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00:15.35Krolmorhow bad is Anklestabber for a dwarf hunter name?
00:15.48Adysthat bad
00:16.52Krolmorhmm that didn't get to the edge of the screen
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00:39.48ecsanklestabber is a goodname for a gnome
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04:48.23pcjhi dutempete
04:50.50DuTempetehi pcj :)
04:50.57DuTempeteYou know, I'm bummed.
04:51.34DuTempeteYou're not saying hi to me much, lately :(
04:52.25pcji hadn't realized
04:52.27pcji'm sorry
04:53.45pcjso, what have you been up to
04:54.20DuTempeteschool :)  it's midterm, now
04:55.03pcjmidterm tests?
04:55.45DuTempeteno, but lots of stuff due
04:56.04DuTempete5 courses this semester, 1 being a 4-weeker I'm currently in the middle of.
04:56.44pcj5? how many credit hours is that
04:56.55pcjnot bad
04:57.05DuTempeteit's driving me nuts
04:57.18pcjwhat's your major
04:57.57DuTempeteI'm just finishing off my associates in arts atm
04:58.10DuTempeteshoul dhave it done this summer before I shove off to England
04:58.25pcjiirc you intend to teach there?
04:59.03DuTempetegonna finish my bachelor's there
04:59.10DuTempetethen for an indefinite stay
05:00.24DuTempeteI hope so ;)
05:00.59pcjsounds like fun
05:01.11DuTempeteheh... sounds frightening to me :P
05:02.03pcjtravel is adventurous, can be both exciting and scary
05:02.12pcjesp when moving i suppose
05:04.18DuTempetewell, that's why I want to head in that direciton
05:04.37DuTempeteit's supposed to be easier to travel from europe, and cheaper
05:05.46pcjmakes sense
05:05.54DuTempeteI figure it would make a good HQ, and I'm interested in the culture.
05:07.47pcjit is an interesting culture
05:11.11pcjwell, good night
05:11.24DuTempeteplus there's a super hottie, there, waiting for me :P
05:11.31DuTempetegood night, hun :)
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06:16.23rgiecan i ask game info in here? or im in wrong chan
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06:38.23Riggs-try asking
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08:55.50Cairennsomeone tell adys to get in touch with me to lift the ban in the lounge after whatever is going on with them gets sorted out, please?
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09:04.19laurlysome how i dont think that was realy adys the netmask isnt the same and chanserv didnt auto op him
09:04.36AdysIts me
09:04.39AdysIm having some probles
09:06.19Adysmy main system went nuts
09:06.34AdysIm on a different client atm and my bouncer didnt like that
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10:39.08Jan_Arvehas 2.4 arrived already?
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12:34.06pcjadys fails at banning
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13:23.09Obiquelodoes anyone know an addon with buttons/bars that directly interects with wow events much like flexbar 1 did?
13:24.01p30nerr, define wow events pls
13:25.26Obiquelowell, not just events but also checking the values returned by certain functions in wow api
13:25.52Obiquelolike... if overpower is available then show this button, if on mount then hide that button
13:26.32Obiquelowhat I am looking for exactly is something that changes the bind to a certain button (or what the button does) according to some conditions
13:26.41Obiquelofor example: F = the bind for sunder armor
13:27.00Obiqueloif overpower becomes available then F = overpower and when overpower is on CD or not available it changes back to sunder
13:27.16Obiqueloif revenge is available and I'm on defensive stance then F = revenge
13:27.19Obiqueloetc etc.
13:27.48Obiquelobasically everything you could do with flexbar 1 and can't do with flexbar 2 ...
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13:30.31p30nObiquelo: beats me mate, but it sounds like a really nice feature
13:30.35p30nme wants it :)
13:30.50p30nnever tried flexbar tho
13:31.02KalrothObiquelo: I don't believe that is possible during combat
13:31.33KalrothOtherwise you could easily make one-hit wonder again
13:32.22ObiqueloKalroth, it looks to me like it might be possible
13:32.40Obiqueloif you can't change the content of a button because that's server sided and you might not be able to change it during combat...
