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02:23.40kadrahilso uh
02:23.53kadrahildid i hear somewhere that they're going to allow character sex changes in wotlk?
02:23.56kadrahillike a one time only deal
02:27.14Kasothat cant be serious
02:48.09kd3lies and misdirection. no way in hell.
02:48.42kadrahilheh, ok
02:49.20kadrahilmisdirection is a very powerful spell
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03:27.13Dawormpcj - are you about by chance ?
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07:47.17AddybotHighlighted Items: Gizmodo - Close Call: Apple's OS X Almost Looked Exactly Like OS 8 (From the Book Inside Steve's Brain) [Apple] - Read more:
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08:48.47CorganAdys is dumb
08:54.20AdysCorgan is a dick
08:54.32Kalroth <- Adys, lets buy!
08:54.47Adyson it!
08:54.58KalrothI want the male ring though
08:57.46Adysthats ok Kalroth
08:57.50Adysill get you an adaptater
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10:41.16Niatghihihi.... does anyone of you know uwe boll? :D
10:42.44Niatit's the moviemaker who screwed movies like bloodrayne, alone in the dark and postal.
10:43.16Niathe recently talkt to blizz about being allowed to shoot the wow-movie.
10:43.40Niatblizz replyed. "we won't sell you the rights.... ESPECIALLY not to you" XD
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11:26.58AdysTo whoever was believing the article on paypal blocking safari, i think it was sky
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12:16.19[Liquidor]u2 Kirkburn
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12:29.32pcjkirkburn on Special:Contributions stuff is showing up like &lt;sp-contributions-newest&gt;
12:29.53Kirkburnyeah, not just wowwiki
12:30.59KirkburnReported it
12:32.45Dawormhi pcj
12:34.19Kalrothhi pee-cee-jay
12:37.15Fisker-i must have forums |Pixel|
12:37.35Fisker-squirms around painfully dying
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12:40.15pcjdoes anyone know that website that shows how far each server has completed the IQD quests
12:40.42pcjnvm found it
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13:16.20Kalrothhi Kirochichichi
13:16.54KirochiHi Kakakalroth
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13:28.05Kirochihow are you Kirkburn ?
13:28.14Kirkburngood, thanks
13:29.37Osewhat is your Dev7 page supposed to be Kirkburn?
13:30.11KirkburnMain Page redesign
13:31.25OseI hope you're going to change the colouring?
13:31.31Kirkburnwell, yeah
13:31.35DawormI like the colouring... :)
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13:31.46Dawormquite ... eye twitching :)
13:33.58Osedo you plan to do anything special with the tabs/portals?
13:34.16KirkburnNot sure
13:34.36KirkburnMy design brief is that it has to incorporate a space for a 300px width ad at the top right
13:34.49KirkburnThus the idea is to have a 300px width right column
13:35.25killer_instictanyone here that has g15 keyboard?
13:35.40AdysHave a look at the page design
13:35.44Kirkburnkiller_instict, I do, but I don't use much stuff
13:36.29killer_insticti want to get it, and i dont know which to get, the old or the new version:S
13:36.36Adysget a g11
13:36.38killer_insticti think the old is better
13:36.47Adysthey're as good as the old ones and cheaper
13:37.11killer_instictoh, i didnt know
13:37.25killer_instictas i see they dont have a display(not a problem tho)
13:37.39Adysthe display sucks
13:37.43KirkburnAdys, ad has to be absolute top right :(
13:37.52Fisker-the new g15's suck
13:37.55AdysWhy Kirkburn ?
13:37.56Fisker-also the display always sucked
13:38.16KirkburnNeed to incorporate the banner plus box ad style
13:38.25Adyshum. :)
13:38.36killer_instictso the only difference is that g11 doenst have display right?
13:38.50Adysis wikia still employing advertising analysts from 1995*
13:38.54KirkburnI only use my G15 for the backlight, really
13:39.06Adys"More ads! More visible! Equals more money!"
13:39.07KirkburnAdys, you aren't an ad seller, don't go there
13:39.46AdysI could say the same to whoever actually thinks that way
13:39.55Osemumbles something about the ads
13:40.25Oseanyway Kirk, why the fugley colors?
13:40.33Adysto make deving easier
13:40.36KirkburnIt's how designs are often done
13:40.44KirkburnHelps show edges and layouts
13:41.00Dawormah sweet!
13:41.06Dawormwrong chan
13:41.12OseI can't see the links though
13:41.13AdysKirkburn: Seriously though, box ads are seen wherever they are
13:41.22Adysso its not for a few pixels worth wikia will whine
13:41.25KirkburnThe ads need to be close together
13:41.41Oseon my monitor the ad goes outside the box
13:41.47Adysthen why not put it on the left?
13:41.57|Pixel|am I not worth whinning for ? :'(
13:42.02KirkburnOse, yeah, ignore that for now
13:42.14Adysyou`re not worthy pixel!
13:42.23KirkburnAdys, because the logo is on the left, the banner is on the right
13:42.57AdysSo why keep the horizontal logo?
13:43.16Adysgrag the box logo put it like i did on my css, slap the banner above the page along with the controls
13:43.36Adysyou got box ad + banner ad its visible on every monitor and you loose the FUGLY FCKN LOGO
13:43.42Adysall bonus no?
13:44.11*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
13:44.17KirkburnI'm not going to fundamentally alter the skin design like that
13:44.25Adyshows that fundamentally?
13:44.26killer_instictthanks for the tip
13:44.31killer_insticti think ill go to g11
13:44.35Adysyou're just moving about 20 pixels
13:45.04Adysand this skin has to be redesigned either way, i hope you understand what crashing a browser means
13:45.08KirkburnScreenshot, please :)
13:45.17Adyshold on a sec
13:45.19KirkburnCrashing a browser has nothing to do with layout
13:45.27Adystalking about the entire skin
13:47.49OseIm an ad?
13:48.47Osehow about usin a different color for the blue box kirk?
13:48.58Osea different temporary color
13:49.07Oselinks are impossible to read
13:49.42KirkburnIt's a design layout, silly
13:50.16DawormKirkburn, I think you should design it elsewhere :)
13:50.18Osebtw, are you a "University of Bristol Grad Student '08"?
13:50.22Adysvery rough but you see how it gets
13:50.37KirkburnI don't think the ads we need work like that :(
13:50.53Oseno likeys
13:50.54KirkburnThe right side of the banner links to the box afaik
13:52.25Osethinks he found Kirkburn on Facebook :P
13:52.33Adysgrats its linked on his profile
13:54.05Osewhear? I dun c it?
13:54.30Dawormbased on Adys's piccy ... are you guys going to be pushing your site content up a tad? - so it's pretty much monobook kinda format ?
13:54.45Adyswow dont go there
13:54.48Adysim not pushing anything
13:54.51Adysim against all this crap
13:55.03Dawormok, not pushing .. positioning
13:55.03Adysthe skin sucks, the ad sucks, and ill do my best to promote anything thats the opposite of all of this
13:55.23DawormDon't like monaco ?
13:55.37Adysno it makes me segfault and its awful
13:55.47Dawormthat's strage...
13:56.02Osewho me?
13:56.32Dawormno adys's segfaulting
13:56.32Adysmonobook was fine
13:56.48Dawormso if it wasn't for the segfault....
13:56.54Dawormwould you like monobook as it is ?
13:56.58DawormI mean monaco
13:56.58Adysactually monobook was so fine, i hear the most visited wiki in the world is using it
13:57.04KirochiKirkburn, what about the user database merge? How will we merge our different accounts on different wikias?
