IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080308

00:00.13Dottedsocialism == evil?
00:01.09Amarandenot necessarily depending on your beliefs, I'm saying that even groups that have something in common can hate each other
00:01.32Amarandeor, something we're all familiar with, the Alliance and Horde!
00:01.42Amarandewe all play World of Warcraft, but we still hate each other! lol
00:02.21Amarandeanyway, but yeah, I'm not big into groups that favor welfare lately
00:02.29Amarandeso Republican I vote
00:02.34Dottedso the 2 majord political camps in denmark are 1 and the same, still they are againt each other - might aswell have dictator ship then since it doesnt matter who wins we get the same crap regardless >_>
00:03.00Dottedaccording to you anyway :P
00:03.08Fisker-I disagree
00:03.14Fisker-If you mean venstre vs. soc.dem
00:03.35Dottedwell yes, but more the camps as a whole
00:03.40AmarandeDotted: do your political parties actually matter in the end? :)
00:03.56Amarandehere in America, we're used to two political parties that are against each other, but pretty much one and the same in that we get stuck with the same crap whoever we vote for :S
00:04.56Fisker-Well here we have people who want to fuck it up by emulating America
00:05.32Sandwichman2448Emulated servers IRL?
00:05.41Amarandehowever, the question at hand would really be
00:05.41DottedFisker- you heard about that Facebook group that wants the same gun laws as america in denmark? lololololol
00:05.50Fisker-And then we have people who don't want to fuck it up, but giving us a few dollars more in taxes (omg we're poor if we lose a few dollars :<, obviously this is a lot more if you actually are in those 1-5% of FUCKING RICH people, but noone else really)
00:05.53Amarandewould a typical person consider both of those two parties to be left of center?
00:05.58Amarandeif so, then they're both liberal, anyway
00:06.43Amarandeand yeah, "omg we're poor if we lose a few dollars" is an attitude I'm familiar with lol
00:06.48AmarandeI work customer service in a grocery store
00:06.57Amarandewe get folks who will buy, say, an extra box of brownie mix
00:07.01Fisker-One party is right and the other is left,center-left
00:07.14Dottedsoc.dem is left of center and venstre (which ironically is the word for left) is right of the center
00:07.22Amarandeand instead of doing the reasonable thing, what I would do anyway which is holding onto the extra box of brownie mix to make brownies again later
00:07.26Amarandethey RETURN IT TO GET THEIR $3 BACK
00:07.33Amarandegeeeeez, it's three freaking dollars :S
00:07.49Amarandethen they go and blow it on some lotto ticket, ffs
00:07.57Sandwichman2448I have three dollars.
00:08.10DottedFisker- you heard about that group on facebook?
00:08.21Fisker-facebook = failbook amirite?
00:08.22Dottedaww too bad
00:08.40Amarandebut meh, I guess that's people
00:08.42Dottedonly on there to keep contact with old schoolmates and such
00:08.48Dottedwitch it wins at
00:08.50Amarandewe also get people who can't spare a dollar to donate to fight childhood cancer when we do donation drives
00:08.53Dottedeverything else is fail
00:08.58Amarandebut they apparently have $50 to blow on lottery tickets right after saying no to that :S
00:09.37Dottedthats why you put it on taxes and force them :P:P:P
00:10.04Amarandeyay, I almost pulled a leeroy jenkins by trying to chat and move around BEM at the same time
00:10.22AmarandeDotted: if taxes went to such laudable pursuits, perhaps
00:10.37Amarandehowever, the tax dollars that benefit children lately, tend to be tax dollars that benefit scrubbiness in life as well
00:10.46Dottedi must say i enjoy the bush administration
00:11.12Amarandeone of the things I hate about the Democratic Party, like I said, is their reliance on welfare
00:11.40Amarandeyay, those of us who have jobs can pay even more and more of our hard earned money out to taxes to support 18, 19 year old girls who decided to be total scrubs at life, get drunk and wasted, have babies they can't support, fail
00:12.06Amarandesome folks might call me a black-hearted meanass for not caring about the babies in such cases, but ...
00:12.23Amarandethe fact is. democrats = welfare = people who work paying out more taxes to support people who failed at life
00:12.38DottedWHICH IS GOOD IMO
00:12.41Dottedcaps sry
00:12.47Amarandethen again, we're talking topsy turvy modern american society
00:13.03Amarandewhere apparently wild parties and getting drunk off your ass and its consequences are considered 'a life'
00:13.34Amarandewhile pursuing primarily intellectual based interests, reading, using your carbon and silicon brains etc. is considered by large segments 'having no life'
00:13.58Dottedin denmark we get payed for going to school, and if you are a parrent you get additional funding - which is fine
00:14.57Dottedthen again we have the most drunk yuoth in europe if not the world :P
00:15.37DottedYou are getting this email as a reminder of your product at which is about to expire. The expire date of your product is 06/03-2008
00:15.38Amarandedotted: a problem with america is that we have all these people who most likely will never amount to anything much to society
00:15.43Dotted2 days late nabs
00:16.12Amarandewe also feel obligated to support them whenever they have a baby, despite the fact that they will be 95% likely to raise that baby to be as much of a scrub as they are
00:16.14Fisker-i thought hexan made eushells
00:16.44DottedFisker- dunno if he made it, but hes part of it
00:16.47AmarandeI guess these are the same sort of people who stand around in orgrimmar and wring their hands for an hour asking for a mage to give them a portal to undercity.
00:17.06Amarandeno, wait, genuinely new players might not understand the zepps.
00:17.19Amarandeno, it's more like people who stand around in Stormwind and wring their hands for an hour for a mage to give them a portal to Ironforge
00:17.24Fisker-Oh just figured you made it since you had the domain :P
00:17.36Dotted" despite the fact that they will be 95% likely to raise that baby to be as much of a scrub as they are" thats because (imo) there is something fundamentally wrong with the american society
00:17.51AmarandeDotted: you mean the fact that so many people are total scrubs?
00:18.00Amarandeyes, I agree, that's something fundamentally wrong with the society :)
00:18.11DottedFisker- its about my bnc at eushells
00:18.33DottedAmarande more like why they have become such scrubs
00:18.45Amarandepart of the problem though is that biological nature tends to promote the eternal expansion of dumb :|
00:19.07foxlitscrubs => democracy => haha
00:19.26foxlitAnd oligarchies aren't that interesting.
00:19.51DottedFisker- could be fun to own eushells tho :P
00:21.01Amarandeby which I mean, dumb people are more likely to engage more often in activities that lead to the production of more dumb people, I suppose lol
00:21.43Amarandebasically, that the genetic component of dumb is, at this point in time, an advantage in Darwinistic terms.
00:22.24Sandwichman2448You mean dumb people have sex more?
00:22.31AmarandeSandwichman2448: yeah, pretty much
00:25.09Amarandeactually, Dotted, do you play on Alliance at all btw?
00:25.26Amarandeare there alliance people who are totally stupid enough that they ask for a mage to port them between IF and SW? :)
00:25.29Dottedi dont have any horde chars
00:25.32Dottedover level 10
00:26.21AmarandeI know we actually do get people who stand in Orgrimmar begging for a port to UC
00:26.34Amarandeoftentimes, they stand around for longer than it would have taken to just take the zepp :S
00:26.34Dottedprobably, but useually that would be the ones unaware of the tram - an honest mistake if you could even call it a mistake
00:27.10Amarandeexcept, like I said, it's possible to not know about the zepp, that's OUT of town ... how can you not know about the tram?
00:27.21myke54142if you don't explore?
00:27.26myke54142not that hard to miss it
00:27.47Amarandeassuming you're a complete newbie, you probably bumped into it while trying to find your class trainer or sthg, I guess
00:27.50DottedAmarande where is the big sign thats advertises for the tramm? ;)
00:27.54AmarandeI've only played a couple alliance, and both were draenei
00:27.58Dotteduhm no
00:28.00myke54142some (many) ppl just follow their powerleveling guides and mods that show them where to go next
00:28.07Dottedyou dont bumb into it
00:28.21AmarandeDotted: but wouldn't you at least *see* it?
