IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080403

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00:44.21Exodus212Ugh. Finally a channel Manticore hasn't banned me from yet.
00:46.24Exodus212join #cvn-wikia-wowwiki
00:46.55Sky2042don't get on our bad side then
00:48.27Sky2042i have no issue with adding a ban tag to your ip if needed, based on what you said in pm to manti, so tread lightly.
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01:18.43Exodus212What is it?
01:19.54JinivusI call GetWorldStateUIInfo(1, text) in AV, and it returns nil?
01:20.28Jinivusit should return the score? yes?
01:24.44Jinivusor is there any other way to find out AV scores?
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01:32.04Sk8R_grlhi Sky2042
01:32.14Exodus212RAWR Sk8R_grl
01:32.30Sk8R_grlhey can i has 1 o' those kewl boxes?
01:32.34Sk8R_grlhi Exodus212
01:32.36Sky2042_Sk8R_grl: hola hola
01:32.44Sky2042_Sk8R_grl: ?
01:33.22Sk8R_grlthe little green and yellow boxes bi ur name
01:33.43Sk8R_grlwants 1 lol
01:33.54Exodus212I don't you can
01:34.09Hobinheimis currently suffering from passive aggression.
01:34.18Hobinheimwow totally in the wrong channel
01:34.21Hobinheimstill true tho :(
01:34.35Hobinheimcarry on...
01:34.51Sk8R_grlhow come all u guys got 1?
01:35.31Sky2042Sk8R_grl: click the edit button on my page, and copy and paste the ones you want to your page
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01:35.53Sk8R_grli mean here
01:36.15Sk8R_grllook @ ur name here on the user list
01:36.40Sk8R_grlsee it looks kinda like 09@
01:36.43Sky2042_yeah... no.
01:36.53Sky2042_why would you need one here?
01:37.20Sk8R_grlidk i feel kinda left out
01:37.43Sky2042_yeah... no.
01:38.41Sk8R_grlwhat do those mean anywai?
01:39.10Sky2042_they mean that those with them can kick / ban / mute people in the channel.
01:39.32Sky2042_or give out more @s or +s
01:39.47Sk8R_grlhow come all u guys got 1?
01:40.10Sky2042_because we're all admins of the wiki which this channel goes with.
01:40.33Sk8R_grli thot any1 could hav 1
01:41.11Sk8R_grlo well now i dont feel so left out
01:41.39Sk8R_grlExodus212: u still here?
01:42.06*** part/#wowwiki ZetaSC (
01:42.10Sk8R_grlso can any1 kick some1?
01:42.20Sk8R_grli c that as an option
01:42.28*** part/#wowwiki Exodus212 (n=43a46b0e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:42.32mgrinshpon!k Sk8R_grl
01:42.48Sky2042nope, just ppl with @s
01:42.57Sk8R_grl:( how come it sais i can?
01:43.03Sk8R_grlso misleadin lol
01:43.35Sk8R_grli got QUERY, WHOIS, & KICK
01:44.06Sk8R_grlplz dont take my q's wrong and ban me!
01:44.40Sky2042i'l liv
01:44.58*** kick/#wowwiki [Sk8R_grl!] by Hobinheim (Hobinheim)
01:45.18*** kick/#wowwiki [Hobinheim!n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno] by Sky2042 (that was mean.)
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01:46.39Sk8R_grlwhat was that for?
01:46.51Sky2042_afka joke, possibly
01:47.07Sk8R_grlit wast funny :'(
01:47.17Sky2042_afkand now, i go away!
01:47.29Sk8R_grlhugs Sky2042_afk
01:47.49JinivusAny1 know how to find the scores of each faction in AV?
01:48.01Sk8R_grlwhats av?
01:48.07Sk8R_grlhi Jinivus
01:48.13Sk8R_grlcute name
01:48.27JinivusAlterac Valley
01:48.28Jinivusand hey
01:48.42Sk8R_grlwhats that?
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01:49.35Sk8R_grlhi krag0th|Mac
01:49.42*** join/#wowwiki Shai (
01:49.43Sk8R_grlconnecton probs?
01:49.47Sk8R_grlhi Shai
01:49.53Shai<== Inno
01:49.59Sk8R_grlno i ment krag0th|Mac
01:50.07krag0th|MacEh, I don't think so?
