IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080913

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00:04.43Sky2042Kalroth, do you want help?...
00:05.09Adysurmom wants help
00:05.14KalrothMental help?
00:05.30*** part/#wowwiki Lightbringerlord (n=Lightbri@
00:06.01pcjmxs is there a list of US beta patch mirrors somewhere
00:06.47Kalrothis it true that Adys is hung like baguette?
00:07.31pcjnvm found it
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00:21.11soufronis hello
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00:30.17Kirkburn|afkHahaha, I just found something awesome out :P
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00:31.05Kirkburn|afkI don't think I can say though ... let's just say it's directly relevant to WotLK
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00:33.29Sky2042Kirkburn|afk, spill it failure.
00:34.00Kirkburn|afkI ... don't think I can. But it's something you all want to know :P
00:34.12Sky2042Try again.
00:34.44pcj"oh hey guys i just found something out really cool but i can't tell you"
00:34.46pcjyeah what does that sound like
00:34.49pcjstop trying
00:36.20Sky2042there's like one thing I think you could possibly be thinking, and that would be the wrath release date. which is probably not set in stone anyway, so I doubt that's it either.
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00:36.53Sky2042ie, you fail.
00:37.13Kirkburn|afkCome Monday, you will see (possibly before from other sources)
00:40.09Kirkburn|afkAnd now I have a way to prove it :P
00:40.38pcjthis better be good
00:41.56g0urracome monday where?
00:43.27Kirkburn|afkSeveral of our wikis, and possible other places
00:47.23Kirkburn|afkI'm mean, but I value my life. :)
00:47.45Kirkburn|afkAnyway, it's /good/ news
00:47.54Sky2042so tell us fool, and drop the charade.
00:48.02Sky2042or pm us, or something -_-
00:48.08g0urrajust PM
00:48.19g0urrayou know how good we're at keeping secrets
00:49.33Kirkburn|afkya, sure :)
00:51.45g0urrawell there's forum maintenance going on
00:52.01Adysi just found that awesome
00:52.46Kirkburn|afkWe are talking about the "Where would you like to go?" page, right?
00:53.02Kirkburn|afkv useful indeed
00:53.15g0urralet's say I'm Interrogator Vishas
00:53.38g0urraI'll rip the secrets from your flesh!
00:53.46Kirkburn|afkFine, I can probably tell you this much: it's an ad buy.
00:53.59g0urraWHAT WHAT
00:54.14pcjah that answers my questions
00:54.22pcjyou're probably right sky
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00:54.33Kirkburn|afkYeah, the interesting bit is what's /in/ the ad
00:54.40Adysblizzard porn
00:54.49pcji can now push every date in the next year through my MD5 hasher
00:54.50Kirkburn|afkIt won't be on WoWWiki though, it'll be on some other wikis
00:55.09Kirkburn|afkpcj, I'm not silly enough to not take precautions against that :P
00:55.10AdysSo kirk, did blizzard finally buy ads from wikia?
00:55.16g0urraI know it's going to be porn
00:55.20g0urraso that people will click on ads
00:55.32Kirkburn|afkAdys, we've run WoW ads elsewhere for a while
00:55.39g0urra"click here for draenei vs troll porn"
00:55.47AdysI dont doubt you've run every single possible ad
00:55.50Kirkburn|afkEven had wikis ask us to stop showing WoW ads on their MMO wiki :P
00:55.51Adyswith the range you got.
00:56.17Kirkburn|afkAdys, I don't recall saying I did?
00:56.27Kirkburn|afk*we did
00:56.28AdysIm just tro- er, kidding
00:58.31AdysSo anyway, is it something horribly obvious (as in a wow ad taken from the tv commercials), or is it actually something cool and NOT wow related?
01:01.43Kirkburn|afkNo, it's WoW related
01:02.19Adysnight weaky
01:02.22Kirkburn|sleepAnyway, off to bed ... night!
01:02.58g0urraUS beta forums up
01:03.11g0urraah well forums are up now
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02:44.27kd3they took down the PTR forum again. huzzah
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03:15.43cruciallyhows things going?
