IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080911

00:00.38Adyslook its very simple
00:01.13Adysthose are marks of honor hold :p
00:16.27winkillernow I told someone who asked in /2 for his comp. sci. homework about procedural languages about brainfuck and Ook!
00:17.25mxsyou are a mean old fuck
00:17.32AdysOok sounds like object-oriented klingon
00:17.41winkillerOok is just a dialect of BF
00:17.52mxswell, c++ is a dialect of brainfuck
00:17.59winkillerI'm not mean, I told him some sensible answeres before that
00:18.00mxsin that it is turing-complete as well
00:18.02Adysthat doesnt make it sound less than "object-oriented klingon"
00:18.41winkillerbut very funny, 2 am, you ask about such stuff in your trade channel
00:18.44winkillerand 5 people answer
00:18.55Adyslol theres a BF=>OOK=>BF converter in java
00:19.02winkillerhow sensible
00:19.04mxsI gotta try that with some fun ECC questions
00:19.21mxsand I don't mean the EASY ecc
00:19.34winkillerAdys: I could say "typical java bloat" now.. but I won't
00:19.37mxsthough I suppose it would be fun having somebody explain Viterbi decoders :>
00:19.40winkillerECC as in ECC ram?
00:19.54mxsno, ecc as in elliptic curve cryptography
00:20.02winkillerI see
00:20.08mxsreed solomon is for wankers :P
00:20.12winkillerat least I knew Viterbi
00:20.21Adysbrb fixing this hd
00:20.27mxsviterbi is beyond cool.
00:20.30winkillerEarly childhood caries, a medical syndrome
00:20.48mxsno, that is not viterbi :P
00:21.14winkillerthat ECC is really new to me
00:21.21*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (
00:21.22winkillerand I read that crypto book by Simon Singh
00:21.30winkillerI already considered myself an expert :D
00:21.31mxswhich one ? :)
00:21.34mxsECC is not exactly new
00:21.43winkillermhm, dunno the english titles
00:22.11mxsit's basically RSA which uses a different kind of hard-to-reverse problem
00:22.19winkilleryeah, seen that much
00:22.21mxsgerman one will do :P
00:23.00mxsI think I have that book somewhere on a shelf here
00:23.08winkillergeheime botschaften
00:23.12winkillerand fermat's last theorem
00:23.31mxshave you read any books by Schneier ?
00:23.42mxsApplied Cryptography is hands-down the best book to get into the thick of things
00:23.45winkiller"the code book" original I guess
00:23.58mxsthough there are better ones if you are interested in the mathematical underpinnings :)
00:23.59winkilleractually I'm not interested very much in theory here
00:24.21mxsthat's the beauty of Applied Cryptography. It isn't theoretical.
00:24.22winkillerbut I'm happy if I can build mailservers with SSL and openVPNs :D
00:24.23mxsThere is code.
00:24.40winkillerI only read schneierfacts
00:24.42mxsif you build mailservers with SSL, you deserve to get shot :P
00:24.45winkillerthat's enough!
00:24.45mxsthey should be using TLS
00:24.52winkillerbeenthere, done that
00:24.54winkilleras it's needed
00:24.58winkillerI'm not the one who decides
00:25.07winkillerjust a worky-worky peon
00:25.12mxsI have yet to see a proper use-case for pop3s, imaps, oder ssmtp
00:25.28winkillersometimes it's easier
00:25.32winkillerjust an stunnel :D
00:26.10mxsheh ... not that hard to use a proper MTA/MDA with proper TLS support :)
00:26.35winkillerbut yeah, Schneier would be indeed interesting I guess
00:26.42winkillerat least all the articles and blogposts were
00:26.55mxsthe cool thing about esmtp/TLS is that you can do opportunistic encryption between mailservers
00:27.19mxsif you're a little shaky on how and why crypto works, Applied Cryptography rocks. :)
00:27.40mxsIf you want to do crazier stuff, look up a decent university course on the subject.
00:27.49winkillerI had one actually
00:28.00mxs <-- that one links to a decent German Skript -- at least I found it decent enough :)
00:28.05winkillerbut I never finished it for time reasons
00:28.15winkilleroh, that's your url? nice
00:28.33winkillerand actually I'm not content with most of what my uni provides anyway
00:28.41winkillerI'm trying to finish asap
00:29.24mxswell yeah, we put our solutions on there
00:29.35mxsthey are proper examples on how NOT to do perl
00:29.57winkillercould it be that we had this discussion 1-2 years ago already?
