IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080507

00:01.22Bagginswwthere was a bard joke class?
00:02.04Sandwichman2448there was discussio here
00:02.29Bagginswwand people keep on forgetting to add the april fools category to april fools articles.
00:02.39Bagginswwnot sure don't we have a specific april fools template too?
00:02.48Sandwichman2448I do not think so.
00:04.49Sandwichman2448Kirk wanted Class Ideas cleaned too. I feel bad about not doing it.
00:09.59Sandwichman2448Ah well.
00:18.35Bagginswwif I find time I'll try to help :p
00:18.57Sandwichman2448With the Class Ideas?
00:20.06Sandwichman2448Did you read the fandy thread?
00:20.32Bagginswwclass ideas ya
00:20.36Bagginswwits not loading for me for some reason
00:23.21BagginswwI copy and pasted to read it
00:23.41BagginswwLOTRO is getting a new regular class or two in the moria expansion
00:23.56BagginswwI forget what it or they are at the moment though
00:25.46BagginswwRune-Keeper and Warden
00:32.19Sandwichman2448Xmuskrat says he thinks Nerubian buildings look like moria.
00:33.36Sandwichman2448Or will look like...
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00:33.58Bagginswwhmm m1330 butchered alot of the article too it seems
00:34.18Sandwichman2448M1330 is a vandal.
00:34.37Sandwichman2448He was banned a bit but just changes his style of vandalism.
00:34.54Bagginswweh I'll need to go back to add the passage he removed about monks
00:34.59Bagginswwfrom the D&D book
00:35.17Bagginswwthough I plan to go back and reduce it down to a quick description paraphrase though
00:35.25Bagginswwsimilar to some of those others in the page
00:35.52Bagginswwplus I need to find out if removed any of those short descriptions from any other section in the page
00:36.03Bagginswwbut I can't right now :p
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00:42.49Bagginsww that could use a small update pointing out the bard/april fools connection :)
00:43.02*** part/#wowwiki AmarieE^[MM] (
00:44.16Bagginswwthe bard article could probably get a small note pointing out it was a denied class in the rpg.
00:45.25Sandwichman2448I think it did.
00:46.24Bagginswwk I'll check
00:46.36Bagginsww not sure how that falls into true speculation... :p
00:46.56Sandwichman2448Ask Fandy.
00:47.01BagginswwI mean everything I noted was a paraphrase of what the book discussed for the creation of the classes :p
00:47.20Bagginswwand references made in later books :
00:47.32Sandwichman2448Classes from this denied list are probably less likely to be used by Blizzard for class ideas.
00:47.39Sandwichman2448That part.
00:47.55Bagginswwahh why not just move that part to the end, and make that part speculation?
00:48.31BagginswwI mean make a speculation section
00:48.45Sandwichman2448does not know.
00:49.16Bagginswweh I'll do it won't take me long
00:49.38Bagginswwand I think I might rename the article to denied rpg class or somethign like that
00:50.00Sandwichman2448You wrote it.
00:50.12Sandwichman2448I just moved it.
00:52.51Sandwichman2448Do you want me to do it?
00:58.01BagginswwI'm doing it
00:58.03Bagginswwno problem
00:58.19Bagginswwstill thinking of a good title to move it too
00:58.29BagginswwI never really liked the initial title I gave it when it was in the class idea page
01:00.26Bagginswwnot sure why shadowdancer is highlighted though :p
01:00.36Bagginswwis it a satyr class?
