IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080727

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00:04.11JimdinventorWazzup, Ragestorm?
00:05.08RagestormOh, a few clouds, some planes, the International Space Station. After that, up isn't really a direction
00:05.50RagestormIt's all a question of perspective.
00:06.02Jimdinventorjust smiles. He didn't mention "up" at all - probably because of that snip reply.
00:06.15JimdinventorRight-o.  Back to my quest assembly then.
00:06.40Ragestorm"up" is a constituent term to "wazzup"
00:07.04Jimdinventorgranted; but still not what I asked
00:07.14RagestormWhich is a typographical corruption of the phonetic of "What's up."
00:07.15JimdinventorWhat was "Gah" about?
00:07.31KalrothHe looked at his code
00:07.37KalrothHappens to me all the time
00:08.46RagestormThere's also the fact that I have to deal with people who still don't know how to sign their posts, even with Coobra hissing at them.
00:08.56Jimdinventorheh heh
00:08.59Ragestorm(get it, hissing? 'cause he's a snake?)
00:09.10Jimdinventoryup, got it
00:09.20RagestormAnd I'm dreading the impending explosion.
00:10.34KalrothNot imploding explosion?
00:11.09RagestormHmm... that is something I would like to observe...
00:11.37RagestormNo, I mean when Baggins finds out that Rolandius has been a regular editor for the past three weeks.
00:12.00KalrothUh oh
00:12.05KalrothSend in the Kirkburn.
00:13.44Kirkburndons a hat and runs away
00:14.31KalrothGoddamn cowards!
00:14.50Jimdinventorunder 30 minutes or it's free
00:15.10KalrothThat's what she also said last night.
00:15.13Ragestorm"dons a hat"? This isn't the English Civil War! We don't have random Cavaliers with hats with a feather in it, or Roundheads declaring "Church of England: Cake or Death?"
00:15.30KalrothWell the cake is a lie, so ..
00:15.50KirkburnRagestorm, gotta look good while retreating
00:16.13RagestormPoint taken <dons a waistcoat>
00:16.17RagestormAnyway, Kirkburn, you've been handling the situation since Day Three
00:16.43KalrothCan admins do edits in other peoples names? Eg. edit some important lore as Rolandius and watch as Baggins finds out.
00:17.17KalrothIf so, where can I apply to be an admin?
00:17.27KalrothEntirely unrelated to above question, of course!
00:17.54KalrothI'll take that as a no. :(
00:18.19amro|afkragestorm is just shocked he didn't think of it first
00:18.23Ragestorm(That means I'm speechless). Re the first, no. Re the second, talk to Kirkburn.
00:18.41KalrothKirkburn? But he knows me too well. :(
00:19.07RagestormI don't handle anything but lore, I just say yay or nay.
00:19.23KalrothOh, you're a lore freak too. Should have known :P
00:20.01RagestormI'm the Head Bookkeeper :\
00:20.23KalrothI guess changing the lore was a bad suggestion then. I'll ask Kirkburn next time, I promise.
00:20.24amro|afkhe's also a bot that kicks you whenever you say outlands
00:20.31KalrothHim and Adys :P
00:20.49amro|afkadys kicks people for fun
00:20.56*** kick/#wowwiki [amro|afk!n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn] by Kirkburn (say what?)
00:21.09KalrothWhat's worst, saying "I'm questing in outlands" or "Lets all party in The Outlands"?
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00:21.18Kirkburnamro|afk, well hullo thar
00:21.24amro|afkKirkburn too I guess
00:21.35RagestormThat's what the legal profession calls "Exhibit B"
00:21.35KalrothFrom WoWWiki
00:21.35Kalroth(Redirected from Outlands)
00:22.33amro|afkbedtime, goodnight all
00:22.38Kalrothnn amro
00:22.38Kirkburnnight amro
00:28.22Fisker-destroys Kalroth
00:28.34Kalrothis freed!
00:30.58Kirkburn|afkDarn, can't log in to beta :(
00:31.19JimdinventorMe neither!  Sucky!
00:31.57Kirkburn|afkGah, it was PeerGuardian again :P
00:32.01Amarandeyou guys think Outland will suffer even more ghost townishness than Azeroth come Wrath?
