IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080811

00:00.00AdysMay the light be with you.
00:00.25Fisker-ses Dotted
00:00.26DimitriNecromancy <3
00:03.00DimitriHmm, as i see.. All World of warcraft UI is done using LUA scripts?
00:03.14DimitriIn connection with XHTML
00:07.23DimitriThat's smart thought.. Fast and low weight loadable scripts.
00:13.35DimitriLets comment about the Lore Characters of WoW?
00:14.56g0urraYou start
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00:20.09CorganThe Horde Wins!
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00:22.44kd3we kill him in wc3, he gets brought back by destroying the sunwell, we kill him in naxx, but inigo montoy's a traitor so he comes back again
00:22.53A9Qhey is anyone here
00:22.56kd3maybe we'll kill him for good come wrath
00:23.32kd3what's up?
00:23.44A9Qjust browsing your wowwiki site
00:24.10g0urrak cool
00:24.22A9Qi need some help
00:24.28g0urrawith what?
00:24.32A9Qis a blood elf a good choice for a rogue
00:24.38A9Qworld of warcraft bc
00:24.41DimitriKel'Thuzad is my favourite, because he's a good manager of the Scourge forces, at the other hand, he have not a good physical resistance. I like him too because he's an Ice-Mage, Necromancer.
00:24.56kd3if you want to play horde, sure
00:25.26A9Qi cant wait for wotLK either
00:25.34A9Qdid anyone preorder it?
00:25.46kd3nah, I'll just hit some store the day it gets released
00:26.12DimitriBetter to wait, and with some luck find it the first day. =)
00:26.45A9Qwhen i preordered it they asked me if i was alliance or horde
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00:27.50DimitriThe only part i love from WoTLK is the last level 80 raid.
00:28.12DimitriI mean, raid the Scourge Citadel and reach Icecrown. Its more sick than black temple
00:28.40kd3'course, that's not going to happen until 3.1 or 3.2...
00:29.09DimitriAnd personally, i dont like Lich King's 3D model
00:29.19kd3screenshots don't do it justice
00:29.21A9Qafter new expansion will guilds still raid black temple
00:29.25Eraclitothe lich king is fatty
00:29.32kd3probably as much as guilds still raid MC and BWL today
00:29.41DimitriHe's not. Maybe the Armor
00:29.54Eraclitoi think the armor is thin
00:29.54DimitriHow come an Undead Human is fat? And a ex-palladin too.
00:30.02Eraclitoit's an excuse for being fatty
00:30.06Eraclitolike black-dressing
00:30.07g0urra"Do I look fat in this armor?"
00:30.33DimitriI mean, blizzard has done an awesome Warcraftish work.
00:30.49DimitriBut.. Well, the lich king should be done better. ( No offense )
00:31.07DimitriBecause he seems too "Warcraft III" and Northrend is too "Warcraft II"
00:31.08g0urraKel'Thuzad: "Yes, it does, Lich king" Lich king: "WHAT DID YOU SAY?! Do you want to die AGAIN?!" Kel'thuzad: "NO MY LORD! NOT THE PHYLACTERY!"
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00:31.43kd3I'll reiterate the fact that screenshots don't do it justice. northrend's pretty damn awesome
00:31.47kd3<-- alpha/beta tester
00:31.48DimitriKel'Thuzad; "Minions, Servants Soldiers of the cold dark! Obey to the calling of Kel'Thuzad!"
00:31.48Eraclitothe lich king and kel'thuzad have a master/slave relation
00:31.54Eraclitoi don't want to see pictures.
00:31.59A9Qhey guys what attunment?
00:32.09kd3attunement for what?
00:32.29A9Qtell me if im right
00:32.31DimitriKel'Thuzad is mostly an "Majordomo", and its the ONLY of the scourge who choosed to follow the lich king
00:32.46A9Qguilds attunement in order to do an instance and then kill the boss for epic drops?
00:32.50DimitriOther's was cursed, killed, slaughtered and much other things.
00:33.07A9Qim right?
00:33.21kd3but none of the BC raid instances have hard attunements any more
00:34.00A9Qif a rogue gets into a raid what is there role just dpsing?
00:34.13kd3pretty much. take a look at the rogue PvE guide
00:34.19DimitriReally, i didn't see much rogues at after-BC raids
00:34.35DimitriI have seen much screenshots of pre-BC raids, and was full of rogues
00:34.38A9Qhow come is it that were not wanted anymore?
00:34.47kd3because balance between classes changes
00:34.54kd3so does moving from 40-man to 25-man raiding
00:35.04DimitriWith death-knights rogues will go more "down" ?
00:35.40DimitriThat's good news for rogues..
00:35.41Eraclito(let's hope it will happen)
00:35.57DimitriLets hope not.
00:36.03DimitriMuch people have a 70 Rogue
00:36.10Eraclitooh, most of them are a bunch of noob
00:36.15Eraclitothere're few good rogues
00:36.24Eraclitothe others are like "heal me and i can tank!11one"
00:36.32Eraclitoor "warriors cant dps!"
00:36.47Eraclitoor *stealth aggro raid boss* "ops"
00:36.49A9Qheh oh well
00:36.59A9Qwhat class are you Eraclito
00:37.12Eraclitoi'm a cute little gnome mage
00:37.36DimitriGnome mages.. I don't like gnomes..
00:37.39A9Qlol hehe
00:37.44Eraclitoeveryone likes gnomes
00:37.49Eraclitowe're good when cooked
00:37.52DimitriI... I don't want to sit on them with my tauren warrior
00:38.01A9Qlol heh
00:39.02DimitriBy the way, Icecrown with the Fortress seems too much "Dol Gundur" from LoTR
00:39.20Ackisis there a "warwiki"?
00:39.37kd3probably. check central wikia
00:39.40DimitriWoWWiki contain's all the information's about Warcraft games and lore
00:40.22Kirkburn|sleepaka HammerWiki
00:40.23DimitriArgh, you faster! XD
00:40.32Ackismerci mon ami
00:40.43Kirkburn|sleepMost cases, just stick the name of the game before and you'll find something :)
00:41.03Kirkburn|sleep(for really long names we use the acronyms, but normally have a redirect in place)
00:41.05DimitriI have done that, but i have done 2 tryes.
00:41.12AckisI tried hehe
00:41.15DimitriAt the second i have found the same as you.
00:41.24DimitriThat was my first thought too
00:41.44Kirkburn|sleepUnfortunatly most of those types of names will now be squatted :/
00:41.59Ackistrying to find out which class to play in beta (patching right now)
00:42.08Kirkburn|sleepPretty much every variation of wowwiki is, but some are localized languages
00:42.24A9QAre Death knights over powered
00:42.32DimitriThey are not.
00:42.34kd3they won't be when the devs are done balancing
00:42.44Kirkburn|sleepWell, their starting kit is :P
00:42.57DimitriExcuse me, with what level they start?
00:42.58Kirkburn|sleepBut that's to help people get off to a fair start
00:43.09Kirkburn|sleep55, but they finish their start zone at 58
00:43.22DimitriOh, then you have to do all boring outlands? XD
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00:43.37Ackisyou could do azeroth
00:43.39Ackisto 60
00:43.40Kirkburn|sleepThey increased the levelling speed though
00:43.41DimitriWell atleast not the 55 initial levels
00:43.52Kirkburn|sleep30% less XP 60-70 now :)
00:44.02Ackisjust refer a friend and get 3x xp
00:44.15Kirkburn|sleepSo you'll be hitting 70 by, ooh, Terokkar? :P
00:44.32Kirkburn|sleepIt was bad enough hitting 70 in Nagrand...
00:45.06Kirkburn|sleepThere's already a fair few 77 dks
00:45.34DimitriI hope the  gold wil become easer too, i hate all the noobs who make a private server just for themselves for "level 70 and gols"
00:45.45Kirkburn|sleepOh yeah, to kd3's earlier comment about doing Northrend justice ... indeed, screenshots really really don't any more
00:46.00kd3meh, I copied over with 5k, I'm 77 and at somewhere around 12k atm
00:46.10Kirkburn|sleepkd3, how...?
00:46.28Kirkburn|sleepI've only gained ~2k
00:46.39Kirkburn|sleepI suppose you've done more quests than me though
00:47.34Dimitri"Frostmourne Hungers"
00:47.37Kirkburn|sleepI wonder if the hair trigger quest will make to live.
00:47.51Kirkburn|sleepIt's the only one I've seen so far that required a crafted item
00:48.07kd3I expect not with the level of bitching I've seen about it
00:48.12Adyswhy did I just slaughter around 1000 sporebats to get exalted sporeggar
00:48.15Adysand my reward is a tiny sporebat pet
00:48.15kd3they should know better than that by now
00:48.24Kirkburn|sleepIf it does, more power to the engineers. If it doesn't, I bet that's a lot of hair triggers that have been hoarded for no use already :P
00:48.28Kirkburn|sleepkd3, indeed
00:48.55Adys[03:46:26] <@Kirkburn|sleep> I've only gained ~2k
00:49.05AdysI gained like 6-7k 70-77
00:49.18A9QShould i do instances with partys instead of grinding
00:49.23Eraclitouhm about naxx, i read that highlord morgraine will be not in the four horsemen... so no more corrupted ashbringer drop? and, what do you think about atiesh questline?
00:49.30kd3we dunno
00:49.36kd3we'll see what happens once they raise the cap to 80
00:49.47DimitriBlack Temple will be easer.
