IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080228

00:00.06foxlit(that joke) |---------------------| (funny)
00:00.43Adysits an old spell!
00:00.47Adysand im off to bed, night
00:01.25Fisker-beep beep, alarm clock here
00:51.45afkJaciiI hate level 53
00:51.55afkJaciiI can't get around to leveling up
00:54.17afkJaciiI can imagine how horrible its gonna be at 60
00:54.33Sandwichman2448Do you have TBC?
00:55.14afkJaciiThough I really think I shouldn't, my PoS computer can't handle it.
00:56.38Sandwichman2448There are loads of quests at 60.
00:57.00afkJaciiIts just I can't say I like it
00:57.17afkJaciiAnyways, where should I level at 53? I'm doing Un'Goro now
00:57.37Sandwichman2448...west plaguelands?
00:57.55Sandwichman2448Felwood to some extent.
00:58.32afkJaciiI see
00:59.11KirkburnKaso, u r the funny
00:59.35Kasoy thx
01:00.17Sandwichman2448What happen?
01:01.12KirkburnHis 90/10 joke earlier :)
01:01.37KirkburnSky2042_afk, d'oh, I hadn't even though about what happens with the logo
01:01.52*** join/#wowwiki Gymble (
01:01.53KirkburnSo um, yeah, Wiki wide will be the Main Page logo I guess :P
01:02.33KirkburnKaso, so, more bans have been handed out today to established editors
01:03.19KirkburnAnd his daughter's boyfriend (already unblocked twice by Andy with the comment "mistake")
01:04.45Sandwichman2448Wikia seems fun.
01:05.08KirkburnSky2042_afk, so, about that other wiki you edit ...
01:05.25KirkburnSandwichman2448, oh, Conservapedia isn't anything to do with Wikia
01:05.44Sandwichman2448I know what it is though.
01:05.55KirkburnIf it has been, it would have been closed down long, long ago
01:07.16Sandwichman2448May I please link a page in hopes of getting comments on it for personal purposes?
01:09.33KirkburnLink away
01:10.33Sandwichman2448 I do not think the lack of comments is because I am bad.
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01:32.27KasoKirkburn, this Iduan business looks interesting, fancy giving a tl;dr version for me?
01:33.04KirkburnNope, read RW :P
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01:34.43Kasoaww but im lazy :<
01:40.56JachelGah, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
01:41.15JachelI got that itch to make a shaman
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02:10.17*** part/#wowwiki Miyari (
02:20.21myke54142go for it
02:23.39SandwichmanAFKwhy not?
02:27.41JachelDunno, its just I've been rerolling so much recently
02:29.39Sandwichman2448is this alt-itis or hard deleting?
02:32.08Sandwichman2448Just kidding.
02:32.26Sandwichman2448That was my worst joke yet. Imma go leave now.
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06:28.58Sky2042_afkwell, that's interesting.
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06:38.03kd3good grief... this guy's pissed. shame he can't turn that energy into to something productive
06:42.59Sky2042_afkwonder what he's pissed about.
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06:51.48kd3and now a keylogger... wtf?
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08:22.06Sky2042_afkoh god. i signed my page
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08:24.48KalrothBad Sky, bad!
08:25.14Sky2042_afki'm tired. 4 hours of physical activity can kill.
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08:56.42foxlit[[User:Pcj/count]] lolfail
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10:41.56MarkoXcrohi, i heard av is good to gain honor, what is the reason behind it
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11:01.31foxlit[ It's a mystery to everyone]
11:06.33Fisker-i hate wikipedia
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12:15.47KirkburnGourra, they doing some server stuff
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12:27.07GourraI see Kirkburn
12:29.06KirkburnShould be back to normal now
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13:11.15KirkburnNow we really are on a new server system :P
13:11.23KirkburnDistributed :)
13:19.41Kirkburn :D
13:20.04Kirkburn(I am contributing to the problem by doing this :P )
13:31.47Fisker-i want you
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13:34.34Fisker-omgs Kirkburn
13:34.39Fisker-it's like fastwiki is faaaaaaaast
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14:22.45Kirkburnlol -
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14:27.32equiraptorOh, yipe. :(
14:27.41*** join/#wowwiki harm (
14:27.45p30nits 4:20 somewhere in the world! look it up!
14:28.27harmHey could someone help me explain the balance between mage armor? Some items have "adds up to 12 dmg and healing" how much value does that add to an item?
14:28.47equiraptorI think there's a wiki page that explains it...
14:28.53p30nim pretty sure there is
14:29.01Osemage armor is a spell :P
14:29.02equiraptorspell damage, or something.
14:29.06harmyah ok
14:29.29harmbut iam playing with my gf and she is a mage and its just really hard for me to help her pick equipment
14:29.32equiraptor That should help
14:29.47equiraptorBouncy isn't always good at work. Darn male coworkers.
14:30.01p30nequiraptor: get an own cubicle :)
14:30.07p30nu can bounce all u want then
14:30.09equiraptorNo one has cubicles here.
14:30.16equiraptorBut, yes, I could hide behind the servers.
14:30.19equiraptorBut that's no fun!
14:30.21p30noh, right, I wish I had a cubicle
14:30.25equiraptorI'd rather go by the shop and bounce!
14:30.35p30nhaha, I bet there are no males there :p
14:31.04equiraptorNot ones I work with.
14:31.08harmtrying to get a job now
14:31.21harmcalling some woman fer it
14:31.35*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
14:31.42equiraptorOne of them races, and is trying to teach me a bit.
14:32.00harm15m3 for 5 plp? not much!
14:32.05equiraptorI'm not sure how much more I can learn from him, though, as our driving stylers are inherently very similar. I think I need someone with a different style to help me grow at this point.
14:32.07p30nwhen i take a coffee break i turn the chair 180 degrees and im sitting at the coffe table :(
14:32.25harmiam doing college
14:32.35harmso dont need breaks.. just wow
14:32.35equiraptorEeep, not SCHOOL!
14:32.48harmalmost done w. it though
14:32.58p30nreally annoying when 3 ppl are yelling to customers on the phone and im trying to get creative with some catalogue/bulletine/advert or whatever :'(
14:33.23p30ncant ever listen to music when the sales team are at the office :/
14:33.31harmy not?
14:33.35p30nenough of my ranting now tho, whats up with you all?!
