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03:36.28Max__hey everyone i have quit wow!
04:40.34pcjand #wowwiki...
04:42.42Amarandeany meta gems that have +spell dmg?
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06:09.39Keolah <-- this item is "Unique", why does the image show somebody wielding two of them? :p
06:22.12KalrothConsidering the picture is from a login screen, with a tauren in full Wrath gear, I think you can safely assume that it's either from an emulated server or from a modelviewer of some sort
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06:27.47KeolahI can also wonder why a _tauren_ would be wielding a dagger of primary interest to rogues, too. ;p
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08:29.08laurlyping pcj
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10:42.51Adyslaurly: pong
10:43.03laurlyhey adys
10:43.21Adysthat wasnt today
10:44.25laurlyput a huge post on VP about npc bot. let them chat about it while im away
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10:55.33Chuc1i thought this channel was broke..
10:55.55Adysyou dont have to talk when you're on irc
10:56.10Chuc1yeah, but im bored
10:56.35AdysDoesnt mean others have to talk :)
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11:05.41Chuc1some ppl at my work are trying to make a wiki page for all of our documentation, & they decided to make it un-editable by all but like 3 ppl
11:05.54Chuc1defeats the purpose
11:08.21Fisker-beep beep
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12:55.25jeremyreidlol hi guys how do i registee
12:55.47pcj /msg nickserv help register
12:56.42jeremyreidright why is not alot of people talking?
12:56.51pcjit's early
12:57.07jeremyreidim from england tho so it aint for me lol
12:57.15jeremyreid1pm here lol
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15:38.11mxswow. Just wow. ... WoW patches are, apparently, warez-releases now. (and that's on a rapidshare link, too ...)
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15:41.50mxswow. Just wow. ... WoW patches are, apparently, warez-releases now. (and that's on a rapidshare link, too ...)
15:42.13equiraptorYou're repating yourself.
15:42.29mxssorry, had thought it went into thin air when net connection vanished :)
15:43.20mxsthen again, I might've remembered that this goes over the ipv6 connection. Whoops.
15:43.51equiraptorheh :)
15:59.52foxlitVillage pump takes ages to load :/
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17:07.32Dottedmxs whats warez over that? is legit afaic
17:08.32Dottedand rapidshare links doesnt mean its warez
17:08.51Dottedand 0day just means its less that 24 hours old
17:09.00Dottedso i ask, where is the warez?
17:09.23Dottedalso it doesnt follow scene naming of releases
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17:11.08Dottedheck is a WoW patch only site
17:11.28Dottedkicks mxs hard in his balls.
17:11.36Arthenikhey guys, im a noob with the api and i need help creating a button, preferably using eepanels, if possible
17:12.23Artheniki want the button to hide an addon and show an another, so two toggles should be enough, but i cant find the mouse click event
17:12.40pcjsee topic
17:12.43pcjask in #wowi-lounge
17:12.47Arthenikarrgh, right
17:12.53Arthenikim also a noob at irc :P sry guys
17:13.09Arthenikhave a nice day :)
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17:45.46AdysI think this ought to be shared
17:47.49pcjthank you
17:47.56Adysnp sucker
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18:13.40mxsDotted: oh, I actually meant the practice of tagging filenames with domain names (a VERY warezy move), .url files in a zip that serves no other purpose than transporting that .url file, and the application of "0day" to game updates.
18:14.10Dottedthats not a warezy move
18:14.21mxsDotted: I'm aware what is (a site named that way exclusively to land at the top of wowwiki's patch mirror list, with really obnoxious ads :)
18:14.33mxs(from the guy that always pushed his links to the top :)
18:15.03mxsactually, that is a warezy move. Show me one legitimate mirror site that puts their url in the filename :>
18:15.21mxs(and I'll show ya 10 warezy sites that do :> )
18:15.34mxsah well. Pet peeves are fun.
18:16.24mxson a brighter note, my Deathcharger's Reins finally dropped :)
18:17.29Dottedbut no it isnt a warezy move
18:17.41Dottedwell a wannabe warezy move perhaps
18:18.50mxsI don't mean to imply they are a warez site
18:18.53mxsjust that they behave like one
18:19.01mxsand a bad one at that :)
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18:29.30Adyshow about we consider numbers as their letter equiv :)
18:30.52Adyskd3 ?