00:30.06winkillerI'm having quite a deja-vu atm
00:30.09mxs <-- that's our AES :)
00:30.12winkillerwith that page, and cryptostuff
00:30.15mxsmaybe so, no idea :)
00:31.03mxsoh well :)
00:31.08winkillerI heard that one
00:31.11winkillersome years ago
00:31.27winkilleroh 14. elliptic curves
00:31.32mxsthe new build is 8926
00:31.33winkillerthat's where I was gone already :D
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00:43.20jaxdahlmxs, verify md5sum please? cc320ca530f1e65e6f7a1aea496543e8
00:43.34*** part/#wowwiki Morrad (
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00:50.43jaxdahlPatch.txt got updated
00:51.19jaxdahlsorry i don't know how to do a pretty diff
00:51.28mxspretty diff will come soon
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00:53.30pcjthats what she said
00:57.21mxs :)
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00:59.51winkiller <- category bar is broken
01:00.08jaxdahlthere's a slider for Shadow Quality in the video options now
01:01.02jaxdahlLich King is finally marked as PVP, heh
01:11.40Adysmxs: got the achievements diff?
01:11.46mxsAdys: doing that now
01:12.15*** join/#wowwiki Teza_aw (
01:18.27AdysKill -Highlord Bolvar Fordragon-. King Varian Wrynn.
01:21.13AdysOnce An Orphan...Kill 10 enemy players who have an orphan with them.
01:21.33*** join/#wowwiki Major|Away (i=Major_Sm@gateway/tor/x-be8829897536bb86)
01:21.54jaxdahlDefeat General Bjarngrimin in the Halls of Lightning in Heroic Difficulty while he has a Temporary Electrical Charge.
01:21.58jaxdahlthat's going to be very hard
01:22.14jaxdahlhe MSes for 18k with that on plate in non-heroic
01:22.35Adyspeople said the same when bc was released
01:22.37jaxdahl2 tanks maybe
01:22.57jaxdahli'm sure it'll get easier eventually
01:23.01jaxdahlbut it's not going to be easy at first
01:23.06Adysthey forget average prot warrior hp went from 9k to 20k
01:23.18jaxdahlif these achievements are in, i wonder if those heroics are enabled this build
01:24.10jaxdahl"Prince Taldaram"
01:24.13jaxdahlwhat dungeon is that?
01:24.25Adyshey, another patch sucker
01:24.28Adyshi skop
01:25.21jaxdahlKill 100 Risen Zombies in 1 minute in The Culling of Stratholme on Heroic Difficulty.
01:25.24jaxdahlthat's gonna be fun
01:25.35jaxdahlKeleseth, No Frost Tomb <PH>sdfsdfsdfsdf
01:25.50Adys[L]<new achievement><Test -- DELETE><new achievement><Test -- DELETE>0
01:25.50Adys[L]<new achievement><Test -- DELETE> (copy)<new achievement><Test -- DELETE>0
01:25.51Adys[L]<new achievement><Test -- DELETE> (copy) (copy)<new achievement><Test -- DELETE>
01:25.54AdysI prefer that
01:26.46jaxdahl"less than 9 people."
01:26.50jaxdahlthat should be 'fewer than'
01:30.20Sky2042_afkwhy so fewer?
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01:47.52pcjbtw mxs your page doesn't validate w3c's css check
01:48.11Sky2042_afkdum dum duummmmmm
01:49.15mxspcj: I broke it again ? :)
01:49.29mxsI promise you that it did, at some point :P
01:49.45pcjOH GOD
01:49.46pcjIT BURNS
01:50.09mxsoy, don't look at the CSS
01:50.12mxsthe css is crappy !
01:50.32pcjyou're the one who put the button on your site
01:50.47mxsyes, and at some point, it was accurate :P
01:51.05pcjNOT ANYMORE
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01:55.20mxspcj: I'll fix it when I feel inclined to :P
01:55.29pcjno, now
01:56.03mxs <-- that one is much more interesting
01:56.10mxsI always forget escaping ampersands in links
01:59.06Adysnight wink
02:00.46pcjgood night winki
02:11.05Adys"I play WoW in windowed mode while I am at work (I own the company, so I can)."
