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00:14.07pcj"DONT WEAR GRAY ARMOR it is the worse only wear white armor at a low lvl but when u get higher wear green armor."
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00:38.26AmarandeOnly wear gold-named armor pieces. If you don't have any, go naked. Especially when tanking. :)
00:40.12AmarandeAnd remember, absolutely never, ever attack that target that has the skull icon over it. Always attack the other targets, because the tank is getting hit by all of them and you really don't want one party member to keep taking that much pain. Otherwise, you might not wipe!
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00:40.46kd3pcj; rofl
00:41.01AmarandeIf you can find one, attack the one that has the 'moon' icon and is in sheep form. This will greatly increase your incidence of the awesomeness that is wiping
00:45.11AmarandeAlso, in difficult battles, it is well advised that you find the nearest additional group of mobs. Lead them to the party, because we all love huge battles.
00:45.28AmarandeAnd it goes without saying, but if you see fire on the ground, that's where the raid leader wishes you to stand
00:45.34Sandwichman2448Ha. :)
00:46.25Fisker-i am unable to sleep :(
00:46.49pcjfisker just have sex with your mother
00:46.56pcjshe allways puts me right to sleep
00:47.01Fisker-it did not work
00:47.16pcjtry a glass of warm milk
00:47.20Fisker-Tried your mom too, but she fell asleep
00:48.10AmarandeFisker: Try looking for a group for UBRS and grinding the most mindlessly boring mobs you can while doing so? :)
00:48.30Amarandewait no, people actually do UBRS
00:48.36Amarandelook for a group for AQ40 while you do that
00:48.41pcjmara always bores me
00:48.57Amarandemara just makes me want to kill kittens :S
00:49.23Amarandethe sad thing about Mara is it's such a beautifully designed instance
00:49.32Amarandebut it's irritating, irritating and when you're tired of being irritating it's irritating some more
00:49.45Amarandewhen you're not wiping, you're getting lost ... when you're not getting lost you bump into a mob too many and are wiping ...
00:50.18AmarandeI did it on my tankadin and then I didn't even use the sword I got from the quest
00:50.23Amarandepcj: mara also makes you hate the druid in your party :)
00:50.40Amarandemainly because of that one quest
00:50.44Amarandewhen you get it, and do it, it's orange
00:50.55Amarandeby the time you can actually get to moonglade in one piece to turn it in, it's green
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00:52.08Amarandethough really, ST is the most fail in terms of quest levels
00:53.23Amarandepcj, do you know if 3.0/WOTLK fix the levels for Azeroth instance quests at all?
00:53.40pcji doubt it
00:53.48Fisker-sleeps with pcj
00:54.21AmarandeThe problem with ST is pretty simple, you outlevel the instance by the time you can even get most of the quests
00:54.28Amarandeat least horde side
00:54.32Amarandehaven't gotten that far on the blue team
00:56.09AmarandeIt kinda scotched another quest up, at least that I can logically discern
00:56.18AmarandeI did said quest but can quite understand why most people don't heh
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01:26.22Sandwichman2448Are any of the things listed here a bad idea?
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02:08.38Adyscan anyone recommend a decent&lightweight questlog addon to increase the questlog or make it resizable/easier to browse?
02:09.03JamashAdys: QuestLongList
02:10.27Adyscheers Jamash, trying it out
02:17.38AdysJamash: looks awesome, cheers
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02:24.38DottedAdys DoubleWide > *
02:24.59AdysWhat does it do?
02:28.29Adysi think ill go with questlonglist for now
02:28.38Adysbut cheers
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02:49.12Amarandewowhead is undergoing a quick maintenance
02:49.16Amarandegood going Mal, you killed wowhead
02:49.52MalgayneGive it another try in a few, Sko is refreshing the cache to update the new features across the whole site
02:55.38kd3whee, so blizz isn't done with master inscription yet
02:58.16Amarande"results are unpredictable beyond level 40"
02:58.18pcjor AREN'T THEY
02:58.33Amarandedoes this mean if your level 70 tries to use the scroll of recall, they might end up dumped into green smv lava or such instead? :)
02:58.50Arrowmasterrandom inn i heard
02:59.17Amarandeam I understanding this right
02:59.25Amarandethat 1-30 inscription is ENTIRELY dependent upon the auction house, with no way around it?
02:59.41pcjor level up herbalism at the same time
02:59.48kd3fail kd3
03:00.03Amarandepcj: you need 30 inscription in the first place to be able to mill alabaster pigment to be able to make ivory ink to get to 30 inscription
03:00.11Amarandethis seems to look failish
03:00.20Amarandebecause you don't learn milling till 30, according to wowhead
03:00.55kd3wowhead's a build behind
03:01.15kd3I've got a dk with inscription. just learned it, I've got milling
03:01.20pcjmore like failhead
03:01.57MalgayneWe're a build behind?
03:02.03pcjur moms behind
03:03.01kd3they changed stuff in 9014, as far as I can tell, is still on 8982 wrt inscription skill requirements
03:03.29pcjdun dun DUN
03:04.37kd3the way inscription first worked, was for skill 1-30 or so you could create inks directly from herbs, then you learned milling at 30
03:04.56kd3Amarande, ^
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03:46.15kd3bah. <span class="ajaxHide"></span> doesn't work
03:49.54kd3open up apprentice, scroll to the end of the section
03:50.13kd3{{transclude}}'s in that span
03:50.14Dottedkd3 meant:
03:51.28pcjthey all work fine...
03:51.58kd3yeah, but I don't want the {{transclude}} in apprentice showing up on the main page. that's the only level I've got it in atm
03:51.59Dottedkd3 meant:
03:53.13pcjmediawiki isn't rendering that right...
03:57.29pcjgotta wait for the cache to update
03:57.34pcjdiv should work though
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04:46.48Bagginswwyour and I?
04:57.03Lukianhands Bagginsww a stiff drink
05:16.12Bagginswwok is rolandius the only that doesn't understand that the minor settlement section is to list settlements that aren't specifically said to be major?
05:16.20Bagginswwor the capital?
05:17.27Amarande"Durotar: minor settlements - Razor Hill, Orgrimmar, ..."
05:17.49BagginswwOrgrimmar is a capital I think
05:17.57Amarandeyeah, it is LOL
05:18.09AmarandeBaggins: I take it you only play alliance :)
05:18.40BagginswwI don't play right now
05:19.04Bagginswwbut I was just saying if it isn't listed as capital in the page, then someone messed it up
05:20.16Bagginswwbecause its not a capital of the region... one only read Lands of Mystery :p
05:20.47Bagginswwit maybe a capital of the centaur...
05:20.47Bagginswwbut that's another thing altogether :p
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06:36.40t-motionhello there
06:37.25t-motioni need a little help
06:37.38Sky2042_afkruh roh. what kind? :)
06:38.15t-motioni show it and
06:39.33t-motionthere is a
06:39.50t-motion"link"    [Black War Raptor]
06:40.07t-motionbut the tooltip function is not working
06:40.16t-motionwe dont know why
06:40.33Sky2042_afkt-motion: you copy pasted the correct javascript from, right?
06:41.24t-motionmaybe, unfortunately it was 4-5 month ago
06:41.35t-motionand now i wanna fill up the site
06:41.57t-motionwait i check it
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06:45.42t-motioninow PCJ is the user who create the tooltip, but we talk for ages... :S
06:46.15Sky2042_afkum, can you drop him a talk page note for me? I'm kind of busy atm, so that may get you what you need, ok?
