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01:01.13DickI hate this name.
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02:01.45PhotoJimhey Navell
02:01.54DuTempetehiya Navell
02:02.20Navellhey whats up?  Maybe you guys can help me, im trying to get wow to run on Suse 10.3
02:03.23PhotoJimyou're a glutton for punishment :)
02:03.35PhotoJimI love Linux but I haven't been so brave as to get stuff running under Wine yet.
02:03.59Navellhad a spare comp, and ive read a lot about how it runs "so smooth and fast one wine"
02:04.21PhotoJimWorth a try then.
02:04.26PhotoJimIt depends on your video card.
02:04.37Navellso i decided to try it and im pretty far, got it to run... for a little bit lol, but it quits with an error message
02:05.00PhotoJimSome video cards aren't fully supported by Linux.  Some are.  If you have an nVidia video card, and use the proprietary nVidia driver, I'd expect really good performance.  Not so sure with ATI.  the Intel chipsets are pretty well supported by Linux, too.
02:05.57Navellits an intel 915G, and it runs better with direct x than opengl so far, ive followed the guide on the website but its still not playable
02:06.36ruprecht[The Master's Key] hooray
02:08.09PhotoJimNavell: I'm honestly not sure, but I suggest posting on one of the WoW forums.  I know there are people who have gotten it running, and without huge difficulties.
02:08.33PhotoJimNavell: if it's a SuSe-specific problem I couldn't help you either, alas.  I use Ubuntu and Debian.
02:08.51myke54142wow can run on a 915?
02:09.00Navellhmm k thanks ill try the fourms
02:09.07Navellit ran under windows on it
02:09.11myke54142ruprecht wish i could get a group for mech and arc :/
02:09.35PhotoJimwhat's wrong with the 915?
02:09.43myke54142for 3d gaming?
02:09.53myke54142i'm sure it's fine enough for desktop and video playback
02:10.49Navellyeah it ran wow good, and it runs it also on linux, but i keep getting an error and the game quits, im trying to find an updated driver for it
02:11.02Navellintel 915G, its onboard
02:11.38PhotoJimmy desktop has onboard Intel graphics, probably not that different.  works ok.  I won't say it's optimal but it's pretty reasonable, until I get a proper video card.
02:13.45Navellyeah, it should run, the guide on the wiki is pretty thorough, and ive got it running
02:13.51myke541424 pipelines, 333mhz, 1.3gpix fillrate
02:14.00myke54142i guess you can play the game at least
02:14.10myke54142but it's gotta be painful in underbog
02:14.59myke54142navell: if you're doing it on linux get the latest driver from the opensource project
02:16.15Navellcould you give me a link?
02:17.35myke54142just recompile the driver and put the resulting binary in place of your current one
02:17.40myke54142in the X driver modules directory
02:17.50myke54142the insturctions make it sound a lot harder than it is
02:18.07Navellcool thanks ill give it a try
02:18.27myke54142first check your xorg.log to make sure you don't already have it
02:18.33myke54142depends on the disto and version
02:19.18Navellhmm, im pretty sure its already got it, just got the newest version of suse
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02:23.20myke54142it runs under windows?  why are you trying under linux?
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02:26.51Sandwichman2448Vandalulz is on the wiki!
02:32.15[NewsBot]WoW Insider: PTR Notes: Undocumented changes -
02:32.49montaggSandwichman2448: GeneralBlazer?
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02:34.16Sandwichman2448Lemme look.
02:34.42Sandwichman2448What I ment
02:34.43Navelleveryone who has done it succesfully says they get an average of 40-70fps
02:34.57Navelljust an experiment
02:36.09Sandwichman2448Eh. Gen is fine. That is Addy's turf.
02:37.36montaggSandwichman2448: Wasn't sure about Gen. Added some weird stuff to What Wrath of the Lich King is not, but I have no experience with that article.
02:38.00Sandwichman2448It is a joke. As long as it is not rude, it can stay.
02:38.11myke54142navell: tbh i don't think your card can do that
02:38.25montaggSounds good to me.
02:38.26myke54142i get those frame rates under windows, but only sicne i upgraded
02:38.47myke54142but that 915 only has 4 pipes, i dont' see how it's possible
02:38.47Sandwichman2448Montagg: Do you think it is bad?
02:39.04montaggSandwichman2448: Nope. I just saw him add some stuff in l33t, but he changed it.
02:39.31montaggI also hadn't really read the article, so I was just looking for someone to shoot down with a block. ;-)
02:39.37myke54142navell: i woudl recommend getting a $40 used card off ebay
02:39.44myke54142like the x700pro i just sold
02:40.24myke54142also the shared memory will kill performance too
02:40.47Sandwichman2448Montagg: Do you want me to shoot him?
