IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080821

00:00.54cowardlyshoemight someone be able to tell me when the drawing will be occuring for the wowlympics event, and at what point winners will be notified?
00:04.03pcjThe event begins August 18th, and runs until 23:00 UTC August 25th.
00:04.49pcjWikia will attempt to notify winners by email and/or by post at the address provided within approximately three (3) days following selection of each winner.
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00:05.38pcjhello xhaiden
00:06.13xhaidenhello, sorry to bother again, but im utterly stuck on #4 "gotta catch them all" ect.
00:07.09pcjsmall creatures people collect
00:08.07RizzlerKirkburn, how many thousand ? =)
00:08.17pcjover 9
00:08.57xhaidenok ty guess that scraps my origonal to wiki lol ty
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00:14.14xhaidenback for a second, just to thank you, pcj, for your help, so obvious that i didnt consider it...question five was laughably easy for me, so thanks again ^.^
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00:37.34pcjheh talking to the dalaran fp while on a flying mount has a comic effect
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01:33.47Dottedahahaha vs - screw this im selling :D
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01:38.08nemox48is there any chance someone could give me a hint on the last clue for the wowlympics? is it a place or a creature i'm looking for ?
01:40.47Charitwobops kirkburn
01:41.16pcjnemox48: you're looking for a creature
01:41.36nemox48ok ty
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01:51.43pcjhi folias
01:52.19Foliashey what's up
01:52.32Foliasi joined this channel so i could learn more about wow
01:52.35Foliasdo you play wow?
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02:14.41Xeonmonkeyhey,this is where we go for WoWlmpyics hints?
02:14.58Xeonmonkeyi appear to be stuck on the 4th item >.< any tips?
02:15.39pcjsmall creature people collect
02:15.56pcjdigimon, duh
02:15.56Xeonmonkeya noncombat pet?
02:16.18pcjwell i liked pokemon better
02:17.09Xeonmonkeypcj,players or NPCs collect?
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02:17.21pcjhello juju
02:17.23Xeonmonkeyall righty thanks
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02:19.05Xeonmonkeyfound it! thanks!
02:20.13Xeonmonkey5th one was easy =/
02:20.19Xeonmonkeyit was a fun contest though!
02:20.26Xeonmonkeyhope to see some of you in the beta :D
02:21.01pcjim on the northrend server
02:21.19Xeonmonkeythat's the PvE server right?
02:21.32Xeonmonkeyall righty
02:21.44Xeonmonkeyif i get in i'll be under the same name as my irc,horde side :)
02:22.38Xeonmonkeyso how does this work with entering?
02:22.52Xeonmonkeyi just send all this and how do we get contacted?another email?
02:23.43pcjyeah you'll be contacted if you win we give them our account name or something?
02:24.16Xeonmonkeyor do they just send a code and we enter that
02:24.30pcjwell if you win you acknowledge that you want the prize and then they send you the key i think
02:27.09Xeonmonkeyso...8 chances for this beta key and 1 in tenton /pray
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02:28.55GaroukHoly sweet mammy malarky.
02:29.21pcjhi garouk
02:30.02GaroukGreetings. Since I have an account on the wiki, figure I might as well join the IRC channel.
02:31.09Nechcknuh oh... Garouk has discovered "The Secret".  Now they'll need to be dealt with...
02:32.02GaroukWhat, the murloc-powered Gnome-punter?
02:34.55Nechcknman, you've heard of that, too?!?!  geez, who is in charge of security around here, anyway
02:35.42GaroukMankrik's wife, last I heard.
02:37.07pcjBah, where is she, let me at her
02:39.24Xeonmonkeyim back
02:39.31Xeonmonkeywhere is this murloc powered gnome punter?
02:40.04GaroukLast I saw her, was in the Barrens.
02:40.35Nechcknand when not in the Barrens, locked away in the WoWWiki vault- at least, suppsed to be.
02:41.03GaroukWoWWiki has an armory?
02:41.11GaroukI could use some new loot.
02:42.27GaroukAnd in other news, some of the WoWlympics stuff is sure stumping.
02:42.51pcjlike what
02:43.22Garouk#4. collector, fuzzy, pet... I'm stumped.
02:43.51pcjsmall creatures people collect
02:45.32Garoukwait, in wow, or IRL?
02:45.51pcjall the clues are about warcraft
02:45.58Garoukwait, nevermind, got it (silly me.)
02:47.49GaroukI doubt I'd win, as everyone and there dog is playing it, but eh..might try for the slim chance.
02:49.40Xeonmonkeyhere's for hoping,eh?
02:49.49*** part/#wowwiki nemox48 (
02:52.23GaroukIndeed. Since I doubt the opt-in key I applied for will surface anytime within the next three days (my week vacation starts then...)
03:03.24GaroukAnd I need to keep my Tauren toon-making going.
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03:26.22Zer078heya  any one here
03:28.04GaroukI am..I think.
03:29.05Zer078im debating what to do with my  WOW:WOTLK WWI  beta card with the Tyrael pet
03:30.46*** join/#wowwiki _earthmeLon (
03:40.32Xeonmonkeyyou can give it to me :D
03:46.22Zer078the problem is atm i got 2 mmos i want play which are WAR and AOC(current), im not sure if i want to head back to wow just yet
03:47.16Zer078i used to have a warrior way back when in t3 before quiting and then i came back with a rogue  right before aoc came out and got him to 70
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06:39.01Fisker-mein sufflé
06:40.34Fisker-do you understand g0urra ?
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06:43.20Fisker-who says it's a good day?
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06:46.08winkillerseems I annoyed you. so it is already
06:46.46Fisker-i am unannoyable
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07:10.00Fisker-lice, you're full of lice g0urra
07:10.54*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
07:16.11g0urraChilton is a liar
07:16.29g0urra"Everything going well in the EU beta" my ass
07:18.11g0urra"there's no doubt right now that the ret paladins are doing a lot more damage than what we would expect. "
07:19.50Fisker-blizzard doesn't care about eu people
07:20.30g0urra"I don't know if we'll be able to patch this week while we're being here in Europe but that should be coming very soon."
07:20.53Fisker-I didn't know the game designers published patches
07:21.04Fisker-how peculiat
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07:37.00winkillerg0urra: you got any recent ui screeny? found yours quite interesting back then
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08:17.46Fisker-you wouldn't steal a car
08:20.22Fisker-you wouldn't be a lion and encourage anyone to get in said stolen car
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10:18.31Fisker-g0urra my friend
10:18.34Fisker-because PvE gear is specialized gear. For DPS classes as an example it is designed to do the most damage as possible in the shortest time as possible and it does not have a lot of survivability.
10:18.41Fisker-I thought PvE gear was for sustained DPS and not burst dps
10:18.51Fisker-good thing the game designers know better
10:19.21Fisker-that's why we're having such a hard time in PvE
10:19.37Fisker-we're trying to survive while killing the boss
10:19.55Fisker-but we should just bring 25 dps'ers and tell them to nuke nuke nuke
10:20.00g0urraSeal of Suicide
10:20.19g0urra"NAGA STOL MY SOULWELL"
10:20.27foxlitHe is, however, right
10:20.37foxlitHigh level arena takes longer than high-level PvE :)
10:23.26Fisker-Burst aren't sustainable for PvE
10:23.34Fisker-and in most cases not PvP either
10:23.39Fisker-so he's double wrong
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10:44.55g0urrastrand of the ancients
10:47.56g0urraFisker- I'm winning on killing blows
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10:51.18KalrothYou go, girl!
10:53.51g0urrahaha, win
10:53.57g0urraI bugged and ended up at the alliance's main base
10:54.40g0urraand we won ;D
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11:30.58ReZ1987Anyone has any hint about "being very cold", "surrounded by bears" & leaving a show horse behind? :p
11:31.15ReZ1987Been puzzling for a while now :p
11:31.23Renmazuosame with those furry things... can't get a hold oof this
11:31.48ReZ1987Furry things is easy tho...
