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00:02.12pcjyou obviously didn't read ww:guild ackis
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01:03.34pcjding 76
01:04.12g0urrawhy have just one mount when you can have two?
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01:04.27g0urra(no the "sex" as the end is not intended)
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01:05.40Osewhat did I miss now?
01:06.26g0urrawhy have just one mount when you can have two?
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01:58.06bleeterwho's the editor from, apparently does some work on the patch pages
01:58.29bleeter? 'coz apparently he's posting to US Customer Support that his account's been banned :(
01:58.46g0urrableeter: he was here before
01:58.55g0urraforgot the name
01:59.03bleeterg0urra: thx, i'll scrollback :)
01:59.10bleeterscrollback moar :D
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02:05.44bleeterdamn, that bites.
02:05.53bleeterg0urra: 'twas mxs
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02:52.13pcjis there an fp in sholazar basin
02:54.46Fisker-pcj yeah
02:54.58Fisker-at the nesingwary basecamp and in the middle at river's heart
02:55.13pcjnesingwary base camp?
02:55.16Fisker-you need to do a couple of quests for nesingwary first
02:55.42Fisker-the one who needs some plane parts to repair his plane
02:55.58Fisker-when you've completed all of those the plane is your flight path
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03:16.14g0urrathen there's another one at River's Heart
03:16.25g0urrabut that's sometime after the other one
03:17.36Fisker-g0urra my friend
03:17.43Fisker-[04:54:47] <Fisker-> at the nesingwary basecamp and in the middle at river's heart
03:17.45pcj<Fisker-> at the nesingwary basecamp and in the middle at river's heart
03:17.53Fisker-srsly indeed
03:17.55Fisker-my friend
03:19.27pcjhey nesingwary -> dalaran flies over wintergrasp, what a great idea
03:29.05g0urrapcj: how does this flight path connection work?
03:29.27pcjim still working it out
03:29.34pcjstupid javascript is being stubborn
03:29.50kd3I think we're going to need a better icon
03:29.56kd3[[Dragonblight#Travel hubs]]
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03:31.51pcjfind a better icon then
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03:54.45fffrankttankdid i do this right
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04:11.52g0urraany alliance players here done the Hour of the Worg quest?
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04:13.07pcjits easy
04:14.56g0urrado you know the quest progression up to the quest?
04:15.25pcjnot by heart offhand but i could probably help someone if they needed it
04:16.58g0urrahrmm I'll need someone who has it written down then
04:19.20kd3I haven't done any gh/zd quests yet
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04:25.21pcjgh is...restful
04:25.38pcjnot much overt scourge activity oddly
04:25.51pcjand the worgen presence is muted
04:26.35g0urrathe most pvp-ish zone so far
04:26.44g0urraat least in the western part is in the east
04:27.23kd3the western part of gh
04:27.36pcjoh i see
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05:30.01g0urrathat's the second him in the same day I've helped an alliance guy on a group quest.. in two different areas
05:30.06g0urrasecond time*
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07:42.04Fisker-g0urra friend
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07:45.14Fisker-slaps Corgan around a bit with a large trout
07:47.20Fisker-do you understand me Corgan ?
07:58.44Corganhey fisker
07:59.35Corganstop being on EU servers
07:59.45Corganwe could have been together <3~
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09:06.34g0urraHmmm is it just me or did they change the vrykul model /again/?
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09:12.12g0urrathey took off the cinematics DVD from the blizzard store
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09:52.41Kirkburng0urra, again?
09:52.47KirkburnAlso, morning
09:52.55g0urraKirkburn: again what?
09:52.58g0urraMorning Kirkburn
09:53.12g0urraYes they have some headplate
09:53.14g0urraOr something
09:53.25KirkburnThe helmet?
09:53.34g0urraSome helmet, yes
09:53.44KirkburnYeah, I did notice they seemed rather fond of it all of a sudden
09:53.55KirkburnI don't think it's a model thing
09:54.31KirkburnQuick way of finding out, *opens WMV*
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09:54.44KirkburnCould be a mistaken kit change
09:54.51g0urra*opens up priest*
09:58.00Kirkburnuh, okay, it is part of the model
09:58.13Kirkburnyeaah, I don't think it weas intended
09:58.33KirkburnCertainly if I were the one who modelled his face, I'd be pissed :P
09:59.13g0urraJust look through the image history
09:59.26g0urraSome serious changes there :p
09:59.34KirkburnI know
09:59.40KirkburnI'd stick with the non-helmet version
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10:00.00g0urraHe got somehow bigger beard too
10:00.20ScrossonBlizzard really need to sort their downloader out
10:00.23KirkburnGuess is, it's overlaying a model
10:01.41Scrossonone min am downloading at 100 kb/s (slow enough rli) next its at 10-20kb/s and sometimes nothin
10:03.54g0urraLots of changes imo
10:04.17KirkburnAgain, fairly sure it's a model overlay
10:04.29KirkburnI think it might be showing all model options at once
10:04.30Fisker-Kirkburn :(
10:04.34Fisker-i h8 u
10:04.42Fisker-recruit a friend offer is active for EU as well
10:04.45Fisker-but DKDKDKDKDK can't get it
10:04.46Fisker-stupid laws
10:04.57Fisker-lol @ translation
10:05.10KirkburnI think every beard and helmet option is active, g0urra
10:05.19Fisker-They're also trying to translate parts of the account management to your language now
10:05.29Fisker-not to mention how horribly it's done
10:05.36Fisker-16/04/08 65,94 EUR  6 mÃ¥neders abonnement  Active
10:05.43Fisker-English, danish, english
10:06.04KirkburnWeirdly, the vrykul model is one of the few that work (just) in WMV
10:06.20g0urraBut the "intended" taunka model works?
