IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080610

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00:56.43KraniuMHello is any1 on ?!
00:58.21KraniuMcan i ask u a question
00:58.28KirkburnWhat's up?
00:58.57KraniuMi bought wow right
00:59.05KraniuMand i had a trial acc blah blah
00:59.11KraniuMi put in the new auth code
00:59.24KraniuMand no
00:59.32KraniuMi wanna upgrade to burning crusade
00:59.46KraniuMbut while i created my new acc.. i put the code that is 1 month free
00:59.56KraniuMplus $15 for one more month
01:00.05KraniuMwhen i change to burning crusade
01:00.10KraniuMwill i lose my 2 months paid?>
01:00.44KirkburnI doubt it
01:00.55KraniuMlike does the monthly free for the classic wow works for BC
01:00.56KirkburnBy which I mean, no
01:01.02KirkburnExactly the same
01:01.24KirkburnThe BC key just unlocks the BC content, the subscription is a separate thing
01:01.38KirkburnSo, don't worry about it
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01:03.24KraniuMbut the thing is i didnt buy the expansion thing yet
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01:03.41KraniuMso ill only have to buy the expansion patch for 29 . 99
01:04.15KraniuMbecause i only bought the normal WoW game w/o the additional update
01:05.02KraniuMdo you get what im saying or im making no sense
01:07.34Kasoif you want to get BC then yes you just need to buy the expansion and punch in the key and you can access outlands/belf/etc
01:08.30KraniuMim gonna buy it online so will i still have to do it
01:08.36KraniuMim dling the BC 10 day trial
01:08.53KraniuMi mean its all completed im just dling the patches that r  60%
01:10.11KraniuMi tryed calling blizzard all day but all i get is that bs
01:10.17KraniuM" im sorry but we r busy blah blah "
01:11.31pcjhmm their customer service was excellent when i called them
01:11.58KraniuMya its execellent when they pick up
01:12.05KraniuMi tryed 40 times and they picked up once
01:12.12pcjbut kranium if you download the trial you can then purchase the key online and not have to download again
01:12.44KraniuMpcj my months that i paid for the normal wow will be transfered to WoW - BC?
01:13.00KraniuMbecause now i have 2 months to play if i wanted to on the normal one
01:13.07KraniuMone because i bought the cd
01:13.13KraniuMand other that i bought by paypal
01:13.28JohnMahowaldYour account retains its balance, only it is now a BC account
01:13.51KraniuMso now my next step is throw 29 99 and get the patch
01:15.16KraniuMthis is what they say
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05:32.25BagginswwRolandius is starting to get on my nerves as editor to create the most pointless pages eva :p
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06:11.37Kirkburn|afkHeya Bagginsww
06:11.48Kirkburn|afkI'm off to bed now - just dropped DuTempete off at the airport :(
06:12.00kd3does some timezone math
06:12.06kd3it's 7 am over there?
06:12.11Kirkburn|afkYup >_<
06:12.20Kirkburn|afkLeft the house at 3am :P
06:12.41Kirkburn|afkHeh, well - been awake until 4am the past few nights anyway
06:12.51Kirkburn|afkBut still ... bed is calling
06:13.38Kirkburn|afkG'night all, EU people have a lovely day, US people have a good night :)
06:13.46BagginswwI killed my phone took it snorkeling by accident :p It was off... but I doubt it will survive
06:14.02Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, leave it off in a warm dry place for a while
06:14.12Bagginswwya I'm attempting that
06:14.34BagginswwI have a fan directly on it right now
06:14.36Kirkburn|afkMy sister once dropped her in the toilet, it came back to life fine after a day or two drying
06:14.52Bagginswwya I know if I turned it on it would definitley short it :p
06:15.01Kirkburn|afkYeah, just don't turn it on yet :P
06:15.12BagginswwI removed the battery just as soon as I noticed I left it in my pocket :p
06:15.34Kirkburn|afkGood man
06:15.39Kirkburn|afkSee ya later
06:15.47Bagginswwgood sleep
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10:38.01DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 6964
10:39.05Kalrothg0urra is slacking again!
10:41.47g0urrawonders if it has something to do with changing stub categories
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11:21.19BagginswwI'm going to bed... anyone care to tell Rolandius to stop defining every random word from the novels?
11:21.29Bagginswwlike :p
11:43.46g0urraBagginsww: you could do it yourself too
11:56.47foxlitWhat's that blatantly datamined page doing on the wiki, anyway?
