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01:16.35jaxdahlanyone on Lich King have a titansteel smelt up?
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01:46.56Schmo-[W]work has been friggen hectic today :/
01:47.00Schmo-[W]sucks :x
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02:36.57jaxdahlwhoo hoo
03:01.03jaxdahlpremade copy supposedly up
03:02.21kd3and char copy too. huh. it's not -1 for me any more
03:02.32kd3oh wait. that's beta
03:03.45kd3the hell? pvpdeath, pvpdeathtwo?
03:08.12jaxdahlmy guess they are in level 80 honor/arena gear
03:15.34jaxdahlwhoo hoo
03:15.43jaxdahlrogue and paladin just went through
03:15.45jaxdahlwaiting on mage
03:17.04jaxdahlfull pvp gear on rogue
03:17.43jaxdahl4x22 slot bags, full set of weapons (sword/mace/dagger), no fist
03:18.09jaxdahlnether ray mount, swift razzashi raptor
03:18.49jaxdahlexalted with cenarion expedition, friendly with rest
03:19.23jaxdahl450 FA, 400 lockpicking, max weapon skills
03:21.26jaxdahlstuff is fully enchanted
03:32.17jaxdahli have 4 80s on lich king now, heh
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04:21.14Schmo-[W]work just bought in shitloads of alchohol and i cant drink because im driving
04:37.46jaxdahli need a level 80 ret paladin spec
04:50.47earthmeLonHow the hell did everbody in here get beta keys? :P
04:59.35Eraclitoexcept me :>
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06:57.02Schmo-[W]HOME TIME WOOT
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09:24.52Dottedisnt there a pimp gear article on wowwiki?
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10:08.35KirkburnThis is ... weird:
10:08.49KirkburnAlso, morning
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10:25.09KirkburnAoC is now on Steam :O
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10:43.55KirkburnThough, I was thinking hatchback
10:44.06KirkburnI have no idea, Dotted
10:44.15KirkburnI don't see why not?
10:44.27Dotteddepends if its free to download :/
10:44.34KirkburnAh, point
10:45.00DottedProduct keys will not work with existing Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures accounts.
10:45.02KirkburnI could download EVE for free, so they may do the same
10:45.09KirkburnBtw, any users of around?
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10:47.35Dottedman valve really needs to stop the fail and let us convert our games to steam
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10:49.21Dottedunless its eidos' fault
10:49.21Dottedeither way
10:49.22Dottedsomeone has to to stop the fail
10:49.26Dottednot that i plat age of crap anyways
10:52.28DottedKirkburn you on spore?
10:52.41KirkburnDamn, totally forgot that was today
10:52.47KirkburnEr, might go shopping later
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12:28.17Fisker-you're a funny man Bibi
12:30.46osmodiaryou're a terrible liar, Fisker-
12:35.27Fisker-i'm not lying osmodiar
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13:51.12ralfWORKdammit, why are there no good tanking shoulders? :(
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14:06.15pcjthere are plenty of good tanking shoulders
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14:34.19g0urraOse: ?
14:34.35Osethat is me
14:34.40g0urraWhy did you move that?
14:35.02Fisker-slaps g0urra around a bit with a large trout
14:35.07Fisker-why so g0urra?
14:35.08Osebecause it looked silly?
14:35.22g0urraOse: how is it silly?
14:35.31g0urraevery single design is "Design: <item>"
14:35.36g0urranot "Design:<item>"
14:36.11Osethat's their name in-game?
14:36.39KirkburnSame way it's World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, with space?
14:37.04Osemeh, silly blizzard
14:38.25KirkburnThe lack of spaces in namespaces on a wiki is a technical restriction
14:39.45Kirkburnhmm, it's a bit of an edge case - I can see reasons for doing it either way, but obviously Blizz chose readability :P
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14:41.51Fisker-slaps Kirkburn around a bit with a large trout
14:43.03Kirkburn o_O
14:44.02Fisker-that's impossible
14:44.44Osecow parade!
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15:04.36jaxdahlralfWORK, tanking shoulders in tbc or wotlk?
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15:05.50ralfWORKjaxdahl: tbc
15:06.15ralfWORKcraptastic sethek ones, tier gear, or those ones fromnetherspite that I've never ever seen on any toon
15:06.16jaxdahlah okay then
15:07.00jaxdahli reaaaally hope they get all the broken 5 mans open at the very least in today's patch
15:07.09ralfWORKin wotlk?
15:07.15ralfWORKwhat's broken?
15:07.25jaxdahlcot: strat, halls of stone/lightning are closed
15:07.32ralfWORKsorry I mean
15:07.37jaxdahldue to error 132s
15:07.38ralfWORKin what way are they broken?
