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04:23.59FurlHail, fair Pcj.
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04:33.50DottedThe job queue length is currently 1727
04:34.12DottedThe job queue length is currently 1727
04:42.26DottedThe job queue length is currently 1727
04:42.28Sky2042spams dotted.
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04:55.57Bagginswwyay so glad to be done :)
04:56.02Bagginswwsummer summer summer
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05:39.11Sky2042_afkNow to correctly skin it in wowwiki.
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06:05.21Sky2042wowpwnzer: ?...
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06:05.49Sky2042Adys: poke. can help me fr a minute or two?
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08:24.38KirkburnGood morning!
08:25.12Kirkburnwants the summer holidays and everyone back :P
08:26.22Kirkburnpcj, I've added your PHP thing to the queue
08:26.51KirkburnWe're iffy about a new imagelink extension, shall see how that goes
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08:28.19Kirkburnhey g0urra
08:28.28g0urrahey Kirkburn
08:29.59KirkburnHeh, something for biologists and physicists -
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08:47.53huraxhi kirkburn, can you help me with moving a page? [[Hyjal Summit]] to [[Mount Hyjal]], the latter is atm a redirect
08:48.11huraxsuggested some time ago, no objections on talk
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11:56.06Kirkburnif anyone's bored,
11:56.15KirkburnIt's got search links now
12:06.20KalrothAdysmantits is a common misspelling too!
12:13.11KalrothAlso Mankirk-burn!
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12:19.46KirkburnKalroth, um, k
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12:30.54Arrowmasteri dont understand the Felhunter one
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12:45.35KirkburnArrowmaster, two different things, iirc
12:46.02Arrowmastersame thing afaik
12:46.23Arrowmasterfelhunter being the warlock pet
12:46.40Arrowmasterand felhound being a mob that looks exactly like a felhunter
12:46.41KirkburnAh, I think it's not so much misspelling and misuse
12:47.57KirkburnI think we may need to do some organising on those articles, it seems rather confusing
12:48.04Kirkburnpokes Baggins
12:48.30KirkburnFel stalker, felhound, felhunter ... all are mostly the same thing :P
12:48.45KalrothFel boar
12:49.11Arrowmasterthats something different
12:49.22KalrothIt's fel too!
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13:06.53pcjty kirkburn
13:08.23KirkburnAnother problem down!
13:10.18KirkburnRelease notes for 1.13 are looking fairly interesting -
13:11.18Kirkburne.g. categories properly counting their entries
13:11.34Kirkburnorganised specialpages page
13:11.57pcjmmm ajax suggestions? built in to mediawiki?
13:12.19KirkburnI /think/ it's basically what we have
13:12.40KirkburnNo ideas as to when Wikia may upgrade, could be before it goes final.
13:14.44pcj* Redesign of Special:UserRights
13:14.47pcjcould be interesting
13:15.00pcjuser rights management has always sucked for mediawiki
13:16.51pcjAllow inclusions, links, redirects to be separately toggled on or
13:19.53KirkburnYeah, the userrights thing uses checkboxes now
13:20.30KirkburnAnd it tells you whether you can remove someone from a group once you've added them
13:21.05Kirkburn(generally you can add people to important groups on Wikia, but staff are needed to remove)
13:21.28Kirkburn(to prevent retribution stuff)
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14:03.00Kirkburnyo ose
14:03.08Ose# (diff) (hist) . . N! User:WoWWiki-Kaiku/sign2‎; 15:59 . . (+27) . . WoWWiki-Kaiku (Talk | contribs) (New page: {{User:WoWWiki-Kaiku/sign}})
14:03.09Ose# (diff) (hist) . . m User:WoWWiki-Kaiku/sign‎; 15:58 . . (-1) . . Gourra (Talk | contribs)
14:03.23Ose^g0urra did an edit before page was created?