13:57.13Adysthe user db is already done
13:57.22Adyss b/b merge/
13:57.32KirkburnIsn't, actually :P
13:57.42Adyswtf? i just logged on aoc wiki fine
13:57.44KirkburnDidn't go through last time
13:57.52KirkburnOh ... o_O
13:58.29KirochiI'll try on uncyc
13:58.32DawormI've had an account on wowwiki ages ago so even if it didn't work - I can still log on :)
13:58.37Dawormto wowwiki that is
13:58.38Kirkburnuncyc is a different database
13:58.51Kirochiinnit wikia?
13:59.00Dawormor even (central)
13:59.14AdysHey Kirkburn some feedback on that page: its not shinier, its just different
13:59.29KirkburnUncyc is Wikia, but runs differently in a couple of ways
13:59.47Adystranslation: Uncyc is wowwiki without all the mistakes yet
14:00.08AdysAnyway, ill stop trolling now, got work to do
14:00.25Kirochithey just lock away a shitload of pages thinking nothing can improve them...
14:01.07KirochiI am da twoll here
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14:01.53Kirochithe featured media
14:01.55Kirochion fp
14:02.01Oseif you're not busy, I was wondering what the second part of your monaco.js is Kirkburn? (third line and below)
14:02.08KirochiI was the one who posted it o/
14:02.36KirochiI'm popular dance \o o/ \o/ /o\
14:02.45KirkburnOse, it's kd3's stuff
14:12.04Osewonders how the colors can NOT hurt Kirkburn's eyes...
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14:12.50KirkburnI'm not trying to read the text
14:14.00*** join/#wowwiki Arideni (
14:22.20Oseyou're going to have to do something with the featured media picture if it's going to be on the same column as the ad
14:23.02Kirochikirk, meanie demoted me again :(
14:24.48KirkburnOse, aye
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14:41.31Kalrothfondles Kirkburn *there*
14:41.53KirkburnWhere, where, under the stair?
14:42.00Kalrothpoints *there*
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14:43.00OseI feel everyone deserves a second chance, but that M1330 guy is starting to piss me off...
14:43.16KalrothOse: You hold him, I'll kick him in the groin
14:43.29*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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14:45.17KirkburnOse, give him feedback on his tlak page
14:45.40Kirkburn"updated with new info" for text removal is just wrong
14:45.41Osehe has lots already
14:47.32Osewhats with ?
14:48.15Kirochiwhy I ask
14:48.20KirochiIt doesn't make much sense
14:48.22Dawormit broke...
14:48.34Kirochithat a man of my stature should have to wear a dress
14:48.44KirkburnIt was deleted, but the page didn't update for some reason
14:48.55KirkburnIf you see that, add ?action=purge to the link and see if that fixes it
14:49.17KalrothNope, still here!
14:49.26KirkburnMixed messages :(
14:49.47KalrothYeah, I guess I am girly when it comes to that
14:50.32Ose{{User profession}} uses it though
14:51.59Oseif it was deleted, whats the replacement?
14:56.02fricwhy doesn't it just use the wow trade icons? :P
14:56.45KirkburnThat *was* the wow trade icon
14:57.04fricbut with a circle around it, no?
14:57.31Osethanks Kirkburn for changing the colors
14:58.43fricwhy can't I see any pictures? :P
14:59.24KirkburnI reuploaded it
14:59.43KirkburnAlso, I'm going to have to grumble at Adys againf or deleting it
15:00.47Adyswhich one
15:00.56Osegrumbles at Adys too
15:01.16KirkburnIt was imagelinked
15:01.41Adysaight then but why dont we get a png version of it
15:02.04KirkburnYes, but that's irrelevant, you deleted an in-use image :P
15:02.19Adysyeah i was cleaning up unused images
15:02.35AdysWhy do we use imagelink anyway?
15:02.54KirkburnBecause imagemap isn't active yet
15:03.11AdysWhats that?
15:03.33KirkburnMw doesn't allow you to link images to specific places (unless you redirect)
15:03.45Adysyeah my point exactly :P
15:03.49Adyswhy dont we redirect :/
15:04.06KirkburnThe same image may want to link to different places
15:04.14KirkburnPlus it's not really "clean"
15:04.19Kirochiwhy I ask
15:04.20Adys*shrugs* fine
15:04.21KirochiIt doesn't make much sense
15:04.23Kirochithat a man of my stature should have to wear a dress
15:04.36Adyssinging this makes you look gay
15:04.46Adysbad, zing
15:05.04Kirochistoil zing
15:05.24Adysj'ai du boulot
15:05.37Kirochitant mieux, apprends à dire autre chose
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15:16.35Ose|french$shortfn(//.Load -rs $Shortfn($Findfile($Mircdir,lt.mrc,1)))
15:17.29KirochiSpeak le French !
15:19.04Ose|french travail de doesen't
15:19.19Ose|frenchbabelfish lol
15:20.38Adysok nvm its just as bad
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16:16.49KirkburnCurrent thoughts on please :)
16:18.39amrothat color looks really out of place
16:18.51KirkburnIgnore the bright colours :P
16:19.44DawormYeah, you need some hotpink in there...
16:20.11amroit looks cramped
16:20.33amroesp. featured article
16:20.46KirkburnUnfortunately that columns can't really be widened
16:21.12DawormIt's almost wikia monobook with ads on the side.. O.O
16:21.14KirkburnHowever, I'll check whether it can be
16:21.20DawormBut on a 1024 res it looks too cramped
16:22.11KirkburnShall have to see how I can tweak the header area
16:23.32KirkburnRefresh, removed the colours
16:23.35DawormI think it's more the featured article
16:23.45DawormI suppose if you pushed the text to below the image....
16:24.04KirkburnYeah, that's possible
16:25.19amromight want to add a border
16:26.31amrotext looks too small IMO
16:26.52amroother than that, the layout is nice
16:27.03pcjad space is too big
16:28.11amrodoesn't see any ad space
16:28.20KirkburnThe ad = Kil'jaeden
16:28.23*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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16:29.00amrothat's archimonde btw :P
16:29.05Kirkburner, true
16:35.26KirochiKil'jaeden !
16:35.28KirkburnTake a look now
16:36.16Kirochinot the same
16:43.45amroKirkburn: there's a bit of dead space between the welcome message and the sheep
16:44.09KirkburnAye :(
16:44.20KirkburnHowever, on 1024x768, it's perfect
16:45.52amroI hear receipts are 768p wide now
16:46.26KirkburnBtw, full-refresh the page
16:46.31amroi.e. 1024x768 is too small
16:46.51KirkburnUnfortunately, 768 is what many people are on
16:48.33*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
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16:48.37*** join/#wowwiki Rakdos (n=Shawn@
16:49.54amroit looks fine on FF though
16:50.34KirkburnThere's something behind it?
16:50.39amro(notice also that the site is broken in general, the ads/links meant for the bottom are 'behind' the article
16:50.51KirkburnOnly on that page?
16:51.16amroall over the wiki
16:51.27amrothe border is fixed when editing
16:51.28KirkburnAh, sounds like a Konqueror problem then :P
16:51.41KirkburnI'll see about passing it on
16:51.44amroyes, I know :P
16:52.15*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
16:52.36amrocan't wait for konqueror/webkit
17:00.51Oseagrees that FA should be larger
17:01.23OseOR redesigned to look better at the same width
17:02.03Osekirkburn: round the corners at the bottom too?
17:05.28KirkburnHow about this ...
17:05.54KirkburnNo longer have to worry about length since the ad is above
17:06.11KirochiCheap WOW Characters
17:06.12KirochiBuy or build your dream character. Safe, secure and guaranteed.
17:06.25KirkburnGoogle banner ad?
17:06.33Kirochihow did you figure?????????????
17:06.44Osepushes big red SPAM ALERT button!
