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02:47.46mxsplenty of mirrors for the first part of the 3.0.1 patch up :)
02:47.52mxslet's see whether FileFront bans me again.
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03:04.47Adysmxs: you around?
03:06.47mxswhat's up ?
03:07.29mxsping Adys
03:07.45Adysmxs: got a mirror for beta patch US 8885-8905 ?
03:07.55mxsenus or engb ?
03:08.10mxs<-- needs to l2read
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04:50.37jaxdahlthere goes lich king
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05:28.09jaxdahloh, if you play a DK, be sure to get the free items off the plate armor merchant and badge merchant
05:28.15jaxdahlin dalaran
05:28.27jaxdahlboth on the last page, epic legs and ilvl 200 gloves
05:28.43jaxdahllegs are ilvl 213, t7-25 legs
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05:39.47moo_moneyladies and gentlemen
05:55.25Camiciothis is our destiny
06:03.36Adyshi guys
06:03.40Adysim new to the beta
06:03.45Adysis there a way to turn off the bugs
06:03.50Adysthey r annoyin
06:04.40Camiciowtf no you cant lol their bugs their not ment to b
06:04.53Adysslap in the face
06:04.56winkillerhai u
06:04.59winkillerno, iz not!
06:05.10Adysstfu optin
06:06.15Adyshi Tenshirou we only just recently added heirloom items and therAHFUCKITCANTYOUSEETHEREARENTMANYINGAMEANYWAYYETBEFUCKINGPATIENT
06:06.32winkillerI uninstalled Google Chrome because...
06:06.36winkillerGoogleUpdate.exe running although I haven't started Chrome since the day I installed it?
06:06.44winkillerLeave my Autostart alone!
06:07.16Adysi hope you got a good replacement for it
06:07.25winkillerThis is.. FIREFOX
06:07.28winkillerand Opera
06:07.38Adysfirefox is barely a replacement
06:07.40Adyslet alone good
06:07.48winkillerI'm happy
06:07.51Adysopera is fair game
06:08.33Adyswinkiller: I was closing some apps taking memory while reinstalling the US beta earlier on
06:08.41Adys(since it has a memleak under wine...)
06:08.48Camiciobut can you type in a website name on opera or do you have to type the IP?
06:08.58AdysI was about 60% through the install
06:09.00winkillerIPs are awesome
06:09.02winkillerI has lots of it
06:09.08AdysI figured I'd close down firefox too
06:09.12Adysi looked at ram usage
06:09.14Adys463 MB
06:09.17Adys9 tabs open
06:09.28winkillerI never had that 150 exceed the last months
06:09.38winkillerand that's with 20 tabs
06:09.46Adysi never had 150 either
06:09.47winkillermy linux ff neither
06:09.57Adysi386 ?
06:10.04winkillerya, both
06:10.24moo_moneyfirefox hates me
06:10.42winkilleruse what you want, I hate Zealots :P
06:10.42moo_moneythere's some flash bug that causes me to constantly have to use ie to view videos
06:14.39Adyslol moo_money
06:14.48Adyspretty much every horror of firefox is flash-related
06:15.05Adysthen theres the stuff that just plainly sucks ass with gecko but thats another matter ...
06:20.10moo_moneyit's only when I really need flash too
06:20.26moo_moneylike when I've slept in, am running late on my blogging, and need to pull up a video fast
06:21.29AdysAnd yeah
06:21.33Adysabout firefox on linux
06:21.42Adysthat, in about 10 seconds
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07:34.59Katyliaoops XD
07:35.18Katyliait's 3:30 am... do you know where your gnomes are?
07:35.49Katyliabut seriously... i'm looking for some help in editing my user page
07:36.47Katyliaanyone up for (possibly) a challenge in helping me?
07:40.11Katyliaanyone there?
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07:45.09KatyliaLF someone who is good at editing user pages PST
07:52.12Katyliais there anyone online right now that could help me out with some editing on my user page (because i dont know how to do it and i've read everything and it doesnt make sense to me)?
