IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080705

00:00.15KirkburnI mean the W2 expansion :P
00:00.21pcjWhich one?
00:00.50KirkburnCommonly known as
00:01.01KirkburnThe Bnet edition wasn't an expansion
00:01.01pcjah, ok
00:02.19KirkburnNever played it, keep meaning to
00:03.27RagestormThe Bnet edition just supported play. No real difference otherwise.
00:04.59pcjWhat's with having its manual as a cite source then?
00:05.18RagestormI guess something was added to the manual?
00:06.02RagestormOr maybe it condenses the original and expansion manuals.
00:06.23RagestormAnd I can't tell you, I have the BattleCHEST edition.
00:06.52g0urraI got the Best Value edition
00:06.53g0urrano manual
00:07.45RagestormWhat version of WC2 do you have, then?
00:08.19pcji don't remember
00:08.35pcjnot like i actually play it anymore
00:08.38foxlitThe MyPinkPony edition!
00:09.18g0urrawhere deathknights ride on pink ponies instead of skelly horsies
00:09.19RagestormI'd be surprised if any of us were still using a computer that could support it.
00:09.57g0urraI have an old mac that can run the original..
00:10.29RagestormAh, but are you using it?
00:10.36foxlitdosbox, np?
00:12.58RagestormI'm certain my MacBook would blow up if I tried to install WC2.
00:13.07*** part/#wowwiki Ackis (n=asdf@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
00:13.28g0urraRagestorm: not right now, probably in an old storage room somewhere
00:15.31Sky2042I've had a successful install of wc1 on an Pentium 4 with MS XP
00:15.45RagestormI'm astonished.
00:17.40Sky2042I'm pretty sure I could get my bnet edition installed on my current computer if i needed.
00:24.46g0urrawinkiller: did you get disconnected too?
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00:38.09pcjinfobot, entertain me
00:38.10infobotACTION shows pcj a magic trick while sky diving in 3d
00:41.02pcjinfobot, again
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00:47.19g0urrainfobot, >:3
00:47.19infobot3 is a number, silly
00:47.34Hexarobihow do i hook into the CHAT_MSG_ADDON event? ive tried hooking into a chatframe event but it doesnt seem to be triggering on chat_msg_addon
00:47.45g0urraHexarobi: #wowuidev
00:48.59*** join/#wowwiki Turd_Fergunson (n=chatzill@
00:50.15Charitwoeveryone remind Sky to upgrade to Firefox 3
00:50.32pcjhi Turd :D
00:50.33Turd_FergunsonHello, I'm selling my world of warcraft level 70 night elf
00:50.35Turd_Fergunsonpriest. Asking 50 dollars. It is an active account.
00:50.46pcjsorry, we don't allow that here
00:50.52Charitwosomething  tells me thats against channel rules
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00:51.20pcji hope you feel better now
00:51.30g0urrayes, I do
00:51.50pcjwhy is it Category:Quests:Children's Week
00:51.57pcjshouldn't it be Category:Children's Week quests
00:52.10pcjyes, yes it should
00:52.12g0urratell that to {{questbox}}
00:52.12Dottedg0urra meant:
00:52.42pcjoh god that sounds like a hard fix
00:53.56DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 51237
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00:55.32Jimdinventor<3 g0urra
00:57.40Jimdinventoroops!  I made a mistake.  Reversing. :-)
00:57.50g0urranow let's see how many new categories there will be
00:58.03*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (
00:59.05JimdinventorI wondered if these Quests categories that only contained one thing were not a violation of policy.
01:02.23Jimdinventor*lol*, okay, where did the list members go.
01:02.37JimdinventorAh, I see!
01:02.44JimdinventorGood idea.
01:04.13JimdinventorI am going to recat the "Quests:By Zone" to "Quests by zone" - and similar for "By Class", "By Instance", OK?
01:04.17*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
01:04.54pcjexcept all of the Quests: categories will be different
01:05.11pcjshould be Stormwind City quests instead of Quests:Stormwind City
01:05.35JimdinventorRight-o.  I'll assist with those as my bot can catch up.
01:08.02Charitwoturdfurgenson is attacking #wikia now
01:24.11DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 56998
01:24.23kd3tabs open rc
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01:58.47DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 57071
01:58.55g0urrawell isn't that wonderful
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01:59.38g0urralet's see, tooltip and questbox templates got changed
02:04.47kd3I'd almost ask one of the techs to run the "runJobs.php" script for us
02:05.58pcjpfft, all we have to do is open every page in our browsers
02:07.25g0urrasince when is it "Dark Iron tribe" of dwarves
02:09.40pcjDark Iron clan, probably
02:11.03KirkburnWell, it's not really an Empire
02:11.04*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
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02:11.15KirkburnBut I guess it does still have an Emperor
02:11.32g0urraOr do they
02:11.37g0urraWe killed the emperor
02:11.50KirkburnOr did we?
02:11.52pcjIt's talking about the princess being held captive by the emperor, duh
02:12.53Kirkburng0urra, don't make me remind you to make descriptive edit comments
02:14.49RagestormI got here late, is that about Rolandius's latest?
02:15.01KirkburnDrakkari Empire, yes
02:16.26DottedRagestorm meant:!
02:16.37g0urra{{Source needed}}
02:16.37Dottedg0urra meant:
02:17.23RagestormDrakkari seems to be an already existing term
02:17.47KirkburnBut is "Drakkari Empire"
02:18.06RagestormIt would fit overall, but for two reasons:
02:18.06g0urrawait wait
02:18.12g0urraDragonmaw Empire?
02:18.16g0urrawhat's he on now
02:18.26KirkburnOh, god
02:18.50KirkburnIt has a source!?
02:18.51DottedRagestorm meant:!!!
02:19.12RagestormSomeone calls it that, according to the article
02:19.19KirkburnAh, barely
02:19.38KirkburnDoesn't have a capital "E", certainly
02:19.46pcjcan we just permaban him already
02:19.48g0urra"You have single-handedly shattered the Dragonmaw empire..."
02:20.19KirkburnI'm going to mark sd with reason
02:20.22RagestormLooks to me like it means a business "empire"
02:20.35Ragestormas the Dragonmaws have a monopoly on dragon control
02:20.52g0urrathink of Lady Sinestra's conversation
02:20.56g0urra[[Lady Sinestra]]
02:20.57Dottedg0urra meant:
02:23.20RagestormDrakkari Empire doesn't seem likely in that all information on the trolls refers only to the Amani and Gurubashi Empires, the Twin Empires. You can't have three Twins.
02:23.51RagestormIt could be a third empire that never rivaled the Twin Empires in power, but we'd need a source.
02:24.11pcjIs deduction citable?
02:24.23pcjIsn't that called Original research?
02:24.38g0urra(In WC3: TFT, in the bonus campaign, the Darkspear troll says "Sadly, the name Pink Spear Tribe was already taken")
02:24.54Kirkburng0urra, then can you add the cite?
02:25.05Kirkburns/?/please/ :)
02:25.13RagestormI think that's about as reliable as Artanis telling us that "this isn't Warcraft in space!"
02:25.42Jimdinventor"Orcs in space".  Priceless.