11:32.22RenmazuoReZ1987, only use "being very cold" and "surrounded by bears"
11:32.46Renmazuohow can you know it's easy since i'm a step farther than you ? ^^:
11:33.03ReZ1987Because I already have 4 out of 5 ;)
11:33.28Kalrothknows all 5!
11:33.45KalrothAnd I'd gladly share them with you, but then g0urra will kill me. :(
11:33.45ReZ1987nah jk
11:33.54g0urraI'd gladly kill you anyway
11:33.58KalrothAww <3
11:34.08KalrothBesides, my answers are all wrong anyways.
11:34.10Renmazuohow can you find 4 and 5 without 3 ???
11:34.27ReZ1987Ive got some good searching skills :)
11:34.33Kalroth"being very cold" and "surrounded by bears" <- have you ever seen McGyver in Alaska?
11:34.54Renmazuowell, concerning those "furry things", a little hint would be appreciated :o
11:34.55KalrothNo wonder it's hard for you then.
11:35.01ReZ1987I see
11:35.07ReZ1987What would MacGyver do?
11:35.16KalrothRenmazuo: It might be a furry thing.
11:35.18g0urradid you do something
11:35.27Renmazuoo rly ? :/
11:35.36KalrothRenmazuo: Also I believe it's an animal.
11:35.51KalrothEither an animal or an unshaved swede.
11:36.05Kalrothpoints at g0urra.
11:36.21Renmazuowell, i was searching for "sheep" or something like that
11:36.32KalrothSheeps aren't furry, silly!
11:36.47KalrothBeing furry implies fur :)
11:37.07Renmazuowell, sorry for my bad english but...
11:37.16KalrothSee, I've already helped you a lot.
11:37.24Renmazuosheeps aren't furry ? oO
11:37.30KalrothThey're wooly
11:37.43ReZ1987is still searching =P
11:38.41KalrothRenmazuo: But I think we can arrive at the conclusion that it isn't a sheep. And that's already being too specific, since g0urra is stalking me.
11:41.34ReZ1987cheers. Found it!
11:41.57*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
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11:42.06ReZ1987The hint did the trick :)
11:44.59Vithicawhoa @ the cinematic
11:46.03Renmazuowhere to see it ?
11:46.20Renmazuooh, found it
11:48.16Vithica sorry, link there for anybody who didn't know where it was
11:51.37g0urrathat's a mean fucking frost wyrm
11:55.13Corganholy crap
11:56.00Corgancinematic is awesome
11:57.44foxlitwhat, no "you are not prepared"?
11:59.28Vithicawotlk's catchphrase is 'ROOAARRGGGHHH'
11:59.46g0urrabut there were no gnomes
11:59.50g0urraor night elf males
11:59.54g0urraso lulz
11:59.59Vithicaprobably were in there somewhere
12:00.04Vithicaalso saying ROOOAARRGGHH
12:00.13foxlitlooked like generic undead, really
12:00.14g0urraUNDEAD gnomes
12:00.21g0urraand UNDEAD night elf males
12:00.26g0urrasays ROOOAARRGGHH
12:04.05foxlitNow taking bet: Is Arthas mentally stable?
12:04.44VithicaI'm gonna say.. no
12:04.58foxlitOr will he make a return as a 5-man boss once the C'Thun is revealed as the big villain of the expansion?
12:05.23Vithicanah sorry, the big villain of the expansion is the fruit vendor in shattrath
12:05.31Vithicapeople have crushed her apples for too long
12:05.35Vithicatoo long~
12:06.22foxlitshe and which ogre army?
12:35.41*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
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13:10.23pcjhi crazyomega
13:13.48*** join/#wowwiki KaNNis (n=kanniss@
13:14.43*** join/#wowwiki crazyomega (n=4cb36c98@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:16.04*** join/#wowwiki crazyomega (n=4cb36c98@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:18.30crazyomegasorry i've never used anythign like this before >.<
13:19.32crazyomegaany cryptic tips for the last clue?...
13:22.11*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
13:23.02Oseok, so how long until someone starts asking why "Ner'zhul" is calling arthas his son?
13:24.09Osethe cinematic
13:24.28OseI have a feeling wuite a few won't realise who's talking
13:24.40pcjwhy would they think it's ner'zhul
13:24.42g0urra...the one talking is Terenas
13:24.57g0urrait's a voice from the past
13:25.01OseI know, but will other people know?
13:25.05pcjif they knew who ner'zhul was they'd know who's talking
13:25.09pcjthey'd probably look it up
13:25.12g0urraDoes other people know who Ner'zhul is?
13:25.17Osewell, good point
13:25.28pcj...obvious point
13:26.45OseI guess a lot of people would go: "lolol wo is tlaking? where R all teh urcs and gnoams? can i get taht dragon fro my muont?"'re the only one Ose
13:31.11*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
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13:31.56Ose I found #3
13:41.44g0urra"it sucks - boring as hell and nothing special
13:41.44g0urralike tomb rider
13:41.44g0urrai think wotlk will suck like this movie "
13:41.51g0urrahello level 6 forum troll
13:45.43*** join/#wowwiki Dakhma (
13:53.02Fisker-g0urra my friend
14:00.27*** join/#wowwiki TJster (
14:04.15*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
14:05.21Kalrothoi Fisker, you STD infected wanker - g0urra is MY friend, so beat it!
14:06.19selckinwotlk really makes no sense if you don't know any lore
14:07.18g0urraI bet blizzard cares
14:08.03*** join/#wowwiki Xaragoth (
14:08.33Fisker-g0urra i hate you
14:08.40Fisker-you are not my friend anymore
14:09.23selcking0urra: they should, most ppl that play don't
14:09.55*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm_ (
14:10.00Fisker-Then they saw a cool dwagon?
14:10.02*** join/#wowwiki Mhari (
14:10.09Fisker-win/win as i see it
14:10.18g0urraso it makes sense with illidan
14:10.20g0urraI get it
14:10.37g0urraselckin: most people who play WoW don't care about lore
14:11.49*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
14:11.52selckinthey care about cool epic movie intros tho
14:17.29Fisker-Which this one was
14:18.03Fisker-Hint: Explosions and Action are not nessecarily any more or less epic than drama, romance, etc.
14:21.48Dakhmag0urra, what % of wowwikians would you say are interested in lore?
14:22.10g0urrathen again I pull numbers out of my ass 90% of the time
14:22.20Kalrothand he's swedish 100% of the time
14:22.21g0urraand Kalroth worships me to 358%
14:22.41Fisker-btw g0urra
14:22.44KalrothThat's almost a 4.0 multiplier
14:22.44Fisker- <-well played
14:23.11Fisker-only 2 weeks until spore
14:23.17DakhmaKalroth, lol.  From what I've seen a lot of the most developed articles (and the ones with the most discussion) are lore.
14:24.06*** join/#wowwiki AckisWork (i=8ee5571a@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
14:24.13Dakhmajust 358%?
14:25.02Dakhmaah, 4x
14:32.07*** join/#wowwiki Twisthead (n=524c263e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:48.14*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
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15:01.46jaxdahlwotlk cinematic is only 100mb?
15:06.36*** join/#wowwiki pcj_3 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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15:07.07*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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15:17.28pcjit's obviously sapphiron
15:19.42*** part/#wowwiki winkiller (
15:19.54*** join/#wowwiki winkiller (
15:23.00*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1 (
15:28.00*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
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15:35.46*** join/#wowwiki Mhari (
15:49.41teclo-hello I'm having issues with the "drain soul" spell, I never get "soul beards" or something ...
15:49.51teclo-perhaps do I have to use it when the enemy is almost dead ?
