IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080509

00:01.53Kirkburn|afkIsn't it fun when someone poitns out something in front of your eyes that you didn't notice -
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02:10.17Sky2042_afkKirkburn|afk: lol, well either works; i'd consider cite to be more of a 1 or 2 piece citation, while ref should be used in multi-citation pieces.
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04:04.06Arcanedeathprepare for a mass exodus
04:06.40OlisonThe Before thing looks really cool
04:07.49ArcanedeathThey added testure lol
04:09.14Sky2042_afkArcanedeath: zomg mass exodus.
04:10.13ArcanedeathIt's really annoying, if we are in the vandalism channel we can't change nicks
04:10.38Sky2042Arcanedeath: ?
04:10.46pcjthat's because you're not voiced
04:10.59Kirkburn|sleepAdded you to the list
04:11.20Sky2042Kirkburn|sleep, why don't i have an access of 10 in cvn?
04:11.34pcjbecause adys added you
04:11.38pcjand he only has 10
04:11.59Sky2042ty kirk
04:12.55pcjwhy is starnestommy defined twice
04:13.46ArcanedeathThat popular applet irc client bugs out of you /names
04:13.55Arcanedeathdoubles every nickname
04:13.58Kirkburn|sleeppcj, removed the dupes
04:14.47ArcanedeathGah The last Alterac keeps vandalising a talk page because he is embarrased
04:15.13Sky2042Just leave a note on his talk page asking him to stop removing the section
04:15.33Sky2042lol, bad Kirkburn|sleep
04:15.36Sky2042see #wikia
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04:17.28Arcanedeathlaptop batteries -_-
04:19.47Kirkburn|sleepWonder how I can change my own entry on the access lists
04:20.00Kirkburn|sleepMeh, I'm off to sleep
04:20.02Kirkburn|sleepG'night all!
04:20.48Kirkburn|sleepBtw, I would say if Alterac wants the discussion gone, let him
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04:22.45Kirkburn|sleepI'll edit
04:24.05Arcanedeathalready did before I saw that
04:24.13Arcanedeathbut you got there first
04:26.00ArcanedeathHow do I get the API to serve me xml instead of "the HTML representation of the XML format."
04:26.33Sky2042have you looked through the documentation?
04:26.40Arcanedeathyes but not all of it
04:26.41Sky2042(I haven't, just wondering)
04:27.14pcjarcanedeath: xml, not xmlfm
04:28.43ArcanedeathWhere is that? the url looks like:
04:30.08ArcanedeathAn xsl file would work fine instead of serving it as html
04:30.19Laraulwhere he go?
04:30.46Arcanedeathoops nvm
04:30.58Arcanedeathignore me I'm not making sence
04:31.22ArcanedeathI press enter too fast.
04:32.26Sky2042Laraul: whatever issues you're having with him, please take them elsewhere.
04:32.35Sky2042Laraul: in either case, he logged off.
04:32.47Sky2042about an hour ago.
04:35.30LaraulUmm... I discovered Charitwo has for well over a year now been just deleting peoples work on whim giving some excuse or something... he's basically destroying what people who want to help spends hours working on in without any conderations other than like it violates the policies or w/e and this causes these people who might be long time contribures to lash out...
04:35.50pcjknock it off laraul
04:36.14LaraulOkay i will show you his history and what i mean.... this *really* scares me
04:36.24Sky2042Laraul: if you have issues with it, and specific diffs of it, i'd suggest (at most) emailing a staff user or gaming helper.
04:36.45Sky2042At the least, email another administrator of the wiki where this is ocurring.
04:36.53LaraulI wish it were just me okay
04:36.54Sky2042With the same items.
04:37.13Sky2042I don't care if it's just you or not, this is WoWWiki, not FFXIcyclopedia.
04:37.43ArcanedeathIs this a good example?
04:38.12Sky2042Arcanedeath: huh?
04:38.42Laraulokay *plz* look at this
04:38.47Arcanedeathlol that was a joke
04:39.57Sky2042The first 10 deletions look fine. You're going to need to do better than that. Again, don't bring it up here.
04:40.00Arcanedeathso, I see him deleting spam and vandalism
04:40.33LaraulEr wait
04:40.58ArcanedeathMost of these are old versions of images
04:41.22Arcanedeathmost of the rest are innapropriate user pages, and the rest is spam
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04:42.08LaraulEr Here look at some of the comments on the user page
04:43.26Sky2042unprotections look fine. the reversion is a little iffy (should have undone), but that depends on wiki policy.
04:43.35Arcanedeathgo back to the talk pages of those people, look at
04:43.36LaraulYes look at this
04:44.15pcjno, laraul, this channel is not your soapbox
04:44.22pcjPlease take this elsewhere
04:44.28Sky2042On threat of kick.
04:45.10LaraulCan I plz talk to one of you personally than
04:45.44Sky2042No. If you want to talk with someone, use the Special:Emailuser on ffxi with another admin.
04:46.06Sky2042Or do so with a wikia community team member.
04:46.41LaraulThere is no communty realy it's not like wowwiki
04:46.54LaraulNo one is ever in there
04:46.59LaraulIn that channel
04:47.05LaraulOn no one discusses the wike
04:47.27LaraulIt's like no one cares
04:48.14Arcanedeathtalk to them
04:48.32Sky2042sighs at Arcanedeath.
04:48.49LaraulMeirlin is gone
04:50.15Laraulokay okay let me get my mind on something else
04:50.26LaraulOkay umm
04:50.56LaraulThere's a lot i want to learn how you run your wiki
04:52.06ArcanedeathI need to learn to be less impulsive in irc chat -_-
04:52.24ArcanedeathSometimes I just start writing down thoughts as they come to me
04:54.23ArcanedeathSomething is wrong with this, the category structure goes "World of Warcraft > Items > World of Warcraft items"
04:55.16LaraulYou don't need the third sub catagory
04:55.25ArcanedeathPermision to restructure it?
04:55.59LaraulOr you need to make it a sub catorgory of items like equipment or quest item etc
04:57.34ArcanedeathIn the category of items is "warcraft III items"
04:58.55ArcanedeathI think "warcraft III items" should be under the warcraft III category, and items should be a seperate, top level category
04:59.02ArcanedeathI am going to be bold
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05:00.49ArcanedeathHey, it was already almost structured correctly, taking "Items" out of "world of warcraft" was all that was needed
05:01.28Sky2042_Arcanedeath: huh?
05:01.44Sky2042_Arcanedeath: what are you talking about?
05:01.59ArcanedeathSomething is wrong with this, the category structure goes "World of Warcraft > Items > World of Warcraft items"
05:02.06Arcanedeathsaid a while ago
05:02.41Laraulhey btw have any of you played FFXI? I mean FFXI is a console MMO versus WoW which is a PC MMO.
05:02.45Sky2042_Arcanedeath: well, what do you mean it was structured almost correctly?
05:02.56Sky2042_oh wait,
05:03.00Sky2042_reread that.
05:03.22Arcanedeath"world of warcraft items" was in the correct place, only "Items" was out of place
05:04.01Sky2042_No, it was fine.
05:04.05ArcanedeathThis Category system is flexible but complicated
05:04.13Laraulso no huh am i the only one? lol
05:04.13Sky2042_A loop in a couple places isn't going to kill anyone ;P
05:04.27Arcanedeathno, "items" also contains "warcraft III items"
05:04.47Arcanedeathwhich is in the warcaft III category too
05:04.58Sky2042_Sure. but items are more positively associated with WoW, no?
