IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080328

00:12.28AdysMentalPower:  haha
00:12.50AdysMentalPower:  changing the nil values to <columnname/> reduced the size by 30mb
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00:16.20Krolmorwow... the new omen looks... new
00:21.00Kirkburnneeds to log in and test it out
00:22.10AdysKirkburn: Where is it possible to change the background image for the image file in Image: ?
00:23.02KirkburnWhat do you mean?
00:23.32Adysto see transparency
00:23.42Adysthey use a background image for <img>
00:23.48Adysbut it has no id :/
00:24.15Adys#file img
00:29.34KirkburnI'll mark that as "fixed" then
00:29.43KirkburnBtw, dark skin is coming along
00:30.24KirkburnWe're looking at ways to make it so you can define different colours for dark and light skins - currently a technical hurdle (but not one that would particularly affect wowwiki)
00:31.08pcjwait what do you mean different colors
00:31.17Kirkburnmonobook vs wowwiki css
00:31.56pcj...uh just use class-based coloring?
00:32.30KirkburnDifferentiating between dark and light skin isn't really currently possible
00:32.48pcjOh you mean monaco themes?
00:32.50KirkburnIt won't affect wowwiki, because ours will be a custom skin, thus we can put it all in the custom css file
00:33.17pcjWell, if it doesn't affect wowwiki, why would we care
00:33.27KirkburnBut for example the Gaming skin won't load the dark templates (as is currently happening) as there's no way to tell it to do so
00:33.45KirkburnIt would affect any users choosing the Gaming skin
00:34.01pcjOh, ok
00:34.02KirkburnOr any of the future dark skins
00:34.19Kirkburnit's more of an issue for other wikis using the standard dark skins
00:34.30KirkburnAnyway, it's being discussed
00:34.50pcjWhy not just create an alternate skin for dark color, segregate the themes into light and dark
00:34.59pcjGet creative, call it Monaco Dark or something
00:36.07kirbyMonaco Shade
00:36.08KirkburnCould cause a compatibility problem for wikis currently using Monaco Dark
00:36.17Kirkburnuh, Monaco Gaming
00:36.25pcjSounds like you already have a compatibility problem
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00:37.17Kirkburnpcj, heh, yeah
00:37.49KirkburnProbably will make it so that dark skins load a MW:Monaco dark.css file or suchlike
00:38.00pcjWow, good call
00:38.20pcjI should really patent my ideas
00:38.34KirkburnThat's not what you said o_O
00:38.38AdysKirkburn: our first svg :D
00:38.51KirkburnYeah, if you ignore Foo.svg :P
00:38.57AdysCHEATER QQ
00:39.22Adysand i just realized it was 555555
00:39.24Adysnot 666666
00:40.19KirkburnWhat is?
00:40.25Adysok its neither
00:40.38KirkburnThe wiki's content bg is 333
00:40.48Adysyeah just realized
00:41.40Adysthere we go
00:42.01AdysKirkburn: Wanna put it in the css?
00:42.56pcjWhat is it intended for?
00:43.15Adysmore or less same as
00:43.40pcjWhat's that used as?
00:45.05pcjOf course, it'll look terrible if someone uses one of the light Monaco skins
00:45.14Adysit's css
00:45.17Adyscan be changed :)
00:45.32pcjYeah, but if you change it in monaco it changes it for both
00:45.54pcjMonaco: one skin (css), different themes
00:45.56Adyshow can a different skin use the same css?
00:46.02pcjGood question
00:46.58KirkburnMonaco is a skin, Gaming is a theme
00:47.43Adyswell anyway i leave it here if you wanna fiddle with it
00:47.59Adysyou can try with either of three see which one is prettiest
00:48.16KirkburnWhat's the css?
00:48.48Adys#file img {background:transparent url( repeat scroll 0% 0%;
00:49.10Adysreplace the url ofc
00:50.59KirkburnAdded to wowwiki.css
00:51.11KirkburnWhere can I see it in action?
00:51.22pcjon a SVG i suppose
00:51.48Adysany transparent image normally
00:52.11Adyssays url not found here kirk
00:52.23Adystry with
00:52.57Kirkburnurl not found?
00:53.23Adysbut that may be a bug in svg parsing
00:53.46KirkburnWhere does it say that?
00:54.30KirkburnThat link worked better
00:54.33KirkburnHow did you get it?
00:54.46pcjThe SVG image page
00:54.54Adysuhm, right click on the thumbnail instead of following the link
00:55.01Adyssince it generates a png thumbnail
00:55.17KirkburnAh I see
00:55.26KirkburnGood work that man
00:55.26Adysdoesnt look so bad
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01:01.49KirkburnSkin guy likes it :)
01:02.06pcjit's settled then
01:04.50MentalPowerKirkburn: does wowwiki still have issues meeting wikipedia's notability guidelines?
01:05.18KirkburnI'm not planning on even asking until we're done with the upgrades
01:05.37Adysbut the probable answer would be yes
01:05.53MentalPowerseems so:
01:06.14MentalPowerremembers the time where the WoWWiki page on wikipedia would be up one week and up for deletion the next
01:06.20KeolahWoW hates me.
01:06.43KeolahMe and my bf both go do today's fishing quest. It takes me 30 catches and all I get out of it is a few lures. It takes him 2 catches and he gets a blue fishing hat.
01:08.59AdysKeolah, my job is usually to be the opposite of an ass, but I cannot express at which point you're plain selfish since the first day you've been in this chan. usually it's not a problem but why are you so proud of that?
01:09.12KeolahSelfish? What?
01:09.24KeolahI'm not complaining, I'm laughing about it :P
01:09.55AdysDidnt say you were complaining, i just find that comportment kind of disgusting
01:10.04*** part/#wowwiki Discordkt (
01:10.23KeolahWhat are you talking about? :p
01:10.54Adys*shrugs* forget it if you cant see it really, wont change anything in the end
01:11.21KeolahI don't know why you'd call me selfish, if you saw how many piles of thorium, netherweave, etc, I've given him, too :p
01:11.38KeolahAnd every single green I couldn't use I send off to his enchanter...
01:12.39Adyssee id hate as much someone showing off how "generous" he/she is, but id understand it more already
01:13.31KeolahI don't go around flaunting how "generous" I am, I'm just baffled as to where you got that I'm "selfish" from a few amused comments I've made in here :P
01:13.42Adysits the impression you give
01:14.17Adyssince day one all you've been doing is complaining about how annoying it is when you dont get stuff faster than others, how cool it is when you do get stuff faster than others, how spoiled you are by others who do give you stuff, etc
01:14.24Adysand youve been talking nearly ONLY about this
01:14.27KeolahNot complaining, joking. :P
01:14.44Adysyeah i understand that, but it gives totally wrong impressions
01:14.45KeolahAnd, what? ;p
01:14.54KeolahI'm baffled...
01:15.12Adystake it as you want, im just busy being honest
01:15.28KeolahAnd that's hardly all I've ever said in here, either :P
01:16.40KeolahIt's just been a running joke between me and my bf that he always loses rolls for everything. But it hardly matters as I send most of it off to his mage anyway and if he actually wanted anything I'd happily give it to him :p
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01:18.26KeolahI don't even _do_ dungeons or anything, so I'm never even going to see most of the better items, heh.
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01:22.39Kirkburn|sleepKeolah, I so need to hit 70, so I can get my gf to send me all her stuff :P
01:23.09KeolahAnd I am so not doing the Throne of Kil'jaeden dailies anymore, that place is hell... uh, no pun intended.
01:26.11Kirkburn|sleepBtw, Fandy is using the shoutbox - see he's not entirely averse to "live" chat :P
01:26.20Kirkburn|sleepKeolah, :O
01:28.48KeolahYou know it's bad when the talent I get the most use out of up there is "improved revive pet" :P
01:29.46Adys"NVIDIA drivers responsible for nearly 30% of Vista crashes in 2007"
01:29.54Adysso nvidia doesnt only suck on nux
01:31.08Kirkburn|sleepI can believe that
01:31.17Kirkburn|sleepMarket share and a large number of beta drivers
01:31.18kirbylooks down at his nvidia sticker on his laptop :|
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01:31.41Adysseeing how shitty nvidia support is on linux i can believe it too
01:31.44*** part/#wowwiki Krolmor (
01:31.48kirbyit doesn't crash, but... the sound device faulted. been too lazy to get it fixed
01:31.59Kirkburn|sleepAnd why the hell is Engadget using that to bash Vista?
01:32.02Adyssome x booting bug was fixed this morning in alpha trunk, its been there for almost a year
01:33.58Kirkburn|sleepAnyway, 1.6 million total crashes is really rather good
01:34.15Adysparticularly for other companies
01:34.26Kirkburn|sleepThat's way less than one crash per system over the entire year
01:34.41Adysmeh vista never crashed for me
01:34.44Adysit was just sluggish
01:35.07Kirkburn|sleepI added a 4Gb readyboost drive this morning, want to see what effect it has :)
01:35.30Kirkburn|sleep(not finding Vista slow, but it was a really cheap drive I kinda accidently bought, so putting it to use)
01:36.01Kirkburn|sleepIt'll be interesting to see if it speeds up WoW loading
01:36.58Adyspeople still play wow? ;)
01:39.38Adysoh btw Kirkburn|sleep
01:39.57AdysAcid and Opera score 100% on Acid3 since yesterday :D
01:40.02Adysdev trunks anyway
01:40.05Adysand good morning
01:40.33Lukianwith minor issues :D
01:40.50Lukianlike this one!
