IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080701

00:00.33g0urra(Deletion log)‎ [Gourra‎ (43×)]
00:00.54kd3welcome to the "I'm spamming RC" club?
00:01.05g0urra"Wiki anti-viagra"
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00:05.49KirochiJag elskar säx
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00:07.47KirochiJag elskar säx
00:08.00g0urraDu älskar med saxar?
00:15.22KirochiI suck at swedish
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00:17.03Sandwichman2448That was the biggest spoiler I have ever seen.
00:17.44g0urraI don't know what you're talking about.
00:17.59Sandwichman2448I do not know... How much of the alpha was playable at WWI.
00:18.20Sandwichman2448g0urra:Good, then nothing is spoiled.
00:18.38Sandwichman2448Is that bad?
00:19.05g0urraEven if he got any information about it, he wouldn't be able to take any screenshots or pictures
00:19.23g0urraso no, it's not from the Worldwide Invitational
00:19.50Sandwichman2448Oh, the whistle was at the info.
00:20.12Kirochicouldn't play wotlk
00:20.21KirochiI didn't dare
00:20.29Kirochihad much more fun testing sc 2
00:21.31g0urraI got there first on sunday morning
00:21.46g0urra(wotlk test center)
00:22.15g0urraI really hated that bombing quest
00:22.22g0urradamn camera bug
00:22.28Sandwichman2448With the airplane?
00:22.37Kirochihow do you like my pic g0urra ?
00:23.01g0urratoo big
00:23.07g0urrareaches for the Delete button
00:23.19Kirochiaww cmon
00:24.53KirochiI can make it smaller
00:24.57Kirochidon't delete it
00:25.06KirochiI'll upload the lighter version
00:26.18g0urraNo sweat Kirochi
00:26.41Kirochitoo late
00:26.56Kirochinow I got a worthless small pic on my hard drive
00:27.08Kirochireaches for the Delete button
00:27.39g0urrawhy didn't you just copy the picture
00:27.57KirochiFUCK MAGELO
00:28.24g0urraYAY FOR ABP
00:29.27Kirochiyou met Gandraor!?
00:31.18Kirochiwhy did you add that pic then?
00:32.22g0urrait was there all along, just that it was linked instead of showing the image
00:32.58Kirochiah k
00:33.54KirochiI thought you'd met him and it would have pissed me off
00:34.08Kirochicause he knew I was looking for WoWwiki members
00:34.47Sandwichman2448is perplexed.
00:35.14g0urraKirochi, have you been able to sign up for the beta test?
00:35.29KirochiI told you, I don't want to play it
00:35.44KirochiI'll probably be giving my beta key out
00:35.53g0urrawell, my beta key doesn't work appearantly...
00:36.06g0urraI really, really hope I can't use it yet
00:37.05Kirochibeta won't be up till september I guess
00:37.08Kirochijust wait
00:38.42Kirochioh g0urra
00:38.44Kirochido you think
00:39.25g0urrayes, I think
00:39.28Kirochithis picture
00:40.00Kirochito this article?
00:40.11Kirochi(that's me on the right)
00:41.50Sandwichman2448Nice hood.
00:41.54g0urracrop it
00:42.01g0urraand let me get this straight
00:42.04Kirochiyou can't be serious :(
00:42.19g0urrawe can't get this stuff from the WWI card until later?
00:42.22g0urraat least patch 2.4.3?
00:42.43Kirochi<g0urra> and let me get this straight <= what was the sequel to this sentence?
00:43.01g0urraread up?
00:43.50Kirochiso this was a continuous speech
00:44.14Kirochiwell gandraor told me no beta was up as of today
00:46.55g0urralol americans, wanting Worldwide Invitational in the US
00:47.25Kirochiwhy not in anaheim too?
00:47.29Sandwichman2448 <-- Do you think I should try to make a navbox out of these.
00:47.36Sandwichman2448Is not that Blizzcon?
00:48.00Bagginswwgourra do you collect tcg cards?
00:48.16g0urraBagginsww, I will when I get my luggage tomorrow morning
00:48.30g0urraSandwichman2448, yes, which makes WWI in the US pointless
00:48.37Bagginswwahh well if you happen to come across bolvar fordragon card, we could use a nice scan of the artwork
00:48.46Sandwichman2448ruined the joke again.
00:49.09BagginswwWWI is a bad pun...
00:50.13Bagginswwbigger and higher resolution would  be better
00:50.24Bagginswwand without the watermark
00:50.34g0urrawell, it took a minute to find that on google
00:50.44BagginswwI've tried :(
00:51.30Kirochisry dude couldn't get my hand off
00:53.20Bagginswwsamwise looks like a dwarf
00:53.37g0urracompared to Koiter everyone look like a dwarf
00:53.43Sandwichman2448He seems to like them.
00:54.11BagginswwI think he said dwarfs were his second favorite race after pandas
00:56.26BagginswwYou'd think that blizzard employees would play both horde and alliance.
00:56.50Bagginswwor interchangable gm roles ;)
00:57.24Sandwichman2448What do they do in the stead?
00:57.50g0urraalso, samwise think that the best class is warriors
00:59.24g0urralooks to buy a new camera
01:00.19BagginswwI've always wondered if gm test features allow for strange class combinations like a Dwarf druid. or some such.
01:01.18Bagginswwsomething you couldn't normally get. not counting items that let you change races.
01:01.20foxlit" is the first Community Manager for World of Warcraft"
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01:18.54Sandwichman2448I see M1330 was bammed. What was the final thing that did it?
01:19.26BagginswwI had to go back over a bunch of his recent edits and revert them again... in his kesmana form
01:19.44BagginswwI haven't checked his M1330 recent edits yet...
01:20.03Bagginswwbut since he's been using both socks...
01:20.10Sandwichman2448I did not like his edits. He had problems.
01:20.22Sky2042Bagginsww: dwarves*
01:20.24Bagginsww90% of his edits were speculation
01:20.27Sky2042not "dwarfs"
01:20.51Bagginswwtechnically both plurals are valid. Tolkien created the "Dwarves" spelling though
01:21.11BagginswwDwarfs is the older plural
01:22.31Sky2042"ernerman English Multilingual Dictionary (Beta Version) - Cite This Source - Share This
01:22.33Sky2042dwarf1 [dwoːf] noun — plurals dwarfs, (rare) dwarves [dwoːvz]"
01:22.58Sky2042hot macaroni
01:23.07Sandwichman2448Most of both of his accounts' edits need to be undone. I (and Coobera too) was doing it, but it got to be too much too quickly and I just let the pages rot.
01:24.06*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
01:24.12BagginswwI hope he doesn't have any other accounts we don't know about :p
01:24.31Sandwichman2448It is easy to tell.
01:25.12Bagginswwnot sure why "dwarfs" is rare exactly... Snow white and the seven dwarfs? anyone?
01:25.23Sky2042g0urra: you checked the special:whatlinkshere on all those images and categories, right?
01:25.39Bagginswwdwarves is probably more popular though
01:25.55Sandwichman2448I use that.
01:26.04Sky2042not according to that dictionary.
01:26.29*** join/#wowwiki Nam (
01:26.55Bagginswwlol go to a different dictionary and it'll probably say something different :p
01:26.56foxlitWho is webster to tell me how to spell things?
01:27.16Bagginswwhe didn't quote webster
01:27.34Sky2042Bagginsww: none of the others mentioned anything on rarity of either of the words.
01:27.36foxlitsound of a quote you didn't recognize :)
01:27.45Bagginswwthat's the thing LOL
01:27.53Bagginswwhow we know that one dictionary was "accurate"?
01:28.23Bagginswwstatitistics can be flawed, or fixed...
01:28.39Bagginswwby fixed I mean the negative form of trickery definition ;)(
01:29.02*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (n=cyrillpi@
01:29.04foxlitby suggesting either you're introducing vast amounts of conspiracy resources into play
01:30.08Kirochidwarrows would be the eldest spelling
01:30.09Bagginswwnah actually anthropology tends to be against socialogists and stereotypes  because of flawed statistic readings
01:30.15Sky2042voluspo was actually named after something...
01:30.43Bagginswwyou build your statistics around one location it might not apply to another place
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01:31.07Bagginswwlike statistics for new york may not apply to new mexico
01:31.32Bagginswwso if the statistician was basing off of the one region alone it may have flaws to begin with
01:31.57foxlitany evidence to suggest that was the case?
01:32.03Bagginswwthe better statistics will be clear on where and who the statistics were taken from
01:32.17Kirochiok nitey
01:32.34Bagginswwto see how broad the statistics were.
01:33.00Bagginsww lol
01:34.02Sky2042Er, pcj, it's out of alpha...
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01:34.10Sky20428:05 User talk:Natoro (diff; hist) . .  (+1,692) . . Pcj (Talk | contribs | block) (New page: {{subst:User:Pcj/w}} ==WW:NDA== Please do not add unreleased content from the alpha. This is per WW:NDA. Continuing to post alpha content will be seen as vandalism and will resu...)
01:34.29Bagginswwthink of it this way if you took statisticsx in new mexico about who eats southwestern food, and then applied those statistics to mean average for the entire nation
01:34.33Bagginswwit would be flawed to begin with
01:35.01foxlitBaggins, I don't think anyone is arguing about that
01:35.10Bagginswwbecause its more likely for people in new mexico to eat southwestern food than people in New York. Because its more traditional in New Mexico
01:35.44pcjout of alpha?
01:36.02BagginswwMade in New  York City, get the rope.... ;)
01:36.13g0urraSky2042: where?
