IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080321

00:18.50foxlitHm, I wonder if Adys is asleep
00:21.55Sky2042you mean the fact that he shut up or something?
00:31.06pcjOr something.
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02:22.09Pemlkany one can help me ?
02:22.43infobotDon't Ask To Ask. Just ASK
02:23.01Pemlkis that i have a update in mpq how i can extract it ?
02:23.33pcjput it in the main wow directory and run bnupdate.exe
02:24.15Pemlkand if i don`t have the bnupdate.exe ?
02:24.37pcjuh your wow install is corrupt then
02:25.11Pemlksry this not a posible i have instaled from a cd-rom
02:25.28pcjthen you should have bnupdate.exe
02:27.21Pemlki will try re-install
02:27.38pcjwell try running a .exe patch
02:27.43pcjthat should create bnupdate.exe for you
02:31.35Pemlkdone i will try
02:32.11Pemlkpcj now the erro is There is no patch file to apply.
02:32.24Pemlkneed rename the wow-partial-1.MPQ ?
02:32.31pcjrename the patch to wow-patch.mpq
02:32.38pcjbut if it's a partial patch it won't work
02:33.00Pemlkthe erro is The file "Localization.xml" could not be loaded.
02:33.14pcjare you using enUS localization
02:33.48Pemlkhow i fix that ?
02:33.55pcjis the patch enUS
02:34.25Pemlki think yes...
02:34.35Pemlki have download all in the one site
02:34.45pcjwell it's probably because it's a partial patch
02:35.11Pemlkokay i will re-download
02:40.58Pemlkmy wow version is 2.0 and the patch is 2.3.3 :S
02:41.45pcjuhh 2.3.3 wasn't distributed over the background downloader
02:41.48pcjdo you mean 2.3
02:43.12Pemlki have downloading here but i will use de background downloader
02:53.25Amarandeaw, I want :(
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03:24.14KeolahWhat's the policy on outdated strategy sections?
03:25.41pcjWell, either say something like "Prior to patch 2.x, it was like this"
03:25.59pcjor if it's something so dramatic (like the Honor system) move it to its own page
03:26.13pcjor if it wasn't replaced add {{removedfromgame}}
03:26.38Keolah[[Emissary Roman'khan]] is no longer a raid boss and can now be readily taken down by a pair of level 60 chars, but while it mentions this, it still has a strategy section talking about the raid boss ;p
03:27.06Keolah(and its also still in the raid boss template, and all its quest rewards mention as being from a raid)
03:27.20Keolaher, navbox, whatever the thing is.
03:27.27Amarandewell, this sucks :|
03:27.39Amarandetwo of our guild's 70's left to join a raid guild
03:28.13AmarandeI wish them well, but now all we have for 70's is one healer and a bunch of DPS *sigh*
03:28.45KeolahMake a prot warrior alt.
03:29.20AmarandeI have a prot warrior, she's like level 11
03:29.59KeolahLeveling time! ;P
03:30.06LukianAmarande, hardly prot :p
03:30.57KeolahI'm going to have to actually make an account sometime, aren't I :p
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04:04.02Amarandeok, is this tale I hear of epic flying being reduced to 2500g in 2.4 true or rumor?
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04:05.18KeolahI didn't see any mention of it in the patch notes.
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04:23.59kd3hortus has been banning people from the forums for posting about it
04:24.15kd3it's not happening until we get 375 riding, which isn't going to be any time soon
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04:27.49Hojimachongcurse you Kirkburn...
04:29.36DuTempetewhat did Kirkburn do, now, Hojimachong ?
04:29.49Hojimachonggo to sleep
04:29.53Hojimachongsleep is for weaklings
04:30.07Amarandewhat's 375 riding going to do, anyway? :)
04:30.39HojimachongAmarande: You know those wings on Malefic raiment?
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04:31.22DuTempetewell, I certainly agree that his timing is horrid, but the man needs his sleep :P
04:32.16Hojimachonguh oh
04:32.19HojimachongChris Hansen is here
04:32.35Hojimachongis it pedophile-hunting time, Chris?
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04:46.12pcjoh sht zeal replied to dutempete's comment
04:47.18pcjwow and i agree with him mostly
04:49.48DuTempeteoh jesus... where?