10:06.32Kirkburng0urra, also, note how the helmet is only half textured
10:06.41g0urraYeah that's odd.
10:06.59KirkburnTaunka model don't work neither :)
10:07.30KirkburnJust an untextured black model
10:08.17KirkburnMost Wrath models crash the client, and other half are broken
10:08.41KirkburnOkay, not just Wrath stuff :P
10:10.14Scrossonim trying to download the beta but its dead slow all of a sudden, i was up till 1 last night trying to use a mirrior but cause i d/ced half way it ended up a corrputed file, then the blizz downloader took untill now to hit 77% and pretty much stoped (6kb/s). Anybody got any solutions?
10:10.41Fisker-listen to my madness Kirkburn
10:10.44Fisker-or perish where you stand
10:16.57g0urraAnyone want a WoW EU trial? :p
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10:19.12KirkburnDamn, I would have suggested it was Scrosson's ISP
10:19.23KirkburnMine just limited me from 300+ to 6kb/s
10:19.42KirkburnBecause I deigned to download more than 350 MB in a short period
10:28.21Fisker-slaps g0urra around a bit with a large trout
10:28.40Fisker-i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you,
10:30.32EraclitoFisker- never forgive, never forget, never die
10:49.19g0urraFisker-: wut nao?
10:50.39Fisker-you has recruit a friend
10:50.41Fisker-i has not ;(
10:50.50Fisker-hence i hate you.
10:50.51g0urrayou has ban?
10:50.58Fisker-You are no longer my friend :(
10:51.12Fisker-the recruit a friend offer isn't legal in Denmark ;_;
10:55.25Fisker-~epic fail g0urra
10:55.26infobotg0urra, you have failed in such a spectacular way that one thousand years from now people will tell their children stories about a failure so great that it eclipsed every success from that period of time. And you g0urra, you are that epic failure.
10:55.35g0urra~kick Fisker-
10:55.36infobotACTION kicks Fisker-
10:55.42g0urrakicks Fisker-
10:55.46Fisker-atleast we are still someone above the level of "NUTS" in terms of it policy
10:55.53Fisker-though not by much
10:57.00g0urraNine Underground Troll Shrines?
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11:20.32Dark-Fxg0urra: EU is getting the same Zhevra deal eh?
11:20.51Dark-FxI'm thinking about multiboxing
11:21.05Dark-FxI could totally get all my chars way up in 2 months
11:21.28g0urraCan I recruit you then? :p
11:21.42Dark-Fxheh, I'd be recruiting myself
11:21.51Dark-FxAnd not on EU
11:22.24g0urrawell at least I'm not in the DK
11:23.08Eraclitodamn, i recruited a friend six month ago
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11:23.28Eraclitoi want the zhevra to be retroactive :<
11:24.26Dark-FxEraclito: I was thinking the same thing, but it's not a huge deal
11:26.25Dark-FxI'm more interested in the triple experience deal
11:27.30Eraclitohow works the "gaining levels" thing?
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12:17.46g0urrayay another 15+ quest chain
12:18.49g0urra20! and it's not even done at that, no
12:19.34g0urrathere's more to come
12:22.22g0urrathe Strange Mojo quest chain
12:22.47g0urraI did the first three quests of it, not including the breadcrumb, so those will have to be added
12:23.07foxlitThat ends with you killing the prophet
12:23.48g0urra ?
12:24.13foxlitNot that prophet :)
12:24.30g0urraThe Prophet Tharon'ja ?
12:24.52foxlitI was actually thinking of Prophet of Sseratus
12:25.03g0urraOh it doesn't end there
12:25.09g0urraThere's 16+ more quests after that
12:25.11foxlitIt sends you to a different camp after that, which may well be just a breadcrumb
12:25.47KirkburnThis is pretty good -
12:26.09g0urraThere's two quests after that in a direct quest chain - and the same guy that you turn in the quest at gives you the next one
12:26.17g0urraThere's a nice little cut scene between :)
12:26.43foxlit2 is loosely connected to 1, 3 seems to be a separate arc
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13:00.00g0urraYay, now I can't complete this quest because a quest mob isn't here...
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13:04.58Fisker-g0urra my enemy
13:15.10pb_ee1je crois que tu t'es gourré :/
13:15.18pb_ee1ho ho ho
13:15.39g0urraho ho ho
13:15.56pb_ee1Did you understand, at least, g0urra? :D
13:16.31g0urraSomething about gonorrhea
13:19.41Adysgg pb
13:20.16pb_ee1na, "tu t'es gourré" means "you made a mistake", g0urra
13:24.06*** join/#wowwiki Lin (n=igormorg@unaffiliated/lincity)
13:31.29Fisker-i still hate you
13:34.41pb_ee1*There are 1,468,124,667 items in the job queue.*
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14:53.28KirkburnThe unit "has hemorrhaged subscribers for years"? I'd hardly find that a surprise, nor really a good reason to close it down (only losing money would be a good reason)
15:02.55KirkburnInteresting, though
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15:04.52g0urrai can haz new graphic card? yesplx
15:05.20*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
15:06.20pcjugh lrn2preview
15:06.20g0urranvidia geforce 8500 gt
15:07.31Kirkburnpcj, I match your link, and raise you (yes, it's hard to read)
15:07.47mxspcj: preview is overrated ! (I say this because I tried to preview changes to template subpages of patch_mirrors once ... it's a WHOLE lot more work than just trying it out on live :)
15:08.26pcjtakes all the chips
15:08.34pcjmxs: the problem is they're not editing templates
15:08.41Kirkburnpcj, uh ... k?