11:58.22Bagginsww guess there are alot of "bunnies" :p
11:58.51Bagginswwits not so much datamined these are things that show up by data collecting software
11:59.03Bagginswwthe things blizzard allows :p
11:59.04g0urrayeah Bagginsww, you should add them all and categorize them under bunnies
11:59.05Fisker-bunnies are cute
11:59.10foxlitBaggings: quote some
11:59.25g0urraWowhead client
11:59.29foxlitwhich does what?
11:59.47Fisker-also rabbits
11:59.56g0urra;source=live oh shi a Dragon Bunny!
12:00.08foxlitAnd how does what it does to the local cache files differ from any other "data mining" that we're so vehemently against?
12:00.08Bagginswwanycase I suppose we can retranslate "bunny" to mean a blizzard's weird term for a "trigger"
12:00.16g0urraBagginsww, there clearly exists Dragon Bunnies.
12:00.26Bagginswwheh heh
12:01.07Bagginswwabout as strange as a dragon toad :p
12:04.31Bagginswwfoxlit as far as I'm awhare the stuff comes up via use of allowed add-ons
12:04.44Bagginswwand if you used the target command
12:04.58Bagginswwwhich are both ingame
12:05.21Bagginswwrather than directly looking through the files
12:05.32foxlitDid you or anyone actually check?
12:05.59BagginswwI checked the excorism one yes
12:06.09Bagginswwand invisible stalker :p
12:06.28Bagginswwyou'll get floating text as if their is a mob there
12:06.37Bagginswwjust invisible :p
12:06.43Bagginswwunless they have fixed it recently :p
12:08.24foxlitSeems to have vanished from anything that lists those things
12:08.54g0urraProbably deleted the "NPC" and replaced it with a spell
12:11.56Bagginswwyou can redirect that page to Bunny triggers if you like
12:15.16foxlitWhat if they decide on calling them Toads starting tomorrow? :)
12:16.39foxlitIt's too far into internal game mechanics to be worth discussing to me, personally.
12:20.01g0urra haha
12:51.33DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 387
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12:57.19DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 855
12:57.25Oseno new monaco yet?
12:58.49Oseanyone want to help me prepare for my oral exam? the subject is "Love and sexuality" -.-
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12:59.28g0urratries not to laugh his ass off
12:59.50g0urraAn /oral exam/ on /love and sexuality/?
13:02.53g0urraWhere's Teomyr when you need him
13:02.59Fisker-in bed
13:07.38g0urra"The release of the Monaco update has been delayed. [...] next Tuesday, June 17th."
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13:16.15g0urraoh great
13:16.20g0urraskin is fucked
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13:29.31pcjfoxlit when are you going to push tooltip/dev live
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14:16.35Fisker-fail foxlit
14:16.44Fisker-danish apple site doesn't say "Internet Communications Device"
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14:25.47Fisker-det dummeste menneske er ikke født endnu
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14:34.10winkilleranyone heard any clues about season 4 start date?
14:47.08g0urraDoes anyone else get a problem when saving edits?
14:47.26g0urraI just get a blank page after saving
14:49.59g0urraIt gets really annoying as I don't get back to the page I edited
14:51.51g0urrawinkiller, ose
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14:52.10Oseyou think I have time to edit today?
14:53.18g0urraNo, you're probably busy with your oral sexam
14:53.22winkillerdidn't try
14:54.10g0urrawell, it's definately something with the wiki, since both safari and firefox got the bug
14:54.26g0urraMaybe got something to do with the admins messing about with default skins..
14:58.44g0urrapong Kirkburn|sleep
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15:05.12g0urraDo I have to start spamming or something to get people's attention?
15:05.21*** join/#wowwiki Adys ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
15:05.53g0urraArcanedeath: do you get any problems when editing?
15:06.23g0urras/editing/saving after edits/
15:07.46Arcanedeathyes I do
15:07.57Arcanedeaththe saving page is black
15:08.29g0urraWell, good to know it's not just me then
15:08.57Arcanedeathit does submit the edit though
15:09.12g0urraYeah though it's annoying when you don't get back to the page..
15:09.16ralfWORK_hmm. any tank warriors in here?
15:09.23Arcanedeathworking as intended.
15:09.25Arcanedeathit's fine
15:09.34g0urra~shoot Arcanedeath
15:09.35infobotACTION shoots Arcanedeath in the foot with a phase pistol!
15:10.33ArcanedeathIt will be really fun if you go on the customer service forums and ask to "test a GM"
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15:15.40winkillerralfWORK_: noob one, yea
15:16.10ralfWORK_bah don't need a nub ;)
15:16.30ralfWORK_I'm curious about EH vs Avoidance
15:17.04ralfWORK_for fights that avoidance is preferred, say Prince, how would you gem and enchant whatever avoidance gear you have?
