IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080429

00:00.07kd3h-scrolling... /shudder
00:00.07KirkburnThe article space has a min width
00:00.28KirkburnBetter than it getting squished and unreadable
00:00.45pcjOh, I see
00:01.27KirkburnThe sidebar is less important than the content, so I'm not too unhappy about losing that off the side
00:01.42KirkburnHowever, IE6 does not have a mid width which is more frustrating
00:02.02KirkburnAnyway, I was planning on going to bed
00:02.15KirkburnWill come back to it tomorrow, see about making more tweaks
00:02.49kd3taps his foot...
00:03.11KirkburnWhy does linux have such a wide font as default
00:03.20KirkburnNever understood that
00:03.23Adysits the same almost
00:03.23Adysthough kirk
00:03.26Adyswhy dont you remove both the images in the header
00:03.28Adysand maybe put the sporeling etc in the top right corner
00:03.30Adyslike we used to have the quicknotes
00:03.44KirkburnAdys, possible
00:03.50Adysblames the sidebar
00:04.43Kirkburnhey, you fixed the tab line issue?
00:04.58Adysgrr serv lagging
00:05.08KirkburnSeriously, why does linux have such a freaking wide font
00:05.09Adysi worked it around
00:05.16Adysit doesnt, i just use liberation fonts
00:05.22Adyssince theyre awesome
00:05.30AdysKirkburn, how about a breadcrumb for the portals
00:05.41KirkburnI've seen that kinda of width on nearly all linux screenshots though
00:06.05Kirkburn(besides, segoe ui is way better :P )
00:06.11KirkburnAdys, breadcrumb how?
00:06.27KirkburnI like the idea of moving the images out of the header
00:06.45KirkburnWhere to is the only real problem
00:06.46Adyslike we used to have there
00:06.56KirkburnI mean, he could even go in the articles box, floated right
00:07.06AdysJust at the top
00:07.09Adysright under the title
00:07.24AdysMore portals >> Blah1 >> Etc
00:07.26Adyssomething like that
00:07.43Kirkburnhmm, maybe
00:08.14Kirkburn(btw, reported on the excessive width of the [dismiss] cell, came up earlier today elsewhere too)
00:08.31Kirkburn(20% for the word dimiss >_> )
00:09.14KirkburnAnyway, bed!
00:09.26Kirkburn|sleepThanks for all the feedback, v useful
00:09.34Charitwowakes Kirkburn|sleep up
00:09.46Kirkburn|sleepGo away, you got your patroller flag back
00:09.52Kirkburn|sleepBe happy
00:10.19Charitwoactually i was just being random, i hadn't checked if i was merged yet
00:10.29Kirkburn|sleepYou aren't
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00:34.03Hojimachonghiya Wowwikians
00:35.23HojimachongI was wondering if a nice, Kara-level warrior tank would be willing to help me with some gear/stat questions
00:39.19Kirkburn|sleepHullo, I can't answer, partly cause I'm asleep, and partly cause I dunno
00:40.48Sandwichman2448I can hardly work my own pally.
00:41.20HojimachongKirkburn, you deserve your sleep :-P
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03:42.20LoC-CyberHello All
03:43.51LoC-Cyberquick question every time i log on to wow it pops up a realm list but now i cant rember what realm i was in how do i find out?
03:45.08KasoLoC-Cyber, there should be a column that lists the number of charaters you have in each realm
03:45.27Kasosometimes it doesnt update properally though, in that case quickest is to just try em all i guess
03:46.54LoC-Cyberfound the colom thanks
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06:46.38Sky2042weeeellll. that's interesting.
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06:47.21Sky2042welcome, sannse.
06:48.13Sky2042a "hi" would have sufficed
06:48.48sannsethat too
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11:20.03sacarascsomething weird is happening, i can't edit!
11:20.28sacarascdidn't see the big bold "read only"
11:20.52sacarasccan't even fix a silly typo ;\
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11:40.28[Liq]Hi everyone :-)
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12:42.50Kalrothhi Kirky!