00:49.49foxlit"instances with parties" are usually less profitable per XP point
00:49.51DimitriFor players
00:50.04kd3c.ash was a level 60 item anyway
00:50.17kd3wouldn't make sense for it to show up as a level 80
00:50.19Eraclitoyep but it's cool
00:50.23kd3especially since the ashbringer's already been cleansed
00:50.25Eraclitoatiesh too
00:50.30Kirkburn|sleepAnd weilded
00:50.54Kirkburn|sleepUnless we want to steal it...
00:50.55foxlitmeh, retcon a corrupted tirion into the instances
00:51.34kd3meh, I just put together a post blasting people who think they retconned the mograines...
00:51.48DimitriWhat about Mages at the new expansion?
00:51.49Eraclitouhm what about pickpocket tirion?
00:52.00kd3we're pretty sweet right now
00:52.02kd3<-- mage
00:52.06foxlitmages are boring.
00:52.09Eraclito<-- noob mage
00:52.12foxlitend of story :)
00:52.13kd3ffb is <3
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00:52.33Eraclitonow you're on a elemental spec? frost and fire?
00:52.46kd3a few more points into frost than fire
00:53.01DimitriFrost Arcane?
00:53.22kd3no. "elemental" for mages is some combo of fire and frost
00:53.35DimitriArcane is removed?
00:53.43Eraclitoarcane seems interesting
00:53.47kd3arc is still there, it's just not part of an elemental spec
00:53.57DimitriArcane its the awesome one
00:54.21Eraclitofrost is more awesome
00:54.31foxlitand fire is the most awesome.
00:54.39foxlitI'm here all night, try the fish.
00:54.41DimitriFrost is for grinding, Fire for raid, Arcane for prey?
00:55.15Eraclitofrost seems good for raid too
00:55.20Eraclitoimproved water elemental
00:55.28DimitriIt was good for pre-bc as i know.
00:55.53foxlit*cough*rolling ignites*cough*
00:56.17kd3which didn't work so well on rag and nef...
00:56.17DimitriLets think about: 5 level 80's at Ragnaros
00:56.21DimitriWill stand a chance?
00:56.32foxlitdruids? easily
00:56.38foxlitmages, never.
00:56.56foxlitpaladins would work, too
00:57.24foxlitthen again, rag is 3-mannable at 70
00:57.24DimitriAnd illidan after losing he's friend Kael'Thas, and Akama betrayed him? And Maiev pwnd him too?
00:57.40Eraclitowe need something like infinite ice barrier
00:58.20DimitriLike the "Holy SHield" Spell that's infinite?
00:58.29foxlitmage mitigation will always suck against boss mobs
00:59.00Eraclitowe need something like a webcomic where all the lore characters are in a japanese-like school
00:59.03foxlitSo your only real hope is... yeah, a really, really fat shield spell.
00:59.04DimitriI hope blizzard will add another heroic class... I would like something such as "Necromancy"
00:59.15kd3that'll be in expansion #3
00:59.28kd3another class... dunno what
00:59.29foxlittoo much rotting stuff running around already
00:59.55DimitriDigi fusion between Lich King and illidan.
01:00.29Eraclito"lich king, illidan, dna digievolve..." "chrismetzenmon"
01:02.03DimitriWhat will appear? A big undead pikachu with horns and frostmourne and the twin blades of azzinoth?
01:02.18Dimitri*blind too
01:02.28Eraclitolasers from blind eyes
01:02.39DimitriThat will be critical for the raids
01:05.20kd3huzzah... exalted faction #16, stormwind
01:05.29Adys16 only?
01:05.39pcjwow terrible fail
01:05.46pcjso hard
01:09.23Eraclitothere's really a "of the exalted" title?
01:09.30Eraclitohow many rep do you need to exalt?
01:09.31Adys"The Exalted" title
01:09.38jaxdahl"Bob, The Exalted"
01:09.47jaxdahlor "Bob the Exalted"
01:09.59Adys23/40 atm
01:10.06Ackis37/40 :(
01:10.29Adys(live), but working on aldor, ogrila, consolrtium, skyguard and shendralar
01:10.44Adysand violet eye and keepers of time.. wtf why am i not exalted with those
01:10.58AckisI'm working on ravenholdt and darkmoon faire
01:11.07Adysyou're a rogue?
01:11.08Eraclitofive from the alliance, stormpike, shatar, scryer, sso, ogrilà, shatari, sporeggar...
01:11.19kd3meh, I need to start doing t6 raids... and heroics for HFC and LC
01:11.35AckisI have a 70 rogue alt who pickpockets the lock boxes for me, and every once in a while I'll kill some of the thingies
01:11.39Adysyou can get exalted RH now as non rogue?
01:11.50Ackisthe mobs in hillsbrad give rep with them
01:11.57Adyssince when wtf?
01:12.01Ackisand everyone can turn in the heavy junkbox quest
01:12.29Adysseriously, since when?
01:12.35foxlitsince always
01:12.42Adysum no
01:12.44Adysdefinitely not
01:12.45foxlitIt's just been pathetic and stopped eventually
01:13.01AdysI worked on syndicate/ravenholdt at some point two years ago
01:13.06Ackisravenholdt not syndicate
01:13.13Adysand you definitely could NOT get rh rep as non rogue
01:13.15Adysjust syndicate one
01:13.17Ackisyou can't do both now
01:13.38Adysdid they nerf magram/gelkis too?
01:13.43Ackis1 junk box turn in = -75 syndicate rep and 75 ravenholdt
01:13.53Ackisdunno haven't tried because you can't get them past exalted
01:14.09Ackiserr honored
01:14.21Adysfail still
01:14.45Eraclitoforgot netherwing
01:14.49Eraclitoonly 13 exalted reps
01:16.04Adysim pissed off
01:16.10Adysat some point i had like 100 pristine black diamonds
01:16.13Adysi gave half away
01:16.17Adysnow they cost 60 gold each again
01:16.35Ackisyah I made so much money doing that
01:16.39kd3wth are they doing being worth gold again?
01:16.46AckisDM north runs ftw
01:16.46Adysdunno kd3 they're rare
01:16.54Adysjust need 12 more PBDs here
01:16.57Adysand im exalted
01:17.11Adysbut thats stupid amount of gold ><
01:17.13foxlitThey drop like crazy in BRD
01:17.20foxlitAlthough that may have been quite a while back
01:17.21Adyspristine ones foxlit
01:17.29Adysin brd are the non pristine ones
01:17.35Adyspbds are world drops
01:19.07AdysUm Ackis
01:19.13Adyshow did you get 37 exalted factions?
01:19.22Adysthere are only 36 you can get at that point ingame atm
01:19.58Adysthats counting the whole cartel too
01:21.22Ackis~fail adys
01:21.23infobotadys, you Fail!
01:21.27Ackisthere's 39 you can get
01:21.36Adyser no
01:21.59foxlit : 56
01:22.07foxlit-8 because of horde/alliance duplication
01:22.09Adysa lot of those are capped foxlit
01:22.20pcjwoo plethora of pets
01:22.21foxlit"a lot" == "a few"
01:22.50Adysoh tranquillien
01:22.52Adysyeah ok
01:22.54foxlitOh? I'm counting 5 capitals and 3 forces.
01:23.07kd3bah, was thinking something else
01:23.15Adyswasnt counting tranquillient and duplicate aldor/scryer
01:23.35Ackisalliance have winterspring sabre mount thingy to counteract the tranqullien
01:23.40Ackisso it's 39 for both sides
01:24.25Adysyou counting DMF?
01:24.28foxlitbut -10 is actually fair, since there's also 2 outland factions :)
01:24.29Adysit doesnt go past honored afaik
01:25.14Ackiswinterspring is exalted, you need exalted to get the mount
01:25.42AdysIm talking about darkmoon faire
01:25.45Ackisoh my bad
01:25.51AckisI've seen people w/ exalted DMF
01:26.10kd3that's a hell of a lot of decks
01:26.24Adysdarkmoon faire is easier than wintersaber :P
01:26.28Adysglowing scorpid bloods
01:26.41Adysbut Im pretty sure its capped at honored :/ ill have to try
01:26.55jaxdahlvaliance expedition was really easy to get to exalted
01:26.56Ackisoh those turn in's are capped at honored
01:27.03Ackisyou need to turn in decks to get past those
01:27.09Adysthought everything was
01:27.23Adyshow much is a deck worth?
01:27.27Adysin rep
01:27.43Adysso thats 55 decks
01:27.45Adysfor me :P
01:27.56Ackisto exalted?
01:28.07Adyshuman diplomacy ftw
01:28.16Adysthats not actually so bad
01:28.40Ackiswait I think I may have fucked up badly let me test something rq
01:29.02Adys350 reputation with Darkmoon Faire
01:29.37Ackisno I'm wondering if it's friendly or honored for rep
01:29.47Adys100% positive
01:30.08Ackisso was I but my rep is at friendly right now and I had it maxed before
01:30.27Adysthey changed some shit in 1.11
01:30.45Ackisin which case I've wasted about 2k gold
01:31.07Adysi forgot to take my bank's gold before transferring
01:31.12Adysi wasted about 35k gold
01:31.42Ackiswow lol
01:33.39Ackisyah I just turned in 10 evil bat eyes at 3650/6000 through friendly and got 0 rep
01:34.12Adysjust did the same with some bloods i had left, no rep either
01:34.18Adysfriendly too
01:34.24Ackiswhat server you on?