15:17.23ralfWORK_would you gem/enchant it for avoidance or for EH?
15:17.34ralfWORK_gem for EH, enchant for avoidance maybe?
15:17.38winkilleroh, as I said, really too noob for that :)
15:17.44ralfWORK_lol damn k
15:17.51winkilleronly tanked prince twice
15:17.54ralfWORK_I dinged 69 yesterday!
15:17.58winkillerand replaces my last 2 blues on the weekend
15:18.06winkillerty :P
15:18.07ralfWORK_see you aren't that much of a nub then
15:18.18winkillerI have nearly only +12 sta ones
15:18.40ralfWORK_yea, but do you have gear for both EH and avoidance?
15:18.47winkillernot yet
15:19.07ralfWORK_maybe it's not something that matters for T4 then
15:19.40winkilleryeah. at T4 level you are normally in luck if you have a whole epic set :P
15:19.58ralfWORK_eh I doubt that'll be the case esp with badge loot
15:20.01ralfWORK_foxlit: effective health
15:20.12ArcanedeathI have never been able to tank it... He kills me pretty fast
15:20.24foxlitodd acronym, where did that come from?
15:20.26g0urraTry tanking him as a druid. ;o
15:20.35ArcanedeathTry tanking him as a mage
15:20.36ralfWORK_tanking him as a druid is... interesting lol
15:20.51winkillerfoxlit: it's from tankpoints
15:20.52ralfWORK_foxlit: eh. any of the warrior forums/sites
15:21.02g0urraMoroe's Lucky Pocket Watch ftw
15:21.25ralfWORK_winkiller: nightbane has been good to you, I see :)
15:21.33foxlitany reason to use that rather than, say "health" or "HP"?
15:21.44ralfWORK_foxlit: yes. EH = Health + Armor
15:22.07ralfWORK_well not exactly addition
15:22.07foxlitThat has me going "eh"
15:22.08ralfWORK_but health and armor are your components in EH
15:22.26foxlitWhich I suppose renders the whole thing only relevant to physical-mitigatable encounters
15:22.47ralfWORK_you'd think that, but not exactly
15:23.09ralfWORK_if it's a resist fight, it's resist gear
15:23.24ralfWORK_if they just-so-happen to cast, then no, your armor doesn't help
15:23.29ralfWORK_but neither does your avoidance
15:23.36ralfWORK_just your raw health pool there
15:23.50foxliteither way, it's useless as far as spells are concerned, or it's more complex than you've described :)
15:24.16ralfWORK_naw, you're right, it's useless as far as it's concerned
15:24.36ralfWORK_people often argue that avoidance is better than EH, in general
15:24.46ralfWORK_so I was just countering that before you went there :)
15:25.23foxlitMeh, I still don't have a tank class
15:26.03foxlitwotlk might make that change :)
15:26.15ralfWORK_jesus don't roll a DK :(
15:26.31g0urraKirkburn|sleep pong
15:26.51foxlit"That's what _I_ plan on doing!"
15:27.29Kirkburn|sleepg0urra, ?
15:27.33foxlitFrankly, like the idea of a caster-mob tank; resource system is interesting, but the class flavour sucks.
15:27.40g0urraYeah did you change the skin lately or something?
15:27.51ralfWORK_idk, I haven't looked at the DK much
15:27.51g0urraI keep getting a blank page after saving edits
15:27.58Kirkburn|sleepOh, the white page on submit thing? Yeah I just got that too
15:28.03Kirkburn|sleepI'll report it
15:28.33winkillerralfWORK_: the rule of thumb is: Druid: stack avoidance like mad, Warrior: think about it :P
15:28.34ralfWORK_I just can only imagine the day it's released, there will be about a thousand DKs running around
15:28.37g0urraHeh well I looked through my preferences, and noticed a new "Search suggest" tab too
15:28.39ralfWORK_winkiller: lol
15:29.08foxlitMeh, they'll die down eventually
15:29.10winkilleris looking forward to his Female Gnome DK named Barbie or something
15:29.12g0urraWhat's interesting enough is that its content is added to the other tabs too :)
15:29.18ralfWORK_doubt it
15:29.25g0urramade a placeholder char called Defunaitu
15:29.25ralfWORK_there's going to be a billion shitty DKs
15:29.26foxlitat like level 57, I'd imagine
15:29.37foxlitAlso, who wants to play Azeroth/BC content for the next 10 days after wotlk release?