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13:17.13pcj@ admin:
13:17.19pcjslaps Adys
13:17.19pcjslaps foxlit
13:17.19pcjslaps kd3
13:17.19pcjslaps Kirkburn
13:17.47KirkburnIt's not gibberish
13:18.07pcjWell, it's non-english
13:18.15KirkburnI think it may be polish
13:19.08foxlitnot enough accents
13:19.25sacarascwith the cz in it, i'd guess czech
13:19.57KirkburnYeah, the polish techs say czech too :P
13:20.21Kirkburn(I thought the accents might have got stripped)
13:20.45pcjwow foxlit that wowemu link has some serious content
13:21.03foxlitTheir main page is more or less entirely our DNP policy
13:22.56*** join/#wowwiki Glover (
13:23.08GloverUm, hi.
13:23.20KirkburnI wouldn't delete it for a little while, let him copy it
13:23.23KirkburnGlover, hullo
13:26.39*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
13:27.33kgI soloed Illidan last night
13:30.15Kirkburnpcj, updated
13:31.10Kirkburn(you'll need to refresh cache again)
13:31.36KirkburnShould be okay in monobook now
13:31.53pcjStill looks like crap in wowwiki
13:32.07KirkburnI know
13:32.21KirkburnWill be copying over the code to there soonish
13:33.01pcjSo why did you tell me to look at it
13:35.02KirkburnGot a fix for the [dismiss] cell size coming up, yay :)
13:35.19*** part/#wowwiki Glover (
13:38.28KirkburnBtw. all the new stuff was briefly active earlier, but it makes the wiki slower :(
13:38.51Kirkburn(but that wasn't why it was disabled again, there was a bug, broke <imagelink> for one)
13:39.04pcjwow all the wikia stuff makes the wiki slower, go figure
13:39.36KirkburnThey're mostly standard extensions, not Wikia developed
13:40.15Ose what the?
13:40.28KirkburnAnyway, we don't need them all, so I'd expect some to be disabled pretty quickly, like DPL
13:40.54pcjyeah DPL is pretty bad about slowing a site down
13:41.25KirkburnWe have an entire help page about how to use it efficiently
13:42.18KirkburnThere's a much more efficient one coming from the NY guys though, called ListPages
13:42.21*** join/#wowwiki Arideni (
13:43.04Jack_PhoenixDPL should be killed
13:43.21Jack_Phoenixsuch an useless piece of junk that makes wikitext a programming languge >_>
13:44.46OseLOL! Hard Rock (Café) is making their own theme park?
13:45.44KirkburnY'know, I'm really liking the profile tools user boards
13:45.58KirkburnWay easier than a talk page for short messages
14:14.51KirkburnUpgrade update - we've moved to the normal wiki config, but we're checking extensions atm
14:15.15KirkburnLooking to find out which ones mainly cause the extra load times
14:15.39KirkburnThis time it went more smoothly and the increase wasn't much, but still something we want to avoid
14:16.29KirkburnAlso, there was a new code release today, e.g. notice the [dimiss] cell has got much smaller
14:16.58kd3which broke the login buttons too, by the look of it.
14:17.24Kirkburnoh ... odd
14:17.36kd3it's showing the left rounded edge, but the right one cuts off just after the last letter
14:18.15kd3and uh... the title tag
14:18.37Kirkburntitle tag?
14:19.11Ose|WC3 Kikrburn
14:21.24Kirkburnyeah, reporting it
14:22.38Kirkburnparserfunctions were briefly disabled
14:25.29Kirkburnthey're back on
14:25.38KirkburnAs of like 30 seconds ago
14:27.43KirkburnImages look to be back to normal too
14:31.41Ose|WC3what is Kikrburn?
14:33.44KirkburnCheck it!
14:34.01KirkburnOse, test server probably
14:34.13KirkburnHow'd you end up there?
14:35.00OseI was told I had new messages there
14:35.00kd3math's broken
14:35.51*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
14:35.58*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth_ (
14:37.25KirkburnOkay, DPL is intentionally turned off (well, I told them to turn it off)
14:38.31KirkburnOse, should be fixed now, thanks
14:39.00KirkburnEverything looks to be on - for full list
14:39.15OseKirkburn: Imagemap on?
14:39.30Oseyay :)
14:40.54pcjkirkburn what does taskmanager do
14:41.12*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
14:41.20KirkburnServer tool
14:41.47KirkburnVariety of different things, not sure what it gets used for on live wikis
14:42.26pcjkirkburn why is limited to admins
14:44.06Fisker-DID THEY PATCH?!