02:27.05Ragestormg0urra, do you want to respond to our little friend on [[Talk:Ironforge dwarf]]...
02:27.05DottedRagestorm meant:
02:27.14RagestormThank you , Dotted, or should I
02:27.42KirkburnI will :P
02:27.48RagestormI see that.
02:27.48Dottednice bug
02:28.11g0urraoh look, an edit comment
02:28.24g0urragrumble grumble
02:28.27g0urra[[Dark Iron Empire]]
02:28.27Dottedg0urra meant:
02:28.45g0urrayeah I don't know
02:28.54RagestormWho would like the honor of {{speedy delete}}?
02:28.55DottedRagestorm meant:
02:29.51RagestormKirkburn, not all that call themselves emperors have empires.
02:30.02KirkburnI said "technically"
02:30.07RagestormNot all that call themselves empire have emperors
02:30.17RagestormLook at Queen Victoria
02:31.17RagestormOh, apparently he was originall calling it the Zul'drak empire...
02:31.33KirkburnRagestorm, she was only Empress of India iirc
02:31.50KirkburnAnd besides, British Empire
02:32.17KirkburnI realise I got my response the wrong way round, yes :P
02:32.21RagestormMy point being that she was just the Queen, and she woke up one morning and realized, "Oh, I'm only a Queen, but I'm ruling an Empire!
02:32.24KirkburnShe was an Empress, just not in the UK
02:32.37pcjis it just me or does it seem like we spend an excessive amount of time reverting him
02:32.44RagestormThat and she wanted to screw over the Kaiser...
02:32.57RagestormIt's not just you
02:32.58KirkburnAs opposed to just screwing him?
02:33.11RagestormPrince Albert wasn't the Kaiser.
02:33.38RagestormMind, if he was, that would have saved a lot of toruble...
02:33.55RagestormBaggins has also had trouble with him.
02:34.20RagestormI got it...
02:34.51RagestormDeleted, kd3.
02:34.56g0urraRagestorm, I'd say that the "Drakkari Empire" is the wrong word for it as according to [[The Twin Empires]] it "never achieved the size or prosperity of the southern empires"
02:34.57Dottedg0urra meant: it "never achieved the size or prosperity of the southern empires"
02:35.18g0urraslaps Dotted around a bit with a slimy murloc
02:36.25Dottedi finally fix the script to trigger when you type a wikilink, and now you complain about it
02:36.46Dotteddie in a fire, ungrateful bastards
02:36.49g0urraWhen did I complain?
02:38.05Dotteddiodnt notice the appnded text
02:38.08*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
02:38.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
02:38.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
02:38.39RagestormTake a closer look at
02:39.01g0urraTribe is not the right word
02:39.17RagestormAnd "Empire" is?
02:39.26Dottedg0urra try that last line again with the wiki link
02:39.38g0urraaccording to [[The Twin Empires]] it "never achieved
02:39.39Dottedg0urra meant:
02:40.09g0urraI didn't say that's good
02:40.10RagestormI'm not talking about the trolls, I'm talking about the dwarves
02:40.45g0urraI'm not talking about trolls anymore, I switched to the dwarves.
02:41.22g0urra"Oh okay. Aren't we trying to catch up to the other wikis though?"
02:41.22RagestormI'm so confused...
02:41.44Sky2042chuckles at Kirkburn. We've got over 2000 pages which need to die.
02:41.55Sky2042Him creating legitimate content pages is fine imo
02:41.55g0urraRagestorm: you link the Ironforge dwarf page. I comment it.
02:42.23kd3gah, edit conflicts
02:42.25RagestormI think I see it now...
02:42.29g0urraI reverted back to earlier version because "tribe" is not really the right word for Dark Iron
02:43.10KirkburnSky2042, :O
02:43.32Sky2042Kirkburn: confused?
02:43.43Sky2042[[Category:Transcludable pages]]
02:43.43DottedSky2042 meant:
02:43.47g0urraaren't everyone by now?
02:43.55Sky2042g0urra: only most of the time.
02:43.59g0urraoh ho ho Sky2042
02:44.01Sky2042I have my moments of clarity.
02:44.36Sky2042Specifically Kirkburn, all those damn NPCs Drops pages.
02:44.38RagestormDo we even have a notability policy?
02:44.46KirkburnSky2042, yeah, saw
02:44.47Sky2042Ragestorm: No.
02:44.58Sky2042er, bye kirk
02:45.07RagestormShould I delete
02:45.14*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
02:45.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
02:45.20kd3it's already gone
02:45.22RagestormBlip, boss?
02:45.29Sky2042Ragestorm: you mean the one Kirk killed?
02:45.35KirkburnThank you, Ctrl+Q
02:45.37KirkburnThe day we have a notability policy ...
02:45.50RagestormGah, my cache is weird.
02:45.54kd3is probably the day I resign my adminship
02:46.24KirkburnToo many horrors in the name of notability on Wikipedia, Ragestorm
02:47.01KirkburnIt's not a bad idea, but the moment you put it down in writing, everything goes to pot
02:47.07RagestormYou all know where I stand on notability in regards to lore.
02:47.18KirkburnIt's not a problem with notability itself
02:47.22KirkburnJust how it gets used
02:47.34RagestormTHough thus far there have only been 1.5 violators of the subject...
02:47.49KirkburnAll the less reason to have a policy on it :P
02:48.12KirkburnJim's bot is having fun :P
02:48.25Sky2042Kirkburn: tbh, it's easier to argue using verifiability and reliable sources. notability is so hard to argue.
02:48.28RagestormI suppose my latest proposal for an entrance exam has been rejected, then?
02:48.35Sky2042Ragestorm: yes.
02:48.49RagestormOh, well. Next crisis!
02:49.36KirkburnSky2042, agreed
02:49.58Sky2042(for deletion)
02:51.30KirkburnIt does not surprise me that the more mature the wiki gets, the closer we move to Wikipedia in style - but we can avoid their mistakes
02:51.48RagestormThere is still next to no information on the ice troll empire, though...
02:52.13KirkburnTrue, but it is a separate concept to the other articles
02:52.32KirkburnAnd one that is confirmed to exist, in some form (though not that name)
02:52.34Sky2042Kirkburn: partially because there are a handful of people driving it in that direction, and partially because the people who edit wikipedia have good ideas. sometimes, anyway.
02:53.09*** join/#wowwiki Ackis (n=asdf@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
02:53.21KirkburnI'm not sure I'd actually classify the notability thing as a "mistake" on Wikipedia - but it is a "problem".
02:53.22RagestormWikipedia has taught me many things. First among them, that this world (and this country) is filled with complete quacks.
02:54.22KirkburnKaydeethree, you see what happens?
02:54.25Sky2042Notability, from what I can tell, was made more as an attempt to keep the variety of neighborhood rock bands off wikipedia.
02:54.31KirkburnHistories merge, latest revisions stays as such
02:54.48KirkburnSo whatever you do, you'll need to make sure it's the last revision :P
02:54.52Sky2042The way it interacts with articles of a fiction content is the biggest issue.
