IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080430

00:05.09Krolmoris leatherworking of ANY use to an enhancement shaman, or should i go blacksmith-happy with it?
00:05.35KrolmorHave a paladin too, was thinking of pally->bs, shammy->lw. If LW is useless, I'd take JC
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02:32.40Vesitin2.4.2: Most Main-Hand weapons are now One-Hand weapons.......What?!
02:52.23Nechcknyep... they want everyone to be all uber and stuff
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03:52.03Sky2042tekkub, i'm tweaking supremus a bit. was yours just a revert, or you plan on doing somethign with it
03:52.23Tekkubjust a revert, WW:EL
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04:21.05Louthso hey
04:21.23Sky2042So hey... hey!
04:21.34Louthhow's it going
04:21.43Sky2042Good good.
04:22.56Louthyou're US or EU?
04:23.15Sky2042Well, was. Don't play, currently.
04:23.49Louthnice, well was just wondering what battlegroup or servers are considered best for PvE progress
04:24.11KasoAnyone in EU should be asleep by now, its half 5/6 here!
04:24.14Kasooh wai-
04:24.21Louthyeah it's 5:22
04:24.21Sky2042Kaso: pft.
04:24.57Sky2042Louth: have a look at [[Guild progression]] it'll list the guilds which are top in the world, but I fear that is not what you're seeking specifically.
04:25.38Louthyeah, well i'm considering starting out fresh on US servers since i've started not sleeping at all recently
04:25.43Louthand raiding during the night
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04:30.43Sky2042Louth: do you have a job?...
04:31.01Louthnah i'm at college
04:31.13Sky2042what times are your classes?
04:31.34Louth1pm - 3pm on tuesdays and thursdays
04:31.52KasoHah, Louth you've just started uni in UK i assume?
04:32.00Louthyeah that's the ticket
04:32.22Sky2042You could prolly get away with playing on US, but I wouldn't recommend it, unless you plan on moving at some point in your life to the US :/
04:32.23Kasobe careful, wow lead to me failing my first year of uni
04:33.12Kasoand i agree with Sky2042 tbh, most decent UK guilds will raid till midnight anyway then a few hours after that do whatever you're golden
04:33.23Louthwell i joined inner sanctum with my rogue within the first few weeks of uni, got kicked after a while because i just wasn't on enough
04:33.39Louthduring raid times
04:33.41KasoBeing nocturnal isnt the best (says he who is doing just that atm) but im ok to do it atm!
04:33.47KasoWhy not?
04:33.59Louthi was out doing uni stuff
04:34.19Louthwhich i'm still doing, but i'm always on like midnight - 6/7am
04:34.29Kasoi see hmm
04:34.33Louthso figured i could raid with some US guild
04:34.57Kasostill seems like leveling a char is alot of effort to put in, and your timetable will no doubt change
04:35.54Louthi still want to play, just can't at the mo
04:36.12Sky2042(gee, sounds like me. -_- )
04:37.47Kasoare you doing an engineering subject per-chance?
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04:37.58Louthnah i'm doing internet computing
04:38.20Kasocomputer science is part of the engineering field imo
04:38.32Louthwell it's really a science
04:38.47Louthnot really looking at the technical stuff
04:39.09Sky2042_afki would throw it in with engineering also, tbh
04:39.13Kasowell perhaps i shouldve said science and engineering then
04:39.22Louthit's not really*
04:39.24Louthi meant to say
04:39.46Kasoanyway my hypothisis is that nocturnalism is alot more common in science and engineering fields and anywhere else
04:40.02Louthwell i'm just a nerd, simple really :p
04:40.23Sky2042_afklol, Kaso, i think it's because we're more prone to procrastination. :P
04:40.26Hojimachong...I know it's unprecedented, but I have an actual question about WoW
04:40.34HojimachongI know
04:40.41Kaso*and = than
04:40.52Hojimachongany endgame tanks that want to help me with some stat/gear questions?
04:41.08Louthtank with your head
04:41.17Sky2042_afkthat helps. Hojimachong, what class?
04:41.25HojimachongI tank naked, shouting derogatory comments about the mobs mother
04:41.27Hojimachongprot warrior
04:41.36Kasousually in IRC its best to just ask the question rather than asking for someone to ask, there are lots of people who might jump in if they can help
04:41.52HojimachongIRC standards are for squares
04:41.55HojimachongI am a rhombus
04:42.04Sky2042_afkHojimachong: what Kaso said. also, pop into #wowhead I'm sure someone there will help. =]
04:42.13Hojimachongwonderful, thanks!