01:14.19Bagginsww ok moved some stuff around, cleaned up some syntax, etc
01:15.23Kirkburn|afkNeeds a sentence like, "wowwiki labels these as '''denied classes'''" in the intro paragraph
01:16.59BagginswwI don't like that terminology I'd prefer to replace it altogether :)
01:17.33Kirkburn|afkI just don't like us defining terms of our own ;)
01:17.38BagginswwLike I said I'm looking for suggestions for renaming the article altogether
01:17.44BagginswwI don't like defining terms too
01:18.12Bagginswweh I'll go back to the original rpg and see what it says
01:19.40BagginswwThe world of Warcraft is a distinct fantasy
01:19.41Bagginswwrealm that adjusts - or simply dismisses -
01:19.41Bagginswwcertain staples of the genre. The character classes
01:19.41Bagginswwavailable in the game perhaps most clearly demonstrate
01:19.41Bagginswwthis distinction. As you will see below,
01:19.41Bagginswwsome of the standard PHB and DMG classes are
01:19.43Bagginswwadjusted, while new core and prestige classes are
01:19.45Bagginswwintroduced. Most notably, the following core and
01:19.49Bagginswwprestige classes from the PHB and DMG do not
01:19.51Bagginswwexist in the Warcraft RPG:
01:19.53Bagginswwsorry about the wall of text :p
01:21.45BagginswwNon-existent classes?
01:21.57BagginswwClasses (non-existent)
01:22.27Bagginswwlike I said sorry :p
01:23.12Bagginswwnon-warcraft classes?
01:23.25BagginswwClasses (non-warcraft)
01:26.28Kirkburn|afkAnd now I'm going to read the rest of the convo ...
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01:27.49Kirkburn|afkI'm not having any inspiration
01:28.08Bagginswwme either :p
01:28.35Kirkburn|afkI think the current title "works", but just needs clarification
01:30.35Bagginswwhmm rejected might work better
01:31.25Bagginswwits a synonim to "dismissed"
01:36.35SandwichmanBACKShadowdancer was a satyr class in WCIII
01:37.18SandwichmanBACKThe satyr classes on the satyr page are just speculation now.
01:38.01SandwichmanBACKIt says shadowdancer is a priest?
01:38.23SandwichmanBACK[[Warlock|Hellcaller]], [[Mage|Pyromancer]], [[Priest|Shadowdancer]], [[Rogue|Trickster]], [[Warlock|Soulstealer]]
01:38.41SandwichmanBACKThey are different.
01:44.26SandwichmanBACKDid that help?
01:47.32Bagginswwya I hear we get one of the satyr classes in Dark Factions
01:50.14SandwichmanBACKWe have pages on WCIII mob classes.
01:50.35SandwichmanBACKEredar n' stuff...
01:51.30Bagginswwand WoW NPC classes
01:52.17SandwichmanBACKI still think making the DVD whiteboard maps into things like the Northrend blurrs were made into is a good idea. Who to ask about it?
01:52.42Bagginswwalright we get the Hellcaller
01:53.09SandwichmanBACK*phone rings* Hell-o?
01:56.42SandwichmanBACKI g2g.
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02:00.18KirkburnBibi`, I must lol at people going "wha, owned by who!?"
02:01.38Bibi`yeah, that's why I didn't announce it earlier, people are just stupid when it comes to website sales
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02:02.15Kasowho's owned by who?
02:02.29KirkburnBibi`, you don't have to tell me ...
02:02.42burninhowdy, I'm trying to install BC on my existing wine install of WoW but when I run the installer I get an error "No installer data could be found...."
02:02.50burninanyone familiar with this issue and a solution?
02:02.59Bibi`like, don't know if you remember, these guys sold something made for free by users, and then sold their soul to curse
02:03.13burninI've tried copying the files off the CD, making an iso image and mounting it, etc, but always the same error.
02:03.17KirkburnDamn them all, Bibi`
02:03.32Bibi`yeah, now I heard their site is ugly and full of ads
02:03.37KirkburnEnough now :P
02:04.19Kirkburnburnin, there are some "winers" around (teehee), stick around and one may pop up
02:04.30KirkburnYou could also try #wowuidev or the Wine pages on the wiki
02:04.41*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
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02:04.53burninreading the winehq pages now, it was taking awhile to come up.
02:05.03Kirkburn <-- these?
02:06.30burninalready went through the wowwiki page, no luck.
02:06.55burninhmm, and on the winehq pages where people have the same issue the only solution suggested is to install on windows and copy it to linux.
02:07.04burninif I had windows I'd just play the game there.