02:55.00KirkburnSky2042, and pokemon :P
02:55.02kd3yay for having access to the database on my computer to play with last-mod dates
02:55.09kd3ponders some more
02:55.34KirkburnI don't think making it a future revision (like, June 2010) will make a happy wiki though :P
02:55.50kd3nah, it's going to have to be a revision somewhere in the past
02:56.06kd3writing over content we already have is getting complaints already just from bot edits
02:57.08KirkburnI'm sure whatever you add will be awesomely better
02:57.20KirkburnNow I really should be off to bed
02:57.39Sky2042what are you thinking to do kd3?...
02:57.41g0urraNot in the same tho
02:57.56kd3my last edit on rolandius's talk page is about all I'm willing to point to right now
02:58.46g0urraor good morning (5am here)
02:59.05Sky2042kd3: you don't have an alpha key, do you?...
02:59.21kd3rather, "what alpha?"
02:59.44Sky2042what are you doing then?...
03:00.13Sky2042[[special:export]] + [[Wrath beta]] = ???
03:00.13DottedSky2042 meant: ,
03:00.21Kirkburn= Profit, duh
03:00.25Sky2042Dotted: for once, you are not fail.
03:00.41KirkburnHe fixxored it earlier :)
03:01.34Kirkburn|sleep(awesome, two links got broken on the main page, yay to Jim for fixing)
03:01.37Dottedyou fail for waking me up damnit Sky2042
03:01.52Sky2042Dotted: you fail for keeping your computer on for when you go to sleep.
03:02.03Sky2042and making a loud sound, to boot.
03:02.46Dottedoh but im at my parents atm, so they pay for the power consumption
03:03.03Dottednow nn
03:05.47Kirkburn|sleepGnight all
03:09.52*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
03:14.35*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
03:14.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
03:15.38RagestormOne of these days, he's going to work himself into the grave...
03:16.21RagestormIs this a citable source?
03:17.13kd3until beta hits, I'd say anything /published/ counts
03:18.05Sky2042Ragestorm: i'd go with yes.
03:18.20Sky2042it's a reliable source.
03:19.15DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 58873
03:19.32Sky2042jesus pcj
03:19.54pcjnot quite
03:20.30Sky2042try previewing next time, or do it in a sandbox :/
03:21.42pcjthat wasn't all me
03:22.00kd3oh wow... apparently the netherlands isn't a safe bet for the wotlk leaks wiki. a few bittorrent trackers just got taken down
03:22.23Sky2042hmm, T:Tnavbar, T:Questbox, I think Tooltip's been edited too.
03:22.46Sky2042oh, tooltip was gourras.
03:23.06Sky2042so just two of the other most used.
03:23.07pcjtold you
03:23.30Sky2042oh, and all those articles which were transluding tooltips which had their spelllinks removed.
03:23.50pcji don't believe that's an action which gets queued
03:24.00pcjunless you removed elink from tooltip
03:24.13Sky2042of course it gets queued
03:24.28Sky2042everything gets added to the job queue unless, there is no queue
03:25.39pcjnot quite
03:25.57Sky2042Changing a template (all the pages that transclude the template need updating)???
03:26.12pcjIn this case we changed the pages themselves
03:26.28kd3yeah, but that's if you change the upstream template. if you change the page itself, the queue jobs happen when you render the new page after it gets saved
03:26.53Sky2042you changed the page, but then there are the boss pages which need to be updated.
03:26.55Sky2042etc etc
03:27.05pcjok but not for every item
03:27.11Sky2042yes for every item.
03:28.53pcjwell i can hardly prove it and neither can you
03:29.11pcjbut in any case spell link isn't the biggest part of the job queue
03:29.13pcjtooltip is
03:32.35pcjI gotta wonder what pages transclude tooltip but not icon
03:32.55kd3the few tooltips without a set icon?
03:33.05kd3I know I created a few on accident
03:33.16pcjYeah, would be nice to know to fix them
03:34.44RagestormI'm calling it a night. If you-know-who causes any more headaches, take appropriate mediacation.
03:35.08kd3hopefully the lart on his talk page will sink in
03:35.34RagestormIt'll be a complete reversal if it does.
03:36.06RagestormMost people cave after three of my "THIS IS NOT A FORUM" messages.
03:36.17RagestormHe's still not getting it two months later.
03:39.10RagestormThis is a record, though. Including Baggins, he's now gotten negative attention from six admins.
03:40.08pcjyou guys should really stop picking on him
03:40.43RagestormI'm trying not to. He really is only trying to help.
03:40.45Sky2042at least he doesn't have a fetish with the various factions.
03:40.51Sky2042one of the*
03:41.17RagestormYes, POV issues aren't something we have to worry about from him.
03:41.48Ragestorm*cough* Zarnks *cough*
03:42.09pcjwow, thanks, the subtle reference wasn't blatant enough
03:42.25Sky2042Oh, I was thinking angry ogre, tbh.
03:42.29kd3I haven't heard anything out of him in a while. is that just because I've been distracted elsewhere?
03:42.34Sky2042kd3: nope.
03:42.35kd3or worldtaker for that matter
03:42.51RagestormNo. Ogre finally realized we didn't care.
03:42.57*** part/#wowwiki Ackis (n=asdf@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
03:50.00*** part/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
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04:08.54pcjinfobot, entertain me
04:08.55infobotACTION shows pcj a pink hippo while tap dancing
04:09.40Adysinfobot, entertain pcj again
04:09.41infobotACTION shows pcj again a magic trick while scuba dancing on black and white movie reels
04:09.55Adysinfobot, entertain him more
04:09.56infobotACTION shows him more a 2 dimentional elephant while break dancing on black and white movie reels
04:10.21Olisoninfobot: entertain the whole channel
04:10.22infobotACTION shows the whole channel a blind ant while tap dancing in 3d
04:10.43pcji've never seen a blind ant...
04:10.46pcjhow do you know it's blind
04:10.55Adysinfobot, entertain his zipper wide open to pcj, turns around and shows everyone
04:10.56infobotACTION shows his zipper wide open to pcj, turns around and shows everyone a real live ant while scuba dancing
04:11.07Corganinfobot, entertain pcj more with
04:11.07infobotACTION shows pcj more with family photos while break diving
04:11.16AdysCorgan, you suck
04:12.07pcjhow do you scuba dance
04:12.08Corganinfobot entertain Adys pictures of his mother naked and everyone else
04:12.08infobotACTION shows Adys pictures of his mother naked and everyone else a magic trick while scuba dancing in 3d
04:12.29Adys~whalenuke Corgan
04:12.30infobotACTION dons her radiation cloak and tinted glasses while a highly intelligent whale named Ray precipitates critical mass for uncontrolled nuclear fission around Corgan with his mind powers.
04:14.09Adysthis is absolutely awesome
04:14.45Adysmade my cache folder a symlink to a remote ssh
04:14.56Adysevery time i logout its automatically uploaded
04:14.58pcjgood work
04:15.18pcjboy i bet you feel proud
04:15.38Adysdid i show you the pics corgan gave me a min ago?
04:15.57Adysinfobot, show him the pix
04:16.14Corganwhat pics did i give you?