00:28.21Dottedand if you are a nelf, you are even less likely to know
00:28.27Amarandeand it just occurred to me
00:28.29Dottedits hidden away
00:28.32myke54142amarande, no
00:28.32Amarandemost alliance scrubs are nelf's :S
00:28.35Dottedlike its some secret
00:28.38myke54142like i said, some ppl don't explore
00:28.40myke54142at all
00:28.53Amarandekids think night elf hunters are cool for some reason lol
00:29.06Amarandethe sad thing is, this condemns nelf hunters to basically the same fate as warrior monks in GW
00:29.08myke54142it's the ears
00:29.17Dottedassuming that tram is something everyone bumbs into is probably more dumb than asking for a portal to SW from IF :P
00:29.32Dottedmmmh ear fetish
00:29.39Amarandenelf hunters actually CAN be played quite awesomely, especially if you know how to combine things like shadowmeld and cat pet prowl
00:29.52Amarandehowever, if you start one, people will automatically assume you are a noob
00:30.06winkiller"one day I'll make a nelf hunter and name him 'stereotype'"
00:30.19Amarandeheh, stereotypes sadly die hard
00:30.33AmarandeI played GW for a long time before I found WoW, and my analogy the W/Mo got a lot of similar treatment
00:30.48Dottedold shadowmeld / aimed shot combo was win tho :P
00:30.50Amarandewinkiller: Warrior/Monk
00:31.00winkillernot into GW :P
00:31.06winkillerplayed it for 10mins
00:31.24Amarandethe worst thing I suppose was
00:31.33winkillernelfs are awesome. when I play my warrior I jump all day to get the saltos
00:31.35Amarandethe "noobish" strategies for W/Mo actually tended to work for quite a while
00:31.46Amarandeso a lot of people got pretty ingrained into bad play style
00:32.00Amarandewhich made the stereotype stick even more against the people who knew how to play their class
00:32.42Amarandethis was especially true before Factions and Nightfall because you leveled slower in Prophecies and stayed in low level content for a lot longer
00:32.43*** join/#wowwiki Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
00:33.33Amarandeheh, that reminds me of a weird difference between GW and WoW
00:33.55AmarandeIn GW, they greatly speeded up the leveling rate in the later campaigns and it seemed to make people a fair bit less scrubby (well, except for assassins, but we'll not talk about that)
00:34.15AmarandeIn WoW they recently speeded up the leveling rate and it seems to have had the opposite effect
00:34.50AmarandeI guess it's logical though
00:35.04Amarandein GW, the problem was that there were a lot of strategies that seemed good at low levels but turned out to be bad at max level content
00:35.19myke54142doh, just now learned about high elves
00:35.20Amarandein WoW the problem is that people are not getting the grouping experience they need
00:35.42myke54142just the other night i was asking "why is there a blood elf running the north tower in dustwallow marsh??"
00:36.14Amarandemyke: then there's the ones towards the NE part of EPL
00:36.30myke54142amarande that's because a lot of ppl play wow with the mantra "the game starts at 70" and avoid grouping because it's seen as slowing down progression
00:36.35AmarandeAurora Skycaller and ... agh, what was that other girl's name
00:36.37kd3and the ones in the north part of hinterlands
00:36.42AmarandeAurora's the only one who talks, anyway
00:36.56myke54142well i usually play horde so seeing a lot of this content for the first time
00:37.01Amarandeand apparently they're only part of an alliance quest and I've never played ally that high
00:37.31Amarande(otoh, the place NEAR them is part of a horde quest, a super effing hard tear your bloody flaming hair out spit on Blizzard's mother's milk in a cup kind of quest ... :S)
00:38.14Amarandelol, I still remember doing that quest, and I hated every moment of it and only did it because ... I think there was a followup I wanted to do
00:39.05Amarandethe mobs out there respawn like tribbles, use faerie fire AND sunder armor, they have an aggro radius the size of Tom Brady's ego and as if that wasn't bad enough they have group pats too! heh
00:39.59Amarandeand yeah, there is that "game starts at 70" attitude
00:39.59myke54142i'm stuck in the catch-22 that i think many ppl hit at 70
00:40.03Amarandewhich has indeed been made worse now
00:40.03myke54142i'm not in a good guild
00:40.14myke54142so i can't play the endgame content
00:40.16myke54142to get the gear
00:40.19myke54142to get into a good guild
00:40.30*** join/#wowwiki ZetaSC (
00:40.35myke54142so i've just been playing an alt on another server a IRL friend is on
00:40.37Amarandethe problem is, the boosts to quest rewards at lower levels further discourages people from instancing
00:40.50myke54142and it's a lot more fun than trying to get  PUG together for the next kara keying quest
00:41.06Amarandewhich server are you on, btw?
00:41.15myke54142my main is horde on stonemaul
00:42.12Amarandeahh, I'm horde on Turalyon
00:42.20Amarandewhere PUGs aren't the greatest either
00:42.33myke54142a year ago i started a guild
00:42.36myke54142but it fell apart
00:42.49myke54142and now ppl that i used to play with every day say they can't help me get into whatever guilds they're in
00:43.10myke54142i think something is entirely broken about that
00:44.20Amarandewell, there does frequently tend to be a disparity in progression, especially on low or medium pop servers
00:44.50myke54142stonemaul is an old server and sometimes fills up
00:46.27Dottedwewt finally 30000 PPM in audio surf
00:47.33foxlitwonder what sky has done to cat-related pages :/
00:47.58AmarandeI'm on a medium pop server. let's have a look at horde progression (don't really know much about alliance)
00:49.23Amarandewe have two guilds (Fusion, Bad Blood) who are 9/9 on BT, a third guild (Enmity) who's 6/9 and a fourth (Sedition) who recently entered BT and now are 4/9
00:49.34Amarande(apparently, 4/9 is pretty easy to get though, if you are in BT at all)
00:50.58AmarandeFirst three are also 5/5 on MH, Sedition is 4/5. A fifth guild Exilium who's 3/5 in MH but not yet to BT. These are also the only guilds to have 4/4 in TK.
00:51.17Amarandethere are three other guilds who are 3/4 in TK, and other than that, nobody else has gotten any further than Void Reaver
00:51.32Amarandemaybe someone with better cross-realm experience than I can say whether this is typical for a medium realm or not
00:53.15Amarandeanyway myke, I just get this impression that it's typical, that a server at this point in BC's development tends to have a large gap between the highly progressed raiders and basically the rest
00:53.15Adysdotted fix newsbot
00:53.39Dottedwith what money exactly?
00:53.41Amarandewhich, yes, I'd say that's logically going to put a damper on new people entering the raid cycle and catching up to friends in big guilds
00:54.33Amarandethough perhaps the new badge epics for 2.4 may help this somewhat
00:55.08Amarandesay, any idea if badge epics can be DE'd?
00:55.18Amarandeor are they non-DEable like PvP epics?
00:57.44myke54142amarande from what i've seen it's typical
00:58.01myke54142there's a huge gap between the hardcore players and everyone else
00:58.42myke54142just trying to get keyed from kara i often come home, try to find a group, and come up with nothign the whole everning
00:58.46myke54142night after night
00:58.48myke54142sometimes for a whole week
00:58.56myke54142i'm sure a lot of ppl just quit wow at that point and do something else
01:03.03AmarandeI've started to consider paying the $25 to transfer to a higher pop server, especially once I hit 70
01:03.05sacarasci actually found it hard to find non-keyfrag groups for arca and steamvault myself...
01:03.21Amarandehmm, maybe you can get heroic groups?
01:03.28Amarandeyou can still do the kara key fragments on heroic, right?
01:03.52Amarandeat least on my server it doesn't seem so hard to find heroic groups but it's a real pain to find normals
01:03.56*** part/#wowwiki SandwichmanAFK (
01:17.38myke54142amarande: yeah on my server it's either heroric or keyfrag (for an alt someone is leveling)
01:17.40*** part/#wowwiki ZetaSC (
01:22.59*** join/#wowwiki Rayhzik (
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01:48.04*** part/#wowwiki Hojimachong (
01:48.33*** join/#wowwiki Kabaka (
02:04.03AmarandeHeh. Now there's someone on forums claiming that the warglaives, instead of being rare legendary gear, are going to basically need to be standard equipment for rogues in Sunwell. :)
02:04.37AmarandeAnd keeps responding to this other guy's concerns with "show me the 27.7K DPS raid parse please"
02:07.05Amarandeand most of the folks active in the thread seem to have creepy gnome avatars. :(
02:18.27*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
02:21.30myke54142can a regular 70 even do anything at all in sunwell?
02:21.39myke54142or is it strictly end-end-end game content?
02:22.34kd3the raid, no. it's tuned for t6. you'll be wiping to trash all night. the 5-man can be done in heroics/kara gear
02:22.50kd3the isle itself is soloable. as long as you're 70 you can probably handle all of the quests
02:24.05myke54142ok good at least there's something
02:33.48Amarandedoes the 5-man have a heroic mode too, btw?
