IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080504

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00:12.50ArcanedeathI can't pass imagelink a generated link location
00:13.19Arcanedeathso <imagelink>image|{{{link}}}</imagelink> wont work
00:15.50ArcanedeathSo... I have no way to include external images, I need to include an image with generated variable data that would not be pracitcal to constantly upload, and it is phail
00:16.56ArcanedeathAll I want is something like <image>{{{image|backup.gif}}}</image> to work
00:20.16Arcanedeath= (
00:27.17Arcanedeathty, although that doesn't solve the problem of it having to be a link
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00:31.26foxlitThat's simple: don't use external images
00:31.33foxlitWhy would you want to?
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00:32.19g0urragnight wowwiki
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00:40.53ArcanedeathHow do I double escape a |
00:41.20Arcanedeathfoxlit: it's complicated but I am creating a template to use the google charts api
00:41.50foxlitShort version: you're doomed
00:41.56foxlitLong version: write an extension.
00:42.03Arcanedeathlol I got it all figured out
00:42.09Kasodouble escape it?
00:43.26ArcanedeathI want a | between hello and World that wont be parsed by imagelink
00:43.50Arcanedeathand wont be parsed by #tag, henced "double escaped"
00:44.23ArcanedeathIn a programming language it would be the equivelant of \\\|
00:45.15Kasohmm i see
00:45.17Kasoim not sure
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00:50.40PharodDo we have a composite map of Azeroth?
01:06.22PharodAlso, do we know how long ago the second war was?
01:09.12Arcanedeathhow do ou include a nowiki in a nowiki
01:11.00Arcanedeathoh nvm mediawiki is smart inenough to ignore the inner nowiki
01:12.30ArcanedeathSo here it is:
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01:54.20Arcanedeathis there anyway to get the backround color of the current stylesheet?
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02:08.58Sky2042Arcanedeath: poak.
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02:22.31KasoI thought my log in/out was supposed to carry accross wikia now? howcome i'm logged in on wowwiki but not on starwars.wikia
02:22.52Sky2042starwars doesn't share theirs with the rest of wikia (yet?)
02:23.02Sky2042same with uncyc and memoryalpha, i think.
02:23.31Kasoi can manually log into starwars with my wowwiki infos
02:23.57Sky2042did you have an account on wikia before the merge?
02:24.15Kasoi dont believe so
02:24.43Kasoperhaps i miss-understood, but i thought it was one login cookie for the whole of wikia, but it seems each site still has its seperate logins
02:24.45Sky2042I dunno then. I'm logged onto starwars when i get on, but that may be because i had an account before hand.
02:24.49Kasojust using the same user database
02:25.02Sky2042I think they share the login cookie also.
03:01.07Arcanedeathhey I'm back
03:01.26Sky2042prolly won't need your bot for the server thing :/
03:02.11Arcanedeathmemoryalpha is a wikia wiki?
03:05.49Sky2042kirby: why you do the name change thing, what exactly does it signify?...
03:06.29kirbyi haven't used kirby in a while actually
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03:10.43Arcanedeathwhat just happened?
03:10.45ArcanedeathI was booted
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03:10.50Kaso* Arcanedeath has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:11.07Arcanedeathhmm, I had to mess with my settings a bit before I could join
03:11.20ArcanedeathI think it kicked everyone who had not set a "real name"
03:11.31Arcanedeathbecause I had to add one to rejoin
03:12.07Kanarui updated my howling fjord and grizzly hills maps, going to work on dragonblight now
03:14.28*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (
03:30.39ArcanedeathHow does this look so far?
03:31.39Arcanedeathmodeled after
03:31.58Arcanedeathlol @forum post
03:33.28Sky2042don't think you need to do that... :/
03:35.26Arcanedeathdo what?
03:35.39ArcanedeathI'm making server statistics
03:35.40Sky2042code a bot to pull that info.
03:35.46Sky2042and then bot it
03:35.53ArcanedeathI am
03:35.59Sky2042the relevant template was changed so that people only have to include a direct link.
03:36.01Arcanedeathbut I'm making a template for it
03:36.20Arcanedeathoh there already is a template?
03:36.28Arcanedeathgah why didn't anyone tell me?
03:36.31Sky2042well, the request wasn't for no reason...
03:36.34Sky2042not in the way you've done it.
03:36.41Sky2042template:infobox server
03:36.59Sky2042the /census pages were to go where the "Population" is.
03:37.10ArcanedeathI was talking about this with somme other people and no one said anything -_-
03:37.35Sky2042Usually the case :/
03:37.36ArcanedeathIt was decided to include ALL the census data
03:37.40Sky2042On irc anyway.