04:43.49Sky2042_afkooorrrr not.
04:43.52Sky2042_afklet me poke a couple people.
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05:24.08VelcroManHi, in WoW, what is a debuffer?
05:24.42KasoVelcroMan, a debuffer would prob be any person who can remove spells
05:24.51KasoUsually a shaman, priest, paladin or mage
05:25.01Kasobut they all cant remove all spells
05:25.38VelcroManAnyone in here ever played WoW with the minimum system requirements? Is it running smoothly?
05:27.00KasoVelcroMan, what specs do you have on your system?
05:30.59VelcroManIntel P4 1.7Ghz, nVidia GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 32MB, might be 64MB, 256MB RAM (Will buy 512MB or 1GB)
05:32.02KasoWow would be pretty painful on that, 256 is below minimum, you could play it but cities would be almost unaccessable
05:32.20Kaso512 even isnt enough imo, you need a gig to be comfortable in wow
05:32.54KasoIve not played wow on low powered graphics cards but i guess it should scale down alright, it wont look perfect but should be able to get somewhat playable fps on low settings
05:34.44VelcroManSo if i buy 1GB RAM i probably will be able to run it quite smoothly?
05:35.52Kasoquite smooth is debatable, a gig of ram will help lots, but the graphics card is still going to hold FPS back, esp in big fights.
05:38.36VelcroManWill a nVidia GeForce 4 Ti4600 128MB improve it much enough to be worth the money? ~$35
05:44.29KeolahMy bf just turned 35. I told him, "On the upside, now you're eligible to learn artisan levels of professions." ;p
05:44.32Keolahis such a dork.
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08:06.56[Liq]Hi everyone :-)
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10:52.06winkillersoo, I just leeched 9000 characters out of the armory, let teh statistics begin :)
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12:15.36DawormSomeone may want to have a quick look at this :
12:15.49Dawormprob not a big issue but red : Template loop detected
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12:21.02KirochiCrave WarcraftRiches?
12:21.02KirochiIs There Truth Behind The Hype? Buy Now Before Price Rises Again!
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12:34.48Lukianstabs Adys
12:36.35LukianKirochi, you forgot to spam a few other channels, why? :P
12:38.37KirochiI was just reporting a gold ad from the wiki...
12:39.09Kirochias kirk's been sleeping for a while now, I guess it's not quite useful
12:39.21Kirochiand no one else bothers
12:39.58Kirochiwell it's always been that way anyway
12:40.23Kirochikb doing the job, the others chilling or busy with something exterior
12:41.03pcjkirochi you're just supposed to e-mail those to him
12:41.28AdysDaworm, Lukian, yes?
12:41.45AdysIm permanently afk atm :p
12:41.58LukianAdys, oh Kirochi looked like he was spamming :p
12:42.22Kirochiyeah sure
12:42.24Adysand Kirochi that was indeed dumb
12:42.56Kirochiusers' frame was too thin, I couldn't see the |sleep
12:45.08Kirochidun blame me, Idk Kirk's e-mail address
12:46.04Adyshis nickname at gmail dot com :/
12:49.06Kirochitrop dur
12:49.13pcjthe internet can be tough work
12:49.16Kirochij'attendrai qu'il revienne
12:49.30pcjpoutain de merde
12:54.19Kirochino o
12:54.35Kirochior else they're gonna think you're a portuguese immigrant or something
12:56.48pcjje m'en fous
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13:02.15Kirochiwhew, you're getting good at it
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13:52.59KirkburnKirochi, email bad ads to me
13:55.16Kirochie-mail is evil
14:12.49KirkburnWay easier to deal with though
14:16.40KirkburnKirochi, er, thanks
14:17.15Kirochiwhat now? >:(
14:19.59KirochiI did as requested
14:23.34KirkburnYou did indeed :)
14:27.54Osel o l
14:28.27KirochiI assume we can be glad it's not even porn, with such a title
14:32.22OseKirkburn: seems broken
14:32.41KirkburnFine here
14:33.01Osereloading doesn't help for me...
14:34.23KirkburnBroken how?