02:11.27AdysLove how people have a second nature to passively spread their epeen around
02:14.48Adys# When a source of damage is entirely prevented (by a shield block, a full resist, or a damage shield like Power Word:Shield, the prevented amount will now be displayed.
02:14.51Adysi didnt notice that
02:16.34mxsAdys: I own my own company too ! In fact, I am COO, CTO, CEO, CFO, CAO, and CSO at over a dozen companies !
02:16.43Adysme too lets have sex
02:16.48mxsyippeeh !
02:17.19Adysmxs, do you remember what was the name of this guy's svn visualisations?
02:17.21mxsI mean come on, "owning" a company is easy. You need maybe a hundred bucks if you know what to do.
02:17.52Adyshe uploaded them on vimeo, was really wicked visuals of svn commits over years.. postgre, python, apache, eclipse iirc
02:18.15mxs ?
02:18.24mxsno, that I do not know
02:18.39mxsI might enjoy a visualization like that
02:18.47Adyshold on ill find it
02:18.57mxsmy epeen gets a virtual orgasm when it sees, say, wikipedia changes animated :>
02:19.14Adysooooh he released others
02:20.09Adyshe just released the app :P
02:20.18Adys heres the original for python, really wicked
02:20.26Adysif some of you havent seen it go watch btw
02:21.51jaxdahlbe sure to click 'high quality'
02:22.44Adys /
02:22.47Adyspostgre and apache
02:25.59jaxdahlvery cool
02:26.09mxsthat is nifty
02:27.48mxsI need access to the MS windows source code repository.
02:28.16Adysit'd probably somehow manage to crash codeswarm
02:29.31Adyswicked, he released the source
02:31.17Adys... its in java
02:32.55AdysWhat I really love is the Apache one
02:33.02Adysits totally in rythm with the music :)
02:36.16Adysanyway, night
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05:31.17kroiz__Hi, I just d/l the game and want to start playing, my friend that has been playing for awhile told me to join a specific server but when I wanted to join the server it says that it is a PvP server
05:31.50kroiz__does that mean only fighting
05:31.58kroiz__on that sever?
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05:45.22_Iggy_kroiz__ - pvp is player vs player servers
05:46.06_Iggy_checkout the newbie guides on the website, helped me alot
05:49.48mxskroiz__: short answer : there will be fighting, but it is not at all all that happens.
05:51.13mxskroiz__: you'll have to deal with ganking a bit more, but generally you will have a lively endgame raid scene on populated PvP servers, as well. Your guild just may have to take care at the zone entrance.
06:04.58kroiz__so I will survive?
06:05.34kroiz__I guess I should not be such a chicken and just try, right?
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06:39.05Fisker-good morning mxs >:3
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08:37.36Fisker-why so icecrown open?
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09:03.12g0urrawhy so Art of War Fisker-?
09:04.36g0urramoar like art of awesome
09:06.32g0urra"Unread mail from: Brann Bronzebeard"
09:06.34g0urraBagginsww ^
09:21.42Fisker-moar like fuck you blizzard, buff holy paladins
09:33.46Fisker-they nerfed the spellpower talent
09:33.56Fisker-also our damage from seals
09:41.05Fisker-jeg ligger en kæmpe lort i din vindueskarm g0urra
09:49.19Fisker-you will be raped
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11:23.41Fisker-i will end you
11:24.01Fisker-also old news
11:32.03Fisker-older than life itself
11:32.13Fisker-btw it's been a day
11:36.55Fisker-stop it
11:37.05Fisker-old news is old
11:37.08Fisker-you're hurting me
11:45.08winkiller <- classic skin, shouldn't the Category: part (bottom) be in a box?