15:29.42winkillerall my slots are taken
15:29.45winkillerno placeholde
15:29.58ralfWORK_I predict DKs to be the next hunter
15:30.04winkillerfoxlit, many will reroll. as usual
15:30.15winkillerdon't get me started on hunters
15:30.19ralfWORK_1 in every 100 doesn't actually suck
15:30.21winkillerpugged Durnholde yesterday
15:30.35foxlitintends on not sucking
15:30.40winkillerlock whispers me (on hunter): I hope you know how to play
15:30.49winkillerme: bad experience with hunters, eh?
15:30.52winkillerhe: yes...
15:30.58winkillerwell, it ended like this
15:31.04g0urra<Ose> anyone want to help me prepare for my oral exam? the subject is "Love and sexuality" -.-
15:31.08winkillerI trapped one, pettanked one, kited one
15:31.12ralfWORK_winkiller: I pugged durn too. with a hunter. He didn't have any bullets so he insisted that because he was BM, his DPs was just fine
15:31.14winkillerand the 3 others killed the tank target
15:31.30pcjfoxlit when are you going to push /Dev live
15:31.33winkillerway2go to insult hunters :P
15:31.39foxlitthere is no urgency.
15:32.25Kirkburn|sleeppcj, I think you need to update for tooltip prefs js
15:32.40pcjwhy's that
15:32.48Kirkburn|sleepThere's a new tab appeared called "Search suggest", seems to cause problems
15:33.11Kirkburn|sleepNot sure what it does, or why - am asking, but could be a conflict?
15:33.44pcjYeap, gonna need Tooltip/Dev rolled into Tooltip then
15:33.48Kirkburn|sleepThe Tooltips tab shows the Misc tab, and the Misc tab also shows the Search suggest tab.
15:34.05foxlitthe two are so unrelated.
15:34.37pcjYou're right, no urgency
15:34.37foxlit/dev changes and tab conflicts, that is
15:35.08Kirkburn|sleepFoxlit, got my email?
15:35.30g0urraKirkburn|sleep, got my email?
15:35.40foxlitpck, got my email?
15:35.42Fisker-g0urra foxlit pcj and Kirkburn|sleep got my email?
15:35.53foxlitKirkburn|sleep: yes.
15:35.54g0urra~kill Fisker-
15:35.54infobotACTION shoots a charged anti-proton gun at Fisker-
15:35.55Fisker-who's pck?
15:36.02Fisker-I DIDN'T GET IT ralfWORK_
15:36.14foxlitHm, that tab, sec.
15:36.18Fisker-bad humor = win
15:37.17Kirkburn|sleepAh, update
15:37.26Kirkburn|sleepIt was the new search engine
15:37.32Kirkburn|sleepWe've turned it off for now
15:37.44Kirkburn|sleepCan you tell me if the blank pages on saving has gone away?
15:38.24pcjCan, yes, but not urgent
15:38.33g0urraYes, it's gone Kirkburn|sleep
15:38.46Arcanedeathya they are gone
15:39.13Kirkburn|sleepCool, we'll look into it
15:41.08pcjHeh, foxlit
15:41.22pcjuser wowwiki.js doesn't load in prefs
15:41.43foxlitHah, great.
15:41.50pcjAlso, would really not recommend committing that change
15:41.56foxlitSo you test that how?
15:42.09pcjIt's "not urgent"
15:43.09pcjglobal.js doesn't work at all on wowwiki
15:43.36Kirkburn|sleepGlobal.js comes from central, and is a Wikia feature
15:43.54Kirkburn|sleepcommon.js is the WoWWiki-wide js page
15:44.05pcjCommon.js doesn't work as a user-based JS page tho
15:45.00Kirkburn|sleepI'll enquire
15:45.28foxlitSure it does, it's just the wrong global.js
15:49.16pcjhay you edit my sandbox foxlit
15:49.48foxlityour code did.
15:57.13*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise_ (
16:00.07foxlitis the version currently live supposed to work on ie?
