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03:31.36Bagginswwsky did you ever leave that message in my talk page?
03:31.53Sky2042Bagginsww: on? o_o
03:32.57Bagginswwthe lckyluck thing
03:33.39Sky2042uh, no. i'll do that right after i get done with this one thing i'm doing.
03:35.02Bagginswwk thanks
04:12.11Sky2042Bagginsww: his final post looks fine to me.
04:12.29Sky2042feel free to respond in a /positive/ manner, por favor.
04:12.37BagginswwIts still blah blah teach a lesson blha blah :p
04:12.52BagginswwI needed to single you out blah blah
04:12.56Bagginswwbut no its not a grudge
04:13.00Bagginswwblah blah
04:13.42Sky2042Bagginsww: assume good faith, hobbit.
04:13.58Sky2042just say "cool, thanks, I'll remember some of that".
04:14.04Sky2042and move on in life.
04:14.18Bagginswwall I wanted you to do was step in and say that we don't single people out or try to teach people lessons :)
04:14.38Sky2042Bagginsww: but we do. I do even ;P
04:14.52Sky2042you certainly do, or at least some of your posting does.
04:15.07Sky2042man, you're in hawai'i. let some of that hawai'ian spirit flow into you.
04:15.50BagginswwI have. you know how much hate I get along with the love here...
04:16.04Bagginswwalot of hawaiians hate us "haole" :p
04:16.28Bagginswwits about like any other society, LOL prejudice exists eerywhere
04:21.15Bagginswwat least since I respect them I don't see most of the hate directed toward me, ;). But there is definitely an underlying frustration towards haoles as a whole in certain discussions... The colonization process was not pretty.., and they certainly have a reason to be upset
04:23.32Sky2042Have you ever read the book "Hawaii"?
04:23.50Sky2042It's a monster, and the first 50-100 pgs are slow, but otherwise enjoyable.
04:25.35BagginswwNo, I've read a few books on Hawaii. I recommend, Aloha Betrayed.
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04:26.35BagginswwHonest portrayal of the colonization from the Hawaiian perspective
04:27.01BagginswwIts based mainly off Hawaiian language sources
04:27.11Bagginswwstuff that westerned ignored in their own versions of history
04:27.13Sky2042So is Hawaii. author is James Michener. it's fiction, however.
04:27.30Sky2042i had forgotten the authors name :x
04:27.51Sky2042I read it over the summer for a history assignment a couple years ago.
04:28.03BagginswwYa I've heard of the book
04:28.27BagginswwI read Aloha Betrayed last semester for my Hawaian Cultural history class
04:30.50BagginswwThe problem is James Michener is not hawaiian right? So he might gloss over some of the strongest viewpoints of Hawaiian perspective. Alot of stuff could only be found in Hawaiian language newspapers.
04:31.01Bagginswwplus alot of hawaiian language is metaphors
04:31.19Bagginswwthat only hawaiians would understand through cultural belief systems
04:31.20Sky2042strongest viewpoints?
04:31.32Bagginswwtrying to explain what I mean
04:31.58BagginswwThere is a certain disconnect between western view and Hawaiian cultural views
04:32.37BagginswwEven a westerner who knows hawaiian may not understand the cultural meanings behind certain Hawiian terms, double meanings, metaphors, innuendo etc.
04:33.16Sky2042eh. Hawaii is a fictional history, rather than something dealing with 1950s +
04:33.19Bagginswwactually that was one of the biggest problems between newspapers at the time
04:33.37BagginswwI was speaking more along the lines of the 1840's+ though
04:34.02BagginswwI plan to read Hawaii as I hear it sreally good
04:34.07Sky2042hawaii takes it back to 16 / 17s, with the first set of pages in the 1000s
04:34.30Sky2042and works its way to wwii, where it ends iirc.
04:34.47Sky2042i bought it, but don't know where it is atm >.>
04:34.48Bagginswwahh, ok slight confusion on what we were meaning by colonizing then eh?