11:45.18winkillerat least it used to be in a box of darker gray
11:48.27KirkburnYeah, sec
11:49.17Kirkburnman, icecrown has some sexeh clouds
11:50.05Kirkburnwinkiller, should be fixed when next css update goes through
11:50.22winkillerit was white bg 10h ago
11:50.26winkillerthat was even weirder
11:57.35Fisker-Kirkburn is everywhere
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12:13.11g0urraKirkburn hi
12:13.21g0urraIcecrown or Icecrown Glacier
12:13.24Kirkburnmorning g0urra, Hobinheim
12:13.30Hobinheimyo yo
12:13.45Hobinheimand yes it is morning in this time zone =)
12:14.17g0urragood, because people are bitchin' about the name change
12:14.23g0urrawtg blizz being consistent
12:16.06KirkburnIt's been in-game as Icecrown for ages, as far as I recall
12:16.09KirkburnHobinheim, :O
12:17.49g0urraKirkburn yeah, but it's Icecrown Glacier in other sources
12:17.59*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
12:18.17KirkburnI think reason being, Icecrown is a bigger area than the glacier alone
12:19.06g0urraKirkburn, did you see the BoA loot? (bind on account)
12:20.08g0urrayay for databases
12:21.23KirkburnWarning: do not fly over Onslaught Harbor >_<
12:31.29g0urradoes the name "Justice Keep" ring a bell? :)
12:32.20KirkburnFordring evidently each place he visited Justice Keep
12:32.27KirkburnThe, when he left, people thought up a better name
12:32.36Kirkburn*evidently named
12:33.47Kirkburnthis ain't no Grizzly Hills, it's Justice Keep. That tree, I name it Justice Keep. What species of animal is that? Justice Keep. Justice Keep, come here, give me the map of Justice Keep.
12:34.44KirkburnIt would certainly simplify cartography
12:36.36*** join/#wowwiki khaije1 (
12:37.30g0urralol @ Reanimated Crusader blocks
12:37.46Kirkburnomg, that's awesome ... I've found a certain evil twin
12:38.10Kirkburng0urra, ?
12:39.33Kirkburndamn, people just got some realm firsts
12:39.44KirkburnWhich one is "Twilight Vanquisher"?
12:39.58Corganshould I go for 'the Explorer' title?
12:40.08CorganI explored all of northrend, and had outland explored
12:40.22CorganI've got about half of kalimdor
12:40.28Corganand barely any in eastern kingdoms
12:42.29KirkburnEr, Matthias Lehner, a ghostly boy, is giving me some pretty damn wrong quests
12:43.26KirkburnTo raise ghouls, kill faceless ones, return to the surface, and go to the orc ship o_O I'm at the surface, and Alliance
12:48.18Fisker-Corgan my enemy
12:49.33Kirkburngoddamit, I keep dying
12:50.10*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
12:50.24Fisker-awesome Kirkburn
12:51.52Kirkburnomg, Fordring has a voice
12:53.27*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Work (n=lopen@
13:00.55KirkburnAny quests in Crystalsong?
13:04.02g0urrabut there are quests from icecrown that involves crystalsong
13:04.19KirkburnYeah, seen that
13:04.19cruciallydid we just have an outage?
13:04.30KirkburnI didn't realise the new shadow system self shadows o_O
13:04.50cruciallyKirkburn: you have time to actually play wow?
13:04.52KirkburnHaven't seen any reports of such, crucially
13:05.05KirkburnIt's running in the background
13:05.35Kirkburnis pleased he got that extra RAM :)
13:09.32Kirkburng0urra, well, there's a flight point at least
13:10.52Kirkburnbut no other interaction
13:12.49g0urrai r angry
13:12.53g0urraI want guilds to delete ;(
13:13.17Kirkburni r forgotten to poke watchout
13:13.28cruciallyguilds aren't allowed on wowwiki?
13:13.36KirkburnGuild stubs
13:14.54Kirkburng0urra, happy now? WoWWiki:Guild_stubs/List
13:15.27g0urraze bot iz a lion >:3
13:15.42cruciallyKirkburn: the cache bug still going on right?
13:15.43KirkburnMore RAM apparently doesn't help my typing skillz
13:17.21KirkburnHowever, today, changing either usemsgchache /or/ &1 works to fix
13:17.44KirkburnSee ... the change should be obvious when fiddling (catlinks)
13:18.25KirkburnI made that change probably an hour and a half ago
13:19.31g0urraoo inscription icon
13:19.42g0urrahard quits WotLK beta and starts up his MPQ viewer
13:20.39cruciallyKirkburn: i should really track this fucker down
13:26.18Fisker-btw Kirkburn
13:26.28Fisker-i know why we should be mad at australia for censorship!1
13:26.30Fisker-Cause liek
13:26.35Fisker-Nazis killed the jews!1
13:27.32g0urradid you see the new icon
13:27.34g0urrafor demon form
13:28.21Fisker-i'm a paladin
13:28.37KirkburnI'm a tomato
13:28.41Fisker-your words are like riddles to me
13:28.58Fisker-yeah but the nazis killed the jews Kirkburn so it doesn't count
13:29.02KirkburnSo good they linked it twice?