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00:32.35Amarandejust read in the beta forums that they're currently testing accelerated 60-70
00:32.46Amarandethough it's not clear whether that's to help DKs get to Northrend faster or planned to be in permanently
00:32.48Kirkburn|afkAmarande, a little, but there will be lots of dks moving through
00:33.01Kirkburn|afkYeah, it's permanent afaik
00:33.04Amarandeand people are thinking accelerated 60-70 may mean about half the continent gets forgotten
00:33.18Kirkburn|afkThat's entirely up to the questers
00:33.27Amarandeyeah, there will still be holdouts like me :)
00:33.35Amarandehell, I still insist on going to Scholomance with every character :S
00:33.36Kirkburn|afkSame here, I love going everywhere
00:33.58Amarandeand personally, I tend to find that the high end Azeroth instances are much more interesting and fun than the low end Outland ones
00:34.18Amarande(plus, if I ever roll another chanter ... large brilliants are much more profitable than small prismies)
00:38.07Kirkburn|afkRestore 13200 health over 30 seconds, lol
00:38.24Kirkburn|afkI have half that :/
00:39.12Jimdinventorfind a priest and a paladin :-)
00:40.45Kirkburn|afkThe draw distance in WotLK is freakin' fantastic
00:40.59Amarandeyeah, I'm starting to wonder about the power of some stuff in Northrend LOL
00:41.01Kirkburn|afkI can see beacons from miles away
00:41.23Amarandealso on the good side, apparently our GM has promised us that he's GOING to get to Illidan someday, so we will still be doing 70 raids come WOTLK
00:41.58Kirkburn|afkGlad to hear it
00:42.55Amarandehmm, I also definitely need to register with the wiki and fix something. :)
00:43.28Amarande - "1 Pristine Black Diamond (approx. 15g  from auction.)"
00:43.30AmarandeMore like 95g. :)
00:43.39AmarandeOr so my Auctioneer said when I looked at the one I found
00:43.57JimdinventorNot surprising.  I only garnered 1 Pristine in all the time I was playing.
00:44.25Jimdinventorregular black diamonds, though ...  you want a gross of those?  Maybe a thousand?
00:44.36AmarandeKirk: does Wikia have just one login/password per person for all wikis or do you have to register separately for each?
00:44.42AmarandeJim: LOL I found tons of those in BRD
00:44.58AmarandeThat Scholo run was just *lucky*, I think we got exactly five dark rune and one pristine black diamond drop
00:45.54AmarandeI got them all since I told everyone beforehand that I needed them for quest and was going to roll accordingly
00:48.10Amarandeahh, and now another question arises about the beta
00:48.27AmarandeOne of the BE Paladin epic mount quests involves going to Tyr's Hand ... that going to change with the geography changes in EPL?
00:48.53ArtsI think i remember something about Tyr's hand moving or something like that.
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01:01.08Kirkburn|afkAmarande, single login
01:01.54Amarandeahh, so I use the same login I use on Chess Wiki then
01:04.56Kirkburn|afkAnd lol, I can't mount in northrend now
01:05.33Kirkburn|afkhuh, that's odd
01:05.45Kirkburn|afkI could mount earlier with my macro, but no longer
01:06.01Amarandewhile I'm at it, I perhaps should go over the rest of the quests that require tradable mats and see if any of them show significant price discrepancies with reality
01:06.13Amarandenot sure if I'd have the time tonight though
01:20.03SlixHmm, do you need BC to get LK?
01:20.45SlixAww :(
01:20.54SlixI wanted to learn inscription as soon as LK came out
01:21.15SlixNow I can't..
01:30.52AmarandeI'm just glad inscription isn't as game-breakingly important as we speculated it might be
01:31.17Eraclitodoes anyone know if the naxx attunament is in the Feats of Strength?
01:31.33Amarandesome of us speculated that inscriptions would be freely applicable to individual spells, rather than being a limited number of glyphs
01:31.42Amarandei.e., that it would be just like enchants
01:31.56Amarandeand that you would have to have every one of your major skills inscribed just so in order to be considered for high end raids
01:33.06Amarandenow it looks more balanced. and will also cut down on my characters' trips to trade chat. :)
01:53.01Kirkburn|afkAt the rate I'm going, I won't be past 71 by the end of beta
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02:02.42Amarandewell it takes what, 7 figures of exp to level in Northrend?