15:07.53jaxdahlsome texture problem is crashing the client
15:08.07jaxdahlthey had to no-man's land cot: strat entrance since it occurred outside of it
15:08.24ralfWORKthey haven't re-itemized TBC gear in WOTLK beta yet have they?
15:08.42ralfWORKI'm thinking mostly about warriors
15:08.44jaxdahlit's all spellpower now, for oexample
15:08.47ralfWORKand the tanking itemization
15:08.53jaxdahlnah, that hasn't changed
15:09.00jaxdahli think they changed some shaman stuff but i cannot remember
15:10.30jaxdahlthat's one piece of gear i can't get now b/c halls of lightning is closed
15:10.48ralfWORKI want that plz
15:11.14ralfWORKso you a warrior I assume?
15:11.35jaxdahldeath knight
15:12.09ralfWORKhahah gnome
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15:12.35jaxdahlcheck out the weapon damage and speed
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15:12.44ralfWORKhow the crap can you have 1400 str? and 18k AC :(
15:13.07ralfWORKer, I don't see weapon on there
15:13.07jaxdahlunholy strength+unbreakable armor
15:13.16jaxdahlunder melee stats
15:13.19ralfWORKoh 2.28
15:13.43jaxdahlthat's 800 dps white damage alone
15:13.44ralfWORKoh holy crap wtf 1668-1973?"
15:13.49ralfWORKholy wtf
15:14.04jaxdahli was trying to see how high i could get it to get big hits
15:14.16ralfWORKthat's... alot
15:14.17jaxdahlended up with a 13368 frost strike
15:14.28ralfWORKof course that's with a trinket too it looks like
15:14.40jaxdahlthat's only 228 AP
15:14.41jaxdahlor 280
15:14.42ralfWORKwhat is it without the popped trink?
15:14.56jaxdahlunholy strength+unbreakable armor too like i said
15:15.01jaxdahland horn of winter
15:15.24jaxdahlin my normal pve dps gear i have 307 hit
15:16.34jaxdahl that's my weapon btw
15:17.06Fisker-you call that a knife?
15:17.10Fisker-THIS IS A KNIFE
15:18.25jaxdahl i need to upgrade that :(
15:19.14jaxdahlthat'd be a nice one
15:19.53Fisker-slaps ralfWORK around a bit with a large trout
15:19.55Fisker-slaps jaxdahl around a bit with a large trout
15:21.43jaxdahlanyone know of a character profiling site that supports wotlk items or custom items?
15:22.16Osejaxdahl: custom items?
15:22.31pcjyou mean like...private server items
15:22.38jaxdahlose, ie, add wotlk items manually
15:22.45Oseah, ok
15:22.58jaxdahli want to be able to show other people what i'm wearing w/o giving a list of individual wowhead links
15:23.26Fisker-gonna play some shitty games
15:23.55jaxdahlperhaps i can construct a page and pull wowhead tooltip divs into it?
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16:31.28jaxdahl possible overhaul of runeforging?
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17:01.51*** topic/#wowwiki is Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | CVN: #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | WotLK portal: | WotLK addons: | [18:23:11] <Ose> a big what?
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17:02.44HappyInfobot, ping adys.
17:02.45infobotpong adys.
17:33.12ralfWORKmmkay so I'm dying to know
17:33.34ralfWORKthe warrior talent Vigilance
17:33.38ralfWORKwtf is it's purpose?
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17:36.20ralfWORKit seems pretyt retarded to me
17:37.46MalgayneI dunno, depends on whether your group is dumb or not
17:38.01MalgayneSeems like a great safety net if you have to group with a PUG rogue who won't stop pulling aggro
17:40.51ralfWORKbut it's 5%
17:41.03ralfWORKmy priest as 5% dodge
17:41.07ralfWORKdoesn't save them from shit
17:41.30Kirkburnjaxdahl, oooh
17:41.33Kirkburnmxs, ping
17:41.56KirkburnWhenever you're around, it might be a patch day
17:42.44jaxdahlKirkburn, maybe, maybe not
17:43.05KirkburnIf anyone's going to find out first, it'll be mxs :P
17:43.14jaxdahlit's a 6-8 hour window which is shorter than the last maint window that took 10 hours, and someone mentioned on the forums there seems to be a new realm
17:43.18MalgayneThe 5% dodge isn't the point, it's the taunt cooldown
17:43.24KirkburnNew realm :O
17:43.29KirkburnFor the EU I hope
17:43.37ralfWORKMalgayne: mm. k
17:43.45ralfWORKI guess that's assuming I actually taunt off DPS
17:43.54ralfWORK(which I generally don't)
17:44.04Malgaynewho else would you taunt off of, assumig you had to taunt at all?
