to Northrend to level doesn't mean the mobs can't :)
22:55.52Fisker-Actually it does
22:56.15Fisker-They can't install the game without the discs, and the accounts can't be upgraded
22:56.31Fisker-Also the Lich King didn't have money to afford expansions for anyone
22:57.14g0urrahence "Wrath of the Lich King"
22:57.51soloslingerwhere's the "portal" to northrend going to be?
22:58.01soloslinger<---not on beta
22:58.02Fisker-your mom
22:58.05selckinmeth and sw
22:58.26soloslingermy mom is -totally- the gateway to northrend
22:58.43g0urrayeah when I entered her I got really cold
22:58.45g0urraso she must be
22:58.51Fisker-Might be an underground passageway in Silithus >:3
22:59.09soloslingerthat sounds about right
22:59.34soloslingermy mom had some hidden underground passages, but last time I was there I didn't have time to explore them
23:07.44pcji explored your mom so much i got an achievement for it
23:08.05Fisker-Not much to explore
23:08.08Fisker-just a huge dump
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23:11.28soloslingerit is an achievement though
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