14:33.46harmon phone tryong 2 get a job
14:33.58harm+ researching equipment stuff
14:34.00p30nharm: tru i use earplugs hooked to my phone, so when they need something from me they need to call
14:34.14harmurm.. one on one?
14:34.15p30nor vibe my msn
14:34.41harmor just smash the phone and burn <RANDOM> item?
14:34.42p30nbut im happy now, i just finished the 2008 clothing collection catalogue, and it turned out great
14:34.57p30nits not online yet, and its in Finnish :p
14:35.04p30ni can UL it tho
14:35.17p30nif u can see pdf :p
14:35.20harmtsss internationalise and redo it in inglish
14:35.30harmi r hate pdf
14:36.08harmLove isnt always on time Oh oh oh
14:36.24harmits not in the way u say u cant
14:36.36harmfor the light
14:36.45harmlove isnt always on time
14:36.51harmoh oh oh
14:37.16p30nso where u all from? harm ? equiraptor ?
14:37.55harmu can just whois plp u know :P
14:38.07p30nsome have outernational shells :p
14:38.14p30ndank u
14:38.35p30nor is it dank je?
14:39.16Lukianwhoa channel has been taken over by 3 randoms XD
14:39.17equiraptorI'm from Austin, TX, USA. :)
14:39.24equiraptorWas AFK getting hot chocolate.
14:39.40p30nLukian: isnt it fun with randomness sometimes? :o
14:39.53p30nequiraptor: u need coffee, and a webcam ;-)
14:39.55Lukianp30n, yes :D
14:39.56harmOk done
14:40.01harmshe is going to call me back later today
14:40.04equiraptorp30n: Especially with the shirt I'm wearing today.
14:40.07equiraptorIt's, like, totally hot.
14:40.08harmfucking bitch i hate her already and dont know her yet
14:40.33harmOh what shirt?
14:40.36p30nequiraptor: i bet it is, and im stuck at the office, without webcam access :p
14:40.46harmMan i just wearing some nice trainers and a warm fuzzy jumper
14:41.04harmi just hope i didnt give the woman the wrong phone number :X
14:41.53p30nnow go kill my server with your uber-netherlandic-bandwidth :o
14:42.27equiraptor <-- me
14:42.29equiraptor <-- shirt
14:42.51harmi like the orange w. black letters
14:43.14equiraptorThis machine needs  more RAM. 512MB is NOT enough.
14:43.45harmWurstfest? lawl
14:43.52harm512mb is enough..
14:43.58p30nequiraptor: for anything microsoft-related, 2Gb is minimum
14:43.58harmi did it with a 64mb'er once
14:44.07harmis my blog
14:44.33p30nlmao Wurstfest, sounds like some kinda gay-event?
14:44.33harmp30n: no awsome winter camo print stuff?
14:44.38harmp30n: lol..
14:44.46p30nharm: winter camo what?
14:45.07harmi like the closing statement.. Precision by tradition.. +add to ripped qoutes
14:45.08p30nequiraptor: nice pic and shirt :)
14:45.14equiraptorp30n: I know. Unfortunately, work refuses to give me more RAM, and I have to run XP. :/
14:45.17equiraptorThanks. :)
14:45.36harmdont screw with XP.. xp is hawtness
14:45.45Dottedxp is shit
14:45.48p30nequiraptor: i got 512 in my desktop too, but since i work alot with big pictures and stuff that we print on big papers i demanded to have 2Gb more
14:45.49Dottedvista is win
14:45.51p30nand i got it :d'
14:45.56p30nand also a tablet to play around with :)
14:46.04p30nvista is teh sux, for real
14:46.04sacarascI SUCK! got onto the ptr about 5 minutes ago and have to respec already ;(
14:46.05equiraptorHah, nice.
14:46.11harmvista is the anus of shit pissing assholes :)
14:46.14equiraptorAt work, I just have the 512MB box running XP.
14:46.17p30nharm: agreed
14:46.27p30nequiraptor: :(
14:46.31equiraptorAt home, I have a server running FBSD, a Mac Pro, and an ibook.
14:46.32p30nequiraptor: what about ur wow-box?
14:46.36equiraptorSo I really feel... restricted at work.
14:46.37p30noh kk
14:46.39harmp30n:  but you dont have any nice winter camo stuff?
14:46.49equiraptorI need to install vista on that mac pro.
14:46.50Dotted(CPU1) Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz @ 2000MHz (Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. G33M-DS2R mainboard) (RAM) 4GB, 1.8GB free (HDDs) 1.05TB, 51.7GB free
14:46.50Dotted(VGA1) NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (512MB), 1680x1050x32, 59Hz (OS) Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Ultimate (SP1), 22h 32m 10s uptime, 1w 1d 12h 35m 51s uptime record
14:46.52harmequiraptor: eeeiw FreeBSD
14:46.58p30nharm: we have one winter camo outfit, page 9
14:47.06harmyah that one sucked imo
14:47.09p30nequiraptor: why oh why vista?!
14:47.09equiraptorFreeBSD kicks ass for general purpose servers.
14:47.16equiraptorSee what it's like. :)
14:47.26harmLAMP LAMP LAMP
14:47.32equiraptorWhat, you expect me to actually USE something other than Mac OS on a Mac?
14:47.36equiraptorLAMP is lame.
14:47.41harmOh no u didnt
14:47.42equiraptorShould be FAPP. :)
14:47.48harmfap ftw
14:48.02harmwhats the woman version of fap (terminoligy)
14:48.16p30nbeats me mate
14:48.32p30nequiraptor: get winxp, its rock solid, if u HAVE to use micrsux :p
14:48.38equiraptorBut you can't really use it the same way.
14:48.43harmyah i know
14:48.43p30ntru tru
14:48.52equiraptorp30n: That's the whole point. I don't. I just want to see what Vista's like.
14:48.54harmits not like.. Hey woman.. did u just fap over my sexiness?
14:48.58equiraptorAs we have licenses for both... Might as well.
14:49.07harmvista looks decent.. i suppose
14:49.10p30nits not like anything u ever seen, and as soon as u boot it first time u want to kill yourself :(
14:49.15harmbut its all under the hood fuckups
14:49.29equiraptorI ran a beta version on the Mac Pro, but it didn't have graphics drivers.
