IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080518

00:00.06Sky2042but what do I know?
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00:25.31g0urraSky2042: needs some loving
00:26.37Sky2042ugh, i still need to fix that.
00:27.12KasoWhy do i get really randomly wrong tooltips on that
00:27.49Sky2042Kaso: dunno.
00:28.30KasoRiding turtle gives me Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger,Black Qiraji Battle Tank gives me riding turtle
00:28.32Kasoits all odd
00:33.01winkillerg0urra: the guy in org was mannoroth, just added it ot the Valley of Wisdom page.. the rogue's damn question nagged me
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01:02.31Mikki've got a discussion going with sky2042
01:03.48Mikkregarding whether or not there should be a /najentus redirect
01:03.50Sky2042did? o_o
01:06.18Mikki'm arguing that there should be one to help visitors
01:06.27Mikkhe's arguing that there shouldnt be one so visitors learn to type
01:07.36Mikki'm thinking that it isn't wowwiki's job to teach visitors how to type the hard way
01:07.48Mikknor make them believe that there is no article on naj'entus
01:08.37Sky2042Mikk: btw, if they somehow come to that article, and it's a deleted with "Content was "#redirect [[Naj'entus]]", that reason will show up on the page.
01:08.40Mikkwe've been using redirects for common misspellings since day 1... i don't see why naj'entus needs to be different
01:08.48Sky2042ie, they can still get to where they want to go.
01:09.10Mikkdeleted articles dont show for regular users
01:09.17Mikkthat's the purpose of deleted
01:09.35Sky2042Mikk: no, there's a reason that shows up that says "this article was previously deleted, and this was the admin's reason"
01:09.45Sky2042s/reason/page (in first use)
01:09.55KasoI believe there should redirects for misspelllings, what possible negative consequences could there be for having one other than some elitist "they should spell right goddamnit" type argument
01:10.09Kasoits not like its going to kill the server
01:10.20Sky2042Kaso: it's not an issue of killing the server. :/
01:10.40Kasoi know it isnt, but i cant see any real argument for not having them.
01:10.43Sky2042Mikk: if that didn't show up for you, than that's because it was deleted before the user merge, which wiped all the user logs.
01:11.32Mikki mean.. we even have a category of common misspellings
01:11.51Sky2042and we shouldn't.
01:12.05KasoWhy? what are the cons for having one?
01:12.12Sky2042what are the pros?
01:12.22Sky2042the only pro is that people can be lazy.
01:12.25Sky2042oh, wait.
01:12.25Kasopros: users who cant spell as well can find articles easier
01:12.58Sky2042and if they're having issues spelling it, they should be able to get to the article by using a proper search, rather than changing the name in the address bar
01:13.00KasoWe should remove the search function too, that just makes people lazy in finding articles
01:13.25Kasostopping people being lazy is not a good enough reason imo
01:13.52Sky2042but neither is "let them be lazy"
01:14.25Mikkwhy would they be able to find the typoed name via search if all our editors are elitist jerks and refuse to even mention the typoed version?
01:14.32KasoSure it is, one of the first rules of interface design is to let your users get what they seek with the least number of interactions as possible.
01:14.51Sky2042Mikk: "naj" and or "entus"
01:15.19Mikkthat implies that they know where the ' is
01:15.23Mikkwhich e.g. i didn't
01:15.30Mikknow, i'm a fairly literate type of guy
01:15.37Sky2042Mikk: and now you've learned something.
01:15.53Mikki would have learned something by watching the name that i got redirected to too
01:15.59Sky2042Kaso: that shouldn't prevent the wiki from being easily maintainable.
01:16.07Mikk"one of the first rules of interface design is to let your users get what they seek with the least number of interactions as possible."
01:16.10Mikkaccessibility > elitism
01:16.13Sky2042Mikk: i doubt it, as you just said you've done the fight dozens of time.
01:16.20Mikkyeah well
01:16.25Mikki'll doubtlessly forget it next week again
01:16.29Mikki know there's a ' somewhere in there
01:16.34Mikki cannot remember where for the life of em
01:16.40Mikkso i could go na'jentus -> nope
01:16.45Mikknajen'tus -> nope
01:16.49Sky2042that sounds like a personal issue
01:16.50Mikknaje'ntus -> nope
01:17.10KasoCase point ^
01:18.35KasoI do agree that the current redirect system isnt the best way to do this, but its what we have at the moment and user experence is a prioirty imo
01:19.03Sky2042but so is maintainability; do you want to hunt down the misspellings?
01:19.24KasoWhat Links Here: ?
01:19.41Sky2042yes, but that makes /my/ job harder.
01:20.47KasoIs there a VP topic on this? it feels like perhaps a wider concensus should be attempted
01:22.14Sky2042no, there isn't. i pmed mikk as he was wondering about it in an undeletion summary
01:22.55Sky2042then he brought it here.
01:24.29Sky2042Mikk: and? your examples only show that that is how it /has/ worked, not how it can / will work.
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02:41.46CharitwoKirkburn is staff now?
02:43.32Sky2042Charitwo: ?
02:44.40Sky2042check smashwiki
02:45.14Charitwowhat about it?