01:50.11Sk8R_grlwats <== inno
01:50.13Shaiwell me too, apparently.  and now i have a ghost of myself sitting around
01:50.48krag0th|MacI reallocated the cable line earlier for the new TV, but that's it
01:51.15Sk8R_grlShai: whats <== Inno
01:52.15Sk8R_grlits quiet in here...
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01:52.32Sk8R_grlHI Kruton_Yessara
01:52.46*** part/#wowwiki Jinivus (
01:55.39Sk8R_grlhow r u?
01:55.50Sk8R_grlwhere r u from?
01:55.58Sk8R_grlwho r u?
01:56.06Sk8R_grlsry bout all the q's
01:56.28Sk8R_grlim a future journalist
01:57.49Sk8R_grli gotta kno everythand
01:58.33Sk8R_grlhi sacarasc
01:58.44Sk8R_grllol grammar police?
01:59.14sacarascspelling, not grammar
01:59.36Sk8R_grlme not notice spelling
02:03.11Sk8R_grlany1 here?
02:04.02Kruton_Yessaraalot of people
02:04.24Sk8R_grllol any1 who wants to talk to Sk8R_grl
02:04.45Sk8R_grlSk8R_grl is the kewlest lol
02:05.48Sk8R_grlKruton_Yessara: nice nick
02:06.54Kruton_Yessarai am kruton on the yesara server
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02:10.55Sk8R_grlhi poolie
02:32.16Sk8R_grlfine. goodby
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04:58.46bleeterfor those who haven't seen the chatter in #wowi recently,
04:58.50bleeterI've posted to the UI/Macro forum a copy
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05:02.59WilyeHello Everyone
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05:14.39Sky2042hello hello
05:22.26pcjuh he left guys
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05:38.40KeolahWhy does the "Staff of the Four Golden Coins" sell for 8 gold? :) *snigger*
05:41.33Sky2042shut up pcj.
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06:23.06WyriHaximus|heremorning everyone
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07:10.34PharodSee this?
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08:21.59Fisker-GOTCHA |Pixel|
08:31.49|Pixel|huh ?
08:57.41*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
09:20.43Fisker-just saw the US WotLK got launched
09:20.57Fisker-they were up for some hours
09:21.02Fisker-the site and copy page
09:21.17Fisker-now it's 403 again :(
09:24.07p30nFisker-: launched?
09:25.23p30npaste me some links to clicky-clicky
09:25.30p30nrandom bullcrap if u dont have anything else
09:25.38p30ni got 2h45min to keeel now
09:26.31p30n<-- boredom strikes hard
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09:36.00Fisker-p30n :O
09:39.39foxlithrm, new hobby time
09:40.26foxlitrecorded combat log last night, now to work out some sane HP estimation algorithm :(
09:46.18p30nFisker-: thx
09:48.55p30nFisker-: ok ive read thru the text on the site u pasted, still got 2h 10min to kill :)
10:02.12*** join/#wowwiki Telrin (
10:07.12Adys updated for DBC support
10:21.42foxlitHrm, I wonder
10:21.50foxlitThis log suggests 5m damage done to Teron Gorefiend
10:22.05foxlitwowhead thinks he has 2m hp
10:22.09p30nsounds reasonable to me =)
10:22.11foxlitwiki thinks he has 4m hp
10:23.13foxlitthottbot sucks; wowdb lists a 4.5m - 5.2m range
10:27.27Fisker-in b4 datamining
10:27.55Fisker-whats with the 70MB wdb?
10:29.35Fisker-so i guess the software is something you keep for yourself or what?
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11:05.30Adys[12:29:37] <Fisker-> so i guess the software is something you keep for yourself or what?
11:05.36Adyswho are you talking to
11:07.55AdysFisker-:  and if its to me, what are you talking about
11:10.30p30nanywho Fisker-, i thought there was not gonna be a beta for wotlk ?
11:10.48Adysofc there will be
11:11.37Fisker-i guess you're using some kind of software to parse it and convert it
11:11.46Adysuh yes
11:11.48Adysi made a parser..
11:12.03Fisker-was just wondering if it was something you were keeping for yourself
11:12.14Adysfor now yes
11:14.36p30nso, does anyone have some info about the beta ?
11:15.17p30nfigured as much
11:15.25p30nbut there WILL be one?