03:38.07Sky2042Duplication of information frustrates me, and this whole "bot the info from wcr" is just that.
03:38.26Sky2042A simple link suffices.
03:38.46Arcanedeathwell, now wowwiki has a chart template
03:39.09ArcanedeathI'll go do what you said then
03:39.43Arcanedeathhmm the population isn't a liink
03:39.54Arcanedeathin the current template
03:39.54Sky2042defaults to no link
03:40.06Arcanedeathoh kk
03:41.05Arcanedeathoh thats rankings
03:41.23Sky2042retarded way to do it.
03:41.39ArcanedeathI don't want to edit such a widely used template
03:41.44Arcanedeathmight mess up :P
03:41.57Sky2042it's not widely used; that's the thing
03:42.48Sky2042god, i hate spelling ratio
03:42.53Sky2042i always add an n to the end.
03:44.34Sky2042now, the widely used ones you can't edit. :P
03:49.17ArcanedeathIs there anyway to double escape a |?
03:49.27Arcanedeathany way*
03:50.47Sky2042double escape?
03:51.46Arcanedeathhmm let me make an example
03:52.08Arcanedeathor I'll just get one I already made
03:52.15Sky2042either way
03:52.49Arcanedeathwell <nowiki> works so I guess it's ok
03:53.03Arcanedeathbut these escaping methods are retarded
03:53.13Arcanedeathlike {{!}}
03:53.32Sky2042not our fault. blame the parser.
03:53.41ArcanedeathI know
03:53.58Sky2042why would you need to double escape something?...
03:56.20Arcanedeathwell I wanted it to pass through #tag: and go through two templates
03:56.41Arcanedeathsince it's eventual destination was direct output nowiki worked
03:58.28*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
03:59.19ArcanedeathI know
03:59.38Arcanedeathit's the only way to include external images
04:02.16ArcanedeathWhat is the purpose of the random image extension?
04:04.51Sky2042the random image extension is pointless, what iwth <random> :/
04:06.00Arcanedeathmy userpage is throwing an error
04:06.14Arcanedeathohh nvm
04:06.48Arcanedeathit was throwing an error from the edit I made to it, it never submitted the edit
04:06.51Sky2042squirrels are the best thing you could come up with?...
04:07.54Arcanedeathoh heh it's an error in random image, its on the wiki page about it
04:08.14*** join/#wowwiki Quezacolt (n=chatzill@
04:08.23Arcanedeathtry <randomimage>&nbps;</randomimage> aand it crashes
04:10.12Arcanedeathso are you editing infobox server or should I?
04:10.29Sky2042i haven't touched it.
04:10.45Arcanedeathlol kirkburn killed the textcolor template
04:11.19Arcanedeathor at least he is removing it from pages
04:11.49Sky2042nice kirkburn
04:14.37Arcanedeathwarcraftrealms uses a "serverid" is this proprietary to that site or do servers really have IDs
04:15.17Sky2042arbitrarily assigned, though you can use the forums and ask rollie by pm or by post.
04:15.30Sky2042s/arb ass/arb assigned (i think)/
04:18.30*** join/#wowwiki Arcanedeath (
04:18.57Arcanedeathis it generally good to link to specific websites or leave it open? Should I have Statistics = <link>, or warcraftrealms=<id>?
04:19.17Sky2042warcraftrealms=id, i think.
04:20.14Arcanedeaththanks for answering all my newb questions btw
04:20.47Sky2042the way i figure, if i answer the newb questions, you'll get to be not such a newb after awhile, or it'll happen that you become addicted to teh wiki
04:21.15Sky2042anyway, restarting firefox (will brb)
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04:22.02Sky2042ok, i is back.
04:25.57Arcanedeathsince the mod is called census and warcraftrealms is a bit long I'm just going to call the option census
04:26.53Sky2042either or, though i think the latter would be better.
04:27.01Sky2042it's pretty much a static template.
04:28.22Arcanedeathlatter being?
04:28.29ArcanedeathI listed census twice
04:29.50Sky2042much more specific.
04:31.52Arcanedeaththese realm pages are a mess
04:32.08Sky2042there are a handful with quality: whether simple or complex.
04:32.35Arcanedeathlook at all the boxes on this one
04:34.01Sky2042some people would consider that of good quality... i wouldn't :/
04:34.25Sky2042of course, i may be biast, but is of good quality... :o
04:36.48Arcanedeathmuch better, now I have an example
04:37.01Arcanedeathwhere could that infobox go...
04:37.36Sky2042uh oh.