02:46.34CharitwoSky2042: poek
02:46.44Sky2042Charitwo: check to see if he's also under the staff group there also
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02:47.03KasoHe's on staff with wiki gaming is he not?
02:47.09CharitwoSky2042: i dont need to, i just used wowwiki as an example so you didnt have to check another site
02:47.16CharitwoKaso: he was helper
02:47.17Kasoand has been for a while
02:47.18Sky2042check anway
02:47.21Kasooh i see
02:47.21Sky2042Kaso: Helper.
02:47.27Kasoi do not know
02:47.28Sky2042Ie, unpaid intern i believe
02:47.54CharitwoSky2042: i dont need to check something i already know
02:48.11Sky2042sighs at Charitwo.
02:48.15CharitwoHis staff flag is global
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03:41.35Mikkihnj, ijlts "global flagpoles"
03:52.24BagginswwwI hope that Dark Factions gives Abbendis a first name :p
03:52.35Bagginswwwand her father :p
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09:06.06g0urraslap Ose
09:06.18Oseslaps g0urra
09:07.34g0urraIf you've come here for entertainment then you're at the wrong place
09:07.43g0urrayup, EU Ose
09:07.53Oseinfobot, entertain Lelen
09:07.54infobotACTION shows Lelen a real live elephant collection while scuba diving in 3d
09:16.23KirkburnHah, I see there was a fun conversation abut me earlier :p
09:16.41Fisker-slaps Kirkburn around a bit with a large trout
09:18.42KirkburnMikk, fwiw, I don't have a problem with misspelling redirects, so long as they're reasonable
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09:19.24Lelenslaps Fisker- with a big red brick
09:19.39Fisker-no u
09:19.45KirkburnNice cartoon - I can relate :)
09:22.31g0urrastupid Blizzard nerfing fun
09:25.42Lelenflamethrower... -.-
09:28.59AdysCorgan, yes
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12:14.08g0urra uhh
12:14.28Adyswikia's problem
12:39.32Mikkzomg, i'm almost in the 10k club
12:41.05Adysmikk <3
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13:13.54foxlit<base> breaks anchor links :(
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14:41.25KeolahI dreamed of John Cleese dressed up as the Queen of England.
14:43.09KasoSurely that must have happened at one point in the past.
14:43.41Oseyeah, propably
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15:00.12infobotmeh int. /meh/ [The Simpsons] An interjection expressing apathy
15:01.17infobotit has been said that ose is the new kid on the block
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15:19.19Osewhat now?
15:28.22OseKirkburn, theres something wrong with my edit-screen
15:28.32Kirkburnhow so?
15:29.36Osethe bold and italics buttons are just text saying "bold text|italic text"
15:30.54Osealso, could anyone come up with a clever way to collapse the battlegroups on ?
15:33.06KirkburnYeah, the bold/italic images seem to frequently break
15:33.09KirkburnReload fixes
15:33.16Oseany thoughts on ?
15:33.17KirkburnI'll see about bringing it up
15:34.00KirkburnAs for sorting, not really a good idea
15:34.27KirkburnBest not to rely on JS for something to look as intended
15:34.48KirkburnI could put that better
15:35.43KirkburnIt's not really a load issue, but more an overcomplication thing
15:36.13KirkburnThen again, the "sortable" code may already allow that
15:37.22KirkburnHelp page is on
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17:05.19CharitwoKirkburn: you're staff now?
17:05.29Oseon : can I somehow make the <h5> not break lines?
17:05.39Osea div or something?
17:05.48KirkburnCharitwo, no comment :P
17:06.07KirkburnIn truth, no, I am not staff. I'm pseudo staff.
17:06.19KalrothKirkburn is a staffer, neener neener
17:06.23KirkburnI'm in a quantum state where I have not yet coaleced into a single form
17:06.24Charitwooh i was just curious. still wondering if you're still Gaming, or otherwise?
17:06.39KirkburnI have transcended mere "gaming" :P
17:06.40KalrothKirk never leveled beyond 22!
17:07.00KirkburnActually, I'm still gaming, but my projects are often outside the area
17:07.19Kirkburn(e.g. help.wikia, monaco)
17:07.23Ose[19:05]<Ose>on : can I somehow make the <h5> not break lines?
17:07.30Oseyes no?
17:07.47KirkburnYou'll need to place the rest inside the h5
17:07.58KirkburnActually, hmm
17:08.01KirkburnWhat is it for?
17:08.40KirkburnI think floats may help
17:08.52Osethe guilds on links to their entries on guild list
17:09.38KirkburnThis is what I used on the main page:
17:09.39Kirkburn<h3 class="mpcontentbox-header">Warcraft news &nbsp; <span style="font-size:80%;">'''(news ''you'' can [{{fullurl:Portal:Main/User_News|action=edit}}  edit!])'''</span></h3>
17:09.49KirkburnHowever, you probably don't quite want that
17:10.22*** join/#wowwiki khangg (
17:10.36KirkburnFor the search link on the old main page I had:
17:10.38Kirkburn<h3 style="font-size:125%; line-height:90%; float:left;">'''Selected WoW article index'''</h3>
17:10.44Kirkburn<span style="position:relative; top:-0.1em; right:0em; float:right; line-height:90%;"><imagelink>Icon-search-22x22.png|Special:Search</imagelink> &nbsp;'''[[Special:Search|Search]]'''</span>
17:10.59Kirkburni.e. I used positioning to make the search link stay on the same line
17:11.45KirkburnYou could try just using float:right on the non h5 stuff
17:12.19Oseok, thanks
17:13.06KirkburnIt's time for a random interesting page from help.wikia!