05:00.06DuTempetehot damn
05:00.32DuTempetezeal :P
05:00.49pcjyes, he was very...zealous there
05:02.05DuTempetestill... it's nice to hear something out of him that I can completely agree with :P
05:03.17DuTempeteand surprising... like I want to give him a pat on the back and a scouts badge...
05:03.51pcjnight all
05:04.03DuTempetenice pcj
05:04.15pcjnice dutempete
05:04.49DuTempetenight, too
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05:09.24Maketosathe captcha on the registration page is broken, fyi
05:10.56DuTempetehowso, Maketosa ?
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05:19.34DuTempeteMaketosa I didn't have an issue creating an account.
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05:51.58MaketosaWell, I am.
05:52.06MaketosaLogin error:
05:52.06MaketosaIncorrect or missing confirmation code.
05:52.17Maketosaevery single time I submit the form with the correct captcha
05:53.03DuTempeteYou need to make sure all the fields are filled out
05:54.18MaketosaThere is NO error on my part.
05:54.53MaketosaThere is the captcha box, which is filled out every time I submit.
05:55.17MaketosaThere are the name field, the two password fields, the email field, and the real name field, and then the submit/reset buttons.
05:55.46Maketosait works now
05:55.51DuTempeteheh ok
05:55.57DuTempetewell glad it's working :)
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07:18.54malkavianmadmanum hi?
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07:59.44SirDreadgot a guy uploading a bunch of tanks/weapons to the site if anyone is avaliable to take care of it, check the recent changes page~
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08:35.51Kiro`awayVANDALS LOOSE
08:35.53Kiro`awayRED ALERT
08:36.03*** join/#wowwiki elmargol (
08:36.49Kirochihe is a pain in the ass
08:38.40TekkubKirky just blocked em
08:39.13Kirochino way he's still active
08:39.43Tekkub02:37, 21 March 2008 Kirkburn (Talk | contribs | block) blocked "ASSAULTHEAD SHALL GET REVENGE AGAINST ANGELA THE FAT SLUT FOREVER!! (contribs)" (account creation disabled) with an expiry time of infinite (Intimidating behaviour/harassment) (Unblock)
08:40.25Kirochinow that's much better
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08:44.09nazguldoes anyone here play on immix server?
08:44.52nazgulalso called Wizard sanctum R3volution
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08:57.49Kirkburn|sleepKirochi, thanks :)
08:58.36Kirkburn|sleepSirDread, feel free to ping anyone who is +O on IRC next time
08:59.24SirDreadi dident know~ will do next time
08:59.48sacarascstabs SirDread with a few tildes
09:00.15Adys[01:18:50] <@foxlit> Hm, I wonder if Adys is asleep
09:00.48SirDreadi <3 tildes
09:02.47Kirochiyou've been awesome kirkburn, but I still wonder why our user pages are unprotected
09:03.23*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
09:03.25Kirkburn|sleepFrom move vandalism?
09:03.38Kiro`awaywe already had a problem with the fake alexanderyoshi
09:03.55Kirkburn|sleepThey're treated like the rest of the pages on the wiki
09:03.59Kiro`awayand someone (maybe you) told me about move vandalism measures
09:04.12Kirkburn|sleepWel, I just move protected your userpage
09:04.31Kiro`awayah, right, I thought user pages had been protected long ago
09:04.36Kiro`awayexcuse me then
09:04.41Kirkburn|sleepSome had been
09:04.52Kiro`awaysee ya! (got a philosophy lesson, I'm already late ><)
09:05.23Kirkburn|sleepAh, er, Sky unprotected it not too long ago :P
09:05.29Kirkburn|sleepSee ya later
09:05.38Adyswhy did he
09:06.43*** join/#wowwiki Ricdak (
09:07.48Kirkburn|sleepAdys, he was unprotecting a whole bunch of stuff
09:07.56Adyserrrr why..
09:08.14Kirkburn|sleepI was overzealous in my protecting of them in the first place
09:08.23*** part/#wowwiki Ricdak (
09:08.30Adysmoveprotecting user pages doesnt hurt tbh
09:08.38Adysshould be done by default imo
09:08.40Kirkburn|sleepNah, that's not a problem
09:09.01Kirkburn|sleepAnyway, move page vandalism it won't be such a problem fairly soon
09:09.12Kirkburn|sleepWikia has restrictions on it
09:09.21Adysah cool
09:17.51Kirkburn|sleepbtw, to prove it's not just us:
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09:35.59laurlyping Adys?