05:05.29Arcanedeathbut for consistancy... Your the admin though, want me to revert?
05:05.39Sky2042_Haha, I already reverted it :P
05:05.51Arcanedeathheh heh
05:06.44Sky2042_And no, don't ever leave the question of "reversion" up to an admin. The organization of wiki users is a fair bit flatter than that. In that case, I'm just an editor.
05:07.02ArcanedeathI guess the purpose of the wiki is to make information accesible. We all have OCD tendancies though.
05:07.15Sky2042_... You have no idea.
05:07.27ArcanedeathSorry, I should have put that as you have more experience
05:07.32LaraulI would like to see a video of a battle against a skull type boss
05:07.44Sky2042_Laraul: in WoW?
05:07.44ArcanedeathThat came out of nowhere
05:07.59LaraulYou don;t know i've played it?
05:08.09LaraulMy account is still active
05:08.23Sky2042No, I was asking if you wanted to see a video of a boss in WoW.
05:08.31LaraulI don't play it though cuz i just can't use a mouse to play a game
05:08.58Sky2042anyway, Laraul:
05:09.09Laraulthank you
05:15.34Arcanedeathstage6 shut down...
05:18.47LaraulI really think blizz f'd up w/ macros
05:19.03Arcanedeathin what way?
05:19.18ArcanedeathAll my attempts at exploiting them have failed
05:19.43ArcanedeathI so wish I could use createmacro() in combat
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05:20.51Bagginswwso anyone know how to read that?
05:20.52LaraulBlizzard should have allowed every action to be excuted from the console input
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05:21.28LaraulThey should have made it simple and intuitive to write macros
05:21.35Bagginswwhow to do those calculations?
05:22.38Arcanedeath2d6 means roll a sixe sided die two times
05:23.28Laraulwhy not... /roll
05:23.38Laraulwhy not... /roll
05:23.59Laraulbasically six lines of /roll
05:24.30Arcanedeathbecause dice notation is an accepted format for representing random numbers?
05:24.52Laraulyeah but /roll is a *word*
05:26.47Bagginswwok I was right
05:26.54Bagginswwbut I interpreted what it was saying on the graph wrong
05:27.14Bagginswwthus those insane calculations of 4ton tauren :p
05:27.33Bagginswwwhich I thought were crazy before but couldn't figure out why in the world the rpg would have such weight :p
05:27.39ArcanedeathLaraul, "/roll 1 12" != 2d6
05:27.42Sky20422d6 would be /random 1-6 twice
05:27.52Sky2042not /random 1-12 once.
05:27.59Sky2042rules of probability don't work like that.
05:28.20Arcanedeathit has the same posible outcomes of /roll 1 12 but they have different probabilities
05:28.25Sky2042unless you can somehow program the random 1-12 to give correct weight to each of the two dice outcomes.
05:28.29Laraulwhy would you need to specify a range?
05:28.49Sky2042because that's what 2d6 means?
05:29.24Laraulbut why do you need a range? why not just generate a number 0-100
05:29.39ArcanedeathDo you understand probability
05:29.52Sky2042leaves Arcanedeath to attempt to explain it.
05:30.01Sky2042Well, you could do it with 0-100 i guess. :/
05:30.19Sky2042But it's inherently less accurate then a simple 1-6
05:30.47Bagginswwthen you have those dPercent die
05:31.05BagginswwI had to actually look that one up :p
05:31.08Laraulhow is 2d6 used? i thought it was just usefull when lotting on item
05:31.50ArcanedeathIt means you roll a six sided die twice and add up the results
05:32.11Arcanedeathit will be statisticly weighted to give you answers closer to the middle of the range
05:32.25Sky2042I e, 7.
05:32.38Sky20426 and 8 less, 5 and 9 lesser, and so forth.
05:33.08Sky20422 is a 1/36 chance and 12 is a 1/36 chance.
05:33.57ArcanedeathFrom the WoW forums: "where is the OP?"
05:34.31Laraulhold on let me see how they use it in a macro on the wiki...
05:37.33Adys~seen laurly
05:37.35infobotlaurly <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 1d 9h 36m 8s ago, saying: 'slow wiki?'.
05:38.50laurla1now there are 3
05:39.27Larau1omg duplicae nick
05:39.47arcanedeathmeh that was stupid
05:45.25Laraulokay i'll put it too you this way. you don't want to worry that your macro won't work when you really need it
05:46.44LaraulI mean i was in allas forum yesterday... people didn't understand why their macros were'nt working
05:47.13arcanedeathRight better macros then
05:47.30arcanedeath@ my spelling error not you
05:47.34LaraulYou shouldn't have to even ask
05:48.39arcanedeathabout the most common random number system in the mmorpg genre?
05:48.41Laraulmacros are more like a script than a macro
05:48.50arcanedeathNo they aren't
05:48.50Laraulin wow
05:49.12arcanedeathI can code and I'll tell you, macros are more like irc than anything
05:49.23Laraulyes irc uses scripting
05:49.26arcanedeathbecause that is what they are lossely based off of
05:50.08Laraula macro is simply one or more commands executed in linear sequnce
05:50.50LaraulThis is a game...
05:51.40LaraulAnd it has a seperate scripting langauge should you want to have complex evaluations
05:55.48*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
05:57.07AdysArcanedeath, uh yes
05:57.36Adysmacros use the same capabilities with some removed and some added to any external addon
06:02.59LaraulAnother thing... with an update there is a small potential it will break the macro.
06:05.54Sky2042arcanedeath: what langauge is your bot?
06:06.39*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
06:12.58BagginswwMainly heroes ever reach the maximum age, most people on Azeroth will die of disease or of the natural, violent nature of the world before they reach venerable statusWoWRPG 174.
06:13.23Bagginswwso your average person dies of old age
06:13.36Bagginswwlike around 53 for humans
06:16.40LaraulBut there is no defined time... there aren't years, for example... your character doesn't grow taller...
06:17.28Sky2042lore > gameplay
06:17.46LaraulI really wish though that quests we're more elaborate... had cutscenes
06:22.21Bagginswwme too
06:22.27Bagginswwone thing I really like about LOTRO
06:22.31Bagginswwthe cutscenes
06:22.37Bagginswwthey are all narrated by Gandalf :)
06:22.57BagginswwI mean they aren't super fancy mainly a flash like video
06:23.28Bagginswwbut the narration is spot on
06:25.49LaraulCutscens in FFXI can be very long
06:26.53Laraulyoutube is such horrid res
06:27.35Larauli have a page on fileplanet with videos of ffxi that i have for i dunno
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07:07.15TrioxDoes the website have a firefox plugin?  Everytime I try installing it I get "Firefox could not download the search plugin"
07:10.10LaraulYou guys have mics right?
07:10.26LaraulWait what site?
07:11.17Larauli dunno... do you use the ingame voice chat?
07:12.04TrioxI'm talking about a search plug in for the firefox web browser :)
07:14.27Laraulyeah i know
07:14.46LaraulI have no idea you would need to use it's inbuilt search
07:15.17TrioxYeah, that's what I usually use.  Was just wondering if wowwiki had one.  Thanks for the help
07:15.55LaraulYou don't use a headset
07:16.15TrioxUm...yeah, I do....
