IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080722

00:02.07Kirkburn|afkHey, we hit 56,000 articles again :)
00:04.19CharitwoShould I edit Big wikis, will it last?!??!
00:05.33amrounless someone is planning another deletion spree, i dont see why not
00:06.57Charitwoah, sky already did it like 6 hours ago
00:08.33amro~fail irssi
00:08.33infobotirssi, you Fail!
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00:13.28DottedThe job queue length is currently 47056
00:20.21Kirkburn|sleepOmen, the threat addon got a mention in Penny Arcade today :P
00:24.24Kirkburn|sleepNight g0urra|sleep
00:24.31g0urra|sleepnight Kirkburn|sleep
00:24.38pcjnight ChanServ|sleep
00:24.52Kirkburn|sleepNight pjc
00:25.12pcjoops sorry dotted
00:25.46Kirkburn|sleephey now, I'm not going to keep just warning people about language
00:26.13pcjso you're going to stop then?
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01:08.17Sky2042is back.
01:09.01Sky2042> Charitwo.
01:09.22Charitwono u
01:09.49Dottedwtf pcj
01:13.39pcj~karma pcj
01:13.39infobotpcj's karma is over 9000
01:17.12Adys[02:24:38] <+Kirochi> omg gryphen's real name is SNOOK
01:17.16Adysle mec
01:17.23Adysil est pas du tout 1 an en retard
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01:19.24Jimdinventorwaves in greeting.
01:19.37Sky2042hellos Jimdinventor.
01:19.49Adyshello Jimdinventor, gtfo Corgan
01:19.55Corgangief me a beta key
01:20.21Fisker-slaps Corgan around a bit with a large trout
01:20.24Fisker-no me
01:20.25Corgandie fisker
01:22.58pcjyeah its my key, duh
01:23.07Fisker-slaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
01:23.37Corganno me
01:23.39Fisker-~kiss Corgan
01:23.40infobotACTION forces Corgan to give Jimdinventor a big kiss on the forhead
01:23.58Corgan~kiss Fisker-
01:23.59infobotACTION forces Fisker- to give breser a big kiss on the lips
01:24.02Fisker-you got Jimdinventor'd
01:24.10Fisker-sleep tiems again
01:24.23JimdinventorSee yas!
01:25.17pcj~kiss adys
01:25.18infobotACTION forces adys to give peters-tx a big kiss on the hand
01:26.23JimdinventorWhat is going on with these two quests ("A Tauren Among Taunka" and "The Taunka and the Tauren")?  Is one a jumping-in point that substitutes for the other?
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02:59.18Dotted~karma pcj
02:59.18infobotpcj has karma of -1
02:59.56pcj~karma dotted
02:59.56infobotdotted has neutral karma
03:00.15Dottedrealise your failure
03:00.16pcj~karma dotted
03:00.16infobotdotted has neutral karma
03:01.23pcj"Somehow the bug spray ignited a blast that blew out the apartment's front windows and triggered a fire that quickly spread"
03:03.29Sky2042bug spray's known to be flammable. how it ignited something...?
03:03.45sancusturns out that playing flame thrower with your can of bug spray is NOT a fun and entertaining idea
03:04.29Sky2042wonders what sancus has on ping that drew him out of the woodworks. Or is it that sancus is leaving work...?
03:04.46sancusI dont have anything on ping
03:05.10Sky2042So what /did/ draw you out of the woodwork?
03:05.26pcjbug spray
03:05.35Sky2042Ha ha.
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03:06.08sancusidk I alt tabbed and this window was open
03:06.21pcjyeah i do that sometimes
03:07.09Sky2042wonders about the usefulness of ops who are |sleep'ing.
03:07.29pcjabout as useful as some of the inactive ones ever are
03:08.23Sky2042kd3: A request for when you make item pages: Can you start them with " '''<name>''' is an <x> that is used for x", in preference to having an H2 and ugliness?
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03:09.55kd3sure, I'll tweak my templates
03:11.23Sky2042something to ask foxlit also...
03:15.11Sky2042hey, is there a list of patches for warcraft III somewhere?
03:15.22Sky2042patch notes*
03:15.33Adys1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11
03:19.08Sky2042got it.
03:19.54kd3hm... need an icon to differentiate cloth armor merchants from tailoring trainers
03:20.00kd3is putting together a temp map of dalaran
03:22.49Eraclitois going to love the temp map of dalaran
03:30.26Adyskd3:  take a robe icon?
03:30.54kd3that's what I was planning on. waiting for [[WoWWiki:Wow icons/Icon List/Images]] to finish loading
03:30.54Dottedkd3 meant:
03:31.45Sky2042Why did you load all the images instead of going hunting through the categories a la [[Category:WoW Icons: Chest]] or some such?
03:31.45DottedSky2042 meant:
03:32.18kd3because I felt like giving firefox an aneurysm
03:32.45Eraclitohey it's only me or barbed gill trout graphic changed with last patch? i remember it purple
03:33.04Sky2042kd3: hehe
03:35.06pcjhmm 302 days /played time
03:35.44pcjbah, 22 slot bags aren't big enough
03:41.59kd3hm... general and trade goods
03:42.00Adys302 days played time?
03:42.04AdysI had that before bc pcj
03:42.06Adysyou suck
03:42.07CorganAdys <3
03:42.17Adysfuck the shut off
03:42.34CorganDon't be mean to me
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03:44.04pcjshhh he's back
03:44.46kd3an arrow and simple wood?
03:44.52kd3a shell and a skinning knife?
03:44.59kd3ponders what two icons he can use for those vendors
03:46.02pcjwhich ones
03:46.08kd3general and trade goods
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04:00.03AkolyteHello peoples
04:11.09Akolytepretty empty, huh?
04:17.12AdysAkolyte: 6am in europe, midnight in US
04:17.18Adysnot the best time for activity :)
04:19.58Akolytefair enough
04:20.01Akolytebut im a night owl xD
04:20.16Adysso am I, I wouldnt be talking atm if i were not
04:20.23Adys7.3am here in greece
04:33.30AkolyteIm east coast, it's 12:30
04:33.42AkolyteIm trying to get past the night xD
04:33.50Akolytewithout sleeping, of coruse
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04:51.06soufronyo from oscon
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04:59.42infobotwatches Ackis pull the trigger. BANG!
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05:00.17Akolytehello new people
05:06.54Eraclitostill 24 [Fertile Spores] to exalted...
05:09.07*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
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05:26.42Fisker-~kiss bleeter
05:26.42infobotACTION forces bleeter to give dedebkgrn a big kiss on the forhead
05:29.38Fisker-they already talked about that bg on wwi? :o
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05:52.37Eraclitozomg exalted
06:00.31Eraclitocool, but... three innkeepers?
06:00.46Eraclito(and, flowers? why, blizzard?)
06:02.11*** join/#wowwiki JSharp (n=jsharp@wikia/JSharp)
06:05.24sancusshattrath has 3 innkeepers
06:05.39sancusdalaran's are like, 1 near the alliance, 1 near the horde
06:05.43sancusand one sortof near the main square
06:06.28kd3there's actually 4 innkeepers in dalaran
06:06.40Eraclito[08:05:24] <@sancus> shattrath has 3 innkeepers <- really? i only know the aldor/scryers ones
06:06.41kd3the flowers vendor is a reference to aerith from ff7
06:06.54kd3[02:00:30] <Eraclito> cool, but... three innkeepers?
06:06.58sancusEraclito: There's one in the world's end tavern isnt there?
06:07.06Eraclitohe can't save you
06:07.31sancusah I guess he's a shitty one then
06:07.33sancuswho knows
06:07.48sancusSome of the dalaran ones could be placeholders and removed or changed later to just barkeeps or wahtever
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06:14.55Fisker-sancus !
06:14.57Fisker-i hate you!
06:15.11sancusyou're fat
06:15.12sancusand shitty
06:15.15sancusso I welcome your hate
06:16.07Fisker-then i like you
06:41.21AdysNot the name, Fisker-
06:52.08Fisker-good job about unlocking characters though
06:52.14Fisker-sure gave beta testers lot of time to catch up
06:53.38Adysyup indeed
06:55.50Fisker-wonder if WWI keys have been sent yet
07:04.46Fisker-"Still has to wait on the EU beta page. Regarding which, I have no new news for you at the moment."
07:05.16Fisker-i want beta ;(
07:05.31Fisker-Perhaps offering you to Blizzard would please them
07:05.38Akois beta out already?
07:06.56Akowhy not just like
07:07.02Akowatch people on youtube lol
07:07.57Akoor go grind for gold because you know you'll need it for the expansion
07:08.45Akohows that for a  beta test
07:10.14g0urrammm tears
07:10.56Akomaybe if you commit suicide enough times you'll be reborn as a deathknight
07:11.03Fisker-i got gold
07:12.00AkoI wonder what the other hero classes will be
07:13.10Akomaybe like, a mountain king or something
07:13.15Pinkhair3dgoldfarmer, twink, and forum spammer
07:13.52Akoyou can already do that, though
07:14.58Akoim guessing the next hero will probobly be an archmage
07:15.00Akoor a warden
07:15.17Akothen after that a far seer, then a lich
07:18.00*** join/#wowwiki Lemur (
07:18.10AkoIt doesnt get any dumber then a deathknight wandering around stormwind, so a dwarf far seer isnt too far fetched.
07:18.36Lemurfbi, cia, pentagon
07:20.24Pinkhair3dblizzard hates mages enough as is
07:21.02Pinkhair3dand they already have a class that is 'mage only better'
07:21.32AkoMaybe they'll make new hero classes, and just abandon wc3?
07:21.35AkoI doubt it tough
07:21.41*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
07:21.55*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1 (
07:22.14Pinkhair3dWell, what I'm saying is that there'd be not only be no point to an archmage, but it would actively dilute two existing classes
07:22.18Pinkhair3deven further
07:22.33AkoI guess not
07:22.42Akomages can already do everything an archmage can do
07:22.59Akobut archmage seems like a perfect hero class
07:23.21Akodefinitely more applicable then a deathknights being accepted by every faction
07:24.33sancusI kind of figure if mages keep crying maybe bliz won't notice how OP they are in wotlk
07:25.04AkoIt's my firm belief that each class is decently balanced
07:25.25Akothere are things that arent fair, but pretty much every class has something like that
07:25.25sancusmages are pretty terrible in raids in tbc
07:25.46sancusyou won't really notice if you dont play at a reasonably high end though
07:25.51AkoI had a warrior on a pvp server
07:25.54sancuscause most people are bad enough that a decent player can do well
07:26.00sancusregardless of his class handicaps
07:26.22sancushence the endless stream of retards gemming for intellect that swear they top damage meters
07:26.26Akoeverytime I saw a little gnome guy in a wizards cap, I ran
07:26.48Akofucking frost mages blasted my ass without mercy
07:26.55Akohunters too
07:27.10sancusshattering warriors makes me feel all fuzzy inside
07:27.29Akoeveryone has their upperhand
07:27.32sancusnot as fuzzy as shattering shitty rogues though
07:27.38sancusthat is really fun
07:27.48Akomaybe some classes have more cards to choose from, but everyone has SOMETHING
07:28.25sancusClasses are reasonably balanced
07:28.29Akoso I hate it when people complain
07:28.30sancusit's just that some are a lot harder to play than other sin pvp
07:28.37sancusand in pve even a 5% difference is very significant
07:28.59sancus5% takes you from an amazingly tough struggle to a smooth, easy fight
07:29.15Akoblizzard usually trys to balance out things as best they can, while keeping the classes unique
07:29.31Akotheres a fine line between the two, and it's hard to keep 100% balanced
07:29.37sancusthey realized mages sucked by Sunwell though
07:29.55sancusThat's why they put spellstealable damage buffs in two of the hardest encounters
07:30.38Pinkhair3dIt's not just a matter of sheer power.
07:31.35AkoI dislike when people say rogues can do anything
07:31.47AkoTry to get a decent group as a rogue
07:31.55Pinkhair3dAnyway, if you want an archmage, play a mage an call yourself an archmage.
07:32.09Akogo frost spec and get the summon
07:32.35Pinkhair3dAdding a new class would just be stupid, and anythign unique they give an archmage would be a slap in the fact to a mage, and anything unique mages get would be underminign the
07:32.42Pinkhair3d' ness of the archmage
07:32.43sancusI would never pug instances on any class :P
07:32.45sancustoo many idiots
07:33.02Akoheros are supposed to be in a tier above regular classes
07:33.08Akoso it's not exactly a slap in the face
07:33.20sancusI honestly doubt they will ever implement any hero class that is a derivative of an existing class
07:33.24sancusand besides
07:33.27sancusDKs aren't a hero class
07:33.28sancusthey're a class
07:33.43Akoim pretty sure i read that they were a hero class
07:33.47Akoon the blizzard website
07:33.58sancusThat's what we call "lore"
07:33.58Pinkhair3dBlizzard has explicitly stated that the goal isn't to make them a tier above at all.