14:03.45g0urraI'm pro that way
14:04.02KirkburnIt was created at 15:55 :P
14:04.24KirkburnActually, those are different articles
14:05.04Oseoh lol
14:05.40g0urra# (diff) (hist) . . N! User:WoWWiki-Kaiku/sign2‎; 15:59
14:05.44g0urra# (diff) (hist) . . m User:WoWWiki-Kaiku/sign‎; 15:5
14:05.52g0urrafirst is sign2 :P
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14:12.47Arrowmasterso now that my 2 wikia accounts got merged and my userpage still redirects to the wowwiki- one, should i just use the undo link in the history? along with all the other pages in my user area
14:13.06KirkburnBy all means
14:13.20Arrowmasteri couldnt tell if the undo link would move it or not
14:15.36Arrowmasterseems it doesnt
14:15.52KirkburnYou should be able to move over a redirect
14:15.57Kirkburn(using move)
14:16.12pcjOnly if the redirect was a result of moving the page
14:18.44Arrowmasterdid only userpages get moved?
14:19.06Arrowmasteror did everything else get auto moved when i moved the main page?
14:19.51KirkburnOnly userpages
14:20.02Kirkburn(and their talk pages)
14:20.11Arrowmasteri ment sub pages of userpages
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14:29.02Dottedhow come my accounts where automatically merged :o?
14:31.21Kasothat or they had the same email address
14:52.06Kirkburnyeah, both go at the end :P
14:52.16Kasothis is why elinks suck ^
14:53.14Kirkburng0urra, that wasn't entirely representative -
14:54.26KirkburnThey suck to keep under control, I'll give you that :P
14:54.30g0urrasometimes I like to think there's a "war" over profession external links..
14:54.43KirkburnIt's not just in your mind :)
14:54.44g0urra"my guide is better than yours!"
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15:10.39g0urrawinkiller pong
15:21.02pcjerr adys adblock doesn't work with, is there another extension that does
15:23.17OseKirkburn: why isn't critters rotating?
15:23.35KirkburnKeeping that one for patching
15:23.51*** join/#wowwiki Ragestorm (n=JMW@
15:23.57KirkburnCould probably change back later
15:23.59KirkburnHey Ragestorm
15:24.25pcjmaybe adblock plus works
15:25.30RagestormJust observing, don't mind me
15:26.16Osenow we can haf 1337 lore chatz ?
15:26.36Oseanyways, why is names on so inconsistent?
15:26.53KirkburnDang, Baggins left about hour and a half ago
15:27.11Ose[16:01]|<--Bagginsw has left (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:27.21Kasoyou mean the older ones like Mithril/darkiron?
15:27.39KirkburnOse, I know, I can count :P
15:27.43Kasoprob due to art changes during development
15:28.13OseI maek {{Ore}} for simplizzitey?
15:30.54g0urraose, isn't there {{Ores}} already?
15:31.48*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
15:31.50OseI mean a template that gives the ore image
15:32.11g0urralol [Liquidor]
15:32.50g0urraso like {{ore|Thorium}} would give ?
15:34.35Adyspcj, adblock+
15:34.50KirkburnWouldn't that be more of a "cost" style template?
15:35.39KirkburnI might suggest a more overarching project of mats
15:36.07KirkburnThough perhaps by profession is indeed better, with {{herb|daffodil}} also existing
15:39.29huraxwell, if baggins has spoken, you can reverse the move kirkburn, once he has made his mind about a page name the discussion is finished...
15:40.16KirkburnAs I told him, no move until people have had their say
15:40.17huraxbut a disambig article at just [[Hyjal]] would be good
15:40.45KirkburnAnd I told him off for his (rollback) :)
15:41.07KirkburnYeah, the disambig would help a lot
15:41.10Fisker-jeg skal pisse Kirkburn
15:41.23huraxthen the lazy people could have their one-word search, and get into lore, raid, wc3 or whatever page
15:41.37huraxis one of those lazy people too.