14:41.53OseI don't see the image, just another link
14:43.19Kirochiworks fine for me
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15:00.59AdysKirkburn, ping
15:01.26Adysmade you a nice list Kirkburn
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15:05.30KirkburnAdys, keep developing it (but keep it civil), and I will forward it on
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15:05.49Adysill add stuff on when i think of it
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15:05.55Adysim on holidays on a laptop atm
15:06.14KirkburnGo enjoy yourself :)
15:06.28KirkburnAre you a TF2 or GTA player?
15:06.53KalrothI think Kirky is referring to the words "sucks", "fuck-up", "ffs" etc. :)
15:07.06KalrothIf you intend to forward it to the wikia dudes anyways
15:07.45AdysKirkburn, tf2
15:08.03AdysKalroth, your fuckups suck ffs :/
15:08.20KalrothKiiiirk, Adys isn't being civil!
15:08.58KalrothUrgh, the monaco skin is fucking ugly though
15:09.02pcjyes yes it is
15:09.08pcjand it sucks too
15:09.09KirkburnAdys, gotta try the TF2 update later
15:09.16AdysSame one of those days
15:09.23Adysdont have steam installed on here tho
15:10.50Kirkburnah, k
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16:08.49Kirkburnwinkiller, problem?
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16:46.01Ose|WC3 this is good stuff...
16:46.19Kirochiperegrine is an ass
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16:54.02KirkburnZeal's pointed out signatures are more strictly parsed by the new code - if you see any with problems, try and fix them. Generally tags might not have been closed.
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18:01.24Kirkburnooh, the FOV setting looks to now be on all Source games
18:01.56Kasoall? even the old ones? HL and HL:S ?
18:02.09Kirkburn"Source games", silly :P
18:02.18Kasoi mean HL2 and HL:S
18:02.18KirkburnThat's HL2 and onwards
18:02.27KirkburnQuite possibly
18:02.36KirkburnChangelog says "Added FOV slider to Options | Video | Advanced for all games (moved there from TF2’s multiplayer options)"
18:02.47KirkburnTF2's got loads of new stuff
18:02.53KirkburnNew anims and sound effects
18:03.58Kasoi heard there was a big update, i havent checked it out yet.
18:04.06Kirkburnooh, "Mapmakers can now place Engineer buildings directly into a map, with an option for them to be invulnerable"
18:04.23Kirkburnlog is here -
18:04.47Kasohah invun turrets all over the map, fun fun
18:07.26Kirkburnlol "Added new attack animations to most melee weapons. Tired of hitting people with a shovel overhand? Now you can do it sidearm!"
18:07.53Fisker-your mother :(
18:09.00KasoIs that alt-fire type thing or is that just random select one of the two animations
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19:04.01Fisker-i wanted the white gold Kirkburn
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19:46.44Sandwichman2448Why are all my user subpages... and all logs of me gone?
19:47.13*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
19:48.07KirkburnIt's all under SWM2449
19:48.16Kirkburn(Which I know is wrong)
19:49.42Sandwichman2448I am sad i do not exist.
19:49.55Osewe'll miss you :(
19:50.09KirkburnSandwichman2448, you do exist, just everything got moved to the wrong name
19:50.20KirkburnI'm reporting it, should be revertable
19:50.33KirkburnJust log in as 2449 for now
19:51.39KirkburnSorry :(
19:51.47Sandwichman2448It is ok.
19:53.15Fisker-change your nick as well
19:53.30Kirkburnlol, should I make a "ninja dinosaur" screenshot?
19:53.51Fisker-i just want the white gold Kirkburn
19:53.51KirkburnGot it in the middle of what looks like a flying kick :P
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19:54.25valamiAnybody knows how can I enable wow's ingame voice chat? The voice tab isn't there, and it says Sound instead of Sound/Voice in the menu.
19:54.58Osethat's weird...
19:55.36KirkburnI've seen that happen to me, assumed it was due to a lack of mic
19:55.58Kirkburn(I didn't use voice chat, so didn't look too closely)
19:57.10valamiI have a mic and it's fully recognized by my system.
19:59.07foxlitTab doesn't really require a mic
19:59.19Adysthat is so horrible
20:02.17*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
20:03.32KirkburnIt's also rather overblown
20:03.58KirkburnI mean, that last sentence is incredibly biased
20:04.16KirkburnAnd how is it "forced"?