06:46.35t-motionokay thnx
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08:08.11pb_ee1Bibi` iiiiiii
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10:28.47Fisker-slaps Kirkburn around a bit with a large trout
10:28.55Fisker-If anyone asks it was Chompers
10:30.24KirkburnOh you
10:38.38pb_ee1~kiss Fisker-
10:38.39infobotACTION forces Fisker- to give TecnoBrat a big kiss on the ear
10:38.52pb_ee1~slap Fisker-
10:38.53infobotACTION slaps Fisker-, keep your grubby fingers to yourself!
10:38.55pb_ee1~whalecrit Fisker-
10:38.56infobotACTION crits Fisker- with a mathematically skilled whale named Isaac for #NaN. Fisker- dies
10:39.15pb_ee1~kill Fisker-
10:39.16infobotACTION shoots a super-inverse pseudoneutron gun at Fisker-
10:39.49pb_ee1~kick Fisker-
10:39.50infobotACTION kicks Fisker-
10:39.56pb_ee1That one was bad.
10:46.30KirkburnHaving fun? :)
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11:22.48Bagginswwwell night all
11:34.28t-motionhehe - here is still afternoon
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11:45.25KirkburnThis is .... interesting.
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14:16.55Oserolandius lol
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15:47.57Fisker-~kiss Kirkburn
15:47.57infobotACTION forces Kirkburn to give WyriHaximus a big kiss on the hand
15:48.11WyriHaximuskisses Kirkburn on the hand
15:48.30pb_ee1[12:46:33] <@Kirkburn> Having fun? :)
15:48.32pb_ee1Yes sir I do !
15:49.08pb_ee1But I had more when we were eating a sandwich with Ad_ys at the WWI !
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15:51.05IIITiMeIIIIHey guys
15:51.15IIITiMeIIIISomeone explain to me some things about the classes please
15:51.35IIITiMeIIIIWhich class would you guys recommend for a beginning player?
15:51.45IIITiMeIIIII like Warrior, Rogues, and Mage
15:52.07Kirkburnpb_ee1, you made that sound dirty :/
15:52.14KirkburnIIITiMeIIII, any of them
15:52.31KirkburnReally really
15:52.39KirkburnAll the classes are designed to be easy to start :)
15:52.47KirkburnAnd don't feel you have to limit yourself to one class
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15:52.51IIITiMeIIIIYea.  But, when you PvP
15:52.59IIITiMeIIIIWhich class would be best
15:53.07KirkburnAgain, any of them :P
15:53.14IIITiMeIIIIThat was easy
15:53.19KirkburnI don't PvP personally, but all three do pretty well as far as I know
15:53.50IIITiMeIIIIKewl beans
15:54.00Osemage roxx, kk?
15:58.23IIITiMeIIIIMage is good?
15:58.42Osein my opinion, yes
15:58.55Osethen again I haven't tried much else
15:59.21IIITiMeIIIIWhat are you a mage human?
15:59.28Osegnome obviously
15:59.37Oseno, wiat
15:59.54IIITiMeIIIIwait what is +int?
15:59.55Ose+arcane resistance was it I think
16:00.05Oselet's see... [[gnome]]
16:00.06DottedOse meant:
16:00.49Oseoh right, they do start with more intellect, as well as arcane resistance
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16:01.48Osewhat have you tried so far?
16:01.58IIITiMeIIIIhavent tried anything
16:02.03IIITiMeIIIIi just got the game
16:02.13g0urrayay now I have all the brewfest trinket sfinally
16:02.24Oseg0urra: which one?
16:02.36IIITiMeIIIIJust the trial
16:02.40IIITiMeIIIIFriend gave it to me
16:02.46IIITiMeIIIIIm going to night to get the real game
16:03.14g0urrahealer, tank and melee dps
16:03.17Oseah, me too I think
16:03.33Osebut I haven't even SEEN the kodo or the remote drop
16:03.41Oseand I have two of the daggers
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16:18.41JagannathHow much is a mount nowadays? Since the level 30 thing.
16:19.19Osenot much
16:19.23DottedOse meant:
16:19.49JagannathTy ty. =p
16:19.55OseThe Apprentice riding skill (75) costs 35g  for training and an additional 10g  for the mount, both reduced by the appropriate reputation discount.
16:20.15IIITiMeIIIIYou there?
16:20.35IIITiMeIIIII am thinking about Human Mage
16:20.38IIITiMeIIIIgood?  No?
16:22.02IIITiMeIIIIWhat makes them best?
16:22.03JagannathInt boost + escape artist!
16:22.32KirkburnAlso, they're gnomes
16:22.38JagannathActually humans get a similiar effect in 3.0 =p
16:22.44JagannathIt's like a racial pvp trinket.
16:22.46IIITiMeIIIII wanna ride ahorse
16:23.29Sky2042_afkomg, pmx2!
16:23.36OseI have a horse on my gnome
16:23.52IIITiMeIIIII thought Gnomes had to ride machines
16:24.00Oseit's so ridiculously easy to become exalted with stormwind nowadays
16:24.31OseYou can purchase your own race's mount regardless of your reputation provided you have enough gold stockpiled. However, to purchase another race's mount, your reputation with that race's faction must be exalted.
16:24.48IIITiMeIIIIOh I se
16:25.07Oseand as said, becoming exalted with humans (stormwind) is reidiculously easy
16:25.36IIITiMeIIIIWhat do you have todo to become exalted with humans?
16:25.53Osequests for them
16:25.59IIITiMeIIIIi see
16:26.11Oseelwynn, westfall, redridge, duskwood, etc
16:26.59Oseit is possible to get extra reputation by handing in large amounts of cloth to them, but that's not reccommended to d oon your first character
16:27.34Oseyou should spend your money on more important stuff
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16:42.54KirkburnMy random PM of the day: "Yermomgoestocoll: <3"
16:43.47Skosiriswaves at Kirkburn
16:43.55KirkburnHullo Skosiris
16:44.34OseKirkburn: I got it too!
16:45.09Sky2042_afkKirkburn: yeah, i got somethin like that...
16:46.42KirkburnOh, he did it to everyone on #wikia-gaming
16:50.52*** join/#wowwiki Kraps (
16:57.45Fisker-slaps Kirkburn around a bit with a large trout
17:03.07Kirkburnoh god, premades for the EU ... on Coldarra
17:05.36Osegoes t ocopy
17:05.57AdysSky2042_afk: you are a fucking retard
17:06.14Oseor... not?
17:06.14Adyssince I cant say it on talk pages let it be quite clear in here
17:06.21Adysyou do not unblock people like that
17:06.30Adysand you are an awful, horrible mentor
17:06.31Osecopies remaining: 4
17:06.39AdysI have no idea why you have been designed as such
17:06.41Ose"not yet available"
17:07.00Adysand I'm also going to ask you to quit the "me me my my" comportment just because you have been.
17:07.42Adysthe bans have been discussed with me, and for what i know with gourra and kirkburn too
17:09.03Oseoh the drama
17:09.07Adysand dont you dare do what you just did again without asking on irc beforehand. I reblocked rolandius
17:09.53Ose[19:08]<Ose>oh the drama
17:10.00Adysno drama here
17:10.24KirkburnAdys, personal attacks don't help though, they just inflame the situation
17:10.36KirkburnYes, there is a disagreement among the admins about what to do
17:10.45Adysproblem isnt there
17:10.46*** join/#wowwiki t-motion (
17:10.55Adysproblem is discussing a block for a while with 3 different admins
17:11.06Adysand someone walking back and unblocking "just because me me my my"
17:11.13KirkburnThere is discussion off wowwiki too
17:11.45Adyskirk, could you instead explain me why sky was chosen as mentor?
17:11.53Osehe volunteered?