14:44.21pcjshouldn't be used instead of actionCreate
14:44.21kd3doubt it, strongly
14:44.23kd3starts wow
14:44.38kd3doesn't look like it
14:44.44Kirkburnpcj, as admins are the ones to delete spam
14:45.03KirkburnProbably some privacy concerns too, so limited by default
14:45.07pcj...but other people can revert it too :|
14:45.34Fisker-i hate bullshit ;_;
14:48.45Kirkburnpcj, true
14:48.53KirkburnLooks to be limited to IP searches anyway
14:49.00KirkburnAsking about actionCreate
14:49.08KirkburnAny on the list we won't use?
14:49.17KirkburnCreatePage and FindSpam are two so far
14:49.50KirkburnTimeline I guess could be used :P
14:49.57Fisker-beats kd3 up
14:51.12Kirkburnooh, RandomSelection is useful
15:06.22kd3 ?
15:07.01Kirkburnkd3, for problem reports
15:09.45Fisker-madness kd3
15:09.53Fisker-OH NOES
15:09.55Fisker-TEH REBOOT
15:09.55KirkburnIt's not working atm, but it's being looked into
15:09.59Kirkburn(same with <math>)
15:10.10*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
15:11.32Kirkburnkd3, it's pretty useful, but admins and users need to kow about it (and when to sue it)
15:13.30*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
15:13.58*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
15:16.33*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
15:17.14OseKirkburn: ?
15:17.21Osewhat do you think?
15:18.21*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:18.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
15:18.36Kirkburnv nice
15:18.51KirkburnOse, put them on the respective pages?
15:19.08Osebut I was thinking...
15:19.26OseI could add a show more button
15:20.25*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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15:20.35*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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15:20.39*** join/#wowwiki sacarasc (i=sacarasc@xmms2/bitch/sacarasc)
15:21.23OseIf I figured out a clever way to do so...
15:22.08Kirkburnwith difficulty
15:22.16OseKirkburn: can I add functions (switches and ifs) inbetween <rss> tags?
15:22.33KirkburnI don't know
15:23.54*** join/#wowwiki Mart (
15:23.58KirkburnWhee, deleting stuff has a dropdown menu of choices :)
15:24.29kd3well that was quick... problem reports already
15:26.40Osekirkburn, impossible
15:27.05Oseit believes the parameters are urls
15:27.30Oseone more test...
15:28.27Kirkburn(you can't fix your own problem reports, so ... kd3? :P )
15:30.24kd3huh, how'd macbre delete his report then?
15:30.26kd3is lost
15:34.47Osehow about adding a RSS dropdown on
15:35.05KirkburnCould do, yeah
15:35.15*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
15:35.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
15:35.38OseI won't even try, i've never had any luck trying to understand infoboxes
15:36.04Osewhoever does it can get the urls and stuff from
15:38.20KirkburnOse, for that template, why not just ask for the entire <rss></rss> stuff
15:38.35KirkburnBut anyway, I'll tyr editing the infobox
15:40.30*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
15:47.00*** join/#wowwiki montagg (
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15:47.08Kirkburn^ RSS feed
15:50.11Osedillicizz panceikz
15:50.53montaggHey Kirkburn. Two questions. 1) I'm logged into Montagg, and I keep getting a "new messages" message on every page even though my talk page is blank. 2) It doesn't look like WoWWiki-Montag and Montagg were merged/overwritten or whatever yet.
15:51.20KirkburnWhere does it link?
15:52.16KirkburnMerged haven't been done yet
15:52.43montaggAnd holy RSS feeds.
15:52.45montaggAh, okay.
15:53.08montaggIt links to...
15:53.21kd3ya, shandris just asked about that on VP too
16:01.50Osemake the titles link to the pages
16:02.41OseNo MMO champion page?
16:05.02KirkburnNope - Bibi`  want to make one?
16:06.09Fisker-make one what_
16:06.24OseMMO champion page -.-
16:07.09Fisker-on wowwiki?
16:07.29amrono, on uncyclopedia
16:07.44Fisker-your mother
16:08.00amrostop being a dumbass
16:08.01Kirkburngimme a sec, I'll make a start
16:08.40Fisker-The discussion didn't make sense to begin with
16:09.04Fisker-first they're talking about RSS feeds, then titles link to pages, then suddenly mmo-champion
16:09.20Fisker-was just asking if they were asking of anything in relation to said rss feeds
16:09.34sacarasclight blue on grey?