16:00.21pcji've already fixed it foxlit
16:01.33foxlitwhile nice, that isn't quite the issue I was thinking of
16:03.35pcjWorks fine in IE
16:04.41[Liquidor]This post wins the interwebz:
16:04.58*** join/#wowwiki Adys_ (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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16:06.36*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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16:13.26*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
16:13.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:14.25*** join/#wowwiki Camicio2 (
16:19.08foxlitwhile the tooltips tab is created (exists by ID), link never appears in my IE. However, if it works for you, let's let it be :)
16:19.42pcjMmm, IE doesn't support textContent, try purging and reloading Preferences
16:20.14pcjkirkburn can Tooltip/Dev be rolled into Tooltip
16:20.28Kirkburn|sleepY'know, foxlit is _right there_
16:20.38pcjfoxlit is being lazy
16:21.19Fisker-no u
16:26.00kd3we sure the content currently on tooltip/dev is what we want to go live?
16:26.04kd3skims the diff again
16:27.16kd3wait, fox is here. /wanders off
16:28.52*** join/#wowwiki faceless (
16:37.33pcjhmm why would away be used foxlit
16:37.59foxlitYou could end up wanting the compact style for some reason?
16:38.31foxlitTooltips on , for example, if they were not actual pages.
16:39.03pcjWell then, since that would only be happening on the item's page itself, because it is the default for all the other pages, you could just pass a different disambigpage
16:39.38foxlitThat would create links where there shouldn't be any.
16:39.59pcjAh, I see
16:40.25pcjI really don't like pages like that introducing the tinfoil hat page btw
16:40.31pcjwhich just copy the Blizzard layout
16:40.52foxlitI think the greater issue is that they copy the Blizzard content
16:41.36pcjOh, look, fandy made it
16:43.24*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
16:45.37pcj"The road was closed while the Hartford Police Department's bomb squad came and blew up the chicken."
16:46.43foxlit"Authorities in Connecticut are wondering who stuffed a raw roasting chicken with a pipe bomb and left it on a roadside."
16:47.06foxlitSo no for us, qq :(
16:47.45*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
16:48.01*** part/#wowwiki Malgayne (
16:50.30pcjHmm, is on my watchlist but not in the deletion log
17:04.43Kirkburn|sleepYeah, still need to restore part of the logs
17:06.17*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
17:08.35*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
17:10.05OseKirkburn hasn't woken up yet?
17:10.21Osewhen is the new Monaco getting implemented?
17:10.27Kirkburn|sleepNot until next week
17:10.43Kirkburn|sleepSo we can get more feedback and iron out any problems
17:18.23*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
17:18.55OseI think the new monaco means we have to do a change to {{ambox}}...
17:20.36OseI think it must be able to shrink (in width) so that other objects (the ads) wrap around it instead of being pushed down
17:21.07Kirkburn|sleepIf it'll collide with a table, a banner ad will be shown instead
17:22.13*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
17:24.48*** part/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
17:26.03Oseanother problem is that is doesn't work well with infoboxes
17:26.16Ose(the infoboxes are pushed down)
17:26.28*** join/#wowwiki spcguts (
17:26.58Kirkburn|sleepAye, that is rather more avoidable
17:27.29Kirkburn|sleepSince the whole lot moves up, though, the amount the infoboxes move down is reduced
17:27.48Ose for example
17:28.13Oseanyway I can't talk, I have an (s)exam in 48 hrs
17:28.19Kirkburn|sleepGood luck
17:30.16Ose|workieworkiehmm... better include something about them gay people too...
17:30.52Kirkburn|sleeper ...
17:31.53Ose|workieworkiean /oral/ exam with the subject "Love and sexuality", yaknow
17:33.46Kirkburn|sleepMoving on, plan to try again on the new search engine tomorrow
17:34.00Ose|[s]examhas done an edit thar
17:34.02pcjdid you see that message about the search field btw kirkbun
17:34.20Ose|[s]examNONE of you have had that problem?
17:34.28Ose|[s]examI get it all the time
17:34.45pcjslaps Dotted
17:34.47DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 967
17:34.55foxlitwhat, that low?
17:35.00Kirkburn|sleepWe've updated it to the version that's currently on Wikipedia, though we are not sure it'll work perfectly on the 1.12 setup
17:35.01Ose|[s]examwhat the heck is "puppy love"?
17:35.01pcjwow it got through tooltip pretty quick
17:35.33Ose|[s]exam"Puppy love is an informal term for feelings of love, particularly between young people during adolescence, so-called for its resemblance to the adoring, worshipful affection that may be felt by a puppy. The term is often used in a derogatory fashion, describing emotions which are shallow and transient in comparison to other forms of love such as romantic love."