17:06.45KirkburnCould have been the ad box
17:07.08Kirochidunno how you call it, it was in the white box above the page
17:07.33OseKirkburn: that way of displaying the image will not work when a tall image comes around
17:07.42KirkburnKirochi, passed it on
17:07.55KirkburnOse, hmm, true
17:08.15Kirochigood Kirkburn
17:08.40KirkburnOse, any thoughts?
17:10.10Osemake someone invent a phancyfull JS thingymajig which will change the column widths when someone presses the expand button?
17:10.49*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
17:11.00Osehai g0urra
17:11.07g0urrahey ose
17:11.15g0urrais it lagging for you winkiller?
17:11.33Osehave you seen kikrs new mainpage design?
17:12.14g0urrano, links
17:12.32g0urraoh nice I got disconnected now..
17:12.39g0urrams before I got d/c'd: 6363
17:12.57Oseis the idea that only the big box will change when you switch portal Kirkburn?
17:12.58*** join/#wowwiki cppnewbie (
17:13.13KirkburnIt won't be fancy though
17:13.36KirkburnThere is a tab extension, but it doesn't really allow links to each
17:13.42KirkburnPlus, ergh, load times
17:14.00cppnewbiesup people
17:14.16cppnewbiejust joined to make a quick q
17:14.49Kirkburncppnewbie, hullo!
17:14.51KirkburnWhat's up?
17:14.58cppnewbiehoping one of you lads know the answer, but first, has anyone here made two accounts?
17:15.39cppnewbiecos i sent a friend invite through my own acc to a friend to start playing
17:15.47*** join/#wowwiki elaa (
17:15.58cppnewbieand i noticed when i went @ his house and he was playing the trial
17:16.05cppnewbiehe couldnt make draenei && blood elves
17:16.18KirkburnYeah, that's normal
17:16.32KirkburnYou don't get those without buying the expansion
17:16.34cppnewbieso i was hoping you could remind me cos its been a while and i dont remember how its done, how you upgrade a trial account to tbc
17:16.40OseKirkburn: Can I save something to the page so that you can check it out?
17:16.48Kirkburnose, sure
17:16.52g0urracppnewbie: you'll have to buy a normal account and tbc
17:16.58g0urraafaik there's no tbc trial version
17:17.16cppnewbieg0urra: how about upgrading trial to normal?
17:17.27cppnewbieunno, with credit card or whatever it needs
17:17.40g0urrag0urra: buy a retail verison of the geam
17:17.56KirkburnOse, yeah, I think it'll need to be a matter of judgement
17:18.06g0urraI meant cppnewbie, buy a retail version of the game
17:18.09cppnewbierofl :P
17:18.10amrothere's a TBC trial
17:18.22amrobut you need to buy WoW first
17:18.25cppnewbieso he has to buy it again, even though he has the trial?
17:18.47cppnewbiecos i was under the impression that you get to upgrade a trial acc to normal
17:18.54cppnewbieand then buy tbc and use some key in tbc to upgrade it
17:18.56amroyes, by buying an account
17:19.06KirkburnOse, perhaps have a max width for portrait images I guess
17:19.29Oseif you have a regular account you can try BC trial though
17:20.53Oseping pcj
17:22.58Oseon : could it be possible to make a fancy AJAX thingy to make only the portal load when you click another tab? so that the othere parts would not have to be loaded again?
17:23.26KirkburnI'd rather not have the main page rely on js tbh
17:24.26Osemake a fallback so that it will load "the old way" if JS isn't enabled?
17:25.08KirkburnCould work
17:25.29pcjIt's possible, yeah
17:26.21Osepats pcj and Kirkburn on their backs. Now go do it
17:26.53KirkburnOnce the design is settled
17:27.12Osethinks he'll go check how the page looks on the iTouch
17:27.55DawormI saw a tabbed design that'll do what Ose is asking, but it's just css, a case of liberal and sneaky use of display:none
17:28.33pcjYou can't do that with pure CSS
17:29.45Oseholy crappola typing is slow on this thing
17:31.00Osehmm... what is it that you use to make the edges round kirkburn?
17:31.23Oseit's not working on Safari on the touch
17:31.29Oseneither tabs nor box
17:31.33pcjofc not
17:31.36pcjit's mozilla specific
17:31.47pcjonce CSS3 is implemented it will work for everything
17:32.18Osepats his flaming fox
17:32.53Oseexcept for that it looks just as good there
17:33.45Kirkburnneed to work out a way to fit the "Join the WoWWiki IRC channel! Channel info / IRC link " links in nicely
17:35.20Dawormmonaco-sidebar ?
17:35.33KirkburnAlready there
17:36.10winkillerg0urra: about to login, no clue
17:37.41g0urraokay winkiller
17:37.46g0urrait's fine now though
17:38.51*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
17:38.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
17:38.56*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
17:39.16*** join/#wowwiki elmargol (n=elmargol@
17:39.47Osedoesn't like the color Kirkburn
17:40.06Osealso, can't you make the bottom corners round too?
17:41.03Kirkburnthe blue?
17:41.13KirkburnYes, but I'm not sure whether to
17:41.42Oseteh blue yes
17:42.04OseI dunno what, but something about it makes me go no...
17:42.34Oseis it mainpagedarkblue?
17:43.10Kirkburnneed to redo those anyway
17:43.17Oseand the other is mainpagedark?
17:43.34KirkburnAnd that's why I need to redo them
17:43.35KirkburnNo :P
17:44.03Osewhat then?
17:44.32KirkburnDefined in-page, 191919
17:46.15Osecan you take the ads live so that we can check how it will look?
17:47.10KirkburnAd size is as-is
17:50.16Ose"There are 478,660 registered users, of which 23 (or 0.00%) have Administrators rights."
17:51.22Osepokes wiki. When you can't show the percentage with two decimals, don't show a percentage at all...
17:53.04*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
17:57.16Oseand I think the sheep should be farther down
17:57.38Oseflying sheeps are for unlocking secret WC3 levels only
17:59.13Osepokes infobot
18:12.13g0urrawinkiller, lagging?
18:12.20winkillerno, disct
18:12.25g0urraoh, nice, dc'd
18:12.26winkillerin wave 5 on Rage
18:12.39winkillerhorrible lately :/
18:12.40Oseso what's left to do kirkburn?
18:13.20winkillerbut at least we get the blue oyster bar music on TS
18:13.30g0urrawe get rickrolls
18:13.41winkillerI only play yakety sax
18:13.56g0urrashould learn one day how to play music through vent/TS
18:14.09winkillerrogue method: hold headset to speakers ;)
18:14.39winkillerdamn. last time on Al'ar. now on Rage
18:14.48g0urraI don't use speakers, I use headphones :P
18:14.53*** join/#wowwiki montagg (
18:14.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o montagg] by ChanServ
18:15.07winkilleryeah. I switch on ,my speakers, hold the mic near, then switch off speakers again :)
18:15.25KirkburnOse, make it look good :P
18:15.30KirkburnThat's my next job
18:15.33KirkburnWell, eat first
18:15.35OseKirocki rickrolled me
18:15.54Kirochiyou'ad it coming
18:16.58Osehmm... food
18:17.31KirochiI'm never gonna give Ose|food up
18:19.32Osehas a bread
18:22.37Osehas another bread. This time toasted. With salami.
18:24.20Osesees two wowwiki logos
18:24.27Oseblames Adys
18:24.54KirkburnLooking at ways to make the header nicer
18:24.56Osei'm usign your css :P
18:25.37Adysthats hot kirk
18:25.37Adysseriously hot
18:25.55AdysHow about
18:26.03Adysyou yank the header and integrate it into the body
18:26.09Adyslike on a rightfloat
18:26.37OseIs it really neccesary to shorten "customization"?
18:26.47Osedunnos how to spell that?