11:15.33p30nclosed i reckon...?
11:15.47Adysthere will be an open one no doubt about that
11:16.01p30nthat is nice to know
11:18.55*** join/#wowwiki Jinivus (
11:28.18*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
11:28.56Legoroli'm pretty sure there will be both a closed and open beta
11:28.59Legorolthere always is, has been
11:29.12Legoroland i'm sure there'll be an alpha before the beta :)
11:30.33p30nthats kinda how it goes, no? :p
11:31.57Legorolhow do you decipher the asciiroll in the topic?
11:32.12Legorolare there supposed to be newlines in there or something?
11:32.30Adysyes :P
11:32.40Legoroli figured that much, trying to figure out where the newlines are
11:32.48Legorolfirst i thought it's the pipes, but that doesn't work
11:32.59Legorolnono, don't tell me yet :)
11:33.02Legorolit's a good puzzle
11:33.31*** join/#wowwiki Guardix (i=martin_j@
11:33.37Adyswell anyway when you're bored trying
11:34.06p30ni R bored
11:35.51p30nAdys: erm, i seem to miss the point of that screenie
11:36.08p30ni might be slighty r-tarded but idk
11:39.12LegorolAdys: that's just mean, the whitespace count is wrong in the topic, even if i put the newlines in the right places
11:39.26Legorolp30n: that screenie is the solution to the puzzle
11:39.38p30noh noes, i even missed the puzzle
11:39.43p30nnow im totally out of the loop :(
11:39.51p30nno wonder i didnt get it :p
11:41.00*** join/#wowwiki sikk (
11:45.49Adyssorry :P
11:50.04*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
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12:11.03*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
12:16.00*** join/#wowwiki sikk (
12:16.33*** join/#wowwiki Arideni (
12:29.11pcjlaurly: do anything on the bot?
12:29.30laurlynope haevnt had the time needed to get some real work done today.
12:29.51pcjok well be sure to let me know when you do so i can check it out
12:30.12pcjno hurry, of course, though
12:30.39laurlyim playing with bitfields i havent done this in ages.
12:34.03Adyspats laurly
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13:28.46Ose LOL
13:30.59*** join/#wowwiki sikk (
13:31.23Osebah weep granah weep ninni bong?
13:32.24*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
13:40.55Oseit's the universal greeting!
13:54.08*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
13:55.40Osehey gourra
13:55.46Gourrahey Ose
13:55.50Osenice work with the server template :)
13:57.38Gourrayou mean ?
13:58.45Oseall aspects of the template look good so far :)
13:59.02Gourragood to hear
14:00.56Oseisn't there a way we could make automatically alphabetized?
14:03.37Gourraping Adys
14:03.39Gourra wth?
14:03.57GourraOse: probably, but I'm a newb at programming
14:04.43Osefoxlit disabled the templates because of propblems with 1.12
14:06.14GourraI'll just hide it until it's fixed then..
14:35.19*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
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14:37.47KirkburnIs WoWWiki loading veyr slowly for anyone else?
14:38.26Aloysiusnot really
14:38.36Oseit's for me on some pages...
14:38.40Osebut not all...
14:41.17Adysso while packing up i found the SVMMac of my birth month. translated, the title in big says "The Macintosh, cheap! 25 solutions from 2 000 Euros to 8000 euros to write, draw and count!"
14:44.48GourraKirkburn: yeah it's slow for me too
14:50.58*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
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14:53.32Fisker-IS SLOOOOOOOOW
14:53.44Adysshutup capsman :(
14:53.46Fisker-(not rly of course)
14:54.17KirkburnThe slow loading appears to occur first load, but disappears afterwards
14:55.37Fisker-i didn't get any slow loading at all
14:55.59*** join/#wowwiki sikk (
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15:12.59Fisker-btw Bibi
15:13.05Fisker-the site was active actually
15:13.13Fisker-Someone got to the character copy page
15:13.47Fisker-You could transfer to a server called Northrend which were PvE
15:14.01Fisker-But the link for the download were the old PTR client
15:16.43Fisker-the US and EU beta realmlists are up
15:16.49Fisker-And the login with LOGIN_STATE_DOWNLOADFILE
15:17.03Fisker-Which as far as i know means it wants you to download a patch
15:17.19Fisker-it doesn't download one though, probably because it doesn't have a upgrade path that fits
15:20.15*** join/#wowwiki dJe781 (
15:21.04KirkburnAdys, updated monaco with footer and a few other things
15:23.00*** join/#wowwiki Dekster (
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16:29.49*** join/#wowwiki Arideni (
16:30.20Sk8R_grlhi Arideni
16:30.51*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
16:30.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:32.09ArideniHm, just got home from an appointment
16:32.33ArideniHow are you?