15:08.51mxsoh. :)
15:10.38pcjkirkburn: they should really use a personal CSS to test that out
15:10.55pcjespecially since that appearance is terrible
15:11.13KirkburnI don't disagree
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15:13.47DuTempeteYou know I don't think Fandy's "boycott" has much of an effect if, when he comes back, he edits just as much as he would have if he hadn't boycotted at all...
15:13.57Kirkburnpcj, awesome
15:14.29DuTempetebut, whatever makes him feel better, I guess :P
15:14.41Kirkburnpcj, wow, it's even on BBC News now :D
15:16.07Kirkburnsighs at the Telegraph
15:16.14KirkburnAny reason to run that photograph...
15:16.31KirkburnThey used to have an obsession with Liz Hurley
15:16.32pcji knew it!
15:16.49KirkburnAlmost every day there would be a gratuitous photo of Liz Hurley
15:17.13DuTempeteliz hurley is hot
15:17.22ralf-xyeah who doesn't have an obsession with her?
15:18.23KirkburnMy dad stopped getting the Telegraph after what must be more than twenty years due to the ridiculous stuff they would start putting on the first pages of the paper
15:19.31KirkburnIt wouldn't surprise me to find that story on page three tomorrow
15:20.00KirkburnIf not the front page
15:20.40Kirkburn(er, if this sounds like I'm ranting at nothing, the Telegraph is supposed to be one of the premier UK papers)
15:20.53ralf-xoh ok
15:21.05g0urra"HOLLYWOOD star Anne Hathaway is reportedly worried raunchy photographs of her will be leaked onto the internet after they were seized by the FBI."
15:21.10g0urranever trust the FBI
15:21.20ralf-xoh that's how they are getting out
15:21.43pcjanyone know how to remove the bookmark button in the address bar in fx3
15:23.55Kirkburnpcj, afaik, you'd need an addon
15:24.18pcjits pretty annoying
15:25.47pcjthere we go
15:26.27g0urrabah and I just found
15:27.35g0urraWhere's this userchrome.css >_>
15:28.04pcj%APPDATA%\Mozilla\ Profiles\{something}\chrome
15:29.36pcjsee section 4 on my link
15:50.39selckinwhats the new ogrimmar/ironforge/shattrah type city in lich king?
15:52.43DuTempeteJust goes to show, g0urra, never let ANYONE take nude photos of you :P
15:53.15g0urraYeah Kirkburn, stop showing those nude phototos of DuTempete
15:53.19g0urraoh wait, I mean
15:53.27DuTempetephototos? :P
15:53.36g0urraPhoto potatoes!
15:54.08Kirkburnselckin, Dalaran
15:54.34DuTempeteLet's just hope there's an AH this time
15:54.39selckincan my 58 DK get there? :)
15:54.53KirkburnNope, unless summoned
15:54.56g0urraDepends if you find a mage or not
15:55.17KirkburnWithout portal/summon, you can only go there are 74
15:55.20Kirkburn*there at
15:55.44selckinmy main still not copied :(
15:55.49selckinmage hunt begins!
15:55.57g0urraomg why are GMs so slow on replying to tickets >:0
16:03.23*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
16:04.26g0urrainfobot is everyone's friend
16:05.08pcjthere is no AH there
16:05.13pcjthere won't be an AH there
16:06.54Fisker-g0urra my enemy
16:09.59Fisker-wow Kirkburn
16:10.03Fisker-GTA 4 for PC?!
16:10.08Fisker-That's like totally surprising
16:10.10Fisker-and shocking
16:10.32KirkburnFisker-, wahoo!
16:11.02Fisker-totally shocking
16:11.04Fisker-AND SURPRISING
16:13.13pcjwoo flight point lines work
16:13.21pcjeven tho they possibly look horrendous
16:16.16g0urrapcj: do I need to do anything special to make it work?
16:16.29g0urralike importing into my .js files or something
16:16.31pcjcache refresh
16:17.31g0urrayeah it's going to need some works it looks like
16:17.46g0urrato talk like yoda I like
16:19.33*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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16:20.10KirkburnNovember 18th, I see
16:24.31KirkburnNoooo! November 21st for the UK
16:24.43KirkburnHope it's on Steam :)
16:25.01Fisker-You can always be a resourceful little pirate until it's out
16:25.05Fisker-yarr, etc.
16:26.28*** join/#wowwiki TheOther (
16:27.01Fisker-you promised me Kirkburn
16:27.05g0urraMmmm kebab for dinner
16:27.11Fisker-nah g0urra
16:27.15Fisker-slavery and death for dinner
16:27.19g0urraMmmm kebab for dinner
16:27.54Fisker-Finest Quality Craftmanship followed with Made in Taiwan doesn't say all that much :o
16:56.30Kirkburn|afkGiven the number of PC components that come from Taiwan, I don't think that's a fair comment
16:56.48Kirkburn|afkYou quite likely have stuff that was made in Taiwan in your PC, but do not realise
16:57.27*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
16:57.56cruciallyeveruthing is made in taiway
17:00.12foxlitexcept the stuff that's made in china
17:00.16*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:00.20foxlitand in america. by robots.