02:34.29Amarandehowever, you do have some chance of getting to sunwell raid, if you can get a group together
02:34.41Amarandesince they're adding all sorts of basically T6 grade stuff you can buy with badges
02:34.53kd3loot does not good raiders make
02:35.26Amarandeor at least, you can get geared to the level that you can get through the raiding progression at a rate that might see you there in time
02:36.10Amarandesince, at least from what I gather, a lot of raid bosses are fairly easy to learn if you're not total scrubs. the real problem is that you usually have to farm certain of them 50 zillion times to get geared for the next tier, no?
02:36.55kd3the problem for SP isn't the bosses. guilds that have been farming t6 for months now have been wiping to trash
02:37.29kd3even then. if you can get a group together, start working on easier content before throwing yourself at the hardest instance of the game
02:38.09kd3kara/mag/gruul, etc..
02:38.30Amarandeyeah, I doubt people can skip straight to it, just like you don't skip straight to Naxx
02:38.49Amarandeotoh, there's probably going to be at least a few bosses that just get skipped all the time now *cough* Kael'thas *cough*
02:39.31Amarandelike a lot of later-coming guilds in classic apparently mostly skipped AQ40 so they would have time to actually get things done in Naxx before BC.
02:39.49Amarande(That and apparently AQ40 was not much loved, I've heard it called QQ40, lol)
02:39.56kd3because that was the point. the devs set it up so you could skip most of aq
02:40.17kd3not that people who could kill emps/c'thun would... c'thun weapons were some of the best in the pre-BC game
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04:13.30DuTempeteKirkburn hasn't been on yet tonight, has he?
04:13.51Sky2042~seen Kirkburn
04:13.58infobotkirkburn <n=Kirkburn@> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 1d 8h 32m 5s ago, saying: 'DuTempete, don't you want me to play with you? :)'.
04:14.02DuTempeteI always forget that :P
04:14.12Sky2042so did I. I whowased him first.
04:14.34Sky2042and actually... that's a rather intriguing leaving statement...
04:21.20DuTempeteIt's been more than 24 hours since I talked to him last. I can't stand it :P
04:41.05*** join/#wowwiki DemonicSquirrel (
05:05.05Sky2042how fucking ironic
05:05.13Sky204202:48, 30 August 2006 Kirkburn (Talk | contribs | block) deleted "WW:Policy" (Nuking some unneccessary redirects, content was: '#REDIRECT WoWWiki:Policies' (and the only contributor was 'SilverSide')) (Restore)
05:05.24*** join/#wowwiki Gymble (
05:16.24DuTempetewhy is that ironic, Sky2042 ?
05:16.43Sky2042because I reintroed them into wowwiki society.
05:16.51Sky2042and i'm pretty sure he was positive of it. xD
05:17.34Sky2042or really, just the fact that we use them now.
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06:06.02Amarandeyay, only 779,521 more xp to get this expansion :)
06:16.25*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
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06:17.27AmarandeI'm level 69 and my addons still suggest Naxxramas as a recommended instance :S
06:26.04Amarandeand wtf
06:26.10Amarandemy father hands me this letter like it's new or something
06:26.16Amarandeand it's my bank statement from november 2006 :|
06:26.40Amarandesomeone refresh me on the existence of that year called '2006' again? it's been too long
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08:06.36laurly1ping adys
08:09.00Fisker-pong laurly
08:18.06laurly1about time
08:18.12*** mode/#wowwiki [+v laurly] by ChanServ
08:19.07Fisker-you can just ghost it
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08:40.40laurlyis armory broke?
08:55.57Fisker-the wow forums and armory barely works with IE8 :(
08:58.11Fisker-IE8 is kinda funny btw
08:58.14Fisker-a process per page
08:58.21Fisker-So the wowarmory is timing out
08:58.29Fisker-And i can use IE fine, but the tab is totally fucked :P
09:00.52Fisker-there it closed
09:03.25Amarandewell, it's Windows
09:03.37Amarandethey have to find new and innovative ways to waste system resources
09:04.14Amarandeactually, the hardware industry probably depends on this, in a way
09:04.40Amarandeafter all, other than gaming video related resources, what else would they be able to leverage to get people to upgrade their PC? half of people would still be on Pentium III's and feel no need to upgrade :S
09:06.30Fisker-Having more processes open doesn't mean they use up more resources
09:06.52Fisker-Infact it's technically a good thing as my browser doesn't lock up because of the shitty armory page
09:06.55Fisker-only my tab locks up
09:07.43Amarandethis can't be happening ...
09:07.46Amarandeanyway, time for me to sleep
09:09.46*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
09:13.15laurlyquit using IE Fisker- you admin it doesnt work use firefox
09:17.15amroFisker-: there shouldn't be any locking up at all
09:17.44amrothat's like saying, "It's a good thing, I only lost one eye"
09:18.35sacarascamro: go fix the armory then only 1 tab locking up might be a bad thing
09:19.10*** join/#wowwiki Napsterbater (n=Napsterb@2001:4978:103:1:211:43ff:fe61:c356)
09:20.16amrosacarasc: the armory does suck, and it doesn't work properly in konqueror either. but it doesn't lock it up
09:21.38Fisker-Have you tried it when it doesn't work?
09:21.44Fisker-for example now i believe it's not functional
09:22.46Fisker-The problem exists in Firefox as well btw
09:22.55Fisker-so i'm sure it probably exists in a lot of browsers
09:24.00Adyslaurly: pong
09:25.04Fisker-ok now the whole armory seems to be down
09:31.13*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
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09:35.16laurlysup adys?
09:35.24Adys[09:06:38] <laurly1> ping adys
09:35.38laurlyyeah it didnt flash not sure why
09:36.13laurlywhat was the name of that irc program again?
09:36.55laurlykk thanks
09:37.44Fisker-did you ever learn2ghost?
09:38.47laurlyto busy trying to get this regular expression to work
09:39.27Fisker-you can just /msg nickserv ghost name password
09:39.37Fisker-Then it'll kill anyone with your name
09:40.39laurlyhmm nice
09:41.35Sky2042or, also /ns g name pw
09:42.19*** join/#wowwiki CheeseGamer_ (
09:52.44laurlypain in the a$$ /\{\{Speedydelete(.*?)\}\}/i
09:54.18Adyss'wrong with that?
09:54.26laurlynothing works now.
09:54.48Adysyou got microsoft products installed on your computer I bet!
09:57.46laurlyLinux piggy 2.6.8-2-386 #1 Tue Aug 16 12:46:35 UTC 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
09:58.19Adysdont ruin my fun Im busy pissing fisker off :(
09:59.22*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
09:59.29Osehai thar
10:00.46Osesky, you there?
10:02.12laurlyping Sky2042
10:02.26Sky2042Ose: ping the actual name next time ;)
10:02.40Sky2042i'm soon not to be, but otherwise, what doth thee want?
10:02.53laurlythats more fun :)
10:02.54Adyssky, setup decent highlights next time :P
10:03.12Sky2042Adys: I don't want the instance of "sky" to ping me every time. this was deliberate ;)
10:03.20OseI can't seem to get the links on right
10:03.25laurlyhow often do we see or talk about the sky Sky2042
10:03.29Osehoping you know how
10:03.34Sky2042laurly: you would be surprised
10:03.50Sky2042Ose: a switch in the link portion of it. i got started on it in notepad++
10:04.28Fisker-Adys you can't piss me off anyways
10:04.49Osethe problem is, while the link looks like "Stormwind" it links to "Humans"
10:04.58Sky2042i know.
10:04.58Adysthats what you think, fanboy
10:05.10Sky2042Ose: let me pull it up, see if i can finish it right now.
10:05.26Osethat's what I was hoping for :D
10:05.36Fisker-if i think i'm not pissed off then i'm not pissed anyways
10:05.54Fisker-Hypothesis rejected.
10:06.47AdysFi$k€® F@nbo¥™
10:07.27Fisker-That you are my fan doesn't piss me off either
10:07.58Sky2042ah, ose, i actually just about had it finished.
10:08.03Sky2042give me a couple minutes.
10:08.33Sky2042you were on the right track, actually. quite strange
10:09.23Sky2042Ose: done.
10:10.06Oseu r teh 1337 h4XX0r
10:10.16Sky2042nah. just experience.
10:10.34Sky2042everything shows up perfect on /test
10:11.05Sky2042Varghedin: could you spam rc on your bot account pl0x? :[
10:11.42Sky2042oh god... ctprofiles on wowwiki
10:11.52Sky2042what will they think of next?
10:12.27*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
10:12.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
10:13.12Sky2042 . profiler on wowwiki... o_o
10:13.25Adyscool idea
10:13.49Sky2042stats section should be added..
10:14.06Oseallready said so
10:14.25laurlythats awsom Sky2042.....