20:04.36KirkburnWhat's the "even more"? All there is in Vista is a couple of links.
20:04.56KirkburnSorry, but it's just fud.
20:05.13*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (
20:06.30OseYay! Liverpool scored!
20:09.17*** part/#wowwiki valami (n=chatzill@
20:19.14OseI find it funny how Zul'Jin can do a handstand on his missing arm...
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20:38.26KeolahIt's magic, don't you know?
20:43.08KirkburnOse, happy?
20:43.20Osewith what?
20:43.44KirkburnThe thing on the TV
20:45.10KirkburnI see it was offside
20:45.23KirkburnI just passed by the TV, housemate is watching
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21:31.38Kirochiyou on ?
21:32.02Kirochiwhat the hell is about wow curse wikia something ?
21:32.23Kirochitry n type
21:32.26KirkburnYou've not got redirected there again?
21:32.43KirochiI have
21:32.49Kirochifeeling better now
21:33.05Kirochiwhat was that?
21:33.08KirkburnReporting it
21:33.19KirkburnSomeone else reported it yesterday
21:33.25Kirochiok thanks
21:33.40Kirochi(been redirected there thrice on the same try)
21:34.39Osewhy would anyone using WMW CHOOSE jpg over png?
21:38.45KirkburnNo idea :(
21:39.00KirkburnDone a whole bunch of new critters
21:39.17KirkburnFortunately remembered my quick process :)
21:40.11KirkburnWMP --> Position --> PNG Screenshot --> GIMP --> Autocrop --> Shadow --> Cubic resize to +85px height. Done!
21:41.01KirkburnMight do some more tomorrow
21:41.28OseI mean, as far as I know png is default, which means that people saving wmw in jpg have deliberately chosen that format
21:41.39Kirkburnbmp is default I think
21:41.47Kirkburn(which is insane)
21:42.02KirkburnOnly on first load though, once you've chosen one, it sticks with it
21:42.30OseI guess, some people don't know the quality difference between jpg and png, but never the less...
21:42.43foxlitYou often do not need the lossless property of png
21:43.43foxlit(and using WMV to save screenshots usually loses you antialiasing, which is a bad, bad thing :( )
21:44.29KirkburnIt does, yeah
21:44.56KirkburnIt's better to make the screenshot huuuge, then resize to something reaosnable
21:45.28foxlitIt's better to capture it with something other than WMV's save feature :)
21:45.43KirkburnOr that, but not great for transparency
21:46.12Ose ugh...
21:46.15foxlitDunno about that
21:46.36Kirkburnfoxlit, capture how, then?
21:46.44KirochiI got an answer
21:46.50foxlitCould make the background something outrageous like magenta and deselect it in image editing afterwards
21:46.53Kirochi<Ose> why would anyone using WMW CHOOSE jpg over png?
21:47.10Kirochicause we like ugly sceenshots ? :D
21:47.13*** join/#wowwiki ltcolumbo (
21:47.24Kirkburnfoxlit, surely that doesn't work well for semi-transparent areas?
21:47.54foxlitThat utterly fails for semi-transparent areas, unless your color choice and editor is way awesome
21:48.05OseI sometimes have to select some crazy bg to avoid parts of the model getting transparent...
21:48.05foxlitOn the other hand; whoah, someone is saving full-transparency PNGs?
21:48.16KirkburnYes, I am
21:48.37KirkburnBut I'm resizing them, so aliasing isn't a problem
21:48.58foxlitIt's just marginally less crap than it would've been
21:49.13foxlitStill not as good as actually rendering to desired size and saving properly
21:50.08KirkburnThey beg to differ :P
21:50.24foxlitI doubt they can
21:50.29foxlitSince there's nothing to compare to
21:50.37Adys[23:40:11] <Kirkburn> WMP --> Position --> PNG Screenshot --> GIMP --> Autocrop --> Shadow --> Cubic resize to +85px height. Done!
21:50.46Oseugh, grainy gallery
21:51.02KirkburnOse, yeah, it blows small images up, wish it wouldn't
21:51.09Adys./ 12345 -85px
21:51.52KirkburnAdys, yes and I could script it, but I won't
21:52.27Kirkburnlol, no, it's cause I might want to alter the steps
21:52.57AdysAdding params ftw
21:52.58*** join/#wowwiki khangg (
21:55.52*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
21:55.58Osewhat's left to do with the mp now Kirkburn? Is it looking good on all skins?