17:12.02KirkburnThere is/was a small admin email group with involved people to talk about it (so as not to pester and draw in everyone)
17:12.17KirkburnYes, he volunteered
17:12.31Adysand you just.. took him?
17:12.56OseKirkburn: have you seen premade characters on Coldarra?
17:13.11Adysyes premades are up and no its not official
17:13.15KirkburnWhy shouldn't I? He's an admin.
17:13.27Adysthats not a response
17:13.48Adysim admin too and i can tell you i wouldnt have stand 1 day as mentor
17:14.25Adystbqh i'd even say a mentor shouldnt be admin
17:14.28Adysbut thats another matter
17:14.55Oselol they nerfed TBC raidbosses?
17:15.06Adyswelcome to 2 builds ago
17:15.08KirkburnAdmins don't have to agree on everything, but I should at least hope they respect each other
17:15.44Adysthis totally isnt the problem kirk and you know that
17:16.47KirkburnI don't think there's any way someone could point a finger in this and say "it's your fault"
17:17.09Adysit's no one's fault or anything here
17:17.16*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
17:17.16Adyswhere did I say anything like that?
17:17.35KirkburnFortunately we have not been tested by this kind of user before - one who wants to make good edits (and can), but keeps making life difficult
17:17.55Osepoints an finger at Rolandius
17:18.01Oseany more questions?
17:18.15KirkburnAdys, I'm not saying you did, just this is how I see the situation
17:18.21BagginswwI tried to mentor rolandius myself early on... it usually turned into long arguements over nitpicky minitue and slight differences in opinion, and speculation he tried to pass off as fact... with him making strawmen and fallatious reasoning, and edit wars... I gave him a whiile before I blocked him the first time after talking to ragestorm first... I even gave him mercy and reduced the ban as I recall.
17:18.45Bagginswwhonestly he wouldn't take any answer but ok go ahead do whatever you like :p
17:19.18Adysno no no
17:19.23Bagginswwif I disagreed or tried to clean up after his edits, I got accused of being a vandol
17:19.23Adysno "do what you like" here
17:19.26KirkburnThat's what I don't want happening - I want you to care, this isn't a case of it "being taken out of your hands"
17:19.45Adysto me its very clear
17:19.50Adysrolandius' case is over and closed
17:20.06Adysgave him a LOT more patience than what was necessary
17:20.09Adysgave him more chances
17:20.11KirkburnYes, well, we ignore people who do that, Bagginsww :P
17:20.27Adyshe's not taking them, he's still trolling and/or missing the point
17:20.37Adysthat means his edits are not welcome on the wiki anymore
17:21.29Bagginswwwe ignore editors that ocntinue to screw up pages?
17:21.29KirkburnNo, those who say the admins are vandals :P
17:21.29KirkburnMissing the point is shaky ground for banning people, that's why we're having the problem
17:21.35Adysit's not as shaky as it looks
17:21.39Bagginswwwell you can only miss the point so many times :p before its just redundant
17:21.42Adysanother example
17:21.45Oseyeah, but Rolandius has serious /issues/
17:21.50KirkburnIt's not a cut and dry case of vandalism, so I'm not surprised there's not agreement
17:22.21Adysanother example: if you just dont understand a wiki is not the place to advertise your gold selling website
17:22.35BagginswwI'm actually flabbergasted on the issue... I don't hate rolandius... I just think he needs to mature...
17:22.35Adysyou are missing the point, you are not abiding by the rules
17:22.48Bagginswwhe's just not ready yet
17:23.03KirkburnYeah, but we have specific rules about that advertising. Rolandius' stuff is mostly just on the edge
17:23.22Adysrolandius has been pretty clearly ignoring admin warnings
17:23.27Adysisnt that a specific rule too?
17:23.36KirkburnIt is
17:23.44Adysit's no matter of ground being shaky
17:23.53Adyshe was in a trial there
17:24.04Bagginswwpretty muche very time an admin made a warning he ignored them or took them out of context
17:24.15Adysif you screw up while you're being given a second chance and watched closely
17:24.17Adysand you ignore admins
17:24.22Adysim sorry you're out
17:24.41*** part/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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17:25.14KirkburnI'm going to add you and gourra to the email
17:25.35Adysi try not to deal with daily issues
17:25.53BagginswwI don't know if this means anything but I've blocked rolandius from my email because I don't need to be spammed lby him like the last time with attacks
17:26.13AdysI tend to be here for extreme cases when another opinion is needed
17:26.17Bagginswwyour a hypocrite, yoru a vandal you brek your own rules blah blah blah
17:26.22KirkburnBaggins, yeah, I saw that, not surprised
17:28.01BagginswwI didn't appreciate how pcj and I were attacked last time this happened... by sky...
17:28.15BagginswwI think I have the email round robin record
17:28.22*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
17:28.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
17:28.29KirkburnAgain, it's a difference of opinion over what constitutes vandalism
17:28.56g0urraI still don't have that email though
17:29.02Bagginswwwell, I think I would have said, I don't agree with the decision made, but I would respect other admisn decisions.
17:29.06KirkburnYes, I'm typing!
17:29.27*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
17:29.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
17:29.35Adyshey Ragestorm
17:30.11RagestormWhy hast thou summoned me?
17:30.43KirkburnI hast emaily senteth
17:32.08Fisker-y so medieval?
17:32.45RagestormWell, me response was the traditional response of an angel or demon summoned into the circle.
17:32.57Adysthey send emails?
17:33.05Adysmodern demons
17:33.27Adysthat rounds to 10
17:33.49RagestormIt's how I talk. I refer you to my e-mail last week where I said I would retreat to the shadows once I'd said my piece
17:38.01g0urraReplyeth Kirkburn
17:39.06KirkburnNot blindeth, g0urra :)
17:39.07AdysKirkburn: which email you sent it to?
17:39.13g0urraRighteth Kirkburn
17:39.21KirkburnAlso, reply all, fool
17:39.22Fisker-slaps g0urra around a bit with a large trout
17:39.29KirkburnAppropriate timing, Fisker-
17:39.36g0urrabah forgot that Kirkburn
17:39.42KirkburnAdys, er ... sec ...
17:39.43g0urraforwardeth it
17:39.49KirkburnI shall
17:40.29Fisker-g0urra doesn't liketh me
17:41.35Kirkburng0urra, don't worry, we both faileth.
17:42.14*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
17:42.23RagestormNote to self: Stop using antiquated grammar in the chatroom, it is seen to set off a dangerous chain reaction likely ending in something resembling a gulloitine
17:42.41Adysah got it kirk
17:43.53Bagginswwragestorm I sent off my email to you
17:43.54KirkburnRagestorm, vive la republique
17:43.59BagginswwI hope its not over 1000 words  :p
17:44.20RagestormI won't bother counting, I add word requirements for humour. :D
17:44.33BagginswwI figured as much :)
17:44.44Bagginswwloves dry humor
17:46.39Osehmm... I think my client crashed when I tried to graba a portal to Dalaran
17:46.43Sky2042_afkbows for Adys.
17:47.27Sky2042_afkAdys: I could just as easily say "you're a fucking retard for having blocked him without knowing all the details nor caring about all the details", but I didn't do that now did I? :)
17:47.46Adysexcept i didnt block him, nice try
17:48.02Sky2042_afkYou did however, reblock him.
17:48.24Adysyeah and thats none of your business at this point
17:48.35Adysthe rolandius case is closed
17:48.35Sky2042_afkFunny you should say that, really.
17:48.47Sky2042_afkwithout my input. uh huh.
17:48.47Ragestorm<ahem> there's a reason we have the e-mail
17:48.54Sky2042_afkis well aware, and getting to that.