02:18.33pcjthere were things i was killing that were giving me like 2k exp
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02:28.32Kirkburn|afkAwesome Auberdine to Thermore is even shorter now
02:28.49Kirkburn|afkDown from over 11 mins to 7:30
02:29.01pcjwhy would you do auberdine to theramore...
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02:31.31pcjthere should be a wowwiki guild on the US server
02:32.35pcj~ww WW:VP
02:32.46Kirkburn|afkpcj, because I want to get to Menethil
02:33.02Kirkburn|afkAlso, there's no boat :/
02:33.08pcji bet auberdine -> SW -> menethil is shorter?
02:33.20pcjand what's in menethil anyway
02:33.30Kirkburn|afkThe boat to Howling Fjord, apparently
02:33.44pcjoh hmm
02:35.35Kirkburn|afkThis really must be the slowest I've ever played WoW
02:35.53pcjwhat exactly are you doing
02:36.41Kirkburn|afkNot exploring, just wandering
02:37.01Kirkburn|afkI'm aimlessly taking in the world
02:38.21Eraclitobetter than afk on a drake over shat
02:39.17Kirkburn|afklol, well not /that/ aimless
02:39.43Kirkburn|afkEven IF to Menethil is shorted
02:39.49Kirkburn|afkCut maybe 15 seconds off
02:40.54pcjanyone know why it goes tunnel vision on riplash strand?
02:41.32pcjoh i see
02:41.33Kirkburn|afkNot been there yet
02:44.37pcji love dynamic shadows
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02:47.07Kirkburn|afkragh, so HF and BT aren't connected by flight paths :P
02:47.22Kirkburn|afkDamn, I wanted that epic journey
02:47.33pcjthey're on the other side of the continent
02:50.48Kirkburn|afkIf Auberdine to Menethil exists...
02:51.00pcjit doesn't
02:51.15Kirkburn|afkYes it does
02:51.22Kirkburn|afkTheremore :P
02:51.32Kirkburn|afk*theramore ... you know what I meant
02:51.35pcjthrough interim flight points, duh
02:52.09Kirkburn|afkTheramore to Auberdine has no interim fps
02:52.40Kirkburn|afklol, I died from drowing because of lag
02:53.04Kirkburn|afkSo, as a result, died on dry land, because I left the water two minutes ago
02:53.20pcjthis whole judgement of wisdom thing being bugged needs to stop
02:53.24pcjim running out of mana so bad
02:56.43Amarandepcj: how is it bugged?
02:56.52pcjit judges as judgement of light
02:57.31AmarandeKirk: you can no longer breathe air, you'll have to stay underwater forever
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03:01.31pcjyeah kirk
03:01.33pcjwhats up naga
03:05.27pcjyay world server crash
03:06.16pcji think they're trying to make us level our death knights so they're crashing northrend a lot
03:09.13Kirkburn|afkwoah, first crash bug
03:09.28Kirkburn|afkKicked me straight out of WoW, no warning
03:09.37Kirkburn|afkpcj, getting them in the EU too
03:10.27Kirkburn|afkThat;s enough WoW for now
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03:21.32pcjwouldn't hypothermia be a better meter than breath in northrend's water anyway
03:21.59Sky2042pcj: Lol! Send it in in a bug report. :P
03:22.17Kirkburn|afkGood point :P
03:22.41Sky2042"Waters in Northrend are colder than other waters. As such, you have only half as long to live. This applies to those pesky people that are already (un)dead."
03:35.30sancusthats not even true lol
03:35.51Sky2042sancus: Hmm?
03:36.05sancusI'm undead, my breath meter was normal when I did diving quests
03:36.15Sky2042sighs at sancus.
03:36.22pcjits called a joke
03:36.39Sky2042sancus: Reread those 2 minutes worth.
03:36.42sancusI'm not paying enough attention to this channel to figure out the things you guys call jokes, sorry!
03:37.19Kirkburn|afkI like the idea, as long as there is something you can buy to offset that problem
03:38.21pcjthermal underwear
03:38.27pcjnew inventory slot
03:38.38Sky2042pcj: Oh my god yes.
03:38.48Sky2042Chest and Legs, I think.
03:43.59Sky2042Uh oh. Ragestorm:
03:44.37Sky2042Did he jsut refactor it?