10:14.31Adyshow about xml parsing should be added :)
10:15.15Sky2042Adys: suggestion to that: maybe instead of putting it all on, ask wikia to put it on something like or would that not work?
10:15.16foxlitOse: Give sane arguments, and I can easily hook you up with armory data
10:15.50Adysthere has to be two xml functions implemented
10:15.57Oseuhm, ask gourra or pcj, I haven't sone anything but giving feedback on this one :P
10:15.58Adysa template that creates an xml out of a wiki page
10:16.03Adysand a xml parser
10:16.16Sky2042Adys: so, no workie? or yes workie, with a little more effort?
10:16.28Adysworkie but what's the benefit?
10:16.54Sky2042doesn't make wowwiki people try to shoot you, and makes it easier to protect the pages
10:17.18Sky2042as wikia has a "site wide protection mode", where edits can be made, but obviously only by those allowed.
10:17.20Adyswowwiki people better not try to shoot me before i show them right in the face how many items we have
10:17.33foxlitAdys: consider yourself shot
10:17.35Adysthat is a good point
10:17.51Sky2042laurly: close window then. :P
10:17.54foxlitHow many items do we have?
10:18.03*** kick/#wowwiki [laurly!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (stop stalking us!!)
10:18.16Adysabout twenty thousands
10:18.21Adysand all
10:18.25*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
10:18.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+v laurly] by ChanServ
10:18.36foxlitinfobot: close.
10:18.37infobotrumour has it, close is try /close
10:18.49laurlyAdys lol... thats two kicks in under a day i think
10:18.50foxlittext > you :)
10:18.53*** join/#wowwiki Liothen (n=liothen@
10:19.12Adyslaurly :(
10:19.16foxlitBesides, we can safely SD around 15k and no one would care
10:19.18*** kick/#wowwiki [laurly!n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno] by Sky2042 (here's another. go to work on that bot!)
10:19.28*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
10:19.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+v laurly] by ChanServ
10:19.31*** kick/#wowwiki [Sky2042!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (wtf dont kick girls)
10:19.31*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
10:19.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
10:19.31laurlyhmmm grumbles
10:20.01*** kick/#wowwiki [Adys!n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno] by Sky2042 (wtf, don't kick /me/ !)
10:20.10*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
10:20.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
10:20.18Sky2042i should go to bed ;_;
10:20.43laurlyi should go find the auto rejoin on kick setting
10:21.32Adyslaurly: apt-get install xchat | xchat set irc_auto_rejoin 1
10:22.29laurlyi dont need yet another shell window open to the server.
10:22.53laurlywhat i need is a 3rd monitor.
10:23.09foxlitStop being silly :)
10:23.09Adysgrab me one too
10:23.14laurlyadds note to check if the new motherboards has a second agp port.
10:23.27Fisker-HOLD ME
10:23.28foxlit/point /laugh
10:23.36Fisker-I am cold :<
10:23.43laurlyi dont do hardware whats the gfx port thingie.
10:24.12Fisker-no u
10:24.22Fisker-it's PCI Express
10:24.25Fisker-it was AGP
10:24.51*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
10:24.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
10:25.02laurlynot that i think a scond one would fit with the size of my curent gfx card.  that thing is a monster
10:25.11laurlyits like 3 times the size of my harddrive
10:28.01laurlyok how do i test the bot if armory is down....
10:30.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!n=*] by Adys
10:30.32*** mode/#wowwiki [-b *!n=*] by Adys
10:31.30Sky2042hey Ose: why not change the s and the e to link to talk and contribs instead of having the parans?
10:31.57Osepeople would get confused, methinks
10:32.07Sky2042sandwich does it.
10:35.07Sky2042Ose: yellow on pink is ew
10:35.30Osecoobra made it, not me
10:35.39Osefound it on his page
10:37.54*** join/#wowwiki Napsterbater_ (n=Napsterb@2001:4978:103:1:211:43ff:fe61:c356)
10:39.13Sky2042Ose: there's a couple of templates in which still need deprecating
10:40.04Osei'll check it out
10:44.18OseI removed those we're going to keep from the category. Is it ok now?
10:45.43Sky2042there was actually a template which needed deprecating
10:45.46Sky2042i think it's the one in M
10:47.41Oseyou phixed?
10:48.21Sky2042i think genious over there may have deleted it.
10:48.48Sky2042or have you actualy been checking whatlinkshere foxlit?
10:49.43foxlitWho, me?
10:50.02Sky2042jw. some people don't. :/
10:50.04Sky2042varg doesn't.
10:50.31Sky2042and that was a category i made :(
10:50.40Sky2042of course.
10:51.15Sky2042oh, in case you missed it, with 1.12 comes [[Special:editcount]], which makes your bot /almost/ not needed for that purpose :P
10:51.47Sky2042we can get to counting things in orcs instead of peasants or something.
10:51.57foxlitI hate the amount of page requests that generates, too, though hash/split is generally nice.
10:52.41foxlitShould actually change the mechanics of how that template works, but I'm too lazy
10:52.56foxlitUpdating all user pages was a mistake, in retrospect
10:53.29Sky2042foxlit: as opposed to doing what?
10:53.56foxlit(and gracious amounts of MW bug abuse)
10:54.18foxlitIt's in {{User Editcount}} anyway, I only need to update foxbot
10:55.30Oseisn't content ready for deletion to?
10:56.25Sky2042i didn't do ClassCombo...
10:56.37Oselol... "Minor settlement: Mmmrglblargh (100)"
10:56.53Osemurloc camp I would guess
10:57.18foxlitThat's dustwallow!
10:58.26Ose!editcount Ose
10:59.13Osefoxlit: was that the right command?
10:59.27Sky2042not supported anymore, don't think.
11:00.13sacarascawww, po' Ose
11:01.00Oseoooh... says i'm past 1000
11:02.05Sky2042i wish the deletion mechanic were more fluid :/
11:02.20Sky2042like watchlist is set up on the WP
11:02.21foxlitLet's sysop the bot!
11:02.24Adysi wish mediawiki didnt suck
11:02.40foxlitAdys: it doesn't, though, so wish fulfilled.
11:02.41Sky2042Adys: fix imo.
11:02.46foxlitConsider yourself having 2 left :)
11:03.08AdysI wish I had a million dollars in my bank account
11:03.34AdysIm still waiting bitch
11:04.22Adys ....
11:04.38foxlit"Adys is getting terrorist genie money in his bank accountz, save the children!"
11:12.04Sky2042there goes a hundred contribs of mine ;(
11:12.58Adysi deleted a good thousand of my own contribs
11:12.59Adyscry more!
11:13.37Sky2042Adys: hmm?
11:13.39Ose = TEH LOLNEZZ!!!!1111oneoneone!
11:20.04laurlyok which encodeing gives you the %20?
11:21.43*** join/#wowwiki Litvan (
11:35.30laurlywhat is the diffrence between those two lines.
11:36.57laurlywait i got it stupid ppl and there l2spell issues.
11:41.11Osedidn't I fix that page yesterday?
11:42.21laurlyyeah but its still in the bots database
11:43.22laurlyi wonder if this means all the one's she taged are infact right.  becouse thats the one foxlit found.
11:43.31laurlycant code the bot for ppl not knowing how to spell.
11:44.04foxlitActually, you could
11:44.09foxlitCheck page for armory links, yeah?
11:44.33laurlydoesnt return any
11:44.51laurlywell the wrong one anyway
11:46.03laurlyarmory doesnt guess so the bot cant guess either.
11:46.42laurlyunless i seach on each word which would probably just lead to problems.
11:46.56foxlitTheir wiki page links to their correct armory page
11:47.28laurlyso they should l2spell when creating the guild page.
11:49.23foxlitYou need to use a {{sd}} tag that says "This could possibly maybe use a delete"
11:51.18laurly{sd|Cant find on armory}} ?
11:51.21Osemake a own type of sd tag?
11:51.33laurlyOse no
11:51.40foxlit{{sd should really be a "this obviously has to be deleted"
11:52.29laurlyif i make laurly bot its on SD guild cat then we got to get the admins to check it.
11:53.10laurlyping adys
11:53.26laurlyhow do you want to do this its up to you guys but decide now while im coding it.
11:56.53foxlitAdd your own "Possibly inactive guilds" category
11:57.32laurlyhow about a sub cat under
11:58.07foxlitNo, because they're not up for speedy deletion unless they're actually disbanded?
11:58.19laurlywhere do you want it then?
11:58.33laurlyyou guys are going to have to check it to delete them now and then.
12:12.08Adyspong laurly
12:12.55AdysCategory: Inactive Guilds
12:12.57Adysplease :P
12:13.17foxlitInactive guilds?