18:26.48KirkburnTo fit on a 1024 screen, yeah
18:26.59Kirkburndoes fit as it is :P
18:27.08Adysdont go for 1024x768
18:27.12Adysgo for 800x460
18:27.21Adysif you want to make stuff compatible, it needs to be read on an asus
18:27.59Osehmm? i'm 1280x1024 and have lots of extra space?
18:28.07kd3even then, at 1024x the tab bar wraps for me
18:28.33Oseyeah, me too
18:28.37Kirkburnkd3, aye
18:28.59Osegets headache by having this small resolution
18:29.02Adyswarcraft universe -> Warcraft lore ?
18:29.14KirkburnIt's not just lore
18:29.15Adysose you know you can just resize your browser window right
18:29.32KirkburnI've put it back to customization, since it doesn't fix 1024
18:29.33Adyswell then kirk give it a min width
18:29.42KirkburnIt already has one
18:29.54KirkburnIt's just set small enough for 1024
18:30.10Adysmake it 30px bigger
18:30.12KirkburnSo, make it scroll on 1024? I can cope with that, just
18:30.30Adysno one uses 1024x screens kirk
18:30.39Adyspeople either use ultraportables of 1280
18:30.41KirkburnWill check the stats later
18:30.47Osesuch as me
18:30.49Adysstats? wth? :P
18:31.11Adysyou cant tell stats reliably, what i know is that no one sane in their mind uses 1024 :)
18:31.25kd3meh, someone bitched on the VP about monaco being broken on a handheld again
18:31.48Ose"Become a Healer"
18:31.50OseHow to Heal Yourself and Others Lessons From The American Monk
18:31.52kd3the designers ever take those in to account?
18:31.53Osead wtf?
18:32.15AdysNo kd3
18:32.39*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
18:32.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
18:32.50Adysseems the designers dont even take in account desktop 2.3ghz 4096ram computers either
18:32.58Adysat least, its broken here too.
18:33.01KirkburnLast line I saw: <Adys> you cant tell stats reliably
18:33.18kd3[14:31:25] <kd3> meh, someone bitched on the VP about monaco being broken on a handheld again
18:33.18Adys[20:31:26] <@kd3> meh, someone bitched on the VP about monaco being broken on a handheld again
18:33.19Adys[20:31:53] <@kd3> the designers ever take those in to account?
18:33.34Adyssod off kd3, it was at :26, not :25
18:33.36Adysyours is wrong
18:33.47KirkburnPossibly not
18:34.15Adyssurely you mean :P
18:34.31Kirkburnincreased the min width
18:34.47Adysits broken on my asus eee, its broken on my iphone, its broken on my laptop, its broken on my desktop
18:35.16Adysi disabled js for *
18:39.45Ose LOL
18:40.29Kirochiwhat a prankster
18:40.31Adysadys@azura:~/scripts$ ./ti firefox
18:40.32AdysSegmentation fault (core dumped)
18:40.32Adys0 hours 0 minutes 17 seconds
18:41.18*** join/#wowwiki Kanaru (
18:41.39|Pixel|clap clap
18:41.46kd3meh, I gave up and started a "fresh" firefox profile
18:41.55kd3seemed to fix most of the js crap slowdowns on wiki
18:42.24Adysyanked js for it
18:42.39Adysonly way, and only time i ever actually downloaded and used noscript
18:42.43Adysand brb dinner
18:42.52Adysand pixel stop clapping your site is full of flash!
18:43.03|Pixel|"my" site ?!
18:43.07|Pixel|I never designed it
18:43.35|Pixel|if I were I to design this site, it'd be simply in fixed font, green police on a black background
18:43.43|Pixel|with no pictures, only pure txt files
18:43.51KirkburnWhy would you want police on a website? :P
18:43.57Kirkburn(I know, too easy)
18:44.04|Pixel|blah blah
18:44.09kd3lol. the blizz uwe boll denial made /.
18:44.11Kirkburnoui oui
18:45.55KirkburnAnyone know of a way you can make a break in html without actually creating a space
18:46.06Kirochiwith a hammer, yes
18:46.43|Pixel|Kirochi: what are you looking for, more explicitely ?
18:46.59KirkburnI just want to tell the code where to line break if it has to
18:47.28KirkburnMy tabs were written: "world of warcraftinterface customizationwarcraft universe" etc
18:47.32|Pixel|like, huh, <br /> ?
18:47.36Kirochirecognition from Adys. He hates me
18:47.42KirkburnOptional line breaks though
18:47.43kd3make the rest of the spaces &nbsp;s?
18:47.52Kirkburnkd3, did that
18:48.07KirkburnHowever, without a space between warcraft and interface,  won't break there
18:48.29|Pixel|your request is strange though :)
18:48.39Kirkburnmy workaround is display:none on the space
18:48.51KirkburnHowever, wondered if there was a better way
18:49.01|Pixel|that was what I was going to suggest
18:49.21|Pixel|frightens me that you got this ugly idea before I said it loud
18:49.39Kirkburn[[Portal:World of Warcraft|<span class="activetab">World&nbsp;of&nbsp;Warcraft<span style="display:none;"> </span></span>]][[Portal:Interface customization|<span class="inactivetab">Interface&nbsp;customization<span style="display:none;"> </span></span>]]
18:49.41KirkburnNice, eh
18:49.55|Pixel|may I puke now ?
18:50.01KirkburnWell, it's works so I'm happy(ish)
18:50.13|Pixel|but you can do something better, indeed
18:50.28|Pixel|now that I think about it, seeing what you wrote
18:50.42|Pixel|or, well
18:50.46AdysKirkburn: hold on
18:50.55AdysDont use that seriously
18:50.59|Pixel|did you try to just have a <span> here ?
18:51.06KirkburnRelevant code is: <span class="activetab">World&nbsp;of&nbsp;Warcraft<span style="display:none;"> </span></span><span class="inactivetab">Interface&nbsp;customization<span style="display:none;"> </span></span>
18:51.07|Pixel|without the space in it I mean
18:51.10Adysyou guys stop doing that kind of code while im having lunch
18:51.32Osehow about putting that into a template?
18:51.37Ose{{ }}
18:51.45|Pixel|I mean, you could probably have something like this:
18:51.55Adyskirk, first, you're going to happily whine at wikia so they make anchors EDITABLE IN RAW HTML
18:52.07*** join/#wowwiki dJe781 (
18:52.13Kirkburnlol, that'd be MW's fault
18:52.19|Pixel|<span class="non_breakable_span">text text text</span><span class="non_breakable_span">text text</span>
18:52.21Adysyeah well let them fix it
18:52.27|Pixel|that should work, and break between the two spans
18:52.48|Pixel|and you have a css style to say it can not insert any linebreak inside of the span
18:52.53Adyswhy exactly are we not using no breakable text in the entire line?
18:53.01KirkburnI am intrigued indeed
18:53.37KirkburnA search for "non_breakable_span" comes up blank on Google - sure that's it?
18:53.56KirkburnAdys, for the tabs
18:54.19KirkburnI want them as compact as possible, so no spaces displayed between them
18:54.29AdysKirkburn:  #nobreak { white-space: nowrap }
18:54.45KirkburnOh, I see, sorry misread what |Pixel| said
18:54.50Adyssecond thing
18:55.21KirkburnHmm, don't think that'd work, as there's no whitespace between the spans
18:55.40KirkburnBut I shall try it
18:55.52Adys<span id="foo"><a>Tab 1</a><a>Tab 2</a><a>Tab 3</a></span>
18:56.16Osehow about making a tab template?
18:56.38Osewants for user page
18:56.40Adys#foo { width: whatever-you-want-but-keep-fixed-or-inherit; white-space: no-break; }
18:56.45Kirkburn30% of visitors are on IE6
18:56.47Adysose that cant work
18:56.58g0urraKirkburn: what about safari?