17:35.35DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 28711
17:35.52Kirkburn|sleepAh, the search box thing
17:36.13Kirkburn|sleepYeah, I know of it
17:40.13Kirkburn|sleepBtw - the planned search engine -
17:43.20pcjIs there a test wiki for that search engine
17:51.07DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 28711
17:52.06*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
17:54.01Kirkburn|sleeppcj, it's called Wikipedia :P
17:55.58Ose|[s]examnot very different look :P
17:56.19Kirkburn|sleepIt searches article text and shows you it
17:56.19Ose|[s]examthe dropdow menu looks cool though
17:56.39Kirkburn|sleepThe search options? Dunno if we get that
18:00.25*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
18:03.30*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Home (
18:13.57pcj anywhere else this would be a practical joke
18:16.11g0urra"Since everybody knows everyone, it becomes a little bit uncomfortable,"
18:17.16pcj whoa
18:17.31pcj fat monkey
18:18.30winkilleromg, raiding with lolstep is so awesome
18:19.12Adys_fucking hell
18:19.19Adys_if (!preg_match('/^((([+\-\/*])(\d+);)?(\d*)(?:([lg].*?:.*?);|(\w\d*)))/', substr($data, $pos), $result)) continue;
18:19.25pcj thats a lot of piercings
18:19.26Adys_why dont people comment their damn code
18:19.38pcjit's quite obviously a regex adys
18:22.01pcjstarts with a unary operator then a digit
18:23.32pcj animal penises
18:23.58pcjlol girls racing in bikinis
18:26.56Adysthank you mister spambot
18:27.01*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
18:30.52ralfWORK_don't you mean "why don't people know how to read regex's? ;)
18:31.14*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
18:31.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
18:33.57AdysralfWORK_, pcj:
18:34.39ralfWORK_holy wtf
18:34.46ralfWORK_see, there's your comment
18:34.49ralfWORK_paste that into the code
18:35.54ralfWORK_I can't believe that exists
18:36.05ralfWORK_way to not l2regex
18:36.30pcjdid you seriously pay for that software adys
18:36.40Adysno, but teomyr probably did
18:36.56Adysthough i'd pay for that shit
18:44.56Gourra|awayDoes Laurly even use her bot anymore?
18:46.31pcjI have access to it
18:46.37pcjShe hasn't updated it in awhile tho
18:49.03Gourra|away <!-- go ahead and translate
18:49.20Gourra|awayis away: Busy
19:09.39*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
19:28.05*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
19:28.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
19:40.07winkillerhaha, in BT
19:40.15winkiller"damn, I sneezed and healed the wrong one"
19:40.39ralfWORK_heh oops
19:49.16*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
20:02.25DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 28711
20:11.00*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
20:11.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:17.22*** join/#wowwiki Ose|[s]exam (
20:17.54DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 28723
20:21.40*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
20:22.45*** part/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
20:24.36[Liquidor]Gnome Paladin:
20:27.52foxlitGnome death knight, in warrior tier 3
20:27.58foxlityet tiny
20:36.22*** join/#wowwiki guts (
20:38.06ralfWORK_how that work!
20:43.08Oseit's kinda our obligation to make sure all WoW related search stuffs on wikia search is top-quality, right?
20:43.34Oseso far Gryphen, me and some IP's have done some edits
20:49.29DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 28723
20:50.43KirkburnOse, kewl
20:50.57KirkburnGryph friended me on there, I think you should be able to too
20:51.04Gryphennot really Ose. It's not related to WoWWiki in any way other than hosting. It's just edit what you know.
20:52.07foxlitsigh, low-level itemization is weird
20:52.07foxlitbest warrior weapons: staves
20:52.07ralfWORK_how you figure?
20:52.18foxlitdps, generally
20:52.43ralfWORK_yea mean you just haven't happened upon a weapon with more dps than the staff you have?
20:53.09foxlitI mean I'm being consistently given staves with higher dps than my current weapon
20:53.38ralfWORK_I started leveling 2h
20:53.48ralfWORK_I think fury is probably better for leveling though, not sure
20:53.56foxlit2h seems to generally work better with rage; going for arms at the moment
20:55.11KirkburnGo me :)
20:55.20foxlitusing a now
20:55.27g0urra"The Kirkburn Network"
20:55.37foxlitsee in the quest log
20:56.23ralfWORK_as arms I spent alot of time watching my swing timer
20:56.34ralfWORK_didn't really do as  much DPS as I did fury though
20:56.45ralfWORK_then at 60 I said screw this and went prot
20:56.50ralfWORK_much less downtime prot
20:58.15foxlitIt's generally long with two handers
20:58.32foxlitbut meh, spam some sunders while waiting for it; hope to catch a dodge
20:59.20AdysI HAVE TO PARSE THAT?!