12:13.31foxlitseeing as how title case seems unpopular :)
12:13.32AdysI dont know, is the category policy still to capitalize?
12:14.11laurlypick one.
12:14.36laurlybefore i make another page you have to SD
12:15.03AdysInactive guilds
12:16.52Adysno caps :p
12:17.26Adyssec laurly
12:17.35laurlydo it so i can code the bot to use it.
12:19.45Adyser no
12:21.16laurlynot going into the right cat.
12:21.22Adysyeah sec
12:22.09Adysok there
12:23.51laurlyput that in something it doesnt go into the inactive cat
12:24.38foxlitthat tag is such sweet irony
12:25.02laurlyi code bots not wiki templates.  fix it and i will use it :)
12:25.20foxlit"This Guild ia marked" "... or have been miss spelled."
12:25.42*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
12:26.24Adys fixplz
12:27.14foxlitfix what?
12:27.33laurlyafk while i make somethign to eat that resmbles food more then vingummy
12:29.06foxlitadys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys adys
12:29.14Adysthe category
12:30.11foxlitp=f, though pix are good too
12:30.47AdysI dont know
12:30.51Adysi didnt do it
12:31.15foxlitThe short version is that I need an updated list of categories :)
12:31.51Adysi dont know what category is correct
12:31.55Adysbut its not Category:Maces
12:32.05foxlitHaha, well, neither do I :)
12:32.16AdysConfirm delete(Deleting "User:Sanwichman2448/Bob the Bucket Thief of Kaskala")
12:32.16Adyscontent was: '{{Sd|Not spelled good.}}'
12:32.23Adyshe cracks me up
12:34.41foxlitI think I generally agree with Fandyllic on our categorization changes
12:34.52foxlit(a) wru, voting (b) wru, overview
12:35.25Ose WTF?
12:36.32Adysits been deleted three times now
12:38.04amroit's a cat, it has seven lives =P
12:38.22laurlyamro that was gad and i think its 9 lives
12:38.40laurlybad<> glad l2type issues
12:39.10Adyslol amro
12:40.18amrolaurly: it's nine lives in britain because they don't run over cats thoroughly enough
12:41.37*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
12:43.47laurlywhy is it the dog lays next to the door when it knows when the mail comes its going to get bombed
12:46.15amroyour dog's a masochist?
12:51.48amroxul sounds like some aztec god
12:52.20Adysit IS an aztec god bahahaha
12:53.20amroyou probably have to sacrifice widgets to it or it wont work
13:10.39Fisker-my interbutts is slow Adys
13:10.40Fisker-what gives?
13:11.30*** join/#wowwiki Gymble (
13:20.28*** join/#wowwiki Jack_Phoenix (n=Ashley@wikia/Jack-Phoenix)
13:34.55*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
13:43.06Osewhy does disappear when I resize it?
13:46.19*** join/#wowwiki Sainouhe (
13:51.25Oseuhm... why does look like it does?
13:52.09sacarascOgri'la_Tabard.jpg‎  (file size: 0 B, MIME type: unknown/unknown)
13:52.16sacarasc0B files are always good...
13:54.13Oseit looks good on my pc, but when I upload, it doesn't
13:54.27Saikittenyou didn't upload anything
13:57.31OseI think uploading is bugged...
14:06.06Osecan anyone tell me why the images disappear when I change the size of the tabards in ?
14:09.51OseTekkub! Adys!
14:10.11Oseyou're template engineers, help me make a tempalte :P
14:11.09Adyswhat the fuck
14:11.44Adysdeleting this
14:11.59Osethis waht?
14:12.10Adysthis dumb template which has no place on a wiki
14:12.57Oseit's used a lot...
14:13.10Adysit's useless
14:13.15Adysbotremove it
14:13.55*** join/#wowwiki Tupper (
14:14.40Oseanyways. = phix images plz
14:15.28Osethey have to be 48x48px, but disappear whenever I try to change the size
14:15.31Adyswhats wrong with it
14:15.36*** join/#wowwiki Jack_Phoenix (n=Ashley@wikia/Jack-Phoenix)
14:15.44Adysshow example
14:17.03*** join/#wowwiki Tupper__ (
14:17.29Oseadded the usual resize command. check how it looks now...
14:22.03Oseif you check you see that only four of them show now
14:26.39Osebtw adys: when are you going to start accepting/declining applications for template engineers?
14:27.32AdysI thought they ended up closing down the teams
14:27.50Osethey did?
14:28.08Osethen they should have deleted the pages...
14:29.02Adysthree leaders three inactives
14:30.04Adyspcj ping
14:30.20Adysstill interested in joining?
14:30.23Adysnot like its got much effect
14:31.04pcjjust delete the team imo
14:31.16AdysIm tempted but Im gonna need kirk's stamp for that
14:31.24laurlylol -
14:31.49laurlyi know one function im not relecing to the genral public with the bot.
14:31.51Adyswth laurly
14:32.16pcjlaurly you replaced i with EVIL?
14:32.30pcjwow...good job
14:33.01Adyshey laurly
14:33.07Adyscan your bot massremove a template ?
14:33.27pcjand breadcrumb imo
14:33.40laurlykinda why i coded that function adys
14:33.49Adysyeah yanking breadcrumb would be good
14:33.57Adysor actually replacing it with a good nav system
14:34.02laurlylets test it
14:34.36laurlyyou just want to remove {{Template:Construction}}?
14:34.46laurlyreplace it with what?
14:34.56Adysremove it, dont replace
14:38.00Osedo you know why certain images disappear when resized?
14:38.10Adysose, give an example
14:38.19Adysoh wait gotcha
14:38.38Oseall of the tabards should show
14:39.09Adyswowwiki bug
14:39.15Adyscan you keep that like that
14:39.36Osethen I guess tech support will fix it sooner or later
14:39.49laurly  one dow.
14:40.06laurlylet me guess adys you want me to run them all?
14:40.11Adysaye please
14:40.38laurly..... so demanding
14:41.01Adysawh sorry
14:41.49pcjcan someone remove breadcrumb from
14:45.39AdysIf you are irresponsible, we may block you!
14:46.05AdysOh no! My poor bot! Ill have to recode it alllllll the way to ignore a file i probably already was ignoring!
14:48.15pcj# Sorry, wget in its recursive mode is a frequent problem.
14:48.15pcj# Please read the man page and use it properly; there is a
14:48.34Adysman wget
14:52.27Adys[15:50:57] <Adys>
14:52.27Adys[15:51:40] <Jedimca0|Busy> I've been seeing that problem on a several other wikis too.
14:52.27Adys[15:52:05] <Jedimca0|Busy> no response from Staff, yet.
14:52.54foxlit~man wget
14:52.55infobotNo manual entry for wget
14:54.55*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
14:58.27Adyssucks doesnt it infobot
15:00.48foxlitwonder if that's even valid
15:01.58Adyssupposed to be Disallow: /
15:02.07*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
15:05.35Oseyes adys?
15:05.43Adyssee above
15:11.23laurly <--- adys look good?
15:13.22foxlit~seen Kaso
15:13.24infobotkaso <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowi-lounge, 16h 2m 24s ago, saying: 'hmm, yeh not not would be quicker wouldnt it'.
15:13.47foxlitnot not true, clearly
15:14.08Adys~seen foxlit
15:14.09infobotfoxlit is currently on #wowi-lounge (5h 1m 42s) #wowwiki (5h 1m 42s). Has said a total of 54 messages. Is idling for 22s, last said: 'not not true, clearly'.
15:14.36Adys~seen varghedin
15:14.37infobotvarghedin <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 1d 22h 49m 12s ago, saying: 'Can I use GNU AWK for this?'.
15:15.27*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
15:23.20laurly adys
15:23.47laurlyyou can figure out what to do with the last two
15:24.23Adysyeah sorted
15:25.03Vesitinwtb naga distiller macro 2g
15:35.38pcjbreadcrumbs deprecated too
15:36.07*** join/#wowwiki Gymble (
15:38.39*** join/#wowwiki krag0th|Mac (
16:37.02*** join/#wowwiki elaa (
16:41.35Fisker-snailwiki is snaaaaaaaaaaaaaail?
16:42.36*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
16:44.07Fisker-Anyone know where i can get the warrior icon in png?
16:44.15*** join/#wowwiki Varghedin (
16:44.24Fisker-and by that i mean the flat squared one
16:44.27Fisker-not the round one
16:54.54*** part/#wowwiki Varghedin (
17:00.57*** join/#wowwiki kirby (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
17:11.36*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
17:16.39*** join/#wowwiki Gymble (
17:24.17*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikia/
17:24.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
17:24.50*** join/#wowwiki Ose (n=chatzill@
17:25.37*** join/#wowwiki sannse_ (n=me@wikia/
17:25.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse_] by ChanServ
17:25.40Oseimages fixed yet?