01:41.08KirkburnI heard about Opera
01:41.33KirkburnI know webkit was on 98%, whilst Opera only had an announcement
01:41.56Adysits weird
01:42.01Adyswebkit guys say they are first
01:42.08Adysbut i thought opera was first too yesterday
01:42.26Lukianopera "won" by 30mins, but both still have minor issues remaining :)
01:42.48Adysyeah the author did say it has to be smooth
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01:44.15KirkburnWebkit isn't smooth either yet
01:44.24KirkburnOpera announced first, but not public
01:44.30KirkburnWebkit is public at least
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01:47.31AdysDuTempete: Addybot was op'd because I was on it fixing my bouncer yesterday :P
01:49.48KirkburnOoh, the search in Vista is soon to be upgraded
01:50.11KirkburnI'd be more excited if I ever needed to search for stuff, but still cool
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02:23.18carterhi, can anyone explain to me what the phases are all about?
02:23.32Adystried wowwiki? :p
02:23.40carteryes but i dont really understand it
02:23.49Adyscant help myself, dont have a clue about them :) sorry
02:24.47kd3I've got a pretty extensive writeup on the [[Shattered Sun Offensive]] article
02:27.58LukianAdys, omg @ his twitter link
02:28.00Lukianthat game rules
02:28.04Adysyup :D
02:28.22Adysthey should make a mmo like that
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02:39.03Hojimachongit's quiet. *too* quiet
02:48.15Keolahbrings a full marching band through the channel to entertain Hojimachong ;p
02:48.37Hojimachongclaps excitedly
02:48.59Hojimachongleaves to buy some cotton candy
02:49.01KeolahAlso... is it _always_ raining on the sunwell island? :p
02:49.12Hojimachongso far
02:49.23KeolahGeez, you'd think the island would erode away by now.
02:50.14Hojimachonghas your server captured Sun's Reach harbor yet?
02:50.20Keolah91% at the moment.
02:50.32Hojimachongmy hypothesis is that the rain will stop when it's captured
02:50.42KeolahSo I suppose they'll get it tomorrow.
02:50.54Hojimachongto symbolize the glorious defeat of Kael'thas... or something like that
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03:12.26kirbybops infobot
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04:28.02Amarandewiki down?
04:33.58*** join/#wowwiki Exodus212 (n=43a46b0e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:42.56Dottedvoice now
04:43.05Adysyou have it
04:43.22Dottednot this chan you nab
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05:04.58Kruton_Yessaraquiet tonight
05:05.01DottedAdys client crashed :D?
05:05.20DottedKruton_Yessara 6 in the morning for me
05:05.22Adyslol, screw you Dotted
05:05.33AdysMy bot parses everything I see
05:05.58AdysIm already in like
05:06.00Adys60 chans or something
05:06.08Adysand you just multiplied the load by two
05:07.20Dottedbut why do you parse it all+
05:07.58Adysi like it
05:08.02Adysit logs serverside
05:08.06infoboti guess whstats is, or
05:08.08Adysrather than clientside
05:08.33Adys3 Adys22529680439335186660672 days ago"I JUST HAD THE BEST IDEA EVER WTF"
05:08.54Adysi remember that idea, but what the fuck, did that channel go mute after I left?
05:09.39Dottedsomething to do with you being french?
05:09.47AdysAnother lonely one was Corgan, who managed to hit 666 times.
05:09.56Adysim not even gonna comment on how sad that is
05:09.57*** part/#wowwiki Kruton_Yessara (
05:10.05AdysCorgan: you suck
05:10.32Dotted666 is just the alias of Caesar Nero everyone knows that
05:11.31*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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05:14.58Dottedofc Adys the wikia feed isnt seperated it 1 big mess
05:15.16Dotted[06:14:54] [rcbot]: [[乾杯]] N * 横山泰行 * (+88) 新しいページ: '*てんとう虫コミックス・短編第巻第話『[[]]』(頁) '''[説明]''''
05:15.51Adys横山泰 you Corgan
05:16.38AdysAutomatically translated text: Yokoyama Thailand you Thailand
05:16.54*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|ubuntu (
05:17.21Dotted[06:16:39] [rcbot]: [[User:Dotted]] M * Dotted * (-355) O HAI
05:17.34Dottedthats not tooooooooooo bad
05:21.10Dotted omg
05:21.33pcjty so very much dotted
05:22.08Dottedots 4chan, your own fault
05:22.18Adysinvisible antigravity module
05:24.05Adysyou scriptfuck
05:24.51Dottedwhich is also haha
05:27.10MentalPowerAdys: who made ?
05:27.36Adysthe idiot who lacks a bot right now
05:27.44AdysDotted wheres newsbot :(
05:28.06Adyswonder if i should just get Addybot to do all that
05:28.14Dottedwell i could setup a apaypal to accept donations
05:28.23MentalPowerDotted: does that require mIRC or can I feed it my own logs?
05:28.55DottedMentalPower it can parse all kinds of logs
05:29.02Adystheres some open source, more compatible, and better stat gens from logs
05:29.06MentalPowereven purl's?
05:29.25Dottedbut you probably gonna code the parser yourself then
05:29.40Dottedin which case i'd like to have it :P
05:29.50MentalPowerwhats it written in?
05:30.08Dottedits a win32 exe
05:30.22Adysshareware :/
05:30.40Dottedbut you can use pisg, as Adys suggests but is really crappy compared
05:30.53MentalPowerjust noticed it was shareware
05:31.08Dottedcheapo bastards :P
05:31.16MentalPowerand even if it wasn't I can't run that in the linux box
05:31.17Adysexcept that pisg can easily be recoded since its perl
05:31.28MentalPowerAdys: you're joking right?
05:31.37Dottedsure, but it still sucks balls
05:31.52AdysMentalPower, no
05:32.06AdysPerl does suck but its still not a hard language
05:32.39Adysand as long as it parses, the rest is just how to output the stats
05:32.54Dottedbut pisg is still shit
05:33.04Dottedeven tho its coded by a dane
05:33.15Adyshows it shit? :/
05:33.30Adysits the same stats
05:34.02MentalPowerI like the social graph feature of the mirc one tho
05:34.48Adys40 dollars for a pretty gif which is only compatible with a 30 dollar irc app that sucks ass
05:34.51Adyssounds a bit much to me
05:35.19DottedAdys you fucking twat
05:35.28MentalPowerI will not touch mIRC with a 20foot pole
05:35.29Dottedalready said it has several parsers
05:35.39Adysdont call it compatible if you have to write the parser yourself ://
05:35.59Adysbesides even the name mircstats makes me wanna throw up
05:36.17Dottedofc since the only logs from purl publicly available is parsed html
05:36.38infobotit has been said that logs is apt/ibot/infobot/jbot/purl all log daily to<channelname>/ where channelname is html encoded ie: %23debian | lines that start with a space are not shown | some channels have stats at<channelname>.html.gz
05:37.53Adysinfobot's logs suck well enough already
05:39.42Adysthat site's down.
05:39.56MentalPowerAdys: infobot == purl
05:40.15Adysinfobot seen apt
05:40.16infobotapt is currently on #debian (2h 30m 52s) ##icf (2h 30m 52s) #elive (2h 30m 52s) #htc-linux (2h 30m 52s) #kde (2h 30m 52s) #wowroster (2h 30m 52s) #openmoko (2h 30m 52s) #gnu-kbsd (2h 30m 52s) #slug (2h 30m 52s) #lugwv (2h 30m 52s) #idlerpg (2h 30m 52s) (2h 30m 52s) #debian-france (2h 30m 52s) #debianppc (2h 30m 52s) #linuxpakistan (2h 30m 52s) #palmchat ...
05:40.50Adys~seen adys
05:40.51infobotadys is currently on #debian (35m 51s) #wowi-lounge (35m 51s) #android (35m 51s) #kde (35m 51s) #infobot (35m 51s) #norganna (35m 51s) #idlerpg (35m 51s) #wowace (35m 51s) #wowwiki (35m 51s). Has said a total of 43 messages. Is idling for 1s, last said: '~seen adys'.
05:43.04Dottedalso Adys the program is $12, not 40
05:43.16Adysyeah its a typo
05:43.22Dottedand since the US dollar value is crappier than ever
05:43.36Dottedhow do you typo 12 with 40?
05:43.47Adyswant me to show you?
05:43.57MentalPowernot when you actually live here :)
05:44.11AdysLook at that
05:44.24Adysnow imagine yourself pressing the keys 1 and 2
05:44.25Dottedwho the hell uses keypad for 2 digit numbers?