04:16.16CorganI AM CONFUSED
04:16.33pcj<Corgan> infobot entertain Adys pictures of his mother naked and everyone else
04:16.53Adysthat actually sounds a lot different when said like that
04:17.26*** join/#wowwiki Demon (
04:17.42AdysCorgan, stoppit :(
04:22.24*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (
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05:05.58*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
05:36.35Fisker-i can die happy
05:36.40Fisker-i won a footmen frenzy map
05:37.30Fisker-i'm shitting in your mouth :o
05:38.17pcjhey, whatever lets you die happy
05:38.44pcji always knew fisker's life ambition was to shit in someone's mouth
05:44.25Fisker-nah that was the footmen frenzy part
05:56.33*** join/#wowwiki Jimdinventor (
06:17.27Fisker-i won again
06:18.09JimdinventorAh, good old rock.  Nothing beats rock.
06:20.15*** part/#wowwiki Jimdinventor (
06:28.48*** join/#wowwiki DMTM (
06:38.43DMTMi have a question
06:39.01OlisonOh yeah questions, I have them too
06:39.06OlisonWhat kind of questions do you have?
06:39.29DMTMwere can i find a weapon trainer for a warrior on Aldrassil ?
07:13.22*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
07:20.53*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
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07:50.20*** join/#wowwiki MyManMyNi (
08:50.54*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
08:59.21Fisker-du er færdig som popsanger
08:59.54Fisker-FORSTÅR DU HVA JEG SIR?
09:41.00*** join/#wowwiki panty (
09:41.48pantyWas wondering if any WowWiki admin's got a moment for me ?
09:44.13*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
09:44.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
09:47.48Bagginswwyep Rolandius is at a level equally as annoying as m1330 :p
09:48.33DragonessBH* taps footy *
09:48.45DragonessBHany admin alive that can help me sort out something on WowWiki ?
09:49.03DragonessBHhas to do with a useraccount
09:50.56DragonessBHwell, u're porbably busy I'll linger around and will check back to see if someone's around in a bit :)
10:03.10Bagginswwdragoness I'd help
10:03.14Bagginswwbut I don't have that kinda access
10:03.27Bagginswwoops she quit
10:05.36*** join/#wowwiki zespri (i=andrews@unaffiliated/zespri)
10:40.14winkillername merge was the stupidest thing in wowwiki's jistory
10:40.23winkillerby miles :|
10:40.51winkillerdon't want to know how many lost their name to a zero edit wikia account like me
10:41.51*** join/#wowwiki dJe781 (
10:43.58*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
10:49.38Bagginswwwhat caused the problem?
10:49.57BagginswwI'm lucky that I created a wikia account long before the merge...
10:53.56*** join/#wowwiki Mhari (
10:57.22*** join/#wowwiki Vilkku (
10:58.49winkiller <- on the left branch (none of these four are actual defias members)
10:58.52winkillerany comments?
10:59.13winkillersomeone added the text without a source
11:13.13*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
11:13.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
11:27.01*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
11:27.05Fisker-oh my god i'm killing you Bagginsww
11:27.33Bagginswwcomes back more powerful than you can possibly immagie
11:36.19Bagginsww :p
11:47.04amrowow. why can't people just say "my bad"?
11:51.19Bagginswwhe argues for the sake of argueing...
11:51.50Bagginswwwell my last comment borders on the ad hominem :p
11:51.59Bagginswwbut I attacked myself more than I attacked him :p
11:52.17BagginswwI.e stating I think talking to him damages my brain cells :p
11:58.11Bagginswwbut ya he'll run arguements in circles, using the same tired strawmen...
11:58.23Bagginswwover and over :p
11:58.32Bagginswweven when everyone knows he's in the wrong :p
12:01.08amroit was a fun read though
12:02.41Lukianstrawmen? :o
12:02.48Lukiansounds, burnable ^_^
12:02.57Bagginswwbut ya I cansider him up there with the women who thought we started WW2 by dropping the Atomic bomb on japan :p
12:04.00amrowell, at least they know it happened in japan
12:05.12Bagginswwwe attacked japan by dropping atomic bomb on pearl harbor :p
12:05.54Lukiangoes to 'fix' his history books
12:07.52Bagginswwwell I'm leaving on monday I leav it up to you people to keep track of things and let other admisn know when someone crosses the line :p
12:08.27amrodunno. i might leave them be just to see how far they take it :)
12:08.30BagginswwI'll be gone for a month in Kuaui in archaelogical field school
12:09.26Bagginswwwell gnight all
12:18.32*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
12:18.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+o g0urra] by ChanServ
12:19.15g0urraso when are you going to block him Bagginsww
12:41.18*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
12:44.20*** join/#wowwiki DMTM (
13:00.08*** join/#wowwiki dJe781 (
13:01.56Fisker-i win
13:06.17*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
13:06.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
13:12.51*** join/#wowwiki dJe781 (
13:16.22*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
13:16.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
13:17.30*** join/#wowwiki Kaso| (
13:17.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso|] by ChanServ
13:19.37*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
13:20.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
13:41.52*** join/#wowwiki Guardix (i=martin_j@
14:03.00*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
14:14.33winkillerpcj: not that again. when they opened it, 3! local radio stations let people phone and tell their opinion about a hitler statue
14:14.43winkillerand we are 800km from Berlin. in Germany ><
14:15.25winkillerGermans + History = not funny
14:15.43winkillerthere was some Holocaust memorial put up somewhere
14:15.49winkillerand a coder from israel saif
14:16.06winkiller"what a waste, in the middle of the city, they should've made a parking lot!
14:16.20foxlitmm, parking lots!
14:16.28*** join/#wowwiki Mhari (
14:16.37winkillerseems half the world has gotten over it being hypersensitive. except us
14:17.19winkillerus germans
14:18.58*** join/#wowwiki Daedals (
14:21.16winkillerg0urra: damn,I nearly fell for the Gorumnir guy :( I feel with you now
14:21.31winkilleror wait..
14:21.43winkilleryou told me about the orc warrior
14:22.09g0urrathat was Gromnir
14:22.12g0urraGroumnir is me :p
14:22.14winkilleryeh right.
14:22.20winkilleras I said
14:22.27winkillersilly names :P
14:22.38g0urrawell I'm lazy with names
14:22.39winkillerbtw, DD is also (offical) Debian Developer
14:22.42winkillerI noticed :D
14:50.01*** join/#wowwiki _Mhari (
14:55.57DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 0
14:56.18g0urraquick, edit a template commonly used
14:59.31*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
14:59.52foxlitnp, can add some of the css you missed while editing tooltips
15:01.04foxlityou should probably also document your changes :)
15:04.27pcjphew, glad kirkburn's still not here
15:04.36Kirkburn|afkDamn right
15:09.03g0urrawinkiller: did you also get disconnected?
15:09.24winkillerbut as often as you ask.. :P
15:09.35g0urrabah I'm getting Unable to connect now :/
15:09.50winkillerone in guild also went off a min ago.
15:09.55winkillerlet's see if he comes bacl :P
15:10.55g0urrawas he in an instance?
15:11.34winkillerthink not
15:11.40g0urraah it's back up now
15:21.57RagestormIs anyone in the mood for a Lore administrative discussion?