17:01.31pcjdead cache is dead
17:01.36pcji blame crucially
17:01.55cruciallydead cache is dead?
17:01.57pcjThe following error was encountered:
17:02.04pcjThis request could not be forwarded to the origin server or to any parent caches.
17:02.29cruciallyfound it
17:02.52cruciallyis to blame
17:02.54cruciallyworking on it
17:06.44cruciallywe are back
17:07.08Kirkburn|afkfoxlit, but here's the thing ... Taiwan /is/ China :P
17:07.31cruciallyyou mean formosa?
17:07.31Kirkburn|afkOr at least Taiwan calls itself the Republic of China, whilst China says that Taiwan isn't independent.
17:07.50foxlitLet's put it this way
17:07.56foxlit"Made in China" == "Not made in Taiwan"
17:08.03foxlit"Made in Taiwan" == "Not made in China"
17:09.24Fisker-8/6 14:18:58.160 No&^%r whispers: i prommes
17:09.24Fisker-8/6 14:19:19.463 No&^%r whispers: ok
17:09.24Fisker-8/6 14:19:42.408 No&^%r whispers: my mothers deth
17:09.24Fisker-8/6 14:20:01.409 No&^%r whispers: ok my mothers dies
17:09.26Fisker-instant classic
17:09.45*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
17:10.11Fisker-Kirkburn|afk of course i have stuff that was made in taiwan
17:10.16Fisker-oh wait
17:10.20Fisker-that was a bad point
17:10.38Dark-FxDepends on your viewpoint.
17:11.42cruciallyyou mean if you are racist or not?
17:12.30Dark-FxI don't believe in racial definition. We're just all humans, no need in being offended.
17:15.41cruciallyi am not
17:16.08cruciallythe orcs over there might be
17:18.52g0urra[Orcish] kek
17:20.00Kalrothzug zug
17:20.39g0urraanyone here a frequent uploader of icons?
17:21.13pcjyes, i can't seem to stop myself from uploading icons
17:21.14*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
17:21.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
17:21.17pcjits an addiction really
17:21.30pcjoh, do you mean to wowwiki
17:21.32g0urra~whalepunt pcj
17:21.33infobotACTION looks onward as an everest-sized whale called Victor punts pcj across the Solar System
17:21.42KalrothIt's a bit of a niche, I only upload swedish icons
17:27.57fricg0urra: why do you ask?
17:32.57*** join/#wowwiki Lin (n=igormorg@unaffiliated/lincity)
17:33.22g0urra'cause I want to know how other people get their icons
17:34.45*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (n=1036C399@
17:34.45*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kirochi] by ChanServ
17:34.52KirochiSono liberoooooooo
17:35.10Kirkburn|afkWhat did they jail you for this time?
17:35.39fricg0urra: well, I don't upload icons, but I use MpqViewer :) it converts into png automatily, which the last application I used didn't.
17:35.46KirochiKirkburn|afk sexual offence
17:36.12KirochiI told a nun to go f**k herself and she did
17:36.55Kirochiralf-x, are you related to ralfWORK?
17:37.15ralf-xyes, he is I and I is him
17:38.35Kirochi(I take my lessons at notre dame, there's plenty of them there)
17:39.27ralf-xI really wish the FF error console threw more useful errors
17:40.26Kirochimore useful erros?
17:41.00ralf-xWarning: Error in parsing value for property 'left'. Delcalation dropped.
17:41.03ralf-xwtf does that mean
17:41.45ralf-xand yet the site is broken
17:41.49ralf-xwith no explanation
17:51.42ralf-xnot even a goddamn line number
17:52.40kd3I almost want to modify {{tooltip}} to let us pass in a size argument for the icon to make quest rewards look like they do in the game instead of using lootbox
17:52.58amroralf-x: using firebug?
17:54.50KirochiA bug! FIRE!
18:20.17Kirochis'est passé quoi sur l'image ? oO
18:20.29Adysils ont voulu resize en plus petit
18:20.48Kirochiet tu as dit nowai
18:20.49Adyset j'ai essay de faire comprendre a sky et gourra que le resizing c'est handled automatiquement dans mediawiki
18:21.27Adyset comme ils pigeaient pas
18:21.32Adysj'ai delete et revert
18:21.38*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
18:21.52Kirochihearty smile!!!1
18:25.06KirochiI got cracked up on this lol =>
18:29.37*** join/#wowwiki Alusair (n=51be80fe@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:31.24Kirkburn|afkI hope the ridiculous mana costs for spells are fixed in next patch :P
18:31.47KirochiKirkburn|afk you're complaining about having too much mana?
18:31.50Kirkburn|afkSome spells increase damage by about 5%, but increase mana cost by 80% or so
18:31.54Kirochi"I need less mana!"
18:32.20Kirochi"Mana less I need!" ?
18:32.22Kirkburn|afkThe new spell ranks have hugely increased mana costs atm
18:32.31Kirkburn|afkWhat has become of you?
18:32.36*** join/#wowwiki Sir_Harry_5th (
18:32.46Eraclitoin soviet russia, mana goes out on you
18:32.47Kirochiwho art thou talking to
18:33.46KirochiIn Soviet Russia, up gonna never give YOU!!
18:33.54Fisker-wut spells Kirkburn|afk ?
18:38.09Kirochino, wut spells wut
18:40.28foxlitpraise be to fishhood and non-mana resource systems.