18:31.33Adyssee above
18:31.45kd3oh, lol
18:31.49kd3works for me
18:31.52foxlitI don't see the benefit :)
18:32.19AdysWell first it'd solve the whole "do numbers come before or after letters" problem
18:32.44Adysand second it'd avoid alphabetic ranking "optimization", whether its intended or not
18:33.11Adysworks for me
18:33.19foxlitso why doesn't
18:33.36Adysdid you read what i just said?
18:34.03Adysbesides, awowpatch comes after a lot of potential sites
18:34.10Adys0day is just pushing it
18:34.29Adysi'd remove dumbness like that.
18:34.39Adysi might be neutral but I'm not a sucker :)
18:34.51mxscould just define numbers as coming after a-z
18:35.08Adysthats just controversial
18:35.17mxsI never changed the order, and I fully expect that IF the rules are changed, philson will go and register
18:35.35AdysThat's fine by me, i'd remove the site
18:35.38foxlitI don't see why you would even want to go involved
18:35.39Adysif this is done
18:36.13mxspet peeves :) patch site is pretty much the only one I edit on ww
18:36.41AdysI dont care whether someone comes on and tries to optimize his ranking etc
18:36.51Adysthe whole alphanumeric thing is a valid point
18:37.31foxlitNot really
18:37.41foxlit"Adys: I dont care whether someone comes on and tries to optimize his ranking etc"
18:37.41AdysYes it is
18:37.48foxlit"Adys: i'd remove dumbness like that."
18:37.51Adyscomes on irc
18:38.46AdysI dont know mxs
18:39.02Adysnor have i followed ANYTHING on the patchmirrors thing, i havent even visited this page since last year
18:39.23mxsit's reaonably self-regulated atm
18:39.39Adysbut putting numbers before the site name is just as valid of a point as the whole subdomain thing
18:39.55mxssubdomains don't count for ordering
18:40.00mxsnever have, iirc
18:40.06Adysthey used to
18:40.09Adyshence why we removed it
18:40.15AdysAnd yes, if the guy starts to go "aaapatch" etc ill remove it
18:40.38AdysBecause we are not wikipedia?
18:40.45Adyspolicy is help up by humans, not by suckers
18:40.49mxsI don't think so, my domain never got sorted on top (and it starts with a.), though I think there was some issue with the 4gamers-stuff and another wow-patch site on a subdomain of 4players
18:40.51AdysI thought that was clear
18:41.01foxlitFix the spelling error
18:41.46foxlit"help up by humans"?
18:42.13Adyswiki policies != computer programs
18:42.29Adyswe set it up as a guideline, and if people try to go around it, they get banned
18:42.51Adyswhether what they did was "not taken care of by the policy" or not
18:43.02foxlit(a) We don't ban people for breaking guidelines.
18:43.22AdysYes, so?
18:43.22foxlit(b) I sure as hell hope we only ban people for breaking actual policies
18:43.34foxlitNot "What Adys thinks the policy is this second"
18:43.37AdysI didnt say we banned people for breaking guidelines
18:43.50AdysWe ban people for breaking policies or trying to circumvent them
18:43.50foxlit"we set it up as a guideline, and if people try to go around it, they get banned"
18:43.59Adysyou perfectly understand this
18:44.26foxlitYes, I do.
18:44.56AdysWell then why do you have a problem with treating numeric chars as words?
18:45.11foxlitBecause it's (a) arbitrary (b) stupid (c) doesn't solve the problem.
18:45.17*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
18:45.25Adysits certainly not arbitrary
18:45.30foxlitYour actual solution to the problem is "I'll decide if they're gaming the system, and if so, ban them"
18:45.37foxlitThe rest is fluff.
18:45.45AdysI wont decide
18:46.02foxlit"Adys: i'd remove dumbness like that."
18:46.04Adysbut if someone goes Im not gonna let myself be thought of as an idiot
18:46.17foxlitThat counts as a decision.
18:46.19Adysand if you will, Im sorry foxlit but you shouldnt be admin
18:46.32Adysthat comes from the one who requested your adminship
18:46.59Adysif it was up to following policies letter for letter, word for word there wouldnt be any admin
18:47.20Adysadmins are here to solve controversy and make decisions
18:47.29foxlitThe policy you're suggesting is "whatever I think is right"
18:48.13Adysno, what I suggest is exclusively treating numeric values as words
18:48.32*** join/#wowwiki KyleH`` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
18:48.35Adysbecause there are legit websites that dont game the system yet start with numbers
18:48.46Adysand it could perfectly be one for all i know
18:48.49foxlitSo why do you want to move them?