02:41.32Navellhmm coo ill look into gettin a card, a 256 good enough?
02:41.37montaggSandwichman2448: I think it's okay. It's a silly article, so as long as the contributions are silly, appropriate, and not spam, let him play.
02:41.39myke54142yeah that's what i have
02:41.56Sandwichman2448montagg: OK.
02:41.59myke54142i got a x800xl, a $500 card in 2004, got it for $100 on ebay and coulda gotten it for $60 if i was more patient
02:42.24myke54142i have it clamped with vsync so it doesn't go above 60fps, and it gets that most places
02:42.48myke54142with 1200x1024 and hi res textures and all sliders at max
02:44.09myke54142even my ancient geforce2 beats out a much newer onboard video chipset by a huge margin
02:44.44myke54142if you prefer nvidia, you can get a 6800ultra now for cheap and those are still great cards
02:44.53myke54142esp for wow which doesn't really use sm3 much if at all
02:46.13myke54142high-end video cards hold value well, a high end card from 4 years ago is still much better than a new midrange card
02:46.29myke54142you just don't get the newer features like sm3, which for wow doesn't matter
02:47.46Navellsweet whasts the full name of that card?
02:47.57myke54142geforce 6800 ultra
02:48.04myke54142although any 6800 is probably enough
02:48.11myke54142if you like nvidia
02:48.26myke54142i tend to ati, and there the x800 series is the best price/perf for a used wow card imho
02:48.52myke54142if you ahve a bit more money and play other games, look at a x1900 series, esp a x1950xtx if you can find a good deal on one
02:49.03myke54142tho that's much more than you need for wow
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02:49.52myke54142it's nice not to bog down to 6fps in town and have taxi flights turn into slideshows when entering town
02:50.16Navelllol ha coo
02:50.23Navellthanks ill probably get that card
02:50.24myke54142and the hires textures make the whole game look much nicer
02:50.37myke54142wikipedia has great comparison charts for both nvidia and ati cards
02:55.07myke54142what cpu do you have?
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02:58.49Navellp4 ht
02:59.00Navellsuse says its two cores...O_o
02:59.02myke54142hmm, what speed is it?
02:59.09myke54142that's the hyperthreading
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02:59.44myke54142it may be the cpu too
02:59.50myke54142i had a 2.0 p4 oc'd to 2.6
02:59.55myke54142at first i thought it wsa the video card
03:00.04myke54142but when i upgraded that i still got poor fps in town
03:00.25myke54142when i finally got a e4300 it was night/day
03:00.42myke54142went from 6fps to 60fps, from everything turned to min to everything at max
03:00.45myke54142on the same video card
03:01.03Navelloh thats sweet
03:01.55myke54142a year and a half ago i built a budget gaming box for my gf, amd 3500+, and that was a very good performer for wow
03:02.04myke54142so it depends what p4 you have
03:03.23myke54142i went from 1 to 70 on my old hw, so wow is playable and ok, but on better hw everything is just so much nicer
03:03.28myke54142it's a joy now just to run around in town
03:03.37myke54142with everything hi res and super smooth
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03:04.31myke54142and if you play first person shooters it'll be the difference between a game being unplayable at min settings and having it good even at mid to mid-high settings
03:05.03myke54142how much memory do you have?
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03:45.37Sky2042freaking a, want to stab zeal now.
03:53.16Kasothat seems a little severe
03:54.07Sky2042him and fandy. jebus.
03:54.16Sky2042both of em need to be slapped.
04:04.47Sky2042I totally just cursed out Zeal and Fandy
04:04.50Sky2042that felt gooooooood.
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04:20.08montaggThree books were just delivered to my door: Yochai Benkler's "The Wealth of Networks," Siva Vaidyanathan's "Copyrights and Copywrongs," and Lawrence Lessig's "The Future of Ideas." Weighing in at about three pounds, five inches height, and 933 pages thick.
04:20.21montaggJust thinking about reading these is making my brain hurt.
04:20.56Sky2042montagg: school, or pleasure, or businesss?
04:21.05montaggSky2042: The latter two.
04:21.13Sky2042i would guess not the middle...
04:24.59montaggThe first book, "The Wealth of Networks," is basically about wikis, but more broadly about crowdsourcing. Thick as hell, but neat ideas.
04:29.48montaggAnd yes, I know, I'm a hugeass geek, but it's something to read while I'm grinding Netherwing rep and waiting for Warhammer Online.
04:30.11Sky2042montagg: it works.
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04:49.58pcjwhat happened sky
04:52.43Sky2042pcj: zeal posted on VP. just being a general ass. i got pissed, and left them both a nasty note.
04:59.07pcjwow i think fandy was being worse tho
04:59.34pcjthey are both being damn stubborn
05:00.14Sky2042i left it directed at both of them.
