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00:18.03Kirkburnpcj, :D
00:20.12AdysKirkburn: it really was your bday? Oo
00:20.31Adyspcj: im glad I wont be here to even have the occasion to wish your sorry ass a happy birthday
00:20.51KirkburnAdys, it is right now
00:20.58Adysoh nice
00:21.23Adysmy birthday is in exactly 38 days and 21 hours, 49 minutes
00:21.26Kirkburnis holding a walking stick to signify it
00:21.27Adysyou better not forget that
00:21.34KirkburnI will, don't worry
00:21.38Adyshope so
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00:41.52CairennKirkburn|sleep: ping?
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07:11.40Osehai hai hai
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07:22.35[Liquidor]Hi everyone :-)
07:28.20Osecan I use {{currentday}} in a {{#switch}}?
07:28.31Osepoke smart guys
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07:31.06NokturnalHey just droppin in to try to add something to the wowwiki site
07:31.28Charitwohaving issues?
07:31.39Vesitini don't know what's happening.  I've wiped on shade 20 times in the past 2 weeks.  this is quite upsetting.
07:31.44Nokturnalwell it's not lettin me make an account
07:31.49Nokturnalso hoping someone else could just add it for me
07:31.59Nokturnalmy info is it is possible to become unparryable as a tank
07:32.39Nokturnalwith the new exalted scryer bonus given by the new necklace in 2.4
07:32.56Nokturnalit adds enough expertise to become unparryable, even if for a short duration
07:33.13Oseyou can't register?
07:33.24Nokturnalbut it is "technically" possible to become unparryable (unlike what the expertise page says)
07:33.39Nokturnali click on "create an account" and it goes to an empty page
07:33.46Nokturnalwith nothin i can do to make an account lol
07:33.59Osehmm... poke Kirkburn|sleep
07:34.14Osenah, it's his birthday, he deserves his sleep :P
07:34.20Nokturnalwell if any of ya have an account that can edit the expertise page
07:34.35Nokturnalit'd be great if you could add it, i'll get ya exact item name for ya in a sec
07:35.40Oseexactly what should I write?
07:36.05NokturnalI'll quote it for ya
07:36.45Nokturnal"It actually is possible to become unparryable as a tank with the new Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve if you are exalted with Scryers."
07:37.11Nokturnal"But it only lasts for 10 seconds"
07:38.36Nokturnalbasically just add that to the info
07:39.38Ose good?
07:40.40Nokturnalcould ya add it to the Formulas:Expertise page as well?
07:40.47Nokturnalthat's the page i was talkin about
07:41.04Nokturnalit says on there that it's impossible to become unparryable, which is false
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07:42.56Osehai g0urra
07:43.04g0urrahai Ose
07:44.31Osecan you think of any clever wrokaround to get a template switch using {{currentday}}?
07:46.16Oseit was actually working, bar my worng code :P
07:46.17Nokturnalwell actually i've been trying to create a druid macro that allows me to /equip an idol then /cast spell/ability idol affects, then switch back to normal idol while waiting for the global cooldown on equip during combat
07:46.26Nokturnalwith no luck
07:46.39Nokturnalif anyone knows a way to get that to work
07:47.38Oseyou've checked druid macro pages abd etc?
07:48.05Nokturnalonly thing that comes to mind is castsequence but that doesn't allow equip during sequence
07:48.40Nokturnalmaybe a macro addon could make it happen or somethin
07:49.10Nokturnaljust hate remembering to switch between my idols between certain attacks
07:50.33Nokturnali.e. idol of b4 mangle, then everbloom idol before shred
07:50.44Nokturnalidol of terror b4 mangle even
07:53.36Nokturnalanywho i'll come back a lil later when more people are active
07:53.46Nokturnalcya guys
07:53.50Nokturnalthanks for the changes ose btw
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08:23.52Oselol, i'm spamming
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08:44.49CorganAdys sucks
08:51.52Arrowmasteroh wtf my account got renamed now im pissed
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09:01.44amrowhy is Sargeras a featured article?
09:07.03|Pixel|why not ?
09:07.51amroit's a bit of a mess
09:11.31Osebtw the mainpage will be completely redisgned soon
09:12.14Osehmm... lots of bad ads right now, and Kirk isn't around
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09:15.48amroOse, read it
09:16.12amrosignificant parts need rewriting for style
09:16.30amroalso I think some was lifted off blizzard's site or elsewhere
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10:45.17AdysOse ?