04:37.52Sky2042don't you dare touch my baby
04:38.02Sky2042the rest of the server might eat me >.>
04:38.10Arcanedeathwell, it belongs at the top right bat thats where the battlegroup box is...
04:38.42Sky2042indeed. to boot, my server's progression/crafting pages aren't in the same manner as the template's.
04:38.48ArcanedeathMaybe we could merge battlegroup and infobox server
04:39.18Arcanedeathor make a server/statistics page
04:39.41Arcanedeathoh that was the original request...
04:39.47ArcanedeathAdd census data from to server subpages ([[Server:<insertname>/Census]]).
04:40.17Arcanedeathhowever I don't know if that meant the whole infobox and I think they want that duplication of data we talked about
04:41.51ArcanedeathIt appears Ose suggested it
04:42.34ArcanedeathWhat if I included a bunch of templates in a nice layout on server/statistics, I'll work on a mockup
04:44.45Sky2042already done, but i don't like how it ended up looking myself
04:45.04Sky2042feel free to make a subpage of that with improvements, or something.
04:46.12Arcanedeathpage doesn't exist
04:47.22Sky2042ok, bad move there...
04:47.56Arcanedeath{{#if:{{{warcraftrealms}}}|[{{{warcraftrealms}}} Population]|}} wont work... It just shows "{{{warcraftrealms}}}" even though I didn't set the option
04:48.22Sky2042The initial call to the parameter needs a "|"
04:48.26Sky2042{{#if:{{{warcraftrealms|}}}|[{{{warcraftrealms}}} Population]|}}
04:48.31Arcanedeathoh I see
04:48.45ArcanedeathWhy does everything have to feel hackish
04:48.51Sky2042Because it is?
04:49.13Sky2042ParserFunctions (ie, #if and crew) weren't around until MW 1.7 / 8.
04:49.19Sky2042or something like that.
04:50.14Sky2042IE it didn't come native with MW
04:50.49Sky2042Oh yes, it most definitely is hackish.
04:51.05Sky2042I hope the people developing MW will at some point come out with an MW 2.0 :/
04:53.47Sky2042gad, i can't find the discussion for that boilerplate ose made up...
04:56.27Sky2042oh, i know where
04:56.47Sky2042Arcanedeath: you still with us?
04:58.03Sky2042ok, either he isn't, or i'm not.
04:58.40Arcanedeathim here
04:58.50Sky2042that's how ose drew it up...
04:59.57ArcanedeathOne problem I see is that the check boxes look like they can be checked
05:00.15Arcanedeathclicking on them brings you to the image page
05:00.30Arcanedeathwhat if they linked to editing the article
05:00.58Sky2042not possible in a template :/ , which is what those are, i think.
05:01.21ArcanedeathBut it looks pretty nice relative to the current server pages
05:04.02ArcanedeathAre there plans to put it into use?
05:04.19Sky2042somewhat, though i think the bigger issue is getting servers to tend to their own pages.
05:04.37ArcanedeathHey I'll implement it on mine
05:05.09ArcanedeathOh you can see how it looks now here
05:05.33Arcanedeathjust has a new link now though
05:06.49Arcanedeathmine is pretty ugly right now lol
05:06.58Arcanedeathand the guilds are hopelessly outdated
05:07.16Arcanedeathmost of those are dead
05:11.41*** join/#wowwiki khangg (
05:19.40Arcanedeathdoes look totally messed up to you?
05:19.59Arcanedeathoh nvm
05:20.05Arcanedeathit wasn't loading all the way
05:32.47ArcanedeathI had to ninja edit your ninja edit
05:33.08Arcanedeathlooks kinda empty though : (
05:35.24Arcanedeaththis guy should be banned
05:37.08Sky2042will do.
05:38.30Sky2042and done
05:40.00Sky2042well, that's interesting
05:40.09Sky2042the block log was reset when we moved over to the wikia userbase.
05:40.17Sky2042i'm sure the blocks are all still in place
05:40.24Sky2042so in fact, that person may already have been blocked.
05:43.18*** part/#wowwiki widgertick (n=progdog@unaffiliated/widgertick)
05:45.03Arcanedeathoh ok
05:45.23Sky2042all the logs were reset...
05:45.28Sky2042wonder if kirk knows.
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07:57.01Adyshey ose
07:59.16CorganAdys sucks.
08:19.41Osewhy is my upload log so short?
08:20.00Oseit only goes back to april 29th
08:28.09*** join/#wowwiki Nolook (
08:33.40OseI say we should start organizing WMV pictures in categories
08:33.45Ose[[Category:WoW Model Viever images]] and subcatergories for the extensions
08:40.42Osecan I be re-voiced @ #cvn-wikia-wowwiki please? it's kinda annoying having to leave the channel to change nick...