05:15.48[NewsBot]Zero Punctuation: Zero Punctuation: Yahtzee Goes to GDC -
05:15.59Sky2042yay wiki darma
05:21.59Sky2042WoWTempete: I think I may have just about redone your essay, in not so neutral terms.
05:26.40WoWTempetedo I need to go read it?
05:27.02Sky2042you might want to. I probably crossed the line, but I was pissed.
05:27.23WoWTempetepissed? why?
05:27.28WoWTempetehave I missed something?
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05:28.11Sky2042Zeal said some stuff he probably shouldn't have, and I was like, that's enough of that. Then he responded. And then I wrote a 2200 char essay on his response.
05:40.08WoWTempeteSky2042, *cheer*
05:40.25Sky2042well, that makes me feel slightly better about myself.
05:40.25WoWTempeteand now I'm going to respond without even acknowledging it :P
05:41.49Sky2042didn't they remove dampen / amp magic, or just one of them, or am i on crack?
05:41.56Sky2042detect magic
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06:44.18Sky2042lol, that's weaksauce
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06:50.43pcjheh i should be devil's advocate and keep arguing with sky on zeal's behalf
06:51.22Sky2042zomg, someone else who agrees with me. and it's pcj, to boot
06:52.09pcjwhat, on the fact that both zeal and fandy can be stubborn idiots?  did i ever give any indication otherwise
06:52.35Sky2042no. you usually argue with me, though. :P
06:53.12pcjLike when
06:53.33Sky2042hmm... nothing off the top of my head. but that's what comes to mind.
06:53.35Sky2042oh well.
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07:01.23Sky2042wonder what would happen if k b were to wake up and find himself banned because his internet needs help
07:04.30Sky2042go kalgan!
07:05.09WoWTempetewhy would he be banned for that?
07:06.14WoWTempeteSky2042 ?
07:06.32Sky2042i was joking there.
07:06.43Sky2042also, to stop him from reconnecting.
07:06.45WoWTempeteand it isn't his net.  His router is dying :(
07:07.09WoWTempetehe's supposed to go out with his flatmates tomorrow to get a new one.
07:08.52DuTempeteand please, don't glorify zeal's crazy with a response.
07:09.09DuTempeteyou're only encouraging their behaviour
07:09.37DuTempetehe posted something new
07:09.39Sky2042i leaving it with my rant, if that's what's you meant.
07:09.45DuTempeteand even more ridiculous
07:10.36Sky2042the little blurb he left? yeah, i decided if he was going to lay off either way, so would i :P
07:12.22pcjOK, worked past that
07:13.52Sky2042pcj posted sense. yayyyyyy-something-to-work-with.
07:16.37Sky2042ping me next time to ensure i'm looking at the page
07:29.40DuTempeteanyone save the link to the test wiki for 1.12?
07:30.11DuTempeteKirk showed us a couple days ago, but I can't remember what it was.
07:30.12pcjwhoa, I missed it?
07:30.23pcjno he didn't...
07:32.01DuTempeteyeah, he did
07:32.02Sky2042DuTempete: don't think he's yet linked it.
07:32.04DuTempetelemme find it
07:32.14Sky2042well, go hunt it down in the logs, i guess.
07:32.19infobotYou are probably looking for
07:32.22DuTempetechecking my history
07:32.27Sky2042that works too.
07:36.38DuTempeteDamn, maybe he only showed me.
07:36.48DuTempeteI could've sworn he'd linked it in IRC.
07:36.49pcjWouldn't it be in your history then
07:36.55DuTempeteit is in my history
07:37.06DuTempetebut I'm not going to show it to anyone if it was only meant fo rme :P
07:37.36Sky2042he said on VP i think that he wanted to drop a link, but the wikia was broken or something
07:37.46DuTempetethe skin is broken
07:37.49DuTempeteit looks like shit :P
07:38.20DuTempeteheh... there's no CSS at all
07:38.59DuTempetefrom what I understand, common.css doesn't work with 1.12
07:39.38*** join/#wowwiki p`s{SL`WC}|WoW (
07:40.03Sky2042that's not... so hard to deal with
07:40.40Sky2042just merge the stuff to monobook / quartz / monaco? or to wowwiki that needs it.
07:40.53p`s{SL`WC}|WoWcan i ask q's about the game here?
07:41.22DuTempeteok, my piee said
07:41.39Sky2042p`s{SL`WC}|WoW: yup.
07:41.42DuTempetego right ahead p`s{SL`WC}|WoW
07:42.11p`s{SL`WC}|WoWhello all... i'm a n00b to WoW and i'm trying to fish at the crystalbrook river near ammen ford, and nothing happens when i cast the net. not even murlocs. sometimes it appears in red at the top of the screen 'requires %s'
07:42.36Sky2042requires %s?