07:34.09Pinkhair3dThe 'hero' thing refers to them starting at 50
07:34.09sancusbut in relaity they're intended to be balanced with every other class and not be any more unique or powerful than any other class
07:34.11sancusHow could they be?
07:34.22sancusI mean, I've played them, they're interesting and good but
07:34.36sancusnothing about them says "FLAGRANTLY BETTER THAN ANY EXISTING CLASS"
07:34.59AkoI just read as far as "hero" and made an assumption :P
07:35.17sancusexcept for coilspam
07:35.21sancusbut that's a bug :P
07:35.32Pinkhair3dAnyway, if you're gonna have archmage, then you could also have archdruid.  Which would be another hopelessly derivative class.  Ooh, and we can make 'assasins' that are basically rogues only better.  See my point?
07:35.39Akothe summon ghoul skill looks cool
07:35.44AkoI like how allies can control it
07:36.02AkoI only said archmage because it was a hero unit in WC3
07:36.05Akolike the deathknight
07:36.17Pinkhair3dPaladin was a hero unit too.
07:36.33AkoI suppose
07:36.56Akobut there can be paladins and then big badass motherfucker paladins
07:37.09Pinkhair3dSee, that's my point.
07:37.14Pinkhair3dThat's a horrible idea.
07:37.28AkoI thought thats what they were doing, when I read "hero class"
07:37.36sancusyou realllly thought wrong
07:37.38sancusbliz isnt that dumb :p
07:37.46sancuswhy anyone play a paladin when they can be a big badass motherfucker paladin?
07:37.49sancus*why would
07:37.59Akoyou have to get to 50 first and go through a bunch of bullshit?
07:38.06g0urraAt least you're not one of those who goes "ZOMG MAEK CRYPT LORD HERO CLASS PLX"
07:38.09sancuseveryone is 50 :p
07:38.30Akoalso, I assumed there would be something to a hero class to make them not so desirable
07:38.43Akoto limit heros.
07:39.12Akomaybe they kick some ass, but they have to do a quest every week or they revert back to normal premently
07:39.16Akoor some bullshit like that
07:39.29Pinkhair3dThere's no reverting, you don't 'convert' into a hero class
07:39.34Pinkhair3dit's a new character.
07:39.44Akoagain, I hadent looked that deep into it :P
07:39.48Pinkhair3dthe only difference is that there's no 1-50 grind
07:40.25Pinkhair3dright, 55
07:40.33AkoI read hero class, then I closed the browser and looked at porn. I have not denied my ignorance.
07:41.17sancusthats why its dumb to call them a hero class IMO
07:41.22sancusits misleading
07:41.23sancusbut w/e
07:41.25sancusPR is PR
07:41.53AkoI hope death knights arent going to be considered normal citizins in capital citys
07:41.57Akothat kind of thing irks me
07:42.04Akoit's bad enough warlocks are tolerated
07:42.51kd3points at [[Thassarian]], an alliance NPC deathknight
07:43.01Akooh lawd
07:43.05AkoI havent played in a few months
07:43.05DottedThe job queue length is currently 47147
07:43.35AkoI was pissed when I did a quest for thrall as a warlock, and he didnt knock me off my ass
07:45.24sancusof course they are lol
07:46.54AkoI would only accept that if there were anti-deathknight protests in stormwind
07:47.18Akogossip, at the very least
07:47.52*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
07:53.50*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=sannse@wikia/
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09:11.00*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
09:22.37*** join/#wowwiki from_downunder (
09:23.18from_downunderis anyone else getting an 'error retrieving character list' during signon to wow?
09:23.43Pinkhair3danyone who plays on one of the servers that just went down, I'd guess
09:25.24from_downunderare they all down?  according to the website (, they are meant to be up :(
09:39.14Pinkhair3dI dunno, but a few people I know on different realms got booted
09:54.26*** join/#wowwiki Krotus (
09:55.00KrotusHello peeps
09:57.39Krotusalways quiet?
09:57.50AdysNo, its just early/late
09:57.52Adysand im off to bed
09:58.10Krotuslol ahh :(
09:58.29KrotusI get to wait for my server to start working x.x
10:11.47Krotusyay for server glitchs x.x
10:14.01*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
10:25.35*** part/#wowwiki Fisker- (
10:25.53*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
10:27.29Krotusyou got in?
10:27.37Fisker-i crave it
10:27.44Fisker-cannot survive, etc.
10:27.57KrotusI check my e-mail for a code like 4 times a day :(
10:28.07Krotusbut I don't think I will get it :P
10:28.52Fisker-i check my e-mail for a code like 1500 times a day
10:29.06Krotusthey handing them out all ready?
10:29.57Krotuswow beta keys are going for 300 on ebay x.x
10:30.58Fisker-~kiss Fisker-
10:30.59infobotACTION forces Fisker- to give harldephin a big kiss on the neck
10:31.49*** part/#wowwiki harldephin (
10:32.47KrotusI wish WOW made it easier to find a server
10:33.40Pinkhair3dIt is hard?
10:34.14KrotusI want a server thats pop is not dying
10:34.19Krotusand has a decent horde pop
10:34.45Pinkhair3dgood luck
10:34.53winkillerread forums
10:34.58winkillermake a char and ask people
10:35.41Krotusthat I have been
10:35.45Krotustakes forever T.T
10:39.02*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
10:39.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gourra] by ChanServ
10:40.29pb_ee1I suppose they'll give beta keys starting from tomorrow
10:40.34Gourranote to self: don't pull an all-nighter on the computer
10:40.47Gourragraphic glitches and computer freezing may follow
10:41.03Fisker-i'm dying
10:41.04winkilleror your eyes are flickering :)
10:41.20Fisker-slaps pb_ee1 around a bit with a large trout
10:41.23Fisker-~kiss g0urra
10:41.24infobotACTION forces g0urra to give pb_ee1 a big kiss on the forhead
10:41.24g0urrano I didn't pull an all-nighter
10:41.31g0urrathe computer did
10:41.59g0urrain other words: I didn't shut down the computer for the night
10:42.04Fisker-F5 damnit
10:42.04g0urraaway ->
10:43.05pb_ee1slaps Fisker- with an EU WotLK Beta Key.
10:43.17pb_ee1*shtonk* *shtonk* *shtonk*
10:43.33pb_ee1Take this! And that!
10:45.10Fisker-thanks for a beta key
10:45.27from_downunderwoo hoo.  i'm back into wow.  who knows for how long:)
10:46.05winkilleryour time is up
10:59.52Fisker-bleh g0urra
11:00.06Fisker-at this speed we'll be playing the beta at Blizzcon '09
11:08.07g0urrathis cake is so delicious and moist
11:08.14g0urramade of tears and beta keys
11:09.46Fisker-i want the cake
11:10.49Fisker-i'm so tired g0urra
11:10.51Fisker-please halp
11:11.25Pinkhair3dI hope I win a ticket to blizzcon to watch it then^_^
11:11.29Pinkhair3der, play it
11:14.29winkillerI'm so not keen on that
11:14.52winkillerI think I'll hopelessly mock people with my key if I get it. and play like 1h
11:15.53Fisker-i need a beta key
11:16.41Pinkhair3dif I were gonna spend on something in that vein I'd go for the mini tyrael
11:16.53Pinkhair3dmostly because I know almost nobody in america has one
11:17.46amrowinkiller: i'd give Fisker- one character of the key each day. then finally he'd discover I've already used it
11:21.43*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
11:21.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
11:22.02Fisker-i'm dying of beta deprevation
11:22.03Fisker-please halp
11:22.22Pinkhair3djust play a damn sandbox or something
11:25.34g0urrathreatens Pinkhair3d with the wrath of doom
11:26.31Pinkhair3dWhat?  He cantake his little plastic shovel and pail and create something
11:26.44Pinkhair3dget some sunlight
11:26.59foxlit+b (murder!)
11:35.49*** part/#wowwiki from_downunder (
12:01.21DottedThe job queue length is currently 23383
12:16.30*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
12:17.29*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
12:18.06g0urraKirkburn: have you noticed the problem on articles with stuff that goes on out on the side? There's no scroll alternative
12:18.21g0urraTry any article with {{lootbox}} that has 4 items in a row
12:18.22Dottedg0urra meant:
12:26.42Dottedfoxlit meant:{2|,{{#ifexist:{{{2,{2,
12:27.07foxlitSpot that which shouldn't be there
12:27.16amrodotted's reply
12:29.55pcj~kiss Fisker-
12:29.55infobotACTION forces Fisker- to give g0urra a big kiss on the neck
12:30.01g0urrawtf dude
12:30.10g0urrainfobot, kiss foxlit
12:30.11infobotACTION forces foxlit to give ChanServ a big kiss on the forhead
12:30.11winkillerinfobot: die
12:30.12infobotACTION takes two shots to the head and crumples to the ground, lifeless.
12:31.27Kalroth~kiss g0urra
12:31.28infobotACTION forces g0urra to give Thrae a big kiss on the neck
12:31.37g0urra~kiss Kalroth
12:31.38infobotACTION forces Kalroth to give Tenchworks a big kiss on the hand
12:31.42Kalroth~kiss g0urra
12:31.43infobotACTION forces g0urra to give RocKo a big kiss on the lips
12:32.11g0urraforces g0urra to give Kalroth a big kick in the ass
12:32.20*** kick/#wowwiki [Kalroth!] by g0urra (sorry he told me to)
12:32.24*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
12:34.03*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
12:36.58Kalrothg0urra: You meanie!
12:37.21KalrothI was looking at boobies
12:38.04pcj~kiss DuTempete
12:38.05infobotACTION forces DuTempete to give infobot a big kiss on the ear
12:38.17pcjlol infobot you horny ass
12:39.15g0urra~kiss pcj
12:39.16infobotACTION forces pcj to give Eraclito a big kiss on the neck
12:49.04amroinfobot: literal kiss
12:49.05infobot"kiss" is "<action> forces $1 to give $randnick a big kiss on the (lips|neck|hand|forehead|ear)"
12:49.27winkillerinfobot: literal die
12:49.28infobot"die" is "<action> takes two shots to the head and crumples to the ground, lifeless."
12:49.36winkillerinfobot: literal ~
12:49.37infobot"~" is "<reply> Every moment in which I'm called upon is torture."
12:50.31g0urrainfobot: literal winkiller
12:50.32infobot"winkiller" is "hating cats with a passion"
12:50.33amro~factinfo cmd kiss
12:50.34infobotthere's no such factoid as cmd kiss, amro
12:50.47amro~cmd kiss
12:59.46Kalroth~kiss g0urra
12:59.47infobotACTION forces g0urra to give Slackwise a big kiss on the hand
12:59.55*** kick/#wowwiki [Kalroth!] by g0urra (g0urra)
12:59.59*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
13:01.45Fisker-~kiss g0urra
13:01.45infobotACTION forces g0urra to give Slix|offline a big kiss on the ear
13:01.56Fisker-we require a beta key
13:12.14Fisker-i hate you g0urra
13:12.49Fisker-we need to work together
13:14.02Camiciolol i killed a player today
13:14.12Camiciohe didn't appreciate
13:15.55Fisker-Why can't they just admit defeat and scrap that fucking beta page and just fork out the beta keys?
13:16.07Fisker-not like we get to do any testing, ever
13:17.45Kalrothwhy can't you just wait until WotLK is released?
13:17.52g0urra<Fisker-> not like i get to do any testing, ever <-- fix'd
13:18.10g0urraKalroth, because BC is boring
13:18.29Kalrothonly dumb people get bored!
13:18.43pcjim not dumb
13:18.58Kalrothpcj: are you bored?
13:19.15pcji am when i play the game
13:19.21pcji don't play the game very often
13:19.45Kalrothwell there you go
13:20.33pcj~literal cmd:kiss (.*?)
13:20.34infobot"cmd:kiss (.*?)" is "($1): <action> forces $1 to give $randnick a big kiss on the (lips|neck|hand|forehead|ear)"
13:20.45g0urrainfobot, kiss Kalroth
13:20.45infobotACTION forces Kalroth to give Camicio a big kiss on the ear
13:20.57Kalrothhugs Camicio.
13:24.33Fisker-Adys do you know if the beta is enforcing tampering with the default ui, etc?
13:25.50infobotI feel different somehow.