01:34.35Ackisahh illidan us
01:35.23Adysso err
01:35.23AckisI bought the bat eyes way to make me waste 3g!
01:35.27Adysthats 97 decks.
01:35.51Adysdoable before wotlk methink :P
01:36.22Ackisit's 12k honored to revered, 21k revered to exalted, 999 exalted -> max +2350 for me
01:36.36Ackis104 decks
01:36.58Adysyou're further than me and I need less decks
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01:37.44Kirkburn|sleepAs much as I love the colour teal, can someone else tlak now?
01:37.51*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
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01:38.03Adyschange your client's algorithm for nicknames
01:38.15Kirkburn|sleepNo u :P
01:38.40Kirkburn|sleepGlad we agree
01:38.42Kirkburn|sleepNight all!
01:42.25Ackishaha apparently my cat doesn't like being petted while he throws up
01:42.40AdysMine doesnt either, lets fuck!
01:45.57Ackisdecks are expensive on my server there's a bunch of jackasses buying and reselling
01:48.17A9Qhey im back
01:48.24A9Qwhats a resto druid
01:48.34Adysyou go change it
01:48.45AdysA9Q: a druid with a restoration talent spec
01:48.49Adysa healer basically
01:48.54Adyshealing druid.
01:49.12A9Qbut i thought priests are meant for healing
01:49.18A9Qand paladins
01:49.22Adysyeah they thought that too
01:49.24Ackis102 decks now :P
01:49.41Adysi should hand some in now Ackis
01:49.50Adysotherwise i think by the end of the month ill have a full bank
01:51.02Ackisyou think you can get that many in a month?
01:51.31Adysthey arent rare here
01:51.39Adyslemme check the AH
01:51.42Ackisyou'll find certain cards are rare
01:52.00Adysthe thing is i dont care which deck Im handing in
01:53.23Adystheres 9 decks on AH atm
01:53.32Adysincluding 4 lvl60 ones (cheap ones)
01:54.14Ackishow much per deck?
01:54.34Adyscheap ones are 200-230
01:54.54Adysi know
01:55.08Adyson illidan us "cheap" means "less than three digits in copper"
01:55.29Adys230 gold is like a hour doing dailies >>
01:55.52Ackiselementals deck = 350g bid/450g buy out and that's the cheapest
01:56.01Ackisbut there's like 1 person reselling it
01:56.01Adysyeah those are elementals too here
01:56.18Ackisportals is 600/800
01:56.30Adyswell portals deck is still kinda nice
01:56.59Adysman Im pissed, should have gotten honored while I could with those bloods
01:57.58A9QWhats the best profession for a rogue
02:05.36Ackiscan I say tailoring?
02:06.12pcji know a rogue tailor
02:06.13Eraclitonope /kick
02:06.20Eraclitoi know a rogue tailor/enchanter
02:06.34Eraclitohe think to be a mage/lock, perhaps. maybe shadowcloth specced?
02:06.54Eraclitoi think inscription will be cool for rogues
02:06.56AdysAm I really lucky, or did they buff the droprate of those things to 100%?
02:07.02Adysglowing scorpid bloods
02:07.11Adysbecause I just got 21 in a row.
02:07.13Ackiswhy are you farming them if you're capped?
02:07.29AdysI have absolutely no idea
02:07.33Ackisahh ok
02:07.40Ackismicrowaved as a baby?
02:07.52AdysHow did you know?
02:08.04Ackisyour third eye
02:08.23Adysdamnit I thought my purple plastic hair was hiding it
02:08.57AdysI was gonna go to dire maul to handin 3 librams and I took silithus instead
02:09.57AdysAdys' Silithus Flag Drop (DND) creates a Silithyst Mound
02:10.00Adyswhy would they delete that?
02:11.47Corganthey deleted it?
02:11.55Adysno, just asking why they would
02:12.44Eraclitoblinks 20yd forward
02:13.58Adyssilithus doesnt look that bad
02:14.22Adysits actually a pretty cool zone
02:14.35Adysonce you've not stepped in it for over 18 months
02:21.59Ackisnever knew murlocs had shadow form
02:22.20*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
02:30.32Ackisthat is so wrong
02:31.32Eraclitohottest things are the wrongest ones :>
02:58.20pcjlike ur mom
03:20.01A9Qhey anyone there
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06:55.22*** join/#wowwiki copystring_ (
07:08.54*** join/#wowwiki Camicio2 (
07:17.52*** join/#wowwiki Vilkkuu (
07:27.24*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=sannse@wikia/
07:27.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+v sannse] by ChanServ
07:32.00Fisker-g0urra my enemy
07:42.59*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1 (
07:49.01*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1 (
08:07.29*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
08:13.22*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=sannse@wikia/
08:21.05*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
08:23.24*** join/#wowwiki Movix (n=mattes@
08:36.11g0urra"heya,i saw a flying tauren abowe stormwind,how does that work?"
08:36.15g0urraFisker- Fisker-
08:52.46Corganlol sholazar basin intro
09:30.42*** join/#wowwiki Shwomph (n=3c361a17@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:34.51*** part/#wowwiki niklauz (i=d863b241@gateway/web/ajax/
09:43.10*** join/#wowwiki kerwin15 (n=kerwin15@
09:46.00*** join/#wowwiki kerwin15 (n=kerwin15@
09:49.15*** join/#wowwiki kerwin15 (n=kerwin15@
09:51.56AdysFrance : un bouliste décède après avoir reçu une boule de pétanque dans la tête - Actualités
09:52.00AdysArticle lié : Une adolescente de 12 ans survit à une chute de 14 étages dans une cheminée
09:52.12AdysFeelin' morbid, much
09:52.21winkillerwow, I understood that 2nd one
09:52.40winkiller"12 year old survived a 14 floor fall?"
09:52.47winkilleror jump?
09:52.58winkillerI CAN HAZ FRANCH!
09:53.20Adysin a flue. :P
10:04.00*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
10:15.04*** join/#wowwiki Sir_Harry_5th (
10:16.14*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (i=Kirochi@
10:16.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kirochi] by ChanServ
10:19.12KirochiI feel you, Johanna
10:25.18*** join/#wowwiki Roqutso (
10:26.48Fisker-i'm killing you Kirochi
10:27.23DimitriSurvived, like an undead*
10:28.13Kirochiblood, guts, guns, cuts, knives, lives, wives, nuns, sluts
10:28.38Roqutsowow you didn't leave anything out
10:29.25DimitriGuns FTW
10:31.19DimitriWhich you would choose: Sword of aeons, Frostmourne, The One Ring of power?
10:31.31Roqutsosword of aeons
10:31.42Roqutsohow bout you?
10:31.52KirochiI would choose
10:31.58KirochiMy spartan foot
10:32.06DimitriThe One Ring of power
10:33.27Roqutsook here's one dimitri
10:34.01DimitriMy precious all for meee!
10:34.44RoqutsoEbony & Ivory from devil may cry The master sword or Tetsusaiga? from inuyasha
10:36.02Dimitri"Sauron's Mace"
10:36.20Roqutsothat thing? lol
10:36.56DimitriNoob: Hi! Sauron: Lets Duel! Noob: wha? *SMAAAAAAAAAAAG* *Noob disappears in the sky Team-Rocket Style
10:38.19DimitriPersonally my favourite LoTR character is Mouth Of Sauron. XD
10:38.33Roqutsohmmmmmm mouth of sauron? lol
10:39.22DimitriThe messanger of mordor
10:39.46DimitriYou can see him at the books, and at LoTR The Retun of the king exteded edition
10:40.16Roqutsosorry for my mispell lol
10:40.29Roqutsoi'd so do ebony & ivory
10:40.34Roqutsono reload time
10:40.49Roqutsoand ill check that out dimitri i have the extended stuff just don't watch it...
10:41.18DimitriWhat about Kel'Thuzad, anyone here like him? XD
10:41.28Roqutsohe's my favorite villian
10:41.33Roqutsofrom WoW that is
10:41.48DimitriHe's the only of the Scourge who choose to join into. XD
10:42.06Roqutsohe's so damn loyal to arthas i'd love to have him on my team lol
10:42.51DimitriBecause the lich king need some more IQ for defeat azeroth?
10:45.12DimitriIllidan, is an Emo.
10:45.47RoqutsoAgreed all alone in the corner wearing black
10:46.15DimitriAnd with a skull when others betray him
10:46.32Roqutsomhmm and all that black clothing!
10:47.07DimitriPoor Kael'Thas he couldn't find an Giant Murloc Clan with mana on the way for Dalaran? XD
10:47.41Roqutsolol shit sucks he was good for a long time till the humans wanted to execute him!
10:49.34DimitriLord Garithos
10:49.38DimitriHe suck.
10:50.01DimitriAtleast Varimathas was glad to kill him
10:50.22Roqutsoyeah isn't varimathas a boss in naxx or something?
10:51.01DimitriHe's the Lady Sylvanas Majordomo now.
10:51.09DimitriYou can find him at Undercity near Sylvanas
10:51.13Roqutsoyeah but
10:51.29Roqutsoi think in part of the WoW storyline he betrays her
10:51.40Kirochinot yet
10:51.41Kirochibut soon
10:52.08DimitriTHe only loyal is kel'thuzad : P
10:52.28Roqutsoyeah that's why I like him so much he won't ever betray arthas or the lich king
10:52.53DimitriWhy he should betray him lol?