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09:52.47Osehai g0urra
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10:01.52Ose[10:40]<Ose>can I be re-voiced @ #cvn-wikia-wowwiki please? it's kinda annoying having to leave the channel to change nick...
10:16.30*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=sannse@wikia/
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10:29.51LukianOse, easily solved, don't change nickname
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10:36.19Oseuhm... /nick Ose|afk?
10:49.01g0urraOse just identify yourself with Ose|afk
10:49.10g0urrathere should say something when you change nick
10:51.37AdysAnd the answer for "what's gonna happen" is... "Microsoft officially pulled its offer for Yahoo". "After careful consideration, we believe the economics demanded by Yahoo do not make sense for us, and it is in the best interests of Microsoft stockholders, employees and other stakeholders to withdraw our proposal," said a certain Steve Ballmer.
11:49.58Oseg0urra: Ose|afk #cvn-wikia-wowwiki Cannot send to channel so cannot change nicks
11:50.39g0urrathen send it to this channel?
11:53.34LukianOse, /away and let the irc client add to your idle time?
12:22.02Adysg0urra, that doesnt work like that :p
12:22.11g0urraI know.
12:22.19Adysnicknames changes are blocked on non voiced users in moderated chans
12:22.30Adysregister ose|afk. link it to ose
12:22.40Adysand you can change nick
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13:01.49Osenow re-voice me on #cvn-wikia-wowwiki please...
13:03.10OseI lost my voice when I change password
13:17.55KirkburnSorry, wrong one, meant to do it on the CVN channel
13:18.15KirkburnSorry :P
13:18.26KirkburnVoiced you n the cvn channel
13:18.40KirkburnGood morning btw
13:20.47Ose"CTCP time reply “Sun May 04 14:20:13” from Kirkburn"
13:21.03infobotmethinks ugt is Universal Greeting Time. Created in #mipslinux, it is a rule that states that whenever somebody enters an IRC channel it is always morning, and it is always late when the person leaves. The local time of any other people in the channel, including the greeter, is irrelevant.
13:22.16amrofacebook: "Against Racism. 29,145 members - $5 raised"
13:22.25amrosome serious generosity right there
13:24.21g0urraI got kinda chocked the other day when I saw my real name shows on other Wikia wikis
13:25.14foxlitYou got CHOKED?!
13:25.51foxlitThat's no fun!
13:26.22Osepoor Gustaf :P
13:27.02g0urradamn you Mathias
13:27.45*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
13:28.28Oselal lal lal
13:28.51Oseguess what my last name is :P
13:30.35*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
13:31.06g0urraoh lemme guess, could it be Ose
13:31.17g0urraand your middle name is Berild
13:32.22Fisker-any "pro racism" groups then?
13:34.25KirkburnThey'd get shut down
13:37.46Fisker-shame the anti racism groups aren't shut down either then :(
13:38.26KirkburnFisker-, alternatively, we live in an enlightened age, and don't troll.
13:38.29sacarascKirkburn: does that url mean there are over 9000?
13:38.40Kirkburnoh lol
13:38.45KirkburnI didn't even notic4e
13:38.49Fisker-over 9000 etc.
13:38.57Fisker-Kirkburn how am i trolling?
13:39.12Fisker-And if we live in an enlgithened age how come we need to distinguish ourselves by saying we're not racists?
13:39.42KirkburnThere are less enlightened people around
13:40.02KirkburnIgnoring a problem doesn't make it go away
13:40.26Fisker-No, but infact you are just reinforcing that there are people who are racists
13:40.31Fisker-rather than there are people who are not
13:43.25KirkburnAre you saying anti-bullying, anti-genocide, anti-murder groups are all wrong to exist too?
13:43.41OseKirkburn: what happened to all my uploads @
13:43.52KirkburnLogs cut off on the 29th
13:43.59Fisker-That depends
13:44.03KirkburnIt's reported, techs have natinal holiday
13:44.15Fisker-as in a "Facebook"-group, mostlikely not wrong, but most definitely unessecary
13:44.16Kirkburn(Since thursday)
13:44.58Fisker-But you have to remember that some of the real groups actually try to do something about it
13:45.14Fisker-That's a whole different story than saying "I'm not racist"
13:45.24Fisker-Because it implies that the norm is being a racist
13:46.14Ose of Justice lol?