13:26.14*** join/#wowwiki SeverinAndrews (
13:26.32g0urrainfobot, lobotomy Fisker-
13:26.32infobotACTION pulls out a rusty saw to perform a lobotomy on Fisker-
13:26.55SeverinAndrewsLol, "no big spoilers please, don't say Anveena is dead etc"
13:27.12SeverinAndrewsFantastic topic :)
13:27.35pcj~upsidedown i want a beta key
13:30.26*** kick/#wowwiki [infobot!n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj] by pcj (pcj)
13:30.26*** join/#wowwiki infobot (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
13:30.26*** topic/#wowwiki is #wowwiki Chan rules: | All UI questions: #wowuidev | CVN channel: #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | WotLK portal is up - | No big spoilers in IRC please, don't say Anveena is dead etc | Chuck norris jokes are not funny
13:30.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot] by ChanServ
13:31.26SeverinAndrewsWhy have you booted it?
13:31.41pcjits back
13:32.08SeverinAndrewsBut I just want to ask: why? :)
13:32.17KirkburnUpside down text o_O
13:32.23pcjwas testing one of its features
13:33.21*** join/#wowwiki Knave (
13:33.53*** part/#wowwiki Knave (
13:34.41winkiller~upsidedown strange feature
13:34.52winkilleris that some UTF8 magic?
13:34.54g0urra~upsidedown boobies
13:35.09g0urraliar it's 5318008
13:36.18amro~kill g0urra
13:36.19infobotACTION shoots a excited fluxpositrino gun at g0urra
13:36.40amro~literal CMD:kill
13:36.54amro~literal CMD:kill (.*?)
13:37.00SeverinAndrews~kill infobot
13:37.01infobotACTION shoots a inverse fluxpositrino gun at infobot
13:37.08amro~literl kill
13:37.10SeverinAndrewsHah, it committed a suicide!
13:37.14amro~literal kill
13:38.35Kirkburn~upsidedown 5318008
13:39.35winkiller~upsidedown äöüß ÄÖÜ @ µ ¤
13:39.46Fisker-Kirkburn !
13:39.50Fisker-gotten a key yet? :(
13:39.54SeverinAndrewsGerman is a bit too much for it :))
13:40.31winkillernot only Germans have äüö
13:41.17KirkburnFisker-, nein
13:41.28SeverinAndrewsBut it's mostly associated with german
13:41.32KirkburnTo which you respond: "nine?! gief!"
13:42.48winkillerI associate ä much more with Finnish and Swedish
13:42.56winkilleraltthough I'm German :P
13:43.03winkillerbut I don't need it in every damn sentence
13:43.12SeverinAndrewsOK, it's discussive thing :P
13:45.51Fisker-nine?! gief!
13:46.38SeverinAndrewsHerr Gott, was machen Sie?
13:47.09SeverinAndrewsPlease do not speak German, OK? :)
13:47.55g0urraSIEG HALL
13:49.33Fisker-sieg hall?
13:49.53KirkburnHe can't spell, and don't do that :)
13:50.15g0urraobviously you three haven't clicked the link
13:50.32SeverinAndrewsOnly thing I can listen in german are Daleks
13:50.50SeverinAndrewsEspecially when shouting "exterminieren"
13:51.06SeverinAndrewsSo my little pleah to do not speak this barbaric language :P
13:51.07Fisker-OH SNAP Kirkburn
13:51.18Fisker-it seems they're hinting on that the WWI key may be for multiple beta
13:53.29fricthat would be awsome
13:53.49fricI would much rather have SC3 or D3 ;)
13:54.23fricyeah, the one after starcraft 2
13:54.30frichehe, j/k
13:54.36fricment sc2 ;)
13:55.06fricFisker-: what would make you think that? :)
13:59.24*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
13:59.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
14:06.13*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus4th (n=WyriHaxi@
14:12.53*** join/#wowwiki pcj_3 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
14:12.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj_3] by ChanServ
14:13.17*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
14:13.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj_2] by ChanServ
14:15.32Camicioinfobot, kiss
14:15.33infobotACTION forces $1 to give infobot a big kiss on the lips
14:15.45Camiciothat makes no sense
14:15.48g0urrainfobot, kiss Camicio
14:15.48infobotACTION forces Camicio to give ChanServ a big kiss on the neck
14:17.58Camiciothat makes no sense
14:18.53infobotDistributed Shared Memory system. URL:
14:18.54*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
14:18.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
14:25.40g0urra"Orc, Go to Orgrimmar
14:25.41g0urraGo give the holy thingy to Thrall."
14:25.44g0urraI love this quest already
14:26.45g0urra lol
14:29.20Fisker-just gieb beta g0urra
14:33.49g0urraAdys: what weapon does death knights start with now?
14:35.29g0urra<Poul|Raider> livestream from nexus
14:36.23*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
14:36.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
14:37.04Kirkburnoooh, liv streaming
14:37.42KirkburnDamn, that's a beautiful zone
14:37.51Fisker-nelle = n00b
14:37.55Fisker-i killed him as a rogue once
14:38.06pb_ee1Kirkburn ! <3
14:38.07Fisker-back when even level 40 hunters could kite rogues and kill them
14:39.09g0urraneeds moar tree bosses
14:39.23KirkburnAll those crystal trees should come to life :P
14:39.36g0urraOMG SPOILERS
14:40.47Fisker-one would think that to communicate with each department they have to use a webform
14:40.52Fisker-which takes a couple of weeks to process
14:40.59Fisker-just gieb keys and fix beta site already
14:41.02Fisker-or get status updates
14:47.38g0urranotes down Keristrasza
14:49.45KirkburnIt's so quiet
14:49.57g0urraProbably because they haven't put in music yet
14:49.59KirkburnI'm guessing it'll get filled out a lot more (Dalaran)
14:51.07Fisker-giev beta, etc.
14:51.14g0urraWe just hearted from the Nexus
14:51.17g0urrakillign awsm dragons
14:51.28Fisker-no me
14:51.30pb_ee1It was impressive hehe
14:53.22*** join/#wowwiki AckisWork (i=8ee5572b@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
14:53.22infobotwatches Ackiswork pull the trigger. BANG!
14:53.43Fisker-~kiss AckisWork
14:53.43infobotACTION forces AckisWork to give khaije1 a big kiss on the forhead
14:54.16Fisker-srsly g0urra
14:54.21Fisker-i'll be dead by tomorrow
14:54.27Fisker-if i don't get a beta key soon :(
14:54.35AckisWorki mean
14:54.51Fisker-i saw what you did there actually
14:55.27g0urraFisker- what?
14:56.00g0urraDisconnected from server
14:56.09Fisker-no u
14:56.14Fisker-Kirkburn you getting press keys?
14:57.22KirkburnI am, but when is the question
14:57.55Pinkhair3dwhat's the rush, Fisker?
14:58.09KirkburnIt's at this point I quit that stream
14:59.09Fisker-rush for what Pinkhair3d ?
14:59.17Pinkhair3dthe stupid beta?
14:59.26Fisker-draws a sword
14:59.30Fisker-you call that beta stupid again
14:59.32Fisker-i dare you
15:03.18winkiller^stupid beta
15:04.28Fisker-i'm bored
15:04.57AckisWorkohhh BETA INVITE
15:05.02AckisWorkdangles it in front of Fisker-
15:05.11Fisker-beep beep i'm an alarm clock
15:08.26g0urraHaha, RealmS is welcoming users that has been around since 2006.
15:12.13pb_ee1omg got a beta key in my inbox !!
15:12.17g0urraoookay where's crucially
15:12.22Fisker-omg got a beta key in my inbox !!
15:12.32g0urraomg got an alpha key in my inbox !!
15:12.35g0urraoh wait
15:12.37pb_ee1gee thought Fisker- would have a heart attack :(
15:12.47Fisker-omg got a got a gold master key in my inbox !!
15:14.16*** join/#wowwiki xnyhps (n=xnyhps@2001:470:1f14:da:1:3:3:7)
15:14.17*** join/#wowwiki soufron (n=soufron@
15:15.20foxlitmaster key is like a master sword?
15:17.24Pinkhair3ddrat, and all I got in my email was spam for 'extreme incest gay orgies'
15:17.31Pinkhair3dwanna trade?
15:20.49g0urraWoWWiki has a problem
15:20.54*** join/#wowwiki pcj (
15:20.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
15:21.00g0urraSorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.
15:21.01g0urraTry waiting a few minutes and reloading.
15:21.01g0urra(Can't contact the database server: Unknown error (
15:21.18*** join/#wowwiki AckisWork (i=8ee5572b@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
15:21.18infobotwatches Ackiswork pull the trigger. BANG!
15:21.45SeverinAndrewsNow, could anyone explain why infobot welcomes and farewells Ackiswork with this?
15:22.17pcj~onjoin #wowwiki -AckisWork
15:22.17infobotpcj: ok
15:22.35pcjwith what
15:22.42AckisWorkmisclicked the web-browser
15:23.00SeverinAndrewsWith "pulls the trigger. BANG!"
15:23.09pcjtype ~help onjoin
15:23.18AckisWork~onjoin #wowwiki -Ackis
15:23.18infobotok, AckisWork
15:23.32SeverinAndrews~help onjoin
15:23.33KirkburnI got my quest-giver cap today
15:24.53KirkburnIt's cool
15:25.20pcjdamn, she's pretty hot too
15:26.37ralfWORKnot really
15:27.12pcjmeh, id do her
15:27.15pcjif she weren't dead
15:27.21KirkburnThe girl is dead, have some respect
15:29.22KirkburnSo has anyone /really/ got beta keys today? :P
15:29.32Fisker-no :(
15:29.37Fisker-me cries
15:29.40Fisker-with a /
15:30.35sacarasci might have
15:30.40sacarascnot checked my mail
15:48.36*** join/#wowwiki Erzeal (
15:48.59Fisker-no u g0urra
15:50.14Eraclitoin soviet russia, beta keys want your mail
15:53.55Fisker-cheat Kirkburn
15:54.00Fisker-that nelle guy has gotten 10 beta keys
15:54.24Erzealmust be nice.
15:54.58*** join/#wowwiki Vilkku (
15:55.08g0urraFisker- who said that
15:55.37Erzealive given up on getting a beta key. doesnt seem like its gonna happen.
15:56.14Erzealohwell i was in the previous two betas. i guess i can go without being in this one.
15:56.18Fisker-g0urra nelle did
15:57.36Fisker-need beta though
15:57.43Fisker-and god some people really are desperate
15:57.51Erzealyea they are.
15:58.16Erzealsome guy tried to sell his xbox360 and his ibook for a beta key last night
15:58.40Fisker-See the shitfest that follows
15:58.54Erzealpeople need to chill seriously
15:59.06Fisker-I even link to this guy who got a beta e-mail and even made screenshots of himself in-game
15:59.06Erzealits just a beta.
15:59.07winkillerdumb people are dumb
15:59.12Fisker-Then they're just like
15:59.15Erzeallife goes on
15:59.16Fisker-"waah it's not an opt-in key"
15:59.32Fisker-everyone knows that WWI, Press and Contest keys have NOT gone out yet
15:59.53winkilleror mwybe they did
16:00.01winkillerand they just hate Fisker
16:00.12Erzealpeople act like their going to die if they dont get into the beta. jesus
16:00.14Fisker-and Kirkburn
16:00.16Fisker-and fric
16:00.34winkillerno, all hate Fisker and keep silent
16:00.46Fisker-no u
16:00.54Fisker-i just want a beta key :(
16:01.09sacarascyou also sound like you need a nap
16:01.13Fisker-and of course another gay has gone by without ANY progress update on the eu beta site
16:01.19Fisker-gj @ Blizzard once again
16:01.29Fisker-You'd think they'd actually coordinate these kind of things
16:02.30Fisker-Kirkburn if nelle can get 10 keys, you can get 100
16:02.32Fisker-gogo :(
16:02.51Erzealwell from the sounds of it unless you go Blizzcon dont hold your breath Fisker. i think their done sending out the invites.
16:02.57Erzealgo to'
16:03.12Erzealyoull just have to join the rest of us and wait till the game releases.
16:03.20KirkburnThey certainly aren't finished sending them out
16:03.50KirkburnI've not had one from either my WWI or BlizzCon card, nor from the fansites program :P
16:03.59Erzeali would think so. it cant take that long to send them out.
16:04.06winkillerthey hate you too, Kirkburn
16:04.08KirkburnThey stagger it on purpose
16:04.09Erzealunless their intentionally sending out af ew at a time
16:04.15Erzeala few
16:04.39KirkburnYeah, it's so they don't get overloaded at once, and to ensure a steady stream of players
16:04.52Kirkburn(early invites might get to 80 and stop playing)
16:05.09Fisker-yay Kirkburn
16:05.31Fisker-but Kirkburn
16:05.37Fisker-we can all take turns abusing |Pixel|
16:05.42Fisker-then there's no delay :P
16:05.49winkillerI pass on |Pixel|
16:05.58g0urraKirkburn, check the WC2: ToD article now
16:05.58|Pixel|hm ?