18:48.53mxsto be fair, the indication that 0daypatch is borne out of wanting to be first in the list is clear when you look at what that site was named prior and philson's account history ;)
18:48.57foxlitAnd why the first-letter basis?
18:48.59Adysto avoid this kind of situation.
18:49.13foxlitWhy not move 0-9 beyond a-z entirely?
18:49.20foxlitIs 11 "oneone" or "eleven"?
18:49.28mxs4players and 4fansites on the other hand have those names for entirely different reasons
18:49.33foxlitWhy even bother?
18:49.42Adysfoxlit, again
18:49.49Adyspast the policy, admins are here to make a decision
18:50.02Adyswe're not here to ban people breaking it
18:50.09*** join/#wowwiki KyleH`` (
18:50.18Adyswe're here to decide who actually breaks it or not when someone does but it's unclear
18:50.44Adysand Im sorry but if you dont see as policy circumvention you are a bad admin, thats all i say
18:51.24AdysI'll talk to kirk about it he'll decide
18:51.32Adysit's not like I CARE about this you know?
18:51.43foxlitSo why don't you make a vote somewhere?
18:51.45Adysas i said, i havent been on this page since 2007
18:51.55foxlitI still don't see the pressing need for an assertive decision
18:52.07AdysWho said it was a pressing need?
18:52.23foxlitYou're involved.
18:52.45AdysI wouldnt like to be in 2010 and still havent decided about this yeah
18:53.02foxlit_Nobody else cares._
18:53.05Adysbut I dont give two pennies about when this gets decided honestly
18:53.14foxlitIt seems, at least
18:53.26AdysWell if mxs brought it up it's because he cares
18:53.34Adysim the last person to care about it dude
18:53.58foxlitSo let him post the proposal up somewhere and go from there? :)
18:54.00AdysI propose a solution to a potential problem you take it as if it was your site
18:54.05mxsI brought it up in conversation about the site and a comment as to its filenames, I thought the reason for that site's name was common knowledge
18:54.47foxlitmxs: is it a problem? :)
18:55.07Adysit's a potential problem either way
18:55.14foxlitNote the lack of "Adys:"
18:55.16mxsfoxlit : objectively possibly, since pretty much the worst possible mirror is listed first (usability-wise)
18:55.20mxsbut I'm biased anyway
18:55.58Adysfoxlit, yeah, why are you asking someone who actually has a site up there, when you got next to you an admin who never visited the page since half a year?
18:56.23foxlitAdys: because it turns out he brought it up?
18:56.49Adysjust let kirk decide now
18:56.52foxlitAdmins are a minority, and should generally not interfere in day-to-day affairs unless there's a pressing need.
18:57.08foxlitThere doesn't seem to be one, so I'm actively suggesting that we handle this without decreeing things?
18:57.42AdysIf there was a pressing need, id have put it up on the policy page half a hour ago
18:58.07AdysI did NOT say "no vote", I did NOT say "do it now", I did NOT say "this has to be done that way"
18:58.13mxsfoxlit : Then again, admins are the impartial guys and gals. I can't in all honesty propose change of policy, since I could be thought to have conflicting interests :)
18:58.45AdysNow minor decisions dont and shouldnt involve a vote
18:59.03mxs(and no, I don't really care as to the ordering of my own sites, I care more about the usability of the resulting page -- but others might think differently :)
18:59.13AdysI consider this a minor decision but as i said, let kirk decide
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19:01.10Oseso, what's up?
19:01.25Oseis back from a week @ teh skiz
19:01.28mxsose : no patch files in sight yet :(
19:09.52Ose bullshit?
19:15.37Adysand thirdly
19:15.45Adyswhat he thinks is old outland is just a dev being bored
19:15.55Adysits in no way a testing zone, anyone with a mapviewer can see
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19:49.53Ose lul
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20:01.38Osewhy isn't image thumbnails fixed yet?
20:02.15Adysthere could be a hundred reasons for it, first one that comes to my mind is that theres other stuff to do first
20:02.26DottedOse years behind :P
20:02.49Osehas been away for a week
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20:15.07Oseinfobot, dance
20:15.08infobotSir! Too much booty in the pants, sir!