17:49.25KirkburnWell, there's knowing that you don't have all the facts, and not knowing that you don't have all the facts.
17:49.52KirkburnAs a fool once said about known unknowns and unknown unknowns :P
17:50.10Kirkburn(he might have been correct about that, but he was still a fool)
17:50.58Kirkburner, anyway, my point is - there's much more discussion about Rolandius than on the wiki
17:51.47KirkburnI know that's not perfect, but I'd rather that than everyone feasting on Rolandius
17:52.10*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
17:52.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
17:54.04*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm_ (n=JMW@
17:54.25*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
17:54.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
17:58.55AdysKirkburn: answer
18:02.56*** join/#wowwiki pantomimehorse (n=d1cea6f8@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:03.53Sky2042_afkre also.
18:03.58Sky2042_afkto adys'
18:04.36BagginswwI've sent an email out as well
18:04.51Adysproblem isnt that he is being bold sky
18:05.07Adysproblem is he keeps reverting admin changes after warnings
18:05.15Sky2042_afkAdys: say it in the email.
18:05.20Adysproblem is he attacks other admins
18:05.27Sky2042_afkin the fucking email, please.
18:05.32KirkburnBagginsww, you didn't reply all :)
18:05.32Adysdude Ive read it
18:05.46Sky2042_afkAdys: Reply in the email. Reply there, not here.
18:06.11Sky2042_afkPaper trails are good, if for no other reason than it means people can't change their minds.
18:06.34*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/GitHub/Tekkub)
18:06.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:06.35Kirkburn(need to add)...about what they said.
18:07.20Kirkburn(I like that people can change their mind in general, I find it an important skill)
18:07.31Osehas maed teh primaedz
18:07.44KirkburnI am so glad it's a PvE server
18:08.42RagestormOh, that reminds me, who's going to BlizzCon?
18:08.56Sky2042_afkKirkburn: me too, but in a case as this, I think it's important to see where everybody stands and then after argument/discussion people are more than free to change their minds.
18:09.00Kirkburnkd3, Tekkub, moi
18:09.23kd3oh, that reminds me... is wikia making shirts for the three of us?
18:09.41kd3I plan to bring the '07 shirt either way
18:09.44KirkburnNay, been too busy this time
18:10.01KirkburnI still want to get just normal WoWWiki ones out
18:10.22KirkburnI'm going to be in the Wikia offices after BlizzCon, shall see about bringing it up
18:10.37Kirkburn(and how, how is this not on my todo list?)
18:11.32g0urraKirkburn, didn't I make a wowwiki shirt on cafepress?
18:11.40g0urraI think I should have it somewhere..
18:12.07RagestormWell, if the three of you don't mind, could one of you take notes on any lore-shattering developments?
18:12.24AdysI hear there is a new race from space
18:12.33Adyswith goats and spaceships
18:12.42TekkubI totally mind! :P
18:12.50TekkubI'm really shitty at taking notes
18:13.16KirkburnMe too, but I'll have a press ticket and a laptop this time :P
18:13.29Tekkubno laptop here
18:13.30g0urra(thanks TecnoBrat)
18:13.42Tekkubunless you want t obuy me one :P
18:13.43Adyslmao g0urra
18:14.13RagestormI'd go myself, but I don't have the funds for any excursions that don't involve digging up artifacts
18:16.04*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
18:16.48RagestormI suppose a blanket ban on lore editing until the convention is over is out of the question?
18:17.07KirkburnUh, yeah
18:17.17KirkburnI don't think it would go down well
18:17.20Sky2042_afkThere shouldn't be anything earthshattering...
18:17.27KirkburnAlso that ^
18:17.32Osehow would you have pulled that one off anyway?
18:17.34kd3that's the thing... what are they going to announce?
18:17.39Sky2042_afkWe already know the Lich King is going to die at the end of the expansion... what else are they going to add?
18:17.42KirkburnRelease dates, I hope
18:17.45Adysa sequel to diablo 2
18:17.48Adys.. oh
18:17.54Osenext heroclass?
18:18.12g0urraOH MY GOD Sky2042_afk
18:18.16g0urraWHY DO YOU SPOILER SO
18:18.32KirkburnI'm also going to annoy you my taking screenshots of the Blizz HQ :P
18:18.33Sky2042_afkg0urra: Surely you jest. :(
18:18.44Kirkburnjeez, I can't type
18:18.49Sky2042_afkKirkburn: upload to wikimedia commons imo.
18:18.59KirkburnDo they lack a photo?
18:19.12KirkburnI can sure do it though
18:19.21Sky2042_afkit would appear so.
18:19.29Sky2042_afk is lacking in an HQ photo.
18:19.42pantomimehorseAdys: oops sorry
18:19.45Fisker-just like your mom
18:19.45Sky2042_afkwell, that's weird.
18:19.54Sky2042_afk has a few, though
18:20.09Fisker-that's one
18:20.12Ose ok...
18:20.14Fisker-The other pictures are PERSONS
18:20.23Fisker-Besides one that's a sign
18:20.28KirkburnSky2042_afk, well, they're not "great" photos, being taken outside the gates
18:20.39Sky2042_afkIf you're going to be inside... :D
18:20.51KirkburnThat is the hope :P
18:21.05Fisker-just storm in there and say you're there in the name of CC
18:21.19RagestormClosed Captioning?
18:21.30Fisker-Creative Commons etc.
18:21.33Osebring the WikiArmy
18:21.43Fisker-Can't see why they wouldn't allow one to take a couple of shots though
18:21.48Oseand a bunch of GNUs
18:21.50Fisker-unless they're very srs business
18:22.34Fisker-my head has hurt btw
18:22.58*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikia/
18:22.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v sannse] by ChanServ
18:23.14RagestormWell, they're certainly not annoyed about people snapping pics of that Illidan sculpture.
18:23.43RagestormKirkburn: if you do get in, could you please ask them to post something about canonicity?
18:24.03Fisker-Please ask about:
18:24.07Oseo hai sansse
18:24.13Oseyou missed teh drama
18:24.18Fisker-1. Any subject covered by the FAQ, a forum post, or common sense
18:24.20Fisker-PLEASE Kirkburn
18:24.29KirkburnRagestorm, argh
18:24.29Fisker-If not for the kittens, then for the consistency
18:24.30Sky2042_afkFisker-: that's rather... vague.
18:24.32foxlit"Are you guys, like, Blizzard?"
18:24.40Fisker-haha foxlit
18:24.44Fisker-i wish i was going to Blizzcon now
18:25.01RagestormI repeat: lack of funds
18:25.34pantomimehorsei dont have much to contribute to the current conversation
18:25.43pantomimehorsebtw hai adys
18:25.46Adysbut you dont have to contribute to the conversation
18:25.49TecnoBratSky2042_afk, "what else are they going to add?"
18:25.55TecnoBratRagnaros is coming back
18:25.56Sky2042_afkuh oh.
18:25.59TecnoBratalong with Nefarian
18:26.03pantomimehorsebut i cant laugh?
18:26.04Sky2042_afkI <3 RAGGYPOO
18:26.16KirkburnAdys, liez
18:26.20g0urrano you can't laugh pantomimehorse
18:26.27Fisker-i hate you g0urra
18:26.32KirkburnExcept at Fisker-
18:26.43TecnoBratand C'Thun didn't really die
18:26.51Sky2042_afkrealizes a double stance he's taken. Hmm. How to console it.
18:26.52Osehey, Kirkburn, is your DK named "Fred"?
18:27.27Oseyou know what that means in Norwegian?
18:27.29Sky2042_afkHow original.