01:36.14Sky2042Isn't it? Multiple people have beta keys, so one would presume they can play said beta, no?
01:36.24g0urraSky2042: there's no beta yet
01:36.25Sky2042wonders if he is off his rockers.
01:36.28Bagginswwthey give out beta keys early for future beta
01:36.36foxlitkeys are for an unspecified game in the future
01:36.37Bagginswwthey did the same thing at other cons
01:36.47foxlitthere was a relatively recent build of wrath at wwi
01:36.58foxlitso some info could be gleamed from that
01:37.31foxlitBut I don't think that's a worthwhile path to pursue - it's in flux, and may end  up changing more frequently than we'll be able to get status updates because of the NDA
01:38.43Bagginsww so ya Tolkien made Dwarves more acceptable, but it predated him.
01:39.44Sky2042didn't realize he still had chary on ignore from last night.
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02:06.32Ackisomg lore after kj dies = sex
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02:15.42Sky2042oh mah god, GoldenEye music = sex.
02:16.16sacarasc = sex
02:18.00g0urrapcj: ??
02:18.09pcjwrong button
02:18.14pcjremain calm
02:18.47Sky2042pcj: how big a screen are you editing on?
02:19.53Sky2042no wonder you can fit so many buttons on your screen.
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04:03.29pcjis batman ripping off this whole death knight idea
04:07.04NCC-74656How did you know?
04:07.23pcjWell, it's not NCC-1701
04:07.27pcjnor an NX class
04:07.35pcjwhich eliminates all the other starring starships
04:07.51NCC-74656I'm just taking someone out on #wikipedia
04:07.53pcjso voyager was a safe bet
04:15.49pcjwell that was exciting
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05:51.09Sky2042World of Warcraft vs Microsoft Disk Cleaner
05:52.00Fisker-slaps Sky2042 around a bit with a large trout
05:52.12Sky2042sighs at Fisker-. No trouts tonight.
05:52.22kd3pokes ext3...
05:52.30kd3I <3 auto-defragmenting filesystems
05:53.01Sky2042Took the disk cleaner 45 minutes to compress WoW.
05:53.49Fisker-slaps kd3 around a bit with a large trout
05:54.01Fisker-wut u talking bout kd3?
05:55.02kd3there's no defragmenter tool for ext3... the filesystem does it by itself. since I've been using linux (5-6 years? at least?) I haven't defragged once
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08:26.54Fisker-weee Dotoff
08:26.57Fisker-my diablo 2 key works
08:33.40Fisker-Dotted owned
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09:54.28Osequestion: if you put {{<some page that is a redirect>}} on a page, will the page the target page is redirected to be transcluded?
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10:39.21Fisker-btw Dotted
10:39.30Fisker-den eurpæiske version af D2 skulle kunne downloades nu .o
10:50.50*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
11:08.02Fisker-jeg dræber dig
11:10.09*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
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11:13.23Osehow does your birthdate determine if you are attractive?
11:14.56*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
11:15.25Fisker-Dotted jeg voldtager dig
11:20.19*** part/#wowwiki Fisker- (
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11:20.28Fisker-fuck dig Ose :(
11:20.49Osedin mor?
11:20.59*** join/#wowwiki TheOther (
11:21.05Fisker-nu leavede jeg jo kanalen
11:21.06Fisker-pga dig
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11:24.37KalrothOse: Don't listen to Fisker, he's mentally challenged
11:24.47Oseooooooold news
11:25.08Fisker-i'm not EA Kalroth
11:25.20Fisker-i'll be Blizzard soon enough
11:25.33Fisker-snickers like a madman
11:44.49*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
11:45.36*** join/#wowwiki Movix (n=mattes@
11:47.03Fisker-not that i actually got a job at Blizzard
11:47.05Fisker-but i want one :(
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11:54.46pcjoh nos the internets are making fun of me
11:56.10pcjWang Cheng has the perfect remedy for athletes struggling to recover from injury during the Beijing Olympics. "Deer's penis,"
11:56.20pcj"Mix it with some alcohol, take it every one or two days, and you'll soon feel better,"
11:56.27pcjwait, how do you take it? orally?
11:57.54*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
11:58.26Dottedsends some DDoS in Fisker-'s direction
11:58.44Dottedapply for a job then you nub
12:01.25Fisker-well no position as an IS admin
12:01.30Fisker-probably the best one i can apply for :P
12:01.34Fisker-not much of a web developer
12:01.53Fisker-and i doubt they'll take in a newly graduated for IS Senior Admin :P
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12:19.07pcjoh he's here
12:20.58KirkburnHow goes?
12:21.30pcjPretty good
12:21.35g0urramorning Kirkburn
12:22.40*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
12:29.07Kalrothhi Kirky
12:30.48KirkburnHey Kal...y
12:31.31KalrothThere was some wikia dude destroying wowwiki here yesterday
12:31.44KirkburnI'm sure
12:31.52Kalrothoh, he's still here too
12:32.00Kalrothpoints at crucially .. ly
12:32.20KirkburnWhat was the result? Varnish or squid?
12:32.52KalrothHe didn't say, but wowwiki kept working so I think it was Varnish
12:35.41*** join/#wowwiki Guardix (i=martin_j@
12:38.23*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
12:44.42pcjkirkburn the sitenotice randomly keeps showing up
12:45.16KirkburnClearing your cookies?
12:50.57KalrothMan, the wowwiki poll is a bit scewed :)
12:51.20Kalroth43% of the voters play WoW for the lore, I bet that got nothing to do with the people visiting the site :P
12:51.50Kalrotherr, got lore as the best part of WoW
12:54.17*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
12:56.19*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth_ (
12:57.24*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
12:58.53Oseis WWI done?
12:59.32g0urrayes, 90 years ago
13:00.07KirkburnYeah, I got home yesterday
13:00.10g0urraKirkburn: I never saw you :(
13:00.12*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth_ (
13:00.53KirkburnDid you see Adys or Kirochi?
13:01.11pcjOh, you mean at WWI
13:01.19*** join/#wowwiki Nam (
13:01.27KirkburnThere's a (terrible) pic of us on Facebook
13:01.30g0urraI didn't know how they looked like :<
13:01.45g0urraToo many people with black hair and goatee..
13:01.57KirkburnI had a Wikia tshirt on all the time
13:02.11Osewhear  Rpic?
13:02.17OseR åic*
13:02.42Osewhear R pic Kirkburn?
13:03.18KirkburnI have no idea if this link will work:
13:03.33Oseanyone know how to work {{#ifexpr?
13:03.44andy912This content is currently unavailable
13:03.45andy912The page you requested can not be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page
13:03.50Osenead friend Kirkburn
13:04.05Fisker-o hai Kirkburn
13:05.13g0urraKirkburn: did you see any people with dark brown hair, glasses and grey Peak t-shirt?
13:06.14g0urraas in Peak Performance
13:06.32KirkburnHmm, not that I recall
13:06.37KirkburnYou'll have to come to Blizzcon :P
13:06.47infobotSTOP DOING THAT!
13:06.50KirkburnAnd this time, exchange mobile numbers
13:07.35Fisker-i am you
13:08.10g0urraKirkburn: yeah I was thinking of that, but I didn't get to talk to you before I went on thursday
13:08.24KirkburnYeah, I tried to find your on Thursday :P
13:08.59g0urraheh, well, my hotel sucked so it didn't manage to get an internet connection until monday
13:09.09g0urras/so it/so I/
13:09.41KirkburnActually, I would have had the same problem, were I not press
13:10.17*** join/#wowwiki Xochipilli (
13:10.29g0urrathinks wowwiki admins count as press
13:11.05g0urras/count/should count/
13:11.15XochipilliHey guys.
13:11.20g0urraget Xochipilli
13:11.29Kirkburng0urra, if only :P
13:13.57Kalroth_grabs Xochipilli and wanders off.
13:14.07*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
13:16.06Ose{{#ifexpr}} does not recognise {{CURRENTYEAR}} and etc as numbers?
13:16.35*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
13:16.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
13:17.14Osehullo Ragestorm
13:18.17RagestormWell, it is where I am at least.
13:18.51Ragestormis it?
13:18.53KirkburnOse, maybe gets parsed in the "wrong" order?
13:19.01KirkburnNo, but shush :P
13:20.34Kirkburni.e. maybe it doesn't insert the year as a number before it tries to work it out
13:20.45KirkburnI'm just guessing though
13:20.50Osewell can I do something about it?
13:20.57KirkburnI have no idea :)
13:22.12RagestormCAN you??
13:24.13KirkburnI HAVE no idea :)
13:24.58pcjose, link to a page where you're experiencing the problem or get out
13:25.12KirkburnEmphasising verbs IS fun.
13:25.24RagestormISN"T it?
13:26.12pcjWell, there's the problem, it's commented out
13:26.32Osebecause it didn't work...
13:27.46*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
13:28.09pcjose: working as intended
13:31.53Osewait a sec...
13:32.20Oseyou can't possbibly tell me it's the {{{parameters}}} it doesn't parse?
13:32.38pcjlet's see
13:33.40pcjworks fine
13:35.00*** join/#wowwiki pb_ee1 (
13:37.29*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
13:37.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v DuTempete] by ChanServ
13:37.39KirkburnMorning girlfriend :)
13:37.39pcjhi dutempete
13:38.10DuTempetemorning, boyfriend :D
13:38.19DuTempeteand hi pcj
13:38.56DuTempeteYou know, that Eirik guy really needs to try logging into IRC some day, especially for how vocal he can be :P
13:39.23*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
13:39.39pcjgod no
13:42.19RagestormWhat does he want now?