04:34.59BagginswwI was referring to the western colonization
04:35.07Bagginswwoh I see
04:35.13Bagginswwso it does cover into the western colonization
04:35.37Sky2042oh yes.
04:35.48Bagginswwso anyways I don't know if michener brings it up or not
04:36.07Bagginswwbut in Hawaiian historians perspective Cook was not the first white man to ever visit hawaii
04:36.17Bagginswwthey record like 3-4 other people before then
04:36.32Bagginswwsome that even intragrated into the society
04:37.53Sky2042oh wow, an article I could expand on wikipedia.
04:37.55Sky2042what do ya know.
04:38.43BagginswwSo ya Kamakau was one of the leading Hawaiian historians
04:39.02Bagginswwmuch of his content was cut when it was translated into english editions of the book
04:39.26Bagginswwpartly because western opinion of ignoring oral records
04:40.16BagginswwThe idea comes from western thought believing that if records do not exist on paper, it may be fallible
04:40.43Bagginswwhowever, from a cultural stand point even if it was flawed history, its still viewed as real history to the people
04:40.57Bagginswwand by stripping it away, it paints a false picture of what they really believe
04:41.22Bagginswwbtw I mean english edition of Kamakau's history book
04:42.23Bagginswwanycase if one views Kamakau's history in full, they see that Hawaiians were not so awed by Cook's arrival, they likely didn't see him as a god.
04:42.34Sky2042Bagginsww: michener was born and raised on the main land.
04:42.56Sky2042well, not raised apparently. rags to riches story
04:43.46Sky2042graded from Swarthmore College summa cum laude
04:43.58Sky2042lectured at harvard for a year.
04:44.15Sky2042first book, Tales of the South Pacific, won him a Pulitzer
04:44.57Sky2042died at 90 in texas of kidney failure
04:45.07Sky2042which was 11 years ago.
04:47.03Sky2042the research for the novel was hawaii apparently.
04:47.13Sky2042"There was a third faction that hailed Michener’s research for not being material found in libraries, but material researched on the scene. Michener is called “at once, a social historian and novelist.”"
04:47.42Bagginswwwell first hand research is very good.
04:48.19Bagginswwif he had went straight to the books it have been fairly one sided
04:48.23Bagginswwwestern pov
04:48.34Bagginswwenglish language sources
04:49.07Bagginswwgoing out and asking hawiians their own thoughts would have certainly given him more than most historians were getting at that time
04:49.24Sky2042he might have done the book deal in hawaii itself, but i doubt it.
04:52.22Bagginswwwell it does sound like a good book.
04:52.30BagginswwI'll see if I can get the chance to read it this summer
04:52.46Sky2042definitely try to =)
04:53.17Sky2042it's that kind of book you should not try to read in the span of two weeks.
04:54.29Bagginswweh I have a hard time reading things in the span of two weeks unless I'm made to LOL
04:54.54Sky2042This book is /thick/.
04:55.31BagginswwI'm actually more of cross referencer type. I like reading things that catch my attention then cross reference to other books to expand more on it, and see other interpretations
04:56.09Bagginswwwell that's why I like encyclopedias and encyclopedic style works
04:56.47Bagginswwbut you aren't really suppoed to read stuff like that straight through entirely ;)
04:57.06BagginswwI mean take for example the rpg books they are more or less like mini-encyclopedias
04:57.21Bagginswwbut you generally look up what your interested in at any given point :)
04:57.37Bagginswwor History of the Middle Earth series while you could read it in order
04:57.37Sky2042i don't. that's the kind of stuff i love reading straight through.
04:58.04Bagginswwits more interesting for me to look at skim through it and if something catches my eye read it
04:58.55Bagginswwwell a novel of course is meant to be read straight through, not necessarily in one week of course ;)
04:59.47Sky2042how much novel-reading have you done in english (lit) classes?
04:59.52Bagginswwbut i'm just saying for encyclopedic stuff sometimes I'm not interested in sections, so I can easily skip to next article
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05:00.10BagginswwI enjoy reading. I just enjoy cross referencing mroe LOL
05:00.11Sky2042like, how many pages a week, call it?