16:09.34amroright, but that doesn't have anything to with my mother, so keep her out of it
16:09.35Osetheyre all related -.-
16:09.40sacarascbad choice there
16:10.08Fisker-has nothing to do with me being a dumbass either
16:11.00Fisker-best article ever, 5 stars! :P
16:11.43Osedo curse have a pure-wow rss feed?
16:12.20KirkburnGot it, changing
16:13.59KirkburnBibi`, request - can you fill out a bit
16:14.50Kirkburn(or anyone)
16:16.26*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
16:16.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:18.12Ose wtf?
16:20.14OseShould we make a RSS page? (with longer lists and other stuff?)
16:20.24*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
16:20.41KirkburnOse, sure
16:20.47*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (
16:20.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kirochi] by ChanServ
16:20.49Oseshould I start?
16:20.55KirkburnOse all means
16:20.56OseHai Kirochi
16:21.00KirkburnHey Kirochi
16:21.20Ose good pagename?
16:22.09KirochiI'm scr***d up
16:22.30Oseyou have new messages?
16:22.39Kirochirené koiter's invited me and the whole french forums to his birthday
16:22.47KirkburnOse, yup
16:22.55KirkburnKirochi, lol
16:23.02KirochiI've just arrived at my granny's place, something like 600km away
16:23.26KirochiNot going back till sunday, his bd being on saturday
16:24.51Oseneeds a clever box design...
16:25.37PolarinaOse: Water cooling and you can impress any of your friends no matter how the box looks like.
16:27.28KirochiI bet he was talking about a teplate or something
16:27.37KirochiI bet you knew
16:29.40Fisker-btw kd3
16:29.58Fisker-gotten Blizzard to change the consortium gem quest so it has a chance of an epic gem?
16:31.46*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
16:34.11Ose lol
16:35.26Osehow do you make darktable content float at the top?
16:35.38Kirkburnfloat at the top?
16:40.25KirkburnStill not sure what you mean
16:41.20KirkburnI'd still put a limit on the number of articles, perhaps 20
16:41.29Kirkburn(just in casE)
16:43.50Osemake "Arena Team Reaches 3K, 2.4.2 Change, US Downtime" float just below "MMO Champion", kk?
16:43.59Kirkburnoh, sec
16:44.03Oseand all the others ofc
16:44.20Kirkburnvalign="top", done
16:45.45Kirkburnose, also
16:47.15Osei'll just save, so that you can see how it looks...
16:47.36OseKirkburn: check it now :(
16:47.48Kirkburnwell yeah
16:47.59KirkburnI'm not surprised given the code you gave it :P
16:48.34OseI knew I forgot something...
16:49.44Osethat's better
16:50.24KirochiTCG Loot Items
16:50.24KirochiBuy Rocket Chicken, Dragon Kite, Turtle Mount, and MORE.
16:50.30KirochiI know it's not a gold ad
16:50.38KirkburnNothing wrong with it afaik
16:50.42Kirochibut does wowwiki approve of this?
16:50.44KirochiOkey dokey
16:51.28KirkburnPretty sure card trading is allowed
16:51.47DottedThe job queue length is currently 208
16:52.10Fisker-Dotted hej
16:55.59KirkburnLooks like a parser problem to me
16:56.07pcjYes it is
16:56.10pcjGood call kirkburn
16:56.20KirkburnYou know that's not my area of expertise
16:56.38pcjWell, Kirkburn, you were the one who keeps bugging me to find errors and report them to you
16:56.54KirkburnNot parser problems :P
16:57.18pcjwasn't that what you kept pinging me about before the new pre-processor was implemented...
16:57.38KirkburnWell yeah, to know if there were blockers
16:57.44KirkburnIn any case :)
16:57.45pcjFound one
16:58.13KirkburnDoesn't like <= ?
16:58.30Ose the intro should be rewritten...
16:58.33pcjDoesn't like <= with a non-existent comparison
16:58.59pcjI blame foxlit
16:59.11KirkburnAh, protected so you can't fiddle
16:59.25KirkburnCould you work with foxlit on it then
16:59.40pcjfoxlit just shouldn't write bad code is all
16:59.48Bibi`Kirkburn : can I fill it with kittens and "Bibi rules !" banners ?
16:59.50KirkburnUnelss it's a simple fix?