13:33.07Obiquelothan because binds are set on the addon, provided the buttons are created by an addon and not by blizz, you should still be able to change the binds on the button during battle
13:33.39Obiqueloor... instead of making a "simple" button
13:33.42Obiquelowith 1 action
13:33.45Obiquelocreate a macro for a button
13:33.51Obiquelousing an addon
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13:34.43Obiquelosomething like... if overpower is available and rage >= 5 and stance = battlestance then cast overpower, else cast sunder armor
13:35.02Obiqueloobviously that will only be executed and checked on click, so doesn't break any addon rules
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14:01.01pcjadys why didn't you ban
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14:01.11AdysI did
14:01.27pcjwell you failed
14:02.19laurlyl2spell guild name ftw
14:02.54pcjsrsly laurly
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14:10.31Adyslaurly:  ping
14:11.14Adyslaurly: (or anyone else) can you copypaste me in /msg the spam I was making earlier today?
14:14.34Adysthanks ayr
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14:48.09laurlyphone/internet copany
14:48.34Adysthis will get you in a better mood!
14:48.55ralfWORKno this!
14:49.24Adysno this :(
14:50.48ralfWORKit wants to get through the door huh
14:51.06Adyswelldone mr obvious
14:52.01ralfWORKrub the face!
14:52.14ralfWORKwonder what they put on the other side to make it go apeshit
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14:55.01laurly  <-- adys
14:56.08ralfWORKnom nom nom
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15:12.52pcjwtb content-location response header from wowwiki server
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17:07.16Kirkburngood morning
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17:17.25Fisker-my head Kirkburn :(
17:17.32Fisker-someone is drilling into my skull
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17:45.23pcjyou're popular, duh
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18:00.55laurlyhmm theres something on the patch server.
18:01.06pcjkirkburn the tooltips should now cache properly
18:01.29pcjwell it's hard to test these things you know
18:01.32laurlywoot 2.4 patch is downloading
18:01.37Kirkburnpcj :P
18:03.15Polarinalaurly: Is it live?
18:03.31pcjyes polarina
18:03.32laurlyno but if its up for download means it could be next week.
18:03.38pcjwell 2.4 isn't live
18:03.40pcjbut the download is
18:04.31pcjok the cache problem should now happen less at least
18:04.39pcjand there's a nifty little loading dialog
18:22.04Kirkburnyay dialogues
18:28.06laurlymount hyjal
18:28.15pcji knew that
18:28.33pcji was thinking menethil harbor b/c of the boat
18:50.43DuTempetemorning, everyone
18:52.02*** join/#wowwiki PanSola (
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18:52.13DuTempetemorning, PanSola :)
18:52.28PanSolag'd morn
18:53.57foxlitmoo :)
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18:56.39equiraptorEeep, people!
18:57.50*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
19:02.18*** join/#wowwiki Lukian (i=wizard@
19:02.24foxlitRequire("IRC", "Armory", "Headbutt", "Wiki", "XMLT", "WikiItemTransformer")
19:02.36foxlitI wonder...
19:04.31Fisker-headbutt = win
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19:24.51pcjhi dutempete
19:27.04DuTempetehi pcj :)
19:31.47Kirkburn<insert kitteh smiley> DuTempete
19:34.45DuTempete<insert puppy smiley> Kirkburn!
19:41.49DuTempeteconfused about what, laurly?
19:41.59laurlypuppy's and kitteh?
19:42.21DuTempetesorry, it's a boyfriend-girlfriend thing :P
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19:57.00pcjthank you for your contributions durty
19:57.09pcjwe feel very enlightened now that you are with us
19:59.16Durtyknew someone would apreciate it, soz just testing irc, first time ive used it ^^
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20:23.51Sky2042kd3: dukenukemforever was already blocked as dukenukem.
20:24.12kd3figured as such
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20:41.40Sky2042pcj: Q: Wasn't it you who was worried about not being able to add custom personal links with monaco?
20:42.30Fisker-beep beep i'm a kd3
20:47.48pcjyes sky
20:49.02Sky2042you can customize the sidebar by making a certain page in your userspace
20:52.32*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
20:59.02Ose = done
21:06.52*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
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21:19.41foxlitose: what's the point? :)
21:20.15Osewith the template?
21:22.23Oseall the image names are hard to remember, + it makes Template:User Exalted easier to code
21:22.51Osehow am I supposed to remeber that the Ogri'la tabard is the only one with .png?
21:23.04Ose{{Tabard|Ogri'la}} :)
21:23.13foxlitLook it up?
21:23.21Sky2042reupload either all of them as pngs or as jpgs? :/
21:23.24Sky2042there's one gif, also
21:24.07Oseand some of them have weird names
21:24.42Kirkburnhello :)
21:24.59Sky2042hello hello!
21:25.28Osehelloez kirk, still in da US?