03:44.57Sky2042No, he removed /something/ :/
03:45.04Ragestormand added something uncited.
03:47.04Amarandehmm, yet another reason for the plate chest armors not to be bras this time :)
03:47.06pcjyay world server crash
03:47.43RagestormSky2042: You can try to sort it now, I'm about to log off, it's midnight at my end
03:47.56Sky2042I think I'm going to revert and invite comment on the talk page.
03:48.07Sky2042The diffs aren't too clear :/
03:48.18Pinkhair3dI still want engineers to be able to make a utility belt that lets them equip a third trinket
03:48.21Kirkburn|afkI think that's fair
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03:58.13Kirkburn|afkHow's about this for a track name: "14 - The Puppini Sisters - Crazy In Love (The Real Tuesday Weld Remix)" ... it's sheer awesome :)
03:58.33Kirkburn|afk(not the name, but what it actually is)
04:04.45RagestormI'll be back in nine and a half hours
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06:57.08SlixI don't like the newbish feel of the alliance, but i don't like the.. noncleanliness of the horde..
06:57.12SlixI thought of blood elves..
06:57.22SlixBut aren't they populated with newbs? x_x;;
06:58.30SlixAnd i would have to reroll completely..
06:59.02SlixBeing a blood elf WOULD be a good way to be more of a nonnewbish horde player
06:59.32SlixBut i would need to reroll..
06:59.46SlixBUT its a good opportunity to go onto a server where the name Slix isn't taken..
07:07.26*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
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07:09.59Kirkburn|afkBBC's Olympics "movie", I recommend: (watch in high quality, I assume it's not location limited)
07:13.12*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
07:16.14Adysno article on guids? :(
07:22.07Kirkburn|afkIf you're expecting me to write it, you're on the wrong universe
07:22.29foxlitNor would it make sense
07:22.56foxlitIt's documented where it should be; rather than on a generically named page.
07:24.24Kirkburn|afkAye, it would be more akin to documenting Blizzard's code, as opposed to what you do with the code
07:24.35Kirkburn|afkThat was probably an awful simile
07:26.56Adyshugs blizzard
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07:52.15Pinkhair3dhey, any baritones with a microphone, little sense of modesty, and some time to sing for me?
07:52.40AdysIN MC-EEE-EEE-EEEH
07:52.58AdysLucifron ~ Magmadar ~ Gehennas ~ Garr ~ Gaaa-aarr
07:53.37Pinkhair3dactually the song I have is even worse than that
07:53.44Adyswell shit.
07:53.56Adyswhich one is it?
07:53.58Pinkhair3dit's for a machinima contest
07:54.07Pinkhair3dit's inspired by a disney song
07:54.19Pinkhair3dbut it's about turen running around without pant
07:54.40Pinkhair3ddid i mention that i hate this contst?
07:55.55SlixI'm sad
07:56.03SlixArchimonde already has a player named Slix..
07:56.22AdysPinkhair3d: I'd do it but this totally sounds like something I would NOT sing
07:56.43Pinkhair3dgive it a shot?
07:58.00SlixSo.. err..
07:58.06SlixNoone cares i suppose?
07:58.15SlixIt's sorta like having your identity stolen..
07:58.18Adysabout what?
07:58.32Adystry being named Adys
07:58.38Adysthat name is *locked* on US servs
07:58.52Adysgo ask them?
07:59.08SlixOook.. anyway, any ideas for a name?
07:59.11SlixI wanna be "Slix"
07:59.13SlixBut like..
07:59.16SlixYou know..
07:59.18SlixSince i cant
07:59.42SlixMaybe Slixx..
07:59.45AdysI use Addys on us realms
08:00.19SlixYeh, maybe Slixx will work, noone will take the time to type that last x anyway
08:00.49SlixThanks for the advice :)
08:01.07SlixIts decided then.. I'll make a Blood Elf Priest named Slix on Archimonde.
08:01.26SlixAnd completely rerolling
08:01.56SlixBlood elf because i like more.. bright areas. Archimonde because it has a good ratio and is located in Boston
08:02.00SlixWhich has the lowest ping
08:02.02Pinkhair3dI use names like Blodeuwed, rarely taken^_^
08:02.42Slixo_o;; You obviously don't have a global nickname :P
08:02.53SlixI've used Slix for 5 years
08:03.23Pinkhair3dmy main nickname has been in use far longer than that
08:03.32Pinkhair3dbut I prefer to roll on RP servers
08:04.05SlixEhh, I would kinda like RP..