10:45.33Adys[12:43:04] *** Received a CTCP PING 1209206581221 from Ose
10:45.54Osejust checking how lonf the delay is :P
10:54.00Oseis uploading big (kb size) gifs bad?
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10:56.04AdysOse:  uploading gifs is bad
10:56.10Adyswhat are you uploading?
10:56.20Oseanimations from wmw
10:58.31Adysthen gifs are bad
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11:37.59VysogotaI got a question.
11:39.09VysogotaAfter the database merge my username hasn't changed but my editcount show 0.
11:39.38Vysogota"My edits" is cleared and so on.
11:39.53VysogotaLooks like I'm new to WoWwiki, lol.
11:39.55foxlit ?
11:40.01VysogotaAnd I had over4.5k edits.
11:40.49foxlitThat classifies as "username changed", though
11:41.32VysogotaYesterday it showed "Vysogota", not "WoWWiki-Vysogota"...
11:41.39Adysits the userdb merge
11:41.51Adysdont remember the page for that
11:44.17VysogotaWell, is there a way to be "Vysogota" again and to get back "my edits"?
11:45.31foxlitKirkburn|sleep knows.
11:46.21AdysVysogota: did you have another account on wikia named Vysogota  ?
11:46.46VysogotaErr, I don't remember, but it migh be.
11:47.11VysogotaLemme check.
11:48.59VysogotaYeah, I got at least one.
11:49.10VysogotaOn Diablo Wiki (also as Vysogota).
11:51.14Adyswell thats why
11:51.22Adysyou'll get the accounts merged then no probs Vysogota
11:51.25Adyslemme find the page
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11:53.40VysogotaShould I ask only for rename or for getting back my edits also?
11:58.41OseAsk for the two accounts to be merged to vysogota
11:59.14Oseyou'll propably have to somehow prove you're the owner of both
11:59.57foxlit(signing from both works)
12:03.32VysogotaWell, maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but I don't exactly understand how it works.
12:03.54VysogotaUser:Vysogota redirects to User:WoWWiki-Vysogota.
12:04.10VysogotaSo: are they merged or not?
12:07.06Osethat's just the userpage
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12:27.25Hobinheimhappy birthday, Kirkburn|sleep !
12:28.57Kirochihappy birthdnight
12:30.06Ose lol
12:31.39Kirochiso funny
12:31.59KirochiI guess he's being a little bit out of his mind
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12:44.19VysogotaI've just wrote my request for a merge but before saving I hit "Show preview".
12:44.39VysogotaWell, my sig shows "Vysogota", not "WoWWiki-Vysogota.
12:44.46Adysyeah thats normal
12:45.11AdysAre you logged in as Vysogota or WoWWiki-Vysogota?
12:45.13Adys(top right)
12:45.29Adysyou should have access to both accounts
12:45.47Adysyou just need WoWWiki-Vysogota to be merged
12:46.06VysogotaAnd how do I log onto WoWWiki-Vysogota?
12:46.26Adyslogout and login as WoWWiki-Vysogota
12:46.28Adyssame password
12:47.42VysogotaFunny thing is:
12:48.11VysogotaI've managed to log onto WoWWiki-Vysogota, my edits are there and so on.
12:48.26VysogotaBut passwords are different...
12:49.07VysogotaOn WoWWiki-Vysogota I have my old password and on Vysogota I have another one.
12:49.16Vysogota(probably from Diablo Wiki)
12:50.32VysogotaWell, whatever - doesn't change much as long as I remember both passwords :-)
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12:53.37CardinalHelloes, anyone care to share experiences concerning playing WoW with a Quad-Core system?
12:53.54Adysno difference here
12:53.58Adysno real one anyway
12:54.09Adysram and graphic card do the job
12:54.17AdysVysogota:  thats normal
12:55.38Cardinali see, so has there been any official response on are they planning to optimize multi-threading further?
12:56.31Cardinali only found one blue response on the us tech forums that did infact say that wow is multi-threaded atm but the statement overall seemed dubious
12:58.52AdysWhy bother anyway?