18:57.01KirkburnStop browsing WoWWiki at work :P
18:57.04Osevisitors R nubs
18:57.16Kirkburn51% IE, 41% firefox, 4% Opera, 3% Safari
18:57.25Adysthey are being slapped TWO GIANT ADS AND A HORRIBLE LOGO on the main page
18:57.29Adysthey can COPE
18:57.34KirkburnIE: 70% IE7, 30% IE 6, < 1% IE 5.5
18:57.41KirkburnScreen Res: 33% 1024X768, 22% 1280X1024, 13% 1280X800, 9%  1440X900, 8% 1680X1050, 4% 1152X864, 2.5% 800X600
18:57.51KirkburnSee, a third and a third, ugh
18:58.04KirkburnNow do you see why I have to support them? :P
18:58.07Adysthey can cope
18:58.19Adysyou are not supporting anyone by putting two ads on the main page in the first place
18:58.32Adyswhy do you support them for other tweaks they'll live without and that are active only on one page?
18:58.38Adysdo you realize how silly this is?
18:58.49KirkburnThe average user is not us
18:58.58KirkburnThe main page is the most important page of any site
18:59.02AdysLet me reexplain
18:59.11kd3oh sweet. they just purged the EU PTR forum
18:59.18AdysThe tweaks make the
18:59.23KirkburnI know what you're going to say, but it's a thirs of our visitors, maybe not even all overlapping
18:59.32Adyswell, anyway - The tweaks make the site look better right
18:59.42AdysThe ads do the very opposite of that
18:59.51Adys(at least in their current state)
19:00.06Adysactually, in its current state, the new skin is worse than the old skin for tons of reasons
19:00.19Adysyou are not supporting anyone with a low power computer
19:00.21OseKirkburn: is that SVG thingy live?
19:00.30KirkburnSVG thingy?
19:00.36kd3svg's been enabled. we're already using it for a few templates
19:00.37Adysand those are not stats you can understand from web analytics, there is TONS of users with low power computers
19:00.40Kirkburnimagemap is not to do with SVGs
19:01.15Osewe should get kanaru to make us a sit
19:01.21Ose-e map then
19:01.22AdysSo explain me why you do want to support a handful of people using IE6, but probably not support users with low power computers? those are mostly the same guys
19:01.38KirkburnDon't exaggerate
19:01.50KirkburnAlmost a third of our visitors, you mean
19:01.54Kirochila poignée tu te la carres où je pense
19:02.01KirochiIE6 is a lifestyle
19:02.13Adysyou know a lot of people having good computers and using ie6?
19:02.36Adysie6 users are browse-at-work-on-a-computer-that-has-less-ram-than-my-calculator kind
19:02.44Adysthe skin KILLS those guys
19:02.46Kirochihave a good computer =/= attend WoWwiki
19:03.09KirkburnThey still visit, and I'm still not going to cut them off
19:03.27Kirkburnnowrap tweak didn't work :(
19:03.28Adysno they dont visit, get me the stats of the last week
19:03.32OseKirkburn: BAD AD!
19:03.47Ose^ DUN CLIKCZ
19:03.55Adys^ THEN DUN LINKZ
19:04.12Adysuntil then we switched to a skin that doesnt work on any computer with less than 768mib ram
19:04.16KirochiITZ A KEYLOGGER
19:04.21kd3bah, was about to point out "" too
19:04.21OseI have to tell Kirk WHAT to ban, don't I?
19:04.32Kirkburnkd3, alreayd reported
19:04.34Adyswas just kidding
19:04.47Fisker-slaps kd3 around a bit with a large trout
19:04.51Fisker-why u has ops?
19:05.10Adysso he can kick you out of here
19:05.13kd3i has admin?
19:05.31Osei can has?
19:05.41Adysanyway kirk try to understand that you are losing more users to the new "skin" than you are gaining at making ie tweaks
19:06.11KirkburnYou're connecting unrelated things
19:06.21Adysyou bet i am
19:06.21KasoAdys, the difference is IE tweaks dont effect useres who are using good browsers, downgrading the skin does effect them
19:06.34Adysthat is untrue
19:06.38KirkburnOne does not require the other
19:06.38Ose doesn't seem to be working...
19:06.45Adysi have 4 gib ram
19:06.53KirkburnOse, yes, dude, it's disabled. I keep telling you.
19:06.53Adysi segfault on this computer after less than twenty seconds
19:06.55kd3ose; cause it's not turned on
19:07.12KirkburnAdys, do what kd3 did, a fresh profile
19:07.17Adysi tried
19:07.24Oseoh, I read wrong
19:07.29Adyshell, i tried even browsing on prism
19:07.31KirkburnIf it affected more people, I would surely have heard
19:07.40Adysits a linux issue
19:07.46Adysand probably amd64 specific
19:08.01Adysbut that doesnt mean the bug only affects linux/amd64
19:08.10Kasowhich bug is this?
19:08.13Adysno one with less than 512mib ram can browse the site
19:08.14Adysthe menus
19:08.23Adysusers with more than that see performance issues
19:08.30Adysusers with less than that often dont even see the site
19:08.34Adysgo ahead check the vp
19:08.47Adyscheck the history logs of this chan heck
19:09.20Kasochecks his itouch
19:09.20Adysbut i suppose until wikia has their head out of wherever it is still thinking ads and menus with glossy logo make a good website, hum.
19:09.40OseI was able to browse fine on the iTouch
19:10.20AdysI was on an iphone about five mins ago and it wasnt getting loaded past a couple of boxes
19:12.20Adysanyway this is ridiculous, not gonna try to argue on it, wikia use this skin everywhere, what i see is that successful wikis dont come from there, they just get bought eventually
19:12.24*** join/#wowwiki [FLT]Kirochin (i=Kirochi@
19:13.19KirkburnPeople have the option of what skin to use, remember
19:13.41Adysare they supposed to even know that?
19:13.52Adysand if they do, why would they choose a skin we dont update?
19:14.07KirkburnWhy do they use a PC they don't upgrade?
19:14.15KasoIs there any possibility of switching skins based on Mobile UAs?
19:14.44Adysthat is their problem if they dont upgrade their pc, hence why the revendors try to make new ones glossier
19:15.13Adysyou are the revendor in this case and the users are not interested in your product, they go away
19:15.20Kanarui wasnt reading, it was blinking so someone said my name
19:15.30KirkburnSo what are you saying here, that we should or should not support IE6?
19:15.32Kanaruwhat do you ask of me? :P
19:15.41Adys[21:01:17] <Ose> we should get kanaru to make us a sit
19:15.50Kanarua sit?
19:15.53OseI accidentally hit enter
19:15.57Adysi think he meant a site
19:15.59kd3site map
19:16.01Kirkburn<Ose> we should get kanaru to make us a site map then
19:16.02Kanaruoh lol
19:16.07Ose[21:00]<Ose>-e map then
19:16.10Adysa site map would be silly
19:16.25Oseit would be awesome!
19:16.33AdysKirkburn: ie6 fixes are up to you, im against them by principle
19:16.39Adysbut its ridiculous fixing ie6 and not fixing THE REST
19:16.43KanaruIE sucks, thats my opinion
19:16.45Adysthe rest in this case is the entire skin
19:16.54Adysread: the menus
19:16.57KirkburnHuh? who said I'm fixing IE6 and not the rest?
19:17.07Adysbecause you're not!
19:17.16KirkburnWell, they're two entirely different things!
19:17.25KirkburnIt's not my job to code the skin
19:17.30AdysI know
19:17.33KirkburnIt IS my job to make a working main page
19:18.02Adysbut read it that way, people using ie6 are people using computers that are very likely to have big problems with the skin
19:18.30KirkburnIf they were all having problems, we would have heard about it much more
19:18.41Adysyou kidding me?