15:42.55pcjdid you ever figure out where permanentenchant comes from adys
15:43.09Adysdidnt check yet tbh
15:47.10KirkburnLooking at rescuing the _Guild pages atm, so if you see some odd pages being deleted ... it's cause even rescued pages don't even deserve to live sometimes :P
15:47.27*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
16:00.57AdysKirkburn, while you're at it
16:01.01Adysdelete all the chinese help pages
16:01.06Adysshitty encoding ftl
16:01.13KirkburnSomeone's not watching WW:SR
16:01.20Adysyea im not
16:02.58pb_ee1He's chatting on Google Talk
16:08.19TecnoBrathes eating french fries and drinking wine!
16:08.43Kirkburnfrench fries in a baguette, no doubt
16:08.50KirkburnWith lots of garlic
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16:10.04KirkburnBtw, yes, Wikia is having trouble
16:18.34KirkburnShould be getting back to normal now
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16:40.40KirkburnAnother WW:SR issue done
16:41.53KirkburnOthers: Imagelink extension is being formally discussed, I'm exploring the options regarding a forum, the image replacements are upcoming
16:42.19Dottedquick lore question
16:42.28Dottedwas Night Elves known before WC3?
16:43.02RagestormHinted at mildly
16:43.12Kirkburnyeah, hinted at
16:43.20KirkburnDotD I think?
16:43.24RagestormMedivh relates the WotA to Khadgar, but doesn't mention them by name
16:43.51Ragestormcorrection, calls them Kaldorei
16:44.01KirkburnAh, Last Guardian then
16:44.25RagestormReleased around the same time as RoC, come to think of it...
16:44.58KirkburnLG is (c) 2002
16:45.21KirkburnSame year as RoC
16:45.44RagestormOne can assume concurrency, then.
16:47.36Dottedi feel so low
16:47.52Dottedso low that im on the same level as Fisker
16:47.54Kirkburnget off the floor?
16:48.04KirkburnNow, I can't believe that
16:48.11Dottedi mean
16:48.34DottedHe is like MS lover
16:48.39DottedAnd in a way
16:48.43Dottedim the same
16:48.48KirkburnRagestorm, Dotted and Fisker- are very very strange people. It won't take you long to notice :P
16:48.49Dottedbut towards EA instead
16:49.06Dottedwe are danish EoD
16:49.28DottedSO LAURLY IS STRANGE TOO!!111
16:49.42Kirkburnyou wish
16:49.43Dottedno wait she is american born, nvm
16:50.43KirkburnI've never really subscribed to the whole EA-hate thing (and obviously not the MS-hate one)
16:51.50*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
16:52.21Dottedwell i still use windows :P
16:54.33*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
16:55.02*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
16:55.09Adyshot, Ragestorm online
16:55.47Dottedyeah now we can bash him, and he will actually see it. muahahahaha
16:56.27Ragestorm<rolls eyes>
16:56.51Dottedoh wait
16:56.54Dottedthats fandy
16:57.12Ragestorm<repeats the rolling of the eyes>
17:03.40Dotted<insert nelson haha>
17:24.43pcjkirkburn who is
17:25.46KirkburnHim and Tor have been sorting some of our tickets today
17:26.01*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
17:26.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
17:27.00*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsw (
17:27.12KirkburnBagginsw, you missed Ragestorm :P
17:28.20Kirkburnpcj, things he deleted were those inaccessible japanese language pages
17:29.05KirkburnAnd now he's noticed your welcome
17:29.08KirkburnIsn't this fun :)
17:31.37KirkburnBrokenredirects, the guild pages seem to be fixed
17:31.41KirkburnWorking on server:
17:36.12BagginswRagestorm was in IRC?
17:37.21Bagginswoh and kirkburn I think Hyjal and Mount Hyjal can probably be folded together.
17:37.46Bagginswdon't really need two "disambigs"?
17:39.01Kirkburnhurax, meet Bagginsw, Bagginsw meer hurax. I'm out shopping. :)
17:39.19BagginswI'm posting :)
17:40.05KirkburnMy point is he's in the channel, and suggested it to me. I keep acting like a proxy between you :P
17:41.04BagginswHurax is Ragestorm?