09:39.48*** join/#wowwiki Nasuadia (
09:54.55Adyslaurly:  nothing :p
09:55.23laurlyi feel so popular laurlybots all over village pump
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11:00.22[Liquidor]What's wrong with this macro? (the modifier doesn't work): /cast [nocombat,stance:1]Charge; [combat,nostance:3]Berserker Stance; [nocombat,stance:3]Intercept; [combat,stance:3]Intercept; [modifier:ctrl,nocombat]Battle Stance
11:07.31*** join/#wowwiki nfsnobody (
11:39.06laurlyping adys
11:40.32laurlydo we want the bot to auto cat quests.
11:40.56laurlyquests at level? something like that she could do
11:41.27laurly  <--- what was it i had to do to fix that?
11:41.30Adysthis kind of stuff will be autocat'd
11:41.36Adyswith openwdb
11:42.40laurlynever mind fixed it.
11:47.03*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
12:09.17[Liquidor]pro gamer
12:15.34Adyslaurly ping
12:19.57laurlyi think im goign to get tired of fixing bot bugs soon
12:20.33*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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12:23.20laurlyping adys
12:23.45laurlyquestbox doesnt have sharable
12:24.10laurlyfix it!
12:24.22Adysim trying to fix my script
12:24.22laurlyyou fix that i will fix bot.
12:25.02laurly1. template is locked 2. even if it was unlocked you know me and templates will take you 3 hours to fix it after faster if you just fix it.
12:25.36Adysbah k
12:26.03laurlyjust do something like <patTemplate:sub condition="type">
12:26.10laurlysharable = yes
12:28.27Adys= yes or = no
12:30.26laurly| sharable = yes
12:30.44laurly <--- doesnt work
12:31.04laurlybtw it should default to no
12:44.48Adyswhats ucfirst: ?
12:45.14laurlyupper case the first letter of a word
12:46.10KirochiI find it funny that uncyclopedia was vandalized
12:47.09Adysshould work now laurly
12:47.15Adysbut i rather have it default on nothing
12:47.51laurlyhmm still not showing up
12:47.55Adysjob queue
12:51.25Kirochilaurly, I wish you were a bot
12:52.31Kirochibecaus you'd be more efficient than said laurlybot, with a human's minde
12:52.42Adyshe wants surprise botsecks
12:52.49Adysboy that was low...
12:53.11Kirochi'foiré va, je me marre tout seul derrière mon ordi
12:53.30laurlywomen arnt efficient its part of the design
12:53.36Adystu dois faire pas mal de trucs tout seul derriere ton ordi
12:54.06pcjje m'en fous
12:54.10Kirochidid you know that I enjoyed my first girlfriend right on my laptop's keyboard?
12:54.16Kirochipcj go away
12:54.38Adysit was small enough to plug it in the usb port?
12:54.42Kirochiso I wasn't that alone
12:55.27KirochiI wish my wang was, but unfortunately it's not even tinier than your head. Anyway it's not even-shaped.
12:56.47KirochiROI HEENOK
12:59.10*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
13:01.10laurlyChicken Clucking for a Mint  lol
13:03.55Kirochinew mob ?
13:04.13laurlyno its a quest :)
13:04.29Kirochigotta reinstall wow
13:04.33laurlyi think the dev's are getting desprate
13:06.18KirochiYour sentence could apply for the content released since TBC
13:07.08Dotted Adys found a guild for ya ;D
13:07.28KirochiNew god in World of Warcraft : Pharr'ming
13:07.40KirochiStatus : Immortal
13:07.44Adysu so funi
13:08.16Adysdotted how do you force a little endian read in python
13:08.27Adysi found what was wrong :(
13:08.57Dotteddunno python sowwy
13:09.18KirochiTwo gay names at least in that guild : Msieurmcnab & Orcmeat
13:09.33KirochiParselmouth anyone?
13:12.03Kirochiok, go ahead, ignore me
13:21.59DottedKirochi Ilikeithard?