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03:52.38Sky2042wtf, zarnks is back.
03:55.38g0urradid he get banned?
03:57.09Sky2042goes to see.
03:58.07Sky2042wasn't he?...
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03:59.24Sky2042wtf, he was blocked in archive 8, but there's no block log entry
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04:00.55Sky2042oh joy.
04:04.21mxspcj: beta tech support forums, thread ;)
04:04.46pcjthey really need to sticky it
04:05.28mxsKirkburn|sleep: you are a tease. I need you to give up the goods, or else ! :P
04:06.03Sky2042but that would be infringing on DuTempete's goods...
04:06.35Sky2042Dotted, update your stats.
04:06.57Sky2042we have stats which are less fail, don't we?
04:14.50Sky2042oh wow.
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04:56.50jaxdahlDK dps seems competitive enough in blood spec
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05:05.22selckinits all about group setup
05:05.27selckinthat list doesn't mean much on its own
05:08.46jaxdahlnot much matters anymore with group setup
05:09.06jaxdahldraenei hit aura.. (which i didn't have)
05:09.09jaxdahlsome hunter stuff i think
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05:42.30g0urradear Kirkburn, alliance are fun with ganking 4v1
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10:07.31sacarascwhat's happening there, g0urra?
10:07.40g0urrahappening where?
10:10.09sacarascin them pictures
10:12.32g0urrayou infiltrate a female frost vrykul base in storm peaks
10:12.40g0urraand you can mount while disguised
10:18.26sacarascah, i thought you just had mini mounts for some reason
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10:21.43g0urra lol?
10:22.14sacarascwhy is her stomach thinking?
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13:49.57LucidFoxWas I the only one to note that "Light's Hope Chapel" abbreviates to LHC?
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16:51.22mxshah, the preload for Classic -> 3.0.1 is ... 2300-2700 mbyte.
16:52.16mxsprobably contains all of TBC
16:52.48Fisker-Do you mean like 1.1->3.0.1 or 2.0->3.0.1?
16:53.20mxs2.0->3.0.1, but without TBC installed
16:53.25Fisker-ah ok
16:53.28mxsnot sure whether it would work from 1.x
16:53.47Fisker-I hope they make a standalone installer sometime
16:54.20Fisker-Like TBC + Classic or WotLK + TBC + Classic in one install
16:54.50mxsthe Chinese got that
16:55.08Fisker-Also annoys me that you can't access the realms from a non-tbc account on a tbc client
16:55.33Fisker-why so retarded?
16:55.42mxswhy ask yourself questions ?
16:55.43Ackiswhy so serious?
16:55.58Fisker-you fail Ackis
16:56.06Fisker-"I'm stuck in a loop, and you're an idiot"
16:56.07Ackisi'm being mollestered irl
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17:32.30LucidFoxHow often does Liadrin come to the Terrace of Light?
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18:33.11sancuswhat happened to #wowuidev
18:35.46Fisker-what do you mean?
18:36.08sancuswhen I try to join it it says it's unavailable?
18:36.24Fisker-Are you registered and logged in?
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18:36.47sancuswell, that's annoying
18:37.04Adysthey were hit by spammers yesterday
18:37.07Fisker-Because of spammers
18:52.10pcji wish we could get hit by spammers so we could over-react
18:53.45foxlitI, for one, welcome our new NickServ-compliant bot overlords
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19:16.01kd3blah. I want to modify ActiveQuestIcon
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19:16.22Fisker-herr kd3
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19:58.58Kirkburn|sleepAckis, btw, I allied with your Wiggly civilization
20:02.44Fisker-Kirkburn|sleep my enemy
20:02.48Fisker-Crysis on steam
20:04.40pcjlol human pallies can get blood elf warhorses
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20:25.39Sunwind waw
20:27.29Adyslinking wor sucks
20:28.35Sunwindwrong channel :(
20:28.37Sunwindsry addis
20:28.48Adyshow hard is it
20:29.06*** join/#wowwiki Norsken (
20:29.34Sunwindcome feel for yourself ;o
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21:43.51llamuhanyone care to help me with installing a patch?