18:45.15*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/GitHub/Tekkub)
18:45.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:45.32Kirochidragonforce always sounds lame on piano
18:45.45Kirochibut Nan Lin makes it sound human at least
18:45.56Kirkburn|afkI like how I am literally scaring the shit out of some bats
18:46.20Kirochiso they're turning batshit?
18:46.32Kirkburn|afkThey're dropping guano :)
18:48.01Fisker-you are dead Kirochi
18:48.07amroKirochi: that's awesome work
18:48.28*** join/#wowwiki crucially (n=sky@
18:52.47*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
18:54.27amrokeyboard fails
18:56.05kd3rfc: [[Help talk:Quest articles]]
18:57.16KirochiRazorFen Craul?
18:57.46kd3request for comments
19:00.26Eraclitommh my neighbours are taking a barbecue and there's some really loud kid
19:01.09Eraclitobetter start with metal or any porn-rock filled with blasphemy?
19:01.28AdysI say porn-rock.
19:01.54amroI was thinking poison darts through the window
19:02.14Adysyou could hire a few bee hives
19:03.23Kirochireminds me of a french ad for mutton meat
19:03.27*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
19:03.37Kirochithe guy walks into a family's garden who's having a barbecue
19:03.49Adystheres commercials in france?
19:03.54Adysoh, tf1.
19:03.57amroKirochi: mutton = lamb meat
19:03.57Kirochihe says "bonjour"
19:04.15Kirochithe father replies hello, so does the mother
19:04.44Kirochiand then he takes the kabobs from the barbecue and runs away yelling "au revoir au revoir au revoir !"
19:05.13Kirochimort de rire
19:07.46Kirkburn|afkAspect of the Viper, and I'm running out of mana ....
19:09.10amroViper is lame, they should fix spi for hunters instead
19:09.31Kirkburn|afkIf you are suggesting I wear spirit gear...
19:09.42KirochiHu|\|t3r \/\/34p0n
19:11.48amroim suggesting that hunters get more mana regen without viper
19:12.34pcjkirkburn, i noticed the mana cost too
19:12.38pcjmine was with holy light
19:12.42Kirkburn|afkamro, I find that hard to believe
19:12.49pcjit doubled from rank to rank
19:12.53Fisker-Kirkburn|afk have you tried wearing spirit gear?
19:13.00pcjbut amount healed also doubled, so...
19:13.05pcjfortunately im not a healer
19:13.42KirochiHunters can heal?
19:13.58amroKirkburn|afk: hmm?
19:14.12pcjspam mend pet imo
19:14.32pcjopinions plz
19:15.07Fisker-you = wirnar
19:15.11Kirkburn|afkWhere is Frostblade Peak?
19:15.28Fisker-it's the mountain east of the passage up to grizzly hills in the middle
19:15.32Fisker-east of taunka village, etc.
19:15.44Kirochimend pet with duct tape?
19:15.52Kirkburn|afkFisker-, thanks
19:16.46KirochiKirkburn|afk you're welcome
19:17.01Fisker-i'll pm you with the details to wire some money to my bank account
19:17.19kd3[[Frostblade Peak]]
19:17.23Kirochiask foar beta
19:17.27Fisker-ownt kd3
19:17.52Kirkburn|afkSorry, I would look, but I don't have RAM to spare
19:18.00Kirkburn|afkSome point I'll get out my laptop to do it
19:18.03pcjjust use PLAYXPERT kirkburn
19:18.17pcjnot like its an ad or anything
19:18.40*** join/#wowwiki Rum (n=sdg@
19:18.45Kirkburn|afkNot when we actually have a partnership with them
19:19.14kd3pcj; the semi-implemented version pops the js tooltip, the one using qual's just a mockup
19:19.41Rumwho listens Junkie XL?
19:20.00Kirkburn|afkThe name inspires confidence
19:20.14Kirkburn|afkMy housemate is watching Fireball XL - does that count?
19:20.57Rumthis group
19:21.46pcjthat seems likely
19:21.49*** join/#wowwiki Pazza_ (
19:21.55pcji guess richard simmons will be dead by then
19:22.28Kirkburn|afkI have toured the fjord!
19:23.11Rumwho listens Rummshatein?
19:23.31pcjno one
19:23.34pcjat all
19:24.20pcjat first i thought they meant the Globe, but that burned down so probably earlier than that :(
19:26.27Kirkburn|afkWouldn't it be Rumstein anyway?
19:27.31Rumwell yes
19:28.04Rumwho listens Mwtallica?
19:28.14pcjmmm maggots
19:28.30Kirochiso um
19:28.37Kirochiwhat's for dinner tonight
19:28.43Kirochirotten pizza remnants?
19:30.01Kirkburn|afkHah at the inner turmoil quest.
19:30.22Kirkburn|afkAnd holy crap I'm high up
19:30.26kd3ya. jump.
19:30.37Kirkburn|afkOh yeah!
19:30.41Rumwho played on German Realm?
19:30.52Kirkburn|afkkd3, thanks for pointing it out
19:31.02Kirkburn|afkWhere the heck am I going to end up
19:31.20Rumwho played on German Realm?
19:32.11Rumwho played on German Realm?
19:32.33Adyssaying it twice wont get you any more answer, text doesnt disappear
19:34.02jaxdahl2wooooow $200 for plane tickets from austin to sna (los angeles)... cheap..
19:35.12RumDevil,who played on German Realm?
19:38.13RumDevil,who played on German Realm?
19:39.15RumDevil,who played on German Realm?