02:08.11*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
02:09.28Kasoburnin, is it just the BC updater thats having that issue?
02:09.44KasoTry installing using the 2.3.0 full client installer?
02:09.46burninKaso, BC installer,
02:10.00burninclient installer?
02:10.22KasoNone -> 2.3.0   (~3500 Mb)
02:10.25Kasothat might work
02:10.32Kasobut its a big download if it doesnt >.<
02:11.28burninI already have WoW installed and working in wine, I was just trying to add the BC stuff.
02:12.20Kasoyes, but that installer apparently doesnt work on wine, so you need to find a different installer that results in you getting TBC, which works on wine
02:12.23Kasothis is one that might
02:20.47Bagginswwwhy did you set up the system to call everyone WoWWiki-name, wouldn't Name-wowiki been a bit easier to follow?
02:20.58BagginswwI mean for people who lost their original names
02:40.48burninokay, my BC install is going :)
02:41.09burninI forgot this minute detail, its a dvd, I had to mount it as type udf
02:41.17burninif it gets mounted as iso9660 the installer wont work.
02:41.41burninthat might be a helpful pointer for the linux wine section of wowwiki.
02:42.33burninscouring the net I couldn't find an answer, but plenty of people having the same problem. I ended up just reading the man page for mount and realized there was a udf type for dvd disks.
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03:28.26Sky2042Adys: ?
03:28.29Adysthree fucking weeks of debugging this script
03:28.33Adysit works now
03:28.39Adysi can sleep now, night!
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03:51.42ArcanedeathSky, is the category thing a go?
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04:13.54[Liq]Hi everyone :-)
04:21.57Sky2042Arcanedeath: Someone needs to set up the categories the articles will go into.
04:23.33Sky2042Arcanedeath: as well, it might be wise to post the code to the bot's page just to see if it's sound, or something (that didn't come out quite how I wanted....)
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05:02.10Arcanedeath!arcanebot say #wowwiki hi
05:08.47Arcanedeath!arcanebot say #wowwiki !arcanebot say #wowwiki hi
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05:14.49Arcanedeath!arcanebot edit page "Main_Page" replace * with "OMG PIZZA"
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06:15.24Tingleanyone here with .lua knowlage?
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12:04.05kthxanyone awake in here?
12:04.40kthxwhat's everybody up to?
12:06.19kthxI'm trying to figure out how I want to spec my paladin, it's pretty much frustrating the hell out of me
12:07.42kthxand I don't really like the fact that as they go up they don't do more damage they just do faster damage
12:07.56kthxbut I have too much time into the character already to just stop and start over
12:11.02Lukiankthx, level?
12:11.03KasoWell ive never really played paladin at high levels so i can only really suggest;, also might want to give #wowhead a shout, they like builds in there
12:12.39Lukiankthx, you should also tell us your current spec and what you like.
12:14.22*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
12:14.26kthxthat's the thing I like all of it
12:14.35kthxI like tanking, dps, and holy
12:14.44kthxbut I want to be able to be self sufficient ya know
12:14.46LukianYou like healing, tanking and dps? :D
12:15.02kthxso i don't want to be holy
12:15.03Lukiana) do you want to be able to solo?
12:15.16Lukian- not holy
12:15.17Lukianb) do you want to be able to solo fast?
12:15.20kthxi want to be able to solo but i want to be valuable for raids and other runs
12:15.32kthxdon't really care about fast
12:15.35Lukian-- by grinding mobs/instances? prot
12:15.41Lukian-- by dps? ret
12:15.54*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
12:16.01kthxso is protection best for soloing mobs and instances?
12:16.04Lukianyou aren't viable for 5mans as ret
12:16.21Lukianyou are viable for raids, but the gear requirements are STEEP
12:16.36*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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12:16.36LukianProt paladins are always welcome in 5mans or raids :)
12:16.36kthxret seems like it's all flash
12:16.55Lukianas long as you don't have too many tanks
12:16.59Lukianand as you might already know..