13:22.17*** join/#wowwiki Zeksie (
13:28.28KirochiMaria Maria I like it loud
13:28.36*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
13:30.46KirochiIlikeithard might refer to wild pvp
13:31.06Kirochihe's level 12, but anyway
13:32.53Kirochifook, installation slows down everything
13:33.08Dottedwild pvp in wow ^^ i lolled so hard a small poo come out
13:34.23Kirochithat's called talking, when referring to you
13:34.42Kirochiadys, might I get a voice?
13:34.57Adysnext time you ask you get a kickban
13:35.13KirochiI'll make sure this will be the last action of your life
13:36.38Kirochiwhat? i didn't even offend you, get over it already
13:38.39pcjif you didn't offend him how is he going to get over it
13:39.03KirkburnWith a ladder.
13:39.42*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
13:39.47Adyssteals Kirkburn's ladder
13:40.15Kirkburnpresses detonate on his remote control
13:40.20Kirochia ladder is what makes you a lad (from a lass). Then a fake peen0r
13:40.40Kirochididn't know you needed one Adys
13:40.42Adysreminds me of worms 3d ads
13:50.59Kirochiyep, you seem to like worms a lot
13:56.16KirkburnThis is incredibly funny -
13:56.26KirkburnAnd now, I am off home
13:56.39KirkburnEr, to my other home
13:56.48KirkburnWon't be around much over the weekend
13:58.10Kirkburnup yours too :)
13:58.42Kirochithanks for the vandalism handling
14:16.55*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
14:21.09*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
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14:44.44*** join/#wowwiki KyleH`` (n=Kyle@wikia/KyleH)
14:48.50laurlyall your recent changes are belonging to me.
14:51.31Kirochican you feel it ?
14:55.05laurlythis is seriously booring.
14:57.14KirochiNot as tedious as this lifeless chan
14:57.34Adysleave it then ?
15:01.46Kirochiyou go first
15:03.31laurlyhmm how many quests do i have to do to say its done testing and just kick the thing off....
15:04.17foxlitDoes it work?
15:04.22foxlitDoes it always work?
15:04.26foxlitCan you prove that it works?
15:04.28KirochiI LIVE IN PICARDIE
15:04.33foxlitCan you prove that it always works?
15:04.39*** join/#wowwiki pcj (i=pcj@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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15:05.15laurlythink its been an hour since i have found a bug.
15:05.32pcjhands laurly a cockroach
15:05.42laurlysquishes it
15:05.56laurlythen wipes her shoe off on pcj
15:09.00Kirochiroach roach roach
15:17.09*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
15:17.11*** join/#wowwiki elaa (
15:19.46*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
15:22.33p30nKirochi: dont gimme the roach man
15:22.38p30nthats not nice
15:23.54laurly266 left ...
15:26.12*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || || Maintenance over - ping Kirkburn if any issues! | Kirkburn: Ping!
15:27.41KirochiIn aqua sanitas
15:27.44KirochiIn vino veritas
15:28.46p30nKirochi: yes master +
15:29.49pcjwe need a machine that goes "ping!"
15:30.58KirochiI'm talking to peon, not pthirtyn
15:32.14p30nKirochi: peon is actually my irl nick too
15:32.16p30ndunno why but
15:34.36Kirochilazy peon or just peon?
15:45.33*** join/#wowwiki Dekster (
15:47.57*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
15:48.07*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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16:01.45*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (i=Kirochi@
16:01.56*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
16:10.37*** join/#wowwiki Nolook_ (
16:12.00foxlitWhat's our page for temporary weapon enchants?
16:12.04foxlitWindfury, oils and the like
16:13.02laurlywoot 156 left
16:19.33*** join/#wowwiki Nolook_ (
16:24.38laurlyput the icon in the box like the rest of the tips?
16:25.10*** join/#wowwiki Nolook_ (
16:25.57foxlitConformity is for conformists :)
16:26.02pcjfoxlit are you going to hide the list bullets
16:26.10foxlitpcj: force refresh
16:27.26kd3huh... europe's got part 2 of the background download, but not the US
16:27.48pcjwhere is the background downloader downloading to
16:27.51pcji can't find the file
16:28.54pcjweird, it's not there...
16:29.19kd3search for "wow-partial-1.MPQ"?