07:42.39DuTempeteand Sky2042, no, it can be fixed, just going to take some effort.
07:42.43Sky2042or actual numbers?
07:42.52Sky2042DuTempete: server side fixing?
07:42.52p`s{SL`WC}|WoWyes, that's it just %s
07:43.02DuTempeteshouldn't be server side
07:43.11Sky2042p`s{SL`WC}|WoW: are you on a private server or a real server?
07:43.31p`s{SL`WC}|WoWprivate, does that matter?
07:43.43Sky2042means bad coding.
07:44.07Sky2042and we don't allow talk of private-specific stuff in here. if you would like to continue, feel free to ask generally nooby questions.
07:44.29DuTempeteI don't know exactly how the CSS is going to work when 1.12 comes out, but my guess is there'll be no common page, just separate ones like we do beside common.css.
07:44.42Sky2042DuTempete: that's what i just said xD
07:45.01DuTempeteoh, I didn't understand
07:45.05p`s{SL`WC}|WoWok.. i didn't know, as i'm noob..
07:45.09p`s{SL`WC}|WoWty for letting me know.
07:45.11Sky2042i guessed that much, DuTempete hehe
07:45.59DuTempeteanywho... I'm going to bed.
07:46.11DuTempetePlease don't light anyhthing on fire while I'm gone. :P
07:46.20DuTempeteThat includes tempers.
07:46.46Sky2042well, i got zeal to simmering. does that count?
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07:48.35zZzTempetenight night :P
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09:16.12[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: 2008 GDC Rumor: WoW Mobile Might Become Reality -
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10:06.03Kirkburn|sleepCSS in 1.12 - all the same CSS pages stay, but we add a Monaco one to support as well (same design as wowwiki.css)
10:07.12KirkburnThe tets site was just broken :P
10:07.23*** join/#wowwiki elaa (
10:08.01Kirkburn(still is_
10:08.31sannseKirkburn: need me to prod someone about that? or have you got it?
10:08.36sannseeeps! @
10:08.40*** mode/#wowwiki [-o sannse] by sannse
10:09.00KirkburnNah, pestering Nef via Skype is half my job :)
10:09.16sannse*g* .. pretty much the whole of mine
10:09.50KirkburnWho isn't on 1.12 now? I noticed Uncyc and MA are now, so does that leave just Gamewikis and us?
10:10.25Fisker-uncyclopedia is shit
10:10.31sannseand Central
10:10.36Kirkburnsannse, ah k
10:10.47sannseFisker-: you aren't looking at the right bits :)
10:10.55sannsetry my articles :P
10:28.50sannsethat's me
10:28.58foxlitThat's mostly boring
10:29.24sannse <-- well this is my current favourite article (not by me)
10:29.46sannse <-- this has the list of my articles (all four of them)
10:29.59sannse <-- and this is my photoshopping
10:30.04sannseany better? :)
10:34.19Kirkburnlol @ Cliff Richard :)
10:35.28KirkburnWhat is it with people offering me admin positions?
10:36.43KirkburnIt doesn't even give me more power :(
10:37.24KirkburnDamn, someone knocked me off my top spot in Audiosurf for Holst's Mars
10:37.37foxlit"Warning. This Article contains the spoiler that The Player (YOU) is CABAL in all series, so, if you don't want to find out that The Player (YOU) is CABAL in all series, which you did, don't read it.
10:37.38foxlitBecause The Player (YOU) is CABAL ."
10:37.45foxlitWe need some of those spoiler tags
10:39.17KalrothKirkburn: Do you want to admin my website?!
10:40.26*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
10:41.50foxlit"Many gamers have been of the opinion that the graphics in Crysis are very good. However what they don't know is that they have been deceived, as the visuals which you see on your computer screen are the output from a video camera held by a poor African child on a remote island, trying to earn money for his family.
10:44.26sannsehave you seen the standard spoiler there?
10:45.21sannse(it also changes on a new pageload)
10:50.28Kalroth Handy!
10:51.58sannseheh, so who was it that was saying it was boring? ;)
10:52.15KirkburnSo awesome -
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11:07.23*** topic/#wowwiki by sannse -> WoWWiki will be read-only for about 1 hour, starting at 12:00 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenince | Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || [02:53:28] <Adys> i dont care about security
11:10.00KirkburnAh, sorry, nvm
11:10.09*** mode/#wowwiki [-o sannse] by sannse
11:10.17KirkburnI thought it was wiki specific :(
11:10.39sannsenah, sorry
11:11.03KirkburnWhat's being done?