05:00.22BagginswwI don't remember.
05:00.39Bagginswwif I sit down to read I an go through a 400 page book in a week
05:00.44BagginswwI think
05:00.53Bagginswwmaybe upwards 600
05:00.54Sky2042i could too. would I want to? no. i've got other things to do in a week xD
05:00.58Bagginswwbut that's not reading straight through
05:01.16Bagginswwso do so do, ;)
05:01.47Bagginswwbut ya I generally only do that when I have to read something and there is a deadline
05:01.59Bagginswwotherwise I tend to like to read through a book slowly, and savor it
05:02.24Bagginswwwhich ends up meaning it takes me at least 2 months to finish a book when I'm really busy.
05:02.38Bagginswwa chapter a week if I'm lucky
05:03.01Bagginswwof course I might be reading 2-3 books at the same time LOL
05:03.50Sky2042that owuld kill me.
05:04.22Sky2042ah my god, AOL is ending support of Netscape
05:05.08Adysdo you have any older news Sky2042
05:05.24Adysi mean you do know this has been announced in january.
05:05.38Sky2042Adys: um, Opera passes the Acid3 test.
05:06.08Adysoff to bed nn
05:06.16Sky2042nn adys.
05:06.45Adysalso sky
05:06.55Adysopera passed the acid3 test after aol announced that
05:06.59Adysyou'll have to try harder
05:07.37Bagginswwsky its because I'm so busy with alot of things LOL
05:07.47BagginswwI do alot more than just read :p
05:07.56Sky2042You think I don't? :p
05:08.32Bagginswwdidn't say you didn't
05:08.57Bagginswwjust for some reason life and my various hobbies seem to interfere with each other for me LOL
05:09.56Sky2042um... YEAH?!
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06:20.04MrUseful(World of Raids) Warlock arena teams, WWI tickets, Comic -
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06:42.52HolySheepyreduced to one page
06:43.15Sky2042well done.
06:43.39Sky2042Of course, you could just go through all the talents and abilities and spells categories after you're done with the official one.
06:49.14BagginswwI don't know what food decided to reword the goblin description for technology and put it on gnome description of technology...
06:49.28Bagginswwand make gnomes look unsafe...
06:50.05MrUseful(World of Raids) Warlock arena teams, WWI tickets, Comics -
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06:57.31Sky2042ugh, somethings wrong with that template i think...
08:08.03HolySheepySrosh: you there?
08:08.43HolySheepySrosh: still gm at euro? xD
08:09.05HolySheepyheh k
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08:37.00Bagginswwwell I finished putting up brief synopses for short stories in Alliance Player's gGuide
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08:58.06Bagginswwgg, there is a giant two inch tropical roach on my ceiling...
09:01.41sacarascbreed it with a cow and get beef that will survive a neuclear bomb
09:12.45Bagginswwumm I think it might be chasing me...
09:12.56Bagginswwok its going the other way now... good
09:13.19Bagginswwhmm I need a weapon :p
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09:36.42Bagginswwkeep m1330 away from the alignment box
09:36.47Bagginswwin the infobox
09:37.40Bagginswwunless he has citations to back up his opinions :p
09:49.13Bagginsww*instead of opinions
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11:05.11g0urrawinkiller pong
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11:22.43Kasowhat's the fire icon from?
11:22.57g0urrais it supposed to be like that? Holy links to school links to holy?
11:23.16g0urras/school/school magic schools/
11:23.28g0urraugh you know what I mean.
11:26.01KasoWhy was molten blood choosen to represent fire?
11:36.51Bagginswwgourra I didn't make the template
11:37.05Bagginswwholy should probably link to holy
11:40.28HolySheepygive it to em KJ
11:42.13g0urraBagginsww: but you moved School to Damage types
11:42.35Bagginswwschool is at school
11:42.49Bagginswwmagich school is at magich school (WoW)
11:43.31BagginswwI was just at school
11:43.44g0urradid you even look at the date?