16:59.58KirkburnBibi`, no, no you can't :)
17:00.34foxlitWhat are we talking about?
17:00.34Bibi`Can I use "Providing other fansites with something to copy paste from since 2007" as a description ?
17:00.43Bibi`and am I getting paid for that ? :(
17:00.48Kirkburnfoxlit, error on
17:00.55KirkburnDue to
17:01.10foxlitwhat's the error?
17:01.20KirkburnLook at the quest page
17:01.24KirkburnIt's ... obvious :P
17:01.26foxlitLooks fine to me
17:02.01Kirkburnthat's weird
17:02.21KirkburnBefore I purged it, it showed "Expression error: Unexpected <= operator Expression error: Unexpected <= operator 68 73 79 ()"
17:02.28KirkburnIn the level cell of the infobox
17:02.48KirkburnPerhaps it was related to the brief disabling of parser stuff earlier
17:03.00pcjI changed it foxlit :P
17:03.04*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
17:03.24KirkburnAah, that
17:03.30KirkburnSo a missing levelreq causes it
17:07.18foxlitNot quite
17:07.24foxlitA _blank_ levelreq causes it
17:07.39pcjTerrible coding in Questbox causes it
17:08.04foxlitNot really, no
17:08.19foxlitYou put garbage in, you deserve to get garbage out
17:08.20pcjOh, right, ok
17:08.38pcjError handling shouldn't be a priority, my bad
17:12.03foxlitIt's possible to handle blank input with more code - it's easier to simply not provide optional fields if you're not specifying a value
17:12.28*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
17:12.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
17:12.34foxlitIf you provide a string in instead of number, it'll also crash spectacularly - and there's nothing one can do to prevent that
17:12.39pcjWell, I'm not gonna defend someone else's edits, but yeah, that should be handled more gracefully
17:12.48pcjfoxlit: {{#iferror:}} parserfunction, have fun
17:14.44OseKirkburn: updated the page, but have you got any idea why wow radio and cosmos rss fails?
17:14.47foxlitHah, so there is actually something useful in this parser update
17:15.26KirkburnOse, doesn't show anything for my on Firefox
17:16.08Kirkburnsec, trying something
17:17.25KirkburnI would say it looks to be broken
17:17.46KirkburnDone Curse though
17:18.33KirkburnSo, should I make FA, FM and FC random upon page load?
17:18.39Osefor now at least
17:18.45Osethat would be cool
17:18.51KirkburnEasily done :)
17:18.53*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
17:18.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
17:18.54Osewe could make more of them
17:18.57pcjdoesn't it still get cached kirkburn
17:19.16foxlitHah, win
17:19.25foxlit<imagelink> works with template params
17:19.37KirkburnI may get complained at though, we'll have to see whether it's bad load-wise
17:21.11Kirkburnfoxlit, what was the common.css change?
17:21.15KirochiI like the new layout
17:21.53amroKirochi: what?
17:22.11Kirochinan rien
17:22.16Kirochij'avais besoin de le dire
17:22.47foxlitKirkburn: I thought one could hide a link segment by letting wiki check for page existence, rather than letting a template do that, but that actually fails. Reverted it now.
17:23.38OseKirkburn: should we use it?
17:24.47KirkburnOse, remove the box formatting, add a clear at the bottom
17:25.05KirkburnAnd yes, sounds like a plan
17:25.23Oseuhm... you do...
17:25.35*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
17:25.48KirkburnMaybe tonight, possibly tomorrow
17:31.28KirkburnWe gots edittools!
17:33.39Oseso Kirkburn, can I create some more critter pics (which we could use if they turned out good)?
17:34.23KirkburnSure - 85px max, light bottom right shadow, antialiased
17:35.06KirkburnPNGs with this fix, preferably
17:36.42OseHave you seen my user templates lately? :P
17:36.54*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:36.55KirkburnJust checking :P
17:37.12KirkburnActually for the 85px thing, you *can* go over that for width, but pref not
17:37.14*** part/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:37.42KasoDamn wikia
17:37.52Kasoi thought i was popular and someone had sent me a message
17:37.54Kasobut no!
17:38.00KirkburnThey're working on it :P
17:39.24pcj~seen laurly
17:39.41infobotlaurly <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 1d 21h 37m 20s ago, saying: 'i hate yahoo messanger takes ages to get the dam toolbar out of firefox'.