05:44.26*** join/#wowwiki theurge14 (
05:44.38Adysi do, you idiot
05:44.47Dottedwell you are french
05:44.49Adysive been using azerty for years
05:45.01Adysand i only recently been using a real keymap
05:45.07Dottedgod i hate the french keyboard >_>
05:45.12Adyswith numbers like
05:45.24Adysand not SHIFT-"'^567890
05:45.33Adysbunch of bollox
05:46.01MentalPoweractually, I think I'll try changing the keys on my query to dvorak
05:46.14MentalPowerits a laptop keyboard so it should not be that hard
05:46.28AdysMentalPower: here's the keymap i made
05:46.35Adysoptimized for coding and common operations
05:48.26MentalPowerwoot, I know Adys's real name now :P
05:48.33Dottedold news
05:48.36Adyshot, its in my wowwiki profile
05:48.51Adysactually the entire name is not
05:48.55Adysbut its in my digg profile
05:49.12Adyshidden profile
05:49.24MentalPowercan still find you via email
05:49.25Adysgot enough privacy shit with spybook
05:50.34Dotted oh mama
05:51.02Adyslook at me„ I'm using “pointless punctuation”···
05:54.11MentalPowerAdys: thanks for the map, unfortunately, I can't use it. I'm still using the devil from the north's OS
05:54.25Adys:P I got an older one from windows
05:54.34Adysbut uh i dont know where
05:54.42Adysactually maybe i do *searches*
05:55.14Adyswell in any case might be faster redoing it yourself because i dont have the klc anymore :)
05:55.34Adysand i doubt you'd be willing to give up either your A or your W :p
05:57.31Adyswhich makes me wonder why keyboard layouts need to be compiled on windows anyway...
06:00.58DottedMentalPower if you want some lulz get Adys to join wikipedias recent changed irc feed
06:03.30MentalPowersorry, a lot easier to click on the link than to use two slash commands
06:03.45Dottedspammer :<
06:03.57MentalPowerholy shit
06:04.02MentalPowerthis rc feed is insane
06:04.29Dottedyeah i crashed Adys' client by making him join it :P
06:04.41MentalPowermine's still going
06:05.01MentalPowerwhy did his crash tho?
06:05.20Dottedhe says he parses everything said
06:05.44MentalPowerAdys: meaning?
06:06.08MentalPowerDotted: that irc server refuses to respond
06:06.44Dottedforgot the port
06:07.00Dottedthats not as insane tho
06:08.43MentalPoweris wowwiki on that rc?
06:09.12Dotted[07:08:41] [rcbot]: [[Server:Gnomeregan US]] M * Shatterstorm * (-25)
06:09.17*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
06:09.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+v DuTempete] by ChanServ
06:09.39MentalPoweryup saw that one
06:12.24Dottedim off, gonna take a 50 minute nap
06:12.42MentalPoweronly 50minute?
06:13.46Dottedwell i have already slept for 7 hours, and school starts in 2 hours
06:14.24*** join/#wowwiki Nolook (
06:16.57MentalPowerah, fair nuf
06:18.32Dottedyes it is indeed because i dont want to talk to you :D:D
06:19.22Amarandeanyone else get the feeling 2.4.0 was a rush job?
06:20.30AmarandeI don't remember this many bugs with any previous patch I've been around for
06:23.39MentalPowerI don't think it was a rush job, just that the bugs cropped up after launch
06:23.48MentalPowerand some were actually regression bugs
06:23.56MentalPowerwhere it worked in the PTR and broke on live
06:29.26Amarandethe biggest bugs I've noticed are
06:29.52Amarande1) crashiness in Silvermoon, which I think was more because my patch was corrupt (and maybe a lot of people got corrupt patches in that pre-download ...), it worked fine after I deleted patch.mpq and repatched
06:30.02Amarande2) battleground issues, which seem to be battlegroup specific
06:30.12AmarandeEmberstorm battlegroup has reported problems with both AV and WSG
06:30.23AmarandeAV, apparently no one can get in at all, to the point that horde were thinking alliance was boycotting
06:30.41AmarandeWSG has had glitches where a flag will like just, vanish into thin air making the game unplayable
06:42.03AdysMentalPower: My bot logs everything I see on all channels
06:42.25MentalPowermy client does the same
06:42.31MentalPowerdoesn't crash me
06:42.34Adysyeah, but my bot is on the bnc
06:42.47Adysand it has to log through python
06:42.56Adyssince I basically relay all the logs to my bot
06:43.03Adyswhich then logs them to the server locally
06:43.19Adysright now Im in 67 channels
06:43.45Adysjoining the en wikipedia just killed it :P though I disabled logging for servers other than freenode now
06:44.36Adysthat rc feed really is insane :|
06:45.35Adysfires up wireshark to see how fast his 1tb drive can get filled
06:45.55*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
06:45.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
06:48.05AdysDotted: hot, i reverted vandalism with that rc feed
06:48.23Adyshow geeky is that, theres only me and 31 bots in the chan :(
06:50.14Keolah67 channels? Man, and I thought I was a dork.
06:50.52Adysonly 45 on freenode if thats any consolation
06:51.13KeolahI'm only on 16 channels between 3 servers... Well, that _used_ to be around 30 or so...
06:51.27Adysdotted is in more than me i think
06:51.33Adysbut dotted sucks so
06:52.25Adysthat was on moznet
06:52.38KeolahI used to hvae channels for every single group I was in on games, but now I'm not in any anymore.
06:52.49Keolah... except I'm still in no less than five group channels anyway .
06:52.58KeolahIn spite of not having played the games they're on in months to years. :p
06:53.41AdysI wouldnt be on Twatnet if it werent for my server's chan and #mmo-champion
06:53.59Adysneither of them do i ever check either
06:54.45Adyseither way, irc is sucking up way too much bandwidth
07:01.04*** join/#wowwiki Dekster (
07:02.22KeolahI'm an IRCop on a server which is used by so few people that if every single one of us played WoW, we'd not have enough people to do a 40-man raid :P
07:03.03AmarandeHeya Keolah :) How's it going?
07:03.04KeolahIn fact, at the moment, we've never managed to do a 5-man dungeon either :P
07:03.23KeolahNot bad, just uh, finished smelting way too damned much ore ;p
07:03.37AmarandeEnough that you go AFK just waiting for the Quartz cast bar to complete?
07:03.39AmarandeI've done that.
07:03.52KeolahI went and ate some cereal.
07:03.59Amarandewhich reminds me, I need to raise a new miner on Turalyon, since I transferred my old one
07:04.22Amarandemy main's on Quel'dorei now
07:04.25KeolahAnd I worked on my jc's skill a bit as I was sick of using crappy vendor gems.
07:04.43KeolahSo instead I'm using crappy 300-305-jc gems! :p
07:04.48AmarandeI'm trying to remember if you have any characters I might end up having to squish in AV someday. :)
07:05.07KeolahNah, I don't do bg's.
07:05.24AmarandeAhh ok. I was trying to think if you had any in Emberstorm battlegroup but I guess that doesn't matter
07:05.34AmarandeYou're lucky, anyway.
07:05.34KeolahUh, maybe? :p
07:06.02AmarandeTwo of our battlegrounds are bugged
07:06.02KeolahBut never did a bg in my life.
07:06.02Adysfirefox :: 6982 ~ running ~ 74% CPU ~ 2013.9 MiB
07:06.02AmarandeWSG has had a glitch where flags disappear, and AV nobody can get into
07:06.07Adysshould stop trying to load the giant xmls on ff
07:06.10AmarandeWe thought there was an Alliance boycott, but apparently it's a bug
07:06.17KeolahAnd the majortiy of the pvp I've done in general was either "sitting around watching level 70's raid tarren mill waiting for htem to go away so I can turn in quests" and "getting ganked by a level 70 hunter with a snake trap".
07:06.26MentalPowerAdys: err... yeah...
07:06.38Adysits a merged version of 3 of them
07:06.43Adysi wanted to check it for xml errors
07:06.50AmarandeUgh. Hopefully you never had that happen when you wanted to turn in that quest with the spider venom sac that only lasts a half hour
07:07.08KeolahThankfully not.
07:07.16AmarandeYeah, I almost had to go farm a new one of those
07:07.31AmarandeI had my hearth set to TM, just to be safe, I get the sac and I hearth and I find the guy's a fresh corpse on the floor
07:07.49Adyswonders maybe in a few years you'll actually BE able to load those damn big files and you'll laugh at employing the term "big" for just 250mb
07:07.58KeolahAnd today, my bf accidentally disenchanted his gloves instead of enchanting them. Oops.
07:08.25KeolahWhy not to play WoW whne you're tired.
07:09.30*** join/#wowwiki IRCCRICKET (n=irccrick@
07:12.05*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
07:12.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
07:12.13Adysok lol
07:12.23Adysthis was NOT a good idea
07:17.14Pac2722wats that Adys
07:25.15Pac2722dam this there must b an ezyer wat to patch wow comp crashed reloading it all patching have taken 12hr dam this
07:29.52p30nKeolah: in bet u can fix that with a gm ticket
07:30.04p30nPac2722: whats the problem ?