11:44.01Bagginswwoh its a while back
11:44.09Bagginswwback when we didn't have a school disambig
11:44.29Bagginswwschool is now a disambig
11:45.17g0urraso you just went ahead and moved it, without seeing what linked there and fix it?
11:45.48BagginswwI don't remember guess I missed some
11:45.59BagginswwI was know I was changing it forsomeo fhte pages
11:46.33Bagginswwanycase night :p
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12:01.12Ose|afkooooh... DuTempete is visiting "someone"?
12:02.12DuTempete|UKDuTempete is visiting Kirkburn, Ose|afk
12:02.31DuTempete|UKI didn't think it was a sekret. :P
12:03.17Ose|afkBristol, eh?
12:03.38Ose|afkbeen there, seen it...
12:03.52DuTempete|UKwell aren't you special
12:04.06Ose|afkyeah, I am
12:04.22Ose|afkanyways i'm supposed to be mowing the lawn :P
12:04.34DuTempete|UKYou had best be doing that, then, eh? :P
12:18.00Fisker-YOU MISS
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13:55.08Oseg0urra, what kinds of info do you think should contain?
13:55.56Osei'm thinking about dropping the RP stuff (even for RP servers) and just go for a "notes" column
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15:19.00Oseanyone have any thoughts on the look of ?
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15:25.33g0urraKeep it to the second type of list; remove location and races and put them in a "notes" column; make the website separate and put it in its own column
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17:05.03pcjdamn database servers
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17:30.42Ose|afkmorning bagginsww
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18:05.59Bagginswwok done with those edits :p
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18:10.20Sky2042mm, something else Kirkburn.
18:10.23Sky2042for problem reports.
18:10.37Bagginswwis that a typo?
18:10.57Sky2042it's spelled incorrectly, but double check wowhead.
18:11.09Sky2042might be blizz's fault
18:11.24Bagginswwits captain
18:11.32Bagginswwnot captian :p
18:11.36Sky2042you know what to do.!
18:11.43BagginswwI'll move it heh
18:12.33g0urraToo slow Bagginsww
18:12.48Sky2042g0urra: boilerplate it imo
18:13.00Sky2042damnit baggins, i was gonna delete
18:13.42Sky2042is kirk here?
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18:19.32Sky2042g0urra: also, bp :]
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18:23.32g0urraSky2042: also, fix :]
18:23.41Sky2042g0urra: j00 first.
18:23.49g0urrabrb kazzak.
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18:32.31HolySheepyanyone tried leveling mage with arcane spec?
18:32.58HolySheepys/anyone tried leveling/has anyone tried to level a/
18:33.37Sky2042HolySheepy: has anyone done it? probably? would anyone do it a second time if they had the choice? no.
18:33.53HolySheepyyou forgot the clasing /
18:34.03Sky2042I don't want infobot pinging me.
18:34.05HolySheepyis it that bad?
18:34.18HolySheepyi mean leveling an arcane mage
18:34.31HolySheepywhy that
18:34.39Sky2042You have no central spell.
18:34.54HolySheepyhm then i'll go with fire
18:35.06Sky2042Need a spec? =]
18:35.15Bagginswwhy kirkburn
18:35.17HolySheepyhm, leveling spec mostly
18:35.25Bagginswwdo you have war3 world editor handy?
18:35.39HolySheepystill searching for racoons?
18:35.47Bagginswwwe could use a screenshot of a raccoon :)
18:36.50HolySheepywater elemental sucks
18:36.54HolySheepywtf 45 secs iwth 3 min cd
18:37.14HolySheepythe mages in wc3 rock the wow mages
18:37.15Sky20425/5 Imp Fireball -> 5/5 Ignite -> 2/2 Flame Throwing -> 2/2 Incineration -> 1/1 Pyro -> 2/2 Burning Soul
18:37.24HolySheepypyro <3
18:37.30Sky2042pyro sucks.
18:37.40Sky2042seriously, it does.