21:56.13KirkburnNeed to check wowwiki.css, but pretty much
21:57.42Osewhat is Favicon.ico?
21:57.59KirkburnIt's the favicon, on wikia you normally change that file
21:58.09KirkburnOurs is set server-side, but I'm making sure
21:58.19Osewhat is a favicon?
21:58.27Kirkburn~google favicon
21:58.36Kirkburnactually, bet that won't work
21:58.44Osethe little image shown on search?
21:58.49Kirkburn~wikipedia favicon
22:02.07KirkburnNew editing features just went live on Wikia, we're should get them fairly soon
22:03.01AdysLooks good, but kirk please
22:03.34Adyseverything js should be turnable off in the prefs
22:03.35KirkburnThey are
22:03.45Adysthose yeah
22:03.48Adyseverything, no :P
22:03.55KirkburnDo not show editing tips, Do not show link suggest, Enable similar articles suggestions
22:04.10Adyssay I dont want to have the menus for example for some odd reason (Like, say, segfaulting or something)
22:04.25KirkburnOh, go back to your holiday dude :P
22:04.31AdysI should get instead a very small list of basic links
22:04.37Adysand not get the js stuff with it :P
22:04.42AdysAnd yea yea
22:05.02AdysIm supposed to write a converter from armory data to wdz
22:07.08KirkburnBtw, files types allowed on the wiki was increased:
22:07.09KirkburnFile types that can be uploaded are .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .ico, .ogg, .pdf, .xcf, .svg, .mid, .jl, .odt, .ods, .odp, .odg, .odc, .odf, .odi, and .odm.
22:07.49Charitwohey Kirkburn, did you get a ticket filed for that special:log bug?
22:08.12KirkburnHmm, good question
22:08.30Adyskirk why all the doc formats?
22:08.37KirkburnAdys, why not? :P
22:08.41KirkburnThat's the standard list
22:08.52KirkburnWasn't specifically increased just for us
22:08.56Adysoh k
22:09.04Adyswhats .jl?
22:09.28Kirkburnno idea
22:09.39Kirkburn~wikipedia jl
22:09.46Adys~wikipedia .jl
22:09.56Adys~wikipedia infobot
22:10.08AdysAKA: It sucks at parsing wp
22:10.26Ose~wikipedia Ose
22:11.11Adys~wikipedia User:Adys
22:11.17Charitwo~wikipedia Wikipedia:User categories for discussion
22:11.29Ose|demon~wikipedia lol
22:11.31KirkburnCharitwo, done now
22:11.53Adysafk i got a parser to work
22:12.19KirkburnCharitwo, were you talking about before?
22:12.54Charitwoyea, it used to be MediaWiki:Reportproblemtext
22:14.50KirkburnCharitwo, ah, no idea
22:15.37*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
22:19.45WelshGah. I get terrible graphics lag when playing WoW. :/
22:19.49WelshI need a new graphics card.
22:20.08WelshAny cheap suggestions?
22:21.14Ose[[Teh Cheep Graphix Cardz]] (+1 grapich)
22:24.36WelshWhoops. Wrong channel! :/
22:24.47*** part/#wowwiki Welsh (
22:26.26*** join/#wowwiki Welsh (
22:28.18PolarinaWelsh: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512
22:33.10PolarinaThe 98xx cards are too expensive with way too little gain.
22:33.32Adysthey are cheap and they are fine
22:33.39Adysthe 8k are getting old
22:34.07PolarinaAdys: The 9xxx series brings no, if any at all, performance gain over the 8xxx series.
22:34.33Adysbut are better supported
22:34.50PolarinaAdys: [citation needed]
22:36.21foxlitI think the story was that due to a horrible naming disaster, 8800GT > 8800GTS
22:36.59Polarinafoxlit: The 8800 GTS with 512 MiB video RAM performs better than the 8800 GT.
22:38.00SlackwiseYea, by almost 10%... if even that.
22:38.15Slackwisehugs his E6600/8800GT
22:38.30Slackwise$100 for 10fps is weaksauce.