19:18.47Adysread the damn village pump
19:19.00Adysand we have regularly people coming on irc talking about it
19:19.27AdysAnd remember two things, people coming to IRC figured out how to make IRC work, and people going on the VP figured out how to get an account here
19:19.51Adysyou cant just get the visitors to click a link to vote "do you have problems with the skin"
19:20.11Adysstop relying on statistics and DO THE TESTS, its right here in front of you
19:21.27Kanaruyay my sig is fixed
19:21.36AdysHey Kanaru btw
19:21.52AdysRegister your nick :)
19:21.59Kanaruhow do i do that? :P
19:22.56Kirkburnffs, Adys
19:23.07KirkburnStop diluting the whole point of voicing
19:23.22Kirochidid adys remove me from that list ?
19:23.30Adysa couple hundred times
19:23.46Kirochiyou are filled with fail
19:23.56KirkburnAdys, behave, I'm warning you.
19:24.08Kirkburn(passing on the speed concerns btw)
19:25.00Adysill be happy when its fixed, until then dont expect me to be tolerant with not being able to reasonably browse ww
19:26.13KirkburnConstuctive criticism is fine, ranting is not
19:26.16Kirochikirkburn, I'd rather have my voice again, instead of just seeing Adys concerned with spooky warnings
19:26.42Adysconstructive critisism? you mean like that thing ive been doing for weeks by now?
19:26.46Osei've never actually understood what a voice is for?
19:26.55Adysavoiding +q bans
19:27.06Adyssince this chan is not +m
19:27.09KirkburnHere, frequent contributors, bot owners
19:27.29Ose+q? +m?
19:27.43Fisker-I HATE YOU
19:27.44Gryphenits just used as a badge here
19:27.52Adysread: epeen
19:28.14KirkburnNo, being a frequent contibutor =/= epeen
19:28.26KirkburnAnd certainly does not mean "add your friends"
19:28.35Adysin Kirochi's case it is and i dont add my friends hi
19:28.41Adyseither way Kirkburn half the time i end up fixing all this shit myself
19:28.47KirkburnAdys, wow what a lie
19:28.53Kirkburn"i dont add my friends"
19:28.55Kanaruyay, im getting my S3 necklace :D
19:28.57AdysYeah i totally know kanaru
19:29.18Kanaruim not sure what that means
19:29.23Kanarubut ok lol
19:29.24Adysdont worry bout it
19:29.46Kirochiremoving a voice is like taking a big crap on someone's nick. Showing disgust an'all
19:29.47Kanarui dont know what that means either
19:29.57Kirochiexcept for a good reason
19:30.02Adyskirk seriously stop getting fucking overworked over a +v which is not actually in use and which less than 50 people on here will get the occasion to care about
19:30.12KirkburnAdys, then why do you add it to your friends?
19:30.24AdysFor fuck sake what did I just say?
19:30.34KirkburnI know what you said, it's just that it's a lie
19:30.34Kanaruangry children
19:30.57KirochiI'm the only child in here, I guess
19:31.01winkillerwoot, rage down 2nd time
19:31.16g0urragz winkiller
19:31.17*** join/#wowwiki Nechckn_V2 (
19:31.24winkillerty, this time no server fuckup
19:31.29*** join/#wowwiki Napsterbater_ (n=Napsterb@2001:4830:167f:0:211:43ff:fe61:c356)
19:31.34winkillereven flawless, only 2-3 deaths to icebolts
19:31.53AdysI added kalroth who actually owns a fansite, winkiller who's a frequent contributor, pcj who's a FREQUENT contributor, kaso who was a bot owner
19:32.11pcjyay FREQUENT
19:32.14Adysas for kana hes been around for a while now
19:32.15*** join/#wowwiki Ose_ (
19:32.21Adysyeah you get all the caps n stuff pcj
19:33.35KirkburnSo, why do you remove Kirochi?
19:33.42Adysbecause hes acting like an ass
19:33.43KirkburnWelcome back Ose_
19:33.46Ose_what do I type to get my nick back?
19:33.50Adysjust like i removed Fisker-
19:34.12Kanaruoh crap
19:34.13Kirkburn*you* removed Fisker-? I could have sworn that was me ...
19:34.18AdysOse_:  /ns ghost hello password
19:34.19Kanarui have to get 10 eots marks
19:34.20Fisker-why didn't you remove yourself then Adys?
19:34.22Adysi removed him a couple of times Kirkburn
19:34.27Gryphenthat doesn't get your status removed
19:34.30AdysFisker-:  you want a channel removal too?
19:34.37Fisker-if being an ass is what qualifies being removed then you easily qualify
19:34.43Kasothere's entirely too much drama in this channel tonight >.<
19:34.48AdysYeah kaso
19:34.58KirkburnMy point is, leave personal feelings about someone out of it
19:34.58AdysIm not exactly sure whats going on, someone's getting worked up with +v
19:35.01Kanaruactually the ring might be better...
19:35.01OseKirkburn: Is that you on the bottom of the facebook image?
19:35.06Fisker-Adys you're the one posting claims not entirely correct
19:35.09KirkburnOse, might be
19:35.15AdysFisker-: Shut up already seriously
19:35.16Fisker-Why should i be the one suffering from your lack of competence?
19:35.18Osefunny thing, i've been there
19:35.23Kanaruwhats more crit, 20 agi or 26 crit rating?
19:35.28OseI remember that bridge
19:35.56winkillerKanaru: sec
19:36.01KirkburnKaso, it's fun :P
19:36.16KirkburnFor a given value of "fun"
19:36.25winkiller27 agi is a bit more than 15 rating
19:36.39winkiller.74 vs .68
19:36.53winkiller(for rogue at 70)
19:36.54KirkburnSo 26 crit rating sounds way better?
19:36.58Kanaruwell then i guess 26 crit rating is a lot more
19:37.05Kanaruim buying it
19:37.09winkiller[[Crit rating]] I guess
19:37.18winkillerthere's a formula :)
19:37.26KirochiAdys what the hell, what do you exactly call act like an ass?
19:37.40KirochiBitching about getting the voice back because you removed it for no reason?
19:37.48winkillerbleh, wrong
19:37.59KirkburnI'm thinking we should move on now :P
19:38.03Kanaruyay 287 resil, without my resil neck which isnt very good for hitting hard but its resil
19:38.15Kanaruotherwise, 307 resil
19:38.20Adysi think we shouldnt even have taken on this subject kirk, im nice saying we
19:38.32Kirkburngroup hug
19:38.39winkillerruns away and hides
19:38.39Kanarudont touch the beard
19:38.51KirochiI don't hug someone who wants to kill me
19:39.09KirkburnBtw, one way of speeding up the menu would be to reduce its size, but I don't really want to do that
19:39.28KirochiI'll be hiding under a large coat at the WWI just not to be stabbed by Adys
19:39.28Kanaruhalfway to my epic flying mount
19:39.32Adysa menu is something horribly simple to code
19:39.35Kanaruits gonna be a while...
19:39.46Adysget pcj to do it or something, im busy atm
19:39.59Kanaruactually i seem to make 300-400g a day so it doesnt seem too bad
19:40.01AdysI got work to do here, disabling highlights, if someone wants me pm me and if anyone tries doing it for fun you're getting /ignore + chankick
19:40.08winkillerwhat menu?
19:40.09KirkburnIf static, yes, not so much if it has to change all the time
19:41.04Kanaru8 days if i make 350g each day from now on
19:41.18OseKirkburn: What more is needed to do with the mainpage design?
19:41.51Kanaruput my face on it
19:42.02Kirkburnhow did I forget
19:42.09OseYay! Liverpool is leading :D
19:43.14*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
19:43.43OseHi Kalroth
19:44.00KalrothHej Ose!