14:49.33p30non da intardwebz i think womem can fap :D
14:49.34harmFirst time u have internet u just want to kill a bunny
14:49.37equiraptor30" display without graphics drivers is... uh... eeep
14:49.58p30nim on a 37" LCD tv
14:50.04harmDo you want to allouw ... YES/NO? Are you sure YES/NO .. Ok this is a bad choice u reaaaaly sure about it? YES/NO
14:50.05p30n@home on that is
14:50.24harm@home on laptop running buntu
14:50.25p30nyea i fucking hate that dialog madness
14:50.36equiraptorp30n: Shame the resolution of TVs (even HDTVs) is so much lower. :-P
14:50.54p30nyea i know, still i can run 1080p clearly on my HDTV
14:51.04p30n(it was friggin xpensive tho)
14:51.05harmeveryone see my blog and no comment on how awsome my pic gallery was?
14:51.10p30nburned 1 months salary
14:51.23equiraptorUh huh. And I can run 2560x1600 clearly on my cinema display! :-P
14:51.47harm=[ crappy 17inch CRT here
14:51.58equiraptorYou have 50% the pixels I do. Mwhahahahahahahahahaha!
14:51.58harmand a 1280x800 laptop screen
14:52.02equiraptor :)
14:52.14equiraptorharm: Hey, you beat my iBook. :)
14:52.43harmi beat a lot of things
14:52.45harmwith my fist
14:52.59harmAnyone play on Eathen Ring?
14:54.10equiraptoro Ineed to figure out what I need for the track this weekend.
14:54.18equiraptor(er, so i need, even)
14:54.32equiraptorYeah, going out not-quite-racing this weekend.
14:54.56harmwell sexy lingery for one
14:54.57equiraptor8x 25 minute sessions on a track. Not competition, just driving fast.
14:55.11equiraptorYeah, 'cuz that'd TOTALLY do well if my car caught on fire.
14:55.11p30nequiraptor: like nascar and stuffs?
14:55.16harmi mean a woman cant go ANYWHERE without extremely sexy kinky lingery i mean everyone agress on that yah?
14:55.21equiraptorp30n: Road course - I turn both ways. But, yeah, on a track.
14:55.39p30nok, the more complicated race-style in america, u turn both ways ;-)
14:55.42equiraptor(haha, I go both ways... haha)
14:55.42p30nno offense
14:55.43harmbring some pepperspray and a clown
14:55.45p30nits just funny
14:55.46harmincase you get bored
14:55.50*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
14:56.07equiraptor That's the track, we're doing the 2.9 mile road course.
14:56.13p30ncool cool
14:56.26p30ni wanna go to TX sometime
14:56.32p30nthink it would be fun
14:56.39harmi think TX would suck
14:56.45harmall these dumb hick americans
14:56.47p30nbeen to cali and nevada and utah
14:57.02p30nwell them country boys yea, but u dont need to go there :p
14:57.02harmlived in MD for three years
14:57.10equiraptorMeh, just don't bring up how stupid they are, and you'll do fine.
14:57.16harmi would forgit TX for something more troppical
14:57.47p30nequiraptor: my friend who lived in houston for few years tells me ppl get tarded about nothing and just wanna hit u, for no reason
14:57.58harmooh u should go to Scotland
14:58.07equiraptorp30n: Well, I haven't experienced that, but I'm a chick.
14:58.08p30nbeen there too
14:58.10harmDundey or Paisley those are real jewels of agresiveness
14:58.18harmequiraptor: u have more pics?
14:58.28p30nequiraptor: yea and i guess they dont wanna hit chicks as much :p
14:58.28harmich bin kein deutscher
14:58.29equiraptorharm: Look. There are quite a few on that site. :-P
14:58.46harmequiraptor: looking requires effort..
14:58.51equiraptorp30n: They're generally pretty polite to me, as long as I don't try to go outside the boundaries.
14:59.05p30nequiraptor: and the boundaries are? :o
14:59.08equiraptorp30n: And the boundaries aren't exactly all that restrictive, anymore.
14:59.15p30nhehe k
14:59.22p30nand toatlly unknown to foreigners
14:59.25p30ni presume
14:59.31equiraptorHeh, yeah, probably.
14:59.43equiraptorbut, hey, as long as you're basically polite, you'd be fine.
14:59.48harmbut iam not
14:59.49p30n16:59 < equiraptor> Heh, yeah, probably.
14:59.53harmiam an asshole by nature :(
14:59.54p30nknow what that means?!
15:00.01equiraptorDon't go around insulting someone's truck or their boots...
15:00.16p30ntruck or boots, ok got it
15:00.19harmif i went to TX i would just say.. hey nigger hater, wanne dance!
15:00.29p30nharm: gl surviving
15:00.32harmyah :)
15:00.40harmgot pepper spray so iam alright
15:00.48equiraptorChick who races can say and do pretty much anything she wants. ;)
15:01.02p30n(thats why u race huh?)
15:01.13harmcan u take a shit on .. a hamburger and throw that in someones face?
15:01.13harmi mean that be pretty much ANYTHING
15:01.14equiraptorNah. I race 'cuz I love it.
15:01.22equiraptorBut kickin' the boys butts is a nice side benefit.
15:01.30harmi like playing WOW
15:01.48harmand i like linux
15:01.58harmand i like my gf
15:02.09harmand i like all three of those in bed at the same time!
15:02.32equiraptorMy boyfriend has a script that changes "linux" to "poo" in IRC.
15:02.39harmanyway iam still hella confused about the equipment thing
15:02.47p30nanywho, nice talking to yall, im off now, dont wanna work overtime
15:02.59p30ncatch u laters
15:03.01harmwhich realm u play?
15:03.06harmjust in case.. :P)
15:03.08equiraptorSo, plus 12 damage adds 12 damage to a spell with a cast time of 3.5 seconds or longer.
15:03.25equiraptorIf the cast time is less than 3.5 seconds, it adds less than 12 damage, proportional to the casting time.
15:03.26harmgf's profile >
15:04.39harmah ok
15:04.41equiraptor(Oh, apparently it adds more to longer cast times now. Sweet)
15:04.58equiraptorPersonally, I find I really like stacking +damage (especially of the spell time I use most) when leveling.
15:05.12equiraptorSo my frost mage has tons of +frost, my warlock has a lot of +shadow
15:05.19harmso and arcane missle attack would benefit (assuming its a +12 item) +12 devided over the entire spell so +4dmg per saldo
15:05.37harmmy gf likes arcane..