07:16.23TrioxWhy do you ask?
07:17.04LaraulWell... i just never seem to find ppl wanting to voice cha
07:17.29Laraulwhat kind of headset?
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07:18.11ericbwhat's everyone up to
07:18.16TrioxWell, I am at work, so I don't have it with me
07:18.40LaraulWell... i am fixing it up so i can play WoW w/ a 360 controller
07:18.48ericbI have to go to work in 3 hours and I can't sleep for the life of me
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07:24.05KasoTriox Wowwiki does have a Firefox search plugin
07:24.41Kasojust goto wowwiki main page, open the search dropdown and there is a "Add WoWWiki (English)"
07:25.14TrioxYeah, I do that, but then it says "Firefox could not download the search plugin"
07:26.19Kasooh hmm
07:27.15Kasopoke Kirkburn|sleep about it when he wakes up, he'll fix iy
07:27.41TrioxThanks :)
07:28.45Kasoor you could make a Village Pump post about it too
07:28.55Kasoif you dont fancy hanging around till he gets here
07:30.30Trioxeh, we'll see.  I don't get off work for another 4 and a half hours
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09:15.02Fisker-~seen kd3
09:15.04infobotkd3 <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 9d 17h 21m 43s ago, saying: 'ya, shandris just asked about that on VP too'.
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13:28.36[Liquidor]Hi everyone :-)
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13:42.41DuTempeteHehe, I think he's got all his speakers off :P
13:43.42DuTempeteDid you hear that, Kirkburn|sleep ?
13:43.51DuTempeteI think Kirkburn|sleep has his speakers turned off!
13:44.02DuTempeteand that Kirkburn|sleep should wake up
13:44.13DuTempetebecause it's Kirkburn|sleep's wake-up time...
13:44.23DuTempeteas ordained by Kirkburn|sleep
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15:00.52Adysparsing over 20 000 dbc rows per second
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15:14.51pcjdid you write an extension then adys
15:15.12Adysim writing an entire API atm
15:23.04BibiI don't think we care Adys.
15:23.15Adysi can kick you bibi
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15:45.28g0urraYay we'll get to see more worgen in WotLK
15:47.07g0urra"Kaplan explained that this was a small example of what the siege vehicle technology can do, and that it is now possible to have multiple players on mounts." yessssss
15:47.21KasoSons of Arugal too! we'll have level 83 sons in roaming around the starting zone, woot!
15:50.05KasoBrining back that "first time" feeling to leveling
15:50.24*** join/#wowwiki dJe781`Aw (
15:50.34KasoI love doing this
15:50.47Kasoit makes the physics part of my brain smile
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15:57.35g0urraslowwiki anyone?
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16:41.50g0urrayay aerial combat in wotlk
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17:25.38g0urramorning Kirkburn
17:25.43KasoSomeone was on this morning complaining that the firefox search plugin install script for wowwiki is broken. If you try to install it tries to goto which doesnt exist
17:25.49KirkburnOh, yeah
17:26.04KirkburnIt's been reported (for several months)
17:26.18Gryphenlike 12+ several
17:26.37g0urraOrrr just create a bookmark shortcut for the search field
17:26.49KirkburnNeed to pester them regarding that :)
17:26.49KasoWho can fix that?
17:27.05KirkburnOh, one of the techs, they've just been working on bigger issues
17:27.51KirkburnBut I will pester, it annoys me too
17:28.53KasoWell just relaying from whoever it was, ive not actually noticed it myself but i dont really use custom search boxes cept wikipedia
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17:41.46*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
17:41.59ArcanedeathTeh codez
17:42.58KirkburnWow at the new trailer
17:44.57KirkburnWhat on earth is that half ruined Ironforge-like place
17:45.12KirkburnUlduar is supposed to be untouched
17:58.13*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
17:58.40ArcanedeathAnyone looked at codez yet?
17:59.08*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
17:59.46Bagginswits unfortunate that we aren't going to see Uldum before Uldaur :p... It felt like the progress was working that way.
18:02.02*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
18:07.17foxlitArcanedeath: I've glanced at it
18:08.16foxlitThat guy doesn't stick around for long enough :(
18:13.00*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
18:14.17*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
18:17.04*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
18:19.19Kirkburn"When an ally is risen as a ghoul, a pop-up will appear and this ally will have the choice to control the ghoul if he wants to." O_O
18:19.37Kirkburnhello too
18:19.44KasoKirkburn, thats awesome
18:19.57KirkburnBibi, I linked on the main page
18:20.08KirkburnToo awesome not to link :P
18:20.17Kirkburn(at least until RSS feeds are fixed)
18:23.26KirkburnI like how all raids can now be 10 manned
18:23.36KirkburnHowever, I'll probably still be useless enough not to go on any raids.
18:23.52Kasothe 10mans thing is awesome
18:24.43Kirkburn"The new vehicle technology, which introduces physics and handling characteristics - including inertia, turning circle, grip and suspension bounce - to land and airborne vehicles and special mounts."
18:24.54g0urraAerial combat yaaaaaay
18:24.57KirkburnI expected cool stuff to be coming, but not quite this much
18:25.18g0urraI'm getting excited thinking of shooting down people
18:25.19Kirkburnlol, 8 passengers per vehicle
18:25.40g0urrathat's a whole lot of miniguns and rocket launchers
18:26.19KirkburnI cannot imagine how awesome it'll be to trundle across the tundra on a giant siege weapon with seven other people firing wildly
18:26.27g0urradid you read about arugal too?
18:26.43Kirkburnoh "In Grizzly Hills, you will also find an evil sister city to the Alliance capital, Ironforge"
18:26.59KirkburnDid wonder about that place
18:33.42*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww_ (
18:37.45KirkburnBagginsww_, Alexstrasza will be in WotLK
18:37.48Kirkburn:D :D :D
18:37.57Bagginsww_I thought that was known for a while?
18:38.02Bagginsww_or just a rumor?
18:38.11KirkburnConfirmed from Warlock
18:38.19Bagginsww_how does she appear?
18:39.03Bagginsww_elf form LOL
18:39.14Bagginsww_sigh I would have prefered a cavern
18:39.31Bagginsww_something like her cave in Warlock Adventures
18:39.36Bagginsww_see her in her true form
18:39.41Bagginsww_piles of gold around her ;)
18:40.06Bagginsww_get to talk to her and feel very tiny :)
18:40.20KirkburnPerhaps that will happen :P
18:40.21Bagginsww_*Warcraft adventures :p
18:40.29Bagginsww_warlocks :p
18:40.32KirkburnThere's the possibility of the Chamber of the Aspects appearing
18:40.40Bagginsww_heh heh
18:40.48Bagginsww_that just felt outside of the universe to me :p
18:40.58Bagginsww_like a void
18:41.04Bagginsww_from what I recall
18:41.22KirkburnI got the impression it was deep within Azeroth
18:42.09Bagginsww_well I meant more along the lines I don't remember it being described in great detail. More shadowy nebulous decriptions
18:42.17Bagginsww_so ya it could be inside the world
18:42.50KirkburnGiant half-sphere, perfect walls
18:43.00Bagginsww_Wonders if Malygos will be in his mantid form for part of his fight
18:43.14Bagginsww_maybe I'm mixing up scenes?