15:23.25Hexarobidata's brother?
15:24.14RagestormTo my knowledge, he's been deactived.
15:24.23RagestormCome to that Data's dead.
15:24.38g0urraRagestorm, sup?
15:26.25RagestormTwo things: 1) In-universe perspectives. Right now, we write articles from approximately in-universe, but there's no actual policy on it.
15:27.36Kirkburn|afk"Malygos is a dragon" vs "Malygos is a dragon in the Warcraft universe"
15:27.45RagestormInstead of saying that "Maiev didn't meet her brother until the third War of the Ancients book"
15:28.13Ragestorm"Maiev had little contact with her brother until late in the War of the Ancients.
15:28.19Kirkburn|afkI think out of universe would get way too self-referential for anything that isn't physically real (e.g. the games)
15:28.31winkillerI'm sorry but even I find that pedantic to make a polixy :P
15:28.57RagestormThis would only apply to lore pages like character articles.
15:29.00g0urraIt's pretty much self-explanatory that saying "Malygos is a dragon" is in the warcraft universe, since the wiki is about the warcraf tuniverse
15:29.15g0urrauniverse* blah
15:29.26Kirkburn|afkYeah, Ragestorm's example was better :P
15:29.28*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
15:30.13RagestormI admit, this isn't too much of a problem, as most people who write from a real-world perspective are either DNP violators or just inexperienced and don't know how to use {{cite}} or {{ref}}.
15:30.13DottedRagestorm meant:,
15:30.20Fisker-steals Kirkburn|afk's wwi pet code
15:30.23Fisker-hand it over!
15:30.23RagestormThank you, Dotted.
15:30.39Kirkburn|afkis holding it right now. Muahahaha.
15:30.40g0urrahow about "Maiev had little contact with her brother until late in the War of the Ancients" and make a {{cite}} on it, referring to The Sundering book
15:30.41Dottedg0urra meant:
15:30.57RagestormThat's what is usually done.
15:31.06Fisker-Kirkburn|afk you shouldn't risk your life on that damn thing, just hand it over :P
15:31.14Dottednp Ragestorm anytime, just let me know
15:31.43RagestormThat's going to be my new running gag. Whenever you automatically do that, I thank you.
15:32.15RagestormIt'll make me look more sarcastic with an element of camp.
15:32.26LukianRagestorm, how do you know the above wasn't an automatic reply too? ;)
15:32.33LukianYou might be talking to a bot!
15:32.49g0urra"Dotted is now known as Botted"
15:32.50RagestormThen the running gag will achieve liftoff.
15:33.39RagestormAnyway, the in-universe thing isn't something that comes up too often, but often enough to be annoying.
15:34.17RagestormThe other issue is Descriptive Terms.
15:34.42Dottedon *:text:Thank you, Dotted.:#wowwiki: { if ($nick == Ragestorm) { msg $chan np $nick anytime, just let me know } }
15:35.07RagestormActually, don't bother, Dotted, that'll ruin the flow of the joke'
15:35.17RagestormNamely, [[Elemental spirit]], which there was a massive argument over a few weeks back, and [[Illidan's Servitors]]
15:35.18DottedRagestorm meant:,'s_Servitors
15:35.23Dottedcould add a timer to make it look natural :P
15:36.04RagestormThank you, Dotted. Now, these terms were made to refer specifically to Illidan's "illidari" faction and the five shamanic spirits introduced in LotC.
15:37.17winkillerBibi: *poke*
15:38.27RagestormOn second thought, I'm not sure how that situation could be rectified.
15:40.17Fisker-you are the biggest suxorer
15:40.41Dottedyou make me so sad Fisker- :(
15:40.46Dottedthink im gonna cry now
15:43.59RagestormI don't think we're insured.
15:47.19Bibiwinkiller : poke yourself
15:47.23Bibiwhat did I do ?
15:47.36Bibiexcept being smarter than Dotted
15:47.53winkilleris that intentional that mmo-champ is the only page I have to open from the feed instead of reading the feed alone?
15:47.55Dottedbut you cant code
15:48.06Bibiwinkiller : yeah, we get more visits and more money this way
15:48.08winkilleryou layout the posts so nicely and the feed looks shit :P
15:48.17winkillerok, np if it's intentional
15:48.18Bibior maybe the RSS Feed is just bugged to hell and I don't know how to fix it
15:48.20Bibiyour choice.
15:48.40winkillerstill love reading it, so as you like :)
15:48.45Dotted"[+Bibi]: ... I don't know how to fix it" - quoted
15:48.54BibiDotted : STFU ! quote that !
15:49.15Dotted"[+Bibi]: ... quote that !" <- quoted
15:49.28Bibiyou ... you ...
15:49.30BibiYOU RE MEAN !
15:49.49winkillerDotted: wasn't quoteworthy
15:49.50Bibianyone know where the horde/alliance/neutral icons are ?
15:49.54winkillerit's his default answer
15:49.55Dottedbtw Bibi you know any good multi-screen software?
15:50.00*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
15:50.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
15:50.07Bibimulti-screen software ?
15:50.13Bibiwhat do you want to do ?
15:51.01Dottedlock my cursor to 1 monitor at a time and use a hotkey to move the curser between the to monitors
15:51.23Dottedultramon does it except fopr locking the cursor :(
15:51.39Bibiok, the only software I could think of was Ultramon
15:52.43Dottedit can lock only to the primary screen, and even then it sucks :'(
15:54.24winkiller surely has some links
15:54.48Dottednot talking about multiboxing
15:54.59winkillerwon't matter
15:55.05winkillerthey use all kind of these tools
15:55.07winkillerjust search
15:58.39Bibiwhat's the original name of this icon ?
15:58.40DMTMwowhax what is that for program? is that cheat?
15:59.09Corgantackles Bibi
15:59.35DottedDMTM nah its a scam
15:59.47DMTMDotted and scam is?
15:59.56DMTMmeans crap?
16:00.15pcjit's like spam except with less p
16:00.19g0urrait means that it'll take your account info and sell your account
16:00.26Dottedit means he tries to trick you into buying something he claims can do stuff but really cant
16:00.27DMTMhow can i leveling faster?
16:00.41g0urraquest and kill
16:00.55DottedDMTM install the Tourguide addon
16:00.59DMTMi have done it... but keeping me tierd of it... =P
16:01.08DMTMwere can i get it?
16:02.29DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 41
16:02.35pcjThank you, Dotted
16:02.42DottedOH SHI-
16:02.49DMTMwhat does this mod do? =P
16:03.17DMTMguide to leveling faster?
16:03.41Dottedyeah it basicly tells you which quest to take and in which order and so on
16:04.43DMTMhow can peps wrote all this stuff?
16:05.14Dottedask Tekkub when he gets online, he made it :P
16:06.28pcj~seen Tekkub
16:06.29infobottekkub <n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowuidev, 7h 20m 10s ago, saying: ''.
16:06.57DMTMis from sweden and he is a game lurker
16:07.59g0urragame lurker? vad gör du då?
16:09.29Dottedhva faen er en game lurker?