10:52.56KirochiThe Lich King despises him a bit anyway
10:53.36Kirochiloyalty just doesn't exist on Azeroth
10:53.40DimitriWell.. He's too loyal
10:53.46RoqutsoI don't think so lol
10:53.51Roqutsohe's like krasus
10:53.57Roqutsoloyal to his master
10:54.23Kiro`schoolbbl ppl
10:54.28DimitriYes, an most of times the loyal to the master, are the first suspected for betray
10:54.58Roqutsoyeah agreed dimitri
10:56.06Roqutsoi hope they put in another old god :D
10:56.33Dimitri"Sargeras come to own azeroth"
10:56.43DimitriBut htat's impossible.
10:56.47Roqutsohe's a bronze titan right?
10:57.13DimitriSome kind..
10:57.18DimitriNow he's more a deamon
10:57.21Roqutsovanir bronze-skinned titan
10:57.33DimitriCheck the wiki you can see him
10:57.47RoqutsoSargeras the destroy, the fallen titan
10:59.50DimitriThey should put more Warcraft II things, and northrend is a good start.
11:00.42DimitriI would like to see Warcraft II intro with World of warcraft model's and sistem
11:00.54DimitriWould be more awesome than the original one
11:02.21Roqutsoi'm still interested in medivh
11:03.05DimitriHe tried to say to every human about the scourge, just only Thrall believe him.
11:03.14Roqutsoyeah i remember
11:03.27DimitriAnd Jaina after arthas Scourge'd all the Stratholme city
11:04.04DimitriOrcs are better than humans at azeroth
11:04.13DimitriThey got more lore, they battle for a cause
11:04.22DimitriThey got honnor big cities and stuff
11:04.23Roqutsoi should read up on that
11:04.34DimitriJust a survived "stormwind"
11:04.43DimitriAnd have lost the Elven allies
11:04.52Roqutsoyeah i know
11:04.56RoqutsoI wanna know about the orcs though
11:05.03Roqutsoall i know is what i played through WC 3
11:05.18DimitriYou have to read the lore or play warcraft games
11:05.22Dimitri( 2 and 1 )
11:05.23Roqutsoyeah i
11:05.29Roqutsom thinking about reading the lore
11:06.11DimitriAnd orc's got a good alliance into the horde after WC 3 event's
11:07.39DimitriIts not easy for alliance take down a tauren druid
11:07.47Roqutsonot at all lol
11:07.54DimitriA Gnome mage, its just easy, sit on him.
11:08.15DimitriYou will hear a "SPLUF AARGH"
11:08.28Roqutsosplatter effect!
11:09.02DimitriAnd Night Elves, are good only as druids
11:09.12DimitriTaurens are more friendly with the nature
11:09.22Roqutsoyeah they don't seem like a horde race to me
11:09.26DimitriNight elves, has been divided corrupted by some wells
11:09.47DimitriTauren? No corruption, no division of the race
11:10.07DimitriAnd no addictions
11:11.24DimitriDwarves.. Are the only funny at the alliance
11:11.33DimitriIf we take them as "Tolkien style"
11:11.38Roqutsognomes are a waste of a race
11:11.57DimitriThey got owned by level 23-30 elites
11:12.22*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
11:12.30DimitriHumans got owned at the first war by dragons and stuff
11:13.06Roqutsoyup yup
11:13.17RoqutsoI was just reading about kil'jaeden
11:13.32DimitriKil'Jaeden.. Hmm
11:13.46DimitriHe need a pawn to be summoned to azeroth
11:13.54DimitriAnd he tottally fail
11:13.56Roqutsoyeah kinda sad
11:14.38DimitriArchimonde got defeated by all races versus him
11:14.45DimitriKil'Jaeden by 25 random people
11:14.50Roqutsoyeah cause he's a little whimp
11:16.02g0urra25 random people? I wouldn't call the strongest heroes of azeroth "random"
11:16.20Roqutsowell technically our characters arn't part of the history
11:16.27DimitriWEll they are
11:16.36DimitriThat was blizzard objective.
11:16.43Roqutsowell we kind of are
11:16.44Roqutsobut like
11:16.47Roqutsonot really
11:16.52Roqutsocause anyone can do it
11:17.11DimitriBlizzard is the only game that got a LoTR-Like lore
11:17.16DimitriAnd full
11:17.20g0urrano, only the ones who have the strongest equipment possible can kill him
11:17.25DimitriNot just the last 5 pages
11:17.30g0urraor rather, push him back into the portal
11:18.01Pinkhair3dDimitri- the tauren ARE divided...  the second strongest tribe is hostile to the horde...
11:18.12Roqutsogul'dan is sexy
11:18.29DimitriAnd Orc's are divided in clans too
11:18.50g0urrathe thing is that when blizzard tells about the defeat of kil'jaeden it'll be "the strongest heroes of azeroth managed to push him back into the portal", not "ownsusohard and his band of blood elves, moocows and rotten corpses PWND KJ"
11:19.18Roqutsoyeah but blizzard should be like
11:19.48RoqutsoKungen and his guild of powerful heroes Nihilum have pushed the faggot demon back into the portal
11:20.07Roqutsoyou know the first guild that claims it deserves to go down in the lore :D
11:20.39RoqutsoI think it should
11:20.53Roqutsocause otherwise it's more of an anonymous thing
11:21.33Roqutsolike it would be like this band of heroes (censor name) hae defeated illidan
11:21.41DimitriArthas say too
11:21.44Roqutsokinda no fun to the lore
11:21.47Dimitri"Come heroes come"
11:22.14Roqutsowhat mount is that corgan?
11:22.21Corganone for a quest
11:22.29Roqutsowrath of the lich king?
11:22.34g0urraRoqutso: guild names shouldn't be in wow history. ever.
11:22.45Roqutsoyeah they should
11:22.50Roqutsoits like a clan name like the orcs
11:22.55Roqutsothe blackrock clan
11:23.20Roqutsoor shattered hand
11:23.31Roqutsoor dragonmaw stuff like that goes in the history
11:24.03g0urraguilds != clans
11:24.14Roqutsoguilds != clans?
11:24.28g0urraguilds are not equal to clans
11:24.42Roqutsopretty much the same thing
11:24.58Roqutsothey have their leader officers and lower ranks
11:24.59g0urraNo, it's not
11:25.02DimitriLike "Frostwolf clan"
11:25.06Roqutsoprove me wrong lol
11:25.35Roqutsobesides name differences
11:25.43g0urraGuilds are not part of official lore
11:25.46g0urraAnd that's it
11:26.02RoqutsoGuess you have me there
11:26.05g0urraIf you can't get to understand that, then too bad for you
11:26.20RoqutsoOh i understand you just need to learn to explain correctly :P
11:26.22DimitriHmm, the nice of world of warcraft is that the players make their own lore.
11:26.37RoqutsoYeah lol that would be pretty cool
11:26.46Roqutsobut it wouldn't go in the wow history
11:27.01DimitriYes, its only a lore of your character that you can show to others.
11:27.30DimitriLike: Mage fedalaph after reaching goldshire has decided to move to the city of stormwind while he's new Mage Trainer is waiting for him
11:27.47RoqutsoAh I see
11:28.46DimitriOr descrive the moments at instances
11:28.49DimitriLike Scholomance
11:29.23DimitriIts not like other MMORPG, RPG's that you follow the lore
11:29.37Dimitriand don't give the "THat's my character with its own lore"
11:33.32DimitriTry to write about your first character with much more RP style
11:33.49Roqutsooh sorry i was reading something >.<
11:35.23g0urrayou know
11:35.31g0urrawrong channel
11:36.22Pinkhair3dif you want people to take your lorewanking seriously make a machinima ^_^
11:37.14Roqutsotoo lazy
11:37.39Dimitri"Then the WoW Machinima age begun"
11:39.51*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
11:47.32KirkburnAdys, you have got one of your chars to 77 now, right?
11:47.50Adyssince just about first beta push :p
11:48.10Kirkburn :)
11:57.01Dark-FxAnyone hit 80 yet?
11:57.39KirkburnLevel cap is 77
11:58.03g0urrathat's a lie Kirkburn
11:58.08g0urraI got level 80 achievement
12:01.32Dark-FxAh, good to know
12:01.43Kirkburng0urra, /golfclap
12:01.57Dark-FxWhat do you guys think about the achievement system?
12:02.58KirkburnJust like I /golfclapped at the guy who tried to steal my kill in the Obsidian dragon shrine. He was on the same side as me :/ (Fortunately, I used the item to make him killable first, and he got beset upon by mobs, muahahaha)
12:03.06KirkburnDark-Fx, excellent
12:07.30*** join/#wowwiki igormorgado (n=igormorg@
12:07.39Dark-FxI'm a  little sad it's going to take me like 6 months to get a death knight to an appreciable level
12:09.14Dark-FxAlthough I guess if I can keep going on my paladin I should have a reasonable amount of gold in the bank to spend on stuff to speed up leveling
12:09.39KirkburnWell, there are already level 77 dks, so it's not too hard to level
12:09.46KirkburnPlus Outland takes 30% less XP
12:09.59Dark-FxAh, in the xpack?