17:44.10jaxdahllol they turned off premade copies
17:44.15jaxdahli have -3 premade copies remaining
17:44.30MalgayneIf your healer is generating more threat than your dps, I think your dps has a problem. :P
17:44.38ralfWORKMalgayne: Taunt is to fix my screwups like when I pull 1 more mob than I can handle and it's going to a healer
17:44.39MalgayneBut I guess I'm thinking only of single target fights
17:44.48ralfWORKsingle target is whatever
17:44.57jaxdahl'Murmer' is the name of the new PvP realm
17:45.14jaxdahlit's a destination realm in the dropdown list when i attempt to copy one of my live characters
17:45.23ralfWORKdunno, I guess the taunt CD could be nice...
17:45.25jaxdahli wonder why it's Murmer and not Murmur
17:45.27ralfWORKbut whatever
17:46.11mxsKirkburn: plonk
17:46.19mxsKirkburn: I haven ot see nany files hit the servers yet
17:46.37jaxdahlmxs, servers JUST went down within in the last half hour
17:46.56jaxdahlso it'll be a while yet if there's a patch coming still
17:47.10Kirkburnmxs, ohw ell, finger scroses d. ;)
17:47.25mxsjaxdahl: usually the pieces hit the servers pretty early, the downloader is the thing that is usually late
17:47.43jaxdahli'm gonna be pissy if they don't fix anything before the weekend
17:47.51KirkburnWhat's broken?
17:47.52mxsget -nv{8886..9000}-enUS-patch.exe/0 <-- right now that just gives 404s :)
17:48.08jaxdahlcot: strat, halls of stone|lightning
17:48.16jaxdahli want my loots from there
17:48.50jaxdahlneck, shoulder, gloves, boots
17:49.07jaxdahler, not the boots, that's heroic nex
17:49.51Kirkburnheroic nex? What's that, a new armor spot for collars? :P
17:52.27jaxdahlmaybe they're spending 6-8 hours moving the premades to murmer
17:52.37jaxdahlthat everyone copied to lichking/northrend
18:05.37g0urraYou'll need to put in the final stats yourself, but hey
18:06.30jaxdahlit works with wotlk items?
18:06.59g0urraWorks with all items on WoWWiki
18:07.31g0urraIf it's not on WoWWiki then its article needs ot be made
18:07.39KirkburnWe tried to get it to work with pcj's mom, but g0urra already had her.
18:07.58g0urrahar de har
18:08.18KirkburnWeird ... that's what I thought too :)
18:09.18pcjthat...doesn't make any sense kirkburn
18:09.46Kirkburnpcj, sorry, since when did "you mom" jokes have to make sense?
18:09.51KirkburnI don't recall being at that meeting
18:09.59mxssince Kirkburn's mom said so.
18:10.12Osehave they have
18:10.16mxsyou wouldn't have been there. It would have been awkward anatomically.
18:10.40*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/GitHub/Tekkub)
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18:22.49Osewhy so slow, wowwiki?
18:26.56OseWotLK - Release Date CONFIRMED (proof):
18:34.32g0urraokay, tweaked the paperdoll code
18:35.02g0urraitems that doesn't exist will show a question mark instead, and you'll be able to add the item by clicking the question mark
18:47.33KirkburnOse, I'm convinced
18:48.09g0urrathat white dragon guy called me Gorrum
18:48.49Fisker-Mercenaries 2 may just be the shittiest port of game ever made
18:48.54Fisker-And i thought Ironman was bad
18:49.04Fisker-oh and btw it wasn't EA's fault
18:49.10Fisker-i has proof
18:57.30*** join/#wowwiki blademeld (
18:57.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!n=chatzill@*] by g0urra
18:57.35*** kick/#wowwiki [blademeld!] by g0urra (g0urra)
19:01.23Fisker-g0urra my friend
19:01.32g0urraFisker- my ban
19:02.11Fisker-i'm not your ban
19:02.19Fisker-why so overzealous?
19:36.37jaxdahl'going to try to patch today'
19:37.14jaxdahlstorm peaks scheduled to be enabled, but may still be crashing, if so, will be disabled
19:37.57jaxdahlgood thing i transferred the 15000g i had on my premade copies :) they are being removed
19:39.42Fisker-Already got 100k myself
19:39.43Fisker-well or had
19:42.28sacarasci still has no betakey :(
19:46.40jaxdahlmxs, still nothing?
20:01.42mxsnot unless they changed the naming scheme
20:04.46mxsI'd like to meet the guy who makes the patching decisions ... He never posts !