12:17.03Lukianthere's a tank shortage!
12:17.11kthxso yeah i figured i'd have to respec to protection
12:17.20*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
12:17.26Lukianbut while levelling, go whatever spec works best for you
12:17.54kthxi don't like the fact that the ret paladin doesn't really deal that much damage
12:18.01kthxit's fast damage but it's not a lot of damage
12:18.08Lukianmy paladin is prot, but I had to respec ret for the SSO dailies unless I wanted to spend twice (or three times) the amount of time gaining exalted
12:18.34kthxi mean the armor helps a lot but he burns mana too quickly and he really doesn't do all that much damage
12:18.44kthxit's frustrating as hell
12:18.54LukianYou can also viably tank non-heroics as ret
12:19.03Lukian(as long as you have a prot set of gear)
12:19.14Lukianand even some heroics, and trash in raids (but not bosses)
12:19.37Lukiankthx, what weapon are you using?
12:19.46LukianYou should have Bonebiter or similar around that level
12:19.50kthxurr, hold on
12:20.05kthxMariner's Sword
12:20.20kthxthis is the first character I've had that I had the patience to level this far
12:20.36Lukianyou are using a 1h as ret? :p
12:20.44Lukianor are you a random levelling build?
12:20.44kthxYeah I know
12:20.54kthxI'm pretty much random right now
12:21.21kthxmost of my specs are in ret, but I have some early holy talents, just because of the stats boost to mana and strength
12:21.26kthxwell intellect and strength
12:21.52kthxi use the 1h and the shield just because it raises my armor and i can do enough damage to kill anything anyway
12:21.57kthxi just like being protected
12:22.00kthxi'm insecure
12:22.44Lukianyeah, but you can use a 2h when the enemies you are fighting are casters
12:22.46Lukianor weak
12:23.19kthxmost of my AC is from my shield that's why I'm partial to it
12:23.46Lukianps. your next 1h upgrade (which is also a decent1h for ret) is at 45:
12:24.58kthxthat's sexy
12:25.08kthxmy problem is i don't really pay attention to the weapon so much as i do armor
12:25.15*** join/#wowwiki Jack_Phoenix (n=Ashley@wikia/Jack-Phoenix)
12:25.16kthxi think protection is probably the most natural for me
12:25.24Lukianhehe :)
12:25.31kthxi used cruel barb from 19 to 39
12:25.44kthxand just made sure i had the best armor that i could
12:25.46g0urrathough level 45 is a lil low for that quest..
12:27.00LukianI can't tell you what I levelled my paladin as, as it was several years ago, but it was probably something like that
12:27.18Lukian"taste testing" the trees :)
12:27.50Lukiang0urra, given the intelligence of most players at that level, I'm sure he can find a group ;)
12:27.56kthxi'm pretty much taste testing wow with this pally
12:28.16Lukiankthx, haha, not a fantastic class to do it with, but a hybrid nonetheless
12:28.30LukianI quit my paladin at level 54 (and wow for 1.5yrs)
12:28.40kthxi couldn't stand the druid
12:28.43kthxquit that at 16
12:28.48kthxcouldn't stand the shaman
12:28.51kthxquit that at 10
12:28.59kthxcouldn't stand the warrior
12:28.59g0urradruids get fun at 20 with cat form
12:29.02*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
12:29.05LukianI then rolled a druid to 60 healed for MC/etc, 70 when BC released, then regained some interest in my paladin and I play both somewhat equally now
12:29.11kthxdidnt want to sit around and heal
12:29.11Lukianyes, druids get fun at 20
12:29.13g0urrashamans...I don't remember when you get windfury but that's when it rocks
12:29.22Lukianhaha, druids rarely heal :D
12:29.28kthxno i'm talking about priest
12:29.32kthxi didn't even give priest a shot
12:29.39Lukianyou can melt faces as shadow
12:29.44Lukianpriest is next on my list actually
12:29.55Lukian(Druid, Paladin, Hunter, Warlock, Shaman)
12:30.01kthxyeah but how easy is it to level a class with no armor
12:30.14g0urraum heal.