12:10.18KirkburnAs soon as patch 3.0.1 arrives, I expect
12:10.42*** join/#wowwiki sacarasc (i=sacarasc@xmms2/bitch/sacarasc)
12:12.20Dark-Fxalthough I did just get a pretty nice world drop sword the other day
12:12.34Dark-FxSpent most of my remaining time grinding up the skill to use it
12:31.58KirkburnThe Amory is still in beta >_<
12:32.07Kirkburn*Armory. Well over a year now
12:36.03*** join/#wowwiki Dakhma (
12:36.55*** join/#wowwiki sacarasc (i=sacarasc@xmms2/bitch/sacarasc)
12:37.28*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
12:41.00winkillerKirkburn: so is flickr ;)
12:44.55pcjso is gmail
12:45.46KirkburnMah Gmail haz a pritty skin
12:47.16pb_ee1Hum more if you use Bette Gmail 2 :p
12:58.02winkillerI'm so gonna make that
12:58.15winkillerit pays off to have a 375 BS/Engi now
13:07.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
13:10.41*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
13:10.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
13:14.35Kirkburnpb_ee1, Gmail Redesigned 2 for me :)
13:14.56pb_ee1Hey! You copied!
13:15.09*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
13:15.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
13:15.22pb_ee1Actually it's very nice indeed Kirkburn
13:16.10KirkburnAye, tis
13:23.17KirkburnMediaWiki 1.13 is onto RC2
13:25.07kd3and blizzcon tickets are on sale
13:25.35Fisker-i'll buy them all MWUHAHAHA
13:27.21pcjcasting a holy spell should affect the dynamic shadows
13:29.29*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
13:29.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
13:32.00winkillerMediaWiki is from hell
13:32.22winkillerI still have one installation with magically non-working stylesheet and no upgrade path available
14:00.30*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
14:00.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+v DuTempete] by ChanServ
14:12.21RagestormHmm... Judging by the plants, looks like Freya is related to Eonar...
14:15.41KirkburnOh yeah, I've got a quest to go there, she looks cool
14:16.07pcj'"We will drink Russian blood," said Badri, one of the contingent newly arrived from Iraq. '
14:16.08pcjfreakin vampires
14:16.48pcjbut seriously, russia is being horrible
14:16.52RagestormKirkburn: flowers bloom at her feet and vines trail up her staff.
14:16.55pcjkind of a sticky situation for the rest of the world as well
14:17.14RagestormGiven what's lying beneath Georgia, very sticky indeed...
14:17.46RagestormPerhaps Golganneth has a sister...
14:24.18*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
14:24.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
14:28.59*** join/#wowwiki AckisWork (i=8ee55fc2@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
14:29.52Kirkburn"I'd heard the professor talk about a certain "lifewarden" appointed by the titans to look over Sholazar"
14:31.27*** join/#wowwiki A|sleepies (
14:31.28*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
14:31.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
14:34.21*** join/#wowwiki dsfarghegaaaaaar (
14:38.01*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
14:38.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
14:40.36*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
14:40.36*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
14:42.38ralf-xI don't know that I could take an 11yr old seriously
14:43.11ralf-x"give me all your money"
14:43.18ralf-x"lol wut?"
14:45.52Fookaktai bet it's not a 11 yr old, which is scary
14:53.39*** part/#wowwiki Fookakta (n=fookakta@
14:57.21*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
14:57.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Charitwo] by ChanServ
15:00.43*** join/#wowwiki Drooglijk (n=Droog@
15:05.36Kirkburnwow, there are 159 mounts in WoW
15:05.44ralf-xholy crap
15:06.00KirkburnActually, possibly more with the zhevra
15:06.52*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1 (
15:07.07KirkburnWith the new mounts system, I'm going to go crazy buying up everything :P
15:07.31winkillerI have <10 different
15:07.32winkilleron all chars
15:07.43KirkburnNo fun :P
15:07.50KirkburnI want to be surprised every time I cast
15:09.56Dark-Fxooh, is there a way you can make a random cast script/macro?
15:10.11ralf-xcatsrandom? lolcat
15:10.16KirkburnYay for random cats
15:10.26ralf-xicanhascheezburger plz?
15:10.29winkillerbut the problem is.. if I hit my button again I wanna dismount
15:10.40winkillerso I need /cancelaura; /castrandom
15:10.44winkillermacro magic
15:11.20Arrowmasteryou mean a /dismount /castrandom
15:11.40Dark-FxI dismount by casting anything else..
15:11.53g0urraI dismount by puttin on my robe and wizard hat
15:12.22*** join/#wowwiki Daedals (
15:21.23*** join/#wowwiki Daedals (
15:22.37pb_ee1Omg need this ui:
15:22.50pb_ee1(isn't new)
15:29.39ralf-xthat UI, plus the chinese stuff, makes my head hurt
15:30.25*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm_ (
15:31.33*** join/#wowwiki d2k (n=d2k@
15:36.56*** join/#wowwiki pcj_3 (i=pcj@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:36.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj_3] by ChanServ
15:37.29*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:37.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj_2] by ChanServ
15:43.43KirkburnThat's what being a warlock does to ya :P
15:47.38*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
15:47.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:55.07*** join/#wowwiki AckisWork (i=8ee55fc2@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
15:58.16Fisker-Kirkburn what do you say about my powerlevel_
15:59.20KirkburnAbout what?
15:59.35Fisker-you know, over 9000, etc.
15:59.58Fisker-i'm leveling weapon skills before the wotlk nerf :P
16:00.17Fisker-basically taken me 5 minutes to get to 275
16:00.20Fisker-from 1
16:00.40Fisker-they're completely removing skillups from servants now
16:01.14ralf-xyou mean the unkillable guys?
16:01.16ralf-xgod why
16:01.36Fisker-because you can hit on them forever without ever dying? :D
16:01.46ralf-xleave my hax alone!
16:03.31Fisker-no u
16:03.48ralf-xmy stupid 2h sword is still at 348
16:04.16ralf-xand I don't think my gun skill will ever break 300 lol
16:06.45g0urraMy girlfriend had a baby Kirkburn
16:06.51g0urraI think I should make a forum thread about it
16:07.00g0urraAnd then in 3 months someone shall bump it
16:07.12KirkburnAnd make a wiki page
16:07.25Fisker-g0urra my enemy
16:07.34g0urraFisker- MAH BOII
16:07.37Fisker-you don't have a girlfriend
16:07.56g0urrayou don't have a brain
16:07.58g0urrashe broke up with you
16:08.19Fisker-brains do not have a gender
16:08.43Fisker-stupid g0urra is stuuuuuuuuuupid
16:09.28infobotACTION gets in the car
16:17.24g0urrabwaha, kirkburn in an indian costume
16:17.33infobotACTION gets in the car
16:19.09KirochiKirkburn my friend
16:19.27Kirkburng0urra, awesome, I know
16:19.31KirkburnSuch high quality pix
16:19.49KirkburnI wonder if my penguin costume is on there
16:20.14Kirochishow the pic
16:20.16Fisker-Kirochi my troll
16:20.18Kirochihaven't seen it
16:20.27Fisker-i'm leveling polearms Kirochi
16:20.29KirochiFisker- my friend
16:20.42Fisker-but it's slow :(
16:21.45KirochiKirkburn is the word halberd right for polearms?
16:22.28KirkburnIt's a type of pole arm
16:23.01Kirochiah right
16:23.12Kirochinot very keen on mediaeval terms
16:23.35Kirochithough my english teacher (three years ago) got surprised when she saw I knew what a quiver was
16:25.33Fisker-this is madness
16:25.41Fisker-taken me 10 minutes sofar to get from 349-350
16:25.58Kirochiin our 300-pupil class the best philosophy student was called Leonidas
16:26.13Fisker-madness Kirochi
16:27.10Kirochiouch ?
16:28.20*** join/#wowwiki Drooglijk (n=Droog@
16:28.28KirochiYou know the rules and so do I
16:28.54Kirochiho wait
16:28.58Kirochiwhy isn't Ragestorm_ opped?
16:30.31winkillerI could tell you 10 reasons
16:30.33winkillerbut I won't
16:30.59Kirochitrue fact
16:33.29*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
16:33.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
16:38.29illixilgod i love porn
16:42.56Kirochiillixil this statement is worth of an @
16:43.29*** join/#wowwiki Archimald (
16:44.50*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
16:44.52ArchimaldHello World!
16:45.57Kirochiis playing Porrasturvat
16:46.04*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
16:47.09g0urrayou wanted a picture of Kirkburn in an indian costume?
16:47.15Kirochiheck yea
16:47.27ArchimaldYay World is talking!
16:47.44g0urrano we're just conspiring
16:48.06ArchimaldFine don't tell me.
16:49.15KirochiKirkburn you look um
16:49.50g0urraWHEN SPOONS ATTACK
16:52.03Eraclito[18:01:31] <Fisker-> because you can hit on them forever without ever dying? :D <- hey the servants hit hard on cloth :° nerf armor
16:53.06*** join/#wowwiki selckin (
16:53.11g0urrayou mean buff armor
16:53.29ralf-xnerf melee
16:54.27*** join/#wowwiki selckin (n=selckin@unaffiliated/axxo)
16:54.46Eraclitonerf melee armor
16:54.57Eraclitoor give plate to casters
16:55.01Eraclito(it sounds logic)
16:55.32Kirochima sì, e anche totemi per i paladini
16:57.57*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (n=teo@2001:470:9a61:0:0:0:0:2)
16:57.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
16:59.31*** part/#wowwiki Malgayne (
16:59.54Kirochiinfobot, thanks
16:59.54infobotKirochi: pas de quoi
17:00.09Kirochisince when infobot answers in French?
17:01.16KirkburnSomeone has created this: ... looks pretty useful
17:03.34*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | CVN: #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | WotLK portal: | WotLK addons: | Greetings Death Knight. Welcome to the Cathedral of the Light!