21:45.12llamuhive downloaded the most recent patch from a mirror on wowwiki and it only contains tome 2.mpq
21:45.30llamuhno exe..  ive tried using bnupdate but it does not find the patch
21:46.33kd3tome 2 gets put in ~/wow/Updates/
21:46.35kd3and that's it
21:46.56kd3there's no installable data with the background patch that was put out a few days ago
21:48.51llamuhoh ok
21:49.13llamuhwell thank you
21:49.26llamuhi was hoping to be able to apply this thinking if may fix the nvidia FPS problem
21:49.40pcjunless you're using windows vista
21:49.49pcjthen it doesnt go in your wow folder
21:49.51llamuhi am using vista.
21:51.44llamuhso where does it go in vista?
21:52.52llamuhthe launcher still thinks i do not have the patch, heh
21:53.06pcjC:\users\Public\Documents\Blizzard Entertainment\World of Warcraft\Updates
21:53.44llamuhi wonder if that folder exists for me
21:53.55pcjC:\users\Public\Documents\Blizzard Entertainment\World of Warcraft\ create folder updates
21:53.56llamuhi copied my wow installation from my XP machine
21:54.04kd3run the background downloader once. it'll create it. then move whatever your downloaded into that folder
21:54.40llamuhyeah im just wondering if i could have additional problems due to copying my wow folder rather than doing a fresh install
21:55.00kd3you won't
21:58.19llamuhthat seems like a strange place to put the files.. pub docs? hm
21:58.24llamuhwonder what their reasoning is for that..
21:58.46pcjcan't write to program files folder
21:58.51pcjshouldn't write to program files folder
21:58.58pcjrequires elevation
21:58.59llamuhoh really?!
21:59.14llamuhand i call myself a computer tech ;\
21:59.28llamuhi turn off all that stuff though so i dont notice it
21:59.34pcjthey should've put it in appdata tho
21:59.46pcjdocuments should only contain documents the user creates
22:00.50*** join/#wowwiki Norsken (
22:00.55llamuhhi norsken
22:02.59llamuhso this "patch" does not actually install anything?  its merely in preperation for the rest of the patch to be released?
22:03.57llamuhwill the rest of it be lich king?
22:04.07Norskenhey llamuh.
22:04.19kd3it's all patch 3.0.x data... textures, models, sounds... etc
22:04.54llamuhim just ready for a patch..  ready to finally be able to play wow again
22:05.06llamuhthe 2.4 patch has made it impossible for me
22:05.21kd3you bug tech support? what version of the nvidia drivers are you running?
22:05.35llamuhtons of people have bugged them over this
22:05.37llamuhi have not personally
22:05.41llamuhnobody has found afix
22:05.52llamuhive used proably 20 different drivers
22:06.04llamuhOEM and hacked
22:06.20llamuhtweaked settings, patched windows, disabled various other drivers, etc
22:06.37llamuhive seen tons of threads on various sites about the problem..  no resolution
22:07.37llamuhthe problem is, when looking or moving around, everything is great for a few seconds running at normal FPS then it drops down to like 5 FPS making evenything pause and laggy, then jumps back up to full FPS for a few seconds
22:07.44llamuhjust keeps going through that cycle
22:08.13llamuhi have a core2duo 1.83, 4gb DDR2, nvidia geforce 7600
22:08.21llamuhso it should be strong enough to play it
22:08.26llamuhive lowered the resolution and turned off all effects
22:08.30llamuhbarely helps
22:09.41Fisker-i'm so kd3
22:10.41Fisker-so ptr's is coming up kd3 ?
22:11.25kd3they took down our PTR forum so I'm of the opinion that they had a showstopper...
22:11.43Fisker-The put the ptr patch up though
22:12.07Fisker-slow download is slow though
22:12.16kd3did they!?