12:59.14Adysif you have a quadcore system you probably have a good graphic card and at least 2gig ram if not 4
12:59.48Cardinalwell i just compiled and ordered a new gaming rig just today
13:00.15Adyswow doesnt require much
13:00.30Cardinalso, i re-lit my interest in hardware again, after a few years
13:01.06Cardinalwell yeah, "much" is ofc highly subjective
13:01.57*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
13:01.58Cardinalbut i mean, i was sort of agonizing over which to choose, dual or quad
13:02.05Adys*shrugs* it runs at over 120fps on a 8600gts 2gig 2x2.3GHz ubuntu8.04 amd64
13:02.29Cardinalwell yeah but in a raid environment and looking "pretty"?
13:03.25Adysall details max, cant say about raid envs but in shattrath at 120fps in a 25man it cant go under 40 really which is already way enough
13:03.43Cardinalwell yeah shatt tells a lot, i'd agree
13:04.03Cardinalconsidering that with my current rig, i've really had to tweak down a lot
13:04.27foxlitThe more interesting question is: multisampling?
13:04.34Cardinaland 25-mans was mostly like.. ooh, i dunno what's happening since i have to keep my camera in the roof :)
13:05.35Adys4x foxlit
13:05.39Adysall details max as i said
13:05.55Cardinalother thing i was wondering about is, since i'm getting the quad-core, i've understood that Vista is probably the best way to get everything out of it
13:06.01foxlitThing is, "max" for that setting varies based on hardware/drivers
13:06.22Cardinalbut are the Vista vs WoW problems really serious or is it just overblown, as per usual?
13:08.03Adysi had no problems in vista
13:08.09Adysless fps though
13:08.13Adysabout 60fps max
13:08.38Cardinal"i had" implies this happened in the past
13:08.46Cardinalso does the problem persist?
13:09.04Adysno I just uninstalled vista by now
13:10.01Cardinalwhen was this?
13:10.13Adys4 months ago or so
13:10.33Cardinaland you have a dual-core, if i understood correctly?
13:11.04Cardinalso you're running wow on ubuntu now?
13:11.32Adysdual boot gentoo ubuntu it runs fine on both under wine both ptr and live
13:11.42Adysi dont get out of shattrath though as i said
13:11.51Cardinaltrouble setting up?
13:12.21Cardinalwell, let's assume zero linux experience
13:12.57Adysinstall os, install wine, install wow, done
13:13.10Cardinali mean, this is a few years now, but the last time i tried Wine, it was not a pleasant experience
13:13.33Adyseh depends on the app it runs wow fine
13:13.46Adyssometimes problems with fullscreen tho but i run windowed maximized
13:13.50Adyshates fullscreen
13:15.20Cardinalwell, guess i'll just have to test Vista vs Xp-64 on my own
13:15.55Adys*shrugs* there's no difference
13:16.15Adysgood graphic card, decent ram and you run fine at max settings
13:16.29Adysin xp, in vista, under wine
13:18.13Cardinalyea i guess
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13:18.34Cardinalmaybe i'm overcomplicating it
13:18.54Adysa fair bit ye
13:18.58Cardinalbtw, been meaning to ask someone knowledgeable
13:19.08Cardinalare fist weapons considered 1.7 or 2.4 normalized?
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17:51.17Oseis Kirkburn kirkburn still "asleep"?
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18:28.41killer_instictwhat is a green post in blizzard's forums?
18:29.41Kasothats a MVP
18:32.10KirochiTake off every zig
18:59.46ecstasiais there still a way to get printable versions of pages?
19:05.34Kasoappending "?printable=yes" onto the URL should do it iirc
19:08.35Adys[20:29:56] <+Kaso>
19:08.42Adyswho uploaded that fucky jpg
19:08.51Adyspalehoof, should have guessed
19:10.20Adysfuck off "similar edits"
19:11.42Kasolike your edit summary :p
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19:32.33Ose~seen Kirkburn
19:32.35infobotkirkburn <n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 19h 11m 1s ago, saying: 'I will, don't worry'.
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20:09.33Oseadys: is the gif bad?
20:10.58*** join/#wowwiki SandwichmanAFK (
20:14.25Adysits a main page
20:14.35Adysnot some kind of 1998 homepage
20:16.38CorganAdys :D
20:17.08Adysyou fucking suck Corgan
20:17.14Corganno you
20:19.11Adysadys@azura:~$ ./
20:19.11AdysRebuilding OWDB cache...