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08:03.09cruciallyany problem
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10:19.19Dottedno tekkub :(
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12:07.27crucially_i am doing things with images, please ping me if something looks broken
12:21.46tuttswoot, got beta key in mail :D
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13:51.47Kirkburntutts, congrats :)
13:52.14tuttsDownloader at 4% now, started it about 20 minutes ago.
13:52.21Osewhat did you do tutts?
13:52.30tuttsI opted in.
13:52.46Osehave fun downloading
13:52.52tuttsAnyway, I have to go out now.
13:53.12tuttsSee y'all later.
13:56.35g0urraKirkburn, I got 2 beta invites in the mail
13:56.48KirkburnI got none :)
13:56.50g0urrayes, they are legit
13:58.04pcji got over 9000 beta invites
14:12.38Fisker-i'm owning you
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16:12.55g0urrawhy so tetris Fisker-
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16:22.48AckisWorkg0urra, Fisker- is mad because I'm better at Spore than he is
16:23.15Sunwindhow do you be good or bad at a sandbox game ;e
16:24.24KirkburnWhat's your Spore name? Mine's Kirkburn
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16:25.18AckisWorkI'm ackis
16:26.24AckisWorkand you're now a friend of mine! *evil laugh*
16:30.41AckisWorkare you afraid? :P
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17:09.35KirkburnAckis I added you to mine :)
17:13.08AckisWorkwheee! :D
17:16.02crucially_any problems reported?
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17:21.52Kirkburncrucially_, not seen anything on IRC
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17:42.07Fisker-fail show is fail g0urra
17:42.54Fisker-why are people so retarded though? You just have to get through
17:45.21Fisker-i'm going to rape, plunder and murder your family g0urra
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17:56.51crucially_Kirkburn: i am retarded
17:56.59crucially_Kirkburn: try the css thing would you
17:57.19KirkburnAnywhere in particular?
17:57.30crucially_as long as it is on arnish
17:57.38Kirkburnmemory alpha okay?
17:57.45KirkburnDamn :P
17:58.07crucially_most of the non ones aren't migrated because the DNS configs are wrong
17:58.12KirkburnI'll do wowwiki then
18:00.05KirkburnOkay, both &1 /or/ use...=no worked
18:00.17KirkburnHowever, still not updated without either
18:03.10KirkburnI updated MA's CSS, that worked okay
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18:07.09KirkburnDon't tell me, tell watchout :)
18:12.51crucially_Kirkburn: MA works? wow doesn't?
18:13.05KirkburnMA updated pretty much immediately
18:14.07crucially_Kirkburn: hmm
18:14.27crucially_The_Scepter_of_the_Shifting_Sands_quest_chain was just edited!
18:14.30crucially_please try now
18:15.20KirkburnNo change on WoWWiki
18:15.57KirkburnI'm looking at and watching if /* Special:Specialpages fix */
18:16.17crucially_can you do some change on memor alpha
18:16.27crucially_no i mean
18:16.29KirkburnOne day, one day the curse of hidden newlines will be lifted. One day.
18:16.30crucially_try do an edit now
18:16.47crucially_i am watching all the purges
18:17.22crucially_ok, nothing been sent
18:17.37KirkburnHow about now?
18:21.06Fisker-g0urra why don't you understand me?
18:22.20KirkburnFisker-, why don't you play Spore?
18:25.30Fisker-because i'm playing world of warcraft
18:28.16[Liquidor]zOMG world is going to into a Black Hole soon !1!1!!111!1!1
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19:03.10Kirkburng0urra, y'know isn't valid by the rules of [[Race ideas]] either? :P
19:03.11DottedKirkburn meant:
19:03.36Sky2042than userspace it, imo
19:03.43Sky2042I thought we had one for species
19:03.46Sky2042didn't we?
19:03.55KirkburnWe do, sec
19:04.02Sky2042[[subspecies ideas]]
19:04.03DottedSky2042 meant:
19:04.13KirkburnI've changed the merge notice
19:05.13Sky2042oh, i've had it with [[quest: ]]. time for a proposal.