11:11.22sannsereboot of the master database
11:11.50sannseEmil thinks it should take about 10 minutes, so said 30... which I interpreted as an hour of course ;)
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11:44.18[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Drysc hints at Arena season 4 with patch 2.4 -
11:51.51[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Fordham Prof Loves Obama, Hates His Video Game Stance -
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13:04.19[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Breakfast Topic: I get by without a little help from my friends -
13:04.32foxlitThat better be about the song
13:09.53_adan_Do anyone knows where I can get larger version of this image?
13:11.52[NewsBot]GamePolitics: How Gamer Scored Face Time with Supreme Court Justice -
13:12.04[NewsBot]GamePolitics: GDC: Free-Speech Lawyer Tells Game Biz to Defend Against “Junk Science” -
13:14.27fricis it allowed to upload images from wow's official site to the wiki? or is that copyright violation?
13:21.04fricfoxlit: you still around?
13:22.01fricyou uploaded this, ye?
13:23.43fricI would like to upload this; but it's basically the same. would you mind? :P
13:24.16fricI'd like to use it in a list of arena teams
13:25.42fricImage:Icon_Alliance.png|20px doesn't look as good
13:27.59foxlitUse |18px?
13:28.21foxlitthe black background is a wiki bug that should go away sooner :)
13:29.42fricah :) cause that's what bothers me :p
13:29.52fricthe edgess getting black dots
13:30.01foxlityeah, GD issue, sucks :(
13:30.29foxlitIt will be fixed once we update to 1.12, I think
13:33.07fricnice. guess I'll stick with a resize then :) it doesn't look _that_ bad to be honest :p
13:37.06*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
13:37.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
13:38.24*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
13:39.45*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
13:47.40pcjmorning pplz
13:54.21*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
13:56.51KirkburnVote, vote!
13:57.37*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
13:57.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
14:01.27*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
14:03.28*** join/#wowwiki sacarasc (
14:04.05Osehai guise
14:05.32Ose~seen foxbot
14:05.35infobotfoxbot <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 2d 16h 48m 56s ago, saying: 'Template:Userbox has been transcluded in 807 pages.'.
14:08.20[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Well Fed Buff: A feast of fresh fish -
14:13.44pcjI like how in the "And now for a little focus" section they got even more unfocused
14:16.45*** join/#wowwiki Guardix (i=martin_j@
14:31.10*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
14:32.08[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Florida Supreme Court Comes Down Hard on Jack Thompson -
14:37.09*** join/#wowwiki viki- (
14:40.01Kirkburnviki-, welcome
14:44.10frichow do people actually count their contributions? does everyone do it by hand? :P
14:47.39pcji use an abacus
14:48.31*** join/#wowwiki kadrahil (
14:48.51foxlitthat's not what your userpage says :P
14:51.17pcjthe peasants use an abacus, duh
14:52.14foxlitmassively multipeasant online cbacus?
14:53.54pcjcurse's site is painfully slow
14:55.12*** join/#wowwiki Daworm (n=Daworm@wikia/Daworm)
14:57.09Kirkburnfric, with difficulty, or a bot
14:57.36KirkburnYou either count your contribs page or you use foxlit's botted template
15:00.19fricI don't have that many, so counting by hand probably isn't hard in my case. That bot sounds cool tho, where can I find it?
15:04.32[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: The Magisters' mural -
15:09.56Kirkburnfric, add {{User Editcount}} to your userpage
15:11.29*** join/#wowwiki kadrahil (
15:12.49fricOh. so that's a bot updating that? Because when I added it and looked at the preview it only had the default values (9001) :P
15:18.15*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
15:24.44*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
15:26.19KirkburnBtw, this is some amazing video -
15:28.01*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo (
15:32.55Fisker-looks like shit
15:45.38*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
15:56.29[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: 2008 GDC: Pardo "Nay-Says" Micro-Transaction Model On WoW -
15:56.35[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: PlanetDiablo Q&A w/ Onyx - Back to Hellfire Mod -
15:57.52Kirkburnpcj, ping
15:58.23KirkburnThe test site is here -
15:59.11KirkburnReport issues on
16:03.58Fisker-why does the site look like hell btw?
16:04.34Fisker-"Report a problem"
16:04.37Fisker-kinda redundant
16:08.32[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Is Blizzard properly seperating PvP and PvE nerfs? -
16:08.45KirkburnIt's a test site, and report a problem is standard Wikia extension
16:09.19KirkburnThe wowwiki and images aren't present - the important bit is whether the code is broken *anywhere*
16:10.53Kirkburn"Report a problem" is better than using talk pages to discuss such problems, and gives us a centralised database of stuff to fix
16:12.50Fisker-thought the new test site was to test a new layout :o
16:13.41*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:13.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
16:14.00*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:14.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_2] by ChanServ
16:15.12KirkburnFisker-, it's to test 1.12
16:15.21KirkburnSkins are present though
16:15.32pcjwhat is?