20:59.39foxlitClearly they're rather hoping you wouldn't
20:59.53Adys[22:59:48] --- #wowwiki :You need to be a channel operator to do that
20:59.56Adysforgot to id :(
20:59.59*** kick/#wowwiki [foxlit!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys_ (Adys_)
21:00.02*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
21:00.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
21:00.05Adysnot on that one tho
21:00.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
21:00.17pcjit's not really that hard adys
21:00.17*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
21:00.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
21:00.55Adysfoff pcj
21:02.12*** kick/#wowwiki [Adys_!] by foxlit (Adys)
21:02.13*** join/#wowwiki Adys_ (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
21:02.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys_] by ChanServ
21:14.18g0urra what?
21:27.16*** join/#wowwiki KyleH`` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
21:34.45*** join/#wowwiki xnyhps_ (n=xnyhps@2001:470:1f14:da:1:3:3:7)
21:45.52Ose cool
21:47.09Sky2042Ose: way cool
21:48.18g0urraI wonder how much server process that takes...
21:48.39pcjTakes up a lot of client process, that's for sure
21:49.39Sky2042g0urra: you're not going to try to make a point with it or anything?...
21:50.35Sky2042g0urra: aw :(
21:50.45Sky2042btw, there's no ads on that page
21:50.59g0urramoar ads pl0x
21:51.38g0urra pure awesomeness
21:52.45Dottedif arcanedeath asks why i dont reply anymore - its because i ignored him
21:52.59Osewhere is the site logo located?
21:53.05Sky2042Ose: for?...
21:53.18Osewikia search
21:53.56g0urra ?
21:54.16g0urraor just
21:54.29Osenow I just need to resize it...
21:54.33g0urrais back (gone 03:05:14)
21:54.44g0urraGo go Photoshop
21:58.35Osenoo, go go
21:59.05Osejust find the thumb created when you add a resize to a image
21:59.05g0urra so beautiful..
21:59.52Sky2042oh... i know how to do it...
22:05.46*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
22:25.57*** join/#wowwiki dJe781 (
22:29.26DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 28724
22:39.44Sky2042how enchanting a map ose linked to us.
22:39.56Sky2042Gil just added a linke for youtube or something...
22:47.42Sky2042Kirkburn: hmm, i don't get how to sign up to mailing lists personally...
22:51.11*** join/#wowwiki Camicio (
22:51.14*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
23:01.59foxlitheh, why would anyone want a portal to stonard?
23:03.38Sky2042foxlit: is that a serious q?....
23:03.51foxlitYes, the place seems bloody useless
23:04.11Sky2042rumor is that it's the access point for horde to Northrend.
23:04.21Sky2042same for theramore for allys
23:04.24g0urraFrom Stonard to Northrend?
23:04.24foxlitI mean, theramore is a harbour connecting most of southern kalimdor.
23:04.33foxlitStonard is in the middle of f'ing nowhere.
23:04.40g0urraStonard is in the middle of Swamp of Sorrows.
23:04.49Sky2042rather iconic, imo.
23:05.05foxlitusing logic, swamp of sorrows is f'ing nowhere.
23:05.29Sky2042does it matter, except for the fact that horde are sorta' jipped by comparison?
23:05.39Sky2042(which is really why you're whining, no?)
23:05.47foxlitNah, I largely play alliance
23:06.01g0urraDoes anyone here have admin rights on Aoc Wiki?
23:06.02foxlitMust've been an "oh shit, we have to add a portal spell or they'll whine" moment
23:06.47foxlitNot sure how transportation pans out for the horde; the zeppelins seem pretty advantageous
23:07.09g0urraI think there will be a zeppelin from Brill to Northrend
23:07.48foxlitI'm holding out for a gryphon flight from ironforge, personally
23:07.54foxlitneed something to eat pizza during
23:09.12g0urraKirkburn pong
23:09.59Sky2042kb isn't here i think...
23:10.05Sky2042he just appear to be here.
23:10.17g0urraBah, I need someone who got admin rights on AoC Wiki
23:10.36g0urraSome douche is vandalizing guild pages.
23:10.39KirkburnWhat's up?
23:14.19KirkburnBtw, it's Patch Tuesday for Windows
23:17.26Sky2042Kirkburn: noticed. also, replied to your email.
23:18.23foxlittechnically, it's wednesday by now :)
23:18.51KirkburnShaddup :P
23:19.05Sky2042foxlit: not hear!