07:33.19*** join/#wowwiki NM|Xinhuan|Guru (i=xinhuan@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/xinhuan)
07:39.33AmarandeKeolah: which gloves were they?
07:39.46Amarandedid you tell him 'epic fail' afterwards, btw? :)
07:44.19*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
08:09.09*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
08:12.38*** join/#wowwiki elaa (
08:20.56*** join/#wowwiki Yilu (
08:32.04*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=Tree@wikia/
08:32.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+v sannse] by ChanServ
08:46.34Pac2722p30n: i have the game work after it was patched but the comp crashed i had to reinstall wow the patch is taking for ever & im getting it from the website
08:47.34Pac2722it's taken over 12hr to getto 12%
09:00.42Adyswho's the asshole who saved that as jpg
09:09.26*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
09:09.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
09:50.36*** join/#wowwiki Dyxxtra (
09:52.24*** join/#wowwiki NM|Xinhuan|Guru (i=xinhuan@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/xinhuan)
09:52.45*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
09:52.45*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
09:58.05*** join/#wowwiki jeremy_reid (
10:11.23*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
10:29.15*** join/#wowwiki Norsken (
10:32.53*** join/#wowwiki sannse_ (n=Tree@wikia/
10:32.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+v sannse_] by ChanServ
10:37.11*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge | MW 1.12 is live - please visit | CVN channel is live at #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | <Hortus> All player models were re-built in 2.4 to increase preformance. This resulted in slight change to the geometry of the female human face.
10:49.17*** join/#wowwiki joakim1 (
10:54.39*** join/#wowwiki Xinhuan (i=xinhuan@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/xinhuan)
10:55.31*** join/#wowwiki Corgan| (
11:00.05*** join/#wowwiki joakim1 (
11:17.48Pac2722has any1 downloaded the new patch from the website im having truble downloading it it's taken over 17hr to get to 17% i still cant play
11:19.13*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
11:19.30Pac2722if so i would like some1 to email it to me if u can
11:20.16*** join/#wowwiki Gymble (
11:20.35Pac2722the patch just hit 18% it's just taken over 17hr to get that far
11:28.18*** join/#wowwiki Telrin (
11:32.05*** join/#wowwiki Zeksie (
11:35.05*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
11:35.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
11:53.20*** join/#wowwiki Oggie (
12:00.14joakim1Pac2722: what internet connection do you have?
12:03.53p30ni just had to
12:03.55p30nsry :(
12:05.33Pac2722iv over done me limit this month by 190% so it's going so slow
12:06.50Pac2722i just asked a friend if he could download it from the website & email it to me he said get stuffed wat a nice friend
12:09.17Pac2722BigPond ADSL Liberty* (12GB) 1500/256
12:09.30Pac2722im an aussie
12:12.16p30nPac2722: dewd, email counts on quota too afaik
12:12.47Pac2722wat ?
12:18.10joakim1get broadband
12:18.23joakim1even though Australia is quite retarded when i comes to technology
12:18.47joakim1i lived there 00-02, and we had AOL, and sorts of shit, while here in Norway they were blesses with Broadband connections :(
12:18.52Pac2722well i am
12:19.57Pac2722im on broadband just went over my limit of 12g & now thay slow it to 64k
12:20.10joakim1LOL WTF
12:20.14joakim1ADSL isnt broadband
12:20.21joakim1is that what they're telling you? (:
12:20.27joakim1and you have a limit? :S
12:20.42joakim1bah that must suck
12:20.57Pac2722lol no we call adsl broadband over here
12:21.05p30nbroadband = unlimited always on FAST net
12:21.12p30nadsl = fast modems
12:21.26p30nand everything assymetric isnt broadband to me
12:22.32p30nvdsl is on the edge to be viable broadband
12:22.42p30nbut it only works short range, like 2-3kilometers
12:22.58Pac2722well i just hit 20% download of the patch it's taken over 19hr to get that
12:23.19p30nyea thats not a good sign
12:23.27p30nchange ISP
12:23.33p30nand download it from some mirror
12:23.51Pac2722i need the patch grrrrrrrrrr
12:23.51p30ntook roundabout 2minutes to download the complete patch for me
12:24.31Pac2722it did the first time but my comp crashed & needed to start over
12:24.56*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
12:25.22Pac2722im getting it down from  now
12:27.20joakim1Pac2722: do you have any friends playing the game?
12:27.24joakim1Copy it from then
12:27.33joakim1or you can use the Blizz downloader, it uses P2P
12:28.48p30nthere are third-party torrent trackers that serves it too
12:28.57p30nthose are usually faster than blizz dwnldr
12:29.15Pac2722not a thing works my friends wont send it to me
12:29.22p30nand yea Pac2722 like joakim1 said, a good idea is to take ur usb-hdd or computer to a friend and copy it instantly from them
12:29.32p30nPac2722: do u live close to the friends?
12:30.00joakim1make them send it by mail :P
12:30.13Pac2722tryed that
12:30.37p30nnot snail-mail huh? :p
12:31.18p30nwhat im trying to say is, if ur having some problems with the net speed cuz u have exceeded ur monthly quota, it will probably not work by e-mail either
12:31.26Pac2722i tryed a net caffe & thay have a block on the patch so u cant download it
12:31.39p30nsince downloading an email is pretty much the same as downlaoding a file from tha intarwebz
12:32.10Pac2722i dont down loafd my email's to my comp
12:32.33p30nwell, download the patch then to same comp u get mail on
12:33.57joakim1p30n: i actually meant RL mail
12:34.21p30njoakim1: yea figured as much, hence the "snail-mail" :p
12:34.56p30nthats what we call RL mail where i live
12:35.00p30nor "snigel-post"
12:35.52Pac2722o well i will just have to wait for it to come down
12:36.05p30nkinda yea.
12:36.14joakim1lol, sverige? p30n
12:36.47p30nnah, im from finland
12:36.57p30nbut i speak swedish since i live in the swedish speaking part of finland
12:37.07p30nand ofc i speak finnish to
12:37.33*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
12:37.46p30nand i listen fluently to many other languages too =)
12:37.53joakim1jævla svensker altså, invaderer Finland med det jævla stygge språket sitt
12:38.18p30nlol, yea but we dont speak the same swedish that the rubbery flat swedos do
12:38.32p30nour swedish is much more fine sounding
12:38.35p30nits kempegrejt
12:38.38joakim1lol sounds worse ^^
12:38.53p30nmorsomt like a mutha
12:39.14joakim1haha Häkkinen spoke swedish on Norwegian television the other day
12:39.25Pac272221% now lol
12:39.28joakim1it sounded like he was giving birth to someone
12:40.24*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
12:40.46p30nhäkkinen dont know swedish
12:40.49p30nhe sux balls at swedish
12:41.19joakim1he does know swedish
12:41.20p30njoakim1: u .no ?
12:41.27joakim1he spoke it on Norwegian television
12:41.30joakim1yeah p30n
12:41.34p30njoakim1: no, he doesnt, not compared to me or the majority of the swede-finns
12:41.55joakim1how well he speaks it or that he does speak it at all?
12:42.16p30nits like "jak tykkker om att pelaa futpåll"
12:42.22p30nthats how häkkinen speaks swe
12:42.26p30ncuz he dont know shit
12:42.49p30npelaa = spela in finnish :)
12:43.02joakim1haha, i thought all of you spoke like that ^^
12:43.07p30nand finns dont know how to say B, they change it for a P instead
12:43.26p30njoakim1: dude, i probably speak more correct and nice swedish than anyone in sweden
12:43.38p30nswedes suck at grammar and speaking correct
12:43.40joakim1oh btw, have you seen that swedish/finnish and it's a really small town and all of them say it sucks because it's in finland?
12:43.59p30nhmm, i dunno what ur talking about
12:44.10joakim1fuck man, really funny :P
12:44.11p30na town in finland where ..... ?
12:44.15p30nis it a tvshow ?
12:44.19joakim1border to sweden
12:44.26joakim1no, a feature film
12:44.29p30nup in lappland maybe then ?
12:44.37p30n"populärmusk från vittula" ?
12:44.59p30nis that the one?
12:45.09p30ni know of that movie, and vittula is on the border to sweden
12:45.25joakim1yeah that one
12:45.28joakim1it really owns :D
12:46.05p30nits kinda funy yea
12:46.13p30nsome trivia then
12:46.18p30nVittula is the name of the palce
12:46.25p30nVittu = female genitalia
12:46.33p30nVittula = small version of female genitalia
12:46.36joakim1as in Fitte?
12:46.44p30nyup, and swedish Fitta
12:47.01p30nand vittu is probably the most used curse word in finland too
12:47.12p30nif something goes wrong a finn exclaims "vittu!"