13:29.42KirkburnSo Fisker- there's funny, and there's unfunny. You're treading the line.
13:30.17Fisker-i'm that awesome
13:30.33KirkburnWhee, I gotz Spore :)
13:30.51Kirkburncrucially is here, so ... uh .. I'm not installing it now. Of course :)
13:31.14Fisker-[15:27:34] <kuronity> didnt remember mograine had surename darion?
13:31.16Fisker-[15:30:53] <`-FISKER_Q> Didn't remember that first names were surnames
13:31.23*** join/#wowwiki Beutju (
13:31.24cruciallyKirkburn: slacker
13:31.42cruciallyI last got to play a computergame in 1912, and then the war started
13:32.30KirkburnWas Sweden even involved in WWI?
13:32.36cruciallyKirkburn: no
13:32.48cruciallybut i had to haxor the server
13:32.55KirkburnAh, well, of course
13:33.57*** join/#wowwiki nfsnobody (
13:35.23pcjbloody hell, stupid css
13:36.02Kirkburnpcj, I thought the category bar was fixed so I reverted the CSS. It's not, and I'm asking why :P
13:36.15KirkburnAh, it's being sorted now :)
13:41.38KirkburnCategory bar fix is live
13:41.45pcjwow, talk about religious freedom
13:42.22KirkburnI wouldn't describe it as religious freedom, just freedom in general
13:42.59*** join/#wowwiki Bold (
13:43.02pcjwell freedom of speech/religious freedom
13:43.08KirkburnI can confirm cat fix is live, though CSS hasn't caught up yet
13:44.19*** join/#wowwiki Ose__ (
13:45.07KirkburnFreedom of speech yes, not freedom of relgion - religious freedom would be about allowing her to practise her religion freely
13:45.51Kirkburn(my personal opinion of the specific separate concept of freedom of religion notwithstanding)
13:45.53Osewhy so sirius?
13:46.01pcjbut expressing thought contrary to the religious protections of the state
13:46.10pcji.e., religion dictated by the state
13:46.25pcji mean it's not like there's laws about insulting a muslim leader
13:46.30pcjin italy
13:46.45KirkburnNo, true, but that's still freedom of speech
13:47.02pcjok as you will, freedom of speech about a religious leader then
13:47.11KirkburnIndeed :)
13:47.23pcjstill, it's obvious it represses thought against a certain religious view
13:49.09Osei'm still in the topic?
13:49.18Osethat's gotta be some sort of record
13:49.31pcj"The Illinois senator is a local hero in his father's homeland, where a local beer has been named after him. "
13:51.06Kirkburnpcj, I'm making the split more because freedom of speech = good, whilst freedom of religion can basically allow someone to discriminate against others because "it's in their religion"
13:51.23pcjoh yeah
13:51.31pcji'm just saying government should not dictate religion
13:51.37KirkburnAbsolutely :)
13:51.38pcjexcept where it interferes with other people
13:51.59Ose[[Naxxramas (original) loot]] should be moved shouldn't it?
13:52.00DottedOse meant:
13:52.17Ose[[Naxxramas loot (original)]]?
13:52.18DottedOse meant:
13:52.23KirkburnOse, yup
13:52.58Ose[[Naxxramas loot (pre-WotLK)]]?
13:52.58DottedOse meant:
13:53.43KirkburnI think we've been using the terminology "classic"
13:53.53Oseis it really neccesary to have [[Naxxramas (original)]]?
13:53.53DottedOse meant:
13:54.01pcji'm not real sure why we need to have it
13:54.07pcjit should just be a mention in the naxx article
13:54.12Oseisn't it enough wiht one for lore, and two for old and new tactics
13:54.15KirkburnHistorical purposes? I'm not sure how different they are?