15:50.05selckinmob has to die while channeling the spell
15:50.40Fisker-o hai
15:51.00KaNNisI wont click
16:00.14*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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16:12.03*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
16:17.10g0urraKirkburn ... did you add something to the skin
16:17.11*** join/#wowwiki KaNNis|BlueScree (n=kanniss@
16:17.22g0urraThe "Redirect from <name>" has the icon now
16:17.38g0urraI mean
16:17.52g0urradamnit. Ignore the ?redirect=no
16:18.01*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
16:18.08KirkburnIt's had that for a few months :P
16:19.14g0urraWell, on the redirect page I've seen it, but not on the redirected page. If you know what I mean
16:20.53*** join/#wowwiki Mhari (
16:21.56Fisker-i heard on the internets
16:22.28pcjwinterax is doing a 301 redirect to me, not a wiki redirect
16:22.46Fisker-ITS HTTP G0URRA
16:23.08Fisker-it's a status codde
16:23.56KirkburnOh, I see what you mean now
16:24.05KirkburnThat's odd
16:24.25KaNNis|BlueScreeI got my hacked acc back! now I can use the key (if I win it) on it
16:25.21g0urraGurgthock yells: RandomPetName has defeated Brokentoe!
16:25.31pcjGET /Winterax HTTP/1.1
16:25.33KaNNis|BlueScreei HAVE A SS
16:25.36pcjHTTP/1.x 301 Moved Permanently
16:25.57*** join/#wowwiki Reshnaak (
16:26.07KaNNis|BlueScreeg0urra sec
16:26.26KirkburnAh, yes, I remember that was changing
16:26.43KirkburnIt's in order to improve the search results
16:27.01KirkburnI'll report the icon thing
16:27.06ReshnaakHmmm... can I ask for some help with the WoWlympics? Stuck on the last clue... "something" and a canoe... ^_^
16:27.13KirkburnInteresting method, 301 and add the redirect note via js
16:27.31pcjsomething that would take his canoe when he's practicing in it
16:27.59KaNNis|BlueScreeCheck Chat
16:28.05g0urraRandomPetName > Water Elemental
16:28.08g0urraAMIRITE FISKER-
16:28.30Kirkburndamagemeters? :O
16:28.39KaNNis|BlueScreehad a raid
16:28.50KaNNis|BlueScree30 mins ago thats why their up
16:28.50KirkburnWhat is this, 2005? :P
16:29.12*** part/#wowwiki Reshnaak (
16:29.13KirkburnDidn't realise it was still used, given the rise of threatmeters
16:29.43KaNNis|BlueScreeits used for "WHO DPS'S BETTER NOW U FURY WARR"
16:29.50jaxdahlrecount is very useful for checking breakdown of healing, damage output, etc
16:29.59*** join/#wowwiki brndnwky (n=brndnwky@
16:30.14KaNNis|BlueScreebesides, I'm allways 2nd on threatmeters...teron that is.
16:30.37jaxdahli wish blizzard would include toggleable subtitles with their cinematics
16:31.02g0urra'cause it's hard to hear what they say right
16:31.10jaxdahlyes.. yes it is
16:31.13g0urraYOU ARE NOT PREPAID
16:31.20jaxdahli'm deaf, g0urra
16:31.24g0urraYOU ARE NOT REPAIRED
16:31.34g0urraah, sorry
16:31.45*** join/#wowwiki bleeter (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
16:31.45*** mode/#wowwiki [+v bleeter] by ChanServ
16:32.01jaxdahlso i'm wondering if anyone will see the thread i posted above
16:32.10*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
16:32.26Fisker-btw Kirkburn
16:32.37Fisker-any chance the "Remember tihs login" button will be anything else than a button? >:3
16:32.44Fisker-or checkbox rather
16:33.59KaNNis|BlueScreeKirkburn btw when you get the winrar's name's Are u gonna use the 90's big bottle of over 9000 Lists and take out 25! or the PC Automated click space tech
16:34.17KirkburnFisker-, yes, it's being worked on
16:35.01Fisker-then i'll go push kart
16:35.12KirkburnKaNNis|BlueScree, I, uh ... I have no idea what you're talking about
16:35.29KirkburnI'm not doing to winner stuff anyway, that's being done by someone else
16:35.51*** join/#wowwiki Movix (n=mattes@
16:36.18KaNNis|BlueScreesilly me... had to read better
16:39.13*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1 (
16:39.30*** part/#wowwiki Malgayne (
16:43.06*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1 (
16:48.26*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1 (
16:56.52*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
16:58.43*** join/#wowwiki juju (
17:05.04*** join/#wowwiki KyleH`` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
17:05.29*** join/#wowwiki Dakhma (
17:09.57teclo-hello, when I invoke my Voidwalker, the other pet (Imp ?) disappears... I suppose this is not a bug, but a feature ? :)
17:12.41KirkburnYou can only use one pet at a time
17:16.20*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
17:16.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
17:17.23*** join/#wowwiki Azzkiker (i=Azzkiker@
17:18.03azzyHey, do you guys know the answers to the WoWlympics are ruined by google giving them out easily?
17:18.26azzyWorking as intended?
17:18.47pcjNot entirely, but we'll take notes for next time
17:19.15azzyAll you need to do is change the "Clopper Wizbang says:" to something different for each page, sorted
17:20.10pcjNot really
17:20.57Kirkburnnext time Google crawls the wiki, it /should/ be fixed
17:21.08azzyOkay, cool
17:21.13KirkburnIn any case, ssssshhhh :P
17:21.29KirkburnMeans next time I can make the contest even more evil ;)
17:21.56azzyPlease do have a next time, I quite enjoyed it, the more the merrier, 50 clues to find! :)
17:23.01pcjover 9000 clues imo
17:23.30azzyDo you need to be a wowwiki registrant to e-mail in?
17:23.40azzyi.e. do I have to register with the wiki?
17:28.54jaxdahlis it normal for to have a wiki mirror?
17:29.36jaxdahl CSS is all messed up
17:31.41pcjdont use it then
17:49.52*** join/#wowwiki selckin (n=selckin@unaffiliated/axxo)
18:03.13*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/GitHub/Tekkub)
18:03.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:06.20KirkburnYes, they mirror it
18:10.33Thrae <-- WotLK Cinematic trailer released.
18:10.53KaNNis|BlueScreeem... ur allmost 6 hours late but its fine
18:11.12KirkburnSomeone fixed KaNNis!
18:11.39KaNNisoh dear
18:11.48KaNNisthat didnt sound verry right in many ways
18:13.25KirkburnSomeone spayed KaNNis!
18:14.12KaNNisI read sprayed the first time
18:14.20KaNNisstarted to feel disturbing
18:20.53*** join/#wowwiki Seviar (
18:20.59*** part/#wowwiki Seviar (
18:24.56mxsanother Opera-related bug : those blasted annoying "Create your custom profile" ads wowwiki is sporting lately now overlap actual article content without a way to get rid of them
18:25.11mxsit's almost like the wikia-folks WANT us to urlblock that stuff
18:29.17*** join/#wowwiki killux (
18:30.10killuxhey guys, i was wondering if there are any blizzlike private servers that have a very similar amount of players compared to a real wow realm
18:33.24jaxdahlyou're asking in the wrong place killux, nobody is going to support you looking for that information
18:33.45killuxjaxdahl: it isn't illegal to play on private servers is it?
18:34.56ANTRati seriously doubt any private realms would be close to the population of a real bliz realm
18:35.35killuxANTRat: what is the normal population of a bliz realm?
18:35.54ThraeIt's not illegal unless you have to pay for it. It is illegal to run a private server.
18:36.07ThraeAnd either way, against the ToS.
18:36.40killuxThrae ok I won't talk about them anymore
18:37.02killuxbut how many players are usually on a blizz realm, i always wondered
18:37.07killuxover 1000?
18:37.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!*] by pcj
18:37.58*** kick/#wowwiki [killux!n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj] by pcj (WW:IRC)
18:38.14pcjwhere is adys when you need him
18:41.17KaNNiscuddlin ur bears
18:43.54*** join/#wowwiki TheOther (
18:48.58mxsadys is a he ? I feel betrayed and vioalated.