12:47.54p30nit was just too much for him :o
12:48.04p30nand OPs
12:48.13*** join/#wowwiki joakim1 (
12:48.22joakim1bk ^^
12:48.23p30nsry about the "offtopic" convo here, idk if u allow it or not :)
12:48.30p30njoakim1: i thought u fainted or something :p
12:48.30joakim1my Your Freedom session ran out
12:48.44p30nlast line u saw ?
12:48.56joakim1(13:46:43) <p30n> yup, and swedish Fitta
12:49.02p30n14:47 < p30n> and vittu is probably the most used curse word in finland too
12:49.02joakim1fill me in on the rest
12:49.04p30n14:47 < p30n> if something goes wrong a finn exclaims "vittu!"
12:49.12p30nand then u quit
12:49.20Kirkburn|sleepWe can now restore deleted images! :D
12:49.22joakim1haha, but is it an actual town?
12:49.27p30nKirkburn|sleep: nice
12:49.30p30njoakim1: indeed it is
12:50.25joakim1lol :D
12:51.24joakim1sometimes the japanese scare me, that's all ^^
12:52.55joakim1oh btw, i thought Mumin was japanese before
12:52.57joakim1as well as Nokia
12:53.02joakim1they both look and sound japanese
12:53.28p30nmaybe yea
12:53.33p30nbut those are both finnish
12:53.39p30nbut they hit really big in Japan
12:54.01p30nthe finnair plane that flies helsinki - tokyo even have Mumin painted all over it =)
12:54.44joakim1they just love everything that's pink and looks like pedophile-ish in Japan
12:54.44joakim1scares me ^^
12:55.22joakim1p30n: server btw?
12:57.07p30nteh laggjuros
12:57.10p30nteh greekjuros
12:58.07p30ndunno rly, it says FULL on realmlist :p
12:58.09p30nand ye its pvp
12:58.30joakim1im thinking on transferring
12:58.35joakim1im on Dentarg PVP
12:59.06p30ncool, what char and shit?
12:59.12p30ni can recruit u to my uber guild :)
12:59.17joakim1got a prot pala and a rogue, but im gearing up on the paladin for kara
12:59.21joakim1im horde
12:59.26p30ndamn, we be alliance
12:59.30*** join/#wowwiki Srosh_ (
12:59.34joakim1damn you! :p
12:59.42p30nand we are actually looking for another prot pala atm
13:00.04p30nwe are doing ssc/tk, only vashj and kael left, and we havent even tried em yet since we cleared the rest last week
13:00.04joakim1you doing BT?
13:00.21p30nwe are trying to agree on killing vash and kael before we go MH/BT
13:00.25KirkburnWhat's up Dotted?
13:00.32p30nsince the attunements are gone now but...
13:00.44Dottedstill want #wowwiki.rc online?
13:00.53joakim1yeah, but do you need to kill Kael and Vashj to get the phials`?
13:01.14KirkburnDotted, yeah, you could do if you want
13:01.26p30nwell ye, but its only for the title and the quest rings now
13:01.29Dottedim asking if you want, you nub
13:01.31KirkburnDotted, master feed is irc://
13:01.32p30nu can go to BT/MH just like that anyways
13:01.39KirkburnThat includes all Wikia
13:01.44joakim1link to your char?
13:01.46Dottedi know
13:02.24*** join/#wowwiki joakim1 (
13:02.34joakim1i pressed that damned link to wikianet >:<
13:02.46p30ni ahve no idea what ur talking about but im sure ur right
13:03.07p30ndont we have some neat !armory bot in here?
13:03.08joakim1nvm, but can i see your char in the armory?
13:03.10joakim1link/name pls
13:03.13p30ncba looking for my own link :p
13:03.30p30njoakim1: no, my character is the only char in the world that is hidden on armory ^_^
13:03.43p30nSonnycheeba of Phoenix Guard, EU-Genjuros
13:03.48p30nKarsta of Phoenix Guard, EU-Genjuros
13:03.53p30nthose are my 2 "mains"
13:04.10joakim1Karsta of Phoenix Guard is one char?
13:04.50joakim1lol gnome lock :P
13:05.13p30nKarsta and Sonnycheeba are mine yes
13:05.19p30nits a gnome lock and a human pala
13:05.24p30naffliction lock and holy pala
13:05.31p30npure PvE on a pvp server ^_^
13:05.48joakim1that's some sweet gear, i see you still have stuff from kara and questing :P
13:06.19pcjdoes the adamantite in IQD drop the nether dust
13:06.35p30njoakim1: quest gear? like what
13:06.36joakim1ah nice gear on that pala D:
13:06.50joakim1only 1 :P
13:06.59joakim1nvm :P
13:07.04p30nyea well i have an epic i can change it for
13:07.13p30ni use that to get closer to spell hit cap on 25man raids
13:07.27p30nand its not a quest item its a drop :p
13:07.58p30nwtf tard
13:08.37p30nnow im feeling nauseous  
13:10.04joakim1it's spelled nautious
13:11.11*** join/#wowwiki Tavil (
13:11.11pcjno it's not
13:11.23joakim1not g nauseous
13:12.00p30nnauseous = correct
13:12.01joakim1or nvm
13:12.10joakim1spank me im bad :1|
13:12.14p30nno need
13:12.42joakim1ok, mental spank
13:15.30sacarascstabs joakim1
13:15.33DottedFisker- lugter af tis
13:15.57joakim1Dotted lukter gnom
13:16.25Dottedi smell like a gnome?
13:17.03joakim1yes, dirty
13:20.14*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
13:23.23*** join/#wowwiki Fck (n=noway@
13:26.08*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
13:27.12joakim1.. *fert*
13:29.54*** join/#wowwiki elaa (
13:43.34p30nwhats "fisse" ?
13:43.40p30nsame as vittu i guess?
13:47.54*** join/#wowwiki w1sk (
13:48.27Dottedthe non-cat way
13:49.42p30nas in finnish, vittu
13:49.55p30nbut we weant thru this genitalia lingo already today :)
13:49.58p30nenuff is enuff
13:55.43*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
13:56.58Osekirkburn lol
13:57.11DottedKirkburn im up to 3 working drivers now, 2 of them with proper performance \o/
14:11.42pcjgolf clubs?
14:12.44pcjso kirkburn when are the extensions being turned back on
14:15.05Oseis DNP?
14:17.58KirkburnTo the letter of the policy, perhaps, but Blizz isn't bothered by that
14:18.18Kirkburnpcj, asking
14:20.06*** join/#wowwiki TheOther|Away (
14:21.03Oseirc:// is certainly quiet
14:21.15Osebad link...
14:21.24Oseworks though
14:24.10KirkburnWhy %23 instead of # ?
14:32.26OseI right clicked a link and pressed ocpy link location
14:37.41*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
14:45.13*** join/#wowwiki TheOther|Away (
14:47.03KirkburnOse, ah, k
14:51.16*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn)
14:51.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
14:52.58Kirkburnlulz, I start encrypting my downloads, and suddenly the download speed shoots up
14:53.05KirkburnTake that, Virgin Media.
14:57.23*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
15:22.23Osespell Miscelaneous for me ploxx
15:23.02Osekirkburn ur british you know
15:23.32Kirkburn*sigh* @ useless ctrl+c
15:24.18*** join/#wowwiki pcj (i=pcj@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:24.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
15:24.40*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:24.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_2] by ChanServ
15:33.54KirkburnY'know, WoWWiki really seems to hate its users ... it's decided to list our Wikia alter egos on listusers again
15:36.18KirkburnNo physically effect, just gives the wrong names
15:36.37KirkburnEach username has an id, that page is using the Wikia ones instead >_<
15:36.53KirkburnOnce again, I am ShinOno
15:39.25*** join/#wowwiki Guardix (i=martin_j@
15:42.41pcji blame wikia
15:42.56Dottedyou should never have moved :P
15:44.15KirkburnWhen the user db merges, it obviously won't happen again
15:44.41KirkburnBtw I do remind you to secure your Wikia username now, if you haven't already
15:44.47*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
15:44.57KirkburnSo ... I'm looking at the Monaco dark skin atm
15:45.21pcj...They made a Monaco Dark skin?
15:45.31Osebye bye, going skiing for the weekend :D
15:45.45Kirkburnpcj, yup
15:45.52KirkburnIt's being based off WoWWiki
15:45.58pcjWow, that's so clever of them
15:46.05KirkburnAnd it looks great :)
15:46.07pcjDid you tell them my idea or did they come up with it themselves
15:46.19KirkburnI suggested it, yes
15:47.44KirkburnRecognisably WoWWikian, though ours will have a few tweaks - currently it lacks yellow highlights. Dunno whether we need those anyway, though.
15:48.33pcjwill it incorporate the W stamp?