22:12.18kd3tabs open FX
22:12.31Fisker-i have a bad feeling about this
22:12.40Fisker-Copies Remaining: 0
22:12.40Fisker-Average Wait Time: 1 hour
22:12.50Fisker-i'll hate myself if they purged pending transfers
22:12.59kd3holy hell they did
22:13.03Fisker-Was 1+ day earlier today
22:13.09Fisker-mxs my friend
22:13.12Fisker-your link must be faster
22:15.05llamuhyoure all faster than me!
22:15.09llamuhis on satellite
22:15.37Fisker-So what does your sources within the kremlin say kd3 >:3
22:16.50kd3I dunno. last report I got was they had to push it back a week
22:16.54kd3guess it's been a week
22:17.23Fisker-i don't want to be up all night
22:17.28Fisker-i got council and illidan tomorrow
22:17.34pcjur mom was up all night
22:17.57Fisker-Actually after i drugged and raped her she was pretty sleepy
22:19.33*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
22:20.11*** join/#wowwiki stillbourne (
22:20.25stillbourneptr is now available for download in case anyone cares
22:20.40Fisker-old indeed
22:21.09stillbourneabout how old?
22:21.36pcjover 9000 milliseconds
22:22.27Fisker-actually well over 900000 milliseconds
22:22.50stillbourneare the test realms up then or are they just seeding the download?
22:23.04pcjwell you can copy your character
22:23.15Fisker-download is too slow to check yet :P
22:23.17pcji'd rather play beta atm tho
22:23.23stillbourneI know that I copied mine last night at 8 pm
22:23.31stillbourneno key ..
22:25.18*** join/#wowwiki harl (
22:25.19*** join/#wowwiki k4os (
22:30.13mxsuh what ?
22:30.18mxsFisker-: what do you mean ? :)
22:30.58mxsoh, ptr is up ?
22:32.54mxsgo hide in a corner pcj :P
22:41.15mxsmirrors will be up soon.
22:43.36Fisker-you make me happy in the pants
22:44.39mxsthis patch makes me hope for the future
22:44.41mxsjust 2 versions
22:44.42mxsUSMX and EU
22:45.04Fisker-so not localized?
22:45.09mxswell probably localized
22:45.18mxsbut put together into just 2 versionbs
22:45.24Fisker-what i meant :P
22:45.50mxsso I'm spitting 7mbyte/s upload bandwidth at the torrents
22:45.54mxsand still only getting 2mbyte/s back
22:45.58Fisker-Not a bad idea to just let us use all languages as we see fit
22:46.01mxsworse, 1.3
22:48.27stillbourneI got 145 up 130 down
22:48.30mxsBandwidth is gonna go red hot with this one :/
22:59.40foxliteurope, you insensitive clod :(
23:00.24*** join/#wowwiki Bold_ (
23:00.42Fisker-why so europe?
23:00.48Fisker-teh movie
23:04.55*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
23:09.42*** join/#wowwiki llamuh (
23:10.01Fisker-needs teh patch
23:11.44mxswant us or eu ?
23:16.46mxsthat's gonna take slightly longer
23:19.08Fisker-Blizzard doesn't care about beta testers :(
23:19.19mxswhy ? :)
23:19.39Fisker-We can't access the PTR's
23:20.31pcjwhy would you want to tho
23:20.48Fisker-Because the beta server is shit
23:20.53pcjwell yeah
23:20.57Fisker-hopefully the PTR server would be a bit better
23:21.01pcjdoubt it
23:21.20Fisker-But i've tested all in the wotlk beta that i need to test
23:22.37Eraclito[noob] how do i join ptr? :> [/noob]
23:22.41mxswe can't access the PTRs ?
23:24.15g0urrawhy so offline coldarra
23:26.16Fisker-why so fuck you i'm going to sleep for waiting up 2½ hours for the PTR only to find out i can't access it?
23:27.31*** part/#wowwiki k4os (
23:30.18g0urrawhy so rage Fisker-
23:32.13*** join/#wowwiki Norsken (
23:33.39*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
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23:48.31g0urraColdarra starting up
23:57.56*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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