20:05.01mxsIt's pretty much always qualified with a "trying to" "maybe" "hopefully", etc. :)
20:07.19Gnarfoz :X
20:07.41Gnarfozwhy's the US one different, btw? :X
20:07.47mxsGnarfoz: psf is usually the last thing being updated
20:08.01Gnarfozobviously, because that's where the client checks if it should patch at all
20:08.17Gnarfozbut the US one doesn't even show 8885?
20:08.27mxsthe launcher checks there
20:08.31mxsthe client checks with login servers
20:08.38Gnarfozthe client gets that file, too oO
20:08.40mxsyeah, I'd assume some kind of fuckup :)
20:08.46mxsno, the client gets a different one
20:08.48Gnarfoz(because I don't start the launcher, ever, yet it shows up)
20:08.49Adys \o/
20:08.50mxsfrom a different server
20:08.51Adysspellsteal is nice
20:09.16mxsyes, but the client does not care about psf or ... it gets the MPQ in-stream from the login server, no http involved
20:09.38Gnarfozsounds like something they'd do, that's for sure ;)
20:09.48Gnarfozanyway, SET patchlistbn ""
20:09.49Gnarfozyay :D
20:10.34mxsso, who wants to bet on what buildnumber the new patch will
20:10.37GnarfozI said, when bnet.dll showed up, that they'll integrate wow, sc2, d3 etc into, and more and more, that seems to become more likely ;)
20:10.43mxsI'm gonna go with 8949
20:10.44Adysmxs: last time I was 3 builds off
20:10.47*** part/#wowwiki Malgayne (
20:10.48AdysI went for 8888
20:11.00Adys3 revisions*
20:11.14Gnarfoz8931 is my bet
20:11.25AdysIll go with..
20:12.27mxsso, do you think anybody looks at the logs of the httpseed servers ?
20:12.37mxsI'm causing hundreds of 404s today ... well ... thousands
20:12.42Gnarfozevery second?
20:12.50Gnarfozminute? :D
20:12.53Gnarfozcronjob at all? xD
20:13.00mxsevery couple of minutes atm, but you need to check a lot of numbers
20:13.07mxsI was tempted doing a cronjob
20:13.11mxsbut I would only do that for psf
20:13.13Gnarfozyou do have it scripted, though, right
20:13.19mxsI have it on a keypress :P
20:13.33mxsI am not hammering the distro servers with dozens of queries per second all day long
20:13.34Gnarfozwhatever that's supposed to mean
20:14.12Gnarfozcertainly not, but you could still make a script that does whatever it is you do, execute it once per minute via cron, and only today ;>
20:14.30Gnarfozdoubt that's much of a load issue^^
20:14.56mxswget -nv{8886..9100}-enUS-patch.exe/0 2>&1 | grep 262144
20:15.29mxsif that yields a line, I hit paydirt
20:15.59mxsI could script it for cron, but what if I just forget it's on ?
20:16.24mxs224 queries once a minute ? Kinda wasteful :>
20:16.45Adyser give it a bigger rest :p
20:17.08mxsbut what would it do ? Write an RSS I would not see anyway (because I'm doing something else ? :)
20:17.28mxsstart downloading the stuff, package it up, do checksums, put it on RapidShare and let an Eggdrop here know ?
20:17.44mxs(and no, I don't want to spend that kind of time on something that they will revamp, eventually, anyway .)
20:17.45Adysits what i do with talents :p
20:18.11mxsyeah, technicall it isn't hard
20:18.40Adyss/l/ly/ would have worked
20:18.53mxsyes, it would have. But were are not GOLFING here.
20:19.05Adysand how do you know we are not, sir?
20:19.18mxsIt doesn't say "" at the top of my window.
20:19.47mxsI do hope you know the term though :P
20:19.54Gnarfozmxs: are you french now, btw? :D
20:20.01mxsGnarfoz: no
20:20.11Adyshe was french a few days ago
20:20.23mxsbullshit ! :P
20:20.23Gnarfozalso, the next build is probably gonna be 9101 just to fuck with you :P
20:20.38mxsGnarfoz: Blizzard is spying on this channel, I know it !
20:20.45Gnarfozjust asking, because you mangle punctuation marks like they do.
20:20.45Adys200 revisions in 2 weeks i kinda doubt it tho
20:21.02mxsmaybe if they are golfing :>
20:21.50mxsDoes info bot understand
20:21.58Adys~do you understand
20:21.58infobotyes, I understand.
20:21.59mxsAdys =~ s/sbut/but/
20:22.10mxsno, he does not :>
20:22.14Adysits an acronym
20:22.27mxssuperbutt ?
20:23.24AdysI do think it'll be 9050.7
20:23.30Adysjust because they can
20:24.02mxsI am waiting for the day when they realize that all version numbers must go towards pi, asymptotically
20:24.40mxs3. -> will be the first new instance in a wotlk patch
20:27.14*** join/#wowwiki Nechckn (
20:28.33jaxdahlmxs, what is the purpose of /0 ?