16:06.00KirkburnMore for Fisker-
16:06.18winkillerKirkburn: make Fisker do 1000 edits ans promise a key ;)
16:06.29Fisker-i already did 1000 edits
16:06.45Fisker-no u
16:07.05Kirkburng0urra, saw it last night - looks good!
16:07.39Fisker-they should've made an activation email for the opt-in btw
16:07.57Fisker-heard my fair share of "omg i have an old email, and i can't get it changed"-cries
16:08.06Fisker-would suck if keys went out to those people
16:08.12KirkburnCan't get it changed?
16:08.18Fisker-i.e. won't
16:08.28|Pixel|that's just too bad
16:08.33KirkburnI fail to see why that's Blizz's fault
16:08.41Fisker-I'm not saying it is :P
16:08.56KirkburnTrue :P
16:08.56Fisker-Just saying they should have a confirmation email or something like that
16:09.03Fisker-so when you activate the beta opt-in it sends to your email
16:09.21Fisker-and if not confirmed then it will just ignore it
16:09.23*** join/#wowwiki Epistaxis (
16:09.35Fisker-That way people would also have figured pretty quickly they had to change their e-mail
16:10.09foxlitFisker-: and where's the fun in that?
16:10.30Fisker-no beta keys to inactive email accounts :P
16:10.54Fisker-btw |Pixel| you have any idea at all what's taking EU so long?
16:10.54foxlitAnd what's fun about that? :)
16:11.08Fisker-more keys for the rest of us :P
16:11.12foxlitYou can easily control beta population by sending out more emails; the main problem is overstuffing, not understuffing
16:11.32|Pixel|because they have two left hands
16:11.45Fisker-yeah that's kinda what i figured as well
16:11.57Fisker-pretty hard to code anything with 10 thumbs and two left hands
16:12.15foxlitIf opposable thumbs are what made humans great, think about what 10 thumbs can do!
16:12.32|Pixel|the problem with opposable thumbs
16:12.37winkillerI can play wow without a thumb
16:12.42|Pixel|is that when you only have thumbs, you don't have anything to oppose them to
16:12.47foxlitwinkiller: reroll nightelf!
16:12.48winkillerit's just a convenience
16:13.14Fisker-might as well make some food instead of starving myself to death in hope that my hungerstrike will work
16:13.30foxlit|Pixel|: oppose them with more thumbs, np
16:13.30KirkburnFisker-, I think you're supposed to tell people /before/ you go ont he strike
16:14.00winkillerHAI GUYS, I R dED BECOZ NO FUUD
16:14.14winkillerFisker fails, as usual
16:14.23TeomyrNO KEY, NO FOOD, HALP
16:14.41winkiller"will code html for beta key"
16:14.49winkiller"will edit your wiki for beta key"
16:15.04winkiller"will post useful stuff on blizz forums for key"
16:15.07Teomyr"will make addons for beta key" (wowinterface)
16:15.15winkillerhehe yea
16:15.29winkillerI disregard PTR for time sink
16:15.37winkillernow beta... *shudders*
16:18.44Fisker-i've been sleeping like 6 hours every day now since friday btw
16:18.54Fisker-in the hope that a beta would be in the inbox early in the morning :(
16:18.59g0urradoes that mean you'll die soon?
16:20.43g0urra"Uncorrupted Mo'arg have joined with the Horde" orly
16:21.44SeverinAndrewsWho said so?
16:22.39SeverinAndrewsOh :)
16:23.28*** join/#wowwiki Tenchworks (n=none@
16:25.34Fisker-please kill me g0urra
16:25.39g0urraso is updated
16:26.32foxlit"Be prepared to enter the current retail World of Warcraft account name and password you use,"
16:26.43foxlitso, ahem, keylogger!
16:26.51g0urra lol
16:27.01g0urraGG GG
16:32.11Fisker-NEED beta key
16:32.42Fisker-and i gues "TBR" is "To be released"
16:33.04Fisker-so infact they just USED _FIVE_ DAYS TO REMOVE THE ALPHA NOTIFICATION
16:33.11Fisker-omg fail |Pixel| (btw giev key)
16:33.13g0urrait still says alpha
16:34.04|Pixel|shall I put that in 403 so that you stop bugging me with it ?
16:34.18|Pixel|note I already did with /game because people were pissing me off deeply
16:34.19foxlitYes, brilliance :)
16:34.55Fisker-Fine with me :)
16:35.15Fisker- <-cool!
16:35.22|Pixel|oh, actually
16:35.37|Pixel|everything has been pushed by my colleage
16:36.00Fisker-so he did it all by himself? ;_;
16:38.23|Pixel|he forgot to push something
16:38.30|Pixel|so that the text is still "Alpha"
16:38.34|Pixel|let's restart this shit...
16:38.39*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
16:38.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:38.48KirkburnFisker-, holy crap, that's awesome
16:39.22Fisker-I've pretty much held off from buying mounts and pets because i knew they would end up wasting some bag space :)
16:39.39KirkburnVanity pets are awesome - I'll have so much more bags space now :P
16:39.41Fisker-especially on my rogue with like 10 mounts
16:39.56AdysI can already see how this is going to end up
16:40.02Adysblizzard will make it retroactive
16:40.16Adysand banks/mules will end up with like 200 vanity pet spells :)
16:40.35KirkburnI thought they were soulbound still
16:40.42Adysbind on use
16:40.53Fisker-they'll probably change that
16:41.02KirkburnAh, well, that's happened before with stuff changed from BoP
16:41.03Fisker-unless you mean send pets now :D
16:41.19Adyshehe i remember kirk
16:41.23Adysfinding a bop item in my mail :)
16:41.44KirkburnThere's only so much Blizz can do to help players not ... uh ... quite up to speed
16:41.59KirkburnPixel ftw
16:42.09Adyshey the last updated date is wrong
16:42.25g0urraPixel's colleague ftw
16:43.47g0urraCan someone confirm that the vrykal has been given a model change?
16:43.53g0urra male
16:43.59g0urra female
16:44.17Kirkburnomg, that male face is awesome
16:44.28g0urraLooks like you
16:44.33KirkburnI did think it odd that the females had a better rez face
16:44.42KirkburnSorry, I only have a goatee
16:44.50KirkburnThough I /am/ jealous
16:45.13Kirkburng0urra, why does it ned confirming?
16:45.32g0urravrykul* btw
16:45.37g0urrabecause vorbis says it's datamining
16:46.05KirkburnYeah, well, I wasn't suggesting putting those images in the article :P
16:46.25|Pixel|I had to fix his mess
16:46.34|Pixel|that's his fault if it was still displaying "Alpha"
16:46.41|Pixel|he pushed the files on the wrong machines, basically
16:46.45AdysIm a fucking idiot
16:47.07g0urramake him push the file that gives me a beta key
16:47.09Adysthe first byte corresponds to the "skill level" spell
16:47.21Adysartisan journeyman master grandmaster whatever
16:47.34KirkburnDo the vrykul look like that now?
16:47.38Adysis that you on the pic?
16:47.55Fisker-anyways g0urra
16:47.55AdysI have no idea havent checked HF yet
16:47.55Kirkburnyes, thanks, g0urra already went there, haha :)
16:47.58Adyssince beta
16:48.03Fisker-we can recommence F5'ing the inbox
16:48.39Adysthose craft strings are a lot simpler than i thought
16:49.05Adysi just need to find the corresponding location and amount
16:49.23Adyswhich im going to suppose are in the dbcs
16:50.03*** join/#wowwiki soufron (n=soufron@
16:50.05Adysattempts a first spoof
16:50.25*** part/#wowwiki AsemAFK (n=mojo@unaffiliated/asema)
16:50.25|Pixel|has 9 remaining beta keys in his inbox
16:50.31|Pixel|oh, 8 actually
16:50.38|Pixel|these are disappearing like crazy
16:50.48AdysFisker- must be stealing them
16:50.56Fisker-i would if i could
16:51.32Adys|Pixel|: t'as eu combien de keys au depart ?
16:51.44Adysbeta only
16:51.44KirkburnAmazing how stressful it is just waiting for an email to come
16:52.21|Pixel|tous les employés ont reçus 10 clefs
16:52.24KirkburnSilly people complaining that they destroyed vanity pets for bag space - are they seriously expecting to get them back?
16:52.46KirkburnGMs too?
16:53.18Kirkburn(That's a lot of keys if it's /everyone/)
16:53.40g0urrawell fuck this
16:53.41Adysi suppose a lot go unused
16:53.47g0urraI'll probably not get a beta key anytime soon
16:53.54Adysi wonder how many keys at the end of a beta are just not used
16:53.57KirkburnAdys, don't say that, that's depressing for those of us waiting :P
16:54.07g0urragl hf with your beta keys
16:54.24Adystiens btw pixel
16:54.42|Pixel|mwi ?
16:54.46Kirkburng0urra, I could have sworn you were an admin ... ;)
16:54.49Adyst'as pas un peu check les craft strings par hasard? ^^
16:55.10g0urralooks through his mailbox
16:55.12*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
16:55.12|Pixel|gné ?
16:55.15Kirkburng0urra, not yet
16:55.16g0urranope nothing there
16:55.26Adyspixel: tu peux link une profession dans wlk
16:55.27KirkburnI really don't know how many we'll get, but hopefully enough
16:55.35|Pixel|ah, oui, en effet
16:55.41|Pixel|j'ai pas essayé de regarder, non
16:55.47|Pixel|hou putain que c'est crade
16:55.54|Pixel|sérieux ? c'est ça ?
16:56.01Adys[10:17:36] <Tekkub> so we have |Htrade:<spell id>:<skill>:<max skill>:<GUID>:<???>|h[Profit]|h|r
16:56.08|Pixel|c'est quoi ce base92 de taré
16:56.20Adysjpenses pas
16:56.34Kirkburnuh, seriosly? I see skill, max skill, GUID, ????, profit. Is someone having a joke?
16:56.51g0urraI see boobies
16:56.53AdysKirkburn you thickskulled thickskull
16:57.07KirkburnAdys, heh, don't worry, I worked it out :P
16:57.17Adysyou're so good
16:57.36KirkburnYou're so genial
16:57.57KirkburnAre keys region specific?
16:58.19Adyshas the vague impression some are mixt and some arent
17:00.26Adyspixel: 'fin bon, j'ai la vague impression que tout est dans les dbc pour la string la
17:00.32AckisWorkIs this allowed: ?
17:00.50|Pixel|Adys: en fait
17:00.52Adyslet it be removed
17:00.52|Pixel|vu de loin
17:00.56|Pixel|cette string me fait très, très peur
17:01.05Adyswi bah ca
17:01.08|Pixel|cette string me fait penser à...
17:01.09Adysmoi aussi hein. ^^
17:01.15|Pixel|... un identifiant de rowid oracle
17:01.17KirkburnAgreed with Adys, it looks like a contentious issue
17:01.28Adyspixel: nan
17:01.32AckisWorkit was famous
17:01.37Adyst'as check le pastebin?
17:01.43|Pixel|non ?
17:02.18Adysouais je me faisais chier
17:02.57|Pixel|un... bitfield... ?!
17:03.27KirkburnAckisWork, understood, but it deals with a real person's death.
17:04.12KirkburnYou could always bring it up on the talk page
17:05.29AckisWorkIt's something that made hte server more famous /shrug
17:06.27|Pixel|tu t'es foiré sur un truc
17:06.28|Pixel||cffffd000|Htrade:2550:1:75:64BA7:700000104000000@000000000|h[Cooking]|h|r     - Spice Bread
17:06.38|Pixel|c'est pas "juste" Spice Bread
17:06.43Adysc'est base + spice bread
17:06.58Adyssont tous avec la base
17:07.01|Pixel|donc tu as campfire, basic cooking, etc
17:07.02KirkburnAckisWork, I do understand that - but if the person who removed it is/was related to that person, I think it is within their rights to have it removed. They don't need to be reminded of the death.
17:07.05|Pixel|oui mais voilà
17:07.11|Pixel|c'est quoi la "base" déjà ?
17:07.18Adys|cffffd000|Htrade:2550:1:75:513CC:7000001040000000000000000|h[Cooking]|h|r     - BASE: herb Baked egg + roasted boar meat + charred wolf meat
17:07.26Adysje pense que y'a pas campfire
17:07.32Adyset basic cooking c'est le first byte
17:07.36|Pixel|mokay, peut-être
17:07.39|Pixel|ho, heu
17:07.42|Pixel|"2550" ?!