18:43.31KirkburnYeah, that'd be interesting, would have to be a new model
18:43.45Bagginsww_they could uh base it off the mantid art design I suppose
18:43.48Bagginsww_its close enough
18:43.55Kirkburnmantid art design?
18:44.34KirkburnSo not ?
18:44.41Bagginsww_what no autolinking?
18:44.52KirkburnNah, it broke
18:45.16Bagginsww_I mean just look at the blue one ;)
18:45.41KirkburnQuite possibly been modelled then
18:45.54KirkburnOr roughed out at some point
18:46.18Bagginsww_always a chance that stuff they didn't use for a previous release could be used as inspiration for future releases :)
18:46.57KirkburnHoly crap, the HD trailer truly is HD
18:47.16Fisker-why shouldn't it be? :P
18:47.34KirkburnStreaming sites sometimes twist the meaning
18:47.36Fisker-Anyone know if all the components of the Death Grip will apply in PvP?
18:47.48KirkburnTo mean "not crappy quality"
18:48.51KirkburnFisker-, yes
18:49.01Fisker-you sure?
18:49.03KirkburnMMO-C said that, iirc
18:49.21Fisker-i'm just wondering if there was any misconception behind it
18:49.25Kirkburn"Blizzard is going to allow players to move mobs in the expansion both with Death Grip, and other knockback/pull abilities. This works on players too, so PvP balance ahoy!"
18:49.27Bagginsww_its nice to see that the ruen system on the death knights really isn't all that special (semi-mana like) The actual spells appear to be closer to the old Death Knights in style.
18:49.44KirkburnThat it specifically said "players", I would have to go with it was an answer to a direct question
18:49.48Fisker-Kirkburn but Death Grip also forces you to attack the target for x seconds
18:49.49Bagginsww_that is they more or less fight the same
18:50.01KirkburnFisker-, which is not unprecedented
18:50.12KirkburnMind control can do the same
18:50.32Bagginsww_so uh ok the death knight's raise dead? can he raise players into undeath?
18:50.40Fisker-But they've always refused to add it to taunt for example
18:50.48KirkburnBagginsww_, they can even control their own ghoul
18:51.07Fisker-i wonder how it'll work in a raid
18:51.12KirkburnFisker-, well, it's an entirely new class :P
18:51.41Bagginsww_seems like a possible anti wipe measure if players still can control themselves in undeath mode
18:51.57Fisker-you're a ghoul
18:51.59Fisker-not a player
18:52.11Kirkburn"Death Knights will also revive an enemy (or ally) as a ghoul to use it as a pet with its own special abilities like a disease-inflicting strike and a stun."
18:52.25KirkburnIt's like a second chance, but not as powerful
18:52.26Bagginsww_so when do you get control of yourself again?
18:52.40Bagginsww_once the ghoul dies?
18:52.41KirkburnBagginsww_, you get that option if you're resurrected
18:52.51Bagginsww_is it on a timer?
18:52.55KirkburnNo idea
18:53.21Bagginsww_wonders if its close to water elemental in nature
18:53.31KirkburnI assume you can probably relinquish control of your ghoul and res normally, or upon the ghoul's death, or after a couple of minutes
18:53.41Bagginsww_what I want to know is how they are fitting them into the story
18:53.47Bagginsww_why they are changing sides
18:53.55KirkburnAnd where do they begin?
18:54.00Bagginsww_or is it just mechanics
18:54.05Fisker-as far as i know they don't change sides
18:54.15Bagginsww_they have had to do major retcon in order to explain all the warlocks LOL
18:54.25Fisker-or atleast they contain some aspect of free will which arthas wants them to have
18:54.26Bagginsww_in the rpg, the "uncorrupted warlock" LOL
18:54.37Bagginsww_and "Uncorrupted Necromancer"
18:54.57KirkburnI think he means why do the DK's switch from Scourge to Alliance/Horde
18:55.22Bagginsww_I mean I would love to play DKs in some kind of psuedo-3rd faction ;)
18:55.23KirkburnAnd where do the DK's come from in the first place, where did they grow up, etc
18:55.44Bagginsww_but it seems they are going to be entering the horde and alliance
18:56.29Bagginsww_so ya it seems that the chance of an actual necromancer class at this point is likely slim
18:56.31g0urrahm this ghoul thing brings more defintions of griefing
18:56.43Bagginsww_since this death knight kind of merges the two
18:56.47g0urrayou find a dead player, raise him from the dead, then play around with him for 2 minutes
18:57.04g0urrathen on the other hand, the resurrected player can ninja pull etc to kill the player
18:57.05g0urraoh joy
18:57.06Fisker-From what i remember it, you should consider it something like this: You get converted by Arthas (in this case you make a new character as it would've been stupid to let people lose stuff like that), you maintain some aspect of free will, but apparently only because Arthas wants you to, or that his mind is too weak to support the army fully
18:57.21Bagginsww_put the dead ghoul in a place that a player can't get to
18:57.37Fisker-g0urra i don't think you can expect the enemies players to control it as well
18:57.42Fisker-that would just be stupid
18:57.45Bagginsww_so he has to resurrect at a graveyard
18:57.46Kirkburng0urra, the player can control their own ghoul
18:58.08g0urraso if player x raise player y, x controls y?
18:58.18KirkburnI assume you get a "do you want to be ressurected and take control of your ghoul" style popup
18:58.20g0urraor does y control y?
18:58.28Kirkburny can control y
18:58.35g0urrauhhh that's what I said.
18:58.40Bagginsww_I think death knights have always had some free will
18:58.46Bagginsww_at least in the RPG
18:58.49Bagginsww_it was always a player class
18:59.13Bagginsww_though n the RPG you could roleplay working for the Scourge
18:59.14Kirkburng0urra, only if it's an ally can they take control of their ghoul
18:59.40*** part/#wowwiki Malgayne (
18:59.40Bagginsww_the RPG could let you play any faction, and even be independent
18:59.50g0urrayes, I know. I meant that player x raise y, and then y can't do whatever he want.
18:59.54KirkburnIf the ally doesn't take control of their ghoul, I assume they res normally, ad the ghoul just acts like a pet to the DK
19:00.04g0urraon the other hand, y can mess x up by ninja pulling etc to kill x.
19:00.17Bagginsww_but ya it could be used as a griefing measure in as much as you could lose someone's body, ;) and make them have to pay durability costs
19:00.21Kirkburng0urra, they could do that in life, why would people become ninjas just cause they died?
19:00.41g0urrabecause they probably won't get any durability loss?
19:00.51g0urrathat's just dumb if you lose durability
19:00.54KirkburnI would expect the ghoul does not count as the player's corpse
19:01.21Bagginsww_Course the rpg has the idea that undeath corrupts the mind
19:01.30Kirkburng0urra, have you so little trust in your own allies? :)
19:01.33Bagginsww_in as much as the longer you are undead the more likely you will turn evil
19:01.36g0urra"ok man, I will raise you from the dead but you'll have limited abilities and get -10% durability in 2 minutes. deal?"
19:01.39Bagginsww_and savor your new powers
19:01.56foxlitKirkburn: that's justified, I live to stab allies in the back!
19:01.59Kirkburng0urra, again,I doubt the ghoul counts as a proper player
19:02.15foxlit[ps: you care about durability.. why?]