17:18.35Oseis randomly interested!
17:23.38foxlit"as the colours are not blinding after a session in a dark dungeon"
17:24.37foxlitThe extension of that is clearly "Useful for those who dwell in basements, unfamiliar and allergic to light of all sorts"
17:26.54foxlitBut seriously, when have you last been in a dark dungeon?
17:27.11foxlitEven BT isn't sufficiently dark, really
17:27.22foxlitAnd sunwell is "lol, park!"
17:27.39g0urraShadow Labyrinth
17:27.49g0urravery .. shadowy
17:27.55foxlitGreen, Purple
17:28.16foxlitthere are no grue-supporting dungeons :(
17:32.17g0urraDon't you love when the guild leader robs the guild bank off epic gems to socket his crap gear...
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17:37.02Fisker-slaps kd3 around a bit with a large trout
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18:00.04MrUseful(Dark Legacy Comic) #143: Think Fast! -
18:10.55Lukiang0urra, nah, our guild sells all epic gems atm :p
18:12.06g0urraah, good to hear that your guild is so generous
18:12.46g0urraour gm is so cheap he won't let us pay raid repairs from guild bank, and sells all the stuff for his own needs
18:13.37g0urraLukian, server?
18:15.27Lukianjubei'thos (oceanic)
18:29.19LukianI was trying to understand the flavour text on 'Sanguine , any suggestions?
18:29.31Lukian"Sanguine Hibiscus"
18:32.26*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
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18:34.48Sky2042Kirkburn: is there any real difference between 333 and (what is it?) 2f? doesn't look like it, but was just wondering.
18:35.18Kirkburn333 looks like it should be part of the bg
18:35.27KirkburnI just find it jarring
18:36.23KirkburnThat a template box should have "transparent" areas
18:36.23Sky2042strange, as #333 is what it was before i changed it :P
18:36.23Sky2042changed the colors*
18:36.23KirkburnStill looked odd :P
18:36.31Sky2042oh well
18:36.35Sky2042will live, either way.
18:36.46Sky2042as it doesn't look that much different ;P
18:37.20Sky2042g0urra: ?
18:37.32g0urralooks good with above & below?
18:37.46Sky2042yes, though I'd abbreviate and italics the stuff in above.
18:38.44Sky2042actually did a really nice job with that one, though some of the character references make no sense.
18:39.34Sky2042ie, " &nbsp;&ndash;&nbsp; "
18:45.12Kirkburnit's double spacing
18:45.25Sky2042wth is the difference between the game terms category and the glossary category?
18:45.36Sky2042Kirkburn: i see little reason for that >.>
18:45.47Kirkburn*readbility :P
18:45.58Kirkburn*readability >_>
18:46.10KirkburnSky2042, I have no idea
18:46.25Sky2042spellability, imo
18:46.55KirkburnI'd say game terms should all be in Glossary
18:47.51Sky2042I actually think we could split glossary into wow glossary and warcraft glossary
18:48.37KirkburnDid it figure on Zeal's plan?
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18:48.48Sky2042no, but i think it merits the change anyway
18:48.58KirkburnOh, I agree
18:49.09KirkburnJust wondered whether he'd already got something for it
18:49.23Sky2042i don't think he did, but i'm not going to bother to check. ^^
18:49.54KirkburnDoes this link load for anyone?
18:50.20KirkburnI'm unable to get any response from images.wikia
18:50.26KirkburnHow odd
18:50.39KirkburnAh, flibble, it works now
18:50.42Fisker-everything happens for a reason neo
18:51.01KirkburnImages all seems to be acting oddly for me atm (e.g. favicon is broken)
18:56.06Ose|afkKirkburn: what do I need to change to make <span style="float:center;">{{{{{1}}} Icon Small}}</span> '''<h4 style="float:center;">{{{1}}} Guilds</h4> not break lines?
18:56.17Sky2042(not use h4)
18:56.47KirkburnDon't use float:center, for one
18:56.51KirkburnIt doesn't exist
18:56.56Kirkburnleft, right or none
18:58.07foxlitloots a Skull of Guldan.
18:58.17Sky2042foxlit: sweet
18:59.31Osefoxlit: YOU ARE NOT PREPARED to wield it so please hand it over
19:01.23foxlitstill not hitcapped. drat.
19:02.00Sky2042you're that far into WoW and you're not hit capped.
19:02.06Sky2042shames foxlit.
19:02.35foxlitGenerally speaking, you don't need to be
19:02.58foxlitPlus I love my blueberry friends with AWESOME totems
19:03.01g0urrainfobot, 2000000/160
19:03.19foxlitinfobot, pi/e
19:03.47foxlitclever infobot!