15:49.00KirkburnGood question, but apart from the favicon, there's not much space for it
15:49.53Kirkburn ... using the WoWWiki logo makes more sense anyway
15:50.35pcjMeh, I'm more fond of the stamp
15:50.41pcjIt's more original :P
15:54.37KirkburnActually, taking a look at monaco dark, it's a pretty good facsimile of the site theme
15:55.23KirkburnThe only bits missing are the very very minor yellow highlights, but there's not really a place for them anyway
15:58.10pcjHow far along are they on it then
16:00.35*** join/#wowwiki joakim1 (
16:03.33KirkburnSneak preview -
16:04.01KirkburnYay image artifacts (that was a high quality PNG pre upload)
16:04.14pcjDefinitely needs yellow highlights
16:04.41*** join/#wowwiki kirby (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
16:04.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v kirby] by ChanServ
16:05.02pcjOr at least some color
16:06.07KirkburnThat's not really the best screenshot to show it off (looks better in person, but can't give you that) ... but I do agree about highlights
16:06.45KirkburnWoWWiki has very little colour itself ... the only highlights are the active tab border and bottom infobar
16:08.13KirkburnAny suggested places for highlights (I'll pass it on)
16:09.09pcjWell, guess that's why I added highlights to my personal wowwiki skin, but the div borders on the left could use them
16:09.19KirkburnGot a screenshot?
16:09.42Dottedoh lawd
16:09.44pcjit's old, but
16:12.31KirkburnPossible to make a new one?
16:13.36KirkburnThis is mine:
16:13.53Kirkburn(yay for screenshot taking addons)
16:16.15pcjThere, updated
16:18.42KirkburnJPG, dude :P But thanks :)
16:20.21pcj there
16:24.18KirkburnK, sent off an email about it, with and pic links
16:26.01*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
16:26.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:28.03DottedKirkburn im a vandal
16:28.20KirkburnSure are :P
16:34.58*** join/#wowwiki pcj_3 (
16:35.08KirkburnThis is pretty cool
16:35.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_3] by ChanServ
16:36.57*** join/#wowwiki pcj (
16:37.44KirkburnI'm tempted to put it on wowwiki, but won't (see popup linked under "Join the movement")
16:38.06Dotted WHAT THE PHUK
16:38.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
16:38.25KirkburnDotted, ?
16:38.42pcjkirkburn tooltips are now supported on monobook
16:38.49Dotted"It's Apple... So..." as a plus
16:38.51Kirkburnpcj, great stuff
16:39.04KirkburnDotted, yeah ... I ignored that bit :P
16:40.10Dottedsomeone teach me how to make the main page widescreen friendly
16:40.38Fisker-that should've been a cross
16:40.46Fisker-not a checkmark
16:40.52Dottedold news
16:40.52Fisker-same with fx
16:41.00Dottedmen du lugter af tis
16:41.02KirkburnDotted, you want the Main Page to go wider?
16:41.06Fisker-du lugter af fisse
16:41.30DottedKirkburn yeah, to fit any resulotion
16:41.51DottedFisker- i det mindste har jeg været i nærheden af en så
16:43.04KirkburnIt's already up to 80em
16:43.04*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
16:43.15Fisker-din mor's gælder ikke Dotted
16:43.40DottedKirkburn just make it fluid instead of fixed
16:44.00KirkburnIt's alreayd fluid
16:44.04KirkburnIt just has a max-width
16:44.07Dottedno it aint
16:44.12Dottedremove it then
16:44.32Dottedhow can i remove it then?
16:44.48KirkburnI'll increase it further, but I don't want it stretching for miles
16:44.54Dottedhow can i remove it then?
16:45.11KirkburnYou can't
16:45.20Dottedthen make it so :(
16:45.32Dottedalthough surely its possible with js :o?
16:45.42pcjit is
16:45.43KirkburnHmm, I can do a CSS class I think
16:46.01KirkburnIf I change the enclosing div to a class, you can override it
16:49.05*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
16:49.34kd3huh... surprised to see this bug again. trying to edit a page while not logged in shows the "confirm your email" message, not the "you must login" message
16:49.56KirkburnOkay, Dotted, it's .mainpage-enclosure ... only implementing it on portals atm, since css won't have propagated
16:50.06Kirkburnkd3, oh, good point
16:50.09Kirkburngoes to trac it
16:51.17KirkburnOkay, added
16:53.13KirkburnI didn't know WoW had dynamic spawning:
16:53.17Kirkburn"The server looks at all of the mobs that are linked (initiates are linked in this case) and as soon as a threshold is passed it kicks in and starts respawning them immediately. Once things cool down, that threshold may never be hit, in which case the dynamic spawning never kicks in."
16:54.09KirkburnPatch 2.4.2 is next apparently
16:56.29Dottednow see that was loads better
16:56.37Dottedthx kirky
17:00.02Kirkburnnp Dotted
17:00.11KirkburnOkay, done to all the portals
17:02.14Fisker-why wouldn't it be next?
17:02.50pcjif it were 2.5 or 3.0
17:02.53KirkburnWhy wouldn't what be next?
17:02.59KirkburnOr 2.4.1
17:03.22Fisker-2.4.1 are reserved for emergency patches
17:03.31KirkburnDotted, I will agree that with the current design, there's not actually much problem it being wider :P
17:03.44KirkburnFisker-, so it is, true
17:05.45KirkburnWhat's your horizontal width Dotted?
17:06.01*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:06.57Kirkburnkk, whenever my monitor gets delivered I should be able to see that :P
17:07.08KirkburnThis one is 1280
17:08.47Dotted i puked
17:18.12KirkburnDotted, can you test the portal page again
17:18.30KirkburnI've increased it further to 100em max-width
17:19.14*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
17:19.19KirkburnOh, in fact, anyway with a very wide screen
17:19.28KirkburnDammit, can't type proper
17:19.54KirkburnOr, in fact, anyone with a very wide screen, check (do a full reload)
17:20.39KirkburnWant to check 100em as a max-width doesn't look weird
17:21.37KeolahI dreamed about killing blood elves again. :S
17:21.51KeolahI think I've been grinding too much Scryer rep :P
17:23.53Dottedmy first ubuntu try epicly failed
17:23.57Dottedit wouldnt boot
17:23.59Dottedat all
17:24.38KirkburnDotted, can you test the portal again, increased max-width to 100em, want to check it looks okay
17:26.52Dottedwell i guess, but its not full width, so i think its crap :P
17:26.54*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
17:28.06Gourrawho do I ask for voice in counter-vandalism channel?
17:28.15KirkburnOkay, min-width is 59em, seems to be the max for 1024x768, max is 100
17:28.15Dottednone you stay quite you!
17:28.20KirkburnGourra, :O
17:55.23Keolah... I got a recipe for a beer to make me fish better? Now i know what Nat Pagle has been drinking heavily...
18:02.43*** join/#wowwiki joakim1 (
18:05.05*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=Tree@wikia/
18:05.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+v sannse] by ChanServ
18:05.21*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=Tree@wikia/
18:21.10*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:21.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:22.37Gourracould someone update the info on {{cost}} with T6 tokens? I have it on but the template is locked
18:26.51kirbypokes Kirkburn :P
18:30.51KirkburnGourra, which bit needs adding?
18:31.03KirkburnJust the section within the T6 comments?
18:32.06*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
18:32.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
18:32.25Kirkburnpokes Gourra
18:32.50Gourrathe whole "of the Forgotten" part
18:33.21KirkburnHope I did it right :)
18:33.49Gourranothing is in the {{cost}} template right now - luckily the "of the Fallen" uses the same icons and begins with the same letter..but no wrist, belt or boots
18:34.52foxlitIt's debatable whether it's desirable to introduce more stuff to {{cost}}
18:47.09KirkburnCan't believe has been redirecting to the community portal for almost a year
18:47.13Kirkburnglares at Adys
18:50.02*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
18:52.54*** join/#wowwiki [1]QforQ (
18:54.00KirkburnAdys, also, careful when deleting stuff -
18:54.08KirkburnYou can't unilaterally delete a valid article
18:57.31laurlyadys is good at unilaterally doing things :)
18:59.41Dottedthe delete was called for tbh
18:59.44Dottedits mac ffs
19:00.18pcjthat would be better as a category
19:04.18GourraKirkburn, I made an error, see the sandbox again
19:04.47KirkburnThis is why I avoid doing this ...
19:05.24KirkburnWhat's wrong there?
19:07.08Gourraduplicates of the 5 first icons, since it calls {{cost|h-fc}} from two different places
19:07.08Gourrathe first from Fallen and second from Forgotten
19:07.33Gourraalso, while you're at it, fix the "c-vc" at "Chestguard of the Vanquished Defender" to "c-vd"
19:08.12KirkburnDude, get it right
19:08.19KirkburnI'm not going to keep updating the template
19:08.43Kirkburn"The job queue length is currently 76,956."