17:04.27KirkburnI would contest that as that statement already applied to Warlocks, we know they are already very very welcoming
17:04.47Kirochibut where is Adys's dumb topic gone? :'(
17:06.32*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
17:07.10Fisker-they should rename the unarmed skill achievement to Fight Club
17:07.30ralf-xis there an acheievement for max unarmed?
17:07.39selckinyou forget about rule #1
17:07.41ralf-xthat sucks
17:07.42*** join/#wowwiki A9Q (
17:07.53ralf-xanyone who can equip a fist weap has a distinct advantage :(
17:09.31selckinanyone else goes to blasted lands and afks
17:09.46KirochiFisker- you don't talk about fight club
17:10.11Lukian<selckin> anyone else goes to blasted lands and afks <- where it should take about 30mins to max ;)
17:10.30A9Qyou might get ganked
17:10.38selckinlearn to kite to a corner
17:10.48sacarascunarmed skill is easy to get up for some people
17:10.58sacarasc(my shaman has dual fist weapons)
17:11.08ralf-xyeah exactly
17:11.11ralf-xthat's my point
17:11.27ralf-xmy priest won't ever have it :(
17:11.44ralf-xthere was a time where I beat cows with my fists in elwynn
17:11.49ralf-xbut that time is long past
17:12.23ralf-xnot that I really want it, but I wonder why there is no wand skill
17:12.29*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
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17:14.19*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
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17:16.18*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (
17:34.29*** join/#wowwiki Lukian (
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17:47.44*** join/#wowwiki copystring (
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19:02.38*** join/#wowwiki Aeytche (
19:13.29*** part/#wowwiki Dakhma (
19:13.33*** join/#wowwiki Dakhma (
19:16.30jaxdahl2note a whole lot of info in blizzcast 4 :|
19:16.37jaxdahl2looks like blizzcast 5 will have diablo3 stuff
19:19.32Fisker-have you found out how flowers can be encrypted?
19:19.56pcjmd5 i would suspect
19:21.12pcjheh, i just realized i bought the latest intel chipset
19:23.40*** join/#wowwiki Reddie (n=red@
19:25.04*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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19:25.32g0urraretard thread of the month/year
19:43.32*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=sannse@wikia/
19:43.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+v sannse] by ChanServ
19:47.32g0urralol appearantly most warriors get #132 error with the latest beta build
20:02.27Pinkhair3dmy mage is pretty good with weapons
20:02.50Pinkhair3dexcept, of course, for -hurting- anyone with them
20:03.56Pinkhair3dno matter how good a mage gets with weapons they'll still be pretty useless with them
20:03.58Pinkhair3dit's stupid
20:04.07*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
20:04.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
20:04.07*** join/#wowwiki Amarande (
20:04.26Amarandenext suggestion for patch: we need some kind of non-heroic instance rewards to keep people actually going to normals
20:04.33Amarandehow else are people going to not have scrub gear at 70?
20:04.49Amarandeor has Blizzard basically ditched the PvE game for the rest of BC and is now all about PvP till WOTLK?
20:04.57pcjplease no more whining
20:05.03Fisker-Warsong Gulch 3500
20:05.07Amarandepcj: it's impossible to get geared at 70 without getting pissed off all the time at not being able to get decent groups
20:05.12AmarandeFisker: we had EOTS 807 yesterday
20:05.24Amarandebecause at this point, anyone who's any good wants to go only to heroic
20:05.29pcjstop. whining.
20:05.35Amarandewhich means we have to settle for BG gear, which is crap for PvE
20:05.46Fisker-never seen that high a BG before >P
20:05.46Amarandeexcept the spellblade. the S2 spellblade is actually good, thank $DEITY
20:05.52Fisker-i think the highest i've seen is 1xx
20:07.41Kirkburng0urra, servers still being problematic?
20:08.20g0urraDoesn't seem like it
20:08.31Amarandehmm, on a less whiny point
20:08.32KirkburnThere is only one deity. Await his noodly appendage.
20:08.34g0urraI can loot fine at least
20:08.37Amarandehow about a rebalance of loot in BC? :)
20:08.52Amaranderight now, there is a distinct lack of some stuff pre-raid/badges
20:09.01Amarandeplus some bosses have absolutely nothing to offer about half the classes
20:09.05g0urraThere won't be another patch until WotLK
20:09.07Kirkburnless whiny?
20:09.15Amarandecloaks for instance
20:09.26Amarandeexcept for the one from sethekk, ALL of the caster cloaks blue from instances are for healers
20:09.34g0urraHALP KIRKBURN
20:09.37Amarandenone for DPS whatever, I checked my atlasloot
20:09.39g0urramy whinometer is ALARMING
20:09.47*** kick/#wowwiki [Amarande!i=pcj@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj] by pcj (i wasn't kidding)
20:09.51*** join/#wowwiki Amarande (
20:10.03Amarandeok, so dissatisfaction with things is disallowed, pcj?
20:10.12pcjno. whining about things is.
20:10.14KirkburnNo, but you do go on about it
20:10.29KirkburnSay something positive every once in a while :)
20:10.46Amarandelast night we did have my first instance run in a good long while with no leavers :D
20:10.52Amarandeand it was SH, no less
20:11.02Amarandethat's the one usually half the group bails on after the first boss :)
20:11.36Kirkburndoesn't "do" instances
20:11.40AmarandeKirk: do you think achievements will help keep people in normal instances longer?
20:12.02pcjwhy even bother with normal instances...
20:12.05KirkburnI refer you to my last comment. I really cannot say.
20:12.28Amarandepcj: to get gear for higher instancing that doesn't get you laughed at and labeled a noob :)
20:12.33KirkburnI think Heroics are supposed to be more different this time, I'm not certain though
20:12.40pcjheroics are really pretty easy
20:12.40AmarandeI'm good enough to know that BG gear is bad for PvE :)
20:13.00Amarandeexcept a few specific shining stars like S2 spellblade
20:13.02pcjyou can really just jump from quest greens into doing heroics
20:13.04jaxdahl2anyone done all the wotlk 5 mans out yet (5 of them) ?
20:13.16jaxdahl2nexus, uk, a-n, dtk, HoS
20:13.19Amarandeyeah, but when you need gear so you can get into raids better
20:13.33Amarandeyou can't go to raids in quest greens, and you need a lot of drops from instances, which you need to do on normal to do more than 1/day
20:13.33pcj...from heroics
20:13.37Amarandesome classes get screwed over on this
20:13.42Amarandelike locks, who need 2 drops from murmur for DS3
20:13.46pcjit's really not that hard
20:13.49pcjyou're just whining
20:14.15g0urra[SERVER] Shutdown in 15:00
20:15.15g0urrajaxdahl: I've done nexus, a-n, dtk and HoS
20:15.45g0urraso far dtk is the one most interesting, HoS will be when it's fixed up with less placeholders
20:16.09jaxdahl2female titan boss in HoS has gigantic void zones
20:16.28Kirkburng0urra, :O
20:16.30pcj'"I've asked them to get people to smile more," he said, noting that his request was met with ... laughs. '
20:16.33KirkburnPatch mebbe?
20:16.48jaxdahl2and the rock giant's shatter got us good the first time we saw it. tank and healer lived and took 'em a few min to kill
20:17.07g0urranothing on (EU) forums
20:17.13g0urrathen again the EU forums are fail
20:17.18KirkburnI know a patch is a bit of a stretch given only two working days
20:17.22Amarandehmm, TOS question
20:17.28Amarandeif you say just "LF3M" for an instance
20:17.35KirkburnLooking for 3 more?
20:17.36Amarandewhen you have part done the instance with bosses dead (Reg mode)
20:17.40Amarandeand don't tell them the instance wasn't reset
20:17.46Amarandeis that considered a reportable scam on the TOS with suspension?
20:17.53KirkburnNot at all
20:18.00Amarandeahh, good ;)
20:18.09KirkburnBut don't expect them to like you if you don't tell them :P
20:18.10jaxdahl2it's not reportable on heroic either
20:18.24pcjit's reportable, it's not actionable
20:18.35Amarandejax: on heroic one might make a case that you cheated someone of the badges from past bosses
20:18.41Amarandesince they can't do those bosses -at all- today then
20:18.49jaxdahl2GMs can't and won't do anything about it
20:18.59pcjthat is probably only something you would whine about Amarande
20:19.40g0urraKirkburn: I hope there'll be a hotfix for graphics bugs, #132 errors and ZOMGWHITEFROSTWYRM
20:19.47g0urra(at the very least)
20:20.03jaxdahl2did you know that instances are still partially cascadeable?
20:20.12KirkburnHopefully it's a minor issue and fix
20:20.32g0urraand then there's the JC problem with "You have no target" when you try to make something
20:20.46Kirkburnjaxdahl, I don't understand the question
20:20.48pcjand the nasty dalaran bugs
20:21.07jaxdahl2you can do most of the bosses twice for a given dungeon in the same reset cycle
20:21.24KirkburnFixing Dalaran would be a fairly big patch I bet
20:21.44Amarandepcj: possibly actually lol
20:21.45Kirkburnjaxdahl, then, hmm, no.