22:38.35SlackwiseOops, didn't mean to say 10% above :P
22:39.06foxlitso they released another GTS card
22:39.08PolarinaSlackwise: I have a Intel® Core 2 Quad Q6600.
22:39.42SlackwisePolarina: Two E6600's slapped together.
22:39.51Slackwiseway more heat, way less overclocking.
22:41.20PolarinaSlackwise: You can overclock a Q6600 upto 3,4 GHz without water cooling to what I heard.
22:41.32SlackwiseSame here.
22:41.45SlackwiseBut it's literally two E6600's slapped together.
22:41.46PolarinaBut I don't overclock mine. :P
22:41.54SlackwiseAnd stock, it outputs more heat.
22:41.59SlackwiseWhich is why I didn't get one.
22:42.10PolarinaMine generates little as no heat.
22:42.24foxlitIt's special. My preciousssssss!
22:42.41foxlitI can almost place my palm agains the processor die
22:42.46foxlitand it'll still be luke-warm!
22:43.26foxlit(DISCLAIMER: DO NOT ATTEMPT. You're liable for any burn tissue damage you might incur while attempting to place your palm against the processor die.)
22:44.01PolarinaWhat a tissue. :)
22:44.02SlackwiseI only got my E6600 because it was at the best price:performance ratio at the time, while being the most overclocker-friendly CPU.
22:44.27SlackwiseI almost got a Q6600 which was only a bit more expensive at the time... but architecturally, I didn't like the idea of having a bandaid Quad Core.
22:44.46PolarinaSlackwise: No really, dump the dual-core and get a quad-core. It's a real life saver! :D
22:45.00SlackwiseNot to mention, after reading the performance reviews for UT3, there was almost no benefit to using a Q6600 over an E6600.
22:45.04foxlitMy level of care about CPU performance: |__________| (the bar is empty)
22:45.12SlackwiseI'd prefer a Quad at my office at work.
22:45.18SlackwiseBut my gaming workstation at home is fine.
22:45.48SlackwiseThe tempting thing was possibly getting a Quad Core, 4GB of RAM, and Quad SLI... and naming the PC "QUAD DAMAGE"
22:45.48PolarinaIn about 4 to 6 years, there will be Octo-core CPUs in the market (According to Intel®'s Schedule)
22:46.03Adys4 to 6 years?
22:46.14Adyssome friends own some since months
22:46.20PolarinaSlackwise: SLI is just a waste of money. You can bump enough FPS in every game with a single card.
22:46.24Adysand amd is planning 12 cores already
22:46.39SlackwisePolarina: Duh... which is why I got an 8800GT instead and a P35 motherboard with solid caps. :P
22:46.39Adysif intel plans to release mainstream octocores in 4 to 6 years they have a problem.
22:46.45PolarinaAdys: They failed horribly at their "native" quad-core design.
22:47.01Adysnice to hear amd will take over then i hate intel
22:47.16PolarinaAdys: No really, they failed HORRIBLY!
22:47.24SlackwiseGA-P35-DS3R, E6600, 8800GT, and 2GB DDR2-800 CL4
22:47.25AdysGood, amd will take over
22:47.26SlackwiseI'm good.
22:47.34foxlit[AMD] failed HORRIBLY?
22:47.37SlackwiseI calculated price and performance and made an awesome balance.
22:47.42SlackwiseI had /charts/.
22:47.49SlackwiseCalculating it all out.
22:47.49foxlitpie graphs?
22:47.54Slackwisefoxlit: Yes! Actually.
22:47.57Kirkburnmmmm, pie
22:48.09foxlithigh-fives Kirkburn.
22:48.10SlackwiseUnfortunately, they're all on my old PC's HDD.
22:48.14PolarinaAdys: Their Phenom CPUs fail horribly.
22:48.24SlackwiseI got a new 500GB SATA drive and only one IDE channel on this PC... didn't bother plugging in the old HDD.
22:48.54SlackwiseMy goal was simple: Play UT3 on max settings with 80+ FPS
22:49.01SlackwiseAnd I accomplished it.
22:49.11SlackwiseNext release cycle for FPS games is in 3 years. I'm set for 3 years.
22:49.31foxlittime to redefine that goal
22:49.40foxlit"play Crysis on max settings with 80+ FPS"
22:49.50SlackwiseYea, except... Crysis is boring.
22:49.58SlackwiseI actually /play/ UT3.