15:06.54equiraptorSeems like she's not doing too bad a job figuring it out.
15:06.55harmbtw u have any suggestions for her quip or anything really? we are both new 2 wow
15:07.12harmWell we just basically go into instances and get nice items tehre
15:07.32harmits to bad Robe of Doan doesnt have any +int
15:07.44equiraptorWell, it doesn't look like you're doing things like looking for str for a mage.
15:07.47harmbecause we ALWAYS play togerth.. i mean 100% time
15:07.53equiraptorSo it looks like yall have a pretty good idea.
15:07.56harmi think it be best if she went full int
15:08.09harmwell yah iam not retarted :)
15:08.12Gourrayou're playing a healer?
15:08.25equiraptorShe shouldn't go full int.
15:08.33harm... oh my dear lord
15:08.42harmnah iam playing tank
15:08.52Gourragood luck with getting that cheap. :P
15:08.57Gourranice, link?
15:09.06harmpaladin >
15:09.48harmproblem is i LOVE Protection talent so iam just going to go max that out i think :P
15:10.15harmgot a beter buckler helm wrist and boots for lvl 40 (plate)
15:10.32Gourrayou should put a point in blessing a sanctuary next level to get holy shield
15:10.45*** mode/#wowwiki [+v winkiller] by ChanServ
15:10.57harmyah didnt really understand HS untill i read something about it
15:11.18p30nHS is like how a pala tanks
15:11.19Gourraholy shield = M-M-M-MONSTER AGGRO~
15:11.30Gourra^ yes
15:11.36p30n<- holy pala with a career in protection
15:11.57p30nholy shield is the best, everytime u block u get huge aggro boost
15:11.57harm<- prot pala for life (or untill lvl 70 whichever is first)
15:11.58Gourra<- holy pala who had fully enchanted kara prot gear but got forced to play holy again
15:12.19p30nGourra: oh snap, migrate to my guild and i will gladly welcome u as a prot pala
15:12.27harmyah i could really use some tips from you guys
15:12.27GourraI'm not complaining though :P getting a raid spot to see content
15:12.32p30nwe only got 1 atm, since i specced holy after xmas
15:12.42p30nour MT is prot pala
15:12.44p30nbeat that :p
15:12.49harmoh man i really want that robe
15:12.50Gourrawhere are you in progress?
15:12.58p30nmorogrim down last night
15:13.09Gourra<- BT raider
15:13.12p30nsolarian and vr down in tk, 3 first bosses in ssc
15:13.20p30nits not like pala isnt viable in BT either
15:13.27Gourradowned archimonde on sunday ^^
15:13.50Gourranow we're trying RoS
15:13.52p30nofc we have prot warr and druids also that MT sometimes
15:14.03p30nlike we had a feral on morogrim ofc, since he hits like 4 trucks
15:14.22harmMT = ?
15:14.26p30nmain tank
15:14.28Gourramain tank
15:14.30harmurm ok
15:14.41harmAny of you play on Earthen Ring?
15:14.46p30nnotm e
15:15.10harmHow hard would that robe of insight be to get?
15:15.20p30ndunno what u talking bout
15:15.22harm+25int.. oh man
15:16.02p30nharm: what u need that for ?
15:16.02p30non a pala ?
15:16.03harmfor my gf
15:16.04harmit looks sexy and awsome stats + ability
15:16.11harmi mean thats the kinda stuff i like to play for
15:16.22Gourraharm, it's a world drop so very hard to get
15:16.52Gourraprice on the auction house would be around 200g to get
15:16.56p30ni got a freakingly nice world drop in TK yesterday
15:16.57harmdouble crap
15:17.08p30ncant rembmer name
15:17.11p30nill link it in a sec
15:17.17p30nthat haste spelldmg blade
15:17.24p30ngot it for my lock
15:17.32Gourrablade of wizardry?
15:17.39p30nthats the one yea
15:17.43Gourra[[Blade of Wizardry]]
15:18.11p30nit dropped off of trash in TK
15:18.22p30nand i was on raid with my pala :p
15:18.29harmBOP item?
15:18.36p30nbut i ninjaed it to guildvault and mailed it to my lock
15:18.38p30nits BoE yea
15:18.50harmu ninja'd?
15:18.55GourraI found when I grinded motes on elemental plateau with my priest
15:18.57p30n1100 shadow dmg unbuffed now :)
15:19.02Gourrasold for 2.5k gold <3
15:19.19Gourrathen again, that was in march or april last year :P
15:19.20p30n2.5k what kinda fucktard buys it for that kinda money?!
15:19.24p30noh yea lol
15:19.32p30ni got that hammer on my pala once too
15:19.56harmits going to take ages to get to lvl 70
15:20.00p30nthink it dropped in some coilfang instance
15:20.04p30nharm: no its not
15:20.15harmi dont power level
15:20.17harmi fun play
15:20.18p30nme neither
15:20.22p30ni quest and have fun
15:20.25GourraI got from trash in MH once :P got it for 1 dkp because the shadowpriests were out of range
15:20.25p30ndo instances and shit
15:20.33p30nstill i got 4 lvl 70 working on number 5 atm
15:20.48harmman i have two lvl 38's
15:20.58p30nhahah nice Gourra
15:20.59harma lvl 20hunter and i just messed around w. priest
15:21.04p30nwish locks could use maces :(
15:21.13GourraI have 4 level 70, 1 level 65, 1 level 59, 48, 43 etc
15:21.18p30nits a nice pala tanking MH tho
15:21.26harmMH = Main Hand?
15:21.32p30nor mount hyjal :p
15:21.32harmidd = dutch not english :P
15:21.41Gourraidd = indeed
15:21.41p30nidd = indeed
15:21.48harmoh rly!
15:21.53p30nsap = juice in dutch
15:21.54harmidd = inderdaad
15:21.55Gourraidk my bff jill?
15:21.57p30ni know my shit :D
15:22.01harmlol p30n werd
15:22.08p30ndank u
15:22.13harmgeen probleem sletje
15:22.35GourraI bought another account today :/
15:22.48Gourrayeah retail
15:22.51Gourranot ebay shit :P
15:22.55harmhow does that work?
15:23.06Gourrawhat do you mean?
15:23.14harmu started a new account u mean?
15:23.18harmah ok
15:23.27Gourranot enough char slots :P
15:23.34harmplay on dif server?