08:04.26Pinkhair3dBesides, I have 10 characters on my main erver, they can't all have th same name =P
08:04.30SlixTheres no rp-pvp based in boston centraltime :(
08:04.41SlixIf im pacific, I'll never be able to raid
08:06.36SlixThis will be a big change.
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09:08.35Fisker-i'm killing you g0urra
09:08.47g0urraTry it :3
09:14.04*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
10:11.37*** join/#wowwiki khaije1 (
10:12.28*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
10:28.56Fisker-Springing the Trap take 3
11:11.49*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
11:15.20*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
11:30.56*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1 (
11:55.47Fisker-that was probably you g0urra
11:56.14Fisker-i hate you so much g0urra
12:00.24*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
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12:03.07Fisker-g0urra were waiting for a quest respawn
12:03.10Fisker-and someone else was too
12:03.17Fisker-so i asked him if we wanna group
12:03.41Fisker-then he didn't reply and stole my mob ;_;
12:06.13Fisker-might as well return the favor
12:11.07g0urraI'm horde
12:11.30g0urraand I'm on HFP
12:18.21*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
12:24.50winkillermhm, the "wotlk beta participants" page Kirkburn link looks funny
12:25.16winkillerthink Fisker is the only one on there who's neither wowwiki admin nor wowhead staff. coincidence?
12:25.35winkilleroh., Ackis. right. 2 of 10
12:26.59pcjprobably because opt-in invites haven't gone out
12:27.06Adysthey have
12:27.30winkillerI just find it funny :P
12:27.40winkillerso either the readers who have an account didn't post
12:27.49winkilleror the beta invites were quite rare
12:28.08g0urraor people from the wwi has got their codes
12:28.21winkillerI only know of one guy in my guild who got a beta code
12:28.26g0urraand the people who regularly check the wowwiki has written their information
12:28.34winkillerand he said he already was in classic and TBC beta
12:29.10winkillerwell I saw the page today. If I had gotten a beta key, I'd been playing for a few days already :P
12:29.25winkillerand I wouldn't say I'm not checking regularly
12:30.01winkillerjust stating the page looks funny as it is
12:38.46pcjyour face looks funny
12:51.42Fisker-we have a code 1
12:52.09Adys" honestly i wonder what you do all the time between the serverlegs."
12:52.29Fisker-i leveled to 70 with my death knight :o
12:52.30AdysI wonder what one would do between server legs
12:52.41Fisker-i see what he did there
12:56.43*** join/#wowwiki Daedals (
12:57.11Daedalsanyone awake here? :)
13:03.48*** join/#wowwiki Lukian (
13:03.53*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
13:04.25Daedalscould someone check this
13:04.36DaedalsIm having problems browsing
13:05.12DaedalsIf I scroll down to "Unit Functions", I see nothing but gray
13:05.16Daedalsusing FF3
13:07.01*** join/#wowwiki Dotoff (
13:22.47*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
13:28.02sacarascanyone here on the beta with an enhancement shaman?
13:30.09*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
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14:00.14foxlitDaedals: are you blocking javascript on wowwiki?
14:02.24Daedalsor maybe
14:02.34Daedalsbecause I have AdBlock in FF
14:02.45Daedalsbut it doesnt block any javascript
14:02.49Daedalsonly flash
14:03.16foxlitTry blocking javascript, really
14:03.24Daedalsand whats weird is that the grey box is not the same color as the background
14:04.31*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
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14:19.11Daedalsjavascript blocking doesnt help
14:48.26foxlitDid I mention we're awesome?
14:51.09g0urraPretty, isn't it?
14:53.33Fisker-still magelo ads :D
14:54.52*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
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15:11.52Daedalsfoxlit I have the same problem
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17:07.51*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
17:31.05*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/GitHub/Tekkub)
17:31.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:12.15*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
18:12.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
18:15.47*** join/#wowwiki Merrus (n=mburczyk@
18:15.52*** part/#wowwiki Merrus (n=mburczyk@
18:24.04*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
18:24.53*** join/#wowwiki Slix (
18:32.04SlixWhats the best leveling guide? o_O
18:33.24winkillerjame's is nice
18:41.59SlixThats what ive been using..