17:42.14Kirkburn :)
17:42.29pcjLooks terrible on wowwiki skin
17:42.35KirkburnI know
17:42.42KirkburnLiterally just fixed for monaco
17:43.31KirkburnCopied recent stuff back to wowwiki
17:43.55KirkburnI'll do it more thoroughly at some point
17:44.08pcjThat messed up the title kirkburn
17:46.28pcjslaps Kirkburn
17:46.56pcjbody h1.firstHeading {
17:46.58Adysamro, pong
17:47.00pcj= bad
17:47.30Kirkburnpcj, removed, ta
17:47.54OseI'm surprised by the fact that i've actually touched by all the namespaces :P
17:48.04Adysis browsing on an open wifi with twice the connection speed of his own ethernet-based broadband install
17:48.07amroAdys: gnome is *still* compiling
17:48.08Adys<3 people like that
17:48.13Adyslmao amro
17:48.25pcjNice edit count kirkburn
17:48.28AdysAnd i thought gnomes were short! ZING
17:48.57amroalmost done... compiling games now
17:49.32Kirkburnpcj O_O
17:49.48Adysamro, hf with dependencies lol
17:49.53pcjWow, foxlit screwed up again
17:50.28foxlitAnd it still looks okay to me
17:50.41foxlitYou're going to have start describing things better, pcj :)
17:50.47Kirkburnpcj, ?action=purge
17:50.50KirkburnAlways thatfirst
17:50.56amroAdys: yeah, I should probably have been more specific than "gnome"
17:51.05pcjNot my fault the server is dumb
17:51.29KirkburnThe caching is fairly strong atm so it can actually cope
17:51.49KirkburnWe keep growing, it's a problem :P
17:52.20KirkburnWill report the edit count thing
17:52.33foxlit{{costitem|1|Leggings of the Vanquished Champion}}
17:52.36KirkburnYeah, it's all off-wowwiki stuff
17:53.26KirkburnActually, perhaps not
17:53.32KirkburnMight be changes since the upgrade
18:00.42OseKirkburn: no
18:01.51KirkburnThere's got to be a better way of showing the stuff at the top :(
18:03.07OseI like it the way it is
18:03.13Adysamro, did you find that irssi plugin?
18:05.06Gryphenthe stuff at the top looks like garbage tossed in
18:05.35foxlitHa, {{tdemo}} broke
18:07.25amroAdys: didn't bother with it.
18:07.28amrognome install complete
18:07.35amrobut X won't start
18:07.36amrofun times
18:10.47KirkburnRedone the header
18:11.26Osewhere did the info go?
18:15.37Osethey're making Naxx a early raid in WotLK?
18:16.14OseIt's friggin Kel'thuzad we're talking about!
18:16.29KirkburnAnd what about friggin Ragnaros? :P
18:17.37Osewishes they'd make heroic versions of old raids :P
18:18.26Osewhy is MMO Champion feed just one object?
18:18.34KirkburnThat's something for Bibi to answer
18:18.54Bibi`Because MMO Champion feed sucks
18:18.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi] by ChanServ
18:19.20BibiAnd I don't know how to fix it, obviously
18:20.22Kirkburnhey, who voted "No, I hate you!"?
18:20.50Kirkburn(btw, that poll extension will be replaced by a better in the not to distant)
18:20.58Kirkburn(no, that sentence wasn't missing words :P )
18:27.05*** join/#wowwiki Arideni (
18:33.07Fisker-so Kirkburn
18:33.10Fisker-TF2 update tonight
18:33.16*** join/#wowwiki Xuuri (
18:33.20Kirkburnoh, yeah, almost forgot
18:33.35amroWoWWiki works pretty well under links
18:35.22amrotext-based browser
18:35.24amrolinks, lynx, elynx, etc
18:36.46foxlit[Might require a css refresh; I wouldn't mind suggestions on how to get around that without cheating]
18:36.56foxlitleaves people with that and goes to get dinner.
18:39.06KirkburnWithout server stuff, can't force cache refresh
18:39.24KirkburnHowever, if it's there for, say, 2 days, I think you'd be okay
18:44.10Keolahmrrr.. Wtf happened to voice chat?
18:45.02Oseanyone know how to get to work?