13:54.20pcjbut we should keep wotlk as the separate one until wotlk comes out
13:54.50g0urraand I don't see the rush in replacing content that will happen in wotlk
13:54.59g0urrawith naxx for example
13:57.02Fisker-people can still have stuff from old naxx
13:57.04Fisker-so should keep it
13:57.26g0urraafter the patch
13:57.32Fisker-i hate you g0urra
13:57.37g0urraitems from (old) naxx should have {{removedfromgame}}
13:57.38Dottedg0urra meant:
13:58.10g0urraand if there's new items found then move the old and make the new tooltip
13:59.25Fisker-they haven't been removed though
13:59.29Fisker-just not obtainable anymore
14:00.57g0urrawho pulled the plug
14:01.07g0urraFisker-: same same
14:01.28Fisker-i disagree
14:01.36g0urraI hate you Fisker-
14:01.44Fisker-A fight to the death i say
14:08.12*** join/#wowwiki Movix (n=mattes@
14:12.53OseKirkburn: d'oh
14:13.21Osehe doesn't get it, does he
14:16.28Fisker-why so oblivious Ose ?
14:19.47g0urrathese icon names are intriguing
14:19.52g0urralike Achievement_Dungeon_CoTStratholme_25man.png
14:20.55DottedOse meant:
14:23.37Fisker-heroic raids = more intriguing
14:30.17*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
14:34.42*** join/#wowwiki Ose__ (
14:54.05*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
14:54.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
14:56.37Fisker-hear me
15:00.40*** join/#wowwiki Sunwind (
15:05.01*** join/#wowwiki pcj_3 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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15:05.32*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:05.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj_2] by ChanServ
15:06.55Fisker-slaps g0urra around a bit with a large trout
15:10.06g0urrathat's getting oooold pcj
15:10.44Fisker-old g0urra
15:13.07Fisker-placeholder items are plaaaaacehooooooolder
15:13.32Fisker-The level 80 epic sigil is the same as the level 55 starter one for DK's
15:13.35pcjdoesn't say <PH>
15:13.49Fisker-too obvious to need it.
15:14.00pcjwhy even show them then
15:14.09Fisker-why not?
15:14.16pcjbecause who cares about placeholder
15:14.24g0urraur mom
15:14.28pcji blame bibi
15:16.30Fisker-slow forums are slow
15:16.45*** join/#wowwiki AckisWork (i=8ee557c0@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
15:20.46*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
15:23.50*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
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16:01.57*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
16:13.26*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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16:13.50*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
16:36.19*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
16:37.57*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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16:38.13*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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16:38.22*** join/#wowwiki Gryphon (n=gryphon@
16:40.13*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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16:41.20g0urraJan 2008 [...]301.5 MB
16:41.20Gryphenono i esceared of teh rawr! i need a huggle.
16:41.28Kirkburng0urra, aye, I know
16:41.33g0urraFeb 2008 [...]76.9 MB
16:41.35KirkburnDatabase was compressed afaik
16:42.03KirkburnStill ping me if you spot other stuff though :)
16:58.07*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
16:58.51Fisker-fail compression Kirkburn _
16:58.58*** part/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:08.56*** join/#wowwiki Ribbitjones (n=812ad0b7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
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18:23.36*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
18:40.20*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
18:53.55Eraclitoat work, when everyone see i see ... i need more (or less?) real life
19:00.16*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
19:00.51*** join/#wowwiki copystring_ (
19:02.09KirkburnLook for Spore players and their names :) I'm "Kirkburn", surprisingly
19:03.23Sky2042Half my dormhall has the game.
19:03.39Sky2042But then, they have the leaked version, so them hooking up to the internet might not be such a good idea.
19:04.05KirkburnI'm wondering why it won't import my previously created CC animals
19:06.30winkillerEraclito: lol zhat's nice
19:07.08g0urramy guild must be full of slight retards
19:07.18g0urrawe're trying for MH
19:07.19Sky2042g0urra, you're in it.
19:07.20g0urrafirst boss
19:07.26g0urraha ha.
19:07.43g0urraand people are whining that the ice bolt is "unhealable" and "it's impossible doing it this way"
19:08.05g0urrawell guess what, you've only just killed lurker in SSC and two bosses in TK
19:08.41foxlithm, the orange box soundtrack
19:08.55jaxdahlBibi, small request for the blue tracker -- show how many blue posts there are in the thread
19:09.18foxlitSomehow I feel that some of those tracks should've been free with the game
19:49.08Fisker-impressive btw
19:49.14Fisker-blizzard downloader is actually fast
19:55.57cruciallyfaster than wowwiki?