16:33.06pcjC:\Users\Public\Documents\Blizzard Entertainment\World of Warcraft\Patches\WoW-2.3.3-to-2.4.0-enUS-Win-patch
16:33.16pcjno write permission in program files ftw
16:33.17kd3oh, you're on vista
16:33.52*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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16:42.33*** join/#wowwiki Nolook_ (
17:01.02*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
17:01.50laurlythinks she has lost her mind
17:05.34pcjfinds laurly's mind for her
17:06.01laurlyi last saw it somewhere in
17:06.15pcji wouldn't know anything about that
17:06.29*** join/#wowwiki Gymble_10co (
17:12.25*** join/#wowwiki Gryphon (n=gryphon@
17:17.27*** join/#wowwiki m0ul1s (
17:19.00m0ul1sAny goblin engineer on?
17:20.31*** part/#wowwiki m0ul1s (
17:24.54*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
17:28.25*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
18:00.07laurlyi dont want to do this anymore...
18:02.36*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
18:02.36*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
18:14.51*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
18:14.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+v DuTempete] by ChanServ
18:15.25DuTempeteodd... no Kirkburn?
18:17.19pcjhe's away for the weekend
18:17.23pcjsaid something about going home
18:17.27pcj...his other home
18:21.30laurlyThe Alliance Needs More Copper Bars!  <--- do we really need these quests
18:23.35pcjyes, definitely
18:23.47foxlitkd3: (high use template. why was this not protected? [edit=sysop:move=sysop]) because high-use template vandalism isn't a real issue :)
18:23.55foxlitgoes off to snack
18:24.27laurlygives pcj a dirty look
18:24.50pcjeyes laurly up and down too
18:33.25*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
18:33.45laurlyi think im glad i didnt check exactly how many quests there was before i started this
18:48.15*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
19:01.55*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikia/
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19:09.35foxlithas an evil plan
19:12.21*** join/#wowwiki Zbk (
19:12.54pcjare you pondering what i'm pondering
19:13.21laurlyis scared
19:18.07laurlyninja checks the count in Laurlybot:Quest requests.....
19:22.31*** join/#wowwiki [Liquidor] (
19:34.02foxlitHm, not quite the effect I was going for :)
19:37.59*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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19:57.32*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
20:17.29*** join/#wowwiki Amarande (
20:33.59*** join/#wowwiki w1sk (
20:34.10Adysparser complete
20:43.19laurlyi ran around 300 quests today
20:51.11*** join/#wowwiki TehAdz (
20:51.36*** part/#wowwiki TehAdz (
20:51.55*** part/#wowwiki w1sk (
20:58.48laurlytaking bets on if i kill myself on curator this time
21:10.17pcjwhat are odds
21:11.15Amarandeyay. banishing mana beasts before killing nethermancers completely takes care of their boom
21:11.51pcjor you could just stun them or kill them faster
21:12.37Amarandemainly I banish one because there are often a lot of adds when you go to places they are
21:13.01Amarandehmm, wonder if this elite-soloing trick still works
21:13.33Amarandethe one where, if the elite is a demon, you enslave it, take it around with you for a while till it's almost dead, then you release it and finish it off for the quest
21:17.34laurlyping pcj
21:17.44pcjhug laurly
21:17.55laurlycan you check soemthing for me? im in kara cant do it now
21:18.08laurlyCoobra is doing some changes on the quests i did today is it bugs? what is he doing?
21:19.11pcjbasic wikification, removing line breaks, adding more wikilinks
21:19.29laurlyno bot bugs?
21:20.08laurlykk just wanted to make sure i didnt miss any bugs after 200 pages my mind went to mush
21:20.15pcjsome format changes
21:20.23pcjnothing major
21:20.38laurlykk thanks hun
21:23.45laurlyi need to figure out how to get ride of all those returns
21:32.31laurlyahh he tracked me down on my userpage
21:32.43foxlitHrm, first time ever that I get to do shimmering flats right
21:33.03pcjgrats foxlit
21:33.05laurlyhow do you do it wrong?
21:33.07pcja true accomplishment
21:34.24foxlitproper level range, actually using the spawn camps
21:39.01foxlitThere's generally not enough pushing in the direction of that race track on the alliance side
21:39.15foxlitThink there's a quest from IF, which I've actually seen... once.