19:02.22pcjProbably going to be a squishy melee dps
19:02.23KirkburnSo no player corpse movement, no durability loss
19:02.32Kirkburnpcj, yeah
19:02.33Bagginsww_then there was what's his name in Naxx. Who is certainly being controlled
19:02.33g0urrabecause dying = durability
19:02.45foxlitYou poor?
19:02.45Bagginsww_I'd love to learn more about him
19:02.53Kirkburng0urra, you're assuming a ghoul is the same as the player, I doubt it
19:03.04foxlitYou practically fall over repair vendors on the way to anywhere you're likely to wipe
19:03.11Bagginsww_can you lose durability if you are mind controlled?
19:03.21foxlitIf killed by an NPC
19:03.26foxlitAnd not in a battleground
19:03.32KirkburnThink about the priest life after death thing, you don't get double the durability loss because you had 30 seconds of extra healing time
19:03.51foxlitBut either way, whining about future abilities is pointless :)
19:03.58Kirkburnyes, thanks :P
19:04.01Bagginsww_eh just wait until its released then complain :)
19:04.26g0urraI'm disappointed though in that there's no news about inscription
19:04.57foxlitThere will, at some point, be news about inscription
19:05.16g0urraof course, but not from this invitational
19:05.29Bagginsww_but ya the idea that undeath will corrupt one's soul is something brought up severaltimes in the rpg. That even Forsaken are sucestiple to that. Its a rare few that are able to resist it, and its unclear if they could do it indefinitely
19:05.31foxlitthis invitational is in june
19:05.50g0urrafoxlit, I meant the invitational some websites got recently to the blizzard HQ.
19:05.53Bagginsww_for some trying to resist caues their mind to snap, and they become mindless
19:05.56foxlitAs long as you  can't play wotlk, I don't see what difference it makes when you hear those news :)
19:06.16Kirkburng0urra, yes there is news about insciption o_O
19:06.26KirkburnNot much but some -
19:06.51KirkburnBagginsww_, cool
19:06.51g0urraedits the inscription article
19:06.59Bagginsww_I just hope there is no collector's edition... As much as I like the book, and a few extra trinkets I don't want to pay so much for each release, when I can't even play as much as I used be able to :p
19:07.13KirkburnYeah please do add new info (with refs!) :P
19:07.29KirkburnUp yours, I want a collector's edition ;)
19:07.43Fisker-Up yours, I want a collector's edition too
19:07.47Bagginsww_I say just make the book seperate like the rest ended up being :p
19:07.53Kirkburnah, heh
19:08.07Fisker-i just want the dvd and the in-game perks
19:08.11Bagginsww_what's so special about it if its later sold?
19:08.20Fisker-heh yeah
19:08.22g0urraI pre-ordered BC for 16 months, so I wasn't surprised that I got to buy the CE. :P
19:08.24Bagginsww_well they don't have to go as all out fancy
19:08.37Fisker-I was kinda annoyed when i saw all those CE items on the blizzard store sold seperately :D
19:08.46Bagginsww_that annoyed me
19:08.59Bagginsww_and they made too many CE for the last expansiono
19:09.05Bagginsww_you couldn't sell them aftermarket :p
19:09.13Bagginsww_people lost money
19:09.58Fisker-btw i love how drysc blindly defends Blizzard :D
19:10.03Bagginsww_but ya they might as well sell a collector's edition of the sort LOTRO had.
19:10.08Bagginsww_regular sized box
19:10.12Bagginsww_you get bonus ingame stuff
19:10.15Bagginsww_and a few trinkets
19:10.35Bagginsww_then they could sell the artbook seperately
19:10.50Bagginsww_LOTRO had the making of dvd with the special edition box
19:10.57Fisker-So Blizzard said that they were afraid that people would use the new 10-man instances for learning the 25-man encounters, so they might end up locking 10-man instances until the 25-man is completed
19:11.01Bagginsww_it was only like a $10 difference
19:11.36Fisker-then Drysc goes on a trolling spree and says that the encounters will be vastly different so the coordination will be something entirely different
19:11.40LukianKirkburn, "while minor glyphs will give convenient or cosmetic improvements, removing the need for some spell reagents", oo interesting :o
19:11.48Fisker-despite Tigole(I think it was) pretty much claiming the exact opposite
19:11.59Fisker-way to research before trolling :D
19:12.21Bagginsww_I wonder if the glyphs were originally intended to be in the last expansion, anyone remember the blood elf boxart?
19:12.45Bagginsww_now blood elfs can look more like the rpg version of the race, ;)
19:12.57g0urraKirkburn, updated
19:13.09Kasoboxes? who had those old fasioned boxes if you ask me
19:14.03Fisker-caving into peer pressure
19:14.06Fisker-When Mass Effect comes to the computer it will not use SecuROM which require 10-day periodic re-authetication and instead will rely on a one-time online authentication, Bioware announced today.
19:14.06Fisker-The developer said the decision came after listening "very closely" to its fans and that the new system will also allow gamers to play the game without the DVD in the drive.
19:15.08KasoFisker-, awesome news
19:15.17Kasoi will now buy the game again
19:15.30Fisker-i'm laughing if they don't encrypt the dvd
19:15.38Fisker-cause then it's going to be pirated before release :D
19:15.49Fisker-and i'll lol over their stupid ineffiecient copy protection
19:16.26Kasowell protecting dvd images isnt really a care of those, its protecting serialkey protection etc
19:16.44foxlitOh, it does, sort of
19:17.30Bagginsww_so ya I find it interesting how they will be finising the current story arc in LOTRO
19:17.32foxlitIf what you ship is garbage without a decryption key, and you're the only one who can distribute those, no amount of physical piracy will break the game before you issue a key
19:17.36Bagginsww_in the next few patches
19:17.53Bagginsww_and they plan to start a brand new story arc in the Moria expansion
19:18.17foxlitLOTRO seems to be a crap name
19:18.17Kasofoxlit, but anyone installing the game (eg every customer) must have the decryption key so doesnt that nullify encrypting dvd?
19:18.18Bagginsww_the story arcs called "books" are made up of chapters
19:18.29Fisker-no Kaso
19:18.31foxlitKaso: no, they don't really have to
19:18.31Bagginsww_a long quest line smilar to the missing king quest line
19:18.33Fisker-the key is gained online
19:18.35Bagginsww_but with cutscenes in between
19:18.39Bagginsww_each chapter
19:18.41foxlitYou can get it from their one-time activation with your serial
19:18.44Lukian"Every player will get a new spell book page to which they can add six glyphs - currently, four major and two minor."
19:18.47Lukianhmm interesting
19:18.57Bagginsww_and you do huge quest chains in each chapter
19:19.10Bagginsww_like 10-20 quests
19:19.33Bagginsww_at the end of the chapter you are sent to a new area to start the next chapter
19:19.46Bagginsww_Its a neat system
19:20.13foxlitSo, basically what wow does, but more linear?
19:20.28Bagginsww_the books are linear
19:20.36Bagginsww_but there are lots of small quest chain storylines
19:20.39Bagginsww_like in WoW
19:21.09Bagginsww_though they tend to be tied more deeply into the LOTRO novel, so are a bit more interesting
19:21.16Bagginsww_*LOTR and Hobbit
19:21.29foxlitSo, is Sauron dead?