17:41.25Bagginswand Hurax is in the channel?
17:41.36Bagginswor both were in the channel earlier?
17:41.50Bagginswsorry confused?
17:42.12Bagginswok I see hurax, :) Hi Hurax, :)
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18:23.50*** join/#wowwiki Lukian (i=wizard@
18:38.17sacarasc <-- who do you buy it from (just got neutral)
18:40.38huraxsorry Bagginsww
18:40.46huraxdidn't see the chat
18:40.49Bagginswwno prob, ;)
18:40.57huraxhi :)
18:41.13*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
18:41.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
18:42.13Kasosacarasc, Fleet Master Firallon i think
18:46.17*** join/#wowwiki Dyxxtra (
18:46.27*** part/#wowwiki Dyxxtra (
18:46.55Ose success
18:47.35*** join/#wowwiki Penumbra (
18:48.23Osehello Strobos
18:49.31Strobosso many people
18:52.42Teomyrdon't worry, they're all tame!
18:53.04Stroboshaha im new to WoW kinda, been playing for like a month
18:53.23Teomyrwelcome then :)
18:53.52Strobosfrom what i have read i picked the wrong class for what i want to do
18:54.18Teomyrsticks Ose back in its cage
18:54.31Strobosi want to raid and pvp effectively and i picked paladin
18:54.58Teomyroh, not a bad choice though! who says you can't do that with a paladin?
18:55.26infobotYou are probably looking for
18:55.31Teomyrthey're both invaluable in raids, in PvE and PvP
18:56.09Strobosbut i dont want to have to respec and from what ive heard holy and prot are good for raids and ret is good for pvp
18:56.09Dottedyou know what to do
18:56.12Teomyryeah yeah, one sec
18:57.45Ose~seen Kanaru
18:58.06infobotkanaru <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 7d 23h 57m 29s ago, saying: 'hey'.
18:58.24TeomyrStrobos, yeah, that's always a problem with classes that have many different specs
18:58.51*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
18:58.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
18:59.10Teomyri have a priest, and with the shadow (damage dealing), discipline (survival) and holy (healing) trees it's very similiar
18:59.20AdysTeomyr, did you quote it.
18:59.28Teomyradys, what
19:05.11Oseyay! i'm in for the second(?) time!
19:07.28Strobosthats what i said with your mom last night o.O jk jk
19:08.04Strobosgah im so bored
19:09.51Ose~your mom
19:09.52infobotmethinks your mom is spelt your mum
19:10.05Ose~your mum
19:10.05infobotNo, _your_ mum!
19:10.13Ose~yo mamma
19:10.13infobot*sob* don't you talk about my mamma!
19:10.53sacarascgot up to Friendly with the bloodsails, but had to log off before i had a chance to to the quest
19:12.03Strobosis there a way to be effective in pvp as a holy or prot pally?
19:13.00Teomyroh yeah, there is! find a friend that plays a damage dealing class well and team up
19:13.14Teomyrif players are organized in pvp, things work so much better
19:13.50Oselawl u r newb its al abut hk famring!
19:14.11Strobosi am a n00b im only level 44 >.<
19:14.16Oseseriously though: [21:13]<Teomyr>if players are organized in pvp, things work so much better <---truth
19:14.37Oseand you've played for one month?
19:15.25*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
19:15.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
19:15.37Stroboswell maybe its been over a month i dunno im at like 8 days played or something haha i dont know
19:15.55Osewell it's better than what I did ( )
19:16.23Osestill only 65 (no gamecard though)
19:16.59Strobosi think its been like a month and a half now
19:17.22Teomyr1 month after i started playing, i was, like... level 30?
19:17.42Teomyrfighting whelplings in the wetlands
19:17.45Teomyrwith my priest
19:17.50Teomyrand a blue melee dagger
19:18.09Teomyrbecause i thought it was uber hax imba
19:18.35KirkburnA melee dagger? Who would've thought ...