13:43.26RagestormIt's been ages since he's done anything in my department
13:46.17Fisker-morning girlfriend
13:46.44Fisker-rats, didn't work
13:47.00KirkburnRats usually work?
13:47.14Fisker-oh u
13:47.25Fisker-when i go work for blizzard i'll disable your account :(
13:47.27Fisker-mean Kirkburn
13:49.02DuTempeteyeah, Ragestorm, he's yapping about warlock stuff now
13:49.21DuTempeteso, I have to spend the next hour investigating this poop.
13:50.55*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
13:56.36RagestormHave fun.
13:58.14DuTempetehey, Kirkburn, guess what?
13:58.31DuTempeteYou're awesome.  I love you! ;)
13:58.50*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
13:59.04KirkburnLook what you did to Kaso
13:59.28KasoIt was you meddling with my wifi's hey?!
13:59.43pcjhey kirkburn guess what
14:02.54*** join/#wowwiki Kraps (
14:05.18Krapswhere is the exodar
14:05.39Fisker-hey Kirkburn guess what
14:05.48g0urranext to the intergalactic spaceship
14:06.31*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
14:06.35*** part/#wowwiki Skosiris (
14:06.47Fisker-exodar is the intergalactic spaceship :I
14:10.22Kraps"Why isn't World of Warcraft free?"
14:13.31KrapsWill joining the queue alone using the "First Available" option get me into Battlegrounds more quickly than entering as a group with the "Join as Group" option?
14:13.32KrapsYes. Think of it as being seated at a restaurant. If you show up at a restaurant with ten people, the staff must wait until there's room to seat you. This may take some time, depending on the crowd. If you request a table for one, however, you'll be seated much more quickly, as there's more room for just one person than ten people.
14:13.38pcjnice feedback!
14:14.49*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
14:15.26g0urrawtb World of Lost Vikings
14:15.40winkillertoo boring with 3 char classes and no races
14:15.46winkillerunless you count beard colors as races
14:16.08g0urrawinkiller: were you at the WWI? :P
14:16.58Kirkburng0urra, what did you think of the D3 announcement? :)
14:17.05Krapswhats the encyclopedia for/ its basically empty
14:17.26KirkburnKraps, official source of lore
14:17.42Krapsvery little lore
14:17.47KirkburnI think ... er ... we are partly responsible for killing it.
14:18.46KirkburnNot intentionally, of course, but it's way more efficient for them to let others do it
14:18.53Krapsi've seen many people complain that BC ruined warcraft lore
14:20.06KirkburnWell, they're idiots :)
14:20.25Fisker-noone got a link to the us blizzard authenticator?
14:20.29Fisker-btw Kirkburn
14:20.33Fisker-did you ask any questions?
14:21.38KirkburnBibi, you spell it "3rd" :P
14:21.52Fisker-yeah Kraps it's pretty lame
14:22.12Fisker-Especially the "omg 25 men taking down illidan!1"
14:22.32Fisker-You could probably take down illidan in WC3 with 25 grunts
14:22.58Fisker-The only reason people are even complaining is just because a person like illidan dies
14:23.15Fisker-Because they didn't care about warcraft until warcraft 3
14:23.26Krapsyeah thats one complaint i saw
14:23.51Fisker-i've never seen 25 night elf corpses take illidan or archimonde in WoW
14:24.42KirkburnBibi, always love how you add comic links to the end of posts - DLC rocks
14:25.03Krapsand then there's something about death knights being anti-lore
14:25.10Fisker-the current comics suck pretty much
14:25.41Fisker-death knight class calls @ Arthas
14:26.08BibiKirkburn : ouch.
14:26.17Bibifixed :/
14:26.51Fisker-fixed what?
14:27.13KirkburnNever you mind
14:27.28Fisker-oh u
14:27.58*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
14:27.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
14:29.15RagestormFisker, you'll find it was more like 2500 night elf "corpses" taking down Archimonde
14:29.32DuTempetewhat?!  I'm not gibbering... what's the criteria for that?! :(
14:30.13RagestormSomewhat more defined than the criteria for babbling.
14:30.29Fisker-old news Ragestorm
14:30.38Fisker-i forgot
14:30.42Fisker-the wisps actually kill archimonde
14:30.45Fisker-and they're not 2500!
14:30.59RagestormYou're right.
14:31.04RagestormMore line 25,000
14:31.10Fisker-i mean in-game
14:31.22Fisker-a couple of wisps come down from the trees and detonates @ archimonde
14:31.25RagestormI'm going by lore
14:31.47Fisker-Kirkburn btw
14:31.55Fisker-know how long the next doctor who episode is going to last?
14:31.59Fisker-i mean commercials included
14:32.08KirkburnWe don't have commercials
14:32.09sacarascBBC doesn't have commercials
14:32.22RagestormBBC recieves gov funding
14:32.22Kirkburn40 mins is normal though
14:32.31Fisker-yeah it's 65 minutes this time though
14:32.36BibiThey don't need commercials anymore
14:32.39Fisker-so 65 minutes after it starts :P
14:32.46BibiThey're getting a share of the money from all the additional ads on Wowwiki.
14:32.58RagestormBibi, they've never had commercials
14:33.05Fisker-wowwiki should be government funded
14:33.07RagestormI think they actually predate the idea
14:33.31KirkburnYup, afaik
14:33.33Fisker-didn't know BBC were the "national" tv-thingy :P
14:33.35RagestormThe funding technically comes from anybody owning a TV set
14:33.43Fisker-our national tv-station is non-commercial as well
14:33.57Fisker-and yeah license
14:34.03Ragestormthe Beeb has a Royal Chartert
14:34.09Fisker-our license is stupid though
14:34.16KirkburnWell, you /can/ own a TV set and not pay the license, so long as it doesn't receive live TV signals (e.g. for a game console).
14:34.16Fisker-it used to be just TV's
14:34.32Fisker-But if you own something that pretty much can display video then you've got to pay
14:34.48Fisker-so we have to pay if we own computers, mobile phones, etc.
14:34.55RagestormBBC started out with a radio liscence fee.
14:35.28RagestormThey're unstoppable
14:36.03Krapswhat do you guys think about last names for chars
14:37.46Krapsthe faq says they might add them
14:37.49DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 4555
14:39.50DuTempeteYou're going to name your character EX-TER-MIN-ATE, Ragestorm ?
14:40.29RagestormOnly if I can find an armor set that gives me that distinctly Dalek look
14:41.09Ragestorm(in actuality, I was typing in the wrong window)
14:43.52*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
14:48.00Dottedomg Fisker- didnt know BBC is like DR???????????????????
14:48.11*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
14:48.56Ragestorm??? Didn't know the BBC is like the Dominican Republic?
14:49.04DuTempeteI bet you could, Ragestorm.  There's got to be some plate with brass hemispheres all over it?
14:49.08DottedDanmarks Radio you pillock
14:49.34RagestormI've not been called that in years.
14:50.04Dottedyet i have no idea what it actually means
14:50.17RagestormDoes anyone at this point?
14:50.18Dottedjust know the word from raiding with brits for 2 years :/
14:50.31RagestormI was called a haddock once.
14:50.33DuTempetereally?  I've never heard of it before :P
14:50.36DuTempetea haddock?!
14:50.49DuTempeteKirkburn, what's a pillock?
14:51.03g0urra~wikipedia pillock
14:51.07KirkburnSomeone foolish
14:51.08DottedDuTempete you pillock
14:51.14RagestormYes. Someone was trying to call me a pillock, but apparently they wound up calling me a fish.
14:51.53g0urra~wikipedia haddock
14:51.55DuTempeteg0urra, what do I need wikipedia for when I have a British-English dictionary for a boyfriend?
14:52.06Dottedso i called Ragestorm testicles, nice....
14:52.09Fisker-slaps Dotted around a bit with a large trout
14:52.23Fisker-jeg dræber dig Dotted
14:52.28RagestormUse the haddock, it's more pungent.
14:52.30Dottedkan du ikke
14:52.34Fisker-husk at du kan downloade D2 nu :O
14:52.36Dottedfordi du fejler for hårdt
14:52.44Fisker-din mor Dotted
14:52.55Dottedhentede den før jeg kunne hente den
14:53.09Fisker-de har også fixed eu
14:53.15Dottedlidt ligesom SCC
14:53.30RagestormThey're off again.
14:53.42DottedSpore Creature Creator???
14:54.01g0urraSerpentCrone Cavern???
14:55.33Osemy calendar is phail
14:56.11OseRagestorm: want me to translate?
14:57.09RagestormThanks for the offer, but unless there is anything pertaining to the lore pages or directly insulting me, no.
15:02.15Osewho knows anything about {{#expr}} and {{#ifexpr}}? pcj?
15:02.32g0urrawhat Ose?
15:03.37Osecould I do some thing like; "if a is equal or bigger than b"? {{ifexpr:a>=b}}?
15:03.48*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
15:03.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
15:03.48*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:03.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
15:03.57*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:03.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj_2] by ChanServ
15:05.14OseI know about that page, but it doesn't tell me all I need
15:05.44*** join/#wowwiki crucially (n=sky@wikia/crucially)
15:06.32pcjwhat's your problem now ose
15:06.42g0urrawhat do you need then Ose
15:07.14Ose is phailing when I make earlier months
15:13.52pcjthe saurfang facts article is somewhat iffy
15:14.17Osewhooooooo are you? who-who? who-who?