17:36.53*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
17:39.51*** join/#wowwiki sannse_ (n=me@wikia/
17:39.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse_] by ChanServ
17:40.37*** join/#wowwiki ChiLLabiS (
17:41.26*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
17:41.48Oseadys: any news on the image issue?
17:42.08Adysbetter ask sannse_
17:42.35pcjor sannse
17:42.48*** join/#wowwiki Varghedin (
17:42.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Varghedin] by ChanServ
17:43.01roxuteego ask alice
17:43.04sannse_image uploads not working you mean?  should be back now....
17:43.12Adyssannse, nah
17:43.38*** mode/#wowwiki [-o sannse_] by sannse_
17:43.50Adys[15:50:57] <Adys>
17:43.51Adys[15:51:40] <Jedimca0|Busy> I've been seeing that problem on a several other wikis too.
17:44.14Osemost of the images don't show
17:44.18Adyssome thumbnails are not created when they are needed
17:44.27Ose(after adding |48px )
17:45.58sannse_interesting... I'll check if that's in the system later, and whether it will still be a problem when we upgrade
17:46.44Adyssannse: Want me to remove you from the AUTOOP list btw? :p
17:46.45Osehave fun
17:49.21sannse_Adys: yes please
17:49.57sannse_that deleted all my access though... not that it matters much :)
17:51.43*** join/#wowwiki Mollikka (
17:53.18kirbysannse: any timeframe on the wowwiki merge? ;)
17:54.07Oseupdate you mean?
17:54.21sannse_kirby: they have a version on the new version of mediawiki, so checking that's stable is the main thing now
17:54.25Jack_Phoenixyay for codebase merge \o/
17:54.40Jack_Phoenixepic wtf
17:54.43kirbyOse: either/or :)
17:55.02Jack_Phoenixkirby, deleted, thanks
17:59.12OseAnyone know the interwiki code for linking to the norwegian wikipedia (from wowwiki)? [[:no gives the norwegian wowwiki
17:59.28Jack_PhoenixOse: [[wikipedia:no:article name|link title]]
17:59.49Adysor maybe wikipedia, not sure if they changed it
18:01.36Osewhat about uncyclopedia?
18:03.20kirbyOse: i don't think that will happen
18:03.37kirbybecause they don't want it
18:04.14Osewhat's wrong with interlinking to uncyclopedia?
18:05.20*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
18:05.22kirbyoh i thought you meant merging
18:05.32kirby[[uncyclopedia:Main Page|Main Page]]
18:06.37Osedoesn't work
18:06.54Ose uncy link = red
18:08.11Jack_PhoenixOse: try w:c:uncyclo:page name or then wikia:c:uncyclo:page name
18:10.03Oseneither works
18:10.23Oseyou sure we HAVE a interlink for uncyclopedia?
18:10.58kirbyit might not work on wowwiki
18:11.18kirbybecause it works everywhere else, it should work after the merge
18:11.46kirbyOse: you can try <span class="plainlinks">[ Uncyclopedia]</span>
18:12.51*** join/#wowwiki Kazie (
18:14.40Osefine, except for thats a fake domain
18:14.45Osereaø =
18:15.50kirbyoyea .org
18:19.18*** join/#wowwiki elotin (
18:20.52*** part/#wowwiki elotin (
18:25.07*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
18:25.40Fisker-lamt Dotoff
18:36.18*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
18:37.40*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
18:37.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
18:41.33*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
18:42.45*** join/#wowwiki Amarande (i=amarande@
18:47.58*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
18:56.18*** join/#wowwiki Xinhuan (i=xinhuan@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/xinhuan)
18:56.54*** join/#wowwiki Tupper (
18:59.40Ose~seen Sky2042
18:59.41infobotsky2042 <n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 7h 45m 15s ago, saying: 'lol'.
19:01.00*** join/#wowwiki Gymble (
19:02.59*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
19:03.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
19:03.14*** join/#wowwiki Gymble (
19:03.16Osehey sky
19:03.44Sky2042why has kirkburn been avoiding irc...? :(
19:04.04Ose check it out (I know most pictures are bugged)
19:04.16Oseisn't he in the states or something?
19:04.43Sky2042don't think so...
19:05.02Sky2042adys, why did kill t:construction?
19:05.15Osedidn't like it :P
19:05.17Adysbecause its dumb
19:05.37Sky2042well, that's a nice answer. could you be less specific?
19:05.43*** join/#wowwiki ecs (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
19:05.47Adysno, ose did it for me
19:06.02foxlitFrivolous deletion, nerf!
19:06.20Adysyou should know better seriously
19:06.31Adys"Under construction" tags are dumb on the entire internet
19:06.34Adysa WIKI? come on
19:06.41Sky2042oh, true.
19:06.46foxlitFrankly, my dear, you're wrong :)
19:07.00Adysyou're hot when you tell me Im wrong fox
19:07.15foxlitIt's useful, it's just usually misused.
19:07.39AdysWhen you talk about misuse, you have no idea what that does to me
19:07.56Sky2042stubs have the same purpose foxlit.
19:08.20foxlitStub is a "This isn't done, and I'm not going to do anything about it, so you'd better do something"
19:08.21Adysthere was this "Under construction" tag for over 4 months on the Banshee article
19:08.36foxlitConstruction was "Dammit, stop reverting my edits, I'm trying to think here"
19:08.50Adyssandbox, preview, etc
19:08.54Sky2042yes. but never used to such a purpose.
19:08.59*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
19:09.15foxlitClearly not the template's fault :)
19:09.28Adyslast edit 29th december
19:09.32Adysthats 3 months sorry
19:09.42Adysof an "Im trying to think there"
19:10.02KalrothIsn't that relative to the person doing the thinking?
19:10.02AdysI hope he didnt think too much as to get himself a headache
19:10.15foxlitThat's a very silly argument :)
19:10.29foxlitJust because someone didn't use the template properly, doesn't mean you have to kill the template
19:10.39Kalrothif it was foxlit, then 3 months or more to think is reasonable
19:10.57AdysFoxlit, I agree, but not enough not to kill the template
19:10.59foxlitYeah, dammit, stop editing my wiki!
19:11.08foxlitI was considering an edit.
19:11.10foxlitTWO YEARS AGO
19:11.20foxlitAnd now look at what you people have gone and done!
19:11.59Adysthe template was added 18th of october
19:12.03Adysthats actually 5 months
19:12.31KalrothAdys: -> scroll down to Warcraft news - is the {{{2}}} supposed to be there?!
19:12.31Adysmust be a hell of a headache to take half a year break to "think"
19:13.11foxlitAdys: so, clearly someone forgot about it, or actually mean {{Stub}}
19:13.13foxlitIs there a point?
19:13.30Adysyes the point is its not gonna be the only page
19:13.38foxlitIt denoted an incomplete list, possibly attracting some attention if people gave a damn about accuracy
19:13.38Adyseither way these templates are dumb
19:13.45Adysshouldnt have been made at first
19:13.54Adyskalroth, is the news supposed to be there at all
19:14.11AdysI havent been playing wow but theres no new faction in wotlk
19:14.13foxlitNow we have an incomplete list without any way to determine that it needs further work
19:14.27Adysfoxlit, sucks to be them then
19:14.36foxlitKill {{stub}} while you're at it?
19:14.37Osevarghedin: check your talkz :P
19:14.39foxlitThey're eternal, too!
19:15.23KalrothShould have made the construction templates into a stub template, imo!
19:15.35Adysshould have made it a redirect if anything
19:15.50foxlitShould've deleted it without a vote or as much as an sd tag.
19:15.54foxlitThat's what we should've done.
19:16.07Adysthats what we did, perfect no?
19:16.46Kalrothtsk tsk!
19:16.54Amarandehmm, I'm starting to wonder
19:17.06Amarandeif maybe I need to get a new job soon, both so I can make more money AND so I can raid
19:17.25KalrothAmarande: What do you need the money for?
19:17.32AmarandeI keep looking at the raid schedules of recruiting raid guilds, and they always seem to coincide with nights I have to work till 9:30 :S
19:17.45KalrothAdys: Oh yeah, speaking of money, I just bought a new house!
19:17.56AmarandeKalroth: well, it would be nice to actually have a car and my own place and such eventually lol
19:18.08AdysKalroth: Grats! For your barbie collection?
19:18.13AmarandeI'm not that badly off right now, but rents seem to be rather too high around here
19:18.21KalrothAmarande: Not for raiding you don't!