19:04.01g0urrainfobot, 780000/60
19:04.09g0urraslow dps is slow
19:04.41Sky2042foxlit: generally speaking you don't need to be?... only against trash, and who cares about the trash. -_-
19:04.56Sky2042if you're takin on bosses, hit capping is the most efficient way to increase dps
19:05.08*** join/#wowwiki PanSola (
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19:05.28foxlitBlanket statements are meaningless in the face of available itemization
19:05.39foxlit+500 awesome rating or +5 hit? You decide! :)
19:06.27Sky2042foxlit: you should be hit capped and have +450 awesome rating.
19:06.39Sky2042at the BT level, anyway
19:06.55*** join/#wowwiki Jimdinventor (
19:10.56foxlitAwesome starts when you're not hit capped, but are hit capped with group buffs :)
19:11.03foxlitWhich works for me :)
19:11.45Sky2042foxlit: unfortunately
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19:16.29foxlitAbout 1.3% off without equipping hit gear and without group buffs
19:29.04Sky2042_afkg0urra: suggestion for when you navbox stuff: leave some whitespace, a la . not a requirement, but it does make it easier to pick out the groups and lists.
19:33.16foxlitOh wow, this animation... is awesome.
19:33.36Osewhich one?
19:33.42*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
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19:33.58foxlitSkull of Gul'dan casting
19:34.38Oseyou eat it?
19:35.40foxlitno, it sets you on fire
19:36.36foxlitI'm so adding a screenshot
19:37.01PanSolaReminder: chat in #Wikia-gaming in 25 minutes!
19:37.46Osewhat do you think of the layout on ?
19:38.56KirkburnUm ...
19:39.07KirkburnHow does a death knight get a mount at level 40 :P
19:39.15foxlitgourra: imo
19:39.23Sky2042lol kirkburn
19:43.32Sky2042gaming chat in #wikia-gaming starts in 17 minutes
19:44.17Fisker-i will destroy you
19:45.53Oseinfobot, set Fisker- destruction mode -1
19:47.00Fisker-ACCESS DENIED
19:47.27*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
19:48.46Sky2042btw, kirkburn, when was your name added to "staff" permissions?
19:49.47KirkburnThursday or friday
19:50.24Sky2042was j00 hired?
19:50.30KirkburnAs yet, I have not utilised the powers
19:50.38KirkburnI am already an employee >_>
19:51.04AdysKirkburn has been a wikia employee for a while sky
19:51.07Sky2042huh. i though you were an intern (unpaid)
19:51.11Sky2042sighs at Adys.
19:51.30AdysNo, really.
19:51.46KirkburnOnly since ... er ... last year.
19:51.46Sky2042Adys: I knew this -_-
19:52.06AdysWhy did you just say you didn't know then? :p
19:52.24Sky2042I didn't say that. -_-
19:52.49Adys[21:51:07] <Sky2042> huh. i though you were an intern (unpaid)
19:53.03Sky2042That does not say "I did not know that"
19:54.20JimdinventorActually, it does. :-)  If A <> B, and you think A, then you do not "know" B.
19:54.35Sky2042... Jimdinventor... er, no.
20:03.04*** join/#wowwiki Zelootti (n=Zelootti@
20:16.11Sky2042You'd be perfect for #uncyclopedia , ose
20:16.14*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
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20:17.02Sky2042Kirkburn: it was the new preprocessor which comes with 1.12 which cleared up that "bug"
20:18.49*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
20:19.39KirkburnSky2042, yay
20:19.50Sky2042Jimdinventor: you think maybe you could put all your macros on [[Useful macros for druids]] ?
20:20.14JimdinventorActually, many of them are there already.  I'm purposefully developing this new concept space.
20:20.19g0urraSky2042: {{navbox}} could use some wowwiki examples
20:20.44Sky2042Kirkburn: I only know this because a person at was having issues; UseTidy didn't fix it, so I told him to upgrade to 1.12.
20:20.52Sky2042Jimdinventor: erg. why not a second page then?
20:20.53g0urraI mean {{navbox/doc}}
20:20.54g0urraor something
20:21.05Sky2042Jimdinventor: something like "Advanced macros for druids"
20:21.29JimdinventorIt is my belief that those pages will be created as category pages.
20:22.02JimdinventorIn fact, I was playing with the idea of adding "Category: Druid Ability" to the bottom of those macro pages that apply.
20:22.16Sky2042as well Jimdinventor, <name> (macro) is ambiguous, which is part of the problem.
20:22.41*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
20:22.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:22.51JimdinventorPlease elaborate.  You are expressing the existence of a problem admirably, but I don't realize exactly what the problem is. :-)
20:24.32Sky2042Jimdinventor: colating all the macros on one page (two, three, w/e) ensures that information is not duplicated (for one), and two, ensures naming issues (such as the one just specified) also aren't developed. Naming something "x (macro)"... I could click on "x (macro)" as a mage, and it wouldn't help me in the slightest.
20:24.47Sky2042g0urra: i just said that.
20:25.01Sky2042g0urra: also, agree with examples. You can work on that if you want :P
20:25.13g0urraI'm trying to keep track of a NHL hockey game, BT instance run and IRC channel at the same time
20:25.36g0urraluckily it's just radio ad right now
20:25.53g0urrabut the boss start now so meh
20:26.13Jimdinventor<emphatic nod>.  Duplication of information is indeed my 1st motivator.  You'll note that macros are duplicated all across the class-macro pages.  Am I rash, then, in thinking that moving them to their own, categorical pages is a bad idea?