18:48.19Oseit refuses to show the image
18:49.35Kirkburnlooks fine to me
18:49.51KirkburnTried with
18:50.52Osestupid me didn't use the right url
19:00.06Oseit doesn't work :(
19:05.15*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
19:05.25KirkburnOse, worked fine here
19:05.28KirkburnWhat does work?
19:05.50Osewhen I copy the code onto my page, I don't get any links
19:09.24Ose"Do you like polls" lol
19:10.32OseKirkburn: First poll when new MP goes live should be "Do you like the new mainpage design?"
19:11.52Ose"Needs moar kittehz"
19:13.21Fisker-needs moar CP imo
19:13.35KirkburnOse, I don't understand it
19:14.15Kirkburnit's fine for the example I copied
19:16.00Kirkburner, the circle coords
19:16.37Ose(Problem reports); 19:12 . . (Talk) (reported a problem on Cenarion Expedition (#8920))
19:16.43Kirochitotally not a rickroll
19:16.48Oseanonymous editing allowed?
19:17.30Osewith problem reports
19:17.40KirkburnOse your coords are ... er ... wrong
19:17.44Oseediting= bad choice of words
19:18.07Osehey I just clicked the image and the page gave me the coords...
19:18.20Kirkburnreally? O_O
19:18.26foxlitpcj pcj pcj
19:18.30KirkburnCause all the clickable areas were off the map
19:18.59foxlit fix it!±
19:19.39KirkburnOse, look now
19:20.18Osei'll try to figure out what went wrong
19:22.11pcjwhat's wrong with it foxlit
19:22.14winkillerThere are so many people playing World of Warcraft today, it?s almost a joke. At game conferences it?s almost become a sort of mini-game: ?Who?s the most obscure person in your life playing WoW?? One guy I spoke to at GDC this year pretty much won the game forever by claiming that his mom and her hairstylist had a gripping conversation about questing in the zone of Westfall while a perm set.
19:22.19Osehmm... whenever I try to create a polygon, the picture is pushed a couple of pages down...
19:22.43foxlitpcj: I'll accept "nothing" if you say so :)
19:23.49foxlitimagemap throws errors I can't seem to catch given bogus input; but CSS hides those
19:24.30foxlitAny opinion on changing {{loot}} to use a named arg instead of an #ifexist check?
19:25.07foxlit{{loot|Item that does not currently exist|showext=true}}
19:25.14Adysamro, ^
19:25.19Adysand Kirkburn too :p
19:25.35amroI'm on virtual consoles right now
19:25.38Kalroth_"Serious about StarCraft? The StarCraft Wiki is for you!" <- why am I getting spammed with this on the wowwiki page? :p
19:25.38amroX is still compiling
19:25.42foxlitGiven that we have most item pages already, those links shouldn't pop up nearly as often
19:26.51OseKirkburn: if you take a look at the page, you'll se that for some reason, all my coords get wrong...
19:27.04foxlit[did pre-expand limits disappear, btw?]
19:27.24KirkburnOse, browser?
19:27.24KirkburnAdys :D
19:27.34KirkburnI have no idea what you're doing then
19:27.40KirkburnThe page works fine for me
19:29.05winkillerKalroth: [21:25:14] (Kalroth_) @#%¤%! <- you're doing perl? :)
19:29.46Oseit's not better in IE
19:30.42Oseyou making ramdom critter template Kirkburn?
19:31.15KirkburnOse, looking to see what's the bets way
19:31.30Kirkburnimagelink and imagemap don't work in it
19:31.34Oseanyone checked ?
19:31.44KirkburnSo image page redirects would need to be the solution
19:32.31KirkburnOse, what's wrong with it?
19:32.53Osewrong with what?
19:33.09KirkburnYou asked if anyone had checked it?
19:33.16KirkburnLook at the bottom of the sidebar
19:33.36foxlit"Kirkburn: imagelink and imagemap don't work in it"
19:33.38foxlitwon't work where?
19:34.18pcjso did the pre-expand limits disappear
19:34.20Kirkburnwith the randomselection extension
19:35.21Kirkburnpcj, vaguely heard of it - what does that mean?
19:35.44pcjkirkburn: that old problem with {{item}} where too much use of it made templates stop being included
19:35.48KirkburnYes, apparently
19:35.57foxlitKirkburn: I think you can.