17:07.49Adysspell i
17:07.51|Pixel|ya marqué 2550 en clair
17:08.02|Pixel|ah mais merde, oui, quel con
17:08.06|Pixel|c'est le spell id de "cooking"
17:08.24|Pixel|dans tous les cas
17:08.31|Pixel|je saurai bien assez tôt ce que cette merde signifie...
17:08.51Adysjpenses que les valeurs viennent de rows dans les dbc
17:08.55Adysj'ai pas encore check lesquelles
17:09.02Adysfaut que je rewrite mon parser ..
17:09.22|Pixel|c'est trop court
17:09.25|Pixel|c'est forcément un bitfield
17:09.30*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
17:09.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
17:09.31|Pixel|1 ==> 1 bit
17:09.33|Pixel|4 ==> 1 bit
17:09.36|Pixel|7 ==> 3 bits
17:09.40|Pixel|les uns à coté des autres
17:09.49|Pixel|et tu dois avoir une sorte d'encodage à partir de là
17:10.05foxlitbitmask, silly
17:10.05AckisWorkKirkburn: a video game ~= real life... I recall this debate when the event happened, there will be both sides to the story, but reporting on facts of something that occurred is relevant IMO, looking at that users edit history kinda makes me facepalm, but I will bring it up on talk
17:10.54amro|Pixel|, Adys, refrain from raping english kthx
17:11.05foxlitThe question is really how they expect to scale it
17:11.26amroya pas des mots en francais pour tout ces trucs?
17:11.33*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
17:11.40g0urrahi Keolah
17:12.12foxlit57 chars at 6 bits... 342 recipes.
17:13.23AckisWorkfoxlit: recipes?
17:13.51foxlitskills, really.
17:14.07AckisWorkmy ears perked up because of my mod lol
17:14.25foxlitIt's variable length, so that's nice
17:14.31g0urraI think I'll go into hibernation until I get my mail
17:14.48TekkubI asked blue for some query functions, lets hope they give us some
17:16.39*** join/#wowwiki Akolyte (
17:18.12AckisWorkis confused
17:21.15DottedThe job queue length is currently 9977
17:21.35g0urra awsm
17:21.37AdysTekkub: you mean like a GetCraftList(craftstring) ?
17:23.02AdysI got the honest impression, seeing how they are done, and how much is done in C, that the addon comm wont get anything more than what there currently is :P
17:23.06Corganwhat are those links?
17:23.13Adysyour mum's
17:23.25Corganthose are ingame?
17:23.48Corganwhat happens when you click on them?
17:23.56Adysthe world comes to an end
17:25.16*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:26.36*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:26.52*** part/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:27.09Fisker-Adys know any good dk talents?
17:27.47AdysEnchant Cloak - Superior Frost Resistance
17:27.50Adysis this ingame?
17:28.27AdysEnchant Cloak - Titanweave
17:28.34AdysEnchant Weapon - Sourgebane
17:28.43Adysi know its in wotlk
17:28.47Adysim not stupid
17:28.57AckisWorkdebate: is adys stupid?
17:29.06AdysEnchant Weapon - Giant Slayer
17:29.27AckisWorkAdys: are you in the beta?
17:29.39KirkburnEr, what just happened to the wiki >_<
17:29.46Adysyes and im wondering if those enchants are somewhere ingame today on live
17:29.48g0urraKirkburn: you're getting blank edit pages too?
17:30.05KirkburnYeah, something odd just happened
17:30.15g0urraI blame crucially
17:30.16KirkburnSeems okay now
17:30.25KirkburnFor a second we lost the custom skin too
17:30.37Adysgee what a loss
17:30.41KirkburnFortunately it falls back to sapphire, so it's still entirely usable
17:30.48Adysfucking shit.
17:30.55AckisWorkadys: get the spell ID from it, download a mod I wrote called querier and type /sq spellid to see
17:31.03AckisWork(assuming you don't know how to do it manually)
17:31.23AdysI dont care about ids etc
17:31.40AdysI just want to know if anyone has seen those enchants before
17:32.00AckisWorkno they aren't in live
17:32.10Adysalright thanks
17:32.14AckisWorkthe spells may be however (which is what I thought you were asking)
17:33.25infobotrumour has it, arl is a poorly named add-on (8% lame), 94% dry-coded developed by Ackis. Will tell you what recipes/beast skills you're missing however, and where to get them
17:34.01AckisWorkhmm infobot and purl are linked?
17:34.08Adysthey are the same
17:34.18Adysinfobot, purl, apt, blootbot
17:34.31amro~lart Adys
17:34.31infobotsquishes Adys like a bug
17:34.33amrostructure now
17:34.36Adys~whalenuke amro
17:34.37infobotACTION dons her radiation cloak and tinted glasses while a highly intelligent whale named Ray precipitates critical mass for uncontrolled nuclear fission around amro with his mind powers.
17:34.48AckisWorkthe more you know... knowledge is half the batte
17:34.52amro~whalepunt Adys
17:34.53infobotACTION looks onward as an everest-sized whale called Victor punts Adys across Soviet Russia (No... you don't punt whales there)
17:34.57Adys~whaleparry amro
17:34.58infobotACTION uses a slightly less-huge but eminently more agile killer whale named Edwardo to parry amro's attacks.
17:34.58g0urra~whalekill AckisWork
17:37.08KirkburnAckisWork, afaik, they're split up as you can only join a certain number of channels
17:37.22KirkburnI wanted purl, but it was already used up :(
17:37.31*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (
17:37.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kirochi] by ChanServ
17:37.45Adysinfobot is the original :)
17:37.51Adysthe only true and unique
17:37.57Kirochifuck wrathpwn
17:38.04Kirochihe's full of crap
17:38.23Kirochialways putting his dirty balls in the middle of a chan that doesn't want him
17:39.50CorganAdys ilu
17:39.55KirkburnThis may be the internet, but at least try to cut down on the profanity, it's just not needed.
17:40.18sancuspoor Kirkburn
17:40.23Adyswhat the flying fuck are you talking about you asshat
17:42.29sancusyou guys are so rude to him
17:42.40Adysoh gee oh gee
17:42.43AckisWorkKirkburn: ty for the edits/comments on the server page
17:42.54Adyslook down Tekkub
17:43.09KirkburnAckisWork, np
17:43.10Tekkubyea I knew about those ones already
17:43.24Adyswell why do you want any other then
17:43.26Kirochia tribute to manliness that is
17:43.33AckisWorkgives Tekkub a microscope
17:43.36KirkburnAdys, you do /know/ Tekkub, right?
17:43.36Tekkubwho wouldn't?
17:43.52Adysmoar balz
17:45.00Corganilu adys
17:45.08Adysshut up
17:45.15KirochiAnyone wanna have a WoW Server down? the Troll Liberation Front is here for all your terrorist purposes.
17:45.35Corganadys don't deny me
17:45.59Kirochisuicide bombings on the physical servers, mass lag, hacking havoc
17:48.36*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
17:49.41Kirochiyou f******
17:50.49Kirochihe kickbanned me for no reason
17:52.03Pinkhair3dCalling me that won't help your case.
17:52.39AckisWorkwho kick banned you? and can we get them to do it again?
17:53.02Kirochithat's what you get for not notifying me first
17:55.07Pinkhair3dI'm having difficulty hearing your whining over the cheers from everyone else.
17:55.31Kirochimy 'whining' ?
17:55.32Pinkhair3dnow why not take this to a less public place?
17:56.16Kirochias you want, hell it's not like I've queried you on both servers
17:58.17Pinkhair3dYes, and before I got to respond to either, you called me a bunch of asterisks in here.
17:58.19*** join/#wowwiki Drewbie (n=dsyring@
17:58.54AckisWorkzomg you ***** ******
17:59.27AckisWorkps: that was: lovely person :P
18:00.54foxlitheey, that's one * too few for "lovely"
18:01.15foxlitYou must've meant "lowly" :(
18:01.36Adysluvly !
18:02.37Adysseriously corgan
18:02.41Adysyou wont get a single key
18:02.46Adysnot even a digit of it
18:02.47CorganI'm not trying to get a key from you
18:03.06AckisWorkwoah adys is giving away beta keys?
18:03.10Corganhe is
18:03.13CorganPM spam him
18:03.15AdysNo, thats the entire point
18:03.16*** join/#wowwiki moomoney (n=moomoney@
18:03.23Corganhe's just in denial
18:03.26Corganif you PM him enough times
18:03.27winkillerAdys need all his beta keys for his own
18:03.33winkillersplit personalities ftl
18:03.33Corganhe'll spit beta keys out of his ass
18:03.35AdysI dont even *have* any to give Im not sure where you got that
18:03.42moomoneyhey, boys and girls :D
18:03.44Adysi gave my wwi key away and thats all :P
18:03.44Pinkhair3dno dramas here, moo
18:03.52AckisWorkmsg adys zomg can i have beta key now pls? :D :D :D
18:03.56moomoneyI did not come to bring the "dramz"
18:03.57winkillerindeed. no girls => no drama
18:03.58DrewbieI'm a bit pissy that I haven't seen an invite yet though I registered my beta key the day after I got it
18:03.58AckisWorkerrr ooops
18:04.16moomoneyI've actually been meaning to thank wowwiki
18:04.41moomoneyI know nothing about WoW lore, but sometimes machinimas I blog about are particularly lore heavy
18:04.49moomoneythe site has helped me immensely
18:05.36Adysthats great to hear :)
18:05.44Drewbiesee, and I came here to gripe about the sparse content on one particular page:
18:06.00moomoneyI blog for WoW Insider
18:06.05moomoneyI'm their resident newblet
18:07.05Kirochimoo there's few wowwikians I can think of who've tried machinima
18:07.13moomoneyyou need your own entry, Drewbie
18:07.15Adysah well that changes a lot of things then.
18:07.20moomoneyon all the machinima cameos you've done
18:07.55Adys[21:03:58] <Drewbie> I'm a bit pissy that I haven't seen an invite yet though I registered my beta key the day after I got it
18:08.00AdysWWI key didnt arrive
18:08.19Fisker-lol @ cannon quest :D
18:08.29moomoneyKirochi: I haven't tried WoW machinima either :D
18:09.01Drewbiemy key was from Blizzcon
18:09.04Corgandamn you people
18:09.23AdysDrewbie: those didnt arrive either
18:09.27Adysthey are in the same pack
18:09.31moomoneyI dunno if I still wanna go to Blizzcon, Drewbie :<
18:09.36Kirochimoomoney do you need a good screenplay? That's what I can do
18:09.38Drewbieso I guessed, since I hadn't seen it
18:09.52moomoneyI have to write a guide on making WoW machinima
18:09.57moomoneyI'm a little nervous about it
18:11.32Kirochiwhat part are you getting stressed over?
18:11.41moomoneythe fact that I don't make it :)
18:11.58moomoneyyou know how my commenters are
18:12.19moomoneyI think that's the main thing that's stopping me from trying
18:12.26moomoneyI see what they say about all the machinima I blog about
18:13.15moomoneybut machinima is machinima
18:13.31moomoneyI'll just swap out the basic instructions from the SL tutorial I've been writing and go from there
18:14.08Kirochimoo your commenters are whiny because of how they suck at doing what you do best
18:14.26Fisker-"Heigan is probably performing maintanence on his slime and crap filled dance studio"
18:14.40moomoneyis he a goon? :O
18:16.03AdysFisker-:  OLD
18:16.11Adysdare I even say
18:16.21Adyshar har harrrrrrrr
18:16.34Kirochistoil deprecated
18:21.47DrewbieI wish they'd have given an option of which beta you'd rather sign up to join.  I don't really care to play WotLK prior to it actually coming out, but I wouldn't mind giving SC a try without paying for it, and I'd love Diablo 3
18:22.24KirkburnThey could reuse, I guess
18:22.56*** join/#wowwiki MOddafogga (
18:23.12DrewbieWell, I figure I'll get a new one at this Blizzcon
18:23.13g0urrahey kirochi
18:23.29MOddafoggagod morgon g0urra
18:23.34Drewbiebut then again, I know of people that went to the one in '05 and never got beta keys from their cards.
18:23.50g0urrano it's not that kirochi
18:24.44Kirochihow is it then
18:25.07*** join/#wowwiki Epistaxis (
18:25.57Kirochihow do you say it then g0urra
18:26.13*** join/#wowwiki Major_Small (
18:28.18SeverinAndrews"Chuck Norris jokes are not funny". What about High Overlord Saurfang jokes?
