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00:16.10Kirkburn|afk ... hurr
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01:40.51Adyshe says most of them are from there
01:41.40Kasosay thanks to zeal for me
01:44.30kd3whee at lighting up cvn
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03:56.33neuro_damagewhere would I go as horde to get two-handed sword training?
03:57.03Mattroi thought it was org. :/
04:03.22neuro_damageJamash: is that to me?
04:07.22neuro_damageJamash: thanks
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04:13.38neuro_damageoh my silly irc client
04:13.42neuro_damagewhat was the city again?
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04:17.55kd358k -> 63k
04:19.23neuro_damageso I'm wondering I'm a hunter and I'm trying to train really low level beasts while i'm lvl 15 and it's just cancelling out right at the end 4 times in a row?
04:19.31neuro_damageI have dismissed my current pet?
04:19.46kd3did you abandon it or put it in the stables?
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04:24.53neuro_damagewhat level hunter do I need to wear mail armor?
04:31.01Fisker-i am forseeing your death kd3 :(
04:39.38neuro_damagewhat was the name of that city again?
04:39.45neuro_damagewhere I can get dual sword training for horde?
04:44.52neuro_damagesomeone metnioned it I would check the log but my irc client segv?
04:46.10kd3it's one of your three main capitals
04:46.19kd3probably orgrimmar
04:46.26kd3if not, try thunder bluff or UC
04:50.02Fisker-Dual wielding is a class training
04:50.32Fisker-When you are the appropiate level, depending on class, you can learn 2 dual wield
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04:50.51Fisker-That's only for Shamans, Hunters, Rogues and Warriors though
04:58.38neuro_damagekd3: UC?
04:58.39neuro_damagekd3: wannaa login and lead the way to thunder bluff
04:58.44kd3undercity, but fisker is right. you'll learn it when you level up
05:11.39neuro_damagekd3: yeah I went to undercity as well...hrmrmrm...
05:13.42neuro_damagekd3: I think I only learned crossbow there, that's ok though thanks guys
05:16.23neuro_damagewhere would I find good directions in the world of warcraft?
05:26.56Fisker-You can go to the official site
05:28.09neuro_damageFisker-: and it has maps and directions essentially?
05:32.03Fisker-it has maps, but not directions
05:32.20Fisker-also explains some classes etc.
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09:33.24g0urragood morning
09:45.25Fisker-g0urra my friend
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10:10.24Eraclitoany news about WotLK collector edition stuff?
10:13.12Eraclitooh i found
10:15.22Eraclitoi'm slooooow
10:15.38Eraclitobut yesterday it got avaiable from gamestop
10:15.46Eraclitotwo per each gamestop store
10:16.05Eraclitoand i have a friend work inside :> so i preordered one, while sleeping
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10:33.27Osehi2u sannse
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17:52.16Kirkburnheh, we're beating Wookieepedia in article counts now :)
17:53.09Gnarfozis this a contest
17:53.17Kirkburnhell yeah
17:53.37KirkburnIt's a friendly contest that Wookieepedia don't even know about
17:55.20Gnarfozwhat the fuck is wookieepedia
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17:55.51KirkburnThe Star Wars wiki
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17:58.05sannseI bet they do know about it :P and are not going to be happy to see the change
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18:09.48Valtier_Where did everyone go?
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18:11.30ValtierDid wowwiki adopt the wikis for warcraft I, II and III?
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18:16.16winkillerhopefully not
18:16.25winkillerwe got enough *cough* crap *cough* already
18:17.27winkillercuddles Sky2042
18:18.49ValtierHeh, there are several articles about WC1, 2 and 3 on wowwiki.
18:19.12Sky2042was that unexpected?
18:19.55ValtierI was asking if WoWWiki adopted other wikis.
18:20.13Sky2042adopted? no, not really.
18:20.14ValtierOr were those articles written specifically for wowwiki.
18:20.27Sky2042most were written spec to wowwiki.
18:20.48ValtierIs there a seperate wiki for WC1, 2 and 3?
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18:23.06Sky2042see also [[wikis]]
18:23.07DottedSky2042 meant:
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18:29.17Kirkburn says more about what we cover
18:29.36Sky2042ie, we cover everything.
18:29.51Sky2042Kirkburn: you see that started a wiki?
18:30.16Fisker- >:3
18:30.34KirkburnSky2042, I did not
18:30.50KirkburnHeey, I recognise that main page design
18:30.53Sky2042Kirkburn: heh
18:31.17KirkburnHeey, I recognise that ambox style :) (well, I copied it from Wikipedia)
18:31.39Sky2042kicks Kirkburn.
18:32.23KirkburnThe box design was all me (and Mikk) iirc
18:32.48Sky2042by default, it wasn't all you.
18:32.51Sky2042wikipedia got there first.
18:33.01KirkburnNo, the main page box design :P
18:33.09KirkburnI know I certainly didn't design the amboxes
18:33.32Sky2042oh, yah. heh
18:33.42KirkburnFisker-, what?
18:34.28KirkburnYou're really tempting me to say "oooold", since I bought that package when it was released ... which was January.
18:35.22KirkburnGTAIV better be coming to Steam
18:40.47Fisker-18GB download >:E
18:40.54Fisker-Kirkburn look at the price
18:41.35KirkburnOh, right, it's on sale
18:43.00KirkburnI tried playing Max Payne a few weeks ago - holy hell, it annoyed me
18:43.24KirkburnSolo third person shooters just don't make sense to me
18:44.13KirkburnAnd the moment a game decides to finish a cutscene with the baddies immediately shooting me is the point I quit.
18:44.43KirkburnEspecially after my character stand there motionless in the cutscene rather than SHOOTING THEM.
18:45.09Sky2042l2p Kirkburn.
18:49.38[Liquidor]Haha guys. Check this out, some guy thought engineers were THIS godly apparently:
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19:03.57Fisker-loves Kirkburn
19:05.46Fisker-why so hostile?
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19:38.42Kirkburn|afkFisker-, well, it's you, innit.
19:46.30Fisker-4 mount drop
19:46.32Fisker-me no win
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20:46.41sacarasc_Fisker-: you fail
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22:31.31Sky2042_afkno pcj
22:31.49Sky2042_afkhellos Skosiris; wonders what he's doing in here.
22:44.32winkilleridling on idle relay chat
22:44.40winkillerworking as intended
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22:50.54BagginswwI was just thinking unless they took the time to recover saurfang and bolvar's bodies, there is an extreme possibility of them becoming bosses in the Icecrown Citadel.... at some point...
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23:01.59kd3what abou the two of them getting burned by righteous fire from the reds?
23:02.15kd3pretty sure all that's left of them was bolvar's shield and saurfang's armor
23:02.34kd3the last thing the reds want to see is more scourge too
23:06.15kd3though, I will concede the point on saurfang... his soul did get stolen by frostmourne before the plague attacks
23:14.56Sky2042_afkare you people spoiling?...
23:17.45SkosirisHI SKY
23:18.50*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:18.54Sky2042_afkhi Skosiris.
23:19.31jaxdahlwhen is/was maintenance?
23:19.40Sky2042_afkjaxdahl: for?
23:20.02Sky2042_afknever minds
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23:41.14jaxdahlit was only for northrend
23:52.36Bagginswwwkd3 ya truth
23:52.45Bagginswwwsoul stealing
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