19:18.44Oseralfmoa magetank r only imbaz
19:18.54Teomyr...still thinking you had to spread your talent points all over the three trees to be effectively
19:19.44TeomyrKirkburn: that's a melee dagger to me :P
19:19.45sacarascOse: grats on 60
19:20.09sacarasci've only made it to 60 once myself... (got my original char sitting at 55, and has been for 6 months)
19:20.40Strobosi hope to make 60 over the next month
19:20.42KirkburnIt's the ranged daggers I'm interested in, Teomyr.
19:21.24Teomyr... :P
19:22.21Teomyrstill, that was a pretty bad choice of a dagger for my priest.
19:22.55Teomyrbut i had just found a whelpling for which i got 50g, a shitload of gold to me at that time
19:23.47Teomyrnow if i only could get rid of that alt-itis...
19:28.31Keolahbah, getting rid of altitis is overrated.
19:28.48Keolah... I mean, not that I don't have 5 chars over level 60.
19:29.06Strobosif i go holy will i be able to compete in arenas ok?
19:31.32OseI think so
19:31.43Osehealers are always needed
19:34.09*** join/#wowwiki stew_a (n=Stewart@unafilliated/stewa/x-008753)
19:39.24KeolahThat was amusing. I'm on the dock at Ratchet trying to get to the boat, and it's just leaving, and I get to the end of the dock, and wind up.. stuck to the side of the ship as it's leaving.
19:39.49KeolahHanging by the ropes, I guess :P
19:40.22Teomyrno, that's a sign you're about to get keelhauled!
19:41.32KeolahThough I did fall into the water the minute it arrived. ;p
19:45.02Vesitini kind of wonder what kind of white damage a mage could do with all +agi/+str gear.
19:45.33KeolahI generally prefer skill-based over class-based systems myself.
19:46.20g0urraKeolah, that reminds me the other day when I got stuck on the aldor elevator
19:46.38Vesitini thought disc and resto were the best arena healing specs
19:46.43KeolahLet me guess, not wanting to move for fear you'd fall to your death? :p
19:46.49g0urrajump on it, land on the edge when it just go down - and I'm stuck mid-air
19:47.14g0urraI stood there a good 20 minutes until I had to move for raid :P
19:47.18g0urragot screenshots
19:56.38*** join/#wowwiki GHe|Busy (n=GHe@wikia/GHe)
20:06.53*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
20:11.07Osearcanedeath: how is the census project going?
20:11.21Strobosoff to work have fun
20:12.29ArcanedeathOse, Sky said we should just link to them
20:12.51ArcanedeathI modified the server infobox to include a link
20:21.27Ose$100,000/month Guaranteed
20:21.28OseStart Earning within 15 minutes! Step-by-Step Instructions - $49.90
20:27.39*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
20:27.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
20:33.09g0urra1) buy lottery ticket
20:33.13*** join/#wowwiki Niat (n=joe@
20:33.14g0urra2) ???
20:33.17g0urra3) Profit!
20:36.55*** join/#wowwiki ralfWORK_ (
20:38.57*** join/#wowwiki jonaias (n=jonaias@
20:41.00*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
20:56.45*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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20:59.23g0urraew horse porn.
21:24.58BagginswwLOL, its only porn if you jack off of to it... Otherwise its the discovery channel
21:26.26*** join/#wowwiki Kazie (
21:36.43*** join/#wowwiki Arideni (
21:48.49*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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22:09.09*** join/#wowwiki Bold_ (
22:09.57*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
22:12.49*** part/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
22:13.56*** join/#wowwiki Nechckn (
22:16.06Sky2042bah, he went to sleep.
22:16.21Sky2042Gryphen: wondering about your "recent" interest in Wowhead...
22:17.24Gryphenalways used it, just recently into wow more
22:17.39*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
22:18.12Sky2042Gryphen: ah.
22:35.34Adyslol Sky2042_afk
22:39.39*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
22:40.17g0urra"65534 years" ouch
22:40.32AdysI didnt want to permaban
22:42.10g0urrahow kind of you
23:01.26*** join/#wowwiki Lopen (
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