18:32.32*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
18:32.40Osehai guise
18:32.56Kirochiadys, turn the "not funny" into "not funny anymore" plx
18:33.16moomoneyo hai there
18:34.08*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
18:34.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+v bleeter_] by ChanServ
18:34.42Drewbiego with "never were funny"
18:35.20KirochiDrewbie I know you from somewhere else
18:35.43*** join/#wowwiki soufron (n=soufron@conference/oscon/x-2ea8d853983b683b)
18:36.05moomoneyhe's famous
18:36.12moomoneyas the guy who is in everything
18:36.22Drewbieit's true.  I also like pudding
18:36.32*** join/#wowwiki JSharp_ (n=jsharp@wikia/JSharp)
18:36.37soufronis at oscon
18:37.07Kirochimachinima too
18:37.21moomoneynot just machinima
18:37.23Adys[21:32:56] <Kirochi> adys, turn the "not funny" into "not funny anymore" plx
18:37.33moomoneyif you felt a presence in your room late at night, chances are it was Drewbie
18:37.38Adyschuck norris jokes might have been half-decent the first day
18:37.39Kirochipk??? :o :o :o :o
18:38.16KirochiAdys' jokes might have been decent back when he didn't make them too long
18:38.29Adysu momma
18:38.33moomoneyare you going for two bans in one day?
18:38.46Kirochimoomoney where am I being banned?
18:39.13AdysFUCKING HOT
18:39.17moomoneywho is? :O
18:39.18*** join/#wowwiki Ako (
18:39.21Adysoh shit
18:39.35Adysyou can see icecrown from dalaran
18:39.40Adysand it is seriously fucking hot
18:39.41Kirochiaside from that joke, I can assure you Adys is perfectly aware that I don't deserve another kickban
18:39.41Fisker-that interrogation quest is hard
18:39.45moomoneyWoW hot :(
18:39.46Fisker-YAY FINALLY
18:39.51Kirochiord does he
18:41.21Kirochithat's what genius is made of: I've been dying four times the same way on the same level of the very same game
18:41.57Kirochino, jump'n'bump
18:42.36amrothat game is awesome
18:42.42amroit doesn't have levels though wth
18:42.46Kirochiit has
18:42.51KirochiI downloaded them
18:42.59Kirochithere are additional levels you can play on
18:43.00amroI meant, progressive levels
18:43.04g0urraholy shit adys
18:43.29Kirochiyes true, but I've been caught off-guard by my sister in the very same pit :D
18:44.04amrothat game is such a time sink
18:44.16amroif you have all four controllers
18:44.19Kirochithe music can drive you crazy
18:44.31Kirochiwith three friends it can turn you bananas
18:44.48Kirochibloodstained grass and cute bunnies
18:44.50Adysholy fucking shit
18:45.14Kirochita vie skeksuelle ne nous intéresse pas adys
18:46.20Adysit looks fucking awesome
18:46.24KirochiI think he just came
18:46.54*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
18:47.42Sky2042hellos the channel.
18:48.18Sky2042jump imo
18:48.22AdysI cant
18:48.26Adysyou'd think i tried
18:48.42Sky2042poo poo @ blizzard.
18:48.51Sky2042Where is that?
18:48.56amrowhy are the parts farther away better looking?
18:49.00amrolooks incomlpete
18:49.26Adysbecause it is incomplete
18:49.56Sky2042That's not Icecrown, is it? I know the zone's closed...
18:50.04Adysit is icecrown
18:50.09Pinkhair3dThat doesn't belong here
18:50.14Pinkhair3dIt's private server
18:50.20sancusYou can get into Icecrown on beta
18:50.21Osewhen did icecrown suddenly go mordor-style?
18:50.22sancusif you know how
18:50.30Adyssholazar sancus?
18:50.31Sky2042Ose: it's always been like that?
18:50.34Adysat least alpha you could
18:50.35Oseit's supposed to be a glacier dammit
18:50.43Adysand Pinkhair3d its called dalaran on beta ? :P
18:50.43sancusThere's a way to remove the no man's land debuff
18:50.45sancusand keep it off you
18:50.51Pinkhair3dsancus- has nagrand's sky.
18:50.56sancusand no I'm not going to tell you how :P
18:50.56Adyslol they didnt fix blink?
18:51.07Kirochibeta isn't a private server oO
18:51.29AdysPinkhair3d: wth are you talking about?
18:51.30sancusI'm not talking about those specific screenshots, no idea where they are from
18:51.39sancusJust saying that you CAN go into icecrown and take screenshots on beta if you want
18:51.57Adysalso druids can flight form
18:51.59sancusugh, I need to level
18:52.00Adysthats totally lol
18:53.15sancusyou are supposed to be able to use your flying mounts
18:53.16AdysPinkhair3d: Im not sure what you're on about but i took those screenshots right now from beta servs
18:53.18sancusthere is a quest in sholazar basin
18:53.22*** join/#wowwiki selckin (
18:53.23sancusbut apparently it's bugged or not working or something
18:53.53Pinkhair3dHrm, strange
18:54.54AdysPinkhair3d: dalaran has nagrand's sky
18:54.58Adysif thats what you're wondering ..
18:55.56Pinkhair3dOk, that explains a lot
18:57.03Oseawesome map kd3
18:57.44DottedThe job queue length is currently 0
18:58.07OseSands of Alduran?
18:58.18moomoneyyay I have an internet boyfriend :D
18:58.21Osejobqueue lol
18:58.48Adysmoomoney: well I got two internet boyfriends
18:58.50Adysbibi and Kalroth !
18:59.18moomoneysome guy likes to comment only to insult my posts, so I've been taunting him with love notes
18:59.29Sky2042Where's Dalaran located on the Northrend map?
19:01.05Corganilu adys
19:01.28KirochiSoyuz nerushimy
19:01.47Kirochirespublik svobodnykh
19:02.18g0urraansiktsburk ansiktsburk
19:05.37Kirkburn|afkderka derka
19:06.00Kirochig0urra gross
19:06.14Kirochithe swedish subs are just icky
19:07.45g0urraKirochi die
19:07.49Kirkburn|afkI'm going to have to guess that's not the English "Peaches"
19:07.57Kirkburn|afk :P
19:13.21TecnoBratmoomoney, he replied, lol
19:13.35Kirkburn|afkI still find it awesome Penny Arcade mentioned Omen yesterday :P
19:13.49Sky2042the mod or the mob?
19:18.35*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
19:19.35winkillerthat's about as top notch as basshunter
19:19.41winkillermy rogue CL will love it
19:19.52Sky2042basshunter is... topnotch?
19:20.23winkillerman irony
19:21.39Akois he the only guy to make a song about DOTA?
19:21.45g0urrasloooow beta is slow
19:21.54g0urraAko: no he made a song about Boten Anna to
19:22.10g0urrathen made english versions of them that are horrible
19:22.14AkoI know
19:22.15g0urrabut appearantly the brits LOVE IT
19:22.21AkoI have every song he's made :P
19:22.33Akoyou misread my question
19:22.40g0urra O HAI fail english dota
19:22.52g0urra"zomg basshunter ure so kewl ur not a nerd!!11"
19:23.18Akohe was cool for 2 minutes like 2 years ago
19:24.14g0urraobviously the girls like to see the guys playing their DotA in the dark
19:24.24Sky2042basshunter is the definition of bad tecno...
19:24.38winkillerboten anna gets style points for being about irc
19:24.53AkoIrc != style
19:25.11g0urraand basshunter is style? lolololol
19:25.28winkillerthe rest sucks :P
19:25.32winkillerdon't get me wrong
19:25.36Akodid I say he was stylish? no. no I didnt.
19:25.54g0urraboten anna is the only song that is remotely good
19:25.57g0urraand that's very remotely
19:26.05*** join/#wowwiki SeverinAndrews_ (
19:26.46winkillerI'd never known what "be on ventrilo and play dota" would have meant in swedish. he totally changed my life
19:27.13Sky2042winkiller: probably not.
19:27.35winkillerSky2042: you don't the severity of this case
19:27.40AkoI want to know why they're on ventrilo when in the music video they're feet apart
19:27.57winkillerAko: because they can
19:27.59Sky2042Ako: how it works?
19:28.30SeverinAndrews_How it was to ghost my previous nick? I mean, I can't login to my proper one
19:28.36*** join/#wowwiki Sazenchan (
19:28.42Sazenchanhi all ^^
19:28.45Kirochi<Kirkburn|afk> I still find it awesome Penny Arcade mentioned Omen yesterday :P
19:28.50KirochiOh My Geekishness
19:29.14Sazenchansome user know where I can download the full patch WoW-2.4.2-enGB-patch.exe ?
19:29.23SeverinAndrews_Hey, anybody help me?
19:29.28Kirkburn|afkI only know of 2.4.0
19:29.37g0urraSeverinAndrews , type /msg chanserv help ghost
19:29.37SazenchanKirkburn|afk: wher's?
19:29.42KirochiKirkburn|afk do you know about the penny arcade music by MC Frontalot?
19:30.00SazenchanKirkburn|afk: but thi's a hustory of patch ...
19:30.20SeverinAndrewsDon't bother, I've done it myself
19:30.28Kirkburn|afkSee "2.x --> 2.4.0   Full Patch (~923-1130Mb)"
19:30.47SeverinAndrewsThanks for help anyway :|
19:31.19Kirkburn|afkFor WoW, you need: Full Client 2.0.0, TBC Install, 2.x-2.4 (then the small patches)
19:31.44Sazenchanwhere I put thi's patch?
19:32.02Sazenchanin what's directory?
19:32.05Kirkburn|afkIt's a program, you just run it
19:32.09Sazenchanah ok
19:32.11Kirkburn|afkLocation should not matter
19:34.56*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
19:34.56*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
19:34.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o g0urra] by ChanServ
19:34.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Charitwo] by ChanServ
19:35.35SeverinAndrewsBye WoWWikians
19:35.38*** part/#wowwiki SeverinAndrews (
19:36.12Kirkburn|afkThat was a little odd
19:36.25Sky2042Some people are just like that.
19:36.35Sky2042Like, Teomyr. You know?
19:44.25Sazenchantnx for help ma n
19:45.49Kirochiadys, does your name have a meaning in greek?
19:46.04Kirochithe double negation a-dys seems intentional
19:46.56Sky2042wonders about doing something.
19:47.24Kirochisit on your thumb and it will get shorter
19:48.13Sky2042I'm not feeling very motivated. Halp.
19:48.30Kirochilearn finnish
19:48.41Sky2042The Fins are weird.
19:49.33g0urraopens wow again and hopes not to glitch to hell
19:49.33Kirochino fins are funny, I like them on fish
19:50.48KirochiI said what-what in the butt
19:51.12Sky2042wonders about playing CS...
19:51.34Drewbieso, anyone have any info on when Blizzcon tickets will become available?
19:51.58Sky2042decides Drewbie needs to die instead.
19:52.12Sky2042attacks Drewbie.
19:52.34Sky2042breaks Drewbie's weapon.
19:53.05Drewbiebreaks Sky2042s' nose
19:53.14Sky2042kills Drewbie. Hah!
19:54.01Drewbiewas faking and nut punches Sky2042
19:54.22Sky2042blocks, kills Drewbie again. Feign Death's on CD. Muahahaha
19:54.36Sky2042I'm so boooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddd.
19:54.36g0urra~whalenuke Sky2042
19:54.37infobotACTION dons her radiation cloak and tinted glasses while a highly intelligent whale named Ray precipitates critical mass for uncontrolled nuclear fission around Sky2042 with his mind powers.
19:54.47Sky2042goes to view his project list.
19:54.55g0urra"her radiation cloak" and "his mind powers"?
19:55.32Sky2042The whale is a he and infobot is a she. Did you miss that part?
19:56.02g0urra success
19:56.40Sky2042g0urra: [[Category:Things to do]]
19:57.10Fisker-zomg i feel like a traitor ;_;
19:57.15g0urrayay database lock
19:57.19g0urraFisker- wut?
19:57.28Fisker-spoilers etc.
19:57.34g0urraok ?
20:00.31Kirochi~whalestab g0urra
20:00.31infobotACTION stabs g0urra with a rather narrow and pointy whale named Montgomery
20:00.48g0urraOMG MONTGOMERY
20:00.53g0urraWHY DO YOU STAB ME SO
20:01.37Sky2042~whalenuke Kirochi.
20:01.37infobotACTION dons her radiation cloak and tinted glasses while a highly intelligent whale named Ray precipitates critical mass for uncontrolled nuclear fission around Kirochi. with his mind powers.
20:02.11infobotNo, YOU'RE gay.
20:02.17Kirochino u
20:04.43Drewbiesorry.  Tabbed out.  Am I still dead?