20:28.41Adysits to be leet
20:28.45jaxdahland how do you know it's not goint to be 3.0.3?
20:28.56Adysbecause it wont
20:29.09Adysthey just released 3.0.2
20:29.37mxsI also tried 3.0.3 earlier.
20:29.41mxsthe 0 is the piece number
20:30.08mxsthose servers are webseeds, essentially. They serve pieces as per the .torrent ... Each piece is 256k in size, and /0 is the first one
20:30.12Gnarfozbasically, I could just pull the pieces directly and chain them together? :>
20:30.44Adysthat, or ive been having corrupt working patches since months.
20:30.46mxsgets a little more tricky with .app ones (you'll have to put the pieces into the right files at the right offsets), but that, too, is possible if you know what to expect
20:30.54mxsAdys: no, 0 is the first one.
20:31.07mxsAdys: mac ?
20:31.09Gnarfozfuck macs :p
20:31.15Adysno, exes
20:31.26mxs'cause I really don't see how you'll have an executable file without the MZ header
20:31.38Adysbecause i got an MZ header in the /1
20:31.57mxsname one url.
20:31.59mxsjust one.
20:32.05Adyslast patch's?
20:32.10mxsbeta patch ?
20:32.11AdysI patched by creating it from /1
20:32.23Adys(EU if that makes any diff, i doubt it)
20:32.40mxsMZ header.
20:32.42mxsno MZ header.
20:33.03mxsno it doesn't, EU is the same (but a different ip subnet, obviously :)
20:33.33mxsare you sure you are not stoned ? :)
20:33.42Adyschecking script
20:33.51GnarfozI just find it funny that even throwing 100/100mbit at their torrent doesn't give me acceptable speeds :X
20:34.05Gnarfozwhile it does for every other BT swarm under the sun :}
20:34.45Adysthe script does start at 0 mxs
20:34.50Adysnever intended it to :|
20:34.59mxsAdys: you rock, in an unintentional kind of way
20:35.21mxsGnarfoz: depends on the torrent for me. I got the enGB and deDE installers at upwards of 5mbyte/s
20:35.25Adyssounds like a good xkcd
20:35.37Adys"I love you, if I remember correctly."
20:35.51mxsGnarfoz: also depends on whether there are Blizzard Seeders in there (some torrents have them, some don't -- and the regular client does use the webseeds, but only for a few pieces at a time)
20:36.10mxsAdys: xkcd is that which cannot be bested.
20:36.17Gnarfozindeed it is
20:36.38Gnarfozand I'm not getting more than 200kb/s or something on enGB patches most of the time :X
20:36.57mxsGnarfoz: crank up the upload slots, minpeers, and reannounce every now and then
20:37.06mxs(and maxpeers, if needed ;)
20:37.30Gnarfozhm, gotta check what I configured
20:38.21Adysur mom is slowwiki
20:38.47g0urraur slow is momwiki
20:38.58mxsGnarfoz: basically, you want to be uploading to as many people as possible; it's better to send 100 people 20k/s each than 10 people 200k/s -- since chances are that those 10 do not have 200k/s upstream
20:39.07Gnarfozyeah, I know why
20:39.25mxsgood :) I didn't want to go into snubbing and choking :>
20:40.01Gnarfoznow to find out if rtorrent has default limits or if non-configured values are set at "maximum"
20:40.19mxsit does
20:40.27mxsgo into the torrent
20:40.37Gnarfozno, in rtorrentc :>
20:40.46mxs3, 4, and 6 are the keys you want
20:40.53mxswtf is rtorrentc ? :)
20:41.09mxsyou can probably set it there :)
20:41.33Gnarfozlower right corner
20:41.39GnarfozI guess current/limit? ^^
20:42.03mxs2 lines above that
20:42.13Gnarfozhaven't changed it in a while because it works fine for other torrents
20:42.22mxsMin/Max and Uploads
20:42.24Gnarfozlines? this is in an empty main view of rtorrent ^^
20:42.32mxsinside a torrent
20:42.34mxsas I said
20:42.44mxsnot sure how to change the default, don't use rtorrent THAT much :)
20:42.46Gnarfozgot no torrent atm, and I want to change it globally and permanently
20:42.58Gnarfozediting .rtorrentrc ;)
20:43.11Gnarfozyeah, it's curr/max
20:44.22Gnarfozalso yeah, 3,4,5,6 in download view are min/max peers +/-
20:44.37Gnarfozchecking when the patch actually is available later
20:44.48Gnarfozthough I'd prefer just leeching it from their webseeds :p
20:45.23kd3we got a build number for today's patch?