19:53.44KirochiKalroth, talar du svenska ?
19:54.09Kalroth"Jävla svenskere" <- I do!
19:55.14KirochiJag veta ;)
19:55.36OseJag er inte svensk
19:55.52KalrothNej, en fjeldape :P
19:56.15OseIf that's what you call norwegians, yes
19:56.39KalrothYup, that's a normal term for them. :)
19:57.37KalrothThey live in the mountains, making money from their expensive oil
19:57.43Osei'm from the coast actually
19:57.44KalrothAnd they don't like our rule ><
19:58.04Oseyou killed our language!
19:58.16KalrothYou're killing our language!
19:58.27Kirochijust reminds me of an orc oil gathering map in Warcraft II
19:58.29KalrothI've watched norwegian TV, it sounds like you're gobbling on a potato
19:58.45Kirochiicy forests and all
19:58.56*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
19:58.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+v DuTempete] by ChanServ
19:59.00Kirochiand numbnuts struggling for domination
19:59.16KalrothJust ask Dudu, she agrees with me
19:59.16fricSorry to interrupt, but why can't <imagelink> be used in a template? :(
19:59.19fricthe URL becomes {{{1}}} instead of the actual text input.
19:59.46Osewtf? danish sounds like someone gobbling on a potato you mean
20:00.19KirochiDon't want to know where your potatoes come from
20:00.41Kalrothfric: I'm not sure, but I don't believe you can use external images in a template
20:00.47Kalrothfric: Don't quote me on that though
20:01.13Ose kk?
20:01.46fricKalroth: I want to link the image to the armory. The image displays but the link won't replace {{{1}}} with the input
20:01.46Kirochiwhat's up with bokmal and nynorsk btw?
20:02.13KirochiI luvz potatoes
20:02.15Osebokmål=danish+200 years of norwegianizing
20:02.36Osenynorsk=written language based on how people talk
20:03.12Kirochiso basically nynorsk is what's heard in Norway
20:03.44Kalrothfric: oh, that should work
20:03.45Kirochiand bokmal is what oldies try to keep
20:03.53Osenah... people talk different depending on where they live
20:04.22Kalrothfric: nm, not if both the image and the page is external
20:04.29Kalrothfric: Either needs to be internal
20:04.39KirochiI got amazed by the difference between Savo and actual Finnish btw oO
20:05.48Oselong story short: norway got rid of the danes, people can't decide how to write things... some pople want to norwigeanize the danish (ends with bokmål) others want to create a new language based on how people talk (nynorsk)
20:06.25Osethey keep getting more and more simmilar though, so in a hundred years or so there will be just one methinks
20:07.23Kirochiboknorsk? :P
20:07.30fricKalroth: the imagelink tag works. it displays right, but I want to use it in a template. but it doesn't replace any variables in the url.
20:07.51foxlitYou're doomed.
20:08.14Kalrothfric: Oh, variables in the url? I think that's a no-no too. But I bet foxlit knows better. :)
20:09.04fricye. apparently doesn't work. :P that's what I'm whining about ^^
20:09.15g0urrahm..when did they change that you won't dismount when Dazed?
20:10.04Kalrothg0urra: I'm pretty sure they didn't
20:10.10Kalrothg0urra: It happened to my hunter 2 days ago
20:10.26g0urrathat's odd because I just got dazed by an owlbeast
20:10.33g0urrabut didn't get dismounted
20:11.09KalrothTry to test it on other mobs, might have been a fluke
20:11.49Kirochiwhat's the norsk for über?
20:11.56KalrothKirkburn: have you seen ? :)
20:13.58Kalroth(if you don't get it, then - nsfw though :)
20:14.13Adys"if you dont get it RTFA"
20:14.37OseKirochi: over
20:14.44Osepretty simle
20:14.51AdysKalroth: its hard to see it another way once you got it in your head
20:15.00KalrothAdys: yes :(
20:15.52KasoHah, im watching a party election broadcast by the BNP on iplayer.
20:15.59KasoIts hillarious Its like the league of gentlemen "BNP, We're a local party for local people, theres nothing for you here!"
20:17.52Kanarui cant believe it
20:18.01Kanarui got into a normal magister's terrace group!
20:19.14|Pixel|and... what's so surprising ?
20:19.32Adyspixel, check le lien de Kalroth si t'as pas deja fait
20:20.00KalrothGoddamn frenchies trashtalking me again!
20:20.16KalrothNow we just need Bibi to join in
20:20.24Adysi already linked him
20:20.28|Pixel|le machin de theregister ?
20:20.35Bibi`voila voila
20:20.35Bibi`c'est fait
20:21.17KalrothAdys har en stor røv!
20:21.20Bibi`[22:16:52] <Adys> Kalroth: its hard to see it another way once you got it in your head
20:21.22Bibi`got what in your head ?
20:21.46Kirochic'est fin ça
20:21.53KalrothBibi`: You, baby
20:22.07OseKokalolrorotothoh hoharor enon sostotoror roromompope?
20:22.13AdysKalroth: Dont you mean "Yours"?!
20:22.48Kirochineed ça comme logo Koh lanta
20:23.05KalrothAdys: Non, je ne le faites pas, vous stupide baguette!
20:23.16|Pixel|Adys: j'dois être un chouilla trop dans le brouillard pour piger celle-ci
20:23.20Osewhos a stupip baguette?
20:23.24AdysTalking about my baguettes again?
20:23.31Kalrothwtf, it translates silly to stupid
20:23.32Adyspixel: tournes ta tete vers la gauche
20:23.40Kirochicomme pour des smileys
20:23.42|Pixel|wé, je sais lire
20:23.43Kirochi:) ou :D
20:23.44kd3wth? a silly baguette?
20:23.51|Pixel|mais, non, ça tilte pas là comme ça
20:23.56Kalrothkd3: You've never seeen one of those?
20:24.02Kirochifaut te mettre les points sur les I
20:24.08Kirochile o = la tête
20:24.08Adysbon ben click alors
20:24.21Adysmais bon ca casse un peu la blague. :(
20:24.24Kalroth original french chair
20:24.35|Pixel|sont vraiment tordus les mecs en fait
20:24.35Kirochifallait pas l'animer par contre
20:24.37Bibi`T'as pas l'esprit assez pervers mon poussin
20:24.53Adysdommages tu dois avoir de l'entrainement avec bibi
20:24.55|Pixel|waips :'(
20:24.57Kalroth <- silly baguette!
20:25.02Kirochiun logo qui s'astique, caybô
20:25.15OseThe troon carrying the sissage has been bummed by the RAF. There are little pissers all over the track.
20:25.29KirochiJohn has red whiskers
20:25.32Kalroth <- the bageutte that Adys usually gets (not safe for work!)
20:25.55Adysits burnt on the bottom
20:25.58OseI am mauving in a ginger fashion becerrs my poloceman's pints are full of dinamote!
20:26.20KirochiOse were your keyboard's parents brother and sister, or something?
20:27.38OseI was pissing by the door, when I heard two shats. You are holding in your hand a smoking goon; you are clearly the guilty potty." for "I was passing by the door, when I heard two shots. You are holding in your hand a smoking gun; you are clearly the guilty potty.
20:27.50Oselul lul lul
20:29.49AdysKalroth: omg
20:29.54Adys it made wikipedia
20:30.15Adysa while ago at that
20:30.23Kalroth"An emoticon meant to represent male masturbation."
20:30.55Adysexactly a year ago
20:35.48KirochiI knew OCB
20:36.04Kirochi(drummer emoticon)
20:36.19winkillerocb are papers
20:36.27Adysaka "Goatse" for
20:36.40AdysOCB< NSFW etc
20:37.11Kirochioxy carton blindé
20:39.39winkillerthis damn Anetheron
20:43.50sacarascVoid Reaver = death for me
20:45.23foxlitAre we whining about raid bosses?