20:06.25Drewbietabs back out
20:06.31Sky2042You haven't been resurrected yet.
20:08.05AckisWorkanyone here heard of general mayham?
20:08.39KirochiIt doesn't matter where or when there's trouble
20:08.43KirochiJust call my name
20:08.46Kirochibeep beep
20:08.48KirochiKim POssible
20:09.04Drewbiethe girl that voice acts that character is a hottie
20:12.00Sky2042Too pale, imo.
20:16.25Fisker-they should make the death knight area progress to level 58 instead of 57 ;_;
20:16.40Fisker-took the 20 minute flight to stonard to figure out he needed to be level 58
20:17.15Fisker-and the hearthstone puts you in the instance
20:24.15*** join/#wowwiki g0urra1 (
20:24.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o g0urra] by ChanServ
20:24.53g0urrawheee my computer's graphics card is busted
20:25.40KirochiFisker- go grindymuch
20:25.59g0urrared hashy lines on the monitor when I start, then going "No input"? yes plx
20:26.43g0urranot to mention it's 10:26pm and there's no computer stores open at this hour
20:27.36g0urrainfobot, shoot me
20:27.37infobotACTION shoots g0urra in the ear with a cork gun!
20:27.47*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
20:28.40Kirochiinfobot, shoot g0urra
20:28.41infobotACTION shoots g0urra in the eye with a frozen turkey cannon!
20:29.03g0urrag0urra, kick Kirochi
20:29.16pcj~literal cmd: shoot (.*?)
20:29.16infobot"cmd: shoot (.*?)" is "($1): <action> shoots $1 in the (head|foot|ear|eye) with a (glue gun|spitwad|cork gun|phase pistol|quantum singularity weapon|frozen turkey cannon)!"
20:30.53Kirochi~literal cmd: whalepunt (.*?)
20:30.54infobot"cmd: whalepunt (.*?)" is "($foo): <action>looks onward as an everest-sized whale called Victor punts $foo across (Soviet Russia (No... you don't punt whales there)|the Pacific|the Atlantic|the Solar System)"
20:31.20Drewbiegotta run.  later
20:32.33Kirochihow's J I ?
20:32.56g0urraah well I guess I'll watch some TV before going to bed
20:33.04Corgan~shoot g0urra
20:33.04infobotACTION shoots g0urra in the foot with a cork gun!
20:33.21g0urra~kick Corgan
20:33.22infobotACTION kicks Corgan
20:33.29*** kick/#wowwiki [Corgan!] by g0urra (g0urra)
20:33.30*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
20:33.31Corgan~kick g0urra's penis
20:33.32infobotACTION kicks g0urra's penis
20:33.41*** kick/#wowwiki [Corgan!] by g0urra (g0urra)
20:33.41*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
20:34.01Kirochihis penis was kicked before he was
20:34.16Kirochimust hurt to have a part of oneself out and the rest in
20:34.25Kirochijust like he had it in the door
20:41.30*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (
20:41.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi`] by ChanServ
20:42.06*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
20:49.09OseTuskarrmageddon: Mindlessly slaughter 1,000,000 Tuskarr. Reward: Baby Seal Club.
20:49.39*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
20:53.21pcjthough i do wonder where you get the reward from
20:55.01pcjthere are going to be waaay too many designs to buy in wotlk
20:55.02selckinif it takes 15 seconds to kill a tuskarr (travel time), it would take you 173 days of non stop tuskarr killing
20:55.12Ose(Hunter's Who Really Really Hate Tuskarr)
20:55.22pcjyou can kill more than one at once though selckin
20:55.34pcjand possibly raid kills count as well
20:55.45selckinthey'll have to be critters that cme in the 100's
20:55.52Oseand ofc WotLK will be around for a while
20:56.14Osewonders how many elves he has killed in QD yet
20:58.02Adysvrykuls did indeed change model
20:58.19kd3yar. got a lot of screenshots to update
20:58.30kd3and the val'kyr models are pretty damn impressive now
20:59.03Oseshows me
20:59.35Kirkburn|afkAnd the vrykul, kd3?
20:59.52kd3the few I've seen are different. much more "norse" now, as it were
21:00.36kd3anyway, out for a while
21:01.06Kirkburn|afkSee ya later
21:05.27Kirkburn|afkThe WC2 expansion came just 5 months after the original release o_O
21:06.23Sky2042Blizzard wasn't so concerned about milking people at that point. ;P
21:06.35Osethat was before they invented [[soon]]
21:06.35DottedOse meant:
21:08.22Osecan anyone think of anything that should be added to [[Portal:WotLK]]?
21:08.24DottedOse meant:
21:09.12Kirkburn|afkInstances need some work, I think
21:10.03pcjkirkburn did you get a second look at that portal script
21:10.52*** join/#wowwiki Mhari (
21:11.35*** join/#wowwiki Ose_ (
21:11.43Ose_so can beta users view wotlk models in wmv?
21:11.55Kirkburn|afkJust when I decide to look, I get slowdown
21:12.59pcjkirkburn, that may be because it's loading all the portals at once
21:15.49Kirkburn|afkAh, I know why that is
21:15.55Kirkburn|afkThe RSS feeds
21:16.15Kirkburn|afkIt's loading the UI one
21:16.51Kirkburn|afkAnd the Warcraft universe ones
21:18.56Kirkburn|afkpcj, with the AJAX RSS feeds loading on all portals, it could work
21:19.08Kirkburn|afkGiving up on editing right now
21:19.28Kirkburn|afkOnce we're on varnish permanently, I think it could be a go :)
21:19.59*** join/#wowwiki Camicio2 (
21:20.17Sky2042is considering converting our wikitable templates to xhtml...
21:21.05Sky2042questbox, npcbox, etc.
21:22.09Kirkburn|afkAnd xhtml, meaning?
21:22.19pcjas opposed to {|
21:22.49Kirkburn|afkI know what xhtml is, I wanted to know what you meant by converting
21:22.50pcjdon't have to do {{!}} in parser functions
21:22.51Dottedpcj meant:!
21:23.16Kirkburn|afkHmm, I much prefer human readable
21:23.25pcjxhtml is definitely human readable
21:23.29pcjif not more so
21:23.36Adysthe wiki table syntax is totally unreadable
21:23.45Adysi dont know where you got the idea it wasnty
21:23.47Sky2042especially in parsers.
21:24.10Adysit replaces tags by pipes, or was it dashes? or was it pipes with dashes? or which one was that one?
21:24.34Adystotal sidenote
21:24.35Kirkburn|afkI can understand the parsers bit
21:24.41Adys{| | |- |} etc
21:24.43Kirkburn|afkBut I absolutely disagree with whatever Adys is on
21:24.44Adyshave to be parsed
21:24.46pcjdon't forget !
21:24.58Sky2042and I have the sneaking suspicion pages would load faster without having to parse wikitext as opposed to xhtml.
21:25.09Kirkburn|afkPages are cached, it won't load them faster
21:25.20Adyswell kirk i suppose its a matter of taste
21:25.25Kirkburn|afkIt might reduce CPU load on the server
21:25.31Kirkburn|afkBut it won't load faster
21:25.50Adysand a nice, well indented xhtml > anything else
21:26.01pcjidk about that
21:26.12pcjyou can write pretty nice C which beats XHTML any day
21:26.28Kirkburn|afkA simple table is way easier in wikicode - I do understand for complex tables including parsers
21:26.46Adyssecond thing
21:26.46Kirkburn|afkAnyway, make a test case, and we can see :)
21:26.52Adysyou have more control over a xhtml table
21:26.55Adysthan over a wiki table
21:27.01Kirkburn|afkHow so?
21:27.25Adysmatter of adding attributes more easily, you have to respect a newline syntax for that with wikitables
21:27.31Kirkburn|afkAfaik, all parts of the table code spec are reproduced in wikicode
21:27.52Kirkburn|afkNot sure what you mean
21:28.20Sky2042except it would be {{#if:foo|
21:28.21pcjexcept that doesn't work anyway
21:28.23DottedSky2042 meant:!
21:28.41Dottedpcj meant:!
21:29.13Kirkburn|afkAs I said, I understand for complex tables with parsers - but I'd much rather see the effect of a complete conversion before any live templates were changed, so we know the effect on readbility
21:29.38pcjbecause the normal user is always editing high-use templates
21:29.54Kirkburn|afkDon't forget, you have to close tags in xhtml, but you don't in wikicode
21:30.07Adysand that totally sucks bullshitass
21:30.27Adysif you dont have to close tags in wikicode its because you dont have to close tags in html
21:30.36Adysand wikicode doesnt "generate" any new tag
21:30.39pcjalthough the content-type is xhtml
21:30.55Kirkburn|afkYou're saying that the wikicode doesn't generate closing tags?
21:31.04Adysit does on some rare occasions
21:31.06Adysbut mostly not
21:31.12pcjhey fisker- got my beta key yet
21:31.20Kirkburn|afkAdys, er ... it does
21:31.34Kirkburn|afkIt can't not close <td>, <tr>, <table>
21:31.40Fisker-i need my second half lucky charm
21:31.44Adysah im not talking about tables
21:32.04Kirkburn|afkWell, what /are/ you talking about?
21:32.14Kirkburn|afkCause we were talking about tables :P
21:32.15AdysI /am/ talking about something else
21:32.35Ose_[[Cyanigosa]]? Enough with the blue names already!
21:32.36DottedOse_ meant:
21:32.57Sky2042Ose_: Lol? All the dragons have names reflecting their color.
21:33.09Sky2042s/reflecting/associated with
21:33.13Ose_no, not all
21:33.20Adysall the blue dragons do
21:34.06Ose_i've never heard of the blue shades called "madri", "tyri" or "kalec"...
21:34.41Kirkburn|afkThere's only so many words for "blue" :P
21:34.42Fisker-stupid worms
21:36.26Osemy point is, they could rather have come up with some new kind of cool names :P
21:37.59pcjor you could stfu and drink your koolaid
21:38.46Ose~wiki koolaid
21:39.09Kirkburn|afkI love my new cap :)
21:39.22Kalrothlevel cap?!
21:39.25pcjquest giver cap
21:39.30pcjpay attention
21:39.58Osepic or it didn't happen
21:39.59*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
21:39.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
21:40.06Kirkburn|afkI'm wearing it :)
21:40.39pcjok no more koolaid for you
21:40.51Kirkburn|afkgah, need to put my camera on to charge
21:42.39Ose<Ose_>so can beta users view wotlk models in wmv?
21:42.46pcjsure, why not
21:43.02Kirkburn|afkNot sure why you'd limit it to beta users though
21:43.16Osegief model pics for [[Portal:WotLK]]
21:43.17DottedOse meant:
21:43.28Osepreferably evolved dancing murlocs
21:43.30*** join/#wowwiki soufron (n=soufron@conference/oscon/x-3e4deb2c4afc5621)
21:43.36pcjthat would seem to be against [[WW:DNP]]
21:43.37Dottedpcj meant:
21:43.57Kirkburn|afkYeah, I'd agree with that pushing DNP atm
21:44.06Kirkburn|afkMaybe once we're at or close to release
21:44.48Osewants dancing murlocs!!!!
21:45.06pcjget in the beta then
21:45.24Oseon vacation :P
21:46.02pcjopt-in and if you get it let me have it
21:49.15RagestormI often feel I've missed something with Ose.
21:49.56Sky2042l2spell ose.
21:52.07*** join/#wowwiki rmonson (
21:53.31Kirkburn|afkYay for infobox game :)
21:53.44Kirkburn|afk looks slightly less crap now
21:54.41SlixYou can change your profession right?
21:55.01SlixDo i just go to a new trainer?
21:55.11Sky2042But you start at the very beginning of the new prof, and if you take up the old one again, you don't get those training points back either.
22:03.05*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
22:03.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
22:11.32Kirkburn|afkOooh, they shortened OUtlands levelling
22:11.57RagestormWatch what you're doing with those "s"s boss.
22:12.19RagestormThank you.
22:12.20Kirkburn|afk30% less XP to level, and mobs give a little more XP, apparently
22:12.52amrowhat, it's already faster than 50-60
22:13.57Sky2042amro: pre xp-buff or post?...
22:14.02Sky2042(for classic)
22:14.43amropre buff
22:14.50amrohaven't played 50-60 after it
22:15.02amroseriously though, 60-70 is so easy
22:15.05amroand it's fun too!
22:15.06Sky2042I would imagine it's faster leveling through the 50s now.
22:15.14amroprobably still boring
22:15.23Charitwozomgs Sky2042
22:15.33amroWPL is the only fun zone in that bracket
22:15.38Sky2042Charitwo: Would you like to be zomg'd out of the channel? :)
22:17.47Charitwono u
22:25.09Fisker-character copies are up again for EU
22:26.16Sky2042I'm having fun indenting.