19:18.38KalrothAdys: Yes, it's for Ken!
19:18.44Amarandeanyway, I just am starting to get the feeling that evening shifters get shafted for raiding
19:18.48AdysOh, ken I come?
19:18.53KalrothAdys: ..
19:18.55Adys(see what I did there?)
19:18.57Amarandeespecially when you're officially PT so your schedule isn't even guaranteed the same every week.
19:19.11KalrothAmarande: They do :) You need to find an oversea guild
19:19.25KalrothWell then you're just fucked, I guess
19:19.31Amarandebasically ... at least lately, I always work 9-4 Wednesday and pretty much always 12-6 Tuesday
19:19.46Amarandeand generally at night Thurs, Sat, Sun ... either Monday or Friday being off and the other being totally random
19:20.01AmarandeSeems like EVERYONE raids Thursday night though :S
19:20.27Kalroththursday, sunday, monday and tuesday for us :)
19:20.39Amarandeand pretty much nobody raids Wednesdays, which is weird lol
19:20.53Kalrothon EU it's because of the downtime
19:20.58Kalrothand/or patch days
19:21.18Amarandehmm, isn't your downtime in the morning, like ours?
19:21.30KalrothThat's when it goes as scheduled. :)
19:21.36Amarandeyou'd think right after downtime would be the perfect time
19:21.49Amarandemaybe this is asking too much of Blizzard to be that logical, but that IS when they reset the raids, right?
19:22.36Amarandeor ... don't tell me every raid has its own reset day or something only Blizzard would think of like that :|
19:23.13AmarandeI mean, we're talking a company that has cooldowns set to 23 and 95 hours for no reason I can really think of. Not that I'm unhappy it's that instead of 24 and 96, it just doesn't quite seem logical :)
19:24.03Amarandethen again, I might not quite be ready to raid anyway
19:24.15Amarandecan you get away with going straight to kara at 70, or are you supposed to do heroics/pvp first?
19:24.58Amarande(Not that I'd end up lacking in heroic experience, since seeing as you can pretty much only get groups for heroics on this server, I'd probably have to do the whole kara key thing ON heroic anyway lol)
19:25.01*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
19:25.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_] by ChanServ
19:25.56*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || The beta site is up! See - test and report problems on User:Kirkburn/Problems | Tsk tsk! (screw non-monospace!)
19:25.59Osewhy don't we just make the big welcome box (example: ) into a template: {{Welcome}}?
19:26.55foxlitIt is a template, I don't think anyone writes it out by hand
19:27.00Osesky did you see ?
19:27.20foxlitBut hey, stamping templates onto userpages to say the equivalent of "hi" isn't very personal to begin with
19:27.28Amarandeactually, speaking of this
19:27.36Amarandeare there any regular dungeon quests that *can't* be done on heroic?
19:27.53Amarandeas in, ones that *require* Normal difficulty to work?
19:29.05Ose~seen Sandwichman2448
19:29.07infobotsandwichman2448 <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 19h 5m 6s ago, saying: ':('.
19:29.19Sky2042_Ose: yes...
19:29.39Oseany feedbackz?
19:29.54Sky2042_afknot atm. i'll help if you get stuck though =]
19:30.49OseI am...
19:31.03Osemerging with main template = hard
19:31.25Sky2042_afkwell, leave it be,and i'll have a look at it in the near future
19:58.19laurlydam that trout smells its got to be 12 years old now
19:58.41Oseanyone have an idea about what kind of pic I could use to represent Tranquillien?
19:59.28Osevery old fisherman :P
20:00.20laurlyhehe yeah :)
20:01.10Oseplz help tranquillien pic kthnxbai
20:05.03*** join/#wowwiki Napsterbater (n=Napsterb@2001:4978:103:1:211:43ff:fe61:c356)
20:09.00Osegeif working image resizez!
20:32.25*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (n=Kirkburn@
20:32.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:32.39KirkburnSoooo, like I'm at SXSW
20:33.15Kirkburn|SXSWWikia Gaming booth :)
20:33.41Charitwosounds familiar
20:33.52Kirkburn|SXSWSXSW is in Austin, Texas
20:35.14Kirkburn|SXSWGo WoWWiki! :P
20:38.54OseKirk, you're propably busy, but do you know anything about the image issues we've been having (see : many pictures don't show when they're resized)
20:45.15*** join/#wowwiki CookieWhore (n=Ashley@wikia/Jack-Phoenix)
20:45.46GourraOse..I don't see a picture for CE there
20:45.51Gourra(template, not talk)
20:46.53OseI can't see MOST of the pics
20:47.17Oseok, 1/2 of the pics are not there
20:47.37Gourrawhich ones can't you see?
20:49.09OseHH, CE, Thrallmar, Kurenai, Mag'har, Spreggar, LC, Skyguard, Ogri'la
20:50.14OseI just tested in IE, so it's not firefox that's bugged
20:50.15Gourra..probably because there's no icon for them in the template code
20:50.38Osethere are!
20:51.13OseI removed the resize now, check it
20:51.14Gourrapoint out for me where in the code those are, because I don't
20:51.23Kirkburn|SXSWHell yeah!!
20:51.37*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn|SXSW -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || <-- woot
20:51.37*** topic/#wowwiki by ChanServ -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || The beta site is up! See - test and report problems on User:Kirkburn/Problems | Tsk tsk! (screw non-monospace!)
20:51.39Gourrathat does indeed look messed up
20:51.56*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
20:51.56CharitwoKirkburn|SXSW: topiclock is on
20:52.13*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || <-- woot
20:52.18Kirkburn|SXSWThanks Adys
20:52.20Osesee now. They're all there! but as soon as I try to resize them, half of them dissappear!
20:52.29*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
20:52.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
20:52.33Gourrabut hmm, where's that icon for Honor Hold located?
21:05.46*** join/#wowwiki infobot (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
21:05.46*** topic/#wowwiki is Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || <-- woot
21:05.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot] by ChanServ
21:21.27Kirkburn|SXSWSo, who's read that link? :P
21:23.57Osequite interesting, really
21:24.41Oselol, first reply "So is that a 15 or 17" MacBook Pro in the lower right?"
21:26.42Osekirkburn: any clues why 1/2 of the images miss on ?
21:28.03*** join/#wowwiki theurge14 (
21:32.01*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
21:32.13Kirkburn|SXSWOse, hmm, don't know
21:32.49Kirkburn|SXSWI can only suggest checking the code carefully
21:32.59Oseadys and sansse thought it was a wiki bug, some linking issues
21:33.23Adysits not unique to wowwiki
21:33.24Osethe thing is, if I remove |48px, they're all there!
21:33.54Adysose, thumbnails are created when you modify an image size
21:34.04Oseyeah, that
21:34.12AdysKirkburn|SXSW: Ive read that link :P
21:34.37Adys(and go read up on openwdb! Im only waiting for you to continue :P)
21:35.48Kirkburn|SXSWWhen I'm not in the middle of an exhibition hall, mebbe
21:36.00Adyswhens you be back home?
21:39.41Osevideopodcast form SXSW
21:39.49Oseme likey
21:39.54Kirkburn|SXSWAdys, not for another week
21:40.21Kirkburn|SXSWPossibly be able to look earlier, depends how busy Wikia keep me :P
21:40.38Kirkburn|SXSWOse, aye, you can watch me (whenever they put it up) o_O
21:43.31laurlywhat are you doing with poop on a salmon?
21:43.39Gourralaurly: you're on WoW?
21:43.47Adysoff to bed for a bit, bbl
21:43.53laurlyGourra na
21:44.16Kirkburn|SXSWG'night Adys
21:44.31laurlyGourra raid all week tryand take weekends off
21:45.02laurlyOse LOL
21:45.04Gourrathat sounds like me.. :P
21:45.27laurly4 bosses down in MH in 3.5 hours was rather insane
21:46.15Gourrathat's what we are able to do in 3 hours
21:46.17OseKirkburn, you're with some wikia folks now, rigth?
21:46.28Gourrawell, even less..about 2.5 or so
21:46.58laurlywe have only been in MH for 3 weeks give us time.
21:47.04laurlywhat guild are you in btw?
21:47.11GourraUnleashed Chaos
21:47.18Kirkburn|SXSWOse, ayup
21:47.43Kirkburn|SXSWTech team are long gone :P
21:47.47Osebefore I get angry...
21:47.49Kirkburn|SXSWCool guys though
21:48.00Kirkburn|SXSWYou're sure it's their fault? :)
21:48.17amroKirkburn|SXSW: give them some cookies on my behalf
21:48.23Osefrom what i've been told, yes
21:48.37Kirkburn|SXSWBeen told?