20:17.34Oseinfobot, dance
20:17.34infobotSir! Too much booty in the pants, sir!
20:17.45Osedoesen't work :(
20:21.22kd3oh wow. I showed up in teomyr's logs
20:31.22Adyswhois abuse is just awesome
20:31.53Adys for all of them
20:36.15Osegeif idea for funnay user tempalt to maek
20:37.12Adys{{User whines too much about wikia}}
20:39.45Osesomeone should program a bot to automatically translate any french sentences said in this channel...
20:40.30foxlitoui oui
20:41.51Ose<frenchbot> foxlit said: yes yes
20:45.05*** join/#wowwiki Amberrock (
20:50.34Osewill copypaste when he returns
20:53.56Ose01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 00111010 00101111 00101111 01110111 01110111 01110111 00101110 01110111 01101111 01110111 01110111 01101001 01101011 01101001 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 00101111 01000001 01111001 01101100 01100101 01101001 01100100 00100000 00111101 00100000 01001100 01001111 01001100 00100001
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21:05.14Adysencrypting messages in binary is so 2001
21:05.22Adysmd5, bitch!
21:06.12AdysOse:  f4624b1b926689de5c861320be47a7cc
21:06.48kd3meh. I'll stick with 2ROT13, thanks
21:09.16foxlitzomg, 924.9 dps!
21:11.23ralfWORKah k
21:11.27foxlitWell, Azgalor
21:11.30foxlitIn my excuse :)
21:17.01foxlitcircumvention is a crime
21:33.37Adys(10:33:28 PM) Teomyr / Simon Veith: "oooh, look how big my encoding is"
21:33.56*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || || Maintenance over - ping Kirkburn if any issues! | (22:33) Teomyr / Simon Veith: "oooh, look how big my encoding is"
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21:34.59TeomyrAdys: bastard :P
21:35.32*** topic/#wowwiki by Teomyr -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || || Maintenance over - ping Kirkburn if any issues! | Adys (22:33:07) seriously, if I learn base64 its to dig chicks while Im at google.
21:37.18AdysIn other news Teomyr, you need to update the quotes
21:37.49Teomyrgood idea
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21:40.32AdysHi DuTempete :)
21:40.41Teomyrhey DuTempete :)
21:40.54DuTempeteYou haven't been around, lately!  I've missed you :(
21:41.11AdysTeomyr: Dont trust that, I dont paste you all she says about you
21:41.12Fisker-why would anyone want to be at google of their own free will?
21:41.22Adyshey steve
21:41.31Fisker-hey whatshername
21:41.47TeomyrDuTempete: i'm sorry :/
21:41.55DuTempeteYou had better be.
21:41.56Fisker-it's Eric Schmidt now
21:42.00AdysDuTempete: He isnt, I dont paste you everything he says
21:42.00DuTempeteWhat have you been up to?
21:42.44AdysFisker-: you must really hate that guy, i mean, i hate ballmer, but schmidt works both at google AND apple
21:43.02Fisker-OH GOD
21:43.37TeomyrDuTempete: school, and during the last week i got new furniture for my room which involved throwing out lots of my old stuff :P
21:45.02DuTempeteHow is school, Teomyr?
21:45.21Teomyrgetting more difficult
21:45.32Teomyri chose physics as one of the two main subjects
21:45.49Teomyrwhich, well, turned out to be a bad choice :P
21:46.27DuTempetehow difficult would it be for you to change it?
21:46.46Adysresists a |--------------| joke
21:49.03Teomyri would have to repeat this year
21:49.38Teomyrand considering i don't really know what to choose instead, i won't change it
21:50.05DuTempetesounds like you had better learn to get better at physics :P
21:50.30Teomyryeah :P
21:50.40AdysCmon, physics are fun
21:50.42DuTempetewhat do you find so difficult about it?