20:21.50KirkburnI did not know :P
20:21.54Amarandegiven that I seem to find it an uphill battle to get a group to do an entire instance these days
20:22.02pcjwell at least the holes in the ground which are rather nasty
20:22.13Amarandelike I said, SH last night was my first trip without any leavers or an early give-up in ages
20:22.20kd3hugs the barber shop deathtrap
20:22.36KirkburnIf only I could blooming mount my flying mount in Dalran
20:22.43KirkburnI might be able to make it inside then :P
20:23.12pcjyou can mount in crystalsong forest and ride into dalaran kirkburn
20:23.16KirkburnOr do I want to flying mount my blooming mount? It's so confusing
20:23.28pcjbut you still have to make it out
20:23.32Kirkburnpcj, true, but the moment you land, no mount for you!
20:23.44pcjonce you're inside no mount anyway :P
20:23.47KirkburnI suppose copious use of the teleport crystal works
20:23.57jaxdahl2if you have a raid A, clear to the first boss in karazhan, then change out the people in raid A and form a new raid B and put new people in raid A. zone back into a new copy of karazhan with raid B. kill the first boss in raid A's copy within 30 minutes. Now raid B can clear their copy of karazhan, then when they zone out and zone back in they will be in raid A's copy of the instance
20:25.19g0urrathe points is ?
20:25.28AmarandeKirk: is the PvE game worth playing these days (outside of dailies) if you're not already established into a regular raid group, or is it better to focus on BGs and stockpiling honor for the 80 honor gear?
20:25.36Amarandedo we know what the 80 honor gear looks like yet anyway btw? :)
20:25.41KirkburnI play for fun.
20:26.02KirkburnSeriously, I just don't worry about this stuff
20:26.08pcjgod kirkburn what do you think this is, a game
20:26.13AmarandeIf it wasn't for WOTLK, I wouldn't be worrying too much of it either
20:26.27KirkburnI don't PvP and I don't do much grouping outside of quests
20:26.35Amarandehowever, I'm intent on getting that Champion of the Naaru title, put up with helping the stupid felboar get tubers for that guy so I could get that chain going
20:26.47Amarandenow I'm up to the part where I have to instance and at a roadblock because I need to get geared
20:27.14g0urrathen why aren't you doing that instead of just whining about it?
20:27.36Amarandeg0urra: whining during the downtime because I'm having the utmost difficulty getting groups to get geared :)
20:27.56Amarandeif there was some way to get good PvE gear solo (that doesn't rely on waiting ages for enough badges to come in in the shattered sun supply bags) I'd do it
20:28.03Amarandehowever, such gear is almost entirely BoP
20:28.22g0urrawhat's your class and professions
20:28.29AmarandeWarlock, JC and mining.
20:28.40pcjwarlock is hard to be bad at...
20:28.44pcjyou must be terrible
20:28.47AmarandeI've even heard suggestion that maybe it's time to swallow my pride, throw away all the money I put into JC and get tailoring instead for the shadoweave set
20:28.57Amarandepcj: I've been pulling my weight excellently in instances
20:29.11Amarandethe problem is we usually end up with 1 or 2 of the other 2 DPS being scrubs
20:29.11pcjjust run with your guild
20:29.36pcjthere is nothing we can do about it and we don't really care
20:29.38pcjso stop whining to us
20:29.42Amarandeon another topic
20:29.57Amarandeis there going to be a specific stat that gearing in WOTLK will focus on for everyone?
20:30.02Amarandethe way Stam did in BC?
20:30.10jaxdahl2i am surprised at how hard it is to get 5 man groups going in the beta
20:30.18KirkburnThe Great Gear Reset shall not occur
20:30.22Amarandejax: it's hard to get 5 man groups going everywhere
20:30.28pcjStrength and Spirit are undergoing buffs
20:30.29jaxdahl2it seems like a lot of players stop playing when they hit 77
20:30.31pcjBut that's about it
20:30.39KirkburnExpect to not be switching gear for a few levels
20:30.47pcji've only replaced my shield so far
20:31.06pcjit's a bit odd to see strength on all the tanking gear i've seen
20:31.08KirkburnI've switched a bit more, but then I only have Outland quest greens/blues
20:31.14jaxdahl2gear will get replaced. epics look to be starting at ilvl 200. level 80 blues are ilvl 187 (115 was tbc max)
20:31.19pcjyeah i have BT-quality epics
20:32.10Kirkburnjaxdahl, I would say it's because the world quests are way more interesting this time around
20:32.15jaxdahl2bt/sunwell epics are upper 150s, low 160s
20:32.39KirkburnPlus, hey ... it's a beta. Covers many timezones, and not most people's main focus
20:35.31Amarandeyeah, when did strength become a tanking stat?
20:35.38Amarandeunless they're trying to help tanks out
20:35.57Amarandesince a major problem with tanking these days is that unless you keep an entire extra set for soloing and keep respeccing, you hate yourself when soloing
20:36.19Amarandestr would mean you can at least kill something :)
20:40.00pcjlike i said, they're buffing it
20:44.06jaxdahl2when i'm in my frost tank spec, i can do about 500-600 dps when soloing mobs, compared to 750-850 while blood spec, in the same gear
20:44.16jaxdahl2don't really feel like a weakling, but it's still slower
20:47.15Amarandeon a strategic point BTW:
20:47.28Amarandeis it worth it to ditch a highly advanced profession simply in order to grind another one up for BoP epics?
20:47.46Amarandein particular, is the advice correct that every cloth class needs to find room somewhere for tailoring for their set?
20:48.34Amarandepersonally I find it most efficient eventually, to have five (six once WOTLK comes out) characters, with all professions divided among them, than to grind the same profession multiple times for BoP's
20:49.33selckinpersonal preference really
20:49.39selckinnot everyone has the dedication or playtime to pull that off
20:49.57selckinsome items just aren't worth it
20:50.29g0urrateh server is up
20:51.00g0urra592 ms ._>
20:53.54*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
20:53.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
20:54.35Fisker-g0urra my friend
20:54.59*** join/#wowwiki d2k (n=d2k@
20:57.43g0urrais there a portal between vengeance landing and shattrath? :|
20:58.08kd3that was during alpha
20:59.08pcjwhat about between valgarde and shattrath
20:59.39kd3that was during alpha
20:59.52kd3the only portals in northrend are in dalaran
21:00.00pcjwhat about mage portals
21:05.46Fisker-epoch hunter is totally retarded as prot tank
21:07.44Fisker-paly prot that is
21:11.43Amarandesay, to get champion of the naaru
21:11.53Amarandedo you actually have to do the quest chain to summon nightbane, or just be in a kara group that can?
21:12.33g0urrayou need the quest
21:12.38g0urraand there's nothing to whine about it
21:13.01Amarandeso you actually have to summon Nightbane -yourself- then
21:13.03kd3you don't have to finish the nightbane chain to summon him, just fulfill the SSC/TK attunement requirements (which only requires a kill)
21:13.13Amarandekd3: ahh, that's what I was fuzzy on
21:13.18foxlitchampion of the naaru... unlock tempest keep?
21:13.23kd3and SSC
21:16.49*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
21:16.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Charitwo] by ChanServ
21:19.58Fisker-g0urra my friend
21:20.09g0urraffs #132 DIE
21:21.20Amarandeyeah, going to HSP now to start the SSC part
21:21.29Amarandethe TK part I'm up to where I have to do all the heroic stuff lol
21:22.14Fisker-i'm outland quest mastar
21:22.19Gryphenono i esceared of teh rawr! i need a huggle.
21:22.52Fisker-I've done every TBC quest in the game as far as i know
21:22.57Fisker-except for the illidan quest
21:23.30AmarandeI'm thinking for the heroic portion of the TK part
21:23.39Amarandeit may suit me better to gather up a whole bunch of gold and get run by T6 folks lol
21:23.51Amarandeor will T5 do for that?
21:28.44winkillerrofl, a link to
21:28.45*** join/#wowwiki secretpirate (n=gomesc06@
21:28.50winkillerfirst answer: keylogger ^^
21:29.25jaxdahl2real site is
21:29.35g0urrawinkiller: link post
21:33.09Fisker-mr. g0urra
21:33.10Fisker-my friend
21:39.11*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
21:39.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
21:40.04Fisker-ohoh, he's back
21:41.33g0urraRagestorm, I have a screenshot of a fire revenant
21:44.15Fisker-fail revenant is fail g0urra
21:48.04Amarandeok, I have fail fingers
21:48.18Amarandewe have to go the long way in HSP because we all have butterfingers and can't make the walljump LOL
21:52.42g0urra"It is a true disgrace to our village "
21:53.32Fisker-ming = attnwhore
21:53.41Fisker-worse than lootwhore
21:53.44Fisker-though not by much
21:53.48*** join/#wowwiki Ularave (
21:54.37winkilleryeah ofc
21:54.50winkillerming had 1 of 10 entertaining articles
21:55.05winkillerwithout all the fanboys
21:55.08winkillereven some decent ocmments
21:56.57Adys[23:10:00] <Amarande> ok, so dissatisfaction with things is disallowed, pcj?
21:58.04pcjoh sht
21:58.09Amarandeheh, it just occurred to me that I'd better solo farm a lot of money for this title, too
21:58.16AmarandeI'm going to be hiring a guild to do Gruul for me.
21:58.26Amarandefor one very simple reason that I'll just have to accept :)
21:58.46AmarandeAdys, what's the usual going rate for a Gruul run?
21:58.52Amarandeassuming you just need the kill and quest item, not the rest
21:59.09Adysthe price?