21:48.50Oseby adys and sansse
21:49.22Adyswut :P
21:49.31Adysno clue whose fault it is
21:49.44Adysjust saying thumbnails are not being created when they need to be
21:49.47Adysand its wikiawide
21:49.52Oseblame the authorities!
21:49.57Adys[Bed] <- Find me there
21:50.51amroAdys: gross, that sounds like an invitation
21:52.49Kirkburn|SXSWOh, right
21:52.53foxlit"Prepare for unforeseen consequences."
21:52.59Kirkburn|SXSWI just had my picture taken with Master Chief
21:54.16Oseget a copy and upload it :P
21:54.25GourraSS or it didn't happen
21:54.40Kirkburn|SXSWI will, it's on Angie's camera atm :P
21:54.45Kirkburn|SXSWI look ... sheepish :)
21:55.59Gourrain your ass?
21:56.22laurlysee now i was going to say something like that but figured adys would kick me and i have already had 2 in a day
21:56.32Oseno, laurly already pooped it
22:01.41Kirkburn|SXSWHoly crap, Warren Spector just came by
22:03.48laurlyi found a grate msg for msn.  had 4 ppl on my list msg me LOL in a day :)
22:06.18*** join/#wowwiki SandwichmanAFK (
22:06.33laurlyhmm cant you get a what links here on a catagorie?
22:07.55Gourraat least that one works fine for me
22:09.08laurlywondering if i can use that little string replace toy i made to clean up the zones cat project
22:09.54*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
22:09.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
22:11.09laurlyping sky
22:11.15laurlypoke Sky2042_afk
22:11.34laurlyzones cat project
22:12.11laurlywe leaving npc's in the npc cat as well as moving it to the zone name npc cat?
22:13.04laurlyyou just want to change [[Category:Hellfire Peninsula]] to [[Category:Hellfire Peninsula mobs]]?
22:13.54Sky2042_afkin that specific instance, yes.
22:14.31laurlyif its a strict string replace laurlybot can clean those up i wrote something for adys this afternoon.
22:18.26laurlyoff to bed night guys
22:19.27Gourragnight laurly
22:20.49SandwichmanAFKExcuse me, I had a bad idea to make a template for Warcraft RTS units and buildings but the names 'Template:Warcraft I/II' is taken for sections of lore.
22:20.57*** join/#wowwiki Ose_ (n=chatzill@
22:21.13Ose_long link :P
22:21.18foxlit[[Template:Warcraft I Units]] ?
22:21.18Ose_sky :)
22:22.01Ose_want more?
22:22.03SandwichmanAFKIt is not just units... Wait, should I split it?
22:23.59Gourralol nice one Ose_
22:25.53Sandwichman2448Any other thoughts, or is it better if I leave before I bother someone?
22:26.20Sky2042_afkuh... love it? :] .
22:26.41Sky2042_afkmight want to add a section at the bottom for the units in the war2 expansion.
22:26.51Sky2042_afkthat /did/ have new units, didn't it?
22:27.04Sandwichman2448What units? The heros?
22:27.23Sky2042_afkwell, yeah, add those too. :P
22:28.05Sky2042_afki'm hesitant to say add it though
22:28.46Sandwichman2448Why not?
22:28.52Ose_sky, feedback plz. ready for merge?
22:29.49Ose_and I know many images miss, but that's a bug, and will need to be fixed by tech support or soemthing
22:29.51Sky2042_afkfind images for the other images. otherwise, looks good.
22:29.57Sky2042_afkwell. nvm me lol
22:30.13Ose_I R teh 1337 typist
22:30.18Sky2042_afktranq has a tabard doesn't it?
22:30.27Ose_don't think so
22:30.52Ose_looked all around for some image which could in some way represent it, but, nada
22:31.26Sandwichman2448The town itself?
22:31.32Sky2042_afkguess not... darn
22:31.35Ose_the faction
22:31.50Sandwichman2448A pic of the town.
22:31.58Ose_can someone kick Ose so that I can retake my name?
22:32.09Ose_in 48x48px..?
22:32.09Charitwoose: you can't ghost it?
22:32.10Sandwichman2448He stole it?
22:32.22Charitwoeven if you kick him he'll still be logged onto the network
22:32.39Ose_it's me, before firefox crashed
22:32.40CharitwoYou need to either ghost or wait for the connection to timeout
22:32.50Sky2042_afkOse: if it's not your account, nothing you can do. if he /is/ yours, type /ns g <nick> <pw>
22:32.55Charitwokick won't get you your name on
22:33.07Ose_and the stupid msg nickserv identify thingy doesen't work
22:33.12Charitwoas he'll still be logged onto freenode
22:33.23Sky2042_afkOse_: see what I said.
22:33.52foxlitIt'll time out anyway
22:34.02Sky2042_afkor that.
22:34.14Sky2042_afknow nick and ns id
22:35.51Oseanyway sky, I tried merging the templates, but I could'nt get it right... you try?
22:36.12Sky2042_afkOse: again, will work on it later. patience, young skywalker!
22:36.42Osebut there's a city in the sky, where they're keeping my crew...
22:36.49Oseweird al FTW!
22:37.04Sandwichman2448A jedi's got to do what a jedi's got to do.
22:37.21Osecause now Vader, i'm coming for you!
22:37.47Sandwichman2448(drinks gin and tonic)
22:38.23Sandwichman2448What about ?
22:39.32Sandwichman2448Ose: What is nice?
22:39.49Ose is nice :)
22:39.58Sandwichman2448Why thank you.
22:40.25Sandwichman2448It needs moar.
22:40.52*** join/#wowwiki catmanz (n=macmini@
22:41.31OseI quote a lolcat, and guess who shows up..
22:41.34Sandwichman2448Lol is good.
22:41.46Sandwichman2448Yeah, meow of the devil.
22:41.51catmanzlove is to feel that you exist
22:42.04Oselove is to cheezburgerz eat
22:42.33catmanzlove is to t ransfer liquid to others
22:42.40Sandwichman2448Cheezburgerz R sandwitchez?
22:43.17Sandwichman2448love is therefore giving people free sodas and beers.
22:43.47catmanzlove is a place to spend money
22:45.27Gourra<catmanz> love is to t ransfer liquid to others <-- lolwut
22:45.41catmanzisnt it true
22:45.44Sandwichman2448love is therefore giving people free sodas and beers.
22:46.01Osefree sodas...
22:46.44catmanztrue true
22:47.28catmanzwhere are you from
22:47.39Sandwichman2448IRL or RPing?
22:47.50Gourra that's just messed up (check the head)
22:48.02Sandwichman2448United States.
22:48.12catmanzall of you mac users
22:48.17OseI R teh vikingz froem norweiz
22:48.32catmanzsikerim vikingini
22:48.36Sky2042_afkcatmanz: not I, though i wish i were!
22:48.46Sandwichman2448I use a PC ducktaped to another PC.
22:49.03catmanzi bought a mac mini
22:49.12Sandwichman2448Those are thin.
22:49.18catmanzvery nice
22:49.34catmanzbut zirc is not mirc
22:49.42catmanzis there mirc for macs
22:49.59Sandwichman2448Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ect.
22:50.18catmanzi usually use mirc on pc
22:50.27catmanzzirc is different
22:50.37catmanzi dont like to use it
22:51.14catmanzhey,arethere any turks here
22:52.58OseI just use ChatZilla, works perfectly together with firefox
22:53.25Oseturk is JD's best friend :D
22:53.52Sky2042_afk(almost said "Chatzilla's a mana hog) Chatzilla's a memory hog, though xD
22:57.24Ose:O what?
22:58.51Sandwichman2448I dunno. It seemed to fit.
22:59.04Sandwichman2448What else is WoWWiki not?
22:59.39Sky2042_afksee the for inspiration.
22:59.49Sky2042_afkand / or draw from official policy.
23:00.05Sandwichman2448I am doing both.
23:00.37Ose zomgz ze kewl imgs
23:00.40SandwichmanAFKSorry. I g2g.
23:01.49Oseme too
23:02.05Osebyez byez evrebodeyz!
23:07.05*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
23:07.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
23:07.33Sky2042_afkmorning tek
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23:49.35Adys[22:50:56] <amro> Adys: gross, that sounds like an invitation
23:49.42Adysit was, and you didnt even show up!
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23:53.42Adysfoxbot's memory sucks
23:53.46Adysno question about it
23:56.59Kirkburn|SXSWAdys, can you change topic to
23:57.06Kirkburn|SXSWReport it longer, scarier pictures
23:57.26*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || <-- porn!
23:58.04Kirkburn|SXSWBack later!
23:58.21Adyshf :P

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