13:46.56Fisker-didn't load here? :o
13:47.23Fisker-well the article did
13:47.27Fisker-but your shortcut doesn't work
13:48.23Fisker-mine only showed booterang
13:48.58Fisker-thought it was the cool dwarf in BoJ gear
13:49.32OseKrikburn: know why GIMP refuses to let me save a svg?
13:49.42Fisker- vs.
13:49.49Fisker-don't tell me you haven't thought of the same thing
13:50.38KirkburnOse, no idea at all, Adys knows more about SVGs than me
13:50.56Adysthe gimp is not a svg editor
13:51.10Adysuse inkscape or similar stuff
13:51.11Oseit can open and edit them...
13:51.17Osebut not save...
13:51.20Adysno, it can rasterize them
13:51.37Adyswhen opening a svg the gimp converts it to a bitmap image
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15:07.12winkillerit gimps them :P
15:08.59Adysgg winkiller
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17:37.35Sandwichman2448Should I embrace 2449?
17:38.23Sandwichman2448is talking about the effort of fixing all the dead links, or waiting for it to change back.
17:38.24Dottedkill it with fire
17:42.08*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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17:44.04Sandwichman2448 Look what random page brought back. Should I move this to his talk page?
17:51.30Sandwichman2448Is clean enough to remove the cleanup template?
17:52.03g0urrawinkiller did you get disconnected?
17:52.33Sandwichman2448What needs to be done (besides delete)?
17:52.35g0urrahm I better change my password then
17:57.28*** join/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
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17:59.11winkillerI wouldn't fear just because of disconnect. we have it all the time. just not now :P
17:59.18winkillerbut switching pass is never bad
18:03.59Dotted::: Leech Axss - haxZaLot (pr0d bUh dAt LaMur kFiEd) : 03:40 : 160kbps : Stereo :::
18:04.08DottedFisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker- Fisker-
18:04.19g0urrais listening to Black Sun Empire - Don't You [00:07/07:50]
18:05.06Sandwichman2448That's alotta Fisker.
18:05.45Dottednerd rap ftw tbh
18:05.56Dottedthats the only rap that is any good though
18:09.09*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (n=cyrillpi@
18:22.24*** join/#wowwiki Kanaru (
18:25.12KasoHave i got news for you extended version on iplayer is much better than the normal one
18:29.55Kasoyes that one
18:30.17Kasoi bet apple were pissed when they choose that name
18:34.09Dotted[Ryllharu]: All I know for sure is that France has been trying to get rid of their reduced work week requirements because *nothing* gets done over there
18:34.13Dottedtrue or false?
18:37.13DottedTea bag is a US invention
18:37.27Dottedwouldnt have guessed
19:04.14Fisker-hej Dotted
19:05.32Dotted[Katanashi]: i never had a french friend...
19:06.15Dottedhar travlt med t lave dungeon keeper 3 så har ikke tid fjols
19:06.23Fisker-du spurgte selv efter mig
19:06.36Fisker-reported til EA
19:06.36Dottedbare highlight
19:06.52Fisker-bruger ikke highlight
19:06.56Dottedkommer det jo nok ikke til at hede fjold
19:07.01Fisker-derudover er det en highlight per linie uanset hvad
19:07.08Fisker-[21:06:13] <+Dotted> har travlt med t lave dungeon keeper 3 så har ikke tid fjols
19:07.11Fisker-OWNED FJOLS
19:11.22*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
19:12.14[Liq]Ding L69
19:16.47Sandwichman2448is sorry.
19:20.56winkillerrofl equip
19:21.02winkillerdomina fte
19:35.09*** join/#wowwiki Zelootti (
19:37.29*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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20:16.34Osewhy am I the only wowwikian in #wikia-gaming chat?
20:19.20Fisker-swears at globalization etc.
20:32.52*** join/#wowwiki Krolmor (
20:53.42Ose LOL
20:53.58Osethe girl looks like Smeagol...
20:58.12Kirkburn|afkOse, sorry, was playing WC3, will try and catch up with the chat in a sec
20:58.48Oseexcuse accepted: WC3 R win
20:59.14OseWC3 AB map = win-est
21:04.15*** join/#wowwiki brian_ (
21:04.55*** join/#wowwiki Olious (
21:05.23Olioussup guys
21:08.43Fisker-attacks Kirkburn|afk
21:24.01KasoOse, those eyes, THE EYES
22:07.24*** join/#wowwiki OliousX (
22:07.44*** join/#wowwiki OliousXX (
22:08.12*** join/#wowwiki Olious (
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22:37.13*** join/#wowwiki c (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
22:39.31[Liq]Noooo :(( Look what I just joined ---- And no Graveyards either :((
22:50.37*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:51.36*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
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23:15.21*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
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