20:27.02Sky2042Jimdinventor: if they are duplicated in such a manner, they should be moved to [[Useful macros]] or some such. Making them their own pages also makes them more difficult to search for.
20:27.45JimdinventorOkay.  I can agree with that.  May I pose something else for your consideration?
20:28.21Sky2042feel free =)
20:29.03g0urra3-0 pittsburgh yesss
20:30.23JimdinventorThank you!  I see macros as "deep" to the same degree that mob and items are deep.  That is, just like a mob gets an article to discuss its abilities, location, strats, etc, so too do macros get discussed in terms of "what purpsoe does this serve?" or "when does it fail?".  In your opinion, do the total-macro-pages permit the space for this depth?
20:30.23infobotJimdinventor: my pleasure
20:30.43Sky2042wtf infobot?
20:31.36Adysthank you ChanServ
20:31.36infobotpas de quoi, Adys
20:31.40Adysthought so
20:33.13Sky2042Jimdinventor: I see what you mean, and I would say they do, though of course that's opinion.
20:34.26Jimdinventor:-)  Alright.  I will sideline what I was attempting, for now, and work instead on removal of duplicates on the class-specific pages (moving them to the Useful Macros main where appropriate).  That's a good job anyway!
20:35.06Sky2042Jimdinventor: certainly. I can definitely agree though that in many cases, the information on each macro could be expanded.
20:35.26JimdinventorThank--   uh, m e r ci - much for your perspective in the matter, Sky.  I really do appreciate it.
20:35.26infobotsure thing, Jimdinventor
20:35.35JimdinventorDamn you, infobot.
20:35.42Sky2042infobot, damn you.
20:35.43infobotACTION damns you. to the bowels of bloody hell forever.
20:35.56Sky2042infobot's an idiot.
20:36.09JimdinventorI must regretfully agree.
20:36.30Sky2042infobot, kirkburn
20:36.30infobotAuthor of the phunky font changing addons ClearFont and ClearFont2, and WoWWiki bureaucrat. Also likes kittens and middle-management.
20:36.52infobotsky2042 is probably a cool wowwiki and wowhead mod.
20:37.00KirkburnOnly 2 of those 4 facts are true.
20:37.07KirkburnEr, *3
20:37.14Sky2042Kirkburn: i'd say that's 5 things, but could be wrong.
20:37.32KirkburnSky2042, yeah I wrote 5 originally. I should have just stayed quiet :P
20:37.39Jimdinventor"g0urra is an infobot interrogator.  I wish he'd leave me alone."
20:37.55g0urrainfobot, g0urra is an infobot interrogator
20:37.55infobotg0urra: okay
20:38.04Jimdinventorbwah ha ha haha
20:38.13g0urrainfobot no, g0urra is an infobot interrogator.  I wish he'd leave me alone.
20:38.14infobotg0urra: okay
20:38.21infoboti guess g0urra is an infobot interrogator.  I wish he'd leave me alone.
20:38.41JimdinventorI guess I can die fulfilled, now.
20:39.20g0urrapittsburgh vs philadelphia, 4-0 yesss, in your face
20:48.52KeolahI find it inordinately amusing to sheep a Son of Arugal... then run away because I'm a poor squishy level 18 mage.
20:53.53*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go_ (n=MikeNGoS@
20:55.59foxlitIf you see it coming, run like hell!
20:56.36JimdinventorInteresting, but out of season.  Bookmark it for American Thanksgiving, and your friends will think you a genius.
20:57.11Sky2042oh, also Kirkburn, all the [[Special:Log]]s were cleared when we merged userbases... can haz fix?
20:57.22KirkburnIt's known
20:57.32KirkburnDon't worry, it'll get done :)
20:58.39Oseinfobot, set weekend +1 day
20:59.15kd3la-de-da... so the official map's been uploaded so far, and that's it?
20:59.22kd3expected a bit more than that by this point
20:59.33Oseofficial map of what? northerend?
20:59.44kd3leaked from the client. it's been deleted
21:00.41OseI guess the b e t a will come pretty soon
21:01.30Oseand now, instead of /quit, beta beta beta
21:01.52Oseadys disable kickthingy?
21:02.30*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
21:05.58KirkburnI have no idea
21:06.23Kirkburnkd3, I *think* people are more used to how it works now
21:07.03kd3meh... here's hoping
21:07.27KirkburnI don't think we were quite so proactive last time
21:07.42Sky2042wonders wth you two are talking about.
21:07.46Kirkburn(we didn't know about the F&F alpha until later certainly)
21:08.09KirkburnRegarding that official map ... wtf at the size of Storm Peaks
21:08.36KirkburnIt seems to have engulfed Azjol'Nerub /and/ Crystalsong Forest
21:09.09Sandwichman2448It that his art or the map?
21:09.13kd3that's art
21:09.13KirkburnHis art
21:09.30kd3map was NorthrendMapOfficial.jpg
21:09.43Sandwichman2448There may have been more than one...
21:09.51KirkburnStill wonder how Azjol'Nerub will be done - WoW doesn't support underground areas well
21:10.05Sky2042Kirkburn: gnomer, imo.