19:08.47GourraYeah sorry
19:11.12KirkburnWell, I'm slightly happier given that it wasn't your mistake, that one :P
19:11.32KirkburnI'll assume it wasn't anyway ;)
19:13.23Kirkburn"The job queue length is currently 101,689." :O
19:17.04*** join/#wowwiki deowen (n=chatzill@
19:25.09*** join/#wowwiki Dekster (
19:28.28foxlitSpeaking to MW developers, it doesn't matter that much
19:34.52KirkburnThat's good
19:35.01joakim1CAKE is a LIE
19:37.52PhotoJimhe LIES for CAKE
19:44.53Kirkburnbleeter, you set off the vandalism monitor :P
19:48.08pcj*WOOOP WOOOP WOOOP*
19:48.11pcjgg bleeter
19:48.14pcjyou set it off again
19:54.13Adys[19:57:34] <laurly> adys is good at unilaterally doing things :)
19:54.37Adysand Kirkburn honestly find me an use for this page :P
19:54.44Adyswe had the category
19:55.27KirkburnThat doesn't mean you can delete stuff without checking with people
20:01.54AdysKirkburn: You did say deleting OBVIOUS stuff is fine, and I did check on irc :P
20:02.15KirkburnWell, Fandy obviously disagrees with your about the obviousness of that article
20:02.27Adysfandy disagrees with anything involving me
20:02.35Adysand zeal :P
20:04.17pcjfandy is just generally disagreeable
20:06.55KirkburnI agree with Fandy on this, btw
20:07.53Adysanyway kirk if you want ill avoid doing adminishtuff, all Im doing mostly is openwdb, i just take care of the obvious :)
20:10.34Dottedin soviet russie the lie is a cake
20:12.40DottedFisker- Fail på Is og Crap-Factor :(
20:12.57Adysif thats a question, lemme answer: yes you did fail
20:13.49KirkburnAdys, I didn't say that, I'm just saying delete stuff that's been requested for deletion, not stuff that catches your eye
20:14.28Adyskirk it was a page that had a total of 4 icons, absolutely no text, and less complete than its own category :)
20:14.43Adysit was obviously useless, and if fandy disagrees he can put it on his userpage honestly
20:15.07Dottedi agree with Adys
20:15.33Dottednot because i hate mac shit
20:22.20Adys[20:38:54] <+Starnes2> User [[User:Normal]] used edit summary "(.)\1{4,}"
20:27.22DottedAdys wut?
20:27.57Adysnothing :(
20:28.22Dottedwhy does everyone try to kill me in dim arena?
20:30.34laurlywhat do you expcet them to do in an arena? invite you for tea?
20:32.43*** join/#wowwiki IRCCRICKET (
20:33.39Dottedi was afk :(
20:33.50Dottedman i failed to kill the razza
20:35.52Pac2722dam the 2.4 patch failed to download last nite o have to start downloading it at 64k net speed :(
20:40.05*** join/#wowwiki KyleH` (
20:57.05*** join/#wowwiki TecnoBrat (
20:57.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+v TecnoBrat] by ChanServ
21:15.58*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
21:15.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
21:17.08AdysDotted what the fuck si that invit
21:20.07Adys[22:14:32] <@NewdleBot> PiecesOfNine, Cravenous, AHA, and Adys have been chosen by the gods to locate the herbs and brew the elixir to rid the realm of the Normonic Plague. Quest to end in 0 days, 23:23:27.
21:20.09Adysthe fuck?
21:23.12*** join/#wowwiki zenos (n=opera@
21:23.22zenosppl i need help
21:23.33Gourrawith what?
21:23.35zenoshow can i down patches from here
21:24.37zenosanyone know?
21:25.35zenosjust one prob
21:25.41zenosi dont have TBC
21:26.06Dottedhow is that a problem?
21:26.47zenosmy friend damaged my CD and i cant install original WoW,so i took his CD and it appears i have all my patches and TBC for enUS
21:27.27Dottedi very much doubt you can install directly into patch 2.4 yet
21:27.39zenoswell thats a prob
21:27.54zenosthe server i play on doesnt yet support it
21:28.25Dottedoh private server, wrong place dude you admit you play on private?
21:29.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!*@89.216.110.*] by Adys
21:29.18*** kick/#wowwiki [zenos!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (
21:29.37Adys4 seconds, damnit, getting slower
21:30.05Adysnext time the tinyurl is a rickroll
21:38.34Adysglad to see other countries also mock our president hehe
21:41.33*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (
21:41.57KirochiOo; Kirkburn, you sexy bog monster you <3
21:42.15*** kick/#wowwiki [Kirochi!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (KIRK IS MINE)
21:42.19Adyslicks Kirkburn
21:42.53*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (
21:42.59Kirochijealous baztehd
21:43.11Adyst'auras Bibi si tu veux
21:43.18Adysil me sert plus a rien de toute facon
21:43.33Kirochidoes he have shiny spikes on the toppa his head too?
21:43.52PhotoJimcomme il devrait :)
21:43.57Kirochiwoot lame
21:44.46Kirochibibi, you in for some "kink panther" positions? is what we use.
21:45.59Gourrathink he is about to throw up
21:46.20Kirochifor the canadian stuff, or izzit about anything else?
21:46.56PhotoJimI have no idea.
21:48.12Kirochigourra, we all know your, somehow rough, views on canadian people and their right to live, but be bold, don't worry, we won't judge you
21:48.45Gourranot canadians, but your "kink panther" position requests
21:51.13DuTempetewoah woah woah!
21:51.21DuTempetestabs Adys
21:51.25DuTempetestabs Kirochi
21:52.50pcjhi dutempete :)
21:52.57kirbyhey DuTempete
21:52.57DuTempetehi pcj :P
21:53.05DuTempetehi kirby!
21:53.13Gourrahi DuTempete :)
21:53.18DuTempetehi Gourra!
21:54.15Kirochihi hat
21:54.39DuTempeteand Adys... wtf with banning a guy for talking about an emu once?
21:54.49DuTempeteYou couldn't have warned him first?
21:54.59AdysIts always been that way
21:55.10AdysI dont know whats up with the sudden "lets change the way its always been"
21:55.17AdysI kick when they talk about it
21:55.21Adysi ban when they confirm it
21:55.22Kirochifo fuj klekecoj fyun u vrexdev enso
21:55.40GourraI see
21:56.14DuTempeteIt hasn't always been that way, at least not recently, and even if it were I'd be upset with it, since I don't think that's very considerate.
21:56.29AdysThe chan rules are in the topic
21:56.41Adysand you cannot find this irc chan without reading the irc page
21:56.41DuTempeteWe aren't going to get banned from WoW for associating with them...
21:56.44Adyswhich links the rules
21:57.01Kirochiwould you kick a frenchman if he talked here and now bout an emu serv?
21:57.09*** kick/#wowwiki [kirby!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (Adys)
21:57.10*** join/#wowwiki kirby (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
21:57.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+v kirby] by ChanServ
21:57.16Adysfuck autocomplete
21:57.19KirochiI knewit
21:57.27Adysmais oui
21:57.28Adyson va dire ca
21:57.50KirochiJ'ai pas d'auto-join, fais-toi plaiz
21:57.57Adysouais, plus tard
21:58.30Kirochiare you in roastbeefland right now?
21:58.44Kirkburnmy IP says yes
21:59.24DuTempeteAdys: "Absolutely no discussion of how to exploit, emulated servers and other matters that break the WoW EULA or ToS, unless directly relating to WoWWiki articles. We will not give you links, and you will likely be kicked from the channel."
21:59.44Kirochidid you miss your fil... er... nice homelands when abroad? Austin's a bit peculiar, I guess
21:59.44DuTempetethere was no discussion... and you *banned* him
22:00.04Adyshow can there be discussion if you wont talk about it?
22:00.32Adysdont be so thick please, talking about it is enough to warrant a kick. theres more people playing on pvs in this chan, but they dont mention it
22:00.55KirkburnI don't recall there being a ban first, ask questions later precedent
22:01.07AdysUh yes there have been
22:01.09Kirochiwell I could do, I like coups de pied au cul
22:01.12KirkburnPreviously we have told people that can't dicuss it here, and they stay, but don't talk about it
22:01.18DuTempetehe was asking about where to get patches
22:01.37DuTempetethat's something that can be discussed w/o it having to be relating to emus
22:02.04Kirkburni.e. don't ban because he /plays/ on a private server, ban because they /discuss/ private servers
22:02.05Adysthats why he didnt have to mention it
22:02.23Gourrahe was actually asking if it was possible to down-patch, which it wasn't
22:02.23d4rkl0wD1337HAI2U GUYZ!!1
22:02.43Adysc'est plus facile a tabcomplete comme ca.
22:02.47d4rkl0wD1337du no wer I kin findz de pathciz fr an emu serv?
22:02.53KirkburnHullo d4rkl0wD1337 (yay for autocomplete)
22:03.05d4rkl0wD1337say, /kick d4rkl0wD1337
22:03.11Gourrahe didn't actually ask for that
22:03.18Gourra(as I read it)
22:03.26DuTempeteNolook, he was just asking about patches
22:03.34DuTempetewhich can be downloaded from mirrors legally
22:03.38d4rkl0wD1337when I changed my nick to d4rkl0wD1337
22:03.41DuTempetedamn autocomplete
22:03.42d4rkl0wD1337I had this message
22:03.43d4rkl0wD1337-NickServ- This nickname is owned by someone else
22:03.43d4rkl0wD1337-NickServ- If this is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>
22:03.50KirkburnHe just wanted a patch, we can't go banning people for what they do in real life, only what they do on #wowwiki
22:04.09AdysThis is seriously thick
22:04.25AdysI ban people for less than that and you havent ever said anything about it until recently.