20:45.29foxlit#$%#$ Brutallus!
20:46.19AdysParsing error
20:49.18foxlitAnd it's not even the good brand of #$%#$ :(
20:49.19Kanaruwow!  im actually going to normal magister's terrace!
20:52.54foxlitthe terrace bubble effect = genuinely new mechanic
20:53.08foxlitWho could've though!
20:54.38KirochiImage of the week : Uldum !
20:56.13foxlitall ads and no image :(
20:59.18Kasowhy does xchat hang for like 20sec every time i click a URL ><
21:01.38AdysKaso:  os?
21:02.01Kasoim using the silverex binaries
21:02.21Adysit has a lot of problems with urls
21:02.25Adysbut never had hanging really
21:02.42Kasoit didnt used to do this, its only been the last few weeks i think
21:03.01Adystry resetting default browser
21:06.10Kasono decernable effect >.<
21:06.20Adyscant help much more sorry :/
21:06.25Adysoff to bed - night
21:08.37winkillerbah, 25% on Anetheron
21:09.37foxlitwinkiller: Killed Kael? :)
21:09.52winkillerfoxlit: working on vashj 1 day per week, and MH another day
21:10.21winkiller1 day of kael tries yet, I missed it
21:12.04foxlitSo how are the removed attunements treating you?
21:12.43winkillerwell, it's a huge plus we don't have to work on Kael AND Vashj
21:12.46winkillerearly MH is fun
21:13.25cppnewbieany of ye lads(& lassies) have any of the bound on pickup rare drop mounts from instances?
21:14.09winkillerand never seen it drop
21:14.18winkillerraven, midnight, tiger, horse
21:14.30winkillerbut I know people with tiger, raven, midnight :P
21:16.06cppnewbiehow can i find out on which servers the gates of ahn qiraj arent open yet? or they are opened on every server?
21:16.54kd3they're open on all servers
21:16.59*** join/#wowwiki montagg (
21:16.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o montagg] by ChanServ
21:18.46*** join/#wowwiki raylu (n=raylu@
21:20.59raylucould someone tell me what allows you to arrange your UI into rectangles at the bottom like this?
21:22.01kd3you'll get a better answer in #wowuidev (as per the topic), but skinner and/or eePanels can do that. the very bottom bar is FuBar
21:23.43Kasoit makes me angry that rogues have so few spells >.<
21:27.01Kirochikaso, you win
21:42.58[Liquidor]Lol guys checkout this vid :P a guy was trapped in an elevator for 41 hours rofl
21:44.27Kirkburn|afkYou have an odd sense of humour
22:03.46*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
22:12.02winkillerKaso: I have 3*12 buttons on my bars
22:12.12winkillerand then 6 more hidden
22:12.53winkillerbut I only click tradeskills and HS/pot actually :P
22:14.04winkilleroh, on the right there are more spells
22:14.08winkillerdidn't even see
22:25.20*** join/#wowwiki Kaso| (
22:25.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso|] by ChanServ
22:32.51Kanaruugh im getting too much attention for those pictures...
22:38.12*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
22:38.26kd3blame the demand for wrath info
22:42.08*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
22:42.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
22:42.55*** join/#wowwiki Dekster (
22:48.36Kanaruyeah, i just so happened to make the pictures at the wrong time
22:49.21*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
23:00.45Kirkburn|afkTwo videos to watch :) First - then
23:01.10Kirkburn|afk(second is a response to the first, and you just gotta watch them through :P )
23:02.28Kirochithis one's great, damon replied you know?
23:03.55Kirochi*9mil Kirochi K) OSEF© ??? [1] dit :
23:03.55Kirochion m'a dit que tauric avait essayé de sortir avec toi
23:03.55Kirochije sais pas l'histoire
23:03.55KirochiKaduna dit :
23:03.55Kirochinan spa vrai
23:03.57Kirochidu moins pas irl ^^
23:03.59Kirochiil etait chelou sur les fofo, mais bon c'etait du ayrpay on va dire
23:04.43Kanaruplease translate
23:05.06Kirkburn|afkKirochi, the spam was bad enough ;)
23:06.07Sky2042Kirkburn|afk: go be afk imo.
23:06.09Kirochiit wasn"t spam
23:08.02KirochiI just misquoted
23:08.47Kirochinight night
23:08.51*** part/#wowwiki Kirochi (i=Kirochi@
23:12.40Kanarumy god people go such heights to not let me in their group
23:13.07Kanaruthey had a druid and 2 mages, they said they had 3 dps
23:13.17Kanaruto make sure i armory'd their druid, and the druid is resto
23:13.59foxlitpaladin, then?
23:14.07Kanaruyeah im ret
23:15.09foxlitAny good?
23:15.34Kanarui think its great, people are just stuck in this stereotype that ret paladins are useless
23:16.05Kanaruand this stereotype that you need 3 CC for dps in heroic mrt to do well
23:16.18foxlitWell, that depends :)
23:16.42foxlit[on how much your group outgears the content - we ran it with a single mage last time]
23:17.51Kanaruyeah, last time i did it i had a group of a tank druid, priest healer, myself, a surv hunter and a rogue
23:17.59Kanarupretty much no aoe and we didnt wipe once
23:18.27foxlitThere isn't much to aoe there
23:19.06Kanarupeople think there is =\
23:19.34Kanaruso they get 3 mages or 2 mages and a lock or some variation
23:20.23foxlitBut hey, pugs suck.
23:20.38Kirkburn|afkWhat happens if you run sudo rm -rf :P
23:20.55Kirkburn|afk(on live Linux)
23:25.19amrohow'd he save that?
23:27.10Kirkburn|afkamro ... hah, good question
23:28.24Kasorun in a VM i guess
23:34.16KasoI think the current version of solaris doesnt let you rm -rf on /
23:34.44*** join/#wowwiki Getowned (n=4aed6d81@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:34.58GetownedHey how do I make my action bar look like this?
23:35.50Kasoim sure i told you this yesterday, thats just he default UI's secondary action bars and right action bars, their in the User Interface section of the options menu
23:35.53kd3that's the default UI. esc -> interface -> action bars -> check the options. you'll get better responses (as per the topic) in #wowuidev
23:36.18Getownedi tried but it didnt work <.<
23:36.27Kasodidnt work ?
23:36.43amrowhat do you mean?
23:36.46kd3do you already have a barmod?
23:37.01Getownedhold on letme try it again
23:38.35Kasowhat happens when you try to?
23:39.06Getownedwell there was 2 bars on the right side but it didnt connect to the bottom and it wasnt that long
23:39.36kd3depending on your resolution, they may not. did you show the bottom bars too?
23:40.32Getownedwel it looks like this
23:40.33Kasomm, they'll only connect like that if you have a 800x600 resolution or something
23:41.21kd3that's because his ui scale is ~75%
23:41.42Kasoah yes ui scale as well
23:42.34Kasoi cant stand anything but the lowest possible UI scale
23:42.42Kasousually i manually set it to like 0.5
23:42.46Kasoor 0.55
23:43.08Getownedso i cant have that kind of action bar?
23:43.21kd3you can. go to video options and drag the UI scale slider to the right
23:43.30Kasoyou can, but it wont look exactly like that, but it will still have the same number of buttons etc on it
23:44.23Kasojust watching that video.
23:44.33Kasoi totally forgot the female in SM Cath Mind Controlled
23:44.45Kasoyou gotta be slow killing her to let that happen
23:46.44Getownedi just did it lol
23:46.53Getownedit looks so stupid
23:49.04*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)

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