23:19.16KirkburnSky2042, to subcribe to wikia-l,
23:19.25KirkburnHelp page:
23:21.24*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
23:21.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
23:22.10pcjum sky stormwind is the access point for alliance
23:22.20pcjalso stonard is a convenient spot for horde to go to kara
23:23.00Sky2042_afkpcj: not last i heard...
23:23.02pcjsky if you want to discuss it see
23:25.41DottedThe WoWWiki job queue length is currently 28731
23:27.42Sky2042_afkpcj: huh. i don't buy it.
23:27.57pcj in-game video then?
23:28.09Sky2042_afki didn't say the harbor didn't exist, mind you...
23:28.21pcjRight, Blizzard just likes making harbors for the heck of it
23:28.41Sky2042_afkpcj: they can do whatever they like, remember?
23:28.50Sky2042_afkthey /do/ do wahtever they like
23:29.30pcjStronger evidence than for theramore though
23:29.43pcjThough Theramore would really make more sense
23:29.55pcjJaina being there and all
23:30.03foxlitthey really need to find varian already.
23:30.04Sky2042_afkwhat would theramore need to have stronger evidence?...
23:30.07foxlitYesterday, in fact.
23:30.10Sky2042_afkfoxlit: it claims they did.
23:30.19Sky2042_afk(that link)
23:30.33foxlitFor that to work, they'd have to have found him yesterday
23:30.40foxlitOtherwise, it's all "Oh hey, the king's back."
23:30.53pcjThat's what they did with Elvis
23:31.46foxlithm, that human joke
23:32.40pcjThey should make a comedian training center where you can change your jokes
23:33.18foxlit"So, I have this idea for a great movie. It's about two gnomes who find a bracelet of power, and they have to take it to the Burning Steppes and cast it into the Cauldron. They form the Brotherhood of the Bracelet. Along the way they're trailed by a murloc named Gottum, who's obsessed with the bracelet, and nine bracelet bogeymen. It could be a three parter, called 'Ruler of the Bracelet'. The first part would be called 'The Brother
23:33.25pcjyes yes yes
23:33.34pcjyour delivery is flawed
23:33.47foxlitmm, too long?
23:34.21Kirkburn"The first part would be called 'The Brothe" <-- cut off
23:34.31foxlit'The Brotherhood of the Bracelet', followed by 'A Couple of Towers', with a climactic ending called 'Hey, the King's Back!'"
23:34.31g0urraThe Brothel?
23:34.32pcj'The Brother
23:34.37sky2042g0urra: haha
23:35.14g0urraor maybe
23:35.22sky2042foxlit: haha
23:35.31sky2042foxlit: totally didn't realize that's where you were going with it.
23:35.46foxlitThat's probably not where I'm going with it, either way
23:36.21foxlitThe first part is completely off; Kara is a tower, and the king returns in wrath.
23:36.30foxlitBC needs more towers!
23:37.11sky2042g0urra: lol
23:42.21g0urra"You know, once you're dead, nothin' smells bad anymore. Rotten eggs? No problem. Dead fish? Like a spring breeze."
23:43.02g0urra"I have no respect for people with small piercings. I say go full hog. Put a spear through your head."
23:43.09g0urraBlizzard has a great sense of humor.
23:46.56foxlitIt's ironic when pages that say "this page complies with HTML [version] and CSS [version]" do not actually validate
23:59.11sky2042foxlit: not ironic. just sad.
23:59.12*** join/#wowwiki [Liquidor] (
23:59.13g0urra^ why it's so great we don't have anonymous edits on the wowwiki.
23:59.13sky2042haha... apparently not everyone got the message that WoWWiki is part of Wikia:
23:59.14foxlitmeh, g0urra
23:59.14sky2042g0urra: LOL
23:59.14foxlitI'd say the opposite: this way, you can at least see their IP :)
23:59.14sky2042g0urra: gotta love the vandals.
23:59.14sky2042eh, IPs on wikis aren't so reliable as one would think.
23:59.14g0urrai can has proxy?
23:59.14foxlitDid you check whether that is a proxy?
23:59.14sky2042g0urra: i actually laughed out loud
23:59.14g0urralol chicago.
23:59.14g0urra (
23:59.15sky2042hmmm, that's a proxy, isn't it?
23:59.15foxlitIt'd be interesting to see what, if anything, mediawiki does with proxy headers
23:59.15g0urra^ well, seems like it. or he's just living in the edge of nowhere
23:59.15g0urraor w/e I don't know US geography.
23:59.24g0urragood job infobot.
23:59.37foxlitIt's a more or less boring default cpanel/whm set up, so probably a rented rack somewhere

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