18:37.53HolySheepydunno, ever fire mage uses it, atleast i always see em using it
18:38.12Sky2042You're seeing a different spell then >.>
18:38.28Kasoeither that or you're watching the wrong mages
18:38.29HolySheepywe're talking about that big ball of fire, right? :p
18:38.38Sky2042Then, 3/3 Imp Scorch -> 1/1 Blastwave -> 3/3 Critical Mass
18:38.41HolySheepywell more like a big ball of red stone
18:38.55Sky2042also, see Kaso.
18:39.01KasoFrosty does a surprising amount of damage in his 45sec too, plus freeze
18:39.25Sky2042*plus freeze* bolded for emphasis.
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18:39.46HolySheepyyou can't base your leveling around it
18:39.56HolySheepyor your farming
18:40.15HolySheepywhats that bad about pyro?
18:40.15Sky2042eh, there's that hard quest here and there, or that mob that you were kiting...
18:40.25Sky2042you want to be standing still for 6 seconds?
18:40.38Sky2042dunno if you're leveling on a pvp or pve...
18:41.40HolySheepyhm now i need a mage-associated japanese name
18:44.00g0urra<g0urra> Sky2042: also, fix :]
18:47.26Sky2042g0urra: oops, look at the time...
18:47.26Sky2042g0urra: ;P
18:47.26g0urrarolls eyes
18:47.29Sky2042I'll get to it in about... four hours, if you're on then, poke me.
18:47.36HolySheepywtf stupid armory
18:48.05HolySheepySky2042: so is pyro bad on pve? O_o
18:48.12HolySheepyopening shot
18:48.15HolySheepyon th emob
18:48.31Sky2042It kills grinding time. It's far more efficient to Fireball.
18:48.39HolySheepyhm k
18:48.45HolySheepywhy skill it
18:48.55Sky2042so you can get Blastwave.
18:49.13HolySheepyhm was that the spell that damages yourself
18:49.37*** join/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
18:49.42*** part/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
18:49.58HolySheepytheres no blast wave article
18:50.23Sky2042becauswe you're spelling it wrong
18:50.35*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
18:50.45HolySheepyoh lol
18:50.50HolySheepywell search for Blastwave
18:50.52Sky2042It's just one of those spells...
18:50.53HolySheepy4 articles spelling it that way
18:51.31HolySheepyk nick Satomi on Arygos EU saved xD
18:52.06HolySheepyblast wave sounds damn nice
18:52.13HolySheepywhat eek? <.<
18:52.49HolySheepywell maybe i'll use another nick dunno
18:52.54Sky2042go back and fix those misspellings!
18:53.13HolySheepygoing to bake those melonpan and watch tv now
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20:19.30g0urraadmins: (again)
20:35.16*** join/#wowwiki Hypnotica (
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20:41.06Fisker-what was it g0urra ?
20:41.33Adysits wikia skin sucking
20:41.41Adysthat page makes me crash
20:41.44Adyseven under opera
20:42.14*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
20:43.41g0urraFisker-, priv server guild
20:46.16*** join/#wowwiki Hypnotica (
20:53.41Ose|afkEurovision Song Contest lolnezz :D
20:56.07g0urrathat's very lol
20:56.52*** join/#wowwiki deathzerg_ (
20:57.58Ose|afkspain <3
20:59.32*** join/#wowwiki Hypnotica (
21:00.08*** join/#wowwiki Eric24 (
21:05.02Ose|afkhmm... why are there so much padding above and below the text on the guild list ( )?
21:16.33Kirkburn|afkOse|afk, they all have <p><br/></p> after them
21:17.02Ose|afkand where does that come from?
21:17.08Kirkburn|afkIn the last cell, notes, I think
21:17.49Kirkburn|afkDon't put breaks in for <onlyinclude> tags
21:18.13Kirkburn|afkFixed, I think
21:22.36Ose|afkIs there any way we could force the guild name column to not break lines no matter what?