18:52.23pcjwell he's french so it is somewhat hard to tell
18:52.28pcjso you shouldn't feel bad
18:53.40mxsI don't know how that doesn't make it even worse :P
18:54.17KaNNisI smell someone has something againts french ppl!
18:54.21mxsThere was an excellent bit by Al Murray on the subject.
18:54.43KaNNiscalls Bibi
18:55.23mxs*points at Quebec on a globe* "Now these people ... *laughs* ... these people *laughs* ... they are absolutely hilarious. They think they're ... French. FRENCH ! *pauses* Well, you can't really blame them, they live somewhere shitty so it's a reflex action."
18:56.02mxsKaNNis: nothing that owkr.s
18:56.05mxserr works.
18:56.19mxsholy crap, that was an interesting out-of-order typo.
18:56.43pcjnot really
18:57.17mxscome on, not only one mistimed keypress-combo, but three in a row ?
18:57.24mxsThat's some kind of record for me :)
18:57.42mxsPfft, next time I'll surprise you with a proper thinko, then.
18:58.05KaNNisplease dont
18:58.14KaNNisits better for both of us
18:58.30mxsI'm very tempted to say "that's what she said" right now.
18:58.50mxsI fear that this may further devolve our relationship, though.
18:59.42mxsand no, I don't have anything against French people. I just love teasing my neighbours. :)
19:07.44*** join/#wowwiki Camicio2 (
19:15.06pcj7. Warcraft III Battle Chest
19:35.04g0urraKirkburn, did the monaco skin change recently?
19:35.22KirkburnHow so?
19:35.30g0urraI have the "Changed" text in red font color
19:35.57g0urraI believe that only the changed parts were marked as red before
19:36.06g0urraAnd not the whole section
19:36.35Fisker-Whoever claimed that Postal was even slightly funny should have his or her head examined
19:36.54KirkburnAye, it should be green
19:38.49Kirkburnthat's odd, it went back to an old behaviour
19:41.36KirkburnWe just started using a new diff engine
19:42.15g0urraOh, good thing you're telling us, your users, about it
19:43.04KirkburnFor the most part it has little effect
19:43.14KirkburnExcept that it's faster
19:43.32KirkburnHowever, yes, that thought did enter my mind
19:44.03Kirkburnignore the comment: "that's odd, it went back to an old behaviour", I was wrong
19:48.43Kirkburng0urra, just so you know, I only just found out cause you mentioned it
19:48.44*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
19:51.53pcjoh, that's good, wikia is telling their staff, about it
19:52.39Sandwichman2448It has been added a few times now. Who here has any reason that Galakrond is the frost wyrm from the WotLK trailer?
19:52.54KirkburnNone whatsoever
19:52.56KirkburnIt's wrong
19:53.04Sandwichman2448I know.
19:53.29KirkburnIs the frost queen thingy
19:53.31Kirkburn*it's do you know
19:54.13Sandwichman2448can not unthink that.
19:54.17KirkburnBibi`, prepare for a ping:
19:54.28KirkburnYou lucky thing
19:54.56Kirkburnpcj, the diff engine change it pretty minor - I doubt they expected the code to change. (I'd still appreciate notice obviously)
19:54.59g0urraBesides it's datamining
19:55.06g0urraWhich is on DNP
19:55.11KirkburnTrue, but you wanted evidence
19:55.25pcj"Little is known about her for the moment but through datamining we already know [not very much]"
19:55.48KirkburnIndeed it can't go on the article, but we can at least prevent people spreading misinformation
19:55.51g0urraI don't care who she is, the fact is that Blizzard is yet to announce who that frost wyrm is
19:56.11pcjor even unofficially
19:56.18Sandwichman2448The gunships are out officially.
19:56.43Kirkburnpcj, I'd say the picture of Sindragosa's Fall is pretty damning
19:56.55foxlit"... that she holds the title of <The Frost Queen> in game and is very closely related to Arthas"
19:57.03Kirkburnfoxlit, wife, obviously could be Galakrond
19:57.12foxlitBou stumbled on a new .wdb flag
19:57.13Kirkburnpcj, it's not
19:57.14pcjor sapphiron
19:57.16foxlitdistanceToArthas, clearly
19:57.25Sandwichman2448He puts the drag in dragon then.
19:57.42KirkburnHow could it be Galakrond when his bones are in Dragonblight
19:57.57pcj...he's already undead
19:57.58pcjwhat do you want
19:58.11KirkburnIt's also not Sapphiron because it's a fairly obvious "she" in the cinematic
19:58.21g0urraUh, how?
19:58.29pcjit's not obvious at all
19:58.43pcjin fact it's entirely ambiguous
19:59.05KirkburnWell, I certianly got that feeling from the shape of her head
19:59.21pcjgosh we're pinging dotted a lot
19:59.30KirkburnMy god, it's like you can tell what sex something is from it's face!
19:59.32*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
19:59.45pcjyeah, frost wyrms...
19:59.47g0urraIn other news: Kirkburn is a necrophiliac
20:00.06foxlitI don't see how it counts once you're undead
20:00.15KirkburnAnd really ... Sapphiron?
20:00.27foxlitIt's not like you're going to bother with reproducing at that point
20:00.31g0urraSapphiron is KT's pet
20:00.35g0urraNot LK's
20:00.49pcjNaxx is in Northrend now
20:00.58pcjArthas could've taken KT's pet
20:01.11KirkburnAnd got her out of the ground?
20:01.25foxlitOkay, so they retconnecd KT dying pretty well.
20:01.32pcjGot her out of the ground?
20:01.33Sandwichman2448they did not.
20:01.39KirkburnI mean, c'mon - ... do you really think it's a worthwhile argument?
20:01.44pcjAre we going back to this whole "i 4got it was undead" thing again
20:02.05Sandwichman2448Foxlit: No, he died.
20:02.25foxlitI was actually leading up to something else, Sandwichman2448.
20:02.31foxlitWhat's everyone else's excuse in Naxx?
20:02.47KirkburnKT is just that awesome
20:02.51g0urraThey got resurrected
20:02.53g0urraBy the Lich King
20:03.01WarthokNaxx in EPL happened
20:03.11foxlitSo everything in it should be dead.
20:03.26foxlitExcept KT, whose imba phylathingy strategy gets him ressed for the expansion.
20:03.42KirkburnPretty much everything undead cannot be killed until the resurrector is killed
20:03.45foxlitEveryone else's backstory is basically "a wizard did it"
20:03.46Warthokmultiple necromancy. It's been seen before
20:04.02foxlitNot everything in Naxx was undead, either.
20:04.12pcjthis is why speculation is bad for wiki articles
20:04.19WarthokBut after it's dead it can be rezzed
20:04.41foxlitI don't buy that wrt NPCs.
20:04.54foxlitRessing people is a... well, game oriented mechanic.
20:05.14Sandwichman2448it is not our times.
20:05.21Warthokokay rezzed was a poor choice of words. Necromancered by the scourge
20:05.36Warthokyes i invented a word. deal
20:05.59KaNNiswtb model viewer that works with latest beta client
20:06.12Sandwichman2448I doube it is out yet.
20:06.21KirkburnKaNNis, what, you want one that won't crash on every single model ever?
20:06.26KirkburnYou ask too much! :P
20:06.37KaNNisKirkburn ... YEH UR A GENIOUS
20:07.01KaNNisi get a bonner when I see a working model xD
20:07.21KaNNisact like I never said this
20:07.29pcjwhat's a bonner
20:07.49*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
20:20.35*** join/#wowwiki Gumi (
20:24.56*** join/#wowwiki Gumi (
20:28.20*** join/#wowwiki Langua (n=18e0d227@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:28.44Languahey guys any clues to the 3rd item?
20:29.11Languahey guys any clues to the 3rd item?