22:26.23Sky2042Is that sad, Kirkburn|afk?
22:26.30Charitwoindents Sky2042
22:26.37Kirkburn|afkYes :)
22:27.07*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
22:27.13Charitwoindents kirkburn too
22:28.00Kirochiwell good night
22:28.39Charitwoso kirkburn, when do you go from pretending to be afk to pretending to sleep?
22:29.11Kirkburn|afkWhen you're not looking
22:30.21pcjkirkburn, should i go ahead and AJAX the RSS feeds on the portals
22:30.26pcjas they are now
22:30.49Kirkburn|afkOn your test articles?
22:30.56pcjNo, on the live ones
22:31.16Kirkburn|afkI think those are okay for now
22:32.07Kirkburn|afkBut yeah, will be needed for live eventually I guess :P
22:32.18Kirkburn|afk(unless I get them to fix the extension first)
22:37.32Kirkburn|afkCharitwo, seen our AWB stats?
22:37.41Kirkburn|afkWe're sixth...
22:38.56Kirkburn|afkI don't know how we've managed to do 67900 edits with AWB since March, but I guess most are hidden from RC
22:39.48Sky2042The category changes.
22:39.56Sky2042Not all of that is since march, however.
22:40.11Sky2042oh, wait, yeah it is.
22:40.17Kirkburn|afkYeah, those stats are :P
22:41.18Charitwothis [edit] link on category pages r0x, just turn off "Open new tab immediately" and I got a whole category in no time
22:41.50Sky2042I changed it to a [del] link. Guess what it does? =)
22:42.01Charitwowhy does that not surprise me
22:42.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
22:42.24*** kick/#wowwiki [Charitwo!n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno] by Sky2042 (no cheek allowed.)
22:42.25*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
22:42.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Charitwo] by ChanServ
22:42.32*** mode/#wowwiki [-o Sky2042] by ChanServ
22:42.37Charitwochecks Sky2042
22:42.50Charitwowhy are you staying unopped?
22:43.17Kirkburn|afkFreenode guidelines
22:43.19Sky2042Freenode guidelines. I think it might actually be freenode policy, but at least the former.
22:43.22Charitwooh, you lost your +O flag!
22:43.31Sky2042Oh, I removed it!
22:43.48Charitwoyou shouldve kept +V
22:44.00CharitwoSky2042: pop on over to #gentoo
22:44.03Sky2042Why? So I can auto-voice? What's the point of /that/ ?
22:44.24Charitwosecond largest channel on the network
22:44.48*** join/#wowwiki Amarande (
22:45.05Charitwoi dont think you're going to be in any sort of trouble with freenode
22:45.32Sky2042No, I won't, but the argument not to have +O is persuasive in my opinion.
22:46.07Sky2042Similarly, +V makes little sense.
22:46.58Kirkburn|afkWell, you could +V just for admin roles (on the actual project), so people know who to direct questions at
22:47.48Kirkburn|afkThat was the original intention (and still is) here, regarding +o
22:47.53Sky2042Sure, but it still creates a hierarchy.
22:48.19Sky2042I think I may have been hanging in #wikipedia and #wikia for a little too long ;P
22:48.20Kirkburn|afk+O does, but +V not so much, voice means little
22:48.41Sky2042Charitwo: how many channels do you have open?...
22:48.57Charitwouh, let me count
22:49.03Kirkburn|afkCharitwo, what's the largest channel?
22:49.10Amarandeahh, you mean +o and +v
22:49.10CharitwoKirkburn|afk: #ubuntu
22:49.25Sky2042Amarande: There are also +O and +V.
22:49.31AmarandeSky: what do those do?
22:49.43Sky2042The former two allow one to become that status, the latter are "permanent".
22:50.01Sky2042Kirkburn, for example, has both +o and +O for the channel.
22:50.16Sky2042check out /cs help flags
22:50.27Charitwo#ubuntu has 1305
22:50.37AmarandeAhh, I wasn't thinking of ChanServ flags
22:50.37Kirkburn|afk1306 :P
22:50.46AmarandeI was thinking of the actual channel modes themselves
22:51.09*** join/#wowwiki crucially (n=sky@wikia/crucially)
22:51.33Sky2042ruh rohs. Here comes crucially!
22:53.32Charitwospies kirkbot
22:57.15Amarandeyay, it's good to have working RAM
23:03.44Adysthat wasnt exactly necessary sky
23:03.51Charitwono, it wasn't
23:04.22Kirkburn|afkHe doesn't work here now :P
23:04.36Adysah, he finally found the light
23:04.36Sky2042Kirkburn|afk: also, MatthewS is gone, no?
23:04.39CharitwoPanSola is still a wikia helper, no?
23:04.56Kirkburn|afkMatthew went to live the dream of a photographer
23:05.28Sky2042* is handy...
23:05.29Kirkburn|afkPanSola is still around, but mostly honorary
23:06.17Fisker-100g for grand master first aid
23:06.20Fisker-gotta be kidding, etc
23:06.29moomoneythat's a travesty!
23:06.36moomoneyactually, I have no idea
23:06.58moomoneyis that good or bad?
23:07.05*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
23:07.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
23:07.27Sky2042who's apt?...
23:07.27*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
23:07.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
23:07.51amrosomeone who has aptitude
23:07.53pcjwtb flags
23:07.54KirkburnGot dc'd
23:08.06KirkburnWhat happened after gourra got flags?
23:08.12pcji didn't
23:08.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by Adys
23:08.18CharitwoFisker->100g for grand master first aid
23:08.19Charitwo<Fisker->gotta be kidding, etc
23:08.21Charitwo<moomoney>that's a travesty!
23:08.22Charitwo<ChanServ>Adys set flags -vVotiA on Addybot.
23:08.24KirkburnAh yeah, flag pcj :)
23:08.24Charitwo<moomoney>actually, I have no idea
23:08.26Charitwo<ChanServ>Adys set flags -VA on WoWLuaircBot.
23:08.28Charitwo<moomoney>is that good or bad?
23:08.29Charitwo-->|Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn) has joined #wowwiki
23:08.31Charitwo=-=Mode #wowwiki +o Kirkburn by ChanServ
23:08.32Charitwo|<--Kirkburn has left (Client Quit)
23:08.34Charitwo-->|Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn) has joined #wowwiki
23:08.36Charitwo<Sky2042>who's apt?...
23:08.36Kirkburnokay, okay
23:08.37Charitwo=-=Mode #wowwiki +o Kirkburn by ChanServ
23:08.38KirkburnI get it
23:08.42Charitwo<amro>someone who has aptitude
23:08.43moomoneythat was helpful?
23:08.44Charitwo<pcj>wtb flags
23:08.44KirkburnNext time, pastey
23:08.45Charitwo<Kirkburn>Got dc'd
23:08.47Charitwo<Kirkburn>What happened after gourra got flags?
23:08.49Charitwo<pcj>i didn't
23:08.51Charitwoit appears all at once for me >_>
23:08.53moomoneyoh god make it stop
23:08.53KirkburnCharitwo, stop now
23:09.08CharitwoKirkburn: it appears all instantaneously on my end
23:09.14AdysKirkburn: he cant stop once he sent it
23:09.18Adysthe server throttles it
23:09.20pcjyes he can
23:09.20Adysnot himself
23:09.25pcj/flood off
23:09.25Adysno he cant
23:09.27Sky2042pcj: can set flags now.
23:09.29Adysbecause hyperion sucks
23:09.30KirkburnStill if it's more than three lines, always --> pastey :)
23:09.42Adys(well okay hyperion doesnt suck, but it throttles leaves)
23:11.05Adysshould do it now quit whining
23:11.30Charitwopoints to kd3's new cloak (as of now)
23:11.55pcjim so sorry kd3
23:12.21Adyswe're gonna have to get rid of him =\
23:12.38moomoneycovers her eyes
23:12.52KirkburnRagestorm needs his stuff updated, Sky
23:12.52Adysinfobot, kickban kd3
23:13.01CharitwoAdys, get you a wikia cloak
23:13.11AdysYAY DO WANT !
23:13.25Adysright? :P
23:13.26Sky2042Kirkburn: I don't know that it would matter. Rage doesn't know how to use it >.>
23:13.27KirkburnMy sarcasm sense is tingling
23:13.40RagestormI'm lost. What do I need updated?
23:13.50KirkburnHe's topic locked, Sky
23:13.52pcjwe need your social security number
23:15.14pcjlol some irc op stuff rage
23:15.54moomoneyare we talking chanop or serverop?
23:16.12moomoneybecause chanop ain't shit
23:16.38moomoneyit's no fun unless you can wallop or kill
23:18.30*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
23:18.31pcjdon't make me do it again
23:18.31Kirkburnbye bye heinlein
23:18.32*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn|afk (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
23:18.32*** join/#wowwiki Amarande ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:18.32*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (n=Boubouil@unaffiliated/bibi)
23:18.32*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:18.32*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus4th (n=WyriHaxi@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:18.32*** join/#wowwiki Nechckn (n=N@WoWUIDev/Norganna/PRManager/Nechckn)
23:18.33*** join/#wowwiki amro ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:18.33*** join/#wowwiki Norsken ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:18.33*** join/#wowwiki Lukian (
23:18.33*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:18.33*** join/#wowwiki brndnwky (n=brndnwky@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:18.33*** join/#wowwiki TecnoBrat (
23:18.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+ovov Kirkburn|afk Bibi` Adys TecnoBrat] by
23:18.33*** join/#wowwiki ANTRat (
23:18.33*** join/#wowwiki peters-tx ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:18.33*** join/#wowwiki ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
23:18.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o ChanServ] by
23:18.40KirkburnI cannot imagine what netsplits are like on #ubuntu
23:18.40moomoneyooh aah
23:18.40Sky2042and there goes my client :/
23:18.40Adysgoodbye everyone :(
23:19.16pcjand kd3's hostmask
23:19.16Adyswell, shit.
23:19.16moomoneyI got opered once and they wouldn't let me kill anyone, so I never logged in
23:19.16CharitwoKirkburn, you're on heinlein
23:19.17CharitwoIt shows the server you're currently on, not the one that split
23:19.17Adysamro, Kirkburn|afk, Bibi` : foursome?
23:19.36amrobah, too late
23:19.36amroand whoah
23:19.40Adys[02:19:23] <@Kirkburn> I cannot imagine what netsplits are like on #ubuntu
23:19.40Charitwokd3 has a services cloak for the duration
23:19.43KirkburnCharitwo, *cry*
23:19.44AdysI just rejoined
23:19.47KirkburnBut I want pratchett
23:19.56*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
23:20.02Adysmy scrollback of 2000 lines isnt enough to see a single leave
23:20.04Adysits all joins
23:20.15Adys1000 lines actually
23:21.19Charitwobops Kirkburn
23:21.35Kirkburnpratchett is way cooler than heinlein
23:21.42CharitwoAWB's auto replacement summary is pinging me
23:22.17KirkburnCharitwo, how so?
23:22.25CharitwoKirkburn: "replaced"
23:23.07Kirkburnnowt I can do about that
23:23.15KirkburnAnyway, it's pinging you where?
23:23.35Charitwothe main feed
23:24.10pcjreplaced pings you?
23:24.16pcjthat's dumb...
23:24.37Charitwoyea, the way SWBot reports edits that "replace" pages with little to no content
23:24.48CharitwoIP [[wikia:User:]] replaced [[wikia:Hatman]] with "You are not of a high enough clearance to view this page.Your attempt to do so has been noted." (-2195) Diff:
23:24.49DottedCharitwo meant:,
23:25.31pcjbut that's a standard AWB edit summary...
23:25.40Charitwoyea, use pybot instead!
23:26.03KirkburnThat says "replacing", I am using "replaced"
23:26.29Charitwowhat says replacing?
23:26.39KirkburnOh, I see
23:26.52KirkburnThe log has different wording to the wiki
23:27.09KirkburnIf you view is says "replacing". D'oh.
23:27.32KirkburnSorry, misread :P
23:27.37KirkburnI blame SWBot then ;)
23:27.40Charitwotime to get Az to make another commit
23:30.23Charitwothe main feed is actually easier to spot certain things the anti-vandal feed cant, because you can see "everything"... just need a different nick so you don't get pinged every 3 seconds
23:31.00CharitwoKirkburn: becareful AWB doesn't try to "typo" ingame terminology
23:31.13KirkburnI know, "Noth" is the only one I've come across so far
23:31.35Charitwotime for food brb
23:48.08*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (n=Corgan@
23:49.16*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
23:49.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
23:54.53*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
23:54.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Charitwo] by ChanServ

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