12:30.17g0urraand stamina.
12:30.19Lukianshield and wand
12:30.28Lukianand yes, it has a healing ability, so it's not all that hard :)
12:30.44kthxwarlock seems  like something i might be interested in
12:31.11LukianHunter = super fast to level, warlock I was quite surprised how decent it was to level too
12:31.26Lukianthe addition of minions/pets just makes things easy :p
12:31.41g0urrai found playing affliction in the beginning was pretty fun
12:31.53g0urrabut i almost stopped playing my warlock in outland...took too long to kill stuff
12:32.01g0urraso i respecced to felguard and i love it
12:32.06Lukianyeah I quested to 67 with a friend :D
12:32.19Lukiansl/sl spec - hehe
12:32.53kthxwhat's the spec to go as with a warlock?
12:33.01Lukianany of them are fine :p
12:33.04Lukianthey all deal damage
12:33.13Lukiandemonology is probably best for soloing
12:33.30Lukiankthx, as a prot paladin, you should find a dps player (or a healer) to be your friend :D
12:33.33kthxthat sounds good, i can always just switch it up when I'm bigger and badder
12:33.36Lukianor both ^_^
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13:04.01g0urrais there a way to block this Editing Tips box?
13:12.25*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
13:48.35*** join/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
13:48.37*** part/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
14:01.25pcjno, wikia doesn't care what you want
14:11.43Kirkburn|sleepg0urra, yes there is
14:11.56Kirkburn|sleepIt's under Prefs --> Editing
14:11.59KalrothYou're all such haters
14:12.25g0urrafound it, but it was named <tog-disableeditingtips>
14:12.30KirkburnCurrently shows as "<tog-disableeditingtips>" but this has been reported
14:32.19Kirkburnyay, 8th season is Scrubs is coming :)
14:33.11*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
14:46.16sacarascyay! it can delve deeper into mediocrity
15:09.11*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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15:09.26*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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15:54.30KirkburnYay, can now style interwikis based on where they go
16:00.28*** join/#wowwiki Lukian (i=wizard@
16:20.09*** join/#wowwiki Lukian (i=wizard@
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16:44.59Kirkburn|afkI just noticed a new skin just appeared, called jade
16:46.50Kirkburn|afkpcj, can the refresh thing be applied to the watchlist, or does that work differently?
16:47.09pcjit can be
16:48.46Kirkburn|afkWould be cool :P
16:50.29*** join/#wowwiki TheOther (
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17:15.10Bagginsww :P
17:24.08*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
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17:31.22[Liq]Hi everyone :-)
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18:43.12Adys thats just plain awesome
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18:47.55KasoAdys, what am i seeing here, has someone romhacked that level so that played through propally it goes with the music?
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18:53.28Adyshey Kanaru
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20:01.27laurlyslow wiki?
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20:29.06foxlitblazing fast wiki!
20:30.45CorganOver there!
20:39.02Dottedamagad Adys Air theme \o/
20:39.20Adyswut Dotted
20:39.32Dottedyou linked
20:40.24DottedThe Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:40.27DottedEPIC WIN
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20:50.19Dotteddidnt recognice Lucky Star at all, i phails :(
20:52.25Dottedhoe the hell did i miss that
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22:53.00AdysKirkburn|afk, ping
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23:35.44pcjkirkburn isn't protection of the Main Page against wikia policy
23:36.35Kasothats a silly policy isnt it?
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23:50.16Bagginsww ;p
23:50.27Bagginswwjust my thoughts :p
23:54.20BagginswwI think if we were going in the direction of making them more transparent we could possibly reduce it to, "This [[lore]] originates from [[The Roleplaying Game]]", "This [[Lore]] originates from a [[Novel]] or [[Short Story]].
23:54.53Bagginswwthat at least gets rid of the semi-biased warning "may not be found in other sources of lore."
23:56.20BagginswwPerhaps  we alter it to something like "This article contains [[lore]] taken from ______________". Where blank = the media type.

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