20:30.20azzyA place where bears are usually found
20:32.41azzyIt's 2 words, one is a type of 'bears', other is the above ^
20:55.59*** join/#wowwiki deltaray2 (
21:00.09deltaray2In Loch Modan, there is a quest from Farstrider Lodge called the Hunter's challenge.  You have to kill 5 elder mountain boars in 12 minutes.
21:00.55deltaray2I can find 4 of these boars close to the lodge, but I've looked all over and can't find anymore.  There isn't enough time to wait for them to respawn.  Anybody know where the 5th boar is?
21:03.16g0urraLook at this map
21:03.49*** join/#wowwiki Langua (n=18e0d227@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:04.02LanguaHey umm i need a clue to the final oen
21:04.04*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=sannse@wikia/
21:04.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+v sannse] by ChanServ
21:04.23azzyIf it aint Murlocs, it's....
21:04.24g0urraAgressive sea creature
21:05.39Languacan anyone give me a clue to the 5th one?
21:05.48azzyJust did
21:05.54deltaray2g0urra, oh wow, that's cool.  That site is useful. thanks.
21:06.12Languawow its slow
21:16.36g0urraThere, no more Sindragosa
21:18.03DottedThe job queue length is currently 334
21:19.45infobotDo I ask you the length of yours?
21:20.48*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
21:22.20g0urraI hate you
21:22.31KaNNisBibi loves being Highlighted
21:22.32KaNNisI'm sure
21:23.41g0urraWell I protected the Sindragosa article now from being created
21:23.46g0urraSo nobody can recreate it
21:24.11g0urraI'll wait until the Icecrown patch
21:26.12amro|afklol pcj
21:26.16amro|afk<3 TSG
21:28.18Kirkburng0urra, diffs should be fixed now
21:31.29Kirkburnoooh, new build
21:31.46KirkburnSooo, who's gonna get the patch first
21:31.50KirkburnBibi`, will it be you? :P
21:33.06mxsyou lie.
21:33.14KirkburnWhat? :(
21:33.21Kirkburn"We will be taking down the Beta realms at 2:30PM Pacific time today August 21th 2008 to update to the latest build."
21:33.34mxswell ok
21:33.36mxsyou didn't lie
21:33.38KirkburnThat would be right about ... now :P
21:33.41mxsbut the patch is NOT on servers yet
21:33.59Fisker-oh g0urra
21:34.14Fisker-it appears that Blizzard CAN deploy patches without the help from their game designers
21:34.31mxsFisker-: apparently not !
21:34.41mxsmaybe their mirror operators are not there either ! :P
21:34.43g0urraKirkburn: no EU build?
21:35.14KirkburnI'm sure there is, but I only just saw that message on the forums
21:35.21Fisker-they should open up a new batch of character copies
21:35.35g0urraWell I can't retrieve my char list
21:35.37g0urraIf that's something
21:35.44mxsit ain't :>
21:36.00Fisker-wanna play doctor and patient g0urra _
21:36.11g0urramxs: SILENCE
21:36.12g0urraI KEEL YOU
21:36.18Fisker-good, i didn't have the heart to tell you that you had aids
21:36.23KirkburnThread here:
21:36.44KirkburnAfaik this build is supposed to be a big 'un?
21:37.19mxsafter this long
21:37.38mxsbut it ain't out on patch servers yet ! I hate you Blizzard ! I was going to go to sleep just 5 minutes ago ... and now ... ARRRRRGH
21:37.52Fisker-well they also said that they might be lifting the char cap
21:38.02Fisker-i just hope they get inscription running
21:38.24mxsFisker-: I'm, as always, poised to see Achievement changes and bugfixes :)
21:38.35mxsbtw, any of you on beta and have exalted Steamwheedle faction ?
21:38.53mxsI have, to date, not found another guy on there with that, and I'd like to verify a bug
21:39.01Fisker-what bug?
21:39.05mxswell ...
21:39.13KirkburnYes, everyone else is normal, mxs :P
21:39.23mxsthat bug
21:39.37Fisker-i don't get it ;_;
21:39.38mxsask yourself ... how do I have 40 exalted factions (without any wotlk ones)
21:39.50mxsthere are two possible answers, one is a bug, one is a boon
21:39.55Fisker-because you are exalted with everything?
21:40.20mxsthe first answer is that the cumulative steamwheedle faction is counted (i.e. the thing that really just acts as a menu entry)
21:40.24mxsthe second is that wildhammer is counted
21:40.31mxswhich would be excellent :)
21:40.42mxsFisker-: yes, but right now, you can only reach 39 exalted bars in the game
21:40.52AckisWorkmxs: you can get 40
21:40.55mxswell, the third answer would be that they have data on scryer/aldor
21:40.59mxsAckisWork: no, you really can't
21:41.06mxsnot as alliance, anyway
21:41.07AckisWorkmxs: yes, really you can
21:41.24mxsAckisWork: still with the alliance-stipulation ?
21:41.26Fisker-Are you exalted with Steamwheedle cartel(not the subfactions but the group)?
21:41.38mxsFisker-: yes. And if that is counted, that is a bug.
21:41.50Fisker-then it could be any of both things
21:41.53mxs(in that case you could get 41 factions to exalted, actually)
21:41.54Fisker-how do you do that btw? :O
21:42.00AckisWorkmxs: alliance was winterspring trainers, and horde has tranquillen which balance each other out
21:42.26mxsAckisWork: true, forgot. Well, then give me a list of 40 factions you can hit exalted with, at the same time, without resorting to "Steamwheedle Cartel" or "Alliance" faction
21:42.36mxsand visibly, right now
21:42.45pcjis it just me or is LACNIC down
21:42.46AckisWork the 37 exalted list there, plus ravenholdt, darkmoon faire, bloodsail
21:43.00Fisker-mxs do the wildhammer faction have any repair guys?
21:43.07AckisWorkwildhammer was removed
21:43.09mxsAckisWork: dammit, you nitpick :)
21:43.20Fisker-AckisWork the faction was, the npcs were not
21:43.22mxsAckisWork: I forgot you COULD reach bloodsail if you planned that 3.5 years ago
21:43.31AckisWorkmxs: you still can
21:43.32mxsactually neither was
21:43.44mxsAckisWork: not if you did the quests already
21:43.57mxsthe wildhammer faction is still on your character database entry, I am sure of it
21:44.18mxsif you didn't change the faction displayed in your faction progress bar, you could STILL be looking at your wildhammer standing
21:44.21mxsthat was never changed
21:44.28mxsyou just can't ever get at it again if you changed that bar
21:44.33AckisWorkmxs: which quests?
21:44.37mxs(or a mod did it for you, god damn mods :)
21:44.54Fisker-well that only indicates that it had the value cached
21:44.54mxsAckisWork: well, in order to reach bloodsail exalted, you have to go to 20999/21000 revered with the repeatable kill in the badlands
21:45.03mxsit will NOT get you to 0/999 Exalte
21:45.13mxsfor that you would have to finish a quest that gives you faction
21:45.23mxsif you already did those quests, there is no way to reach exalted
21:45.31AckisWorkahh I never did a lot of research into it as well I doubt I ever can do it
21:45.37AckisWorkrepeatable kill in badlands?
21:45.49mxsthere is one mob that will yield faction past honored
21:45.53mxshe's in the badlands
21:45.56mxsone goblin
21:46.00mxsrespawn time, 7 minutes.
21:46.07mxs1 faction per kill.
21:46.09mxs20999 kills.
21:46.18mxsI think you can do the math from there.
21:46.21AckisWorkdoes he drop steamwheedle rep?