19:21.31Bagginsww_basically if you know the books you catch many references
19:21.42Bagginsww_its currently set during Fellowship of the Ring
19:21.54Bagginsww_so uh he's in Mordor
19:21.59Bagginsww_as an Eye...
19:22.08Bagginsww_and no Mordor is not yet in the game
19:22.30Bagginsww_the game is currently set in the lands west of the Moria
19:22.43Bagginsww_mainly the NW lands though from the Shire north
19:22.47sacarasci heard the PVP system in lotro is quite fun, where you can be a monster... sounds interesting at the least
19:22.58Bagginsww_ya you get monster play at level 10
19:23.11Bagginsww_basically it gives you a level 30-50 monster
19:23.17Fisker-Burnout Paradise Coming to PC
19:23.18Fisker-OH LAWD
19:23.23Bagginsww_you can upgrade with points you earn in pvp and leveling
19:23.31Fisker-Yet another "ain
19:23.35Bagginsww_monsters are limited to their own huge zone
19:23.43Fisker-Yet another "ain't gonna happen" xbox exclusive to land on the PC :D
19:23.44Bagginsww_which players reach once they get high enough
19:24.16Bagginsww_and there are two special classes which you can play an hour every 12 hours in that zone too
19:24.29foxlitI'm only feigning interest to figure out what the heck they're doing for the game, as the actual story is already played out
19:24.37Bagginsww_Ranger for the good side and an Ogre for the monsters
19:25.08Bagginsww_however LOTRO is more PVE than PVP. Allthe main races in the game are on the same side
19:25.20*** join/#wowwiki Chloe_O_Brian (n=Ashley@wikia/Jack-Phoenix)
19:25.31Bagginsww_so no griefing can occur
19:26.23Bagginsww_so ya next expansion moves into moria, and opens up a few more western lands
19:26.38foxlit"Estimated World Population to Pass 6,666,666,666 Today"
19:26.48Bagginsww_after that the plan is to move into the Two Towers time frame
19:26.58Bagginsww_with Rohan
19:27.05Bagginsww_and mounted Combat
19:27.18Bagginsww_which should be unique for MMOs?
19:28.16Bagginsww_but ya I need to get a copy of vista for my pc just to play LOTRO in its most beautiful format..
19:28.31Bagginsww_its got some impressive shadows and reflections
19:28.49Bagginsww_my laptop is direct x10 compliant but the video card just isn't powerful enough
19:29.15Bagginsww_well talk to you all later going to go get breakfast before they close the line
19:38.31*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
19:38.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
19:39.38*** join/#wowwiki Yarko (
19:42.22*** join/#wowwiki Yarko2 (
19:42.52g0urraHello Yarko
19:43.02Yarko2it's working! i got disconnected for some reason
19:43.17Yarko2yeah i got dced as yarko
19:43.29Yarko2Hey i have a question
19:44.03*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
19:44.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
19:45.16Yarko2I cant log into wowwiki anymore. I tried wowwiki-yarko, but that doesnt work either. if I try to create a new account, it says that Yarko already exists. I can't use the password email function since my email has changed. How can I get a hold of an administrator to get this sorted? There is no contact info anywhere on the WoWWii site.
19:46.21Kasopokes Kirkburn
19:46.25Yarko2I pray to lord kirkburn for answers
19:46.54Yarko2my negligible kingdom for an email link!
19:47.08KasoYou werent looking too hard for an email link!
19:47.19Yarko2:( I did look ...
19:47.55KasoThe user db merge is complete. Click here for info and troubleshooting tips. Prob is a good place to start ;p
19:48.30Yarko2oh man, i was looking for a link :P
19:48.35Yarko2or woman
19:48.36Kasono worries
19:48.45KasoKirkburn, will be around prob if you hang out here
19:49.40KirkburnSurely not
19:50.08KirkburnUsernames are case sensitive
19:50.30Kirkburn exists
19:50.58Fisker-Why would user names be case sensitive?
19:51.00Fisker-that is madness!
19:51.19Kasono, this is WOWWIKI! *kick*
19:51.20Yarko2yikes! thanks, sire!
19:51.33Fisker-*falls into the pit*
19:51.45Yarko2oh and thanks for putting in a close button on the login window :)
19:52.07Kasocheck out the "MOST POPULAR STORIES NOW" bit on the right half way down
19:52.28*** join/#wowwiki SandwichmanBACK (
19:53.07KirkburnYarko2, was that you saying the bug is fixed?
19:53.11g0urra"US and Russia in sandwich battle"?
19:53.21g0urraor maybe "Great tits cope well with warming"?
19:53.39KirkburnKaso, heh, saw it yesterday
19:53.40Kasoi love how that is no1, you just know its childish people on the internet linking
19:53.48KirkburnHumans are so predictable
19:53.48g0urra"Europeans get drunk 'to have sex'"
19:53.49g0urrawell no shit
19:53.55Yarko2OK, I am in. Thanks a bunch, Kirkburn.
19:54.01KirkburnYarko2, awesome
19:54.14g0urra"Young adults in Europe deliberately binge on drink and drugs to improve their sex lives, research suggests."
19:54.23KirkburnThe login popup was missing a close button for a few days, is that still the case?
19:54.39g0urrathey should change 'Europe' to 'UK'
19:54.47Yarko2So, am i forever stuck with that nasty login name?
19:55.15KirkburnNope, you don't have to be
19:55.25Yarko2no, the close button is there now, thank zeus.
19:55.33Bagginsww_Not sure how bear goggles improves a sex life, I suppose it improves appearances...
19:55.42KirkburnAssuming Yarko is owned by someone else, you can request a namechange on the talk page talk:Upgrade_early_2008
19:55.59KirkburnYay close button
19:56.28Yarko2well considering that i tried to create a new Yarko and it shield blocked me, I assume that the name is taken... :(...
19:56.53Kasowhat is this Close button people are talking about?
19:56.54Bagginsww_and ya it can lower inhibitions...
19:56.57KirkburnMy apologies, twas an unavoidable side effect of the merge
19:57.05Bagginsww_but does that really "improve sex"?
19:57.15Yarko2Can you delete that other account? who cares about that person... haha
19:57.17KirkburnKaso, on the ajax login popup, the close button was missing for a while. Clickable, but no image to tell you so
19:57.21Kasowell if you get more of it Bagginsww_
19:57.26Bagginsww_I mean if the sex was bad enough to begin with maybe you want to forget about it...that could be an improvement
19:57.59Yarko2ive found that drinking makes me want to throw up, not get intimate
19:58.09Bagginsww_The fact is I could probably get it, but since I don't drink I'd feel like I was taken advantage of the drunk :p
19:58.12KirkburnYarko2, I doubt it - they may have contribs on other Wikia. Mention it on the talk page though, you *may* be able to usurp them if they've not edits/logged in for a long time
19:58.13Yarko2maybe im drinking the wrong stuff
19:58.59Yarko2i like to be sober so I can get out quick when it is over
19:59.01Bagginsww_mild halucigenic effect, that might be interesting
19:59.10KasoBagginsww_, they choose to get drunk, knowing full well it will lower there inhibitions, infact some do soley for that reason, its not taking advantage (to a point) imo
19:59.34Bagginsww_Kaso I was under the impressiom both are drinking right?