15:19.02Oseif wikipage does not exist, it should link to
15:24.24g0urraOse you have ifexist with 3 "no" alternatives
15:24.27g0urrause switch
15:30.14*** join/#wowwiki streina (
15:30.59streinaHey all
15:33.00streinaDoes anyone know how to do MACROS for a Palladin? ~~k     Dio
15:33.10Krapswhat does a pug mean
15:33.20streinaHow goes it, this morning Kirkburn?
15:33.43KirkburnKraps, pick-up group
15:33.53Kirkburnstreina, very well, thanks
15:34.13Krapsas opposed to a guild group
15:34.19KirkburnKraps, yup
15:34.38streinaTY :-)
15:39.50*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
15:39.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
15:40.02winkillermacros are mostly overrated imo
15:40.16winkillernothing beats a focus/sheep-macro, ok
15:42.01winkiller <- shouldn't it be "Let's talk.
15:43.31foxlitWe use that as a test to figure out who shouldn't proofread articles
15:44.26winkillerTemplate:Grc/Inner <- who deleted it? :(
15:44.35winkillermy APB outbot is broken now
15:44.47foxlitYou should be able to look it up, tbh
15:44.51pcjLink your page
15:44.56streinaWell...I';m just a LOW LVL noob, but, they come in handy for "Multiple Targets", as far as, NOT having to DOUBLE-click                                                                     MUL,,,,,,<<<<
15:45.16foxlitWas pcj
15:46.12winkillerand I'm not the only one usin it
15:46.41Fisker-foxlit you know a good place to get a job ;_;
15:46.52pcjthere, is fixed
15:49.53*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
15:50.01DottedFisker- go to AF
15:50.20Dottedheard they have jobs for someone like you too
15:51.06Fisker-oh u Dotted
15:51.15Dottedyes me
15:51.17Dottedi said it
15:51.22Krapsi know, as a warrior, i will eventually have to tank, but i tried it once, and it takes SO LONG till the mob dies
15:51.22Dottedits out in the open
15:52.05Krapsso I'd rater dps
15:53.23NAK-streinaDoes anyone use bitchx, as an IRC lient?
15:53.40*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
15:53.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:54.47pcjwinkiller: apb is offline, so i wouldn't really expect any automated updates if you still plan on using that
15:54.56winkillerI know
15:55.06winkillerno time to manually switch
15:55.19winkillerstill decently accurate :)
15:56.34DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 10886
15:58.58*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
15:58.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
16:05.44Fisker-hej Dotted
16:06.08Fisker-lad os 31108
16:07.14Dottedsorry but my mom just came down in my basement and said dinner was ready :(
16:10.26Kirkburncrucially, ping
16:10.55*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
16:11.01KirkburnWhat was the outcome of the varnish stuff?
16:13.04g0urraOse, now
16:13.13g0urraI just took away all the ifexpr
16:14.37g0urrafun fun
16:14.59Osenow all the says of the months link to 01...
16:16.07*** join/#wowwiki streina_ (
16:16.31Oseand the calendar of the current month link to non-existant (future) pages, which was what the ifexprs where supposed to stop
16:17.15g0urrawtf Ose
16:17.49Oselink to the latest comic?
16:18.37g0urraOse, it means that every day will link to the same day.
16:19.08Oseworking on it, but I keep getting in editconflicts with you
16:19.12winkillerwtf, Horde is winning 100% of 51-60 AV here
16:19.17g0urrahow about {{{år|{{CURRENTYEAR}}}}}
16:20.04g0urrathere, it works
16:21.52Oseyou have to use {{CURRENTDAY2}}
16:22.35Oseor, atleast in the pages/urls
16:23.26*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
16:23.34g0urrayou're welcome
16:24.12Osesorry, i'm just annoyed that it's still not doing what I want
16:24.45g0urra<Ose> if wikipage does not exist, it should link to
16:25.05Ose[18:15]<Ose>and the calendar of the current month link to non-existant (future) pages, which was what the ifexprs where supposed to stop
16:25.29Osethere is a link to the comic of 31st. Jule
16:33.55Oseinfobot, congratulate me
16:33.56infobotACTION congratulates ose on being a new owner of a $500 brick.
16:35.46DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 13235
16:38.39Krapsheh. looks like every tuesday there will be "OMG IS THE PATCH OUT TODAY" threads on the forums.
16:39.52Osepcj, didn't you make js/ajax table thingy that would let you load a page, then the next and so on?
16:40.04pcjwhat do you mean
16:40.27OseI don't know how to err... articulate what I mean...
16:40.39pcjthen i don't know how to answer
16:43.50*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
16:44.07Osewell the idea was that I could put an "previous month" button on (and I vaguely remember you working on some table with a simmilar function)
16:47.58Ose{{Multipage}} <--- pcj
16:47.58DottedOse meant:
16:48.28pcjDoesn't work on IE, sadly
16:48.37pcjIt might, but I can't be arsed
16:49.35*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
16:51.04Osepcj: what exactly is it's function?
16:51.13Oseyou didn't put up any documentation
16:51.18pcj is the example
16:51.23pcjBut it only works in firefox
16:51.31pcjSo not much point in documenting it
16:52.09OseI have fx, but that doesn't make me any wiser
16:52.30Oseall I see is "test" and three links in the corner
16:53.05pcjLook at the source then
16:53.17pcjIt loads data from
16:54.27pcjAlso, I never loaded the JS for everyone
16:54.52*** join/#wowwiki yaz0r (
16:55.02*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/pdpc.silver.Charitwo)
17:09.24g0urralawl, a guy who levels 5 orc shamans by multiboxing
17:10.33winkillerg0urra: seems your char thingy is as broken as mine
17:10.42winkillerpcj: how did you fix it? :P
17:10.49pcjfix what
17:10.51g0urraoh great
17:11.09pcjwhere is it broken this time
17:11.31*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
17:11.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
17:11.33pcjyou subst'd it gourra
17:11.35winkilleror my cache fails me
17:12.40pcjfixed now
17:13.07*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:13.23*** part/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:13.36winkillercare to enlighten me how? if I see it again
17:14.37winkillerah thanks
17:14.43winkillerdidn't see any diff on my page..
17:15.39g0urrathat's because yours is being pulled through a template
17:15.48KirkburnEmail I just got: "CVs should focus on achievements, plus all the graduate job deadlines coming up soon"
17:16.00KirkburnSounds like rather an expansive and boring CV, that
17:16.32DuTempeteUmm... CVs should focus on what's best about you
17:16.46DuTempeteCVs are sales pitches, not specs.
17:17.44winkillerg0urra: "a" template? over niiiiiineeee thousaaaaand
17:17.45DuTempeteand what exactly does "graduate job deadlines" mean, anyway?
17:20.46Oseg0urra: see calendars?
17:20.58Oseno links to future days :D
17:21.34g0urrayup under "For et år siden"
17:22.30g0urralook under "For et år siden"
17:23.03Oseyou do know what "For et år siden" means?
17:23.06Ose teehee
17:23.14g0urrano, I don't know norwegian
17:24.22Oseit means: one year ago...
17:24.48Oseif you took a look at the links, you'd see "2007"
17:24.56*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
17:24.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
17:27.47Osefisker-, dotted:
17:28.08OseI had a conversation to one of you about windows yesterday
17:29.13Ose (walkover)
17:31.20g0urrammm WWI mousepad
17:32.10winkillerg0urra, I'm gonna ninja your ninja'd char layout now
17:32.19winkillerdon't think APB will ever come back
17:32.31winkillerand I cba to fix it myself
17:33.49OseNam: ?
17:35.18winkiller9 admins on, must be record :P
17:36.25pcjperfect time for vandal spam
17:36.32pcjbut of course adys doesn't count
17:37.15winkillerAdys can be meaner than 3 random other ones
17:37.21*** kick/#wowwiki [winkiller!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (Adys)
17:37.29*** join/#wowwiki winkiller (
17:37.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v winkiller] by ChanServ
17:37.31pcjlol autojoin
17:37.34winkillersee? :)
17:37.39winkillerautojoin? I can type...
17:37.47winkillerfeeds Adys cookies
17:37.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!*] by Adys
17:37.47*** kick/#wowwiki [Nam!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (Adys)
17:37.57Adysoff to bed its 38 degrees here
17:37.58pcji was enjoying that
17:38.08winkillersee ya
17:38.30winkillerwould love to know if Nam is male or female
17:38.50pcjwell your mom recorded it
17:40.01*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
17:44.18*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
17:47.05KyrinI thought 06:59 -!- Nam [] has joined #Wowwiki
17:47.27Kyrinwaited almost 5 hours to unleash himself...
18:02.28*** join/#wowwiki xnyhps (n=xnyhps@2001:470:1f14:da:1:3:3:7)
18:10.17Charitwog0urra: here?
18:10.55Charitwo# Uncommon World Drops (3 members) <--- exists
18:10.56Charitwo# Uncommon world drops (315 members) <--- doesnt exist
18:10.58Charitwoneither is in incorrect categories (which one is correct)
18:11.22g0urraThe latter one
18:21.37*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
18:25.59KirkburnWe're decapping most categories
18:26.48Fisker-Junior Network and Security Administrator
18:27.44Fisker-i wonder what they mean by junior :P
18:27.48Fisker-i'm noones junior :(
18:33.41winkillerwhere I work the people with a degree in CS but no work experience are junior developer
18:33.55winkillerand I'm a "Developer" although not finished studying :)
18:34.52Fisker-Almost think i should apply
18:35.09Fisker-My linux is a bit rusty, but heck if it's only monitoring you'll only need to remember a handful of commands anyways
18:35.31Fisker-that way i can also mentally harass Aeus
18:39.58Charitwowho dares edit conflict charibot
18:44.06Charitwo# (diff) (hist) . . mb Neeloc Greedyfingers‎; 14:42 . . (0) . . JIM the Bot (Talk | contribs) (Sentence case catfix AWB)
18:48.39Charitwohe was doing the same category i was >_<
18:49.02Charitwohe needs to be on IRC to avoid overlap
18:49.21pcjor you could just not do that
18:49.50*** join/#wowwiki Jimdinventor (
18:49.58Charitwoi started on Game Characters first lol
18:50.13JimdinventorYup, I switched when I noticed the conflicts
18:50.23JimdinventorEnjoy. :-)
18:50.31JimdinventorI'm working on Enchantments now.