21:46.29mxsbut that's really not the hard part
21:46.29AckisWorkahh pity
21:46.34Fisker-NUTS is the math
21:46.36mxsyou can just reget that in diremaul
21:46.57Fisker-it's 100 days of farming day in and day out
21:47.03mxsI didn't go to 20999 though, I am batshit insane, but I am not batshit insane enough to spend 115 days of in-game time waiting for that spawn
21:47.05Fisker-Not taking maintanence or whatever into account
21:47.44mxsAckisWork: so without that faction, you should really only be able to have 39 factions at exalted going into wotlk
21:48.03g0urragive us patch
21:48.04mxsnot counting the two groupfactions Steamwheedle Cartel and Alliance (which I would believe to be a bug when talking about eachievements)
21:48.04Fisker-FFS g0urra
21:48.10AckisWorkI'm just -36k in the hole with bloodsail
21:48.27mxsfetching patch now.
21:48.29Fisker-kill that goblin ~70k times then
21:48.31mxsYou will have it soon.
21:48.35AckisWorkmxs: yes w/o bloodsail 39 only but there are people whi could have 40
21:48.47AckisWorkI should have 39 exalted going into wrath
21:49.22Fisker-doesn't matter though!
21:49.39Fisker-I wouldn't be surprised that they probably have like 15-20 new factions in WotLK :D
21:49.41mxsAckisWork: and my point is, I have 40 going into wotlk
21:49.53mxswhich is either the compound factions or wildhammer being counted
21:50.13mxsnew build is 8820
21:50.25AckisWorkHmm I transfered ackis over w/ 37 exalted and I never got that title
21:50.28mxsand yes, it's big.
21:50.44AckisWorkdoesn't mean anything as I'd need another exalted faction to test
21:50.48mxsAckisWork: as said, I had 40, so I am looking for somebody with steamwheedle at exalted and wildhammer not at exalted
21:51.08mxsif I would find sucha a person, I could find out which one is being counted
21:51.42mxsFisker-: and yes, there will be a enGB one.
21:51.49Fisker-mxs needle in a haystack btw
21:51.56Fisker-not a needle in a haystack
21:52.09mxswhat is ?
21:52.22Fisker-finding someone with steamwheedle at exalted and not wildhammer at exalted
21:52.44mxsthere are plenty of people who started rep grinds in tbc
21:52.50mxsand not before :)
21:52.58mxspatch is coming up on 500mb
21:53.08Fisker-i'm srs though
21:53.15Fisker-You're not going to find one
21:53.20mxsand not stopping there
21:53.31Fisker-I guess the best idea is to post on the us forums and try to get on with a dev
21:53.49Fisker-he must know what really lies behind the whole faction system better than we do
21:53.49KirkburnNew dungeons and new zones then
21:53.56Fisker-zones are already there
21:53.57mxsFisker-: it would HAVE to be a dev
21:54.00mxsGMs have no idea.
21:54.00g0urraNew lewtz
21:54.04Fisker-i know
21:54.11KirkburnFisker-, true, but they need populating and probably updating
21:54.26mxs(I don't say this maliciously, but I did ask them about stuff like the cumulative factions and wildhammer before :)
21:54.34mxsclosing in on 700mb
21:54.39Fisker-ask harder :P
21:55.31mxs768 mb
21:55.37KirkburnI wish I had a connection as fast as yours
21:55.40Fisker-Infact you may be able to get a connection through KD3
21:55.43Fisker-spam spam spam
21:55.52Fisker-atleast he seems to know hortus pretty well
21:56.02pcjdoes someone have a torrent of the patch
21:56.18mxspcj: I will
21:56.23mxsus patch is still transferring
21:56.25mxscurrently at 256mb
21:56.27AckisWorkhas just started on ravenholdt and darkmoon faire
21:56.28mxsI'll speed it up a little
21:56.31AckisWorkdecks are annoying to get =/
21:56.32mxsonce I have it, you will have a torrent
21:56.59Fisker-can has sandvich?
21:57.11Corganmxs, build #?
21:57.48Fisker-people in our guild are good at the huffing
21:57.49Corganwtb link
21:58.04Fisker-The officers just invited a kid pretending to be 3x years old
21:58.16pcj3x what
21:58.25Fisker-3x (i.e. 30-39)
21:58.44pcjah i see
21:58.44Fisker-He doesn't know english (not a requirement, but comeone any adult knows atleast a bit of english), he ninjaed loot on a raid, and he is obviously not older than 18
21:58.54Fisker-And they still won't kick him :D
21:58.59pcj3x where 10<=x<=13
21:59.13g0urraKirkburn, there is a problem with the fancy redirects
21:59.24pcjyeah they suck
21:59.29Fisker-not to mention that the Solarian strat was changed to "Run away from him" instead of "him run away from the raid"
21:59.45g0urraIf there's a double redirect you'll go to the final page, but you won't be able to backtrack to the first redirect
21:59.45Fisker-and he managed to wipe the raid 3 times until he was told to go somewhere else and stay put
21:59.56winkillerrun away little girl, run away
21:59.58pcjg0urra, that's fixed in 1.13 anyway
22:00.14pcjand if it's a double redirect why would you go back to the first redirect
22:00.27Fisker-isn't double redirects frowned upon?
22:00.42pcjonly because the second redirect really doesn't work
22:01.09pcjbut if the second redirect does work then eh
22:01.17pcjalso how are we supposed to delete redirects
22:01.18g0urrapcj: because I want to delete the first redirect?
22:01.18Kirkburn1.13 went final last week
22:01.20mxshrrm ... either my download went kablooey or the torrent is not authorized on EU trackers yet
22:01.28g0urraespecially when it's a redirect to a personal article
22:01.56pcjg0urra: i suppose
22:02.05pcjeven though that's a bit dumb
22:02.22g0urra...I just want a way to backtrack to the first redirect
22:02.31KirkburnI'm fairly sure you can still reach it via doubleredirects
22:02.36pcjblame wikia
22:03.06g0urraKirkburn: "Working as intended"
22:03.10KirkburnI think that appends ?redirect=no by default
22:04.08Fisker-is there any space orcs in warhammer?
22:04.15Fisker-and other silly shit
22:04.23KirkburnI'll note it down though, see what I can find out
22:04.30KirkburnFisker-, isn't that a silly question?
22:04.39Fisker-is it? :o
22:04.44g0urraOkay look here: a main namespace article redirects to a personal article, and that article has a redirect too. If I click the namespace article I will get sent to the final article, and if I backtrack I can only get to the second redirect and I'm stuck there
22:05.08g0urraI don't get a "redirected from blah"
22:05.22pcjyeah kirkburn you should still get redirected from blah
22:05.27Fisker-in the warhammer rts they have all that insane shit
22:08.43KirkburnBut "redirected from" the first or last redirect?
22:09.15KirkburnAh, it's only giving the last, okay
22:09.21mxsok, I have the enGB patch, it appears to be patching fine, but it the torrent does not work (yet)
22:09.29Corganlink ;D
22:09.38pcjdoes anyone have a torrent for the enUS patch
22:09.47mxspcj : give me ... 2 more minutes.
22:09.55pcjwaaaait for it...
22:10.09pcjno fisker
22:10.21g0urrano more lions for fisker-
22:10.33mxsgonna let engb patch my client before I give anybody the link
22:10.37mxsjust to make sure :)
22:11.03pcjthanks for subjecting your client to the potential malware before subjecting anyone else to the danger mxs
22:11.31CorganI live on the edge.
22:11.35mxsus torrent is not working, either
22:11.42Fisker-you know what would be funny g0urra ?
22:11.57Fisker-If they don't patch the EU servers because then they would break the demo machines at Leipzig
22:11.57mxs are the torrents. I suspect they haven't been enabled yet.
22:12.00Fisker-that would be hahafunny, etc.
22:12.48KirkburnWhy would Leipzig need to be running EU beta?