19:05.13DottedSky2042 meant:
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19:29.36jaxdahlmy DK is getting epiced out
19:29.44tutts72% now, I feel really excited :)
19:29.56jaxdahli haven't updated the wish list with naxx stuff
19:30.12jaxdahlprobably going to have a couple different sets of wishlists, depending on source
19:32.27tuttsBut... "Your computer appears to be behind a firewall" <- I disabled the WinXP firewall and that still popped up, I don't use any other firewalls, anyone have any idea what it could mean?
19:32.55sacarascgot a router?
19:33.05tuttsYeah, will those do that too?
19:33.24sacarascyup, it blocks a direct connection of your computer to the internet
19:33.49tuttsOh well, doesn't bother me much, I get decent speed anyway.
19:34.32tuttsAnd I don't want to go look at the router settings, resetting the router requires me to call my ISP to get it reconnected and I think some of the settings do too :P
19:36.36jaxdahlare you on DSL or something?
19:37.01jaxdahlmodem != router
19:37.22tuttsUhm, I've probably confused the two somehow.
19:37.44tuttsI'm stupid, hear me rawr.
19:38.44tuttsI somehow know we have a router and I know there's a black device in the basement that I need to fiddle with every time our net is down and I call support. An IT expert I am not.
19:40.09tuttsBut hey, our ISP is pretty good with support, I've never had to learn these things :P
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20:31.47g0urraHello Rayvis_
20:36.55*** join/#wowwiki ecs (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
20:37.17Fisker-smile g0urra
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20:44.08LightbringerlordHm, I didn't know the channel of wowwiki was on this server, oh well
20:44.15Dharkyso do I
20:44.23*** join/#wowwiki yamajj (n=chatzill@
20:45.55LightbringerlordSo..does anyone know when will the pre-wotlk (3.0.1) will activate?
20:46.24Lightbringerlordthe patch I mean
20:49.23Lightbringerlordthen why I'm downloading the 3.0.1 right now? :/
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21:20.17Fisker- >:I Kirkburn
21:21.13*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
21:21.37Dharkyindeed :/
21:22.00Dharkyactually, most of those games are cheaper if you buy normal
21:22.33Fisker-i prefer steam
21:22.41Fisker- <-costs a lot to get it all
21:24.22Dharkyi prefer to own their boxes :)
21:24.32Dharkyboxed game>steam
21:37.30*** part/#wowwiki yamajj (n=chatzill@
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21:55.53KirkburnBtw, Fisker-, your death star stole some of my plant's people
22:21.44*** join/#wowwiki harl (
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22:37.50AckisWork LORE AHHHHHHH (spoiler)
22:40.05tuttsBah, wottlekay finished downloading and now there's another 1,26gb download...
22:40.07Fisker-kisses AckisWork on the mouth
22:40.25tuttsIs that really just the first of many patches? :(
22:41.27Fisker-what patch is it upgrading to?
22:42.17tuttsIt just says "WoW-3.0.1-enGB-patch.exe"...
22:43.33kd3that's build 8820
22:43.36kd33 more patches after that
22:43.59LightbringerlordI think it's just a preload cause pre-wotlk patch is too big
22:44.00tuttsk, are they all that big?
22:44.31tuttsLBL, that would be the one that's in the background downloader right now, but I'm downloading patches for the beta.
22:44.33tuttsThanks :)
22:45.00LightbringerlordOh, I thought you were talking about the patch that the BD downloaded
22:45.14tuttsYay, the last 3 aren't that big, thanks :D
22:45.41Lightbringerlordcan't wait to change my pally talents to ret ^^
22:45.43sacarascwhere would one put the files from the BD (if using a torrent instead) so that they will be found by the patcher in the future?
22:46.36kd3full path: WoW/Updates/WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.1-TBC-<version>-Update/Installer Tome 2.mpq
22:46.42tuttsI don't really have anything specific I want to test tbh.
22:47.30tuttsBy now they've probably smoothed out most of the issues they had, most of what's left is fine tuning.
22:48.09LightbringerlordI don't have a high-leveled horde char damn it >.<
22:48.44tuttsWhy would you need one?