18:50.49Charitwoi am doing Jewelcrafting Designs after this is finished
18:51.25JimdinventorA sizable category. *smile*  You really sliced'n'diced the I.C. list yesterday.
18:51.45CharitwoI think the larges one I did yesterday was Quest Items
18:51.48foxlitis the stuff you're doing marked with correct2category?
18:51.59Charitwofoxlit: that's the category i'm working off of yes
18:52.08JimdinventorYes, Foxlit -- although the Enchantment ones I'll be working on next are not.
18:54.30JimdinventorBah.  Virtual Memory warning.
18:54.38foxlitevil plans set in motion, then
18:56.31Charitwoi think when I did that Quest Items, by the time it was nearly finished, I couldn't even unminimize the program, I had to end task and reopen to get back in and start another category
18:56.41Jimdinventorheh heh heh heh
18:56.44winkillerwhat happened to Image:Icon-imagedelete-48x48.png?
18:57.01*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
18:57.01pcjNothing on the deletion log
18:57.17winkillermaybe this tiem DarkRyder is to blam then :D
18:57.26pcjWell, it previously existed
18:57.32pcjBut it doesn't show up on the log
18:57.33*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
18:57.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
18:57.41FoxbotThere are currently 0 queued operations.
18:57.48winkillerone more annoying question
18:58.08winkiller<imagelink>foo.png</imagelink> - how do I find this? There's not Image:foo
18:58.19winkillerand the url could be any of /x/y/
18:59.44winkiller <- not showing, right?
19:00.02pcjShows for me
19:00.20winkillerthe herbalism icon?
19:00.22JimdinventorYes - looks like Nature's Reach
19:00.31winkillerempty png for me
19:00.34winkillerkicks cache
19:01.08JimdinventorThat's strange -- but the other one you pointed out, the DeleteIcon - I saw that it was missing too
19:01.21*** join/#wowwiki xnyhps_ (n=xnyhps@2001:470:1f14:da:1:3:3:7)
19:01.35Jimdinventoroh, but now it appears to be back
19:01.56Jimdinventoras ... Image:Icon-error.svg?
19:02.11winkillerthis is strange
19:02.15winkillerreally strange
19:02.59pcjkirkburn wasn't there a way to see deleted images
19:03.48winkiller - not logged in
19:04.03winkillerHeader, Image, AD, "svg?(SVG file, nominally 48 × 48 pixels, file size: 9 KB)"
19:04.17winkillerthen AD again, and "do not delete this image"
19:04.58Kirkburnpcj, yes
19:05.21pcji can't find it
19:05.23KirkburnSame way as articles, except they come up under "File history", below the article one
19:05.41*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (n=Boubouil@unaffiliated/bibi)
19:05.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi`] by ChanServ
19:05.54pcjok kirkburn what about
19:06.01pcjdid someone just create an image page then
19:07.11KirkburnNot sure
19:07.28KirkburnIf it was deleted previous to the upgrade that would do it
19:07.58Fisker-can i be janitor? :o
19:08.08Fisker-I'll rename my username to Scruffy
19:08.21winkiller <- is that normal?
19:09.05winkillerFisker-: you'd be Willy (the redhaired scotsman)
19:09.06pcjIt is for the monaco skin
19:10.17Fisker-noes winkiller
19:10.21Fisker-i'm more of a scruffy type
19:10.39winkillerJimdinventor: sorry to bug you. but - professions, 2nd row, does it show a gerbalism icon for you?
19:10.56winkiller.oO( gerbilism ) yay
19:11.49Kyrin(Can't contact the database server: Unknown error (
19:12.15Kyrinwowwiki hath a problem!
19:12.29g0urra<Kyrin> (Can't contact the database server: Unknown error (
19:12.57Kyrini hit reload and it seems to be loading... the title bar has changed to the name of the article anyway...
19:13.18Kyrinnow the page is blank while rendering content being recieved... i think
19:13.20sannsethe Ops guys are looking...
19:13.46Kyrinjust slow as a bear turd in the arctic, eh?
19:14.01KirkburnThat's a ... new onw
19:14.04winkillerKyrin: you broke it, you fix it :)
19:14.47winkillerg0urra: so thanks for saving me the work on that char thing :>
19:15.06pcjhey guys the wiki isn't working
19:15.24cruciallyworking on it
19:15.35pcjmy poor bot has 19k articles to go through still
19:15.43pcji can't be subject to these sorts of delays
19:15.49KirkburnMy poor watchlist >_<
19:16.14g0urrawinkiller: what profs as a rogue?
19:16.30pcjtailoring and alchemy
19:17.02winkillerI had skin/lw
19:17.17g0urrahmm I got my druid with that
19:17.22winkillerstill quite ok with it
19:17.28winkillerherb/alch is easy, cheap and never bad
19:17.46winkillermine/engi is a major moneysing but the head is nice
19:17.58g0urrathe only prof I don't have is blacksmithing, but I'm not going to get that...
19:18.02pcjur mom is a major money sink but the head is nice
19:18.11winkillermy war is 375 engi/BS :D
19:18.15g0urramaybe I'll dump herbalism on my warrior and pick blacksmithing instead
19:18.36winkillerwe had a tailor warrior apply yesterday
19:18.44winkillerpeople are already laughing at him in his app :P
19:19.05g0urramobydic rerolled? :P
19:19.05Kirkburn|afkDiablo II time
19:19.08Kirkburn|afkWhat class?
19:19.21cruciallywe are back
19:19.31Fisker-pally's are only awesome when you twink them
19:19.34Fisker-sorc or barb imo
19:19.34Kirkburn|afkWhat class for D2, silly
19:19.39Fisker-omg Kirkburn|afk
19:19.42Fisker-you don't know D2
19:19.46Fisker-there's a paladin in D2
19:20.01g0urracrucially, unless it's verrrrrrrrry slow it's not up
19:20.18pcjit's up
19:20.25cruciallyurl ?
19:20.37Kirkburn|afkFisker-, um ... yeah. Er ... <runs away>
19:20.52Kirkburn|afkLooks okay here
19:21.16winkillercrucially: btw, are you TOR's replacement because we exhausted him? :D
19:21.25g0urrayup loaded now
19:21.39cruciallyi only break stuff
19:21.51kd3breaking stuff is fun
19:22.02kd3looks at his little test-wiki and shudders
19:22.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
19:24.05g0urrathere's a level 8 orc warrior here called Gromnir
19:24.38Kirkburn|afkTOR is tech dev, crucially is ops :)
19:25.04Kirkburn|afkWho has the greater chance of breaking us? Not sure :P
19:25.40Kirkburn|afkcrucially could certainly wipe us from the net, but TOR could probably turn us into a Kitten wiki.
19:25.55winkillerg0urra: where?
19:26.01pcjNeither would really be that hard
19:26.01g0urrain Durotar
19:26.18g0urrawhen I'm on my rogue alt Gorumnir :p
19:27.15g0urrait's that my 70 warrior's name is Groumnir, and he's Gromnir >.>
19:27.23winkillerlevelling my ally rogue atm
19:27.35winkilleror better, trying to win 1 AV for quest reward mace :(
19:27.40winkiller100% loss till now
19:28.05g0urrawell, horde lose AB and WSG most of the time
19:32.26Kirkburn|afkSo, paladin on D2? Hmm
19:32.33Kirkburn|afkI think I played that before
19:33.51AdysIs there a wireless version of the g15 somewhere?
19:34.02Adysi dont care about the screen, just the backlit keys and g-keys really
19:35.13Adysbah stupid
19:37.53Fisker-weird that someone haven't made some kind of wireless adapter for usb keyboards
19:38.10foxlitpower, you fool
19:38.20Jimdinventorhmm, someone has a category here called "Spellpower Augments".  This category will be corrected due to capitalization, but I think the name itself is not broad enough given what it contains
19:38.38Jimdinventorit has food, enchantments, augments, and potions in it
19:38.48Oseinfobot, 6/12^20
19:38.52Fisker-foxlit i didn't know it was impossible to have transmitters with a power source
19:39.09Oseinfobot, 6/12
19:39.40Adysinfobot, 1/0
19:39.41infobotOH SHI--
19:39.44Oseinfobot, 0.5^20
19:39.56Jimdinventor*lol* at zero divide response
19:40.04pcjinfobot, sqrt(4)
19:40.14Osehmm... I think I am the phail here, not infobot
19:40.15Adysinfobot, 10//20
19:40.30pcjinfobot, 4^-2
19:40.36Adysinfobot, 10**20
19:40.50pcjinfobot, -1^-2
19:41.09pcjinfobot, 4^(0-2)
19:41.13pcjso wrong
19:41.30infobotjust -1!