22:12.55pcjkirkburn it's also not passing the querystring when it's redirecting
22:13.10Fisker-murphy's law Kirkburn
22:13.37Fisker-my friend
22:13.38Corganmxs, US torrent just fired off
22:13.55Kirkburnpcj, thanks
22:13.57mxsmirrors incoming
22:14.22pcj1Mbps corgan
22:14.33CorganI'm capped at 600kb/s
22:15.09Kirkburnuh, btw, 1Mbps way less than 600kb/s
22:15.27KirkburnThe first normally means megabits
22:15.38KirkburnThe second normally means kilobytes
22:15.42pcjKb means kilobits
22:15.50Fisker-kb means kilobits
22:16.05KirkburnIndeed, but 60 kbps is an odd limit
22:16.17Fisker-because he meant kB/s
22:16.21Fisker-that stupid slacker Corgan
22:16.35KirkburnSo, uh, anyway ... which did you two mean? bytes or bits?
22:16.39pcji meant bytes
22:16.49KirkburnK then :)
22:16.50pcjplease sod off
22:17.06Fisker-we need moar kb/kB/KB controversy
22:17.11Kirkburn600 is still an odd limit
22:17.21Fisker-it's 5Mbit
22:17.35Kirkburn(btw, I know strictly speaking there was no confusion of terms, but I wanted to make sure)
22:17.52KirkburnSo it is
22:17.58Corganbe back in 15 minutes
22:18.02Fisker-no Corgan
22:18.05Fisker-you won't
22:18.09Fisker-*cocks gun*
22:18.11Corganyes fisker
22:18.13CorganI will.
22:18.22Fisker-want to make that a bet?
22:18.28KirkburnI normally come across 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 ... but 5 does make sense.
22:18.28Fisker-oh wait, i wouldn't get anything if i won :(
22:18.46Corganyou would lose
22:18.48Corganthe game
22:18.49Corganand also me
22:18.55Corganyou don't want to lose me ;(
22:19.45Fisker-anyways whats with all the space marines, etc. silly stuff in the dawn of war rts but world of warcraft ripoff in the mmo?
22:20.00g0urrabecause that would be lorelol
22:20.02Fisker-(In b4 calling Warhammer a ripoff of Warcraft)
22:20.16g0urrabecause I mean, it would be silly with space ships and aliens and wow
22:20.20g0urrain wow*
22:20.43Fisker-i see what you did there
22:20.56Corganspace goats
22:21.08Fisker-zombie goasts
22:21.55*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
22:22.37KirkburnFisker-, you spelt it wrong
22:23.02Fisker-i did? :(
22:23.10KirkburnDamn, you didn't
22:23.21Kirkburnho hum :)
22:23.23Fisker-i always win
22:23.32KirkburnApparently so
22:23.52KirkburnDisengage: This ability has been re-designed. Now leaps the Hunter backwards up to 13 yards. 30 second cooldown. Disengage now also only has one rank (rank 1).
22:23.57Kirkburn^ fantastic :P
22:24.02Fisker-they nerfed vengeance!
22:24.05Fisker-what a surprise :D
22:24.40KirkburnHunter love in this patch :)
22:24.53Fisker-Trap Mastery (Survival) has been now an 11-point talent.
22:24.54KirkburnFinally we get something more exciting than beat trap
22:25.01Fisker-beat trap ftl
22:25.06Kirkburner, bear
22:25.20*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
22:25.23Fisker-noone wants to listen to sweet beats while being beaten to death
22:25.27Fisker-badumtsh etc.
22:25.40g0urraJust so you know I'll update the patch notes
22:25.50KirkburnThanks g0urra
22:26.02pcjheh the bullet list is still screwed up
22:26.37CorganMace Specialization (Combat) no longer stuns enemies, and instead increases critical damage bonus by 2/4/6/8/10%.
22:26.47Corganlolnerfed rogues
22:27.03Fisker-oh god
22:27.08Fisker-prepare for shit storm
22:27.32CorganMace Specialization (Arms) no longer stuns enemies, and now generates 10 rage.
22:28.17pcjmace spec was gay
22:28.34sacarascthat page doesn't load for me :(
22:28.40sacarascnm, was just slow
22:29.12Fisker-so what about anything else mxs ?
22:29.26pcjdoes it have the cinematic in there
22:30.03Fisker-we'll see in a minute or so
22:30.06mxssacarasc: looking into it, apparently people are hitting the mirror ... hard.
22:30.06Fisker-I HATE YOU
22:30.27Fisker-"Transferring wowpatch to desktop"
22:30.28pcjlol im seeding the torrent
22:30.36Fisker-"We'll see in a minute or so" <enter>
22:30.39Fisker-and thanks for no resume
22:30.55Fisker-now i'm a really big bad lion
22:31.06CorganI BEAT YOU FISKER
22:31.08CorganI BEAT YOUUU
22:31.28CorganI'm killing you fisker
22:31.30mxsworking again. bleh.
22:32.27g0urrapally maces :(
22:32.31g0urrapally nerfs :(
22:32.32g0urraVengeance (Retribution) now stacks up to 2 times, reduced from 3.
22:35.56KirkburnNew Talent - Lock and Load (Survival): You have a 33/66/100% chance when you trap a target and a 10/20/30% chance when you sting a target to cause your next 3 Arcane Shot or Explosive Shot spells to trigger no cooldown, cost no mana and consume no ammo
22:36.15KirkburnIf I'm reading that right, you get 3 immediate arcane shots on a trapped target?
22:36.16pcjnext patch: +"and hit for no damage"
22:36.26KalrothGCD, Kirkburn
22:36.42g0urraBuild changes:
22:36.43Kalrothso it's 3 free arcane shots over 4.5 seconds
22:36.44KirkburnStill, wow
22:37.15KirkburnI almost want to spec out of beastmastery
22:37.34KirkburnOh, no wait, what am I thinking. Sorry. Insanity got to me.
22:37.58KirkburnSteady Shot: Now has a 2.0 cast time, up from 1.5. <-- makes me cry
22:38.19g0urraStill no fucking torrent from Blizztard
22:38.24Kirkburnooh, traps have an arming time? :P
22:38.30g0urraKirkburn: ooooooooooooooooold
22:38.41g0urra323 kB/sec download >:o
22:38.43KirkburnI'd probably realise if I used them
22:38.48Fisker-slaps g0urra around a bit with a large trout
22:39.10jaxdahlhow big is the patch?
22:39.11g0urraKirkburn: I take it as you usually don't PvP
22:39.22g0urraunless there's people on flying kodos in stormwind
22:39.28pcjhe usually doesn't pve either
22:39.28g0urraand you go LOLSNIPE
22:39.53KirkburnThat's the most PvP I've partaken in in months
22:40.07Kirkburnjaxdahl, 700 and something
22:40.09g0urra~fishslap Kirkburn
22:40.09infobotACTION slaps Kirkburn up side the head with a wet fish.
22:40.17g0urra750 MB
22:40.20Kirkburn~whaleslap g0urra
22:40.21infobotACTION beats g0urra upside and over the head with a freakishly huge killer whale named Hugh
22:40.24jaxdahl667MB according to utorrent
22:40.26*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
22:40.27g0urra~whalenuke Kirkburn
22:40.28infobotACTION dons her radiation cloak and tinted glasses while a highly intelligent whale named Ray precipitates critical mass for uncontrolled nuclear fission around Kirkburn with his mind powers.
22:40.33Fisker-enUS is 667MB, enGB is 750MB
22:40.40Kirkburn~whaleparry g0urra
22:40.41infobotACTION uses a slightly less-huge but eminently more agile killer whale named Edwardo to parry g0urra's attacks.
22:40.48g0urra~slap Kirkburn
22:40.49infobotACTION slaps Kirkburn, keep your grubby fingers to yourself!