16:33.47Sk8R_grlim fine
16:33.55Sk8R_grl@ school
16:37.54*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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16:38.03Sk8R_grlhi Tekkub
16:38.42*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
16:38.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:39.10Sk8R_grlhi Gryphen
16:39.19*** join/#wowwiki igormorgado (n=igormorg@
16:39.37Sk8R_grlhi igormorgado
16:46.41*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
16:46.55Sk8R_grlhi soufron
16:50.37*** join/#wowwiki sikk (
16:55.49*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
16:58.12Kirkburnpcj, seeing the new footer stuff?
16:58.22pcji switched back to wowwiki skin
16:59.28KirkburnCheck it out again :P
17:06.50laurlywoot i killed the server
17:07.13pcjyay laurly
17:07.32laurlyi cant even get it to fire off the reboot command
17:07.43*** join/#wowwiki Alon (
17:08.15laurlypats little server im sorry
17:08.27laurlywoot its rebooting.
17:13.06*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
17:14.23laurlyhmm only managed to insert 512k rows :/
17:16.10laurlylol the server reboots so fast now that vent and mirc dont detect i have lost inet
17:30.20*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
17:33.30*** join/#wowwiki Drool (
17:45.58*** join/#wowwiki sikk (
17:47.33*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
18:06.36*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
18:10.20Adys[19:31:11] <@NewdleBot> Adys saw an episode of Ally McBeal. This terrible calamity has slowed them 0 days, 03:02:27 from level 50.
18:10.23Adysgoes qqing
18:10.26AdysKirkburn:  looks good
18:15.57Adyssharlin is an idiot
18:33.38Oseguildwars wiki WTF @ cvn wikia?
18:33.59Ose#cvn-wikia-wowwiki to be precise
18:44.50*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
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18:47.14*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
18:47.59DuTempetegood mooooooooorning!
18:51.29pcjmorning DuTempete :)
18:51.38Gourrahi DuTempete
18:52.17Adyshey DuTempete
18:53.09DuTempetemorning boys :)
18:53.52pcjcan anyone test for me
18:55.30Adyswhats supposed to happen?
18:55.45pcjdo you see a show data link adys
18:55.53pcjcache refresh
18:56.12Adysyeah works
19:19.49*** join/#wowwiki Bold_ (
19:20.21*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
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20:23.57*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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20:34.17Oseteh schoolworkz is teh done
20:34.34Gourrateh yay Ose
20:38.07*** join/#wowwiki [Liquidor] (
20:43.41Osemmm... delicious liver paté...
20:44.12*** join/#wowwiki millij (n=chatzill@
20:47.15laurly1332 + shadow damage swd really hurts now
20:47.54quamarettoSee, that's why I'm holy - I don't have those problems so I don't die as often - WAIT. NVM.
20:50.03laurlyi rairly die unless the MT dies SP agro ftw
20:50.31laurlygot my first piece of T6 tonight :)
20:52.53KirkburnAdys, got any sexeh Beta 5 screenies for me? :)
20:53.10AdysNope unfortunately, HH is not getting beta 5 for two more days
20:53.22Adysthey are still working on the integration
20:53.42Adysbut i dont think the layout changed, apart from the download manager
20:53.48AdysGourra:  hardy heron
20:54.02Kirkburnpcj, wow at the AJAX
20:54.13KirkburnDoes it deprecate well without JS?
20:54.25pcjIt just doesn't pull the table
20:54.37KirkburnAdys, new icons too apparently?