19:59.48Bagginsww_I meant in my case, where I personally do not imbibe :)
19:59.51Kasolast time i drank absinthe i fell down the stairs hurt my ankle, it swelled up like an egg, and i walked on it all night with little pain
19:59.55Bagginsww_so it would bed one sided
20:00.21Kasoi was talking about your case, i think even if its one sided (again upto a point) its not a huge issue
20:00.51Bagginsww_now hoppped up on caffeine so my senses were more alert that could be impressive
20:01.30Bagginsww_ahh well, I suppose if they were drinking something I couldn't smell, and they were trying to vomit on me, it could be handy lawl
20:01.45Bagginsww_otherwise I think I'd be extremely turned off
20:01.57KasoDrinking to vomiting isnt nice, i havent done that for a fair old time
20:02.08Kasoi think ive gotten more mature in my old age (lol)
20:02.34Bagginsww_how old is old? in ballpark decades?
20:02.53Kaso21, thats why i suffixed the lol on it
20:03.00Bagginsww_heh heh
20:03.16Bagginsww_in other words old as in legal adult heh heh
20:03.21Kasobut i feel considerable more mature than when i started drinking 5 years ago
20:03.55g0urraBagginsww_, you don't drink?
20:03.55Bagginsww_*I meant weren't trying to vomit on me, but somehow lost the contraction :p
20:04.02Bagginsww_Nope, never have never will
20:04.05Bagginsww_personal choice
20:04.05g0urrahigh five!
20:04.32g0urradown low!
20:04.33g0urratoo slow.
20:04.36Kasonot one of those straighedgexxxXx.xX ones are you?
20:04.51KasoNot drinking i can understand fine, those guys i want to punch somewhat.
20:04.53Bagginsww_straightedged pornographic to the extreme?
20:04.58Bagginsww_Can'ts ay that I am
20:05.14g0urraI'm what you would call in swedish a "absolutist"
20:05.47Bagginsww_but yes I don't drink, smoke, eat fairly kosher (not jewish mind you, but the term is appropriate)
20:05.48g0urrano drugs, smokes, snuff or alcohol
20:06.07Bagginsww_no drugs either
20:06.15Bagginsww_but big into video games
20:06.16g0urraBagginsww_, we're a rare breed
20:06.20Bagginsww_that's my vice of choice ;)
20:06.31Bagginsww_its as bad as crack if you let it
20:06.59Bagginsww_however, perhaps I'm more addicted to internet and education...
20:07.16Bagginsww_I can't for the life of me skip a class :p
20:07.25Bagginsww_it induces pain and guilt :p
20:07.46Bagginsww_parents must have put a chip in my head :p
20:08.03g0urraok you're more rare then
20:08.28Bagginsww_I just consider the money I'm putting into classes to be important
20:08.38Bagginsww_or rather the loans I will have to pay off later on :p
20:08.54Bagginsww_so I avoid doing anything that could lead to me flunking LOL
20:08.56*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
20:09.01*** join/#wowwiki Guardix (i=martin_j@
20:09.19Bagginsww_I suppose it might be slight paranoia :p
20:09.55KirkburnActually, I know why I'd get the collector's edition ... for the music
20:10.00Bagginsww_basically I have to be in a period where there is no homework, before I feel safe to do anything else, :)
20:10.15Bagginsww_Kirkburn ya that's one of hte main things I like from them
20:10.21Bagginsww_and the book
20:10.21KirkburnThe trailer in full HD is beautiful
20:10.28Bagginsww_and the dvd
20:10.36Bagginsww_the rest of the stuff is kinda eh
20:10.39Bagginsww_I never used the mousepad
20:10.48KirkburnI'm using it right now :P
20:10.48Bagginsww_and map was useles sin the first
20:10.58g0urraI'm using the mousepad right now
20:11.06g0urramainly because I don't have any other
20:11.19Bagginsww_well I know what happens to mousepads with use
20:11.30Bagginsww_and its too beutiful to do that to LOL
20:11.30KirkburnI still have Blizzcon goodies stuck to my wall and monitor
20:11.39Bagginsww_damn you :p
20:11.44Bagginsww_at least I have hawaii...hahahhaha
20:11.44g0urragrr I haven't been to Blizzcon
20:11.53Kirkburnhopes for more goodies at WWI :P
20:11.57g0urrabut I'm going to the I got something at least
20:12.10Bagginsww_WWI wouldn't it be WWIII, j/k
20:12.10KirkburnYeah, Hawaii > Blizzcon
20:12.25Bagginsww_hmm but Blizzcon in Hawaii?
20:12.28KirkburnBlizz are time travellers, duh
20:12.29g0urraWorld Wide InvItatIonal?
20:12.51KirkburnSo, we're going to have to set up a WoWWiki meeting at WWI
20:12.52foxlitone word
20:13.07g0urraSounds cool Kirkburn
20:13.18Kirkburnworldwideinvitational ... uh, no ;)
20:13.34foxlitWorldwide Invitational
20:15.09Bagginsww_hmm an interesting game might be an MMO set in an alternate universe version of a famous war. With magic casters, etc
20:15.41Bagginsww_well doesn't even have to be entirely an MMO
20:15.50Bagginsww_a single player mode might kick ass
20:15.59Bagginsww_heh heh
20:16.32Bagginsww_I suppose Full Metal Alchemist series kinda touched on aspects of that
20:16.46g0urraWorld of Battlefield
20:17.11Bagginsww_Battle of Battles :p
20:17.27g0urra"Yeah man I play World of Battlefield"
20:17.34g0urra"So you could say you're a Wobbler"
20:17.37g0urra"...shut up"
20:17.38KirkburnThere was no war in 1907
20:17.41Bagginsww_World of Battlecraft
20:17.45KirkburnStoopid :P
20:17.51g0urraWorld of Battlealchemists
20:17.52Bagginsww_its an alternate universe
20:17.55Bagginsww_anything can happen
20:18.03KirkburnYeah, but still ...
20:18.05Bagginsww_ww1 began earlier
20:19.04Bagginsww_so any artists and designers out there?
20:19.12Bagginsww_We should make our own game heh heh
20:19.21Kirkburn1907 Romanian Peasants' Revolt
20:19.23g0urrapoints at Kanaru who isn't here
20:19.27Bagginsww_hah hah
20:19.38KirkburnAlso 1906-1909 Pig War, 1904-1909 Black Patch War ... yeah, exciting times
20:19.41g0urraFull Metal Blacksmith
20:19.50g0urrahmmm that makes sense
20:19.51Bagginsww_let's just set in 1916 :p
20:20.02KirkburnA war with peasants, a war with pigs, or something to do with dark cloth :P
20:20.14Bagginsww_dark cloth? Warlocks...
20:20.18Bagginsww_and necromancers oh my
20:20.20g0urraWarlock Pigs!
20:20.41KirkburnActually, Black Patch appears to have been tobacco related
20:20.52g0urraand the peasant Linken with Pitchfork of Trident
20:20.59KirkburnAnyway, take your pick -
20:21.30foxlitIt's nice - islands, pretty water reflections, plenty of voodoo!
20:21.52g0urraI don't see War of the Ancients!
20:22.22Bagginsww_heh heh
20:22.38Kirkburn"Before 1000" just sounds wrong
20:23.13Bagginsww_eh just set it during ww1
20:24.08Bagginsww_of course in this alternate universe do you want the battles to extend beyond europian countries into the Americas?