22:40.52Fisker-and no i don't think the extra ~83MB is ou instead of o's
22:40.58Kirkburn~feel g0urra
22:41.04infobotACTION gets in the car
22:41.13Fisker-btw g0urra
22:41.15g0urra~kick Fisker-
22:41.16infobotACTION kicks Fisker-
22:41.22Fisker-we're approaching <no-enter-key>-time soon
22:41.38Fisker-OH NOS VALVE
22:41.39Fisker-YOU FAIL
22:41.50Fisker-They just broke the bootstrapper in the beta
22:41.53mxsg0urra: my torrent uses the Blizzard tracker
22:41.57mxsso it is pretty much the same
22:42.06Fisker-GG g0urra
22:42.11mxsin all the important parts, anyway
22:42.21g0urrathe beta client tries to connect to the server
22:42.22g0urrawhen I log in
22:42.24g0urrawhich is fail
22:42.31g0urrai can haz patch plx
22:42.44g0urra17 minutes 6_9
22:43.42Fisker-see you in a minute or so
22:44.02infobotACTION gets in the car
22:50.29*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
22:50.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
22:54.51mxsnew title : The Epxlorer
22:54.53mxserr Explorer
22:56.55sacarascthe epix loler
22:56.58Fisker-no movies that i can see
22:58.10Corgannotice how the naxx achievements aren't <PH> anymore
22:58.22KaNNisKirkburn... If I dont win a key I'll cry to mommy and charge sharp objects
22:58.40KirkburnI'm watching .... very very very random
22:58.45KaNNis... I guess 25th is a magic date... the date I need to pay my wow acc...and the Curse ending and wowwiki contest
23:01.12mxsCorgan: I know. That is pretty much what my site says. :P
23:01.20KirkburnSentry! Sappin' mah spy!
23:01.32Kirkburnvery very odd :)
23:02.11mxsWe'll see whether they just forgot to remove the level 77 thing from the notes
23:02.14Fisker-icecrown map is done
23:02.47sacarascCorgan: what are the naxx achievements?
23:03.02mxssacarasc: same as before, but just not PH anymore.
23:03.15mxssee the link I posted and you'll see.
23:04.13g0urraFisker-: OOOOOLD
23:04.15sacarascah, they're not achievements for the old naxx, that would have been cool
23:04.46Fisker-old naxx doesn't exist in expansion
23:04.57Fisker-old but awesum Kirkburn
23:05.04Fisker-you wouldn't steal a car g0urra
23:05.21KirkburnI just saw the Garry's Mod version, had to look up the original :P
23:05.41sacarascKirkburn: old ;p
23:06.06sacarascI remember that episode like it was just last year
23:06.23g0urraKirkburn: idiots of garry's mod?
23:06.40Kirkburng0urra, aye, it's an ... interesting ... compilation
23:06.55g0urraHalf life: Full Life Consequences
23:06.58Fisker-you wouldn't steal a car
23:07.06infobotACTION gets in the car
23:07.10Fisker-You wouldn't be a lion and get people to get into said car
23:07.14Fisker-YOU WOULDN'T!
23:07.31jaxdahl <-- it's strange that the official cinematic files play with subtitles if you embed them off site
23:07.44jaxdahleven though they supposedly load the same video file
23:07.58Fisker-So i guess i'll have to go find every zone on the map mxs :o
23:08.32KirkburnHeadcrab! Apply directly to the forehead! Headcrab! Apply directly to the forehead! Headcrab! Apply directly to the forehead! Headcrab! Apply directly to the forehead!
23:09.18KirkburnEven the brief amount of time I've been in the US, I still get that joke :)
23:09.25mxsFisker-: way a head of ya, already finished kalimdor and eastern plaguelands on live, northrend won't be far behind :>
23:09.45Fisker-Well you should get started on outland then
23:09.51Fisker-(yeah i went there)
23:09.52jaxdahli wonder if dalaran will have a working anvil and forge now
23:10.08Fisker-always outmanned, never outtrolled
23:11.45Fisker-well server won't be up anytime soon
23:11.47Fisker-so sleep tiems
23:11.50mxsheh :> Outland was, incidentally, completely discovered already :>
23:12.05Fisker-oddly enough :D
23:14.56g0urrafrost wyrm sounds
23:14.58KirkburnFinal youtube link for now: (original Lovely Bunch of Coconuts)
23:14.59Gryphenono i esceared of teh rawr! i need a huggle.
23:23.55*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
23:23.55*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
23:23.55*** join/#wowwiki deltaray2 ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:23.55*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
23:23.56*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
23:23.56*** join/#wowwiki copystring_ (
23:23.56*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
23:23.56*** join/#wowwiki fric (
23:23.57*** join/#wowwiki elmargol ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:23.57*** join/#wowwiki teclo- (i=42@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:23.57*** join/#wowwiki mxs (i=mxs@unaffiliated/mxs) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:23.57*** join/#wowwiki rapmoc ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:23.57*** join/#wowwiki Niat ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:23.57*** join/#wowwiki equirapt1r ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:23.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+ovv g0urra Kaso Dotted] by
23:23.59g0urraso i herd u liek netsplitz
23:26.30Kirkburngah, it's still checking the file
23:27.12g0urrayou know what I really like?
23:27.19g0urraplaying puzzle with files from the MPQ files
23:27.37Kirkburnwith horses?
23:27.48g0urrain storm peaks, yes
23:29.35KirkburnIt's still checking the file, *sigh*
23:29.56*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
23:31.21*** join/#wowwiki Dekster (
23:31.31jaxdahlsome guild on korgath got 72 hour suspensions and got a glaive deleted for stealing a raid ID
23:31.53kd3oh wow
23:31.59kd3and damn it, wrath. get the patch
23:32.18jaxdahlraid id stealing is an actionable offense now
23:32.19KirkburnYou've wouldn't steal a raid ID
23:32.31kd3they changed policy on that about a month ago
23:33.19KirkburnGood policy
23:33.58kd3any mirrors up yet?
23:34.52Kirkburnyes, mxs as usual
23:35.13KirkburnPMed you the link he gave earlier
23:38.45Kirkburnbloody hell, it's still checking the file
23:41.56kd3the hell? 668 megs?
23:43.04Kirkburnit's big
23:43.35kd3I can tell. how many kitchen sinks did they ship?
23:44.18KirkburnAsk g0urra
23:44.43kd3[19:43:35] <kd3> I can tell. how many kitchen sinks did they ship?
23:45.58g0urrabtw, new Storm Peaks map inc
23:46.07g0urra(in case kd3 haven't puzzled together one already)
23:46.13kd3I'm at 5% atm
23:46.18kd3gonna be a little while
23:47.16kd3pauses azureus
23:49.17*** join/#wowwiki harl (
23:49.37KaNNisMap still needs work I think
23:49.44KaNNis... any update on the icecrown one?
23:50.15kd3lol at k3
23:50.19jaxdahlpath of the titans doesn't show up there?
23:50.32g0urrayeah I lol'd at that too kd3
23:50.37Kirkburnkd3, damn, you beat me
23:50.47g0urraKaNNis: yes there's a new map too, I'll patch it together
23:50.56KirkburnIt better be a damn huge mountain
23:50.58KaNNisI lol'd too first ime I saw it when the storm peaks got their subnames
23:51.10KaNNisits a goblin base
23:51.16KaNNisthe new area 52
23:51.17g0urragnome I think
23:52.08KirkburnIt should be K3 Base Camp
23:52.31KaNNisLook how Short and sexy it is
23:53.13KirkburnAt this rate I'll never manage to patch
23:53.16kd3huh. did they change monaco? the "redirected from" notice doesn't seem to be showing up
23:53.26Kirkburnkd3, new redirect behaviour
23:53.40*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
23:53.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+v bleeter_] by ChanServ
23:53.44pcjmore like lame redirect behavior
23:53.44KirkburnIt's properly redirects, rather than software
23:53.55KirkburnNeeds a couple of tweaks though
23:53.58kd3I'd still like to see the "redirected from..." notice
23:54.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
23:54.09Kirkburnkd3, you should still see it, via via insert
23:54.43kd3allows all js
23:55.18pcjif (jsrdVal != null){
23:55.20kd3why is it depending on yahooapis?
23:55.33pcjis borked
23:55.44Kirkburnpastey, y'know

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