21:10.06KirkburnNormally they have to be entirely modelled, as opposed to a heightmap
21:10.24Sandwichman2448Yeah. All one doodad.
21:10.29KirkburnWell, gnomer is a huge model
21:10.39kd3so is IF, now that I think about it
21:10.45KirkburnBut AN has got to be much larger
21:10.49Bagginswwyou could make sky using a skybox right?
21:11.06Kirkburntrue, but that'd be such a cop-out
21:11.08Bagginswwthe rest fo the world wouldn't be loaded while your there
21:11.17KirkburnYou're underground, cause we blacked out the sky :P
21:11.27Sky2042Kirkburn: it works.
21:11.34Bagginswwwell a brown texture mapped skybox
21:11.45Bagginswwand tunnells too :p
21:11.58KirkburnIt's possible they could do more than one heightmap, but that'd be unprecedented in WoW
21:12.08Bagginswwcloser you get to the roof they could then spawn an actual roof
21:12.21Bagginswwwith stalactites
21:12.39Bagginswwdepends on how far they want the roof to be
21:12.51KirkburnTrue, we have no idea what scale they're working on
21:12.54Bagginswwdepending on which part of the the area your at
21:12.57Sandwichman2448They say something about it here:
21:13.04KirkburnAll we've seen of AN is some caverns in TFT
21:13.17Bagginswwbut ya anyone play KOTOR?
21:13.26Bagginswwthe underground in that game was pretty cool
21:13.34Bagginswwon the first world.
21:13.34Kirkburn"It's going to be exterior terrain, but underground"
21:13.49Kirkburn"It'll feel like you're in a cave, but it'll be gigantic. Buildings, temples -- a look and feel very similar to Naxxramas, since [the Nerubians] are where the Scourge stole that architecture from."
21:13.51Bagginswwprobably something like the underground in KOTOR
21:14.13KirkburnFor it to be exterior terrain, that has to be a height map o_O
21:14.19KirkburnI'm so very intrigued
21:14.19Bagginswwbut maybe something akin to Moria in FOTR movie
21:14.37Bagginswwbtw, LOTRO is doing the same thing with Moria
21:14.42KirkburnI played KOTOR :D
21:14.42Bagginswwhuge Underground world
21:14.52KirkburnI've forgottem most of it >_<
21:15.01Bagginswwwell I played only the first world :p
21:15.05Bagginswwbefore I got sick of star wars :p
21:15.06KirkburnI got withing 5 minutes of the ending and never finished it ... >_>
21:15.12Bagginswwnot because of the game
21:15.23KirkburnJust cause it was star wars?
21:15.23Bagginswwbut because of the changes to the movies... for the worse...
21:15.42Kirkburnmakes plans to play KOTOR again
21:15.48g0urraholy shit 6-0
21:15.53BagginswwI'll play it... but not because its star wars
21:15.57Bagginswwbecause I like the company that made it
21:16.06BagginswwI love their jade empire and mass effect
21:16.22g0urraflyers are getting owned
21:17.32KirkburnAnnoyingly, I can't make a WMV screenshot of Anub'Rekhan ... the colours get all washed out for some reason
21:18.12Fisker-i remember back in the days
21:18.13Fisker-when he was black
21:18.18Bagginswwcan't wait for Jade Empire 2 ;)
21:23.02foxlitscreenshot is awesome, rest of article, who knows
21:23.13foxlit" ... You're making the peon cry. ..."
21:24.43foxlit"How dare you make the peon cry."
21:24.53foxlit"You will now be terminated for making the peon cry."
21:27.21Sandwichman2448Hey Bagginsww, did I get this right?
21:29.03g0urraSky2042: looks good to you?
21:29.08Bagginswwnot sure
21:29.33Sky2042g0urra: for?
21:29.41Bagginswwcartels and trade empires may be synomous :p
21:29.43g0urrathe image
21:29.46BagginswwDark Factions might clear this up though
21:29.59Bagginswwits got a huge expansion on goblin information
21:30.24Sky2042g0urra: i like the kalimdor one.
21:30.34Sky2042the barrens overbalance the picture.
21:31.47Sky2042Kirkburn|sleep: pft. you bed now.
21:31.52Kirkburn|sleepHmm, isn't that the wrong Barrens map anyway?
21:32.43g0urra"wrong barrens map"? it's the one linked on main article
21:33.09Kirkburn|sleepYeah, but we uploaded a whole bunch of new ones of standard size
21:33.35g0urraah maybe
21:34.34Kirkburn|sleepYeah, they all need to be replaced on articles with those versions
21:36.06Kirkburn|sleepBah, I'll stick on my todo, unless someone gets to it first
21:36.50g0urraKirkburn|sleep, stick on it too :p
21:37.00Sky2042oh jebus
21:37.02g0urracould use some local loving
21:37.07g0urrayes I went there.
21:37.13Sky2042g0urra: can you boilerplate for me?
21:37.20Kirkburn|sleep@ Sky, don't put that thing near me :)
21:37.49Sky2042Kirkburn|sleep: I didn't say that!
21:37.53Sky2042g0urra did!