20:24.51Bagginsww_although a magic civil war era might be interesting
20:25.53Bagginsww_although I'm sure these ideas have been done by authors :p... Turtledove comes to mind.. Although eh its a book.
20:26.00Bagginsww_I wanna see a game
20:26.14Bagginsww_actually it wasn't magic, but I kind of like the concept of one game I saw
20:26.29Bagginsww_it was set in a 1960's or so where WW1 never ended
20:26.44Bagginsww_first person shooter
20:26.45*** join/#wowwiki Yarko (
20:27.12g0urra uh.
20:27.42Bagginsww_it has dated graphics, but I found it to be fun
20:28.12Bagginsww_IT was kinda Wolfenstein like
20:30.07*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
20:30.18*** join/#wowwiki Lin_ (n=igormorg@
20:30.20Bagginsww_so essentially the first half of the game you fight in trenches trying to work your way forward to take land back. Then you move into a city and fight street to street. Then into an underground lab with experiments.
20:30.43Bagginsww_and finally into a mansion to take out some austrian leader guy.
20:31.13Bagginsww_Turns out the guy was going to finally tell the world he was going to give up and stop the war no one could remember why it was being fought in the first place
20:31.21Kirkburng0urra, problem?
20:31.37Bagginsww_and by your killing him, you prolonge the war
20:31.46KirkburnYou linked the proto nether drake
20:32.12KirkburnYes, same model
20:32.18Bagginsww_they do that alot ;)
20:32.34KirkburnIt's kinda odd, but only seen in one quest
20:33.13Bagginsww_they are in blades edge
20:33.43g0urraalso in terokkar if I remember correct
20:33.46Bagginsww_its appears during a quest from Toshley's station
20:33.51KirkburnNo the drake version
20:34.03Bagginsww_you get some "devolver" thing
20:34.11Bagginsww_and have to turn drakes into eggs
20:34.13g0urra :/
20:34.21Bagginsww_sometimes turns into the proto-dragons
20:35.19g0urradoesn't look anything like a drake..hmpf
20:36.05Bagginsww_its because you are originally turning drakes into eggs I think
20:36.11Bagginsww_so they call it a "proto-drake"
20:36.56g0urralooks stupid..but okay
20:37.07Bagginsww_and I can understand their reasoning... why create a brand new model if its only going to be used for one quest?
20:37.44g0urraI hope it's going to be made with WotLK
20:37.44Bagginsww_also don't quote me but if I remember right it cycles between eggs, whelps or the proto-drake?
20:37.53Bagginsww_why gourra?
20:37.59foxlitrandom which one you get
20:38.10Bagginsww_ya random I remember that part
20:38.17g0urrabecause there's probably going to be those there..or something.
20:38.19Bagginsww_but I trying to remember if it also included the whelps
20:38.23g0urraproto dragon thingies.
20:38.30*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
20:38.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:38.31Bagginsww_I doubt it
20:38.44Bagginsww_the main thing was the egg, the proto-drake was mearly something to attack you
20:39.02Bagginsww_to be annoying while you tried to collect eggs
20:39.19Bagginsww_kinda like oh Sand gnomes
20:39.26foxlitnobody is interested in the eggs, though
20:39.42Bagginsww_I'd love to see more sand gnomes but I doubt we'll ever see them again
20:40.40Bagginsww_now if the proto-drakes had been regularly spawned mobs then there might be some small posiblity of blizzared going back to use them elsewhere :p
20:40.54Bagginsww_if it was important for story :p
20:41.58Bagginsww_NOw from what I understand Proto-dragons on the other hand just use regular dragon models
20:42.03Bagginsww_colored white
20:46.14Bagginsww_so ya from what I undertand Dark Factions is set pre-TBC
20:46.34Bagginsww_but I'm guessing its set about the same time as APG/HPG
20:47.04Bagginsww_probably part of the same journal and research documents used to put both of those books together
20:48.18Bagginsww_It should have updates information about Northrend past what was mentioned in Land of Mysteries
20:48.30Bagginsww_but not to the point of stuff seen in Wrath
20:49.01Bagginsww_since there were hints of the undead city in HPG, perhaps we might hear a bit about it however.
20:49.41Bagginsww_undead city in Howling Fjord
20:49.49Bagginsww_although the book wasn't specific as to where the city was built
20:50.09Bagginsww_just hints that Sylvanas had traveled to Northrend to build something
21:22.18*** join/#wowwiki GHe|Busy (n=GHe@wikia/GHe)
21:23.52*** join/#wowwiki gboyers (
21:24.17*** part/#wowwiki gboyers (
21:26.17*** join/#wowwiki khangg (
21:40.10*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (
21:41.07ArcanedeathIf anyone didn't see it this morning here are teh codez
22:07.16*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
22:07.23*** join/#wowwiki Triox (
22:13.49*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
22:26.45*** join/#wowwiki Nechckn (
22:30.30*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise_ (
22:30.39foxlitFrostbolt hits you for 5429... 5476
22:36.37*** join/#wowwiki Xelopheris (
22:45.15*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
22:53.44*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
22:53.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+v DuTempete] by ChanServ
22:54.37DuTempeteOkay... Kirkburn is insisting on having polls on the wiki...
22:54.47DuTempeteSo, I figured  we would give him one he'll really like.
22:55.16DuTempeteHe's going to the world invitational...
22:55.27AdysLets all vote so he doesn't come annoy me there
22:55.31DuTempeteI think we should make him dress up for it... by a pole...
22:55.35Adysbtw, polls fucking suck
22:55.41DuTempeteI totally agree
22:55.58DuTempetehence why I want to abuse Kirk with it :P
22:56.11TecnoBratA poll on what hes gonna wear?
22:56.24DuTempeteNElf chick :P
22:56.34Adyshey DuTempete btw coming to the wwi too?
22:56.42DuTempetetoo far :P
22:56.59TecnoBratyou going?
22:57.03DuTempeteMy break between semesters doesn't coincide, unfortunately
22:57.25DuTempeteI think I'm leaving one or two weeks before the invitational
22:57.26TecnoBratI wish :P
22:57.37Adyswtb blizcon tickets for next year thoughj
22:58.23DuTempeteanyway... you guys think I should do the poll?
22:58.32DuTempeteAdys could enforce the costume wearing :P
22:58.42Adysi could certainly take pics
22:59.24DuTempeteWe should have come up with some kind of cause
22:59.35DuTempetelike Kidsplay or something...
22:59.50DuTempeteif enough money was donated, I'm sure he would actually do something like that
23:00.08Adysirish santa
23:00.17Adyshes going with an irish santa claus costume
23:00.32Adysim admin i get to decide on that kind of serious issues, irish santa or no polls
23:02.52TecnoBrathow'd you get tickets Adys?
23:03.13TecnoBratI heard they were like impossible to get
23:03.18Adysfriend got me one
23:03.27Adysbut they were quite possible to get
23:03.30Adysjust the first day tho
23:05.28foxlitwaste of bandwidth:
23:10.16TecnoBratwhat mod is that that shows the enter / leave combat thingy
23:12.13foxlitI'm sure the default UI does that
23:12.20foxlitor at least, you can make it do that
23:22.54*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (n=Arcanede@unaffiliated/arcanedeath)
23:35.54*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@

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