15:23.48Gourranahh then I can't mail bags, money, gear etc
15:23.58harmlol ok
15:24.22GourraI already got a priest, druid, warlock, paladin, warrior and shaman on the server
15:24.32Gourrathen I have an alliance spy and DK reserved slot
15:30.53Osefel reavers can dance...
15:39.49winkillersilly Gourra :P
15:39.59winkillerI'm also 10/10
15:40.05winkillerbut not planning to do DK
15:40.14winkillerand if.. I kill my 19 hunter
15:40.19winkillergot a 49 one
15:40.23GourraI'm just keeping the name :P just dunno what to do with it
15:40.38Gourraoh crap I don't have a hunter either
15:40.47winkillerI have no pally
15:40.48Gourrajust made a mage :/
15:41.02Gourrathen I can be used as CC in instances
15:41.18winkilleryou also got no rogue. or do you?
15:41.59GourraI made a rogue once but I deleted it :P nelf
15:42.06winkillerno wonder then
15:42.39GourraI don't know why I did it either :/ it was like "oh crap this char is boring" /delete
15:42.52Gourrait was on another server too
15:42.58equiraptorHow far did it get?
15:43.38winkillermy ally rogue is 40
15:43.48winkillerbut I wish I'd made a healer
15:43.52GourraI think I got him to 34
15:43.53equiraptorMine is 50. A silly human.
15:43.55Gourraor 36
15:44.09equiraptorI don't enjoy playing humans.
15:44.12equiraptorDunno why.
15:44.45GourraI don't like playing humans or night elves. dwarves are funny though
15:44.54Gourralevel 65 dorf huntard /flex
15:44.55winkiller"one day I'm gonna make a night elf hunter and name him stereotype"
15:46.13equiraptorI love my NE females. :/
15:46.21equiraptorSo stereotypical female, I know. :?
15:46.38equiraptorYou should name him some deriviation of legolas and put him in the guild "stereotypes"
15:46.52winkillerI'm so bored I'm doing dailies again...
15:46.55equiraptorAnd have some other stereotypical characters for it.
15:47.11GourraI stopped doing dailies a long time ago, then started..never again
15:47.26Gourrawinkiller: speaking of stereotypes, should I mention my paladin? :P
15:47.30winkillerexalted ogrila and skyguard on 2 chars, 1x netherwing
15:47.47GourraI'm exalted with netherwing on 2 chars, skyguard on 1
15:47.49sacarascGourra: blond, blue eyes, idiotic?
15:47.52winkilleron 3rd char atm and 2nd netherwing
15:48.01Gourra..he is actually blonde
15:48.05Gourrablood elves don't have blue eyes
15:48.13winkillerGourra: nono, by choosing male you already failed
15:48.14GourraI was thinking of the name *poke winkiller
15:48.21Gourraoh shut it, I don't play female chars
15:48.32harmwho are skygaurd and such?
15:48.32winkillermales are rate
15:48.44winkillerthus = no stereotype :)
15:49.07equiraptorMy BE pally is male.
15:49.07winkillerbut yeah. the name indeed
15:49.19equiraptorI forget what I named him...
15:49.29winkillerof certain races I only play females
15:49.36harmi love females chars
15:49.42winkillercan't stand human/nelf males
15:49.44harmi think some are actaully sexy
15:49.46equiraptorI like the orc females.
15:50.04Gourraharm, you're getting turned on by pixels?
15:50.08harmnah i like belf human and dreani
15:50.13harmGourra: hell yah
15:50.17winkillerexcept that I have 10 fingers
15:50.21Gourrathat's uh, interesting
15:50.26Gourralol winkiller
15:50.29winkillerhuman males should have -50 engi skill
15:50.35harmGourra: i even take anime for turnon
15:50.36winkillerwith those fingers
15:50.42harmwinkiller: why?
15:50.45harmoh ok
15:50.51harmhow abouw JC?
15:52.15harmdoes a pala have ranged dmg?
15:52.27GourraHoly Shock if you're holy
15:52.34GourraAvenger's Shield if you're protection
15:52.38Gourranothing if you're retribution
15:52.59winkillerfuck, died
15:53.04Gourra's_Boomerang  *
15:53.15winkillermy first ally pally wwas engi for grenades
15:53.26winkillerdeleted at lvl 17
15:53.41p30nharm: Koortsmeetsysteemstrook
15:53.44winkillerthat was around patch 1.3
15:53.44p30nwhat does that mean
15:53.53harmp30n: menstruatiestoornis
15:54.06harmp30n: impressive word though
15:54.24p30nharm: try to read it backwards
15:54.30p30ni have no idea what it means tho
15:55.03p30n"fever measuring system strip"
15:55.10p30ni foogled it
15:55.26harmKoorts = fever meet = measure systeem = system strook = line of paper
15:55.49harmah a strip :P
15:56.39p30nits pretty impressive palindrome tho
15:56.49p30n(its the same word if u read it backwards)
15:58.08p30ndidnt u notice ? :p
15:58.25harmi dont read a lot of dutch
15:58.29harmonly the newspaper
15:58.53p30nsaippuakalasalakauppias <- equivalent in Finnish
15:59.00p30naltho i dont speak Finnish
15:59.16harm.. i though u lived there
15:59.17p30nim one of those minority swedish speaking finns
15:59.31harmi feel a sudden hatred for you
15:59.32p30nwe are like 0.5million
15:59.36p30nlol nice
15:59.44harmyah i hate minorities by default
16:00.00harmi mean you really have to piss other people off to become on my good side as a minority
16:00.00p30nfyi, swedish speaking finns are in general much smarter and nicer ppl than the real finns :p
16:00.03harmlike the jews
16:00.18harmp30n: thats what all swedish speaking fins say
16:00.52p30nlawl, i bet u have spoken to ALOT of them(us) ;-)
16:01.40p30n"obviously the ambulance has reached its effect..."
16:02.46harmafkish doing some crappy homework
16:03.08p30nill go do the daily haroix then
16:05.34*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
16:05.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
16:18.47*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
16:26.22*** join/#wowwiki Vesitin (
16:26.31VesitinHey fellas
16:42.03*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
16:46.27Vesitini'm debating whether or not i want to respec arcane
16:47.39*** join/#wowwiki kadrahil (n=kad@
16:47.49Vesitinanyone know if curator's adds are immune to arcane damage?