22:04.29Gourra<zenos> the server i play on doesnt yet support it
22:04.38AdysIt's not like this is a 2500-user chans
22:04.40KirkburnAdys, because I was getting fed up with it
22:04.42Kirochiit's just as if I was banned because I'm a sick stalker in real life, whereas I'm a perfectly nice guy on IRC & WWW
22:05.06Adyshe can find patches on his own, he can avoid saying its a private server, we dont have to support him, no one's gonna say OMG WOWWIKI KICKS ILLEGALLY
22:05.26Kirochium, guys
22:05.27KirkburnWell, I know one person who hates Wikia due to "illegal bans" :P
22:05.29DuTempeteSo you're saying he got banned for being honest?
22:05.30AdysIf you want him back, unban him, send him a mail apology, whatever you want, Im not doing this
22:05.36Kirochiwe've been talking about emu servers for a while
22:05.42Kirochishould I ban all of you ?
22:06.06KirkburnKirochi, hah, not how to use/play on them etc, etc ... your semantic argument fails :P
22:06.11Kirochi(I know, I know, shut up Kiro the grown-ups are talking)
22:06.29DuTempetesends Kirochi to his room.
22:06.36KirkburnWhat grown ups? :)
22:06.41Kirochifact is that I'm already there
22:06.46DuTempeteMe!  I'm a grownup!
22:07.05Kirochistraight from the hip
22:08.51KirkburnAdys, perhaps I am noticing this more these days - but I would think that's due to my working in a community relations fashion for a job, so it becomes more noticeable.
22:10.02AdysMaybe you're also becoming to be like the overbureaucracy of wikipedia you always hated kirk
22:10.31DuTempetemaybe you're just a short-tempered Frenchman who needs his friends to remind him when to let go a little, Adys...
22:10.41Kirochi*stressing Dr. Strangelove music*
22:10.42AdysNo DuTempete sorry you're biased
22:10.54AdysIf people come up in a chan and start saying they play on private servs, 3 mins later they WILL be talking about it
22:11.11DuTempetethen 3 minutes later we warn them if we haven't already.
22:11.23DuTempeteand if they persist, kick them
22:11.28AdysGreat for the ambiance isnt it
22:11.30DuTempeteif they persist beyond that, ban them
22:11.32Kirochinumb nuts or democrats? That is the question.
22:11.50DuTempetethere is an escalating scale of consequences for a reason
22:12.08Kirochione of them being pissed off admins :(
22:12.13AdysWhich reason, the fact you want them around?
22:12.36DuTempetethat's ironic, you being worried about the ambience after just having banned that guy w/o a warning
22:12.53AdysWhy, you think I banned him for just being here?
22:12.55DuTempetethe fact that people don't deserve that kind of snobbery
22:13.00DuTempeteyou did
22:13.25AdysNo, I banned him for saying out loud he played on private servs. it's not like this is a permanent ban, i clear them regularly.
22:13.34*** join/#wowwiki kirby (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
22:13.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+v kirby] by ChanServ
22:13.41AdysAnd he might aswell just rejoin with a different nick or anything
22:13.44Kirochiit's not like he's coming back any time then
22:13.58KirkburnI never remember how to clear bans
22:14.09*** mode/#wowwiki [-bb *!*@89.216.110.* *!*@*] by ChanServ
22:14.11DuTempeteyou banned his IP
22:14.13Adyscs clear #wowwiki ban
22:14.24KirkburnThat clears all bans?
22:14.25pcji played on a private server once
22:15.06Kirochimy mother knows the guy whose cousin has once seen on tv a man who knew a toad who once heard of a private server
22:15.13Kirkburnpcj, cheeky.
22:15.20AdysSeriously, tell him to come back, I dont give a damn. Im trying to keep this chan more moderated than #wow@EFNet
22:15.23KirkburnThat's one very intelligent toad,
22:15.36KirkburnEh, not going to ask him to come, of course not
22:15.39DuTempeteunderstandable, Adys, and appreciated
22:15.48AdysNo lol, not appreciated
22:15.50Adysstop lying
22:16.06AdysEither I moderate harshly or I dont moderate at all
22:16.22AdysThat's a given, its been a year or something since Im here
22:16.32DuTempeteheh are you kidding? I'm one of the pickiest people I know... you're the only person I've met who supercedes me, there :P
22:16.54Kirochidutempete, there's a straw hangin' from your hat
22:16.55KirkburnAnd people should always strive to self-improve, especially if asked to by others
22:17.27AdysWell fine, Im asking you to improve yourself on being harsh.
22:17.48*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
22:18.00DuTempeteI just ask that you listen when we get on your case about being too harsh :P
22:18.00KirkburnWarn before ban, that's all I'm asking, both here and on wowwiki (latter not aimed at you, been trying that for a while)
22:18.19Kirochitotally different matter : Kirkburn, you like watching lil brit'n, I s'pose?
22:18.38Adys*shrugs* as I said, all Im doing here is openwdb, if you want I avoid administrative stuff
22:18.59KirkburnGot some warning templates on wowwiki now -
22:19.11Kirochiyou spelt "waning" wrong
22:19.18KirkburnAgain, not saying that Adys :)
22:19.46KirkburnHow's OpenWDB going btw?
22:19.55DuTempeteanyway... thanks for listening, Adys... I'm going back to that shower I keep forgetting to take...
22:20.06Adysyou cant be going back if you havent gone yet
22:20.16AdysUpdated it yesterday, working on names now
22:20.30Adys btw kirby k
22:20.48KirkburnThe site upgrades shouldn't last too much longer
22:20.51KirkburnMaybe a week or two
22:22.11Kirochihow many kir- have we got here?
22:22.59Adyscapital Ki brings up kirk
22:23.01Dottedoh lord here i am making a parser for infobot
22:23.10Dottedbut it doesnt log nick changes
22:23.14Adyschanges some configs
22:23.21Dottedor quits
22:23.33Dottedactually quits and parts are treated the same
22:23.57Adysi told you infobot's logs suck
22:23.58Dottedand it doesnt log /me's either
22:24.17Dottedwell they are better than no logs
22:24.30KirochiI've been considering a nick change for a while now
22:24.40Kirochi...ever since I picked up Kirochi, I guess
22:25.46KirochiI stumbled upon a lot of'em, but still none satisfies me more than "MoaningMyrtle777"
22:28.04Kirochihey, I was kidding
22:28.26Kirochidon't you dare approach me with that chainsaw, you chimps! No ! AAARRGHHH
22:56.30KirkburnMoaningMyrtle ....
22:57.14AdysMorning kirk but my name's Adys
22:57.21KirkburnDude, I don't want to know if you haunt a toilet in a girls' bathroom on the second floor
22:57.37*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge | MW 1.12 is live - please visit | CVN channel is live at #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | <@Kirkburn> Dude, I don't want to know if you haunt a toilet in a girls' bathroom on the second floor
22:58.01AdysLacking the quote updates, topics do the job
23:00.42*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
23:00.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
23:05.14*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
23:05.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
23:07.12*** join/#wowwiki joakim1 (
23:07.13*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Home (
23:09.41*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
23:10.11KirochiI actually spend more time in the girls' bathroom at school than in the boys'
23:10.56Kirochi <= tiens adys, une pute qui offre ses services sur facebook, s'pour toi
23:11.16AdysTu trouves tu gardes
23:11.24Dottedshut it
23:12.31Kirochimais non, c'est une pouffe de féministe qui est en faveur d'un sexe "propre", du refus de l'objectification de la femme, etc. Ca me dégoûte
23:12.45Adysm'en fout, tu trouves tu gardes
23:13.00Adys"Friends: Sophie Marceau"
23:13.22Kirochimoi j'ai roi heenok et sarko dans mes friendz
23:13.39Adysm'en fout, tu trouves tu gardes.
23:14.43AdysFucking hell, Opera
23:14.59Adystheir linux build is screwed up
23:15.15Adyslingogi one anyway
23:16.30Kirochi... you actually run linux...
23:16.37KirochiWhat are you, a server?
23:18.42Kirochishit, I just clicked
23:18.53KirochiI was warned, though
23:22.46*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
23:22.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
23:28.33winkillerI know that tune
23:36.49*** join/#wowwiki [FLT]Kirochin (
23:39.18Kirochiyou felt lost without me, didn't ya?
23:40.11*** join/#wowwiki [Liquidor] (
23:45.53*** part/#wowwiki theurge14 (
23:58.00pcj~seen kirochi
23:58.03infobotkirochi is currently on #wowwiki. Has said a total of 2 messages. Is idling for 18m 45s, last said: 'you felt lost without me, didn't ya?'.
23:58.11Adysway to kill the chan
23:58.32*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (
23:58.46Kirochianyway, I'm MoaningMyrtle777
23:58.56pcjur mom was moaning
23:59.13KirkburnHow to find out the weather:
23:59.52pcjIs that picture updated in real time?

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