21:40.46AmarandeNot much on the horde side either
21:40.57Amarandethink there's 1, maybe 2 (or was that a chain that already came through there?) from horde
21:41.15Amarandemain thing is I *think* the horde one was actually in an area you'd end up picking up a quest
21:41.45Amarandenot like, say, city quests which people keep overlooking unless it's a chain
21:43.00foxlitTurns out completing shimmering flats lands you pretty aggressively in SV
21:43.37Amarandefoxlit: ok, then we DON'T need more alliance push there
21:43.46AmarandeSTV is crowded enough as it is :S
21:43.52foxlitPvE servers, np
21:44.02Amarandefoxlit: i'm not talking about ganking
21:44.02foxlitSTV is also huge, so it's generally not a problem
21:44.19AmarandeI'm talking about how even on a low-med pop PvE server, you basically have to quest STV at 2 in the morning because there aren't enough mobs around for everyone
21:44.30Amarandeand half the quests want you to kill ridiculous numbers of them, or get inane quantities of drops
21:44.46foxlitI never had that problem
21:44.46Amarandewell, not that ten is such a big number, but when EVERYONE IN THE ZONE needs to kill ten ... :|
21:44.55foxlitAnd I think I'm on a closed PvE server by now
21:45.08Amarandefoxlit: STV was pretty much the one zone before Outland where I had any major issues with competition for mobs
21:45.15foxlit/who stranglethorn gives ~44 players
21:45.19foxlitAnd it's more or less a 10 level range
21:45.41AmarandeThat and when it's that crowded it's hard to know the respawns, so you get ganked by mobs that you didn't know were coming
21:46.02Amarandeespecially those God damned flaming SOB Venture Company goblins :S
21:46.11AmarandeVenture Co. FTL :|
21:47.21Amarandethey respawn like tribbles, they deal painful DPS, classes that rely on fear for CC will just draw even more of them trying it, they have an aggro radius the size of Donald Trump's ego AAAGGHHH
21:47.33Amarandeand it's even worse when you don't know where they'll respawn. lol
21:47.37foxlitEARTH SHOCK!
21:47.48foxlitSelf rez... and then cast EARTH SHOCK!
21:48.03*** join/#wowwiki grump (
21:48.04Amarandefoxlit: hmm, I don't recall ever being able to cast earth shock as a warlock
21:48.13Amarandelike I said, classes that rely on fear-based CC are really in the soup there
21:48.15foxlitshushyou :)
21:48.35foxlitAnd fear+dot mechanic should land you in some pain regardless :)
21:48.47foxlitOfftank pet, sac pet, run
21:49.26Amarandehmm, things I'd like to see in 3.0 (but probably won't get in):
21:49.30Amarandebeing able to mount up in combat
21:49.37Amarandemake it interruptible, of course, but at least let you try
21:49.51foxlitMeh :/
21:50.04Amarandeactually, I tend to think that anything that is interruptible and has a cast time
21:50.13Amarandeshould at least be allowed to be attempted in combat :S
21:50.37AmarandeI mean, things that actually fail on hit rather than just being pushbacked
21:51.13Amarandechest opening, too. we have pets to take the aggro for us, it's only reasonable to let us open the chest while the pet is taking the monster's attention
21:51.20Amarandebut nooo, if the pet's fighting, you're marked In Combat as well
21:51.23foxlitEr, that kind of gives an advantage to classes with things that can pull threat off them
21:51.39DuTempeteAdys: ping
21:51.45foxlitI don't think that's reasonable :)
21:51.48Adyssup DuTempete
21:52.01Amarandecertain classes have always been better for soloing
21:52.04Amarandethat's the way of WoW
21:52.15foxlitThere's no reason to increase that advantage
21:52.18Amarandethough yeah, that does have its downside, such as encouraging people even more to play such classes
21:52.20Amarandewhich is bad
21:52.21foxlit(moreover, chests are intentional - you could open them in combat previously)
21:52.37Amarandewhy did they change that one anyway? especially since chest opening is one-hit interrupt
21:52.46DuTempeteyou going to be around about 7-10am your time?
21:52.56DuTempeteGMT+1 that is
21:52.57Adysuh yeah probably why?