16:12.46g0urradin mamma
16:33.55Fisker-i foretrækker en mands selskab
16:39.57g0urraoh u
16:41.52*** join/#wowwiki Dyxxtra (
16:43.40DyxxtraI refuse to belive that two bigass ogres can fit inside a tiny box.  An agate, yes. Ogres, no.  (Well maybe tiny ones).
16:47.19DyxxtraJust shooting my mouth off - doing Trelane's Defences for an umpteenth of time, and forgot that when you open those boxes, more ogres will spawn.  Never mind
16:47.50*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
16:47.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
16:51.19Fisker-old comic is old indeed
16:56.23*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
16:56.53g0urra lmao
16:57.54*** join/#wowwiki Frogzilla (
17:00.19*** part/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
17:00.31DyxxtraThat reminded me how much I actually dig that movie - the first Crocodile Dundee, that is. (First Matrix was great, too - less said about the sequels the better, I think)
17:00.58*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
17:00.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
17:15.46*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
17:15.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+v bleeter_] by ChanServ
17:16.01*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
17:16.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
17:35.56Bagginswwof course the pages he makes up because of some random uncited information on another wowwiki article :p without checking to see if the info was accurate to begin with :p
17:36.26*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
17:40.46*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
17:40.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
17:45.46*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
17:48.25*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
17:48.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
17:56.46*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
17:56.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
18:19.41g0urrawinkiller: are you lagging now then? :p
18:19.48winkillerDC :D
18:20.04winkillerlol "Connected"
18:20.07winkillerok, dinner then
18:25.07*** join/#wowwiki _Mhari (
18:41.02*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
18:51.22*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
19:10.04*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn1 (
19:23.49*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (
19:27.55Kirochiragestorm done
19:28.06Kirochicopy/pasted you e-mail and changed the pronouns :D
19:32.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kirochi] by ChanServ
19:35.15*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
19:35.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
19:36.09kd3huh. apparently {{tooltip}} doesn't work on mw 1.10.4
19:36.56kd3it outputs &lt;div....&gt; and then the stuff inside the tooltip.
19:38.18Sky2042or do you have all the extensions installed on yorus?
19:38.28kd3I've got parserfunctions installed
19:38.32kd3that should be all it needs
19:38.57Sky2042#replace isn't parsers iirc
19:40.09Fisker-slaps kd3 around a bit with a large trout
19:40.19Sky2042oooo, edit to tooltip by me?
19:40.44Sky2042might be a problem with 1.10.4
19:40.53Sky2042iirc, we skipped that install.
19:41.11kd3entirely possible. fedora's still shipping that one and I don't want to deal with getting a newer build
19:41.17pcjit seems like you have &gt; showing up elsewhere kd3
19:41.43pcjlike Special:Specialpages
19:41.56pcjmight need to check your wgUseTidy setting
19:42.08Sky2042nah, that wasn't enabled until very recently.
19:42.20Sky2042i would definitely guess that it's a version issue :/
19:42.52kd3just set it to false and purged the page.
19:43.26pcjuh what are you talking about sky
19:44.04Sky2042it's set to true on wow.
19:44.11Sky2042or i believe it so, anyway
19:49.03KirochiThis cake is great
19:49.08KirochiIt's so delicious and moist
19:55.26pcjkd3 i fixed your tooltip
19:55.31pcjyou may want to look at that though
19:55.51Fisker-slaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
20:05.46pcjcould just be in model viewer
20:06.53g0urraWith the shadow and lighting?
20:07.12pcjThey could've tweaked it using Photoshop
20:09.10*** join/#wowwiki marius|PossiblyN (i=marius@
20:09.31g0urraI've seen quite a few 'shops in my day and this isn't one
20:10.13pcjwell you seem determined to delete it, did you actually want my opinion or were you just looking for someone to agree with you
20:10.54g0urraI'll do that while you ban rolandius then
20:11.10g0urraSince you seem to want him banned last night
20:11.23pcji'm not messing with him, he doesn't bother me
20:11.30pcjthey just seem to get so frustrated with him
20:12.13*** join/#wowwiki Guardix (i=martin_j@
20:12.38KirochiCause it's the PICK
20:12.41Kirochiof destiny
20:13.04pcji don't think that works when he's dotoff sky
20:13.16Sky2042Yeah, I noticed.
20:15.42g0urraThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 979
20:19.22winkillerhaha lowlevel BGs
20:19.33Kirochig0urra is a bot
20:19.38Kirochiinfobot, who is g0urra
20:19.38infobotKirochi: what are you talking about?
20:19.47Kirochiinfobot, g0urra
20:19.49winkiller"I have most healing done, and more damage done and more KBs - as a holy priest" :P
20:19.51g0urraThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 979
20:20.07Sky2042winkiller: lul
20:21.04g0urrabah someone deleted it
20:21.18infobotrumour has it, winkiller is hating cats with a passion
20:21.52g0urraso cats that doesn't have a passion are okay?
20:25.34winkillernot my text
20:25.44infobotextra, extra, read all about it, kirochi is wonder
20:26.41Kirochivalley girl
20:28.23pcj~factinfo adys
20:29.08*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
20:29.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
20:29.36pcj~factinfo adys
20:29.36infobotadys -- created by Corgan <> at Mon Oct  1 09:43:32 2007 (278 days); last modified 4d 37m 30s ago  by Adys!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys; it has been requested 29 times, last by Kirochi, 3m 22s ago.
20:30.21winkiller~factinfo winkiller
20:30.21infobotwinkiller -- created by winkiller <> at Thu Aug 23 10:29:30 2007 (317 days); it has been requested 3 times, last by winkiller, 9m 3s ago.
20:30.29winkillerah, then I changed it
20:31.54pcjyou had a different hostmask?
20:32.03winkilleralso that
20:32.11winkillerbut I changed my fact thingy iirc
20:32.41winkiller^current is also :P
20:48.17KirochiCause it's the PICK
20:48.21Kirochiof destiny
20:48.42KirochiYou know it will be rockin'cause it's f***in' insane
20:55.18RagestormIs that what they're calling it these days?
21:00.36KirochiI think so
21:00.53Kirochioh there was a reference to tenacious D in the Diablo III song by L80ETC :D
21:01.49Fisker-no u Kirkburn|afk
21:01.51Fisker-no u Kirochi
21:02.16Kirochino u
21:02.27Fisker-bum hovedskud Kirkburn|afk
21:03.22g0urra"not the demon in the Tenacious D videos"
21:03.47g0urraKirochi: there was also a reference to Paris in the Power of the Horde song!
21:04.24Kirochidun remember
21:04.30g0urra"We're coming to Paris, France"
21:04.56Kirochiat what moment?
21:10.42Kirochiof course
21:10.47Kirochisamwise rox
21:11.22Fisker-exterminate Kirochi
21:14.06Kirkburn|afkRagestorm, you'll want to check [[Horde]] too
21:14.24RagestormI'm going to rip his hands off.
21:14.40Ragestorm"smaller leaders", indeed!
21:14.42Kirkburn|afkLore people are very on edge, aren't they :P
21:15.13RagestormAre the Mag'har official Horde members or just aligned?
21:15.58RagestormAnd is it beyond the scope of the article to list secondary racial leaders?