19:39.25AdysStop repeating yourself
19:39.27Adyslast warning
19:41.54KirochiNO PARLA LA LINGUA
19:42.20KirochiRum, wir sprächer nicht Deutsche
19:43.42Kirochidu siehst ;D
19:48.28Rum<Kirochi>I do not understand you
19:59.50Kirochiit's because I can't speak german
20:00.06amroyou said 'we' though
20:00.58Kirochiyes but as I'm not sure anyone doesn't understand german here
20:01.20amrothere's winkiller at least, though he's not around
20:02.16RumI don't German
20:02.23Fisker-watch out Kirochi
20:02.26Fisker-i'm poisonous
20:03.09Kirochiouh là là
20:03.12Kirochiwhat are you then?
20:04.42pcjrussian i expect
20:05.31Kirochikak dela?
20:07.53*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
20:08.54Rum<Kirochi>you speak in russian?
20:09.37Kirkburn|afkOn a scale of Being An Ass, I rate distrubing a birds nest and then stealing the birds eyes quite high
20:10.42Kirkburn|afkBut hey, a wolf told me to
20:14.53KirochiKirkburn|afk lols?
20:15.19foxlitdo what the wolf says, Kirkburn!
20:15.23foxlitor it'll eat you.
20:15.38KirochiRead, or the owl will eat you.
20:15.55foxlitnot stealing, though
20:16.15foxlitYou kill the bird, so it's np
20:16.41foxlitMaking it in the same moral realm of "should I slaughter thousands of humanoids to get a new belt? Yes, I should." considerations
20:17.15Kirochi<BaronSoosdon> my gravestone will have only one thing written on it: "For more information, please click"
20:17.35foxlitmeh, doesn't sound like a good idea
20:17.55foxlitI mean, that URL smells of change potential
20:17.57Kirochi<BaronSoosdon> actually, i'll have a video screen installed to it which rickrolls the GY 25/8
20:18.09foxlitsee, better.
20:22.56*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
20:22.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:26.26Kirochiemo Kirochi like love songs =>
20:26.52Rumall while!
20:28.39pcjok should now be pretty
20:28.55Kirochias a peach
20:30.43amro~weather DAOO
20:31.07amroindoors = furnace
20:31.21Rumadvise all swing World_of_Roguecraft_3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:32.10Kirochidis-moi tonton du bled, t'as quel âge déjà ?
20:32.11RumBye all
20:34.31*** join/#wowwiki MOddafogga (i=Kirochi@
20:35.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kirochi] by ChanServ
20:35.30Kirochiso fun to d/c oneself while on two different clients
20:36.28amroKirochi: moi?
20:37.35Kirochihan t'es loin d'être un vieux en fait
20:42.51KirochiI wonder if Rick Astley knows that his actual family name is Roll
20:45.10pcjmight want to cache refresh tho
20:45.15pcji did make a few tweaks
20:51.19*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
20:51.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
20:53.03kd3cache purged (yay for ctrl+shift+delete), and I'm not seeing it
20:53.50Kirochiooh shiny ragestorm
20:53.55Kirochishiny shiny
20:53.58Kirochimy precious
20:54.08kd3huh, now it works
20:54.30RagestormHas anyone who's in the beta heard about someone calling Antonidas "the first Monarch of Dalaran?"
20:54.42KirochiWHAT WHAT WHAT ?
20:54.47kd3I haven't heard anything about it
20:55.01RagestormAnd Kirochi, I resent being compared to the One Ring to Rule them All
20:55.16kd3not much in the way of dalaran questing has been implemented short of the teleport in/out and the lead-in to sholazar
20:55.38RagestormIf Wowjostedt doesn't produce the required citations, I'll have his hide
20:56.06RagestormThanks, kd3
20:56.07KirochiI thought Tolkien gave you enough boredom that you'd have wanted to wipe it all from your memories
20:56.35RagestormThe books have only one purpose: to one day be made into the longest and best film ever.
20:56.51RagestormAnd I always pictured myself more as one of the elf-rings...
20:57.20*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
20:58.11Kirochi<BaronSoosdon> btw, wotlk spoiler: you can loot money from the corpses
20:58.29Kirochinenya, narya or vilya?
20:58.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
20:58.43jaxdahl2why is blue dragonflight at the bottom of the dragonblight page?
20:58.51RagestormVilya, I have an affinity for air.
20:59.25Kirochilol the answer to baron soosdon
20:59.28KirkburnMmm, Amberseeds
20:59.32Kirochi<Norswap> BaronSoosdon --> is it a joke oO i don't get it
20:59.46kd3if my faulty knolwedge of the lore's accurate: because until malygos went insane, it traditionally was their territory along with coldarra
21:00.41KirochiRagestorm that's nice =) Who did last possess it?
21:00.54RagestormAre you quizzing me?
21:01.25RagestormI think it was Elrond, but my Tolkien is sketchy at best.
21:01.33amroRagestorm: I thought you didn't like Tolkien's books
21:01.35KirkburnWe needs baggins :P
21:01.39Kirochicirdan had nenya
21:01.58RagestormOh, I can't stand them, but I have actually read them.