19:57.00Adysthat wouldnt be impressive now would it
19:58.50pcjur mom is faster than wowwiki
20:00.58Adyswhat isnt
20:02.53Fisker-ED is probably the only thing slower
20:03.04pcjfisker has a lot of experience with ED
20:03.34Fisker-pixels etc.
20:05.16*** join/#wowwiki Pazza_ (
20:16.29cruciallyscrew you guys, i am going to take the site down
20:17.41*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
20:17.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o g0urra] by ChanServ
20:20.36cruciallyand you can blame g0urra
20:24.34Kirkburn|afkEither way, we can blame Sweden
20:30.04ralfWORKso this great WOTLK gear unification
20:30.19ralfWORKis it boring, now that they are combining everyone's stats and crap?
20:33.20DottedFUCK BLIZZARD
20:33.26ralfWORKmm k
20:35.44*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
20:41.05*** join/#wowwiki CaptMufleta (
20:43.04*** part/#wowwiki CaptMufleta (
20:48.10*** join/#wowwiki Lukian_ (
20:49.03pcjur mom fucked blizzard
20:49.05pcjand everyone else
20:57.00sacarascthat's a little blunt
20:58.41*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
21:04.50*** join/#wowwiki gOurra (
21:04.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o gOurra] by ChanServ
21:04.55*** part/#wowwiki gOurra (
21:25.20*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
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21:45.48pcjthat's what she said
21:46.02Adyspeople who cant understand that the fucking ARTIFACT items
21:46.05Adysare PLACEHOLDER
21:46.18pcjbut it doesn't say <PH>
21:46.34foxlitPerhaps the name "Artifact" is a placeholder
21:46.40pcjdamn it
21:46.44foxlitAnd the color gets to be reused for this new aweomse class of items :)
21:46.46Adysold like your mom
21:47.13Adysevery fucking possible artifact in game is legendary at most
21:47.20Adysthe skull of gul dan is EPIC
21:47.40Adysand they think they'll be able to buy artifacts at vendors
21:47.42Adysand CRY ABOUT IT
21:48.17foxlityou spew obscenities about them :)
21:48.26pcji heard frostmourne is going to be uncommon quality
21:48.28foxlitFor what its worth, crying is preferable.
21:48.56Adysfuck off you shutthing
21:48.58pcj"We also intend to expand the types of ways that Heirlooms can be attained but for now they are only purchasable via Emblems of Heroism (the new BoJ) and Stone Keeper's Shards, which are attained by killing any dungeon boss in Northrend while your faction controls Wintergrasp. "
21:49.37Adyslol terokkar pvp v2
21:50.23foxlitThey've been going on about their eternal love of Terokkar for ages :)
21:50.31Adysif this is actually older than my mom then theres no reason why i should have been aware of it before hand
21:50.46foxlitMeh, I don't buy that
21:50.55foxlitThe theory of gravity is older than your mom, yet you probably know that
21:50.58Adysits ok failing is free
21:51.09Adyswhat's gravity?
22:04.06*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne_ (
22:05.45*** join/#wowwiki Jagannath (
22:06.18*** join/#wowwiki harl (
22:15.38*** join/#wowwiki Jagannath (
22:42.47*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
23:08.24*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
23:09.52g0urra"Ioladin's Judgement of Blood hits Ioladin for 11128 Holy.(82948 Overkill)"
23:12.01Adysyeah g0urra
23:12.04Adysthat IS overkill
23:12.53g0urra"Ioladin's Judgement of Corruption hits Halof the Deathbringer for 126000 Holy.(59600 Overkill) (Critical)"
23:14.21sacarascg0urra: stop cheating
23:20.00soufronis fée verte
23:25.16*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
23:37.20DottedThe job queue length is currently 1203
23:44.32*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (
23:44.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi`] by ChanServ
23:47.00*** join/#wowwiki Ackis (n=asdf@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
23:51.34mxspreload torrents are up on patch mirrors page :)
23:57.59pcjthank you mxs
23:58.49mxsmirror soonish, torrents are fetching :)
23:58.59mxsonly contains Installer Tome 2.mpq though

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