21:59.38Adysif you're not taking any loot id say between 350 and 900 gold
21:59.39pcjcome on adys, you should know this
22:00.11pcjor you could just get a pug
22:00.16pcjit's really not that hard
22:00.43Amarandepcj: I'm also severely undergeared for gruul, and not very confident of actually being geared before Wrath
22:00.57Amarandehence I'd probably be better off hiring T5/T6 folks
22:01.00Adyshow can you be undergeared for gruul
22:01.03winkillerT5 people can easily 20man gruul
22:01.11pcjlet me get this want a champion of the naaru title with questing greens?
22:01.20Amarandepcj: actually I'm in blues now
22:01.31winkillerwe had 2 people in greens on gruul
22:01.32Adysgruul gear is blue gear
22:01.33AmarandeI'm just trying to make sure I actually manage to finish these quests -before- Wrath comes out and I can't get it anymore
22:01.38winkillerthe even did ~300 dps
22:02.00winkillerI need KT
22:02.03winkillerthat bitch
22:02.06winkillerfor Hand of A'dal
22:02.17pcjkel'thuzad isn't a requirement for hand of a'dal
22:02.31winkillerthe other KT
22:02.38pcjoh ok
22:02.53pcjkul tiras isn't a requirement for hand of a'dal
22:02.55winkillerslaps pcj around a bit with Thunderdome CD
22:03.42pcji could say magisters terrace isn't a requirement for hand of a'dal
22:04.14Adyswell its not
22:05.07Amarandeheh, that would be a pretty gross bug
22:05.12Amarandeif you could kill KT in MgT and have it count
22:05.23Amarandeof course maybe on heroic ... lol
22:06.17Arrowmasterdo you even need to kill kael for hand of a'dal?
22:06.24pcjyes, for the vials of eternity
22:06.43AdysWell, maybe not the trash. The trash sucked.
22:06.45Adys^ LOL
22:06.54Adysthats pretty much all there was after huhuran
22:06.55Arrowmastervial is for hyjal questline
22:07.00winkillertwin emps were hard
22:07.02winkillerwhen we last tried
22:07.08Amarandeheh, that would be one neat idea though
22:07.11winkiller15 people never done zthat fight
22:07.12g0urraI haven't even touched emps
22:07.16Arrowmasternow that hyjal doesnt have an attunement you can do the bt questline without doing the hyjal one
22:07.18g0urraheck I haven't even been in aq40
22:07.18pcjThe title of Hand of A'dal is obtainable as of Patch 2.4.0 to players who complete, or have completed, the attunement quests for Mount Hyjal (The Vials of Eternity) and Black Temple ([Medallion of Karabor]).
22:07.20Amarandethough WOTLK is probably the last chance to do it before too many old bosses become easysauce
22:07.36Amarandea quest title, that requires you to go back to raid bosses from all three level tiers
22:07.48AmarandeConqueror of Azeroth maybe? :)
22:08.05winkillerI'd be happy to finish my T1 on druid
22:08.09winkiller3/8 atm or so
22:08.11Arrowmasteryou cant do lvl 60 naxx in wotlk
22:08.16Amarandewell, except naxx, anyway
22:08.41Arrowmasteri need a pair of t1 bracers to have 8/8 t1 and t2 in my bank
22:08.44Amarandeheh, I'm tempted to go for Hand of A'dal also even if I have to buy it
22:08.51pcjaren't t1 bracers boe
22:09.02AmarandeSomething to show people "hey, I was actually around and knew what I was doing during BC" lol
22:09.21pcjtoo bad you don't actually know what you're doing
22:09.22Arrowmasteri know, i passed on them when they droped back when we raided mc
22:09.23Amarandeafter all, what else from BC do you really get to take with you and still be able to show people at 80 as experience
22:09.30Amarandeheh, I have a pretty good idea as to what I'm doing
22:09.40g0urrayeah you're buying the titles.
22:09.43AmarandeI don't have the gear, though, and keep getting five-man groups with people who don't know. :)
22:09.50pcjit's not hard
22:09.55g0urrahey, try use your guild
22:10.01g0urraor if your guild fails, apply to another
22:10.18*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
22:10.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
22:10.23pcjor if you have bad rep on your server buy yet another character on ebay
22:10.23Amarandewe're not big enough ATM, besides, my availability keeps me away from most raid guilds
22:10.35g0urranods at pcj
22:10.41Amarandee.g., say, Gruul.
22:10.50AmarandeEven our raid of Gruul is on Sunday nights
22:10.54AmarandeI -always- work Sunday nights
22:11.09pcj...not all guilds have the same schedule
22:11.10kd3pokes the blizz store
22:11.22Amarandeg0urra: you know any raid guilds that are compatible with a part time grocery store job that gets lots of evening shifts?
22:11.34*** join/#wowwiki harl (
22:11.36winkillerdepends on server
22:11.36Amarandemost of the ones I look at tend to raid nights I work :P
22:11.37pcj...part time
22:11.43Amarande'officially' part time
22:11.46pcjchange servers then
22:11.48Amarandein reality, I get 30-38 hours
22:11.55pcjgo to a russian server or something
22:12.03pcjyes that's part time
22:12.08pcjanything under 40 is part time
22:12.25foxlitdepends on where
22:12.27Amarandethe point is, 99% of serious raid guilds seem to be pretty much incompatible with anything but a college student, a kid, or a 9-5 job
22:12.32pcjwell 40 outside of france
22:12.36Amarandeat least that I know of. I may be epic wrong like usual heh
22:12.36g0urrathen quit the game
22:12.59foxlitOr form a more casual guild, tbh
22:13.28foxlitHave a nice 2:1 raid spot redundancy, so you could get somewhere with people who're there say half the time
22:13.31pcjit's really not hard to amass a bunch of badges doing simply heroics and get BT-quality epics
22:13.57pcjand then you can pug a gruul's at your leisure
22:14.04pcjor dare i say, tk
22:14.07winkillerit's hardly doable without kara, pcj
22:14.22pcjit's very doable, and not like kara takes ages anyway
22:14.31winkillerthat not.. but 5/heroic
22:14.35winkiller=20 per piece
22:14.44Amarandeyeah, kara I can actually go to
22:14.46winkillermaybe only 15
22:14.53Amarandewe do that nights where I'm not actually having to be a responsible human being :)
22:14.55pcjok but you would be better than all greens and blues still
22:15.20pcji didn't say all BT-quality epics, i meant you could get some
22:15.23AmarandeI suppose I'll gather the money anyway
22:15.34Amarandejust in case WOTLK actually comes out 'on time' and I have to hurry to grab the rest of the quests
22:16.33AmarandeI'm -quite- sure I can lick these quests.
22:17.56jaxdahl2still trying to figure out if i should roll a gnome or draenei DK when wotlk goes live
22:18.44Amarandegnomes are scary
22:18.47Amarandemaybe a gnome then
22:18.49Amarandebecause gnomes are scary
22:18.56jaxdahl2Amarande, you seen my gnome DK?
22:19.21winkillerI'll make female one probably
22:20.10jaxdahl2second choice i have to make -- professsions
22:20.15jaxdahl2i'm thinking inscription/BS
22:23.21*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
22:24.32amrojaxdahl2: BS, isn't that primarily a political profession?
22:25.01Amarandemy first DK will probably be another blood elf woman. lol
22:33.42*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
22:33.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
22:34.05*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
22:39.08*** join/#wowwiki A|sleepies (
22:41.25Charitwomy friend, g0urra
22:52.27AdysWhat was that ogrila helper addon called?
22:52.51*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
22:52.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
23:07.12winkillerbut newer version is borked
23:07.19winkillerwant me to upload a working one?
23:07.39winkillerpokes adys
23:07.52winkillerk sec
23:10.37winkillerI should beat Ackis with a stick, still not done collecting stuff
23:20.01g0urra ..
23:21.05Adyssounds useful
23:22.40g0urrayeah buecause we like felling out red links, don't we
23:22.46g0urrawith no information at all
23:23.10*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm_ (
23:26.09pcjwe also like making spelling mistakes in IRC
23:27.10pcjwonder what that looks like in a raid
23:27.19pcjand how the hell does he sustain 19.6 fps
23:27.27Adysyou know what that makes me think of?
23:27.42Adysthe cheated-up barbarians in diablo 2 open bnet
23:27.57Adysa fucking mass of nothing and retardness
23:31.25*** join/#wowwiki Sir_Harry_5th (
23:33.47Amarandegood lord
23:33.52Amarandetalk about overcrowded interface
23:34.01Amarandethat looks like, oh, say, your typical microsoft application lol
23:34.20Adysthe .toc mime-type is application/x-cdrdao-toc
23:34.32AdysCD Table of Contents
23:35.04AmarandeAdys: looks like pirates are spoiling things for us :|
23:35.32Amarandethat's a file that's used for pirated CD images, like a cue sheet
23:35.47Amarandeand it gets the mime type instead of wow, or even something more practical getting it
23:35.53Adysi know what a cd table of content is lol
23:36.00Amarandelegit CD images don't use .toc, all the legit ones I've ever seen are .iso lol
23:36.03Adysand its not only used for "pirated cd images"
23:36.16Amarandehmm, the only legit ones I've ever seen are .iso, like for linux and such
23:36.51Adysi really wonder how we put up with you
23:39.21Adyswinkiller: Ogri'lazy doesnt parse the combat log?
23:39.35winkillerÎ've no clue
23:39.50winkillermaybe the newer version than I saw does
23:39.59winkilleri input it with my left hand
23:43.14Adysthat one only parses the combat log for uses it seems
23:43.30Adyswhich is weird i thought the use wasnt parsable
23:54.49pcjoh sht
23:55.02pcjoh sht oh sht
23:59.52A9Qhey guys

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