21:02.13RagestormAnd I love the film
21:02.28jaxdahl2gandalf ended up with nenya
21:02.35amroLOTR was so boring I didn't read the third book
21:02.37KirkburnOh, in Wrath, if you get a quest to send you somewhere ... be careful that it doesn't mount and fly you away >_>
21:02.42amroI love The Hobbit though
21:02.42jaxdahl2cirdan gave it to gandalf
21:03.03kd3kirk; yah. I put in a few rather annoyed comments for the few quests I've run in to that do that
21:03.15jaxdahl2narya = cirdan/gandalf
21:03.20jaxdahl2nenya = galadriel
21:03.27pcjthe dalaran quest which sends you to sholazar is the worst
21:03.34pcjwhen you get there there's no FP to send you back
21:03.36jaxdahl2vilya = gilgalad/elrond
21:03.41KirkburnTravel to Amberpine Lodge! Yeah sure. Can I do it later? No, now?? Oh right, and we're going to be chased by Horde? Thanks for telling me.
21:03.46pcjand the inn doesn't actually put you in rested
21:04.01Kirkburnpcj, ouch
21:04.04kd3the "inn" should be getting fixed next build
21:04.05*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
21:04.09kd3fp's only 2 quests away
21:04.13kd3but still, rather annoying
21:04.15pcjyes, but da<P><A class=image title=Dragonblight href=""><IMG height=334 alt=Dragonblight src="" width=501 border=0></A> </P>
21:04.16pcj<DIV class=ZoneMapNote style="Z-INDEX: 10; LEFT: 77%; MARGIN: -8px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 49.8%"><A href=""><IMG title="Wintergarde Keep" height=16 alt="Wintergarde Keep" src="" width=16></A></DIV>
21:04.20pcj<DIV class=ZoneMapNote style="Z-INDEX: 10; LEFT: 76.5%; MARGIN: -8px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 62.3%"><A href=""><IMG title=Venomspite height=16 alt=Venomspite src="" width=16></A></DIV>
21:04.26pcj<DIV class=ZoneMapNote style="Z-INDEX: 10; LEFT: 60.3%; MARGIN: -8px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 51.5%"><A href=""><IMG title="Wyrmrest Temple" height=16 alt="Wyrmrest Temple" src="" width=16></A></DIV>
21:04.32pcj<DIV class=ZoneMapNote style="Z-INDEX: 10; LEFT: 48.5%; MARGIN: -8px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 74.4%"><A href=""><IMG title="Moa'ki Harbor" height=16 alt="Moa'ki Harbor" src="" width=16></A></DIV>
21:04.38pcj<DIV class=ZoneMapNote style="Z-INDEX: 10; LEFT: 29.2%; MARGIN: -8px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 55.3%"><A href=""><IMG title="Stars' Rest" height=16 alt="Stars' Rest" src="" width=16></A></DIV>
21:04.39*** kick/#wowwiki [pcj!n=kd3@wikia/kaydeethree] by kd3 (kd3)
21:04.44*** join/#wowwiki pcj (i=pcj@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
21:04.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
21:04.45KirkburnToo fast
21:04.46pcj<DIV class=ZoneMapNote style="Z-INDEX: 10; LEFT: 37.4%; MARGIN: -8px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 45.8%"><A href=""><IMG title="Agmar's Hammer" height=16 alt="Agmar's Hammer" src="" width=16></A></DIV>
21:04.54pcj<DIV class=ZoneMapNote style="Z-INDEX: 10; LEFT: 39.5%; MARGIN: -8px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 25.9%"><A href=""><IMG title="Fordragon Hold" height=16 alt="Fordragon Hold" src="" width=16></A></DIV>
21:05.00pcj<DIV class=ZoneMapNote style="Z-INDEX: 10; LEFT: 43.9%; MARGIN: -8px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 16.9%"><A href=""><IMG title="Kor'kron Vanguard" height=16 alt="Kor'kron Vanguard" src="" width=16></A></DIV><IMG id=fpath948 style="Z-INDEX: 5; LEFT: 39%; WIDTH: 38%; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 25%; HEIGHT: 24%" src="
21:05.24Kirkburnpcj, let's try not do that again?
21:05.58pcjignore that
21:05.58pcjso yeah
21:05.58pcjthe insert key needs to not be above the delete key
21:05.59pcjeither that or shift+insert should not be a shortcut for paste
21:06.04amro"yes, but da"
21:06.31jaxdahl2i did not know dragonspawn are not related to dragons
21:07.36KirkburnNot directly biologically
21:07.55KirkburnBut I think it would be fair to say the dragons have had "quite an influence" on their development
21:08.13KirkburnAlmost at 75 and I've only just left Howling Fjord
21:08.33KirkburnIf these quest lines were broke, I could've dinged :P
21:08.42pcjwhy's that
21:08.45jaxdahl2well, blizzard's design is for 70s to do one or the other of bt/fjord
21:08.58Kirkburnjaxdahl2, true
21:09.11jaxdahl2t6 peeps will likely go to 71 then skip ahead to dragonblight
21:09.14KirkburnBut this way you maximise your return :)
21:09.27KirkburnThe more quests you do at 80, the more moolah :P
21:09.44jaxdahl2my deathknight has 2500g on his own at 75, still working on dragonblight quests
21:12.05KirkburnI guess you still have to pay for an epic flying mount though
21:12.24jaxdahl2i need to get a plan in place to earn some gold on live
21:12.31jaxdahl2for use with my deathknight
21:12.52jaxdahl2still not sure which race i'll roll on live
21:13.22jaxdahl2escape artist is nice for gnomes
21:13.55jaxdahl2diplomacy and sword expertise for humans
21:14.10jaxdahl2+1% hit for draenei, and gift of the naaru is kinda useful
21:14.27KirkburnI'm gonna be a gnome, my little evil genius
21:14.34KirkburnY'know, i really hate the lich model
21:15.12RagestormY's that?