18:27.32KirkburnFred the Evil Genius Gnome
18:27.40Oseit means peace
18:27.45Fisker-You mean Danish Ose
18:27.48Osekinda unfitting
18:27.53RagestormNow THAT's ironic
18:27.53Fisker-Norway totally copied our language
18:28.08Oseno, denmark totally pushed theirs over at us
18:28.09pantomimehorseyoure danish Fisker-?
18:28.13TecnoBratlanguage fight!
18:28.17RagestormWell, a Death Knight defecting could ultimately lead to peace...
18:28.17KirkburnObviously I chose the name based on what it means in Norwegian
18:28.26Osegrabs his nounzooka
18:28.33Sky2042_afkRagestorm: isn't that what's happened in this case?...
18:28.42Sky2042_afkfires a nun at g0urra.
18:28.53Ose~seen Teomyr
18:28.59infobotteomyr <n=teo@2001:470:9a61:0:0:0:0:2> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 29d 2h 56m 28s ago, saying: 'couldn't find any that would be somehow related to the language setting'.
18:28.59g0urraOH NOES I R HIT
18:29.06pantomimehorseKirkburn: mine is named thenomzrmyn
18:29.23RagestormWhat does that mean in Norwegian?
18:29.37Sky2042_afkThenomzrmyn, presumably.
18:29.50Osemy DK's are: Foulbeef (tauren), Belzebob (gnome)
18:29.50pantomimehorseits not norwegin lol
18:29.55Oseain't I original?
18:30.02pantomimehorseits the nomz r myn
18:30.05g0urramy paladin is named Ioladin
18:30.08Sky2042_afkTo break it down, "The noms are mine", obviously in reference to "OM NOM NOM NOM"
18:30.20g0urraOM NOM NOM NOM
18:30.30pantomimehorseSky2042_afk: you got it lol
18:31.19pantomimehorsemy other one is imbambiyay
18:31.31pantomimehorsebut i got payed to name that one lol
18:31.37g0urraYou're bambi?
18:31.55pantomimehorsefor two months free i am
18:32.02g0urraor interpreted "I'm *BAM* BI! Yay!"
18:32.04pantomimehorsei love my friends
18:32.16pantomimehorseim bambi yay
18:32.22Fisker-g0urra don't hate me :(
18:33.05Ragestormπαντομιμεηορεσε¨ ιφ υοθ'ρε βαμβι, ςηερε'σ τηθμπερ?
18:33.21pantomimehorseyay russian
18:33.22g0urrawaves [[WW:IRC]] at Ragestorm
18:33.27Adysthats grim ffs
18:33.29Fisker-~kiss g0urra
18:33.29infobotACTION forces g0urra to give Gryphen a big kiss on the forhead
18:33.30Adysgreek even
18:33.33Gryphenforces g0urra to give infobot a big kiss on the forhead
18:33.38g0urraPerhaps they wanted you to be named "imba m bi yay"
18:34.00Adystheres no φ or θ or β in russian
18:34.02RagestormSorry, I'm working on a translation and forgot to switch my keyboard
18:34.09pantomimehorseright sorry
18:34.26g0urraYou better be
18:34.43pantomimehorsethe esset is greek?
18:34.49pantomimehorsei thought it was german
18:35.11RagestormThat's a beta
18:35.20pantomimehorselol kk
18:35.22Adysß <- that is german
18:35.26Kirkburnshafes s, dammit
18:35.28Adysβ <- that is greek
18:35.29pantomimehorsei just read it as an esset sorry
18:35.43KirkburnI have lernt sumthing knew
18:35.45Adysshut up fandy
18:35.46Adysi mean g0urra
18:35.54Sky2042_afkKirkburn: orly?!
18:35.59KirkburnNah, not really
18:36.00g0urra~seen Fandyllic
18:36.01infobotfandyllic <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 256d 20h 44m 13s ago, saying: 'laters'.
18:36.09Adys"laters" eh
18:36.11g0urrayeah, "laters"
18:36.12Sky2042_afkhe was on here more recently than that, wasn't he?
18:36.14Fisker-You can learn something you already knew Kirkburn ?
18:36.26KirkburnBiblically, obviously, Fisker.
18:36.27RagestormIt's all Hellenic to me.
18:36.28pantomimehorsehas to go eat now
18:36.48KirkburnIf you're going to "know" anything, Biblically is the way to go.
18:36.58*** join/#wowwiki harl (
18:37.53RagestormWell, it's all ancient Greek to me, I'm not doing the modern
18:38.19Adyshis demons are into emails
18:38.23Adysbut he doesnt do anything modern
18:38.46RagestormI'm an archaeologist, it kind of goes with the territory.
18:40.10RagestormCrete, in my case.
18:40.42Ragestorm<close enough depending on tectonic activity>
18:40.46KirkburnQuestion One: Are there are people from Crete here? Answer if none: "that's what I said"
18:42.01RagestormWe use the newest technology to figure out the oldest things- a hilarious dichotomy
18:42.31KirkburnEver heard of Time Team? It's a programme in the UK
18:43.02RagestormIt's also a hilarious dichotomy.
18:43.08sacarascspeed archaeology
18:43.24RagestormI can't get over the fact that Baldrick is hosting an archaeology show.
18:43.26*** join/#wowwiki Kenny (
18:43.48KirkburnWe've got four days to pillage-I mean excavate - this garden!
18:43.58KirkburnHe's awesome
18:44.15KirkburnYou know it was going to be a good History class when the TV was set up
18:50.40Osehow does the two tanks in a Kara group both forget that they are saved to another one?
18:50.59LukianOse, I sure hope either of htem weren't leader :p
18:51.25Osethey weren't
18:51.30Kirkburn (and shush, Fis"Ballmer"ker)
18:52.05KirkburnFeh, it always displays in local language anyway
18:52.33Adysunlike bloggerfail
18:55.02g0urraBalargarde Fortress: possible future raid instance?
18:56.28KirkburnHah, I didn't know they did an XP one too -
18:56.37Kirkburng0urra, what makes you say that?
18:56.59g0urraKirkburn: because it's a massive, closed vrykul fortress in Icecrown?
18:57.13Kirkburnthen yes
18:58.23*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (n=kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
18:59.11g0urraoh wow.. scarlet warlocks
18:59.33Adyswhat about them?
19:00.13KirkburnNot very holy
19:00.32*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
19:00.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
19:00.39Adysthere are shadow priests scarlets in dragonblight
19:00.45Adysoh they wear atiesh btw.
19:00.54Kirkburn|afkThat's still somewhat holy ... and wtf
19:01.15Adysand there's a scarlet death knight
19:01.17Kirkburn|afkWarlocks are corrupted arcanist, so they weren't even holy to begin with
19:01.34Kirkburn|afkDKs can come from paladins
19:01.40*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
19:01.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
19:01.47AdysI was just kidding
19:02.07Kirkburn|afkglares at Adys
19:02.25Adysi thought you were |afk
19:03.41Ose|afk is a lie
19:07.19t-motiona little plus with his nickname :D
19:09.12Bagginswwscarlet deat knight? now?
19:09.26Bagginswwnot just happy with their ex-paladins and dark paladins?
19:09.48Bagginswwex-paladin = scarlet knight
19:09.52AdysI was just kidding
19:09.56Bagginswwoh LOL
19:10.00*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
19:10.07Bagginswwwell they have raven priests heh
19:11.05Adysthose are the shadowpriests i was talking about
19:11.11Adysthey got atiesh
19:20.29*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
19:20.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
19:32.05*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikia/
19:44.23*** join/#wowwiki harl (
19:49.22*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (n=kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
19:52.37*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
19:52.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
20:04.38*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
20:04.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
20:15.53*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/GitHub/Tekkub)
20:15.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
20:20.37*** join/#wowwiki earthmeLon (
20:21.53OseRick Astley for president!