22:48.55Lightbringerlordfor that quest? =)
22:49.14Lightbringerlorda horde raid on undercity, now that's fun ^^ just linked the thread with the file size of the patches :3
22:49.37Lightbringerlordoh lol
22:49.43Lightbringerlord<AckisWork> LORE AHHHHHHH (spoiler)
22:49.45Lightbringerlordthat one :P
22:50.51tuttseep, it's almost 1 AM.
22:51.28tuttsnn people.
22:53.53foxlitmhm, what's the quest?
22:54.28foxlitdragonblight, too -- thought I finished that
22:57.36Fisker-why so foxlit ?
22:57.46Lightbringerlordso um..
22:57.49Lightbringerlordthrall dies?
22:58.01Lightbringerlordhow does he know that he'll die?
22:58.07Fisker-noone and their mother dies
22:58.20Lightbringerlord"On the day of my death I wish to be able to say that I lived a life without regret. Those who mourn my passing will know that I was a Warchief who made decisions that best served his people."
22:58.25g0urraLightbringerlord, because nobody lives forever?
22:58.30Fisker-duh indeed
22:58.48Eraclitozomg spoiler!!1one
23:00.10foxlitI'm guessing that's the wrath gate conclusion?
23:00.30foxlitDoesn't quite imply him dying immediately after, however.
23:00.54Fisker-Whatever it is it's going to be lorelol
23:01.11Eraclitoi think the real spoiler are sylvanas and the plague
23:01.27Eraclitoi mean... sylvanas after kael'thas?
23:01.42Eraclitothen, the taurens will try to conquer the world by destroying all the MacDonalds?
23:01.47Eraclitovegan azeroth
23:02.58Lightbringerlordit's ironic that vegan cows and cannibal trolls are allies.
23:03.41Eraclitoand cannibal undeads, at least until wotlk
23:05.42foxlitthey're not doing away with the forsaken faction, surely? :)
23:06.19Eraclitolike blood elf class
23:07.01Eraclitothey'll find a undead brother of Lor'themar Theron
23:07.30Eraclitobut really, who will take the sylvanas place?
23:07.54Eraclitothe unique well-known undead figure other than sylvanas is...
23:08.02LightbringerlordMy vote would for the gnome king
23:08.13g0urraApothecary Faranell
23:08.18foxlitNothing like fighting tiny checkerboard cubes and then sending their souls to heaven
23:08.19Eraclitoyay for undead gelbin mekkatorique
23:09.36Eraclitoblizzard has to rework seriously horde and alliance chain quests involving sylvanas or bolvar
23:09.57LightbringerlordThere is a chain quest about bolvar?
23:10.09g0urradoes it say anywhere that sylvanas will be removed from power?
23:10.16g0urraseriously it's a quest that isn't even implemented
23:10.20g0urranot even in beta
23:10.23g0urraso chill
23:10.41Lightbringerlordit'd be fun though
23:11.01g0urraso they went through the problem with changing her model and all
23:11.09g0urrajust so they can remove her from the game?
23:11.11Eraclitoi think it's not yet in the beta because it's the surprise for wotlk
23:11.25Eraclitonot remove... raid boss? :>
23:12.23Lightbringerlordmeh, who raids undercity nowadays?
23:12.33foxlitThose tiny checkerboard cubes spam Unholy light faster than real paladins
23:12.58*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
23:20.40foxlitby the looks of it, everyone at wrath gate dies or something like that
23:23.12Eraclitoaeris dies
23:33.09pcjdamn it i need infoz
23:33.22pcjwhere is vol'jin
23:33.29pcji went through the portal and he isn't there
23:33.45Lightbringerlordso the quest is implemented?
23:37.27*** join/#wowwiki gOurra (
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23:41.19*** part/#wowwiki harl (
23:41.21*** join/#wowwiki harl (
23:44.09foxlitHm, visually, Icecrown is boring
23:46.41*** join/#wowwiki Katylia (
23:48.38pcjur mom is boring visually
23:51.14foxlitI wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
23:52.02*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
23:53.19Katyliaanybody really good with pipe syntax used in editing tables and stuff?
23:54.28Sky2042Katylia, ?
23:54.33foxlitask a more specific question
23:55.10Katyliai'm trying to do specific things with the user templates on my user page
23:55.27Katyliaand i'm not very good at it

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