19:42.02Adysinfobot, 338**-2^(501/3)/(2-(1+1))
19:42.15pcjinfobot, lim(x^2) as x->infinity
19:42.27pcjdumb bot
19:42.34Adysinfobot, 338**-2
19:42.40Adysinfobot, (501/3)/(2-(1+1))
19:42.58Adysinfobot, 3/1-1
19:43.03Adysinfobot, 3/(1-1)
19:43.12Adysinfobot, (1-1)
19:43.17Adyswell fuck you
19:43.21g0urrainfobot, 1-1
19:43.28pcjinfobot, 1-2
19:43.32pcjinfobot, 2-2
19:43.39g0urrainfobot, 2-3
19:43.40pcjinfobot, 2-0
19:43.47pcjinfobot, 1000-1000
19:43.49Adyshe cant output zero
19:43.53Adysit seems. ^^
19:44.04pcjinfobot, 0
19:44.04infobot0 is probably 1, or 0, or a number damnit!!
19:44.11Adysinfobot, -1+1
19:44.15Adysinfobot, -1+2
19:44.23Adysinfobot, -0
19:44.29pcjinfobot, 0*3
19:44.32Adysinfobot, 0+0
19:44.43Adysinfobot, c++
19:44.55AdysRight thats enough
19:44.57Adyshave fun Teomyr
19:45.00pcjinfobot, ((1+2+3+4)/10)-1
19:45.46g0urrainfobot, infobot
19:45.47infobotg0urra, I love abuse, feed me!, or an interactive bot that can learn all sorts of information (
19:46.16pcjinfobot, infobot-infobot
19:46.53Adysinfobot 10^100
19:47.01Adysinfobot 10**100
19:47.02infobota number with quite a few digits...
19:47.38Adysinfobot (10**100)**(10**100)
19:48.12Adysinfobot inf-1
19:48.13pcjinfobot, (.)(.)
19:48.23infobotboobies are always fun to play with, or very big
19:48.57infobotboobs are awesome
19:49.09infobotgood wings! ;)
19:49.20infobotfrom memory, <3 is not >4, or not 3, or the emulation of a love symbol
19:49.47infobotIt's a kitty!
19:50.55g0urrastupid bot, it's JESUS CHRIST
19:51.20Adys~stupid bot
19:51.21infobotStupid human.
19:51.25Adys~dumb bot
19:51.26infobotstupid human
19:51.30infobotmethinks adys is a 16 years old female swedish blonde hottie!
19:51.46*** join/#wowwiki dJe781 (
19:52.06Adysinfobot, no, adys is <reply>16/f/CA
19:52.06infobotAdys: okay
19:52.28Kirkburn|afkShe's moved to California!
19:52.33AdysHell yeah !
19:52.57Adysinfobot, no!
19:52.57infobotrumour has it, no! is this a bad thing?
19:53.01pcjinfobot, asl
19:53.02infobotOld enough, yes please, my place.
19:53.17*** join/#wowwiki Keofox (
19:59.50winkillerhaha, so awesome
20:00.09winkiller59 mage in AV with 3 devout pieces and +5 weapon damage on staff
20:00.34pcj"Pack of cigarettes ignites 200-person ruckus at Fort Myers gas station"
20:01.38g0urrathose Jones and Rodriguez must be twins
20:01.43pcji guess ignorance really is bliss
20:02.49Kirkburn|afkFor that cigarettes article - I notice Jones and Rodriguez look rather similar
20:03.02g0urraÄIt found increased happiness from 1981 to 2007Ä
20:03.07g0urra"It found increased happiness from 1981 to 2007"
20:03.38*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
20:06.23Ose"My plea to Americans... STOP the radical left from turning our country into a socialist state. The liberals do not care what you want. The liberals have their own needs, dreams, ideas about what is good for you and right for everyone else and they are ruining your chance to live your life in your short 80 years."
20:07.17*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (n=cyrillpi@
20:07.32amroand capitalists don't have their own needs and dreams?
20:07.59Osethe US' "radical left" is propably something like the norwegian center-right parties
20:08.19Fisker-hoho Ose
20:08.39amroI don't get the political "left/right" designations
20:09.02amrosounds like football positions to me
20:09.06Osewe have a political party named "Venstre" (lit: left). guess what side it is on
20:09.19amrodo you have a party called defensive midfielder?
20:09.28*** part/#wowwiki Jimdinventor (
20:09.38Osenow, but we have both right and left
20:09.59Oseoh, and there's the "center-party"
20:10.33amroup till about 15 years ago we had one party
20:10.50amroand one presidential candidate
20:10.59amrovoting was simple
20:11.14g0urrawhere do you live, zimbabwe?
20:11.19amronope, algeria
20:11.36amroat one point it was a socialist dictatorship. those were the good days
20:13.59g0urraso what do you think will be the reward from worldwide invitational card?
20:14.10g0urraI hope it's not another friggin murloc
20:14.31Adysbear cub
20:14.31pcjpink murloc
20:14.31pcjcall him Purky
20:14.31Adystheres already one pcj
20:14.37AdysYup. :p
20:14.41Adysand I have it :D
20:15.04foxlitquick, call WWF on Adys
20:15.16Adysits too late
20:15.18AdysIm going.
20:15.20g0urraisn't that lurky?
20:15.33*** join/#wowwiki AFKTempete (
20:15.34*** join/#wowwiki Thrae (
20:15.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+vv AFKTempete Thrae] by
20:15.51Adysgurky i think
20:17.17Fisker-well they need a new vendor for it
20:17.21Fisker-so it may be something different
20:17.41g0urrawell there's patch 2.4.3
20:18.14g0urraPicnic Basket, Romantic Picnic Basket..which one to choose..
20:18.22Fisker-romantic imo
20:18.37g0urraheck, why not use both
20:21.08g0urra"Canada and Sweden also rank above the United States"
20:37.32Fisker-so you're a paladin
20:43.22g0urradid the name show it?
20:51.34*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn1 (
20:53.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
20:55.25Krapswhats the better soloing build for a rogue; assas or combat
20:58.49FoxbotThere are currently 0 queued operations.
21:00.57DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 28630
21:02.15FoxbotThere are currently 20 queued operations.
21:02.16*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
21:04.57pcj!item 18228
21:05.03FoxbotCouldn't save wiki page [Autographed_Picture_of_Foror_&amp;_Tigule]
21:05.07pcjhuh, wonder why not
21:05.45OseKirkburn you there?
21:06.47Oseanyone think looks messy?
21:07.06g0urra!item 2420
21:07.14FoxbotTooltip saved, g0urra, view at
21:08.09g0urra!item 35071
21:08.19FoxbotTooltip saved, g0urra, view at's_Pummeler
21:10.33*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
21:10.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
21:10.34*** join/#wowwiki ANTRat (
21:11.20g0urrayay broken categorization
21:13.24Bagginswwbtw Rolandius won't listen to me, even if I try to explain to him what not to do... Now that it seems that he's bought the rpg books, can someone tell him he shouldn't create articles for every single item in the books? This is the same kind of stuff we got onto Zacolj for...
21:15.43Sandwichman2448Why can not you?
21:15.59BagginswwI've tried to tell him, but he never acknowledges it
21:16.00Sandwichman2448reads the first line of what you said.
21:16.07Bagginswwfandy has tried to tell him too
21:16.14Bagginswwand ragestorm...
21:16.17Sandwichman2448That is bad.
21:16.29Bagginswwya we have banned him already partly for that action
21:16.54Bagginswwand yet he wouldn't even listen when we tried to explain to him reasons behind not doing it ...
21:16.58Bagginswwhe just argued and argued
21:17.34BagginswwHe basically said in no short of a term he'd ignore me, and thanks I'm a vandal :p
21:17.53Bagginswwbecause I deleted articles he created
21:18.16Sandwichman2448I still have that text.
21:18.44Sandwichman2448From when someone had the nerve to put you on the list that one time.
21:18.49*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn1 (
21:18.51Bagginswwand he accused me of deleating stuff I just moved around to better positions in the article
21:18.56Sandwichman2448It is just funny how stupid it is.
21:19.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
21:19.22Bagginswwya sandwich
21:19.33Sandwichman2448Well he seems like a problem.
21:19.37Bagginswwand have you seen how poor his articles rea?
21:19.57Bagginswwhe makes a one sentence, doesn't even explain what the sentence means
21:20.01Sandwichman2448One was just a picture.
21:20.09DottedBagginsww meant:
21:20.32BagginswwIf I was going as far to create an article for that character I'd put more detail in it than that :p
21:21.03Bagginswwand yes I intend to make articles for these characters, but when I have the time... and can actually take the time to do the articles justice
21:21.38Sandwichman2448it is rather bare.
21:21.48pcjLOL User [[User:Foxbot]] used edit summary "cock" [[Cockroach]] (+37) Diff: "Bot; tiponly; item 10393 (Cockroach) requested by pcj"
21:22.00Bagginswwhe won't even put up the stub notice...
21:22.07Fisker-slaps Dotted around a bit with a large trout
21:22.18Fisker-hvis du sux indkasserer du ikke 2000kr når du passerer start
21:22.21Bagginswwadditionally I noticed he creates articleds with capitalized names that shouldn't be
21:22.29Fisker-og jeg kan se du ikke indkasserede 2000kr
21:22.34Sandwichman2448What can i do about it?
21:22.36BagginswwI remeber distinctly warning him about that
21:23.47Bagginswwwell keep track of him, if he you catch him in a real violation let someone know. Violation list it. He's getting very close to m1330 style of editing...
21:24.09Bagginswwbut still we need to make sure all the admins know of his actions
21:24.13*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
21:24.25Bagginswwso it doesn't seem that I'm "picking" on him alone...
21:24.51BagginswwI'm not trying to pick on him, but several of us have noticed his weaknesses..