20:32.43pcjyou're not even american
20:52.21*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
20:54.21g0urra"In early October, 2008, the main Rick Roll video was taken off of YouTube "due to terms of service violation.""
20:55.02*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (n=cyrillpi@
21:03.02*** join/#wowwiki Slix (
21:09.21*** join/#wowwiki KyleH`` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
21:19.16*** join/#wowwiki sithy (
21:31.18Kyring0urra: the one with 9.1million views?
21:31.32Kyrinit was on last night, I was explaining Rick Roll to my folks at dinner...
21:31.50AdysI remember that g0urra
21:31.51KyrinMom's starting to get computer savvy
21:32.01Adysbut its not october 08
21:32.08Adysits like februarty
21:34.19*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
21:34.23Oseok, so "Help" with the Beatles must be one of the most surreal movie ever
21:38.08Sandwichman2448Never seen it.
21:40.52Ose~wiki Help (movie)
21:41.14Osestupid templates
21:43.11Oselook at the plot summary
21:46.24Fisker-destroys mxs
21:46.40Oseweeee, le ding 64k g0urra :D
21:46.50Fisker-die Ose
21:47.19Sandwichman2448slowly squints/winces as the pain from trying to understand the plot summary gives him a headache.
21:51.05Ose|deadwatching it isn't much easier
21:51.16Osewas ressed
21:53.01*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (
21:53.52pcjbarney frank's voice always makes me want to laugh
21:53.57*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
21:54.32g0urra[SERVER] Shutdown in 10:00
21:54.40Osewhy so Kalroth?
21:54.53Kalrothg0urra broke it
22:07.25Kirkburn|afkNew build!
22:07.42Kirkburn|afkmxs, tell me you're here for once :P
22:09.51Adyswhat do you guys need anyway?
22:09.53*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
22:10.00Kirkburn|afkpatchy mcpatch
22:10.04Adysi know
22:10.09Adysbut what do you need mxs for?
22:10.12Kirkburn|afkNo, it was the answer
22:10.33Kirkburn|afkWe want Patchy McPatch :P
22:11.23OsePatchy McPatch? Is he here?
22:11.27Adysand explain me what you need mxs for
22:11.46*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
22:11.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
22:11.54Fisker-slaps g0urra around a bit with a large trout
22:12.23Osehe's Patchy McPatch?
22:13.47Adys12.6 MB
22:16.57Gnarfozwhat Adys is trying to convey to you, probably, is that just because mxs has a popular site for wow patches, most of the things you're craving to know right now can be supplied by others, too :p
22:17.18Kirkburn|afkWe use him to download the patches :)
22:17.22Oseso aren't the eu and us clients identical?
22:17.28Kirkburn|afkBack when they were large patches, anyway
22:17.29GnarfozOse: never have been oO
22:17.31Adys12.6MB isn't much to dl
22:17.42kd3what's the build number?
22:17.48Kirkburn|afkAdys, well I didn't know it was 12.6MB until you told me! :)
22:18.33Kirkburn|afkI wonder when we'll hit build 10000 now :P
22:18.50Kirkburn|afkI'm gonna take a wild stab at 3.4
22:19.57g0urraKirkburn|afk, 64k
22:20.07Oseso how many raid instances are ready by now? 2?
22:20.15Osenaxx and onyx guy?
22:20.28AdysNaxx, CoA and EoE
22:20.29g0urranaxx, onyx, archavon
22:20.33g0urraoh 4
22:20.46g0urrathe guy in wintergrasp
22:20.49Adysthats raid?
22:20.51*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (n=Kaso@
22:20.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
22:20.53Adysthought it was 5man
22:20.55Kirkburn|afkWow, I've got new acronyms to learn apparently
22:21.03Adyseye of eternity, noob
22:21.25Oseso maly is open?
22:21.32Adysand dead yes
22:21.39Oseteh no
22:21.39Kirkburn|afkWhat's CoA?
22:21.44Adyschamber of aspects
22:21.52kd3ulduar should be ready soon, hopefully
22:21.54Kirkburn|afkOnly one fight atm, right?
22:22.08Adysi strongly doubt it kd3
22:22.15kd3but there's 4 other instances portals. we're not gonna be able to use CoA after another opens
22:22.16Osewas thinkingg of starting on the wotlk version of {{raidprogress}}
22:22.30kd3no, blue too
22:22.48Kirkburn|afkThe name of the dragon, perhaps?
22:22.48Oseso how many do they intend to have ready at release?
22:23.04OseSatanthorn something
22:23.12kd3I'm pretty sure they wanted t7/t8 content ready to go
22:23.13AdysI got problems thinking they'll even have eoe ready by release
22:23.31Osehopes they delay it
22:23.32Adysor ready like hyjal was ready in 2.0
22:23.44g0urrashouldn't sartharion's instance be OS? or TOS
22:23.52g0urraThe Obsidian Sanctum
22:24.56Adyskd3: can you pastebin your /usr/bin/mpq again?
22:25.26Sandwichman2448g0urra: LOL
22:25.33g0urralulz, I have Fiery Festival Brew left
22:33.35Kirkburn|afkg0urra, also known as: "Velen is old and has legs"
22:34.28Adyssex legs?
22:34.30Kirkburn|afkDid you know, Varian has the whitest eyes and the biggest nose of any human?
22:35.15Kirkburn|afkAlthough, I bet noone knows about the sheer volume of Varimathras' mutton chops
22:35.24Kirkburn|afkIt's all very important info.
22:35.42g0urra hm
22:36.45Osefact: g0urra is in fact NOT WAI
22:36.49Kirkburn|afkWow, needs edits
22:37.15g0urrawell 1) it should be moved to "Working as intended"
22:37.18*** join/#wowwiki illixil (
22:37.21g0urra(which I'm doing right now)
22:37.38illixili got suspended for 3 hours
22:37.49*** join/#wowwiki Lopen (
22:37.57illixilAccount Action:  3 Hour Suspension
22:37.58Adysand you need to tell us.. because?
22:38.04Kirkburn|afkI'd say congratulations, but I wouldn't mean it
22:38.07illixilbecause im proud
22:38.12g0urraI wonder if I'll get banned for naming my new orc hunter Sartharion
22:38.25g0urraI named my previous one Neltharion, and I got reported ;<
22:38.35illixilwhats wrong with that?
22:38.39g0urranaming policy
22:38.50Kirkburn|afkUsing names of (famous) NPCs isn't allowed
22:39.24Adysit's annoying as fuck seriously
22:39.31Adysdoesnt go only for you
22:39.31pantomimehorsethat better
22:39.41Kirkburn|afkpcj, yeah saw that earlier ... ugh
22:40.06Kirkburn|afktries to imagine someone laughing ... and then looking confused.
22:40.28illixilfuck my lips feel weird
22:40.35illixili just ate 2 lbs of pineapple
22:40.38Kirkburn|afkSWM, any particular reason? :)
22:40.41Adysokay hold on
22:40.42Adyshold on
22:40.47Adyslet it be clear
22:40.57infoboti heard pantomimehorse is a person who only says lol
22:41.01Kirkburn|afkMy god, where did the clouds go?
22:41.02Adysyou joined here to tell us you got banned 3 hours and ate 2 lbs of pineapple
22:41.15Kirkburn|afkAdys, I want the clouds back
22:41.15AdysI'll be straight, no one gives a crap
22:41.17g0urra“He will just get worse and worse and worse, by the time he’s 10 he will be a hardened criminal,” Mr Neindorf said of the boy.