16:15.34pcjlink plz
16:15.43KirkburnLink on there
16:18.53pcjmonobook skin = fail
16:24.12pcjwhere's the wowwiki skin
16:29.50*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn_ (
16:30.04Kirkburn_yay disconnects
16:31.36pcjgod i never knew how awful browsing wowwiki was in monobook
16:31.49pcjthe {{neutral}} template should be changed
16:32.32[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Here's M'uru (spoilers) -
16:32.34pcjshould use class-based coloring for better display in monobook
16:32.58*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
16:32.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:32.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
16:34.08KirkburnBrowsing wowwiki in monobook is a problem? News to me - been doing it for a long time now
16:34.08KirkburnMorning Gryphen
16:34.09pcjSome of the pictures and templates look terrible
16:34.14pcjLike {{neutral}} as I said
16:34.39pcjI guess my main problem is my changes to the site navigation aren't set up to work on monobook
16:34.46pcj*my user JS changes
16:35.11KirkburnAnything you find, add to that page
16:35.35KirkburnWill probably make a VP announcement later
16:35.35pcjWell {{neutral}} should probably be changed on the main site
16:35.49Kirkburnpcj, indeed
16:36.13KirkburnI'm not going to do it atm though (work)
16:36.39*** join/#wowwiki elaaa (
16:37.57*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || 1.12 test site - - report problems on
16:38.04Kirkburnd'oh :P
16:41.46*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
16:41.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
16:42.50pcjadded a report about the preferences page kirkburn
16:43.01foxlit is featured?
16:44.08foxlitwith that many red links?
16:44.10Kirkburnpcj, &nbsp; I've seen before
16:44.14foxlitWith that much junk? :)
16:45.02Kirkburnfoxlit, yes, needs changing
16:45.06pcjkirkburn is user JS not turned on in that wiki
16:45.16KirkburnZA, MA or SP would probably be good
16:45.17foxlithow did it get past the featuring process?
16:45.20Kirkburnpcj, yes
16:45.26pcjthere's a process?
16:45.34Kirkburnfoxlit, didn't have so much when I chose it
16:46.00KirkburnThere is now, I had to choose some to get us up to 31 choices though
16:46.15foxlitwhy do you want to get up to 31 choices?
16:46.25Kirkburnpcj, wait ... user JS?
16:46.37KirkburnThe common.js file is blanked
16:46.48KirkburnThe pref tabs work fine for me
16:47.52pcjyeah kirkburn user JS
16:48.02pcji tried adding itemtooltips to my monobook.js to see if they worked
16:48.15KirkburnAdd a report
16:51.37*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
16:52.12foxlitwho killed the wiki api?
16:52.37foxlit(on the test site, that is)
16:53.50Kirkburnfoxlit, report it. It may just not be turned on
16:54.10foxlittoo lazy :)
16:55.05KirkburnFine, I added a brief note
16:55.12*** join/#wowwiki elaa (
16:55.21KirkburnThis is for our own benefit
16:56.35pcjkirkburn, tabs not appearing for me and JS not working *may* be due to that server apparently sucking and being slow
16:57.27Kirkburnit's possible
17:02.20Kirkburnpcj, can you try reloading the site (without being logged in)
17:03.38pcjone sec
17:03.56pcjaaaa ugly skin
17:04.03Kirkburncool, that works
17:04.07*** join/#wowwiki [Liquidor] (
17:04.19pcjmeh, it might be ok
17:04.27pcjarticle frame can't be white imo
17:04.32[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Moviewatch: Chronicle of the Annoying Quest, Episode 21 -
17:04.47*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:05.01pcjofc now i can't find anything
17:05.05KirkburnOh, that's not our skin, don't worry :P
17:07.36*** join/#wowwiki Lethain (
17:07.42pcjIs it just me or is the "More" link up by the user links not working
17:09.20KirkburnWorked for me
17:10.38pcjDatabase error
17:10.39pcjA database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:
17:10.41pcjfrom within function "". MySQL returned error "3: Error writing file '/tmp/MYef28zj' (Errcode: 28) (".
17:11.02KirkburnJust added it
17:11.21KirkburnWeird how it loads part of the page again over there too
17:11.43Kirkburnlol, and the drop down user menu shows up over there
17:11.45*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
17:12.14KirkburnReverting it to monobook for now
17:16.29[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Australia Prime Minister's Son Jumps to Internet Fame -
17:17.03pcjit doesn't appear JS is running at all
17:17.22pcj...why is it loading User:Pcj/global.js
17:25.05*** join/#wowwiki Arcaia (n=cnflct@
17:25.33ArcaiaAny SSC/TK guilds Alliance PVP [CST/EST] recruiting?