21:25.09BagginswwI was one of the first that tried to explain to him what we don't do...
21:25.22Bagginswwso he thinks I'm "picking on him" or singling him out
21:25.38Bagginswwoh its bad enough that he uses strawmen arguements...
21:25.56Bagginswwif you try to correct him, he'll basically said well someone else did it, so why do I get singled out
21:26.02Fisker-slaps Bagginsww around a bit with a large trout
21:26.05Fisker-someone else did do it
21:26.14Bagginswweats trout with lemon juice
21:26.20Sandwichman2448It was not me.
21:26.40Bagginswwthen he uses that as a excuse
21:26.51Bagginswwto continue his actions
21:27.20*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
21:27.20*** join/#wowwiki Norsken ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
21:27.20*** join/#wowwiki JohnMahowald ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
21:28.18Sandwichman2448Yeah, caps are wrong.
21:28.47Bagginswwwe have an article for clockwork...
21:28.53Bagginswwcare to redirect that?
21:29.07Bagginswwthe terms mean the exact same thing :p
21:30.17Bagginswwthat's really another proble I noticed, any slight variation in spelling and he creates two articles...
21:30.35Sandwichman2448Which one is right?
21:30.48Bagginswwboth are
21:30.51Bagginswwthey are alternate spellings
21:31.01Sandwichman2448Redirect is which then?
21:31.03Bagginswwkinda like cojuror and conjurer
21:31.12Bagginswwwhich is the bigger article ;)
21:31.17BagginswwClockwork p
21:31.47BagginswwI think Clockwerk might be a goblin spelling variation, but not sure
21:31.56Bagginswwsorta germanic
21:32.20Bagginswwif he attacks you or puts you up on the violation list, let us know...
21:32.40Sandwichman2448I will.
21:33.30Sandwichman2448The worst person to attack me was LOLBANE.
21:34.36Sandwichman2448Read his edits?
21:34.46Bagginswwoh and if you can fix those character names articles and check the short stories article to see if they come from short stories... If they do he gave the articles the wrong template
21:35.21Bagginswwno I don't remember LOLBANE
21:35.57Bagginswwbut a name like that in caps seems like the user has issues..
21:36.49Sandwichman2448It is good you do not remember him. What is the alternative to a short story? I assume that is the little stories in the RPG.
21:37.04Bagginswwthe short fiction yes
21:37.15g0urraSandwichman2448, good thing we don't have anonymous edits
21:37.32BagginswwI've gone through and catalogged the short stories
21:37.35Bagginsww[[short stories]]
21:37.35DottedBagginsww meant:
21:37.42Bagginswwit should list all character names involved
21:38.32Bagginswwhmm I think he might have mislinked a name...
21:38.36Sandwichman2448Gourra: LOL
21:38.57Bagginswwor I mispelled the name in the short story article
21:39.01BagginswwI'd have to go check
21:40.57BagginswwI think he might have mixed up two rpg characters
21:41.13Bagginswwwell short story characters in the rpg
21:41.21BagginswwGarnett and Gamett are seperate
21:42.00BagginswwI'm going to check the spelling
21:42.20g0urratwo blood elves taking down a pit lord ..
21:42.41Fisker-initiates Bagginsww's self destruct sequence
21:44.14Sandwichman2448gets marshmellows.
21:44.20Bagginswwok he spelled it right, its one of those font things where r and n can look like an m with certian font types and if your reading it as fine print
21:44.35Sandwichman2448rn = m
21:45.38Sandwichman2448I have no idea what I ment by that.
21:48.03*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
21:48.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
21:49.25OseHappy Meal Wiki?
21:49.26Bagginswwahh ragestorm
21:49.31Bagginswwwe were discussing rolandius again
21:49.55BagginswwHe's apparently bought the rpg books and is procedding to create articles for every single random item...
21:50.03Kirkburn|afkOse, don't judge :P
21:50.13RagestormHe has the money for such a venture?
21:50.25Ragestormthe only thing I've seen him add is DF...
21:50.28Bagginswwor he's pirating them... somehow
21:50.50RagestormFor a psychotic D&D geek, it's not that hard
21:50.57BagginswwI think he added something from More Magic and Mayhem
21:51.25RagestormI'm still trying to decide what to do about Alikufyren
21:51.43Bagginswwwell I've never played D&D in my life only got the books because of my Warcraft fandom.
21:52.12Bagginswwtsk tsk
21:52.14RagestormOse: The one who adds every concievable relative, often not confirmed, to the relatives section of the infobox
21:52.42Bagginswwgourra that might be against our pirating policy but I won't get onto you ;)
21:52.46RagestormBagginsww: the Warcraft RPG books are virtually identical to D&D sourcebooks in purpose and piracy level
21:53.00Bagginswwhah hah I believe you
21:53.09RagestormI'd rather die than torrent an RPG book
21:53.17Bagginswwthey are compatible with D&D 3.5
21:53.17KalrothIt's called a backup, you're doing the company a favor, it's a service!
21:53.22g0urrahey I'm just showing that you can "pirate them... somehow"
21:53.31*** join/#wowwiki Guardix (i=martin_j@
21:53.51RagestormThe RPG was only created to make it compatable with D&D.
21:53.56Bagginswwwell my drivethru pdfs aren't locked
21:54.20BagginswwI could give them away easily, they just have my real name inbedded in them as water marks
21:54.29Bagginswwso they could be tracked back to me
21:55.00Bagginswwwell the original rpg was a module for D&D, you needed the D&D rulebooks to even play it
21:55.08Bagginswwthey made the WoW rpg stand alone
21:55.25Ragestormit's still Warcraft D&D.
21:56.03Bagginswware we argueing?
21:56.53RagestormWe're about to when I point out that you've created articles with the same notability concerns as Rolandius.
21:57.05RagestormAlbiet not as bad.
21:58.09BagginswwI generally try to stick to characters with backstories, and races with backstories, rather than items with marginal information on how to wield it :p
21:58.37Bagginswwif a character had nothing, I'd only reference it to its related article
21:59.13Bagginswweh, we discussed that with Kirkburn
21:59.17g0urra"Guck was an orc briefly mentioned by Lukk"
21:59.19Bagginswwhe thought it was a good idea
21:59.23g0urranotable, yeah
21:59.38RagestormNotable. Riight.
22:00.20pcjitem [tiponly] The Judge's Gavel
22:00.52RagestormOh, sorry that's one of his.
22:00.54Bagginswwsure rolandius made those last two
22:01.00Bagginswwstick bug and warrior
22:01.06Kirkburn|afkDon't drag me into this :P
22:01.20Bagginswwthis was a year or two ago :p
22:01.43BagginswwI only caught a few of them since I was looking up pixies at the time
22:02.16BagginswwI asked Kirkburn if articles on these obscure unknamed yet unique characters would be ok additions
22:02.21RagestormI'm going to mark them all with merger tags then.
22:02.37Bagginswweh I've merged mostof them into related animals
22:02.39Kirkburn|afkPassing mentiones in the novels I'd give more weight to than passing RPG mentions anyway (just due to the closeness to Blizz)
22:03.11RagestormIf they're named and you have enough information for two paragraphs and an infobox/
22:03.38Bagginsww"closeness to Blizz" is relative description... Metzen is deeply involved in the RPG for example... But I could hardly tell you how "close" or not to Blizz he is LOL at any given time :p
22:03.57*** join/#wowwiki zespri_work (n=andrews@unaffiliated/zespri)
22:04.09Ragestormmost of these have less then a paragraph without a speculation tag.
22:04.28Kirkburn|afkWell, certainly the later novels compared to the earlier sourcebooks
22:04.29Bagginswwmost of them were merged into related animal articles
22:04.43BagginswwMetzen was involved with all the earlier sourcebooks as well
22:04.47Bagginswwhis position hasn't changed
22:04.51Bagginswwthroughout the book
22:04.55Kirkburn|afkYes, yes, and that's hy we have the whole appendix thing ;P
22:04.57Bagginswwinfact Metzen was the author of a couple of the earlier ones
22:05.18Kirkburn|afkAn author, surely
22:05.43Bagginswwyes suprisingly MoM was the book Metzen even wrote a letter of introduction .
22:05.55Bagginsww*an author, oops
22:06.19Kirkburn|afkI stand corrected
22:06.23Bagginswwbut ya Kirkburn what we discovered for MoM is there was mixed opinions on it :p
22:06.38Bagginswwsome of the authors didn't see any merit in appendix 3
22:06.53Kirkburn|afkRagestorm, I might suggest modifying the two paragraph rule to number of sentences. Perhaps three or four.
22:06.59Bagginswwbut some others found enough merit in it to use info from it in chapter 1 and other parts of the book :p
22:07.27BagginswwI'm going to go merge panthe rancient with panther
22:07.41Bagginswwlike I did with wolverine
22:08.58Bagginswwyay kirkburn if we follow that rule we could get rid of alot of WoW mobs ;) that aren't very "noteable" ;)
22:09.22Kirkburn|afkOr "notable" :P
22:09.34RagestormKirkburn|afk: tiny articles, particularly tiny LORE articles, are nobody's friend.
22:09.45*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
22:09.59Kirkburn|afkOkay, now the two of you are trying to argue me to one side or the other
22:10.28RagestormI'm just addressing your statement, nothing else.
22:10.52Bagginswwarticles are not my friends, they are inanimate objects
22:11.13g0urrawowwiki is my friend, I buy TCG cards for him
22:11.37RagestormIn this line of work, articles are actually streams of data stored on an wikia server.