21:16.19Fisker-i'd like to do some cocain
21:16.41Kirkburn|afkI'd say the mag'har are indeed Horde now
21:17.02Kirkburn|afkEspecially with the direct links to Thrall
21:17.05RagestormThey'll stay then. But we don't need to explain their entire lineage.
21:17.51winkillerTeh tauren rogue iz da bestest bcoz it iz like not even playable innit?!!! me finks dey wooood be gud at dem do.
21:17.54winkillerDraneye or woteva dey called also cant be em but it jus as well coz dey iz teh sucksorz naab neway!
21:18.02winkillerat least it was a funny vandalism :P
21:19.17RagestormNo one edit Horde for nother few minutes, I'm fixing...
21:19.25winkillerwhy is there nowhere a clicky link to report vandalism?
21:19.38RagestormThe Mag'har are orcs that fell in prey to Magtheridon
21:19.40winkillerno "vand" or "viol" search on the pages
21:19.41g0urraok Ragestorm
21:20.13RagestormI should ban him just for that <looks feral and rabid> :x
21:20.49g0urraNo me, me!
21:21.14RagestormWait until a repeat offense for now. I'm semi-sane, not a complete tyrant.
21:23.09RagestormThere we go
21:23.38RagestormMoved Mag'har to a more appropriate occasion and made it look like it was written in English.
21:25.46Ragestorm<deactivating Rage mode>
21:25.59Ragestorm<reactivating Rage mode>
21:26.36Kirkburn|afkHe keeps calling everything "smaller" >_<
21:26.45g0urradamnit, can't type and eat icecream at the same time
21:27.05RagestormAt least the description is more apt in regards to cities.
21:27.25RagestormCalling a night elf small. Maybe if you're a Shivarra!
21:28.15Ragestorm** Smaller Capital is [[Aerie Peak]].
21:28.38RagestormUnless I'm very much mistaken, those are the WILDHAMMER dwarves
21:28.59g0urraedits to make it "Smaller leader of gnomes is Gelbin Mekkatorque"
21:29.24RagestormWHAT THE... Oh, well, duh.
21:29.48g0urrashoots Ragestorm with a tranquilizing dart
21:30.06RagestormSorry, g0urra, I've got a resistance.
21:30.29RagestormGet those things that put out a rhino for a week and hit me with five.
21:31.45g0urraKirkburn|afk: "Changes newer than 10.000000 seconds may not be shown in this list." why the decimals?
21:31.58pcjThrall is smaller than Cairne isn't he
21:32.05Kirkburn|afkFilm news!
21:32.08Ragestormhmmm.... I think so
21:32.14Kasostore as a floating point somewhere clearly
21:32.20g0urraslaps pcj around a bit with a smelly gnoll
21:32.24RagestormThrall is supposed to be leaner than the average orc.
21:32.51g0urra"...two of the producers of the Dark Knight as well."
21:32.54g0urradark knight what
21:32.59RagestormThe film
21:33.03RagestormThe Dark Knight
21:33.07RagestormThe new one.
21:33.12pcjwe've already been over this
21:33.14RagestormThey replaced the romantic lead.
21:33.26g0urraWell I've never seen it
21:33.33RagestormIt's not out yet!
21:33.43g0urraYou know what I mean.
21:33.43pcjpfft, details
21:34.03RagestormCan't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.
21:35.12pcjI can
21:35.46RagestormIn this job? I have great respect for your ability.
21:36.01pcjIt's good to know someone respects me
21:36.33Kirochiyou got footage of the fireworks from yesterday?
21:37.30RagestormNo, there turned out to be visibility issues, and it was raining.
21:37.38RagestormMy roof was closed.
21:37.59pcjyour roof opens up? what do you live in, a stadium?
21:38.44RagestormNo, live in a highrise, we have a roof deck.
21:56.26Fisker-the clock is mange Kirkburn|afk
21:57.56KirochiI suggest Fisker- pisses off and eats his own guts
21:59.37Fisker-no u
22:01.54RagestormPlease, no violence unless we're dealing with a POV or DNP violator.
22:02.21RagestormOr people who can't write in whatever language they're posting.
22:03.33foxlitSo open mischief is a-ok?
22:03.56Kirochishower time
22:04.02Kirochibibi ramène-toi
22:04.43Ragestormfoxlit: we're insured for open mischief, but not for violence unless it's against violators
22:05.08RagestormOr people who can't use SWE
22:05.12Hotstreamingwateviolence against violators takes us off to their level
22:05.36RagestormDon't let the Tyrael hear you say that/
22:05.40Hotstreamingwateand even I hadn't the right to use violence against biased bastards
22:05.51RagestormAnyway, do you propose we not ban vandals?
22:06.04Hotstreamingwatebanning is not violent
22:06.06RagestormStandard Written English.
22:06.14Hotstreamingwatethat's you gourra
22:06.17g0urraNo shit sherlock
22:06.32Hotstreamingwateooh he's got a premade phrase o/
22:06.44g0urraI know what SWE means
22:06.57RagestormYou know it well. It's what you're using right now.
22:07.26*** join/#wowwiki [FLT]Kirochin (
22:07.34[FLT]Kirochinso you told Ragestorm "no shit sherlock" ?
22:07.39[FLT]Kirochinruuuuude boi
22:07.45RagestormThat was at you, I think
22:07.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kirochi] by ChanServ
22:07.59Kirochi<g0urra> I know what SWE means
22:07.59Kirochi<g0urra> Idiot
22:08.29g0urrait was at Kirochi
22:08.54KirochiI didn't feel offended :)
22:09.17RagestormLost in Translation? Play nice.
22:11.22*** join/#wowwiki Dotoff (
22:11.47*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
22:13.42Ragestorm:x   :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x :x   :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x :x   :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x
22:14.04RagestormIN... WHAT... UNIVERSE... IS MAIEV... PART OF THE ALLIANCE?!?!?!?!
22:18.51KirochiCALM DOWN
22:18.58amroRagestorm: why, in the Warcraft universe of course :P
22:19.12RagestormNot in that one.
22:19.34RagestormMaiev went on her manhunt before the Kaldorei joined
22:19.47RagestormAnd she's rogue in any case.
22:20.01*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:21.53Sandwichman2448Ragestorm, are you busy?
22:22.16RagestormWhat's cookin?
22:22.20Sandwichman2448Though you told me to never talk about 'the above', I wish to clarify what really happened. I went over the IRC logs, read the full conversation, and now know what I did wrong. I wished to know a certain piece of information, and when I inquired about it Sky instructed me to 'see the last hour of speech on IRC' I thought he meant 'the last hour in the logs' but then he told me to 'just scroll up'. This was where the misunderstandi
22:23.11Sandwichman2448as I said before it was just the first line of IRC chat that I had received that day. The offence that I thought I had done was embarrassingly 'not being Admin enough to talk about it'.
22:23.48Sandwichman2448Yes, it is a wall of text….
22:23.59RagestormI appreciate your sentiment and humility, but I have no idea what you're talking about.
22:24.09Sandwichman2448Two days ago.