21:51.11Teomyrit's not exactly difficult
21:51.15Teomyri tend to be lazy
21:51.22Teomyrit started out very easy this year
21:51.41Teomyrand i was like "oh, piece of cake"
21:51.43DuTempetelol silly
21:51.55Teomyri'm not the only one though :P
21:52.23Teomyrand in the most important subjects i score very well
21:52.38DuTempetewell that's good
21:53.12pcjphysics sucks almost as bad as calculus
21:53.33DuTempeteI really want to take some calculus
21:53.46DuTempeteI've only done a little pre-calc in high school
21:54.38pcjcalc 1 is ok, calc 2 sucks, calc 3 is pointless
21:55.03Adysbleh wtb any remotely decent sciences school in this town :)
21:56.29AdysWe only really have three towns in france for good science teaching, bit more if you count swiss
21:56.54Adyswell if you're serious about it anyway
21:57.11*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
21:57.17Adyscorgan you suck
21:57.57Adysfeared the channel was getting a bit too mature
21:59.09pcjnot while you're here
21:59.36Adys~seen adys
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22:02.29Fisker-we got PWNT
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22:16.59AdysUp his what?
22:17.00DuTempetepcj, what do you need Kirk for?
22:17.12pcjhe said he was going to be gone for the weekend, not monday too
22:17.19DuTempetehe'll be home tomorrow
22:17.40DuTempetewhat do you need?
22:18.45DuTempeteThink you can suck it up and ask Fandy? :P
22:19.16pcjwhy would i need a bureaucrat
22:19.33AdysHe really only needs cyber
22:22.00pcjwhat was that page he set up to propose new namespaces
22:22.48pcjoh its just on vp
22:22.54DuTempetewouldn't it be on the votes list?
22:23.08DuTempeteor on the namespaces page?
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22:37.14DuTempetehi PanSola :)
22:39.58equiraptorI want my car back.
22:40.05equiraptorI desperately want my car back.
22:40.32equiraptorIt's at the dealer getting a transmission issue fixed. I'm stuck in a Mazda 3 in the mean time.
22:40.59kd3I rather enjoy my 3
22:41.00equiraptorYeah, ok, the Mazda 3 ain't bad for being a slushbox, mushy, FWD sedan...
22:41.06equiraptorBut it's a MUSHY FWD SEDAN.
22:41.19equiraptorMy car is a racing setup MX-5. I drive it on the street as a daily driver.
22:42.00equiraptorI.. uh... I like twichy, stiff, RWD cars that oversteer at a twitch of a foot.
22:42.23equiraptorThe Mazda 3 has great turn-in and good feel - Great turn in.
22:42.27kd3my 3's a lot better than  the grand am I used to drive. I still only have to think changing lanes and it does
22:42.41equiraptorIt's also very easy to correct understeer through a hard corner.
22:42.51equiraptor*nod* That's the good turn-in.
22:43.30equiraptorThe one I'm in is the very, very base. 2.0, automatic
22:43.55equiraptorI have to get that engine to 5k rpm for the car to have any guts. And I'm coming from a Miata - it's not like I'm expecting a ton of acceleration.
22:44.18equiraptorAnd even with the manual override on the automatic, the car just does not have enough gears for me to be able to keep it in the revs I need.
22:45.31equiraptorAnd I'm torturing that transmission. I can tell.
22:45.36equiraptorThen again, I tortured my own car.
22:46.01kd3thus why it's in the shop with an xmission issue?
22:46.04equiraptorTo give you an idea of how hard I am on my car: The transmission fluid is supposed to be changed every 30k miles. When we drained it at 15k, it was far dirtier than it should have been.
22:46.12equiraptorNo, that's actually a manufacturing issue.
22:46.26equiraptorThey screwed up the 3/4 shifter fork on the early 2006 MX-5s with 6MTs.
22:47.03equiraptorOn the "normal" fluid that was in there, I should be changing it probably every 10k miles. Three times as often as a "normal" MX-5.
22:48.03equiraptorBlah, ranting about that really helped. Believe it or not.
22:48.23kd3eh, it usually does
22:48.57equiraptorThe 3 really is a good car, for what it's supposed to be. A base 3 is just not a good replacement for a modified Miata.
22:49.12kd3not by any stretch of the imagination
22:49.36equiraptorMaybe I'll make my boyfriend let me drive his car.
22:49.39equiraptorOr steal my mechanic's.
22:49.56equiraptorThe last time I went by the shop, my mechanic's key was in his car. He has a turbocharged Miata.
22:50.50equiraptorYeeeeeaaah. I've gotten to drive it a few times.
22:51.01equiraptorNice setup, he has. It'd be a good substitute for mine. ;)
23:13.45AdysI updated
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23:27.15Fisker-in b4, during and after datamining
23:30.28Adysgot a problem with that Fisker- ?
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23:37.28foxlitAdys writes for mmo-, spoiler end.
23:37.50Adysi always forget that one
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