20:49.11mxskd3: nothing yet
20:54.35jaxdahlwe still don't know 100% sure if they're pushing a patch
20:55.44g0urraThey are
20:55.46g0urraTigole said it
20:56.03Fisker-o hai
20:57.12*** join/#wowwiki Arrowmaster (n=Arrow@unaffiliated/arrowmaster)
20:58.27Fisker-last i read they said "TRYING"
20:58.43Gnarfozthen you better read up
20:58.52Gnarfozlast I read was "10% in today's patch"
21:00.36Fisker-shit sucks when that post is outdated witht he post that says that they're trying to make a new patch for today
21:00.39Fisker-not promising
21:00.43Fisker-with the*
21:01.43Gnarfozlearn to s///
21:05.12Fisker-s/// is a waste of my time
21:09.01*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
21:09.40Gnarfozyou are a waste of my time!
21:09.51Gnarfozand EU is a waste of blizzard's time, obviously.
21:09.56*** join/#wowwiki crucially (n=sky@
21:14.29Fisker-old news Gnarfoz
21:20.28kd3slowwiki is slow
21:21.06Kirkburn|afkAye, I've seen it reported
21:21.36Kirkburn|afk(I is actual staff now, I sees things)
21:22.09g0urraThe current job queue length is 126
21:22.29Kirkburn|afkslowg0urrabot is slow
21:23.03g0urraSmartassKirkburnbot is smartass
21:23.31Fisker-fuck you g0urra is fuck you
21:23.36Kirkburn|afkBack to KotoR :)
21:23.43Fisker-no u Kirkburn|afk
21:23.56Kirkburn|afkI'd be playing Spore if I was less lazy
21:24.39Kirkburn|afkUh .... "Boy doles out hundreds of fake $20 bills" ... "In all, the counterfeit money added up to 44 notes or $880."
21:24.54Kirkburn|afkHave they suddenly forgotten how to count?
21:25.22pcjkirkburn it probably just means "hundreds in fake $20 bills"
21:25.31Adysno it does not
21:25.42Kirkburn|afk ... better version of the free petrol story :)
21:25.53Kirkburn|afkpcj, that's what I assume they intended, yeah :P
21:25.56pcj"handing out hundreds of dollars in fake $20 bills" it says later in the article
21:26.58Kirkburn|afkWe're up to 113 pence per litre now :O
21:27.02Adysur mom hands out hundreds of dollars in fake $20 bills
21:27.38pcjand she still doesn't put out like ur mom
21:27.58Adysmy mom's fake bills are better than your mom's
21:28.08g0urraKirkburn|afk: 113 pence = 1.13 pounds right?
21:28.21g0urraoh u
21:28.26Kirkburn|afkg0urra, yes
21:28.36Fisker-It's 1.13 british pounds
21:28.39Fisker-ME SO FUNNY
21:28.46Kirkburn|afkSterling, you'll find
21:28.57Fisker-don't ruin my funnehs
21:29.05Kirkburn|afkYou do it yourself :)
21:29.36pcjur mom is 1.13 pounds
21:30.00Fisker-your mom is £1.13
21:31.18Fisker-i am so bored
21:32.53pcjyour mom was so bored
21:35.40*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
21:47.23Corgannew  patch link yet?
21:47.50mxsno, not yet.
21:47.52mxsnone on servers yet.
21:48.02Adysdo it yourself Corgan >.>
21:48.08CorganAdys, fuck off
21:48.23Fisker-fuck you Corgan
21:48.31pcjthat's what she said
21:48.48mxsI said no such thing
21:48.51Fisker-That's what HE said
21:48.58pcjur moms a he
21:49.09mxscareful pcj
21:49.13mxsthat would make him Jesus
21:49.27pcjthat almost made sense
21:49.40mxsit made perfect sense :>
21:49.47*** join/#wowwiki dracula (
21:49.47pcjmaybe in your psychotic mind
21:49.59mxsdude, do you REALLY want to fuck with a psycho ?
21:50.01mxsThink about it.
21:50.06pcjidk i fucked with ur mom
21:50.39mxsdo you prefer two or four barrels ?
21:51.00mxsI'll choose the shot, but you get that choice at least :P
21:51.15pcjjust be careful
21:51.18pcjur mom likes to be on top
21:51.39*** join/#wowwiki earthmeLon (
21:51.50Fisker-your moms like to be in a plastic bag submerged into the atlantic ocean
21:51.58Fisker-mom likes*
21:52.08pcjyou have two moms
21:52.10mxsoh, she knows the drill. Didn't you ever wonder why she wouldn't take off the kevlar-bra ?