19:36.08Kirkburn"A new preprocessor was enabled in January, 2008, removing the "pre-expand include limit" and replacing it with a "preprocessor node count" limit."
19:36.22pcjwhat does that mean...
19:36.47KirkburnRead the page
19:36.58Kirkburnfoxlit, <imagelinl> doesn't get parsed
19:37.21KirkburnIt outputs the <imagelink>foo</> stuff as text :(
19:38.17KirkburnThe auto generated category for that limit isn't filled, fortunately
19:39.24foxlitYou got more images, Kirk?
19:39.34Kirkburnloads more
19:39.40foxlitone will suffice
19:40.14Kirkburnit's already got two options
19:40.23foxlitDidn't when I started editing
19:40.29KirkburnYeah, sorry
19:43.50Kirkburnaah, #tag
19:45.04Kirkburnk, so I did see that mentioned on the article
19:58.06Oseheh, I was able to vote on the poll again Kirkburn :P
19:58.19OseFC broke btw
19:58.30KirkburnFor the same option, and I know
19:58.47KirkburnYou can revote, but it should transfer your vote
20:00.27KirkburnFilled out
20:00.38KirkburnJust add new ones to the end :)
20:01.28Oseisn't good at making pics tho
20:01.35KirkburnI just realise what I said to you earlier is almost identical to
20:01.43Kirkburn"Images can be up to 85px height (and of limited width), should have a light shadow, and should use the IE6 transparency fix detailed on GIMP. "
20:02.21Oseare you going to do a randomthingy for FA and FM too?
20:02.30KirkburnWould make sense
20:03.26Oseand then people could use the FA template to make new ones, which would then be approved (or not) then they would be added to the list?
20:05.53Oseso... should I move the template to template namespace?
20:06.39Osew00t, I passed 2k contribs without noticing
20:06.50Ose2,1k to be precise
20:09.44KirkburnI'm moving it
20:16.04Ose too long?
20:17.04KirkburnFirst two paragraphs are enough
20:18.28Oselike now?
20:22.17KirkburnI think they can all go on now
20:27.11KirkburnGah, this thing'll be the death of me
20:27.30Oseimage description doesn't work...
20:28.39KirkburnPutting it back then
20:29.00OseDid someone delete sandwichmans sig?
20:31.22KirkburnNo, he seems to have been merged to the wrong account
20:32.16OseI find it gunny that is tagged for SD in favour of
20:32.23Oseboth are wrong...
20:34.25KirkburnI would imagine he gave up after two tries
22:04.40*** join/#wowwiki infobot (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
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22:06.54*** join/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
22:06.55*** part/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
22:12.46*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
22:12.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
22:16.16*** join/#wowwiki Critical (
22:17.49CriticalI can't log into my new name on wowwiki and all my contributions/user page is on that one. What do I do?
22:19.14KirkburnCritical, "Your username may have changed to WoWWiki-<oldname>."
22:19.44Criticalaye, and then I got it changed on the page that you linked me to the other day
22:19.54sancusmy name got flopped
22:20.27Criticalbut i can only access WoWWiki-Critical and not Vaserati, infact login says Vaserati doesnt exist
22:20.31*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=gentoo@
22:21.06KirkburnCertainly does
22:21.36Criticalaye, which just confuses and baffles me why I can't access it =/
22:22.26KirkburnSend an email to explaining this
22:23.13KirkburnHe'll be able to take a look at it tomorrow
22:23.37Criticalmmk, thanks Kirk
22:23.52KirkburnSorry for the inconvenience :(
22:30.35*** join/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
22:30.36*** part/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
22:33.33*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
22:33.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
22:37.35CriticalA'ight, mail sent, I'll be back if anything else arises. Peace out
22:37.38*** join/#wowwiki krag0th|Mac (
22:40.44*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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22:45.37*** join/#wowwiki bleeter (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
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23:05.07*** part/#wowwiki Thrae|Work (n=Thrae|
23:21.33*** part/#wowwiki Kirochi (
23:41.38*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
23:43.24zidohKirkburn|sleep: you sure? :P
23:43.34zidohyou sure? :P
23:44.57zidohoh holy, i was looking at stuff that happened last week..
23:45.18Kirkburn|sleepA lot.
23:57.27zidohwas wondering why what i wrote didn't appear.. apparently it's too late to think
23:59.09*** join/#wowwiki Krolmor (

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