21:15.20KirkburnNot really sure
21:15.30KirkburnProbably the chains around it
21:15.49KirkburnThey're such low quality that they don't feel right
21:16.32KirkburnIt's such an old model, it'd be nice if they gave the chains some animation, like circling the body
21:16.46KirkburnRather than floating randomly in midair
21:17.33RagestormI never reall understood the chains. Should really be linen wrappings, given the obvious Egyptian influences.
21:19.18Kirkburnoh hey, so Mograine won't be in Naxx
21:19.28KirochiRagestorm stop thinking Blizzard makes any SENSE
21:19.36Kirkburnkd3, did you know about that?
21:21.22kd3yup. dawnbringer says that in wintergarde
21:21.44Kirkburnindeed, listening to him now :P
21:23.10KirkburnObserve Heigan the Unclean? Pretty sure that's Loatheb. Silly Eligor.
21:24.10KirkburnAh, the images aren't rotating
21:24.46Kirochiheigan pwnz
21:26.50amroKirochi Adys
21:27.10Kirochije connais
21:27.11AdysI may have flash but i have no sound when wine is running
21:27.15Kirochion s'essuie avec les cailloux
21:27.25Kirkburnyeech, female dwarf in a far too revealing dress
21:27.32Adysla cabane au fond du jardin Kirochi ?
21:27.33Kirochiyou see hair?
21:27.37Adyshaha super
21:27.45Kirochic'est immense
21:27.48Adysj'ai encore l'air en tete
21:27.56Adysamro i love you rofl
21:27.56KirochiY'a pas de tout à l'égouuuut
21:28.05Kirochialors on fait sur les caaaaaailloux
21:28.08Adysalors on fait sur les caillouuuux
21:28.22Adysah non mais
21:28.27Kirochimais lol
21:28.39Kirochije me rends compte que je la connais limite par coeur alors que ça fait trop longtemps
21:28.48Kirochimerci amro
21:28.56Adysca fait genre 3-4 ans
21:29.19Kirochielle est belle
21:29.22Kirochicomme le maaaating
21:29.27Kirochima cabane au fond du jaaaarding
21:29.28Adysma cabane
21:30.05Kirochielle sera l'objet de mon chaaagring
21:33.37*** join/#wowwiki KyleH`` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
21:36.35Kirochiköt fy fan
21:43.07amroforgot about that
21:43.23*** join/#wowwiki crucially_ (
21:44.03amroit's a bunch of singers who couldn't care less about algeria
21:44.10amrohey assholes, if you love it so much, why do you live in paris?
21:44.20Kirochi>< so true
21:44.33Kirochialgerian people always complaining when in France
21:44.43Kirochibut never keen to get back
21:44.50amrothey complain about "el ghorba" (being in a foreign country)
21:44.55amroorly? go back home
21:45.01Kirochihell, acknowledge your desires
21:45.23amrothere's a funny story behind the song though
21:45.38KirochiI like Idir, he's much of a traveller besides his excellent songs
21:46.01amrobaaziz was in exile kinda before writing that song
21:46.22amrothen bouteflika was like you're all good because of the song, and invited him to do a concert in algiers to sing it
21:46.32amrobut instead, baaziz sang the song that got him banned in the first place
21:46.59KirochiJust like a big middle finger up his ass then I hope?
21:47.04amrothis one funny if you can understand it
21:47.41amrobandia = bandits... he goes from 5% (doorman) to 50% (PDG) to 99% (president, hence the ban)
21:47.46amrocan you guess who's 100%?
21:48.07Kirochifoutage de gueule
21:49.05amroouled lahram from oueld lehram = son of haram, someone who does a lot of haram things
21:49.15Kirochije comprends
21:49.18Kirochiainsi font font
21:49.32Kirochiptain c'est trop excellent le mélange arabe/français
21:49.54Kirochibut he had the ban coming
21:50.30amrobtw, at the end he says 100% is the guy who wrote the song :D
21:51.16amrole melange arabe/fr c'est ca la langue algerienne
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21:59.00*** join/#wowwiki KyleH`` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
22:07.51KirochiI need a swedish translator
22:07.54Kirochithe girl is hot
22:08.39*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
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22:20.12KirkburnInteresting D3 article -
22:24.13KirkburnAlso, lol:
22:25.42amrolol, <3 PA
22:26.15Kirochiwhen I hear it I hit
22:26.23Kirochil shift o to the quote and then dollar
22:28.16*** join/#wowwiki straylight (
22:29.02AdysIt is much stronger than that. I’m sure they got rid of the rainbow. Yeah, rainbow — gone. I think our artist just put [the rainbow] in there because they knew that’d be controversial. And I’m sure they were like, “Well we’ll see how far we can push it.”
22:29.25Kirochion diablo III?
22:29.35Kirochithe universe could be darker somehow
22:30.03*** join/#wowwiki harl (
22:31.19amrorainbows in d3?
22:31.32amrowhat next? blood and torn limbs in mario party?
22:32.00Kirochiamro already exists
22:32.29*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm_ (
22:33.38KirochiI love Girls'nightmare
22:34.23amrowin -
22:42.03Kirochipure win -
22:44.00Kirochigood night
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23:35.55Eraclitooookay, i started saturday and i ended right now
23:36.11Eraclitoi read all the Questionable Content webcomic
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23:52.44Ragestorm_Please vote, we are either one vote away from deletion or three votes away from keeping. I don't care either way, I just need to know so I can start the project.

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