22:50.07foxlitOnly as boring as you make it, really.
22:50.12PolarinaSlackwise: Next time, head for 95+ FPS in Crysis with all video settings set to maximum (64x anti-aliasing (Only available for Quad SLI cards), etc.).
22:50.36foxlit[Does 64x anti-aliasing even make sense?]
22:51.23Polarinafoxlit: No, but some weird gamers who think having 250 FPS over 120 FPS makes any difference at all on their 100 Hz monitors.
22:51.49SlackwisePolarina: I'm going to aim for max again in UT or Quake, except Quake is dead.
22:51.56SlackwiseAnd UT may possibly never get released again for PC.
22:51.56Polarinas/any difference at all/is a winning bean in a can/
22:52.16foxlitodd idiom.
22:52.21SlackwiseAnd by dead, I mean Quake 4 was the last release.
22:52.26SlackwiseAside from "Quake Wars"
22:53.36foxlitThough I was more interested in what 64x antialiasing entails, programmatically.
22:53.56KirkburnA lot.
22:54.23SlackwiseActually, I may shove these parts into a small case to carry around. Then I'll build a quad core for programming at home.
22:57.09SlackwiseOkay, bad idea.
22:57.15SlackwiseDon't sit in a starting area as a 70.
22:57.49SlackwiseA friend just got WoW, so I gave him 200g to start up and 4x Netherweave Bags
22:57.58SlackwiseThen I logged out at the starting area.
22:58.10SlackwiseLogin a few minutes ago, now I'm swarmed with people asking crap.
22:59.21PolarinaCrap happens.
22:59.37Kirkburnne'er was a truer phrase said
23:03.15KirkburnWow, that's kinda scary - the new main page is almost the same size as the old one - despite having so much more content
23:03.23Kirkburn(in terms of kb)
23:03.37foxlitWoWInsider + Security == Hilarity
23:03.53foxlit"We take security here very important."
23:19.07KirkburnWhatever the Blizzplanet thing was, it's coming very very very soon
23:27.58*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:31.43KalrothKirkburn: So the old mainpage was larger than 900kb? :o
23:32.21KirkburnThey're both around 30kb, and I'm not including images
23:32.35Kalrothoh, you mean in wiki code then?
23:32.51KirkburnNo, html source
23:33.09KalrothPortal Main.htm is 174k here
23:33.12KirkburnWikicode wouldn't be a good measure due to their different coding
23:33.18Sandwichman2448The RC menu doesn't show the names of new images and deletions. Is that normal?
23:33.32Kalrothfrontpage -> save page as in Firefox
23:33.43KirkburnSandwichman2448, looks fine to me
23:33.59Kirkburnkalroth, different thing
23:34.05KirkburnThat won't save just html
23:34.19Kalrothyes it will, it makes a subfolder for all external files
23:34.59KalrothI'm using the monarco skin though
23:35.01KalrothMight be that?
23:35.18KirkburnIt also seems to include any linked files, like JS
23:35.52KirkburnAnyway, the only stuff that will really change is the basic html, and those are almost on par
23:36.08Kalrothif I view source inside the browser and copy that to a text editor I drop down to 157k bytes
23:36.25KirkburnYeah, sounds more like it
23:36.31KirkburnThat's odd though
23:36.48KirkburnWhen I right click and view page info it gives 30k
23:37.12Kalrothsays unknown size here
23:37.17*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:37.20Kalrothit's for right?
23:37.22Kirkburnhah, what fun :P
23:37.44Kalroththe 30k are most likely the compressed data
23:37.58Kalrothyup, it is
23:38.14Kalrothit's the gzip size of the page
23:38.19Kirkburnoh, fun
23:38.32KirkburnWell, just tried it with source, 159kb vs 162kb. Not bad :)
23:38.47Kalrothyup, that's hardly a difference in size
23:38.58Kalrothnow you just need to make it look good again!
23:39.12KirkburnI'm off
23:39.16Kalrothcya :)
23:39.29KirkburnHave a lovely end of April/start of May everyone!
23:39.54Kirkburn|sleep(may return depending on the Blizzplanet announcement)
23:39.54Charitwolies, you'll be awake for the next 3 hours!
23:40.12Kirkburn|sleepYes, but not on WoWWiki/Wikia if I can avoid it :P
23:45.18*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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