21:53.06foxlitI'd imagine it's because they want you to be able to deal with the mobs guarding the chest before opening it
21:53.24Amarandeprobably another artificial anti-bot technique, I suppose
21:53.28DuTempeteThat's his usual game time, and Kirk wants to make sure there's an admina round to take care of him.
21:53.29Amarandeafter Diablo II, I guess I can't blame them
21:53.38Amarandeand it's better than Guild Wars' way of dealing with bots :|
21:53.53Adysjust ping me on irc if theres problems
21:53.56DuTempetethe "fuck aangela" guy
21:53.57AmarandeI get the feeling that, much as Diablo II was fun, it was not to be saved from bots
21:54.13DuTempeteI won't be around... and I think you're the only admin around who might be awake then :P
21:54.29Adysn00b us weaky peeps
21:54.40Amarandeeven if it was a paid game with the best admins money can buy, D2 probably still would have gotten owned by Wei and his cronies
21:54.46Amarandenot on the dupe level, but probably still on the botting level :|
21:55.17foxlitPush fast permutational protocol changes
21:55.23foxlitIn some sort of binary form
21:55.26Amarandeit's irritating to someone like me interested in game design, really
21:55.42DuTempeteSo, yeah, Adys, don't expect anyone to be telling you about it.  i fyou're able, look out for him
21:55.52Amarandebecause the game designer is forced to artificial techniques that put the first priority to be frustrating any automated solution
21:56.13DuTempetethrough Sunday morning, possibly MOnday
21:56.14Amarandegive it a few years, and we'll need groups with human-intelligent tactics to fight a level one mob in the next MMO that comes out then
21:56.18foxlitI don't see any reason to think it's bot-related
21:56.21foxlitBots can kill stuff
21:56.43foxlitSo locking chests in combat isn't going to stop bots for long
21:56.49Amarandefoxlit: bots apparently *are* the reason for some chest-related mojo on Blizzard's part though
21:56.57Amarandelike how many chests were replaced by wandering, utterly non-soloable elites
21:57.12foxlit(which are nerfed in 2.4)
21:57.44Amarandein any case, we don't need another D2 :)
21:58.28Amarandeand neither would the GW paradigm work well either, though given GW being fully instanced with AI teammates available, I suppose it's all they could do to at least slow them down
21:58.46Amarandebut it's still a reason I don't play GW much :|
22:00.41AmarandeGW handled it by decreasing the drop rate for anything above white grade when you killed the same mobs more than a certain number of times in a row
22:00.59Adyslol like thats gonna do anything against bots
22:01.24Amarandealso, Arena Net takes steps every month or two to destroy the value of items
22:01.49KirochiI like to eat pigs and I love the smell of cheese and bagels in the morning
22:01.49Amarandewhen the trade value of things starts getting up there, they announce a triple drop weekend event for that sort of thing
22:02.16KirochiBut there's nothing I appreciate more than a jolly good vandal ass-kicking.
22:02.37Amarandethough the real problem for GW was that it never had an AH
22:03.33Amarandeotoh, there's times when I think the GW trader system would have helped WoW a lot, too
22:03.35Amarandeespecially, say, gems
22:25.08laurlywhy is numm making pages that are just redirects?`
22:25.43laurlyadys ping
22:26.46Adyswhats wrong?
22:31.28foxlitpcj: [[WoWWiki:Sandbox/1|oh noes!]]
22:32.01foxlitThere is no "and"
22:37.21foxlitIf it didn't cause interesting effects with purging, it'd be interesting
22:37.53KirochiI see a gray spot on my field of vision everywhere I look
22:38.04AmarandeKirochi: died?
22:44.17KirochiI release you
22:44.22Kirochifrom your human bonds
22:46.00foxlit~dictionary Calypso
22:46.00infobotsee dict Calypso
22:46.10foxlit~dict Calypso
22:46.32Kirochinice one
22:46.52foxlitJupiter's moon?
22:46.54foxlitEclipse version?
22:48.11foxlithrm, no, Saturn's moon
22:48.14foxlitWrong Odyssey :(
22:51.23Kirochia space odyssey
23:02.33*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
23:12.39*** part/#wowwiki Kirochi (i=Kirochi@
23:14.21*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)

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