21:52.38pcji always figured it was the double mastectomy
21:57.38Fisker-i'm destroying you pcj
21:59.12CorganI'm eating your Fisker-
21:59.27mxspcj: we're all gonna dieeeeeee
21:59.32pcjluciano pavarotti died one year ago tomorrow :((((
21:59.58mxsso did your mom.
22:00.02mxswait a minute.
22:00.59*** join/#wowwiki KaNNis (n=kanniss@
22:02.56Fisker-she definitely didn't die a year ago mxs
22:03.53*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
22:04.23Sky2042helllllloooooo all.
22:05.07Sky2042find g0urra.
22:05.16g0urraoh no you didn't
22:05.28Sky2042oh yes I did, fool.
22:05.49pcjur mom did
22:06.45*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
22:06.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
22:07.24*** join/#wowwiki Lopen (
22:10.07*** join/#wowwiki Dakhma (
22:11.17*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
22:12.42*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
22:13.08kd3patch up. build 8905. torrent's not ready
22:14.08g0urraI'm stuck on handshaking
22:15.14Fisker-why so handshaking?
22:15.41pcji was handshaking with ur mom
22:15.48BibiI'd shake my hand too if I had a new patch
22:16.11SkosirisHI BIBI
22:16.11Adyslol eh oh!
22:16.14Corganeats Bibi
22:16.14Adysil a meme pas le patch!
22:16.17Adysle nul!
22:16.28Adyshey bibi
22:16.41BibiSkosiris : very, very happy mood ?
22:16.41Adystu te souviendras la prochaine fois que je te previens 48h a l'avance
22:16.45pcjuh oh bibi talks and the rabble shows up
22:17.00Bibiyou usually don't talk me before you realize you need items from me
22:17.21kd3whee... beta general feels more and more like live-side PTR forum
22:17.31kd33805852850 threads: "Download not authorized"
22:19.01mxsfetching it.
22:19.41mxsnot on servers yet.
22:20.12pcjhelp download not authorized
22:20.32Adyswho knows they might have moved it, seeing the ones trying to get them in advance ;)
22:20.45Fisker- >:3?
22:20.49pcjKirkburn|afk whatever happened with
22:20.59Adys(mxs learn to spoof client really)
22:21.04Adys(srsly :/)
22:21.13mxsAdys: do they check the client now ?=!?
22:21.26Fisker-Isn't it easy to fake anyways?
22:21.34Adyspats Fisker-
22:21.41pcjur mom thought it was easy to fake
22:22.10mxsAdys: seriously, client-check ? 404 seems an odd error
22:22.44Adysthrowing 404s is the cool thing to replace 4xx and 5xx errors with
22:22.53jaxdahlkd3, how are you able to figure a new patch is up?
22:23.10kd3I logged in. gasp, the client's getting a patch!
22:23.55jaxdahla downloader for the patch you mean?
22:24.12mxsk, fetching it.
22:24.14kd3and heh. I've got 512k even though it's still not authorized
22:24.32kd3yup. me too. 32k/s. whee
22:24.42mxsgive me about 3-4 minutes :)
22:25.11jaxdahlthey're changing racials
22:25.13jaxdahl(not this build)
22:25.30mxsthe server I was testing did not have the patch yet
22:26.57g0urramxs why isn't it working
22:27.30jaxdahlmxs, 0..434?
22:28.56mxsjaxdahl: yes
22:29.09jaxdahlteach me how to put them together, i have all pieces downloaded
22:29.22g0urramxs: enGB
22:29.26Adyshere's a sewing kit, jaxdahl
22:29.28mxsg0urra: working on that next.
22:29.28Adyshave fun
22:30.14mxsit is not on enGB servers yet
22:32.27jaxdahlcat {0..434} > out.exe
22:33.32mxsjaxdahl: yes.
22:33.42jaxdahl109 megs seems small
22:33.53Adyslike your mom's... nvm
22:33.54mxsit is
22:33.57mxsbut that's the correct size
22:34.07Adyswhy would it be bigger?
22:34.12Adys99% of musics are ingame
22:34.17jaxdahlnaxx :(
22:34.24Adys... is ingame
22:34.28jaxdahlnew models
22:34.33Adys... are ingame
22:34.40Adysand the rest just fills the 109 mb
22:34.42*** join/#wowwiki Major_Small (i=Major_Sm@gateway/tor/x-9d540abe4ad56313)
22:35.36*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
22:37.14Fisker-The EU patch will be double in size of course
22:37.56Adysyour mum is double in size
22:39.41mxspatchnotes are EXACTLY the same :/
22:39.56jaxdahlthey don't bother updating them anymore
22:40.09g0urramxs: maybe because they didn't update the EU one
22:40.23g0urraTHAT ONE*
22:40.34AdysLEARN TO S///
22:40.52jaxdahli'll s/.*//g you
22:41.00g0urraf u
22:41.05g0urras/f u/fuck you/
22:41.45Adystest !