16:48.48*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
16:48.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
16:49.14*** join/#wowwiki Sazenchan (
16:49.23Sazenchanhi all :))
16:49.24*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
16:49.44Sazenchanwhat's drop have a 40 spell damage pattern?
16:50.34Vesitinis that weapon or gloves?
16:50.36Vesitinor bracers?
16:52.57Sazenchan0.0.3% ?
16:53.03Sazenchan0.03 ?
16:53.05*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
16:53.07Vesitina few mobs in BEM
16:53.26SazenchanRazaani Spell-Thief
16:53.51Sazenchan0.05 :(
16:53.57Vesitinthe drop rate they list is skewed tho...since those databases work off how many times it was looted vs. how many times the mob was killed -- it only drops for enchanters and only drops once.
16:54.29Vesitinjust like engineering: field repair bot 110g
16:54.43Vesitinit only drops for lists a HORRIBLE drop rate, but i got mine after 20 kills.  most people get theres within 30.
16:54.47harmit only drops once per person?
16:54.53Vesitini think so.
16:55.00harmwow so u miss it ur screwed?
16:55.16Vesitini should rephrase -- i don't think it drops if you know it.
16:55.22Vesitinbut it only drops for enchanters.
16:57.05SazenchanI need for skill enchan
16:57.09SazenchanI've @ 352
16:57.56Vesitini'm at 290
16:58.05Vesitinand too lazy to bring it up
16:59.48Vesitini can't figure out if i want to respec arcane
16:59.58Vesitinon the plus side, i'd be maxed for spell hit
17:00.02harmmy gf is a lvl 39 arcane mage
17:00.07Vesitinwith the gear that i have now
17:00.20Vesitinon the downside i probably wouldn't be able to burn down curator's adds or farm mana motes as quickly
17:01.07Vesitinalthough that may be a bit unfair to say, i've only been to curator once and when i went to him i was 1/3 spellfire.
17:01.12Sazenchanally or orde? I've 4 70 @ ally on crush
17:01.24Vesitinally on us-shattered hand
17:02.32Vesitingot two 70s on there now...a custom-build mage...basically 10/48/3 but with more arcane instead of dragonsbreath/combustion, and a holy/disc priest
17:02.51Vesitinpriest is in 2/3 PMC and has eng helm
17:03.22*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
17:08.04harmSazenchan: how much did u think u lost through enchanting?
17:11.53harmhow much g?
17:12.32Sazenchanhohoho for 350? 1k:D
17:12.49harm1k total?
17:13.27Sazenchannu... form 1 to 350
17:13.52harmthats a lot
17:16.23Vesitin1000g isn't alot
17:16.31Osei'm so mad at my friend for talking me into leveling enchanting :/
17:16.54*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
17:16.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
17:17.36harmmy gf is doing encht
17:17.41harmbut w. tailoring
17:18.04Vesitinyea i picked up tail/ench on my mage at 70
17:18.48harmat what lvl can u make some money from enchant?
17:23.15DottedFisker- AudioSurf phails nauw :(
17:24.27*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
17:24.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
17:25.56Lukianactually it's probably more like 150-225 to get into the good dusts/essences
17:26.21harmand whoch encht worth money?
17:27.18Osetip: this addon can be set to search the AH for stuff to disenchant
17:27.20Vesitini can make decent money with enchanting at 290...but that's only because level 30-50 mats cost so much on the server that i can buy greens, de them, and sell the mats for profit :)
17:27.43Vesitinor make mageweave shoulders and de them for mats and sell those...
17:29.50harmwhat do they de into?
17:30.10Vesitinvarious things, i forget what exactly
17:30.34Vesitini only do that when mageeave is cheap or i feel like farming it
17:30.57Vesitindream dust, greater nether essences, or large rad shards
17:32.43Vesitingreater nether essences go for a good amount on my realm, as does dream dust
17:32.57harmnot sure on mine
17:34.44Vesitini'm checking prices on my realm now so i can give u an example
17:37.15Vesitina stack of mageweave is going 4g50 to 5g25  right now on my realm so it's not really worth it :(
17:37.55Vesitini think...i think i killed exodar.
17:38.00harmhow much is low for a stack?
17:39.42Vesitin2-3g i suppose, depends on what the mats go for
17:39.55Vesitina greater nether essence is going 5.3g on my realm right now, so it's barely a profit
17:40.12Vesitin(unless u get two from DE'ing, which happens)
17:40.16harmi see yah
17:40.59Vesitinit's a 20% chance to get 1-2 tho so it's not worth it, especially since dream dust is going so low right now (70s per)
17:42.01harmiam good w. economics
17:42.32Oseanyone on EU PvE test server?
17:45.19*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
17:47.36Osejust wondering :P
17:51.13*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
17:58.27*** join/#wowwiki peters-tx (
17:59.43Osewhy is there a flying draenei on the boat at Quel'Danas?
17:59.58*** join/#wowwiki MoonWitch (n=kaymoonw@
18:01.03Vesitinwhere is quel'danas?
18:01.19MoonWitchQuelDanas is nrth of eversong woods
18:02.11*** part/#wowwiki MoonWitch (n=kaymoonw@
18:03.36Vesitinthe BE start zone? There's a boat there?
18:03.50Vesitina transit boat or a static boat?
18:05.46Oseno, it's the new zone with the new instances and stuff
18:05.53Oseon the test servers
18:21.47*** join/#wowwiki Jack_Phoenix (n=Ashley@wikia/Jack-Phoenix)
18:31.59DottedFisker- theu thought it was funny to make the car able to go off screen
18:32.15Dottedbut the mono changes are imba
18:32.43*** join/#wowwiki igormorgado (n=igormorg@
18:41.37*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
18:55.58*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
18:59.46*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (
18:59.48*** join/#wowwiki FluffyCloud (
19:05.38*** join/#wowwiki Amadal (
19:07.38AmadalWhen I try to create a new account, I get this error message:   out of captcha images; this shouldn't happen
19:12.36*** join/#wowwiki FluffyCloud (
19:42.26kd3"Players will no longer need the Master’s Key to enter Karazhan. The gates to Karazhan will still require the Master’s Key to be unlocked."
19:42.28kd3nerf! technically no attunement for kara?
19:44.39Vesitinas long as someone is there to open the gates
19:44.45Vesitinwtf did I go to BM for then
19:44.54Vesitinany mention of it being pickable?