20:19.11AdysDone! 1718101 rows rebuilt. 11 files compressed.
20:19.32Corganowdb is lame
20:19.44kd31.7 million rows?
20:19.44Corganowldb imo
20:20.49pcjthats...over 9000
20:22.35Adysand yea kd3
20:22.59*** join/#wowwiki dJe781 (
20:26.07OseI don't care what you think of gifs adys, I love my murlocs! ( )
20:26.44Adysthat page looks like myspace
20:27.20AdysWho did the user firefox template anyway?
20:27.23Adysits ugly as hell
20:28.09Osefix plixx?
20:28.23Adysmaybe in a few weeks i need to pack up some last stuff
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20:42.41Ose.svg happy happy joy joy?
20:43.06AdysKinda its an awesome logo but made with adobe illustrator
20:43.20Adysi want mozilla to release a genuine one :/
20:43.29OseError creating thumbnail:
20:43.31Ose(process:23010): libgnomevfs-WARNING **: Unable to create ~/.gnome2 directory: Permission denied
20:43.32Oseconvert: no image vector graphics `/images/wowwiki/images/thumb/8/80/Firefox_logo.svg/50px-Firefox_logo.svg'.
20:43.57Adysafk dont ping me
20:44.04Oseofc, it breaks when used at 48px
20:44.13Oseadys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys
20:44.47SandwichmanAFKThat's a lotta ping.
20:45.18*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=gentoo@
20:45.53Sandwichman2448The community teams need work. Some are a bit inactive.
20:59.11KasoOse wtf, is that a png someone has renamed svg ?
20:59.23Oseis it?
20:59.32Osewhich one?
20:59.45KasoXML Parsing Error: not well-formed, Line Number 1, Column 1: "�PNG"
21:00.36OseI dunno. I got it from wikipedia, where it was named svg
21:02.04*** join/#wowwiki Abby-Off (
21:02.10Kasowell the file that is located at "" is a png file
21:02.46Abby-OffHey everyone, Is there anybody here that knows about addon coding that i could ask some questions?
21:03.02KasoAbby-Off, goto #WoWUIDev
21:03.11Abby-Offaaah thanks
21:03.14Oselol kaso
21:03.47Adysdid you save the thumbnail :/
21:03.56Adysbecause thumbnails are generated as pngs
21:04.43Osehmm... could be...
21:04.56Adyssigh :)
21:05.15OseI couldn't save
21:05.37Kasowhy not?
21:05.37Oseall I get is bookmark and those things
21:05.42Adyscontrol s
21:05.42Kasofile-> save page as
21:05.47Kasoor that ^^
21:06.01Kasosvg are a xml file not a binary image, they work like web pages
21:06.34AdysIm starting to have very bad hallucinations
21:06.44pcjlay off the meth
21:06.46AdysI just saw Corgan saying "Your mother works like web pages"
21:07.16Kasohah wtf
21:09.44Osewell i've now changed all the browser templates from fugly jpgs to nice pngs (and one svg)
21:10.17Ose allowed redirect?
21:10.34Osewhy should we help people who can't spell? :P
21:11.09*** join/#wowwiki Abby-Off (
21:12.11Kasowhy shouldnt we?
21:12.37AdysWhy should we help you?!
21:13.24OseAdys:because I know where you live
21:13.33Adysyea afk before drama
21:13.57Osethinks he's clever
21:15.03*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
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21:24.21Adysby the way Ose
21:24.27Adyssaying adys multiple times doesnt ping me
21:24.31Adysits all about smart regexes
21:25.39Adysi dont like facebook and im not logged in what is that
21:26.29Osea group named "Fuck you I am from Norway"
21:26.56Adyshow funny
21:27.34Kaso"Fuck you, I'm from Norway"
21:27.48OseI dont think you can use commas?
21:28.05Kasohow its written in that group name sounds like a foreigner has written it !
21:28.08Oselol, Kirkburn has been "asleep" a while now :P
21:28.25Kasohung over from birthday no doubt!
21:36.25Sandwichman2448That reminds me...
21:38.13Sandwichman2448Yes, that.
21:39.47Oseoh that
21:48.15Sandwichman2448What is he asking?