22:41.18illixilno i joined cause i'm banned... and i dont feel like going outside
22:41.31Adysyou're going to end up banned here if you keep it at this
22:41.33illixili'm working on my monitor-tan
22:41.37illixiloh yeah?
22:41.41Oseya me too
22:41.59Kirkburn|afkillixil, this is a channel (mostly) to talk about WoW
22:42.03illixiland what policy am i fucking with in here?
22:42.04illixiloh really?
22:42.21Adysit's a given policy called civism
22:42.23pantomimehorsethinks "duh, wow wiki"
22:42.24DottedOse meant:
22:42.30illixilonly thing i've read about wow in here is g0urra talking about naming their hutner
22:42.42Osewe also has drama
22:43.01pantomimehorseno kidding
22:43.03Adysno, you can talk about stuff not related to wow but
22:43.05g0urraur mom is drama Ose
22:43.08Sandwichman2448Oh. Kirkburn, !@# was banned, I was seeing if that was a viable alternative.
22:43.14illixilokay so i dont see what the problem is
22:43.25illixildont threaten me with a ban
22:43.29Osewhat was banned?
22:43.44Adysproblem is you come here, say "lol" "I got banned for 3 hours", and then go on telling everyone you ate pineapple
22:43.48Sandwichman2448The 'L" word.
22:44.03pantomimehorseNO DONT SAY IT
22:44.08pantomimehorseITS CALLING ME!!!!!
22:44.28pcjwho's up for flapjacks
22:44.45Kirkburn|afkWell, my housemate is showing me a chocolate fountain
22:44.50pantomimehorseslams his head into the keyboard until hes nearly unconscious
22:44.52Adysillixil: and thats irrespectuous. i wouldn't be telling you this if 99% of people starting like that generally end up /parting telling everyone to fuck themselves
22:44.55Oseoh, I like those
22:45.06Sandwichman2448Why? Even if I was you can not serve food through a screen.
22:45.07Adysbut you're on the way so keep going
22:45.14Ose75% of statistics are made up 50% of the time
22:45.20Ose(sic. Coobra)
22:45.21illixilnot everyone, just you
22:45.24illixilget off my dick
22:45.32Adysthank you
22:45.35illixilyeah np
22:45.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!*@*] by Adys
22:45.36*** kick/#wowwiki [illixil!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (Adys)
22:45.49pcjstill short the quota for this week
22:45.59Kirkburn|afkcannot imagine why he got banned from the forums
22:46.07Adys3 hours is ingame
22:46.09Adysnot forums
22:46.19Kirkburn|afkEven worse
22:46.22pcjmaybe that's why he cannot imagine it
22:46.24pantomimehorsei remember when i got kicked
22:46.24Adysshortest bans on forums are 24 hrs
22:46.49Kirkburn|afkpantomimehorse, are you both ends of the horse?
22:46.51Osepcj you still banned from forums?
22:47.04pcjkirkburn has contacts
22:47.10Kirkburn|afkOh heh
22:47.17Kirkburn|afkYes, yes I do :P
22:47.27Osethe irony is that pcj got banned for posting it on the US forums, while Kirkburn's post on EU got featured
22:47.37Ose(after the competition ended)
22:47.42pantomimehorseKirkburn|afk: unfortunately lol
22:47.55Adyspcj banned, kirk featured
22:47.58Adyswhat's ironic?
22:48.04Adysseems normal to me
22:48.04pcj Up Contest
22:48.21Adyshttp://www.urls with spaces in them
22:48.25Kirkburn|afkpcj, no, look out the window! That's more interesting!
22:48.51Sandwichman2448What is that about?
22:48.54Adyswhy does redirect there?
22:49.00pantomimehorsei thought it was funny
22:49.04Sandwichman2448The contest.
22:49.09Kirkburn|afkNothing ... yet
22:49.32Sandwichman2448Why give out beta keys at the end of beta?
22:49.47Osehmm... Kirkburn is doing his secret editing stuff again
22:49.49pantomimehorsefeels that he is lost
22:49.49pcjSo you can say you got in beta
22:49.50Kirkburn|afkWho says it's the end of beta?
22:50.04pcjwotlk releases next month
22:50.40pantomimehorsei cant remember what does the w stand for
22:50.42Oseyeah, remember when TBC was scheduled to release summer 2006?
22:50.50pantomimehorse______ of the lich king
22:50.51Osewife of the lich king?
22:51.17Adyswang of the lich king
22:51.31Osewookie of the lich king
22:51.32Adysdont every say lol twice in a row again
22:51.37pantomimehorsefalls on his face laughing
22:52.02Osefor in the end, all shall bow, to the one... true... CHEWBACCA!
22:52.22Osegrowls, chewie style
22:52.34pantomimehorseadys can i say that?
22:52.36AdysRPers need to look at themselves
22:52.40Adysholy shit man
22:52.47g0urrapantomimehorse, you already said 'lol' twice
22:52.50Oseyes, I am tired (which means I have bad humor)
22:52.54Adyspeople are defending or attacking varian like he threatened their mom
22:53.15pantomimehorseg0urra: i know
22:53.32g0urra"Arthas killed Mal'Ganis
22:53.32g0urraScarlet Crusade is lead by Balnazzar "
22:53.52Adysi killed balnazzar
22:53.58Adysscarlet crusade is lead by Varimathras
22:54.00g0urraurmom killed balnazzar
22:57.24pantomimehorsedo any of you play DotA as well as WoW
22:57.35Sandwichman2448The WCIII map?
22:57.46Ose'tis fun
22:57.55Osenever got really into it tohugh
22:58.09pantomimehorsethe mod
22:58.10g0urraI've played DotA
22:58.13g0urrasingle player
22:58.17pantomimehorsei likez it
22:58.19Sandwichman2448I do not. WCIII never worked for me much.
22:58.33pantomimehorsewe LAN on it constantly in the dor,
22:59.12*** join/#wowwiki Sixen1 (
23:02.46Sandwichman2448May I ask a question that has nothing to do with the current conversation?
23:03.05pantomimehorseum sure
23:03.39Oseyou really don't do it on purpose do you?
23:03.47Sandwichman2448Is anything on [[User:Sandwichman2449/Sandbox]] a bad idea?
23:03.47DottedSandwichman2448 meant:
23:04.19pantomimehorseno i dont
23:04.26pantomimehorseits like a reflex
23:04.40Osephasing/act could be a good idea to get started on
23:04.45OseSWM you in beta?
23:05.12Oselikes that word
23:05.28Oseask Kirkburn nicely :P
23:05.50Sandwichman2448A beta tester would be the better person.
23:06.07Sandwichman2448I do not want to be a Rolandius.
23:06.08Adysill end up making one
23:06.19Adysi got a pretty heavy documentation on how phasing works
23:06.31g0urraSandwichman2448: I don't see what's wrong with it?
23:06.50Sandwichman2448How is that a question?
23:07.59Sandwichman2448Is it a typo, or do you wish to know what I thought was wrong with it?
23:09.31AdysIt wont be unique, but you can make a macro with a different icon if you feel strongly about this.
23:09.44*** join/#wowwiki Movix (n=mattes@
23:11.23pantomimehorsealmost said lol again
23:11.45Oseyou do realise you just said it?
23:11.45Sandwichman2448You just did.
23:11.57Osehaha SWM, I kicked yoo ass
23:11.59pantomimehorsei did that time
23:12.10pantomimehorsenot so much that time
23:12.17pantomimehorseim gonna get banned arent i
23:12.33Sandwichman2448I'm getting a bruse from all these facepalms.
23:12.38Oseis too über for his shirt, so über that it hurts...