17:26.59sacarascthere probably are
17:29.58Arcaia=/ Reasons I ask in an IRC channel instead of the recruitment forum is that I generally feel people that go outside the game to talk about the game have a better understanding of what's going on... and by asking if anyone is recruiting, I don't generally mean the WoW population as a whole, but rather the people and the guilds they represent in the channels in which I posted the LFG message.
17:31.35pcj4 lines = IRC wall of text
17:31.56ArcaiaThat was two lines for me... get a bigger monitor troll ;P
17:32.03ArcaiaOr a higher resolution.
17:32.04sacarascreminded me to check LFG for a new comic though
17:33.24pcjgood idea sacarasc
17:38.35PhotoJim7 lines in my 80x25 irssi window :)
17:39.39KirkburnArcaia, this isn't really the right channel to ask - realm specific stuff rarely comes up
17:39.50Kirkburnpcj, what did you find out about js then?
17:40.08PhotoJimyes, that's the downside to looking off of the game.  there are so many servers.  I have yet to serendipitously run into anyone on any of the three servers on which I play.
17:40.14pcjIt's working, except including from is kind of sucking
17:41.11*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
17:41.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
17:41.47KirkburnPhotoJim, have you coincidentally or shockingly run into them though? ;)
17:42.30PhotoJimlol... no
17:42.33Kirkburnpcj, k. Probably not really something to worry about anyway, there's nothing particularly fancy about the js afaik?
17:43.09winkilleranyone sharp in latin?
17:43.09winkillerSecundus Vita is a latin phrase meaning 'Second Life'.
17:43.11pcjMy JS is extremely fancy
17:43.15winkillerI totally don't agree
17:43.32Kirkburnwinkiller, sounds very ... basic
17:43.53winkilleryeah, not totall wrong :P
17:43.55KirkburnVita Secundus sounds more like it in the first place
17:43.58winkillerbut imho Vita Secunda
17:44.09KirkburnAh, yeah, that's even more like it
17:44.31KirkburnTrying to remember by word endings :P
17:44.38KirkburnWhat case is "second"?
17:44.56KirkburnOr life. It's so many years ago :(
17:45.02PhotoJimI can onlyl help with French...
17:45.09PhotoJimLa Deuxieme Vie
17:45.17PhotoJimaccents don't seem to work properly here
17:45.28winkillerit's normal nominative
17:45.56pcjYeah, I think putting tooltip JS on that site is gonna kill it
17:46.52Kirkburnpcj, gonna trying activating common.js, and we'll see
17:46.59KirkburnIt's only us two browsing it :P
17:47.11pcjI think foxlit was doing stuff too
17:48.20winkilleroh wait, secundus MIGHT have been right if it was a noun in tghe u-declination
17:48.24winkillerbut it isn't
17:48.31*** join/#wowwiki PanSola (
17:48.32pcjWell, the JS isn't loading right somehow
17:49.05Kirkburnpcj, force refresh and you'll see the problem
17:49.12Kirkburn(let it load for a while)
17:49.56ArcaiaKirkburn: in regards to your reply earlier, thats why I was looking for Alliance PVP [CST/EST] looking for a guild to transfer to. :P
17:50.56*** join/#wowwiki [Liq] (
17:52.48Kirkburnpcj, you can only prevent it occuring by disabling browser js, something in common.js is doing it
17:53.44Kirkburnoh, it's referring to in the code
17:53.57pcjwee caps
17:54.18Kirkburnyour itemtooltips ... hmm, how to change?
17:54.37pcjyou can change it to refer to the local copy
17:54.46KirkburnThat'd be sensible
17:56.00KirkburnThat may have worked
17:57.36Kirkburnyup, worked
18:04.39pcjafk a bit
18:08.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Totem Talk: A deep discontent -
18:19.19*** join/#wowwiki khangg (
18:24.24Adys[19:23:26] <mohamed> HI
18:24.24Adys[19:23:41] <Adys> Go away, I don't like caps
18:24.24Adys[19:24:05] *** mohamed has quit (Client Quit)
18:24.26*** join/#wowwiki [Liquidor] (
18:24.29AdysAm I good
18:25.35KirkburnIf I catch you doing that here ...
18:25.42Adysit was in PMs
18:25.48Adysi dont do that kind of shit in chans
18:25.57Adysbut I get about 2 of those a day
18:30.47Kirkburn :O
18:34.23KirkburnI hope we get a novelisation of WoW and TBC at some point
18:34.30Adysno chance
18:34.54KirkburnThe blood elf storyline could manage it
18:35.00sacarasc"and them some alliance guys teabagged the fallen horde hero..."