21:50.13*** join/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
21:50.17*** part/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
21:52.00Sandwichman2448Can anyone tell?
21:53.56OseI think he wants someone to write tourist guides to the different zones :P
21:54.33NechcknYeah, like where the King is in IF or the head Druid... etc
21:54.42KasoRough guide to azeroth
21:54.45NechcknYou seem to have hit it on the head in your response
21:55.06Sandwichman2448I think WoWInsider does that. What did I hit?
21:56.09Sandwichman2448A tourist guide seems editorial, and not factual. What is cool/not cool is open to baseless debate.
21:58.14Sandwichman2448What should be done?
21:58.56Nechcknme shrugs
21:59.13NechcknI'm not sure exactly what all something would entail
21:59.33NechcknI can understand wanting such a guide... but think that finding the things are more interesting
21:59.50Sandwichman2448I'm not sure exactly what he is talking about.
22:00.28Sandwichman2448What kind of things?
22:00.54Nechcknthat's the hard part, is know ing what exactly should be included
22:01.04Nechcknum... do you know the Addon SilverDragon?
22:01.08Sandwichman2448A tourist guide seems editorial, and not factual. What is cool/not cool is open to baseless debate.
22:01.26Nechcknit points out all of the rares in a zone... perhaps that sort of information
22:01.28Sandwichman2448No I do not know that addon. Is it for rare mobs?
22:02.36NechcknSince the interface now lets you track all of the various sales NPCs and trainers, that would seem to be trivial information
22:03.07Sandwichman2448I still do not see the point here.
22:03.09NechcknI agree about the editorial nature, since what would be included in such a thing is surely open ended
22:03.27Nechcknwhat one may want to know is not what another wants to know
22:04.21KeolahGreat slogan for the Shattered-Sun-Mart... "Always crap greens, open 24 hours a day!"
22:04.24Nechcknas for the rest... wowwiki already contains much of the information imho
22:05.31Sandwichman2448I agree.
22:06.28Sandwichman2448New topic: He just made images bigger and added minor info.
22:06.42Sandwichman2448Should i revert the images?
22:11.25*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
22:11.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
22:20.29Sandwichman2448I still think the community teams need a bit of work.
22:43.58Sandwichman2448Some are largely inactive.
22:44.33pcjdidn't you say that earlier
22:45.32Sandwichman2448Yes, but no one cares and no one has told me to stop yet.
22:46.55Adyscommunity teams need deletion
22:47.20Adysbut yeah they could use some work otherwise
22:47.50Sandwichman2448Nice use of synonyms.
22:49.37Sandwichman2448I feel they need activity and focus on what their jobs are. Though, things get done anyway without them.
22:53.00*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
22:54.44Adyskd3: you were in the bc beta no?
22:56.23*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
22:58.43*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
22:59.12*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
22:59.30Adystrying to find out how well it worked under wine (earliest ones possible)
22:59.46*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
22:59.48kd3I played with some of the beta clients... most worked fine getting as far as I could (the login screen)
23:01.17*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:02.26*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:03.22*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:04.07*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:04.36*** part/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:06.22*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:07.42*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:08.08*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:08.57*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:11.15*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:14.52KalrothLegorol: You suck!
23:15.47AdysKalroth: You blow!
23:15.50CharitwoAdys: type /mode +b *!*!##fix_your_connection
23:15.54KalrothAdys: You wish!
23:15.54LegorolAdys: You rule!
23:16.13KalrothNoo, don't ban chavs!
23:16.25LegorolCharitwo: my connection is fine, debugging login script. Thanks for the suggested ban though, I appreciate it.
23:16.47KalrothWell it was a log of channel spam :p
23:16.58Kalrothalthough log works too, in some odd way
23:17.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+b n=kalroth@*.cyb*!##fix_me_*@*] by Adys
23:17.19*** mode/#wowwiki [-b n=kalroth@*.cyb*!##fix_me_*@*] by Adys
23:17.31Adysthat was supposed to be "fix me a coffee". :(
23:19.42AdysWOW fuck you caps
23:25.31Adys"I really think they could have had the whiskers coming out closer to the nose. The present design makes it look like Hello Kitty is a drag queen growing a stubbly beard."
23:25.33Adysthats for you Kalroth

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