21:28.03*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
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21:32.10KirkburnOse, ayup
21:32.13KirkburnUntil saturday
21:35.17Osestill at wikias?
21:38.19Ose~seen Gourra
21:38.21infobotgourra <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 23h 41m 43s ago, saying: 'I'm off to bed, goodnight'.
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21:49.18Osewhat's this now then?
22:05.08*** join/#wowwiki Chompler (
22:07.26Fisker-since it's a holy spell i want it for my paladin
22:11.06*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
22:12.31*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
22:21.05Kirkburnooh, I found new stuff to tweak the wiki design with when I get some time :)
22:38.05*** join/#wowwiki Krolmor (
22:46.18*** join/#wowwiki Orck (
22:57.13*** join/#wowwiki Orck_ (
22:57.48pcjAutoblocked because your IP address has been recently used by "DukeNukumForeverlawl". The reason given for DukeNukumForeverlawl's block is: "sockpuppet / SPA"
22:58.05pcjmake wikia fix the ip block brokeness
22:58.43KirkburnIt's not Wikia's fault
22:58.54pcjit's their server, they manage the wiki software
22:58.54KirkburnWhat is your ISP?
22:59.05pcjYour IP address is
22:59.10pcjseems to be the cache doing it
22:59.31KirkburnRather than launching into an attack on Wikia, perhaps you could let me explain?
22:59.48pcjWow, it's not like you can't get a word in edgewise
22:59.57KirkburnCould it not be the same reason a whole bunch of Comcast users got blocked a while back?
23:00.12*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
23:00.19Kirkburni.e. shared IPs
23:00.48KirkburnI thought you were around when that happened?
23:00.52pcjI was
23:00.58pcjIt's not listing my actual ip address however
23:01.08pcjit's listing the squid cache internal ip
23:01.32KirkburnThat's odd
23:02.20Kirkburn(Wikia don't develop MW, btw)
23:02.41pcjThey only maintain it and the squid cache on their servers
23:02.53pcjSo if there's a fix they should implement it
23:03.31pcjwell, brb
23:06.16KirkburnWell, now I have no idea if pcj is unblocked
23:06.40kd3I just unblocked dnf, reblocking but not with an ip block
23:07.09KirkburnGood idea
23:07.50*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
23:07.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
23:08.06KirkburnI have no bug report to file, seeing as I don't actually know the problem >_>
23:08.08KirkburnHey Hobinheim
23:08.17Hobinheimyo o7
23:08.18Hobinheimwhat's u
23:09.32KirkburnNot much
23:09.57KirkburnWondering why Sky blocked someone for "sockpuppetry / SPA" though
23:10.05Hobinheimwhat's spa
23:10.18Kirkburnno idea
23:10.19kd3that user's also been blocked as dukenukum and dukenukumforever
23:10.24Hobinheimi guess you should just ask him directly
23:10.48kd3or vandalized. don't see anything in the block log
23:11.22kd3nvm again... 2008-03-09T16:49:30 Sky2042 (Talk | contribs | block) blocked "DukeNukum (contribs)" (account creation disabled) with an expiry time of infinite (Unblock)
23:11.59Hobinheimi'm sure the truly disgruntled and resourceful will find ways of contacting us if it was really a problem :)
23:12.03Hobinheimanyway, afk
23:12.22Adysmore ningue
23:12.27Hobinheimi never forget about wowwiki. i would love to jump back into it but i wanna put time into the add-ons first... my neglected children
23:12.38Hobinheimanyway afk
23:12.40Adyshob, openwdb!
23:16.33*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
23:16.38kd3oh wow
23:16.44kd3(Can't contact the database server: Too many connections (
23:17.37*** part/#wowwiki Krolmor (
23:18.13KirkburnEverything's coming via that IP?? o_O
23:19.57Adyswowwiki is as fast as google here
23:20.01AdysKirkburn:  ping :P
23:20.32Adysah kk
23:22.11foxlitwth, Naruto on DR1 past midnight :(
23:22.34Adyslol this ad
23:23.04foxlitThey're so wrong, though
23:23.10Adysi wouldnt even give my time to a site that tells me to use <font>
23:23.40foxlitAnd it's the original sound track :/
23:25.41*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
23:25.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
23:27.07kd3huh... we're maxing out the database
23:27.15kd3just got the too many connections error again
23:41.09*** join/#wowwiki Liothen (n=liothen@
23:43.33*** join/#wowwiki [NNUser] (

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