21:38.03Kirkburn|sleepI know :P
21:38.08g0urracackles maniacally
21:38.12*** join/#wowwiki soufron_ (
21:38.35Kirkburn|sleepAnyway, I must congratulate you on getting it set up
21:38.48Kirkburn|sleepHope there's not toooo many to convert
21:39.24Sky2042Kirkburn|sleep: i said last night i'd ask arcanedeath to do it.
21:39.29Sky2042cackles like g0urra.
21:44.25g0urraSky2042: done
21:44.30Sky2042g0urra: thx.
21:45.36*** join/#wowwiki wanze (i=wanze@unaffiliated/wanze)
21:46.13Sky2042g0urra: now, fix links to
21:46.29Fisker-i wanted the white snow Sky2042
21:46.31g0urragoes on WW:BR
21:46.47Sky2042g0urra: why would you need WW:BR?..
21:47.00g0urra'cause it would make it easier. :P
21:47.11Sky2042g0urra: just use AWB :o
21:48.05Vesitinyay first character on a server, level 31, and i already have more than enough gold to buy my level 40 mount
21:48.19*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
21:48.29Mikkmoney is obscenely easy with some auctioneering
21:48.51Mikkthe other day i got it into my head to try it with my level20 something cow that had 3 gold or so
21:49.09Mikkafter _three_ AHing sessions is have 25 gold, and still items left to sell
21:49.43Vesitini'd have more gold if i didn't stop every couple of levels to browse for new gear, but it's kind of required with warriors
21:50.02g0urrais happy he only got a rogue to level now
21:50.19Vesitini just rerolled horde on another server and i'm working on three toons there
21:50.28Mikkmeh. only real important for rogues&warriors is good weapons
21:50.29g0urraserver, eu/us?
21:50.33Sandwichman2448I got a nether ray...
21:50.33Mikkthe rest doesn't really matter as much
21:50.40Sandwichman2448sucks at WoW.
21:50.41Vesitinthe warrior, which will become my main...a rogue, and also a shama nthat i'm working on with a guildy from my ally server
21:50.45g0urragood job Sandwichman2448!
21:50.47VesitinDemon Soul US
21:50.57g0urraAggramar EU
21:51.29Vesitinyea i need to upgrade my weapons i haven't really found any 'great' ones yet...i got the blue mace from SFK and a green axe from AH
21:51.41Vesitinbut the blue mace is lvl 20, about time for an upgrade
21:52.02Vesitinshould browse RFK and SMGY/Lib drops
21:52.11g0urrait's crazy though, I could sell a stack of runecloth on steamwheedle cartel for 16g, while on aggramar it's just 4-5g
21:52.43g0urraprobably has something with that steamwheedle is an RP server, heh
21:53.06Vesitini wonder how barrens chat is on RP servers...
21:53.17Sandwichman2448I have a made-up family to feed.
21:53.54g0urra"On some RP servers, good ol' Chuck is replaced with High Overlord Saurfang"
21:54.02MikkZug-zug! The filthy humans killed Mankrik's wife! FORM A RAID TO FIND HER!
21:54.18Sky2042g0urra: lol
21:57.14MikkBah. I had to fix the bad cow pun section. It didn't even mention udders.
22:01.24g0urra wroooong name
22:01.46Vesitinthat's Aszhara....
22:01.57Vesitinman i hate that zone
22:02.05Sky2042pcj: poke.
22:02.10Vesitini hate any zone that has a lack of raods
22:02.13infobotprivet, pcj
22:02.13g0urrayes, Azshara
22:02.24g0urralol @ infobot
22:02.29Sky2042hi pcj, you might want to fix that so we don't kill the tooltips.
22:02.39pcjfix what
22:02.55Sky2042 wroooong name unless it's misspelled by blizzard?
22:02.59*** join/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
22:03.00*** part/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
22:03.02pcjIt's misspelled by blizzard
22:03.07pcjwe've been over this like 3 times now
22:04.03Sky2042g0urra: leave a note on the image tlak page plx
22:06.02Mikk(Am I the only one that can't see resized images at all in the wiki?)
22:06.32g0urraMikk: I have that problem sometimes
22:07.00JimdinventorNo he didn't, infobot. :-p
22:07.39Mikkthe img src:
22:07.44Mikkand that one certainly does not load
22:07.58Sky2042Mikk: kirkburn mentioned it today, actually.
22:08.03*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
22:08.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
22:09.14Mikkeh... NOW it loaded
22:09.54Sandwichman2448I think I need to rewrite Cashbringer to fit with lore better, not that it is important, but how much is that policy enforced?
22:10.08Mikki lie, it still doesn't show in the page
22:10.13Kirkburn|sleepI'll check up on the image loading thing tomorrow
22:10.21Kirkburn|sleepSomething very odd is going on
22:10.33Mikkfunnily, if i request it from my linux box with a raw wget, it shows
22:10.46g0urraI had that problem before, <gallery> didn't show images
22:11.09g0urraKirkburn|sleep: I quote night elf rangers: "Are we being invaded?"
22:11.20Kirkburn|sleepHow long ago is "before"?