19:44.59Vesitinor blastable
19:45.06*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
19:45.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
19:45.10AmadalI haven't seen a reply to my observation that the WoWwiki has a defect in the account creation system.  When I try to create a new account, I get this error message:   out of captcha images; this shouldn't happen
19:47.47AmadalIf I can't create an account, I can't report the problem on the appropriate page.  Is there somewhere else I can report it?
19:48.26Vesitinwhat's the appropriate page? i'll report it
19:48.50AmadalI think we report problems on
19:49.35AmadalThough I am not sure.  All I wanted to do was correct a small spelling error on a page I was reading and it turned into a "project".  Had to figure out how to do IRC just to get here.
19:49.59Vesitinlol grand
19:50.07Vesitinwell, you're better off for being familiarized with IRC :)
19:51.14Vesitink put it in for you
19:51.27Vesitinwhere's the spelling error i'll fix it while i'm at it
19:52.32AmadalAnd familiar with three new error messages from GAIM/Pidgin, the stupid native ICQ interface and how hard it is to figure out, and a variety of other new things I really didn't want to know about.
19:52.42AmadalLet me see if I can find it again.  That was a couple of hours ago.
19:53.10Vesitinoh gawd how i hate ICQ
19:53.17AmadalI don't even remember what I was looking up.
19:53.48AmadalI haven't found a native app that was actually useable.
19:53.53VesitinGAIM supports IRC? The AIM client for Linux?
19:54.16Vesitinor is GAIM in windows now too?
19:55.11AmadalGAIM had to change their name to Pidgin, though I am using the earlier version.  It is a unified client like Trillian but much better behaved.
19:55.31AmadalI have had GAIM in Windoze for 5 or more years.
19:55.54Vesitin...i never knew it was on windows.  Then again I haven't used AIM in years and when I did it was meebo.
19:55.59AmadalThe page is
19:55.59Amadal"For unknown reason, maybe changed trough Patch" should the through
19:56.12AmadalGAIM isn't AIM
19:56.27Vesitinyea but didn't it start out as an AIM client?
19:56.44AmadalIt supports ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, msn, Jabber and a lot more.
19:57.05AmadalI don't know.  I first got it when I only had an ICQ account.
19:57.33winkillerwoot, 1shotted Al'ar
19:57.36winkillerfirst attempt, down
19:57.42AmadalBut it doesn't suffer from hubris, is reliable, has a small resources footprint, is easy to use even for a beginner . . . need I go on?
19:57.49Vesitini can't figure out how to change that part of the page...
19:57.51AmadalGood job winkiller.
19:58.21AmadalI would think you could edit that part with the Edit tab at the top.
19:58.27Vesitinoh duhh
19:58.28winkillerty :P
19:58.29Vesitinyeah i just saw it
19:58.52AmadalHey.  I just had two hours of feeling royally stupid.  Thank you for the egoboo.
19:59.15AmadalThat small item restored my confidence that I am not a total loser.
19:59.42Vesitindude al'ar has 2.8 million HP...what class do you play if you 1-shotted him?
20:00.11Vesitini want to play a class that has a nuke of 2.8 million
20:00.29AmadalI bet he meant his team did it.
20:00.37AmadalAnd didn't wipe.
20:00.37Vesitinor did you use Martin thunder? :)
20:00.44Vesitinoh....that makes more sense.
20:03.04AmadalThough I saw a video of someone soloing Hydross.
20:04.53Vesitinyea a lock
20:05.00Vesitinbut don't worry...they aren't OP
20:05.42AmadalI am a Lock.  I have no sense of OPness.
20:06.19AmadalAccording to what I have read, that technique could be used by a number of classes.  It was just a Lock who did it for the video.
20:08.57AmadalThank you for helping, Vesitin.
20:09.06Vesitinno prob
20:09.10*** join/#wowwiki Dekster (
20:10.20AmadalI am not totally sure that was the right place to report a wiki infrastructure problem, but I couldn't find a better one.
20:21.48Vesitinwell, no matter what, someone is gonna see it :)
20:22.02Vesitini'm gonna bookmark that page so i have it for reference
20:22.11Vesitinoh duh it's in the topic
20:22.37Vesitinwow i'm having one of those days
20:22.58AmadalThank you for helping my self-esteem.
20:23.20AmadalSo far it has just been frustration, no facepalms, but the day is young.
20:23.36Vesitinall i've really done so far today is respec my mage.  that's about it.
20:24.01Vesitini figure now that i have 3/3 spellfire i'd respec to arcane/fire instead of the 18/40/3 i had before.
20:24.10AmadalI'm supposed to respec my Lock, but I am feeling too stupid to do it today.
20:24.27Vesitinnow that i'm mostly arcane i'm technically at my spellhit limit which makes me feel good
20:24.42AmadalConsidering how the rest of the day went, I am sure I will muddle it up and make things worse.
20:24.45Vesitinalso got a lot of +damage out of the respec too
20:24.56Vesitinmeh...what's 50g.
20:25.04Vesitinget double that by doing dailies.\
20:25.10Vesitineven if ur not netherwing
20:25.10AmadalHalf a daily quota?
20:25.23Vesitinno, just the skettis and bem dailies
20:25.27Vesitinskettis and bem dailies add up to ~100g iirc
20:25.37AmadalAye.  That is why I said 50g was half.
20:25.54Vesitinwell it's not the quota...limit is still 9 iirc and you can do a couple more on top of those
20:26.14Vesitinlike pvp and instance dailies
20:26.18AmadalThe 10 dailies run to about 125.  Still order of magnitude half.
20:26.47Vesitinthey should make ring of blood an _INSTANCED_ daily quest.  get some gold, pots, and bandages out of it but no weap.
20:26.51Vesitinthat'd be awesome
20:27.37Vesitini'd do the whole series as an instanced event for 20g, a stack of mana pots, and a stack of bandages
20:36.10*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
20:42.59*** join/#wowwiki Miyari (
20:43.15*** part/#wowwiki Miyari (
20:47.03*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
21:01.25*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
21:01.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
21:02.09KirkburnThings are definately moving in the world of WoWWiki :P
21:02.47KirkburnAnother server thing is next, then 1.12, then the final merge
21:10.21AmadalHave you seen the error I got when trying to create an account?
21:11.25AmadalWhen I tried to create a new account, I got this error message on an otherwise blank page:   out of captcha images; this shouldn't happen
21:11.45AmadalVesitin reported it to the page at the top.