20:54.48Adyshmm, in vista im pretty sure
20:54.52Adysin other OS, I dont know
20:55.03Kirkburnyeah, notes said Linux and OSX too
20:55.13Adyslemme check
20:55.36pcjKirkburn: I suppose you could put a link to the raw data in the click here to load link text
20:56.11Kirkburnpcj, if implemented, we'll need to keep usability without js
20:56.25KirkburnAs much as it pains me ,,, damn noscript users :P
20:56.27pcjWell, the idea is to pull the data dynamically
20:56.44pcjSince that's not very well possible without JS the only choice for non-script users is linking to the raw data
20:57.33KirkburnLinking is fine
20:58.35*** join/#wowwiki Industrial (n=Industri@
20:58.44Industrialuh guys what happened to function arguments?
20:59.14AdysKirkburn:  faaborg didnt post any update on it
20:59.26AdysSo will have to wait a couple of days probably :/
20:59.37KirkburnAdys, or I can just install it and find out :P
20:59.45Industrialthat function requires arguments but I dont know which
20:59.45AdysYou got linux? :P
21:00.23KirkburnIndy, no idea, that page has hardly been edited
21:00.46Industrialthe api pages used to be different, listing function argumentshm :s
21:00.59Industrialjust that page i guess
21:01.06*** join/#wowwiki carbonateddwarf (
21:02.25*** part/#wowwiki carbonatedwarf (
21:04.31Industrialthe arguments are; #1: name, #2: frame strata (
21:04.34Industrialbai :)
21:04.36*** part/#wowwiki Industrial (n=Industri@
21:11.18*** join/#wowwiki kirby (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
21:11.56KirkburnAdys, yes, I totally got Linux ...
21:12.11Kirkburn(actually planning on getting an eeePC, so who knows)
21:16.48pcjOK kirkburn, it should now deprecate more gracefully
21:17.01*** join/#wowwiki kirby (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
21:17.23*** join/#wowwiki reviver (i=8fcf0804@gateway/web/ajax/
21:18.14*** part/#wowwiki reviver (i=8fcf0804@gateway/web/ajax/
21:27.13AdysKirkburn: Actually, bought an EEE and Im extremely disgusted by the OS they put on it
21:27.24Adysits a horrible remake of KDE style Xandros
21:27.55AdysPlanning to install xubuntu on it or maybe something else, will see
21:40.10laurlythat new what happend to me thing isnt good in the combat log
21:42.17KirkburnAdys, well you can get XP on it now :P
21:42.38AdysYeah, I still wanted a first gen asus tho
21:42.50Adysbut no way Im getting xp on this thing =P
21:48.54*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
21:52.08AdysI wish there was a "Delete user from the internet" button somewhere
21:56.00pcjThere is
21:56.18*** kick/#wowwiki [pcj!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (Successfully deleted user from the Internet.)
21:56.20*** join/#wowwiki pcj (i=pcj@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
21:56.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
21:56.46DuTempeteAdys, frame such user for hacking
21:56.56AdysU HAX
21:57.04DuTempetethat's how you delete users from the internet :P
21:57.10DuTempeteat least in the uS :P
21:57.22*** part/#wowwiki Alon (
21:57.32Adys"Usually the mouse is available only with the grafical surface. Is should be possible to make the output grafical from the start. Maybe even for GRUB and the installCD. "
21:58.03AdysWhy do people want a fucking bootloader to have mouse support
21:58.22kd3lmao at a blog post... someone's looking to buy 2G USB keys in bulk for around $5 a pop
21:58.36kd3still remembers buying his 256MB key for ~40USD back in '03
21:59.05KirkburnI remember getting 32MB for about £30
21:59.29KirkburnAnd now I bought 4GB for $20. How the world changes.
22:00.00DuTempeteoh sweet... a 40gb for 20 bucks?
22:00.16DuTempeteerr 4gn
22:00.29DuTempeteanyway, are you sure you didn't mean pounds, Kirkburn ?
22:02.02DuTempetewell seriously, show me where you bought it :P
22:02.07KirkburnWell, it was under £10 without P&P
22:02.21DuTempeteI would expect a 4gb to be aout fifty bucks in a store
22:03.36KirkburnHmm, they put the price up ... it was £8.49 when I ordered it, though the P&P added about £4
22:13.28*** join/#wowwiki Nolook_ (
22:14.23*** join/#wowwiki kirby (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
22:21.18pcjcan someone block kirkburn i think hes a vandal hes removing stuff from page
22:22.11KirkburnWe're still at 31 bloody topics
22:22.19*** part/#wowwiki foxlit (
22:59.13*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
23:05.00*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
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