18:42.04SlixToo bad wow-pro is down
18:42.58g0urraSlix: use TourGuide
18:46.35SlixIs it based off of Jame's guide? :S
18:48.26winkiller90% sure not
18:48.46winkillerbut tekkub made it, so it's probably very good
18:49.13SlixDoes it work with questhelper? Or should i disable it?
18:50.30SlixAnd does it have early race guides?
18:51.23TekkubIt's based off Kopp's and Joana's
18:51.39TekkubAlly side's heavily rewritten and playtested... Horde is... not
18:51.45SlixHi Tekkub
18:51.51SlixWell, I'm horde
18:52.17Tekkuband 20 < Horde <55 probably won't get love till after wrath goes like and I hit 80
18:52.32SlixOk... nvm then xD
18:52.40SlixThough, this addon does look interesting..
18:52.53SlixI might code in some of the wow-pro guides..
18:55.12SlixIt looks fairly simple, I don't need any fancy lua knowledge right?
18:59.11SlixHmm, tourguide doesn't seem to be as advanced as questhelper
19:04.20SlixSo.. I'm guessing it doesn't work with QuestHelper?
19:15.01*** join/#wowwiki c (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
19:15.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+v c] by ChanServ
19:17.26SlixGonna get lightheaded and tomtom to see how it works
19:22.51SlixTomTom went crazy
19:23.12Charitwowhat did my quit message say
19:25.10*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
19:25.29Slix* +Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo) Quit (Nick collision from services.)
19:25.49Charitwooh, all i got was The connection to irc:// (irc:// was aborted because you went into offline mode.
19:27.20Charitwothunderstorm wind and crap all crazy here
19:43.44pcjrofl you no touch spores!
19:44.01*** join/#wowwiki ANTRat (
19:49.22SlixUgh, looks like tour guide is causing more bugs x_x;;
20:07.50SlixHmm Tekkub
20:08.20Adysi think it is when the server spawen mobs that we get the mega lag 3 times in a row i have lookede at a spawen point and 3 times in a row ther was mega lag in the zone... it can just be a funny ting and it happens at the same time but i think the mobs respawning after a kill is was makes the lag
20:08.21SlixThe TourGuide addon is great :)
20:08.28Adysdies inside
20:08.39SlixThough the guides are a bit wonky..
20:09.11SlixUnlike questhelper, TourGuide doesn't use TomTom to point me where to go to kill the mobs i need to complete the quest..
20:09.28Tekkubit does, when it needs to
20:10.04SlixNot in one of the guides that I tried x_x;;
20:10.42*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
20:11.38SlixMeh, now I'm confused again
20:11.51Sky2042Slix: On?
20:11.59SlixTo use TourGuide, I'll have to code the guides in myself..
20:14.37SlixMeh, I strongly disagree with the Guide the player, don't hold their hand guideline..
20:14.46SlixI didn't get questhelper for nothing x_x;;
20:15.06SlixAnd no one told me if questhelper is compatible with tourguide..
20:15.11SlixIt doesn't seem like it would..
20:16.26*** join/#wowwiki Keofox (
20:17.54*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
20:17.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+v DuTempete] by ChanServ
20:19.24SlixMeh, I'm probably not going to be as efficient with tourguide as i will printing a guide from wow-pro :(
20:19.49g0urrawiee 5.3k judgement crits
20:20.21SlixNoone cares ofc x_x;;
20:20.23SlixI'm gonna go eat
20:21.14SlixI like the concept but..
20:21.19SlixIts not customizable enough yet..
20:21.43SlixGood luck with it though! :D I'm definately going to write some horde ones once the guidelines are less restrictive
20:22.57Slix(Or its compatible with QuestHelper)
20:32.47*** join/#wowwiki c (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
20:32.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+v c] by ChanServ
20:33.07infoboti guess c# is part of the Microsoft .NET suite of language implementations. It is simiar to Java. crap
20:34.13infobotwell, c is for maniacs  C code. C code run. Run, code, run. Please?
20:34.33infobota is probably not b  The first letter in the English alphabet!