21:12.01Vesitinyes i did
21:12.49KirkburnHmm, odd
21:13.24AmadalWith my first try, the box that should have had the challenge image was blank, on subsequent tries, it went directly to the error message.
21:15.28KirkburnThanks, reporting
21:15.41VesitinI don't want to rag on you kirk but I find it hysterical that I clicked on the link for the 1.12 Test Page link and all I got was a white error page that says "Media Wiki internal error" followed by a bunch of db info :)
21:16.11AmadalAt least we are getting error pages.
21:16.22AmadalIt could just hang and burn.
21:16.54Vesitinyes i suppose error messages are better than nothing at all -- at least the error gives you a hint as to what's wrong.
21:28.15*** join/#wowwiki Daworm (n=Daworm@wikia/Daworm)
21:31.09Vesitinlol that just made my day -- there is no page on for "gullible"
21:31.33Vesitinand the worst part is, i can't tell anyone, because they won't believe me.
21:31.59Vesitini've been sitting here laughing about the redundancy for about 5 minutes now.
21:32.21KirkburnCheck the talk page
21:32.33KirkburnThere's a link to wowwiki for no apparent reason o_O
21:32.57Kirkburnoh, lol ... wait ... that's my fault :P
21:33.23KirkburnWhat to do for this year's April Fools, I wonder
21:33.35sacarasckill all humans
21:33.44sacarascblackjack and hookers
21:33.47KirkburnThe humans are dead
21:34.01KirkburnWe poisoned their asses
21:34.22Kirkburn(I'm quoting Flight of the Conchords btw)
21:42.06*** join/#wowwiki Telrin (
21:58.38KasoWow, fuck The Drudge Report
21:59.36*** join/#wowwiki roxutee- (
22:00.26KasoHe just broke the media silence that was covering Price Harry being in afgani, now putting him an his entire battlegroup in danger, good going >.<
22:03.05*** join/#wowwiki Gymble (
22:09.42Fisker-hej Kirkburn
22:12.42*** join/#wowwiki pcj (
22:14.26*** join/#wowwiki Kaso| (
22:14.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso|] by ChanServ
22:18.07KirkburnKaso, it was Drudge that broke it?
22:18.20*** join/#wowwiki Thrae|Work (n=Thrae|Wo@
22:18.31KirkburnAh, so it was
22:18.57KirkburnHe really is an idiot
22:20.33*** join/#wowwiki Napsterbater (
22:21.33*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:21.56Kasoindeed Kirkburn, whats even more ironic is drudge is ofc super republican and often accuses people of causing US troops problems, etc, then he goes and does it to UK troops
22:28.23KirkburnAmadal, should be fixed now
22:38.44*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:52.07*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
22:52.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
22:55.01*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
22:55.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
23:07.40AmadalThank you Kirkburn.  I will try it now.
23:09.28AmadalSuccess.  There was an image this time.  You still have &nbsp issues though.
23:11.26AmadalThank you for getting that working.  It has been a day of not being able to log in.  One less frustration is a Good Thing (TM)
23:12.11AmadalI am still trying to get into one of my domain administration accounts.  My sysadmin says he can't get into one of his either.
23:13.54*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
23:13.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
23:16.42Kirkburn&nbsp;? Oh yeah
23:17.26KirkburnAmadal, oh actually ... where?
23:18.04*** join/#wowwiki Aloysius (
23:18.05AmadalOn the account creation form.
23:18.15KirkburnI'll see about looking into it
23:18.31AmadalE-mail&nbsp;*:     Real&nbsp;name&nbsp;*
23:18.51AmadalNot complaining, just alerting.
23:21.24KirkburnAh, I didn't know it appears there too >_<
23:22.35Sky2042this is the text of an email my counselor sent me (she's old enough for proper grammar): "Do not forget the deadline to apply is March 1st 5:00pm. This is the scholarship you must apply to get the FGHS Harold Wyatt monies.  So get on it!!!!  Mrs. name"
23:23.06KirkburnAmadal, had ot be fixed for 1.12 anyway, so changed :)
23:23.11pcjomg she didn't capitalize her last name
23:23.39KirkburnOne "to" as well
23:23.57KirkburnPlus, er, exclamations
23:24.01Amadalmissing a "for"
23:24.27AmadalTeachers put in !!!! because they think kids interpret that as enthusiasm.
23:24.32Kirkburnoh yeah, that's better than a "to"
23:24.47Kirkburnteh monies!!!!
23:24.58Amadalmonies is the correct term.
23:25.02KirkburnI keep mis-typing "teh" and "the" >_<
23:25.10Kirkburn*"teh" as "the"
23:25.22AmadalThat typo is so common it is in auto-correct dictionaries.
23:25.41KirkburnBut I'm intentionally going for "teh" but mis-typing it :P
23:25.50Sky2042Kirkburn: link [[WW:SR#Bugs]] on bugs for current version on Problems page.
23:25.53Kasoyour subconcious wont let you
23:26.00AmadalThere are even keyboards with built in delays between the h and e to make it less common.
23:26.16AmadalSo you might have to poke at it slowly.
23:27.18AmadalAssuming you have one of those uber-keyboards, of course, or maybe something kewt in your system.
23:28.04AmadalWith WordPerfect, if it autocorrects, just retype it a third time.
23:34.09AmadalThe Create account page looks rine now.
23:34.52KirkburnHopefully once all this upgrade stuff is over (and it looks like the Wikia meeting shouldn't interfere too much), we can get back to finishing off all the WW:SR list
23:35.48Kirkburndatabase compression is next
23:36.05KirkburnWe're on a distributed network now, btw - no more dedicated server
23:36.12AmadalThank you for all your work.  The wiki is extremely valuable.
23:37.01Sky2042Kirkburn: database c ompression?
23:37.11KirkburnOld revisions
23:37.37KirkburnWe're huge :P
23:37.46KirkburnI should see if I can get some stats
23:38.05KirkburnI think text alone was into the tens of gigs
23:39.28KirkburnSky2042, so, monobook is updated at least
23:39.44Sky2042of course we're huge
23:40.39KirkburnTest site has a far more sensible name now at least
23:41.48Sky2042_afko? or somethin?
23:43.41*** join/#wowwiki tmokros (
23:44.33*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
23:45.33*** part/#wowwiki tmokros (
23:49.38pcjYes, definitely

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