22:24.43amroRagestorm: I was being sarcastic
22:25.08Sandwichman2448Mebbe three days...
22:25.36Kirkburn|afkYou expect Ragestorm to remember that long ago? He's oooold :P
22:26.06Sandwichman2448sucks at context.
22:26.07RagestormMy superhuman memory extends mostly to lore
22:26.25Kirkburn|afkRegarding Blizz and WoWWiki?
22:26.53Sandwichman2448By the way, because I read the log I now know why Blizzard Entertainment was mad at us, and wish to help with fixing it if I may.
22:27.46Kirkburn|afkWell, they're not exactly "mad" at us, just I think there may be some miscommunication going on over certain parts of the lore
22:28.18RagestormOh that. I was humoring Kirochi.
22:29.00RagestormNo, everything is under control, everyone is fine
22:29.19Sandwichman2448I wrote all that... for a joke...
22:29.55RagestormI apologize
22:30.40Sandwichman2448You are forgiven?
22:31.19RagestormNo, we are FORSAKEN.  :P
22:31.30Sandwichman2448I was not expecting that.
22:31.47*** join/#wowwiki Ackis (n=asdf@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
22:32.31RagestormI'm not sure what else I can say...
22:33.18Sandwichman2448Appendix three is canon? Canon exists?
22:33.25g0urraoh great, I don't read the chat for 10 minutes and it's full
22:33.35g0urramad Blizzard?
22:33.56Sandwichman2448I linked the log.
22:34.07RagestormJust because MoM is canon doesn't precisely mean Appendix 3 is canon.
22:34.17RagestormWe're working on getting clarification.
22:34.45Ragestormthe situation was also somewhat exaggeratted
22:34.47KirochiI've just come back
22:34.53Kirochiyou were humoring me about what ?
22:35.11RagestormKerrigan: when it rains, it pours...
22:35.38RagestormWe were discussing a misunderstanding arising from a joke a few days ago.
22:36.41KirochiI don't want you to be afraid about blizz being pissed off at us
22:36.46KirochiI was exaggerating
22:37.05Kirochishe just told me that the lore and creative dev departments had issues with us
22:37.15Sandwichman2448I was not afraid of that.
22:37.21Kirochiand that she was willing to establish contact
22:37.34Kirochiother than threatening to sue us for alpha-leaked content
22:37.52RagestormWe remove that, I thought we moved past it.
22:38.16Sandwichman2448We have none.
22:38.35Ragestormthat is framing the rather embarassing event that SWM2448 is referring to
22:38.45RagestormAnd yes, alpha-leaking stuff is removed.
22:38.57Kirochig'night all
22:39.00RagestormWe're not that chintzy WotLK wiki]
22:39.03Kirochigot a hard day tomorrow
22:39.04Sandwichman2448Good night...
22:39.22Kirochinot hard in the same meaning as today though :)
22:39.24Sandwichman2448I call that DarkWoWWiki. They cite us you know.
22:39.29KirochiI had an exam this morning
22:39.43pcj<Sandwichman2448> I was not expecting that.
22:39.49Kirochitomorrow well... endurance exam :D
22:39.49pcjNobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
22:39.51RagestormYou don't cite wikis. I had a friend who was nearly expelled for that.
22:40.00RagestormAmongst our weaponry...
22:40.22RagestormAh, the Spanish Inquisition.
22:40.27Sandwichman2448I love that skit.
22:40.35RagestormI prefer the Dead Parrot Sketch.
22:40.48pcjI like the Lumberjack Song
22:41.03Sandwichman2448Never saw that, we have a uote of it on the Arakoa section of FRI.
22:41.17pcjNever saw which?
22:41.48Sandwichman2448The parrot one.
22:41.48RagestormFunniest thing: when they performed it during the Concert for George, there was a chorus of Mounties, and Tom Hanks slipped unnoticed into the first row.
22:42.44RagestormExactly the same clip
22:43.05RagestormCan't stand Monty Python otherwise.
22:43.33pcjMmm, sometimes the full frontal nudity is a bit much, but it's pretty good for what it is
22:43.55RagestormNot my sort of humor. I prefer Fawlty Towers.
22:53.00Sandwichman2448I need to label the fan art....
22:53.05Sandwichman2448There is some.
23:00.56Sandwichman2448I think I got at least all of the ones used on main pages.
23:02.19*** join/#wowwiki Jimdinventor (
23:04.14JimdinventorIs there any way to SUBST: a template text-only?  (That is, evaluate it and paste its results in a single command.)
23:06.26JimdinventorI can provide an example if it helps to make my question more understandable.
23:07.14JimdinventorYou're all playing Team Fortress, aren't you. :-)
23:07.29Kirkburn|afkYour bot is busy isn't it :P
23:07.58Kirkburn|afkRegarding your question: no I don't understand, but probably not
23:08.09JimdinventorOkay.  Thank you.
23:08.25JimdinventorAnd yes, the bot has been busy.  Usually 1000 pages edited a day. :-)
23:08.34JimdinventorI thank you again for enabling it.
23:08.36Kirkburn|afkIt's much appreciated :)
23:08.37g0urraJimdinventor: probably yes, give me an example
23:08.49Kirkburn|afk^ :D
23:09.52g0urra^ ?
23:09.58JimdinventorImagine Temple:Foo.   g0urra {{#ifeq:{{{1}}}|true|is the best|is just okay}}
23:10.27Jimdinventornow I want to {{SUBST-eval:Foo|true}}
23:10.37Jimdinventorand get "g0urra is the best"
23:10.42Jimdinventoron the result page
23:11.09kd3lol at the vandalism on the [[Quest]] page
23:11.25g0urralol what
23:12.47Jimdinventoroh wow, it's that simple
23:12.57JimdinventorThank you, g0urra :-) :-) <3
23:21.13g0urra compare to the bottom of my user page
23:23.00JimdinventorI don't understand.  The bottom of your user page has character stats and user-templates?
23:24.57g0urraLook at the second-to-last template
23:26.53g0urraWell, it's not really a template, but an userbox
23:32.50Jimdinventorokay, I get it :-)
23:38.42JimdinventorIt looks like subst is not going to be able to do what I want.  "Back to the drawing board!"
23:44.05pcjwhat are you wanting to do jim
23:46.55JimdinventorWell, over the past few days, Charitwo, Gourra, and I have been effectively "renaming" categories en masse..
23:47.26Jimdinventorthing is, these category pages already have descriptive text, which should be preserved
23:47.42Jimdinventorbut I guess I really don't know how to preserve it best
23:48.02Jimdinventore.g.: copy the text to a new page and speedydelete the old one?
23:48.17g0urraFor non-templates you need another :
23:48.28g0urraI'm not sure if that goes for categories too
23:48.30pcjNot for Category pages
23:48.40pcjthe extra : denotes a namespace
23:49.43JimdinventorThis is the list of categories that I'm trying to rename right now:
23:49.57JimdinventorTheir new names are Category:<zone name> quests
23:52.11JimdinventorAh.  Of course.  Of course!!  *smacks self in head*
23:52.56Jimdinventorokay, I'll have the bot doing that in about 10 minutes
23:53.03JimdinventorThanks you very much :-) :-)

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