21:34.24*** join/#wowwiki PandaComp (
22:11.25*** join/#wowwiki khangg (
22:18.34*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
22:18.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
22:38.47*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
22:38.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
22:39.09g0urrais listening to Alex Kidd - Alex Kidd - Shaolin [00:42/02:01]
22:40.40Sky2042Wowhead now comes in 4 languages.
22:41.50g0urra<Sky2042> I'll get to it in about... four hours, if you're on then, poke me.
22:42.01Sky2042well, shit, look what time it is :P'
22:42.11g0urrayeah 4 hours later
22:55.01Tekkubhrm... I'm thinking we need to rejigger boss elinks
22:55.26Tekkubmainly, why not split the guides off onto their own page, like the mass number of videos were on a lot of em
22:56.28Sky2042Tekkub: I don't know that I would support that, but I wouldn't be against it either...
22:56.45Tekkubwell we're getting more and more guides...
22:56.58Tekkuband I'm getting tired of smacking down every one
22:57.06Tekkubthey never read [[WW:EL]]
22:57.21Sky2042do you ever leave a user talk message telling them to?
22:57.30Tekkubif it's all on one page, they can't play the "I didn't know the format" bullshit
22:57.47TekkubI do every time, I'm just tired of it happening in the first place
22:58.00Sky2042beats dotoff.
23:01.00g0urragreat Sky2042, just fix the navbox with columns now :]
23:01.13Sky2042g0urra: worrrrrrrrrrrrking on it.
23:02.27Sky2042HolySheepy: I beat people who create wrongly spelled redirects.
23:04.18HolySheepywhy worngly splled? lol
23:07.46HolySheepywhat wrong a Blastwave
23:07.51HolySheepy#REDIRECT [[Blast Wave]]
23:08.01Sky2042yup. that's not the name of the spell.
23:08.19HolySheepythe wiki search sucks
23:08.35Sky2042after we have 1.13a on wiki, it won't so much.
23:08.42Sky2042it'll have a drop down like wowhead has, i think.
23:08.43HolySheepygoogle -> "wow mage blastwave" finds Blast Wave
23:08.46HolySheepywiki blastwave
23:08.53HolySheepyfinds shit
23:09.23HolySheepyinteresting, google's better at searching wowwiki than the wowwiki search
23:10.30HolySheepyso what else to use redirects for?
23:11.02g0urramakes the page "FORT": "#REDIRECT [[Power Word: Fortitude]]
23:11.13Sky2042shortening of words
23:11.30HolySheepy(like thats a better reason) xD
23:12.28g0urrahow about he can just say 'no'
23:12.32Sky2042"night elves"
23:12.51*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
23:12.55Sky2042oh god.
23:12.59Sky2042cages up g0urra.
23:13.03g0urraOh the possibilities.
23:14.47Sky2042oh great, i broke something
23:15.00HolySheepy[01:02:28] <@Sky2042> HolySheepy: I beat people who create wrongly spelled redirects.
23:15.13Sky2042HolySheepy: yeah, on my to do list.
23:15.34HolySheepywell, get a better search or something
23:15.37HolySheepymain problems of wikis
23:15.44HolySheepyeven official wikipedia sucks at searching
23:16.04Sky2042ah, the flying f.
23:16.24HolySheepyflying f?
23:16.36Sky2042flying fuck.
23:16.47HolySheepywell going to bed now, gn8
23:16.47g0urrawhat did you break?
23:17.07Sky2042g0urra: there's a stray </tr> that's driving me batty.
23:17.28Sky2042#Example with colnheader and colnfooter
23:17.45Sky2042i'll have the colheaders nailed down shortly
23:20.52Sky2042colors are done.
23:22.32g0urraapplauds at Sky2042. Bravo!
23:34.10Sky2042well, that's frustrating. unless i chopped off the code when i fixed the colors... hmm. makes me think i forgot a " " " character somewhere
23:35.27*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
23:35.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
23:37.41Sky2042bah, i'm taking that to wikipedia...
23:43.37Sky2042g0urra: why is you have problem with size changes?

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