20:34.49Adysand now you see this bot is a geekbot
20:34.51infobotgeek is probably a circus performer who bites heads off of nevyns, or a chicken who performs the circus off of byte headers, or what GenericBoy is, and most other people in this channel, if they wish to be so called, or substract the sum of all boyfriends/girlfriends you have had from the number of computers you've ever owned. if the number is positive you're a geek. njee-eeeeeeeeeeeerrrd!
20:35.04AdysSEE WHAT I MEAN
20:35.29infobotrumour has it, nerd is a sexy person, who will someday be rich!
20:35.47infobotACTION gets in the car
20:35.56infobot3 is a number, silly
20:36.18infobotIt's TO, not '2'. This is not l33t3 sp34k nor is this AOL.
20:36.28infoboti guess to is tactical ops. try typing tacticalops
20:36.29infobot1 is a number, silly
20:36.38infobotmethinks tacticalops is semi-realistic counter-terrorist First Player Shooting Game and an Unreal Tournament modification. It's simply one of the best mods ever, and can be downloaded for free. TO also recently went retail and can be bought at your local store. If you want more information about TO, you can visit This great site has everything a TO player wants. and yes it is larger than a breadbox...
20:36.42AdysOKAY DONE
20:37.37g0urra~world of warcraft
20:37.38infobotrumour has it, world of warcraft is far too difficult for your little robot brain to understand, or the bestseller MMORPG game by Blizzard
20:38.41Sky2042infobot, no, world of warcraft is far too difficult for your little robot brain to understand
20:38.41infobotokay, Sky2042
20:41.13infobot4 is a number, silly
20:41.43Kirkburn|sleepno, infobot, 4 is <reply>It's FOR, not '4'. This is not l33t3 sp34k nor is this AOL.
20:41.48infobotextra, extra, read all about it, 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything, see also,_the_universe,_and_everything
20:43.16infobotNO U
20:43.28infobotA language and environment for statistical computing.. URL:
20:43.47infobotACTION rattles 'er sabre.  Yarr!
20:43.50infobotwell, c is for maniacs  C code. C code run. Run, code, run. Please?
20:44.35infobotit has been said that lisp is a theory that unexpectedly became a programming language
20:44.48infobotextra, extra, read all about it, fortran is This is a high-level programming language, a bit more advanced than BASIC, but not quite as complex as C. This language refuses to die because it is so huge in the scientific research community. It's not a tough language to learn and it's fairly powerful. About 60% of scientific programming is done in Fortran.
20:45.20Adyshas this factoid been updated since last generation?
20:45.28Adys~factinfo fortran
20:45.28infobotfortran -- it has been requested 5 times, last by Adys, 40s ago.
20:45.47infobotfactoids are information that infobot can learn and then reply with. "/msg infobot help" for more info.
20:45.51Adys~factoid fortran
20:45.52infobotACTION gives fortran a cup of trinitrotoluene
20:45.59Adysforgot the command meh
20:47.00*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1_ (
20:49.00*** join/#wowwiki murked (n=43ba845c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:49.57g0urra~factinfo fortran
20:49.57infobotfortran -- it has been requested 5 times, last by Adys, 5m 9s ago.
20:50.06Adys~factinfo adys
20:50.06infobotadys -- created by Corgan <> at Mon Oct  1 09:43:32 2007 (300 days); last modified 3d 22h 50m 53s ago  by Adys!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys; it has been requested 37 times, last by Adys, 3d 22h 51m 40s ago.
20:50.25Adysfortran hasnt been modified in the last 20 years
20:51.46*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
20:51.53*** join/#wowwiki murked (
20:52.46murkedanyone wanna help me get back into this game? im level 40 something i forgot when i quit a while ago
20:53.49g0urrawiee carpet riding
20:53.51Adysyou want us to pay you the subscription or? :P
20:53.53g0urramurked, EU/US?