23:12.43g0urraI'm getting a bruce
23:13.08pantomimehorseuber 1337!!!!!
23:15.02pcji bruised ur mom
23:15.24Osewas drinking brus
23:16.27Ose*BEEP* *BEEP*
23:16.34pantomimehorsei suck at abstaining from the $%$ word
23:17.04g0urrahow about you get kicked every time you say it
23:17.15pantomimehorsethat wont help any
23:17.25pantomimehorseadys tried
23:17.47Oseoooh, oooh, can I try?
23:17.54pantomimehorseplz no
23:18.25pantomimehorseim honestly trying but i just reflexively hit the keys
23:18.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+b lol!*@*] by pcj
23:19.04Adysfucking sigh
23:19.12pantomimehorserolls up in fetal position
23:19.51Oseso you banned anyone named lol?
23:20.04pantomimehorsehow long is the ban for
23:20.24pantomimehorsethats totally not fair
23:20.27pantomimehorseim sorry
23:20.33*** part/#wowwiki lol (n=chatzill@
23:20.43*** join/#wowwiki Ose (n=chatzill@
23:20.48Oseeh, lol
23:20.48Adysso ose
23:20.59Adysjust found out you cant change nick when you're +b ?
23:21.19pantomimehorseif i say it im banned right
23:21.36Adysthat wont work Sandwichlol2448
23:21.42Adysand dude
23:21.43pantomimehorsesorry i said its unfair
23:21.47Sandwichlol2448I broke the joke again.
23:21.48AdysIm just fucking with you about "lol"
23:21.54*** mode/#wowwiki [-b lol!*@*] by pcj
23:21.56pantomimehorsei didnt understand completely
23:21.59Adyssay it if you want
23:22.06*** mode/#wowwiki [-bbbb *!*@* wrathpwn!*@* *!* *!*] by pcj
23:22.07*** mode/#wowwiki [-bb *!* borgward!*@*] by pcj
23:22.08pantomimehorsethank you
23:22.09AdysI dont care more than that
23:22.26Adysjust dont say "lolololol" or variants because i WILL kickban on that
23:22.28Sky2042_afkyou can't change name when you're -v in a +m channel. ;_;
23:22.44*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
23:22.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
23:23.54Adys"Ya know to be 100% frank I all way hated it was undercity been 10x more fun to walk around in a ruined lordaeron.  "
23:24.05Adyscant some people read themselves twice
23:24.24pantomimehorsein need of editing lol
23:24.31*** kick/#wowwiki [pantomimehorse!] by g0urra (lol)
23:25.05*** join/#wowwiki pantomimehorse (n=d1cea6f8@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:25.34pantomimehorsebut didnt adys say i wouldnt get kicked unless i said variations of lol
23:26.11g0urrahe said kickban
23:26.30pantomimehorsehe said i could say lol without getting kicked tho
23:26.36pantomimehorsedidnt he?
23:27.07pantomimehorsebut why is that kickworthy still
23:27.20pantomimehorseim not trying to undermine your authority or anything
23:27.38pantomimehorsein just curious
23:27.53Sky2042_afkpantomimehorse: because the admins here are generally vicious and underhanded and don't often mean what they're saying ;D
23:28.06Adysthat smiley is kickworthy for example
23:28.11Adysits the most retarded one that existsd
23:28.16Adysi said you can say "lol" if you want without being annoying
23:28.20Sky2042_afk;-D is more retarded -.-
23:28.25Adysyeah it is
23:28.30Adyskeep going and you get a kb
23:28.47Ose:D lol
23:28.52pantomimehorseis thoroughly confused now
23:28.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
23:29.00*** kick/#wowwiki [Ose!n=chatzill@wikimedia/Izno] by Sky2042_afk (Sky2042_afk)
23:29.00*** join/#wowwiki Ose (n=chatzill@
23:29.08*** mode/#wowwiki [-o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
23:29.18*** kick/#wowwiki [Sky2042_afk!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (Adys)
23:29.18*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (n=chatzill@wikimedia/Izno)
23:29.27Sky2042_afkchuckles at Adys.
23:29.38Osewell this ain't going nowhere
23:29.41pantomimehorsestares in disbeleif
23:29.44Adyspeople give me no attention
23:29.53AdysIm probably the only person in the world having noticed this
23:30.11Osewhy not make a bot that automatically linked stupid forumposts?
23:30.17pantomimehorseits blocked i cant read it
23:30.37Osethe more "lol", "noob" or "ffs", the higher relevancy
23:30.37pantomimehorse<('-' )>
23:30.46Sandwichman2448I made one about mushrooms in Outland once. I got flamed.
23:30.51Sky2042_afkno kirbys. -.-
23:31.03pantomimehorsethats not kirby
23:31.04Sky2042_afkSandwichman2448: ha ha ha.
23:31.12Sky2042_afkThat's Kirby to me!
23:31.12Sandwichman2448I did.
23:31.30Sky2042_afkDoin the shrooms, SWM? ;o
23:31.30Sandwichman2448Stome kirby.
23:31.33pantomimehorsenot kirby
23:32.13Sandwichman2448Sky2042_afk: No.
23:32.28Oseis a viking, and goes for the good olde fleinsopp
23:32.37pantomimehorseonce again finds himself confuzzled
23:34.19Ose owww
23:34.40BagginswwI don't want to have to role back noobie on the stone keeper, stone watcher,, stone guardian issue
23:34.50Bagginswwbut he keeps removing content
23:34.57Bagginswwbased on only the model names of units
23:35.01Sandwichman2448With sarcasm.
23:35.03Bagginswwnot what they are called or descried
23:35.07Bagginswwin the text
23:36.44Sandwichman2448That was datamined months ago.
23:37.25*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsw (
23:37.39kd3did something change with ajax? Inscription recipes isn't working now
23:38.24pcjyou're right it isn't
23:38.40pcji missed a )
23:39.00Adysill ban you
23:40.22*** join/#wowwiki jaxdahl (
23:40.28Adysno pcj
23:40.51Oseno u
23:40.59pantomimehorsekk lol was kinda nervous there for a minute cause i have learned to answer to n008
23:44.11Oseoh teh noes! not the double  dots!
23:44.38pantomimehorseSky2042_afk: you called
23:44.55Osen008 means the 9th year of the n-th millenia?
23:45.07Sky2042_afki don't know a single person who changes it to an 8...
23:45.23pantomimehorsenow i feel stupid
23:45.26Oseactually it would be the (n+1)th millennia
23:46.11Sky2042_afkonly in a positive state.
23:46.23Sky2042_afkonly in the positive axis...*
23:47.03pantomimehorse's head is spinning from the explainations
23:52.45Adyshaving troubles believing that
23:52.58Adysstill got 660gib free on my main hd
23:53.02pantomimehorsewhys that
23:53.19pantomimehorselaughs at his pun
23:53.34Adysdunno, the fact i got 9 versions of wow installed, all the patches, etc
23:53.53kd39? geez. I felt kinda bad about having 4
23:54.44Adyswow engb, wow enus, wow ptr engb, wow ptr enus, wow beta engb, wow beta enus, wow alpha engb, wow alpha enus
23:54.52Adysand an older version of wow i use for testing stuff
23:55.16pantomimehorsedo you mind if i call you nerd once out of respect?
23:55.18Adysamazon uk now has CE preorders ready from what i hear
23:55.26pantomimehorsebows to adys
23:55.34Adysnight g0urra
23:56.44sacarascAdys: last time i checked, they just were taking addresses for people who want more info, are taking preorders though
23:57.01Adys"now" = since 2 minutes
23:57.26sacarascso they do
23:58.10pantomimehorsei should get my friends moms brother matt on here

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