22:11.52Kirkburn|afkIf everything about a character can be summed up in a single sentence - yes, that's just not enough.
22:12.10Kirkburn|afkEverything in the games has associated data
22:12.11amrothat would be quite  developed character
22:12.18amros/quite/quite a/
22:12.56Bagginswwunfortunately that's often the case for alot of ingame characters :p
22:13.13Ragestorm<shurg> I still don't like the namething, but I'll blame Knaak for that, two.
22:13.13Kirkburn|afkIn any case, a lot is probably best judged on a case by case basis. I don't think there's a huge amount of minor characters left that could be added anyway.
22:13.21Bagginswwsometimes the RPG is the source of the single sentence about some nonused npc :p
22:13.30Bagginswwin the MMO
22:13.54Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, as I said, they have associated data, so cannot be summed up like that (level, title, picture, location)
22:13.57BagginswwI think all the named characters have been listed already
22:14.16RagestormAnd a few too many of the unnamed ones.
22:14.47RagestormIt's all Knaak's fault.
22:14.49Bagginswwbesides those one of a kind races, and a few ancients, what other unnamed ones?
22:15.13RagestormThat in and of itself is a few too many,
22:16.14Bagginswwso then its your "opinion", and yet there were others during are discussion thought they were interesting
22:16.51RagestormYes, what's your point?
22:17.02RagestormThat's my opinion, you've stated yours.
22:17.09RagestormKirkburn has stated his.
22:17.30RagestormWe're on the same page.
22:17.34Kirkburn|afkMy opinions are always in flux, which I love :P
22:17.36RagestormWe just disagree.
22:18.58*** join/#wowwiki zespri_work (n=andrews@unaffiliated/zespri)
22:21.04Bagginswwadditionally sometimes those things have a paragraph or more information
22:21.15Bagginswwbut sometimes that info isn't all mentioned
22:21.19Bagginswwand no stub was put up
22:22.09RagestormWe also have full sections where people DO put up stubs, what's your point?
22:23.07Kirkburn|afkWell, I can only suggest putting a stub up on pages that deserve it, and removing them from those that don't
22:23.53Bagginswwbut ya my point was that some of the unnamed articles might fit into 3-4 sentences, or one or two paragraphs of info.
22:24.08Bagginswwif it was all pulled together
22:24.14Bagginswwand not just a stub
22:24.30Kirkburn|afkThere's always the option of "List of minor characters in [x]"
22:26.01Bagginswwor just a "list of characters"
22:26.21Bagginswwsimilar to those lists we have in some of the book articles already
22:26.38Bagginswwbut extended to give info for minor characters
22:30.23Bagginsww um I added the names to that list, but I don't recall linking them...
22:30.45Bagginswwsince they were minor and most of them one time references, to their deaths in Tides of Darkness...
22:31.15Bagginswwoh pcj or sandwhich linked them
22:32.26Bagginswwahh sandwich. I won't fault him for it, but itsnot needed, :p
22:32.34RagestormI think it's only fair to tell you now that I stopped listening a while ago, and I think you won.
22:32.55RagestormYou're right about the linking, though.
22:33.22RagestormNothing, just go back to sleep
22:33.37*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
22:33.55FoxbotThere are currently 0 queued operations.
22:36.50winkillerany possibility to filter out bot edits on my watchlist?
22:37.06RagestormClick "hide bot edits."
22:37.10kd3should be an option on the watchlist page itself or special:prefs
22:38.34winkillerthanks. I promise to be silent today, I'm juust asking stupid questions...
22:41.51RagestormI've met stupider.
22:42.23Bagginswwahh sandwhich we wre just discussing how you linked all the names in Gryphon rider when the majority of those probably wouldn't get much than a sentence fragment
22:42.34RagestormExample: "Oh, really? You work for Blizzard? Wanna show me your badge, KIRKBURN?"
22:42.42winkillerdamn, it's empty today :(
22:43.46Sandwichman2448Bagginsww:So what? Do you want me to unlink them?
22:45.25BagginswwI didn't want to just revert you, since I don't know if you made any other changes that were important
22:46.26winkiller <- speedydelete?
22:47.40Sandwichman2448I was adding the units template.
22:47.40foxliteh, why? :)
22:47.49foxlitAsk laurly, tbh
22:49.43*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
22:49.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
22:49.54Bagginswwbut ya alot of those characters were mentioned in offhand references that give pretty much zero background other than letting us know they were gryphon riders LOL
22:50.13Sandwichman2448I see.
22:50.21Bagginswwa couple might allow for a 3-4 sentence background
22:50.49Sandwichman2448What came first, WoW of the MG?
22:50.51Bagginswwbut majority might be, blank was a gryphon rider during the second war" :p
22:50.55Sandwichman2448*or the
22:51.03BagginswwMonster Guide?
22:51.14BagginswwWoW came first
22:51.26BagginswwMonster Guide was released about the same time as TBC
22:51.46BagginswwManual of Monsters might have been released before WoW. But its mainly concerned with WArcraft III stuff
22:51.51Bagginswwand TFT
22:51.52*** join/#wowwiki crucially (n=sky@wikia/crucially)
22:52.30Sandwichman2448Ghoul said the opposite.
22:53.26Bagginswwoh I see
22:53.31Sandwichman2448Artwork of a ghoul from the Monster Guide. The graphics department made the WoW version near exactly the same.
22:53.33Bagginswwsomeone's "observation"
22:53.50Bagginswwthat's the problem people keep on marking the Monster Guide artwork as "concept artwork"
22:54.00Bagginswwbut it was original artwork made for the book
22:54.05Bagginswwbased on WoW
22:54.09*** join/#wowwiki Nechckn (
22:54.26Bagginswweh I'd just drop the model shot
22:54.33Bagginswwits redundant
22:54.43Bagginswwand let's infoboxit
22:55.40cruciallyi am about to break you guys again
22:55.50Sandwichman2448I like the model shot...
22:56.26Bagginswwwell add the model shot to gallery then
22:56.47Bagginswwactually the article is missing a certain samwise goul variation
22:56.57Bagginswwthat would probably go good in the gallery
22:57.33Sandwichman2448I miss the WCIII ghoul, it looked different.
22:57.35Bagginswwbut ya the article could still use an infobox
22:58.01Sandwichman2448These have no upper jaw.
22:58.22Sandwichman2448They do have an unused talk animation...
22:58.54Bagginswwunused? not even when you click on them?
22:59.16Sandwichman2448they do not talk in WoW.
22:59.28Bagginswwok should that lang templtae go below or above the infobox?
22:59.40BagginswwI thought you meant warcraft iii animations
22:59.43Sandwichman2448They run around and eat your toon.
22:59.50Sandwichman2448Lang template?
22:59.58Sandwichman2448For other wikis?
23:00.13Sandwichman2448Above I think...
23:02.00winkillerthis looks so unneeded, (no what links here):
23:02.36Sandwichman2448It a placeholder.
23:03.53BagginswwI'll have to look up classes later
23:04.21winkillerSandwichman2448: ofc it is.. but there was in the past some major fuckup with these placeholder categories
23:04.25winkillerso i
23:04.30winkillerso I'm not sure if this is the "real" one now
23:04.43winkillerwe had all of these:
23:04.48winkiller# Category:ClassX_Abilities
23:04.48winkiller# Category:ClassX_Talents
23:04.48winkiller# Category:Class_Talents
23:06.16Bagginswwwell i'm off
23:06.31Sandwichman2448Should {{Warcraft III units}} go above of below {{Undead}}?
23:08.17BagginswwI hate the use of too many of thsoe kinds of templates :p
23:08.27BagginswwI don't know which would go over another :p
23:08.32Sandwichman2448MORE NAVEBOXES MORE!
23:08.43Bagginswwstabs sandwich
23:08.44Sandwichman2448With gourra's help...
23:08.47winkillerwowie.. someone made content for Ace / Arcanist / Ex-paladin
23:09.03Bagginswwmade content?
23:09.18winkillerthey were quite empty when Ilast checked em
23:09.26winkiller*strikes from the mean list*
23:09.44winkilleror maybe miscategorized or.. just weird
23:09.46Bagginswwhmm I expanded tace and arcanist a while ago
23:09.54Bagginswwex-paladin a fe wmonths back
23:10.47Sandwichman2448Bagginsww: See my sandbox.
23:11.07Bagginswwyou missed out on rolandius poor screenshots from naga anomaly
23:11.15Bagginswwhigh divinist
23:11.20Sandwichman2448I saw em.
23:11.29BagginswwI had to go back and add the better ones
23:11.30winkillernot worried that I missed
23:11.47winkillerI'm only looking at these pages as a pedant who hates miscategorized pages
23:11.53BagginswwI had to clean them up by hand though to remove the rpg banner backgrounds
23:11.55winkillernot really caring for contents ;)
23:12.18Bagginswwbut his pictures ere just close ups of some element from the picture
23:12.36Bagginswwoh miscategorized?
23:12.52Bagginswwthe old cap categorizations?
23:12.56Bagginswwthat we are eliminating?
23:14.13Bagginswwwell take care all
23:14.18Bagginswwgoing to leave now
23:14.31g0urrabye baggins
23:20.31*** join/#wowwiki Camicio2 (
23:22.43*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
23:23.15winkillerto fix this naming.. I have to use my elite regex skills it seems...
23:25.22*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (n=cyrillpi@
23:30.11*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
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23:35.38*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (
23:35.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Ragestorm] by ChanServ
23:37.43winkillerit worked, woot
23:50.52*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
23:54.14*** join/#wowwiki sacarasc_ (

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