20:54.23murkednah, i reknewed my subscription :)
20:56.03pcj...what do you want then
20:56.26murkedi forgot what to do in this game
20:56.32pcjplay it
20:56.43murkedshit, thanks man
20:56.46murkedthat was all i needed
20:57.08pcjanother happy customer
20:57.14*** join/#wowwiki murked (
20:57.17g0urraoh man, this mist is creepy
20:58.48g0urraBorean Tundra
20:58.59g0urrawest of Garrosh's Landing
20:58.59Kirkburn|sleepg0urra, well yeah, but not the entire zone
20:59.12Kirkburn|sleepYup, Riplash area
20:59.25Kirkburn|sleepI've yet to venture that far
20:59.36g0urraWell you're Alliance
20:59.42g0urraYou're closer to Riplash
20:59.48Kirkburn|sleepI know >_<
21:00.12g0urraWiee magic carpet ride
21:05.31Adysnight all
21:06.46Kirkburn|sleepnight Adys
21:06.52Kirkburn|sleep(my god, he's at the right time)
21:07.02AdysI got a day in advance
21:41.58*** join/#wowwiki c (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
21:41.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v c] by ChanServ
21:48.31*** join/#wowwiki crucially (n=sky@wikia/crucially)
21:48.55*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
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21:54.22*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
22:06.22*** join/#wowwiki c (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
22:06.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+v c] by ChanServ
22:08.08*** join/#wowwiki A|sleepies (n=Aloysius@
22:09.32*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
22:09.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
22:09.40pcjwb Kirkburn
22:11.33*** join/#wowwiki dsfarghegaaaaaar (
22:17.23*** join/#wowwiki niklauz (i=d863b241@gateway/web/ajax/
22:56.48amro|afkleft side looks a lot like wc3
22:58.01SlixAww :(
22:58.04infobot[walrus] probably a large (fat f**k) blubbery mammal with tusks - its natural habitat is IRC, or at it's local watering hole with 'the lads', trying to pull a nice wal-lass. chant "I am the walrus" repeatedly to get "it" "to work".
22:58.19infobotevil is, like, something Microsoft bought from Satan, according to
22:58.31SlixWhere does it get all this? xD
22:58.56*** join/#wowwiki sacarasc (
22:58.59infobotdumb? You must be a madman.
23:00.56amro|afk~factstats requested
23:01.40amro|afk~2.4 fix
23:01.41infobot[2.4 fix] read binutils changelog, upgrade to 2.4.2ac1, or change all instances of -oformat binary to --oformat binary in your $(srcdir)/linux/arch/$(arch)/boot/Makefile file.
23:01.55amro|afkI thought lart would be first
23:02.08amro|afk~factstats author
23:03.37pcjwoo localhost
23:11.05*** join/#wowwiki Mark_Brown (
23:20.51*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
23:23.49*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
23:23.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+v DuTempete] by ChanServ
23:25.23pcjwb dutempete
23:25.30DuTempetethanks, pcj
23:33.36Kirkburnthanks, pcj (delaaaayed)
23:36.18pcjyay achievement unlocked: going down
23:38.06pcji jumped off naxxanar lol
23:38.31Eraclitoslowfall or the skyguard cloak
23:38.41pcjdivine shield
23:39.12Eraclitowhen falling from the netherdrake i used slowfall too late
23:39.19Eraclitoit's not totally instant
23:40.45g0urraret palas are imba
23:40.55g0urraI'm getting 7k+ judgement crits
23:43.00pcjis your crusader aura bugged too or is that just me
23:44.16g0urranope I got a crusader aura when I logged in
23:44.34g0urraprobably because I copied with a crusader aura
23:44.54g0urrawas fun running around in crusader and retribution until I got parachuted ><
23:49.51amro|afkit must be 40 degrees in here
23:50.04amro|afk~weather DAOO
23:51.23g0urra~factinfo weather
23:51.23infobotweather -- it has been requested 5 times, last by scribe at Thu Jun 15 19:14:40 2006.
23:51.53amro|afkits not a factoid
23:51.56amro|afk~help weather
23:52.06amro|afk[00:51:57] <infobot> no help on weather.  Use 'help' without arguments.
23:52.08*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
23:52.48amro|afkg0urra: you give it the ICAO code
23:54.38g0urrathe what?
23:55.19amro|afkICAO code, aviation code
23:55.23amro|afkfor airports
23:55.33amro|afkgoogle <your city> ICAO or <airport name> ICAO for yours
23:55.54amro|afk~weather ORN
23:56.03amro|afkIATA doesn't work
23:56.47g0urra~weather ESNU
23:57.25amro|afkis COLD
23:57.47g0urrait's 2am
23:57.50g0urrawhat do you expect
23:58.09amro|afkthe data is from 2350
23:58.22amro|afkhm maybe diff timezone
23:59.08amro|afkstill a 16deg difference from here

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