22:11.37g0urradunno, a week or two
22:11.55Kirkburn|sleepHmm, I've seen seeing it for about a day
22:11.56g0urrastill doesn't work completely, but at least /some/ images show
22:12.07Kirkburn|sleepAh well, I'll see what I can do
22:12.46MikkI've had it since the latest upgrade
22:13.00MikkNot a single resized image shows for me
22:13.23kd3weird... I've only had that happen when a cache broke
22:13.46MikkGalleries, thumbnails... nada.  Even clicking into an image page does nothing for me when the image page itself shows a scaled-down one (which is true for screenshots)
22:14.13MikkHokay... just copy&pasted the image url from opera to firefox, and it worked there
22:14.30Kirkburn|sleephow odd
22:15.04Kirkburn|sleep(I'm properly running off to bed now, I'll catch up on discussion tomorrow)
22:15.05MikkIGNORE ME
22:15.22MikkSomehow I had an ad blocker that triggered on that url >.<
22:15.23Kirkburn|sleepI could never ignore you
22:15.24Vesitinis it me or did the silly catagory get HUGE?
22:15.27g0urraOdd enough the problem only shows when I'm in firefox, but fine in safari. :|
22:15.30Kirkburn|sleepAnd L.O.L.
22:16.20g0urra hot.
22:16.41Sandwichman2448Vesitin: Yes it has. We need more rules for it.
22:17.14MikkHere's the kicker though.... that URL isn't in my ad block list
22:17.58Sandwichman2448'Hot' is not quite the word...
22:18.28g0urraalso lol
22:18.29Vesitinconsidering they live in the arctic climate of northrend...
22:18.39Adysold as shit
22:18.48Mikkoho there we go.... **
22:18.55Mikkwonder what they did to piss me off
22:19.35Sandwichman2448The impracticality of her dress was pointed out.
22:20.47Sandwichman2448"Articles in this category must be notable, being known on at least two different servers.
22:21.00Sandwichman2448How many do you think are?
22:21.21Sandwichman2448Even mine...
22:22.13kd3meh, I should probably drop nelf mistakes in that cat
22:23.32Sandwichman2448I remember it was big on the forums.
22:23.47*** join/#wowwiki w1sk (
22:24.08*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
22:24.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
22:24.35AdysKirkburn|sleep, ping
22:30.16Sandwichman2448Does Cat:Silly need more enforcement?
22:34.11*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
22:34.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
22:35.11Sandwichman2448I take that as a 'no'...
22:35.48Mike-N-Go_ needs citation.
22:36.47*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:46.07g0urra :|
22:48.33Mike-N-Go_I add it to the list there?
22:49.44Sky2042lol, Mike-N-Go_, tag it with a {{fact}}
22:49.55Mike-N-Go_Sky2042: Thank you.
22:51.28foxlit<!-- Nedenstående indsat af TDC for at måle trafikken samtidig med at brugeren er 100% anonym. Koden må ikke sættes ud af funktion, kopieres, eller ændres. --> <img src="***tdckoncern_dk/dk/ISO-8859-1//">
22:51.31foxlitI is outraged!
22:51.42Mike-N-Go_I do not know the wiki markup well.
23:16.17BagginswwI suggest, watching eman's edits. While some of his additions are ok... some of it shows a high degree of horde bias, or mechanic comparisons
23:16.45Bagginswwalso he has a tendency to modify quotes
23:17.30BagginswwBy that I mean adding stuff into quotes that wasn't said there previously.
23:17.58BagginswwWhile paraphrasing should occur, simply modifying blockquoted material is not paraphrasing
23:22.14*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:23.54Sky2042oh, that post felt real good.
23:31.05Sky2042oh yes, that felt real good.
23:33.42*** join/#wowwiki ralfWORK (
23:41.22MikkNo, don't go sticking {{fact}} into the UI FAQ
23:41.39Sky2042Mikk: then cite it, imo. i know it's true, but it needs a linkie
23:42.08MikkThe UI FAQ is fairly devoid of wiki markup for a purpose
23:42.52Bagginswwoh ok dark factions pdf is out?
23:42.56Bagginswwok must order now :)
23:43.00MikkErr the whole section is blockquoted stuff
23:43.11MikkWhat exactly needs to be more clear there?
23:43.23Sky2042Mikk: A LINK TO THE OP
23:43.29Sky2042do you not get that? >_<
23:43.41MikkNo, i'm liek st00pid
23:43.45Bagginswwmomentaryil :)
23:43.49MikkThat was 3 forums ago
23:44.12Sky2042well then, explanation should be on the page, eh?
23:46.23MikkFine. I have now explained that posts can disappear from the blizzard forums.
23:46.31MikkAnd that this one indeed has.
23:46.50Sky2042Mikk: cool. works for me.
23:46.53MikkNot that that in and of itself makes it any more verifiable nor believable so I fail to see how it serves a purpose.
23:52.48Bagginswwpersonally never consider forum posts all that reliable or easy to cite :p
23:52.54Bagginswwbecause of the instability
23:53.14Sky2042so you cite an archival site
23:53.21Bagginswwif I can find one
23:53.34Bagginswwbut ya I use wayback on occasion
23:53.45Bagginswwbut it doesn't always have all the archives
23:54.27Bagginswwyay pdf is almost downloaded :)
23:55.10Bagginswwnext best thing to having my actual hardcover :p... but doesn't require me lugging around all my books over here...
23:57.18Sky2042watches as Bagginsww starts jacking off.
23:57.44Bagginswwthere is "prawn" in the book :p

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