22:41.59Adysworks fine here
22:42.12jaxdahls/test/i have a naughty bot mouth/
22:42.25jaxdahls/test/i have a naughty bot mouth too/
22:42.39jaxdahls/test/:tnaem lhadxaj/
22:43.18Adys~rot13 :tnaem lhadxaj
22:43.18infobot:ganrz yunqknw
22:44.14Fisker-~rot13 :ganrz yunqknw
22:44.14infobot:tnaem lhadxaj
22:46.14Fisker-i'm dying to death here g0urra
22:46.31AdysIm giving a shit about it Fisker-
22:46.33g0urrayour mom is dying to death too Fisker-
22:46.36Adys... oh, not anymore
22:47.20pcjur mom was giving a shit
22:47.35g0urrain ur pants
22:48.06*** join/#wowwiki Major|Away (i=Major_Sm@gateway/tor/x-395abb033b18b0da)
22:49.42mxsengb is transferring
22:50.20Fisker-no g0urra
22:51.01Fisker-you are forbidden to <:3
22:52.05Adysalready installed, extracted, datamined, patched and torn apart here
22:52.14Adyssince yesterday
22:52.15mxsAdys: pfft :P
22:54.40*** join/#wowwiki Major|Away (i=Major_Sm@gateway/tor/x-a1d496112752cb91)
22:54.40mxshaha ... beta forums are now in maintenance mode
22:57.04Sky2042probably flooded by all the people with the patch that won't DL.
22:57.20pcjthe patch after 8905 is already out?
22:58.01mxspcj just likes being elitist, pay him no heed :>
22:58.04Adysyour momma's after 8905
22:59.40pcjis the patch after 8905 over 9000
23:00.09*** join/#wowwiki Camicio2 (
23:02.37*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
23:02.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
23:02.55Fisker-atleast they fixed the bug with the authenticator >:3
23:12.15KaNNiscant wait for the over 9000 patch
23:12.21KaNNiswill cause too much kapshun
23:13.43jaxdahlare warrior/death knight glyphs in?
23:13.47jaxdahlcan you pull that from datamining?
23:14.22Fisker-and warrior glyphs are in
23:14.35Fisker-atleast in the files
23:14.41Fisker-we don't know if they will be available of course
23:14.51jaxdahlGlyph of Kilrogg - Increases the movement speed of your Eye of Kilrogg by $s1% and allows it to fly in areas where flying mounts are enabled.
23:15.35soufronhello les boys
23:17.31Fisker-MY MOUSE IS BROEKEN
23:17.54Fisker-it's all spore's fault
23:19.24Sky2042haha Fisker-.
23:19.31Sky2042what an addictive game...
23:24.25mxshah !
23:24.29mxstitles for old world quests !
23:24.43Fisker-Achievements in Wrath of the Lich King, build 0
23:24.44Fisker-good job
23:24.57pcjur mom did a good job
23:25.53Fisker-you ruined my mouse pcj
23:25.55Fisker-i hate you
23:26.48Fisker-oh yay
23:26.49Fisker-it works again
23:26.58AdysPity the Love Fool in the locations specified below.10WintergraspGurubashi ArenaArathi Basin BlacksmithThe Culling of StratholmeNaxxramas
23:27.00Fisker-Probably a lose connection then
23:27.09Adys"I Pitied the Fool"
23:27.16mxsFisker-: still getting that ?
23:27.27Fisker-nah it worked after i refreshed
23:27.50Fisker-so what you go /pity someone who /hugged you_
23:28.15Fisker-What's with the "Loremaster's Colors"?
23:28.16jaxdahl"Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's"
23:28.20Fisker-wtus dat etc.
23:28.50jaxdahlthey changed the name of the naxx badges
23:29.01jaxdahlEmblems of Heroism|Valor (10|25)
23:29.20jaxdahlwell, not sure which one is which for sure, actually
23:29.50AdysWho Sharted?Complete the Legion Ring event in Blade's Edge Mountains and defeat Overseer Shartuul.10
23:29.53AdysWhy remove it
23:30.11jaxdahl4 horsemen --> "<NYI> Need to hook up event"
23:31.57Fisker-no u
23:37.54Fisker-sleep tiems mr. pcj
23:38.16Fisker-good night sweet prince
23:39.06Kirkburn|afk"Crashin' Thrashin' Racer" :D
23:39.14Fisker-GOOD NIGHT Kirkburn|afk
23:39.21Kirkburn|afkNight Fisker-
23:41.18Kirkburn|afkBloody mages, getting Mirror Images!
23:51.04*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:53.05*** join/#wowwiki vitech_ (
23:56.38*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (

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