18:35.20KirkburnYeah, I meant a novelisation of the story elements in WoW >_>
18:36.16*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
18:38.23AdysKirkburn:  theres just no way this is ever happening :P
18:38.48AdysWorld of Devcraft - blzdevact * SVN r1011 /trunk/terrain/gilneas/ /trunk/models/gilneas /trunk/server/zones/gilneas (541 files in 3 dirs deleted): Deleted useless content
18:40.05Adys"you'll be pleasantly surprised by his answer but Gates revealed to CNet why Microsoft needs Yahoo. From his response, "We have a strategy for competing in the search space that Google dominates today [...]"
18:40.24Adysset free the orly owl
18:40.37Adyscall the captainobvious emergencies
18:40.40Adysi dont know, do something
18:41.09KirkburnYou didn't actually answer my question >_>
18:41.15Adysi did
18:41.24Adysdevs dont give a shit about old azeroth :P
18:41.49KirkburnYeah, er, not what I was talking about in the slightest
18:42.00Adysi dont see what you mean then
18:42.09KirkburnNovelisation, i.e. a book
18:42.24Adyswell that i cant say anything
18:42.24KirkburnSame way we have a novelisation of WC2 :)
18:42.31Adysbtw kirk
18:43.36KirkburnThey withdrawing distribution of something that isn't being distributed?
18:43.51Adysand on another side
18:43.56Adysi dont mind advertising but
18:43.59KirkburnOh, one of the pre-reqs
18:44.17Adyspeople need to stop fucking around and reblogging google helping wine with photoshop support
18:44.43AdysIm gonna make a blog
18:45.00Adysand reblog idiots like that
18:45.42AdysKurzweil predicts that machines will match man by 2029 -- bring it on
18:45.43KirkburnWas I supposed to be impressed by that article? So one of the SP1 pre-reqs appears to have a minor bug. Wow.
18:46.33AdysKirkburn: ms withdrawing sp1
18:46.42KirkburnAdys, um, no
18:46.53KirkburnWithdrawing a pre-req update for SP1
18:46.59KirkburnA completely different thing
18:47.57Adysif you delay wow patch 2.4
18:48.06KirkburnSP1 isn't due for public release until mid-March
18:48.08Adysdoesnt that automatically delay patch 2.4.1 :)
18:48.29Adysits the same here, but the other way
18:49.02Adysi could get alot of traffic with my
18:49.47KirkburnThat was four days ago ...
18:50.05Adysim catching up on feeds by "posted on" order
18:50.07KirkburnIt was an entirely justified article?
18:50.21Adysand i had well over 10 articles on hddvd
18:50.25KirkburnDid you miss the "(duh)" in the title?
18:50.54Adyseven endgadget reblog themselves
18:51.00AdysParamount following Warner out the HD DVD door?
18:51.00Adys...the slow death he predicted for HD DVD a very, very fast one. Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments
18:51.00AdysEngadget - Jan 8, 2008 5:14 AM
18:51.07AdysBlu-ray players grab 93 percent of market after Warner went Blu
18:51.07Adys...a slow death for HD DVD after all.[Via] Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments
18:51.07AdysEngadget - Jan 22, 2008 10:18 PM
18:51.17AdysToshiba gearing up to drop HD DVD?
18:51.17AdysEngadget - Feb 15, 2008 (6 days ago)
18:51.24KirkburnDude, shut up
18:51.37AdysKirk, chill off
18:51.52Adysits not because you love ms that you have to take everything i say to a personal level
18:52.05KirkburnNo, it's that you should stop spamming the channel
18:52.17KirkburnI have no problem with your MS hatred, but the channel doesn't need to suffer
18:52.32Adysi wasnt talking about ms
18:52.53KirkburnOh, don't you start going on tangents as well
18:52.55Adyswe're the only ones talking here since about 52 minutes
18:53.02Adysi dont think people care if i spam
18:53.13*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
18:53.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
18:53.18KirkburnI do, and it's not an excuse
18:53.30Adysyou spam more than me kirk
18:53.42*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
18:53.53KirkburnFine, tell me off. Sorry, but "he did it first" is not an excuse
18:53.54Adysyou're not in a good position to tell me to shut up there
18:54.07AdysIm not even saying you did it first
18:54.15AdysIm saying you did it alot more
18:54.30*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo (
18:54.38KirkburnYes, I sure do love ridiculous conversations
18:54.59Adysand its an excuse if i want it to be, you're rude, not an example yourself, though still wanting to set yourself up as an example. im not the only one saying that, either
18:55.26KirkburnThere was me thinking we had channel rules
18:55.48Adyswell? :)
18:56.07KirkburnWhat? You need me to link and point to number 3?
18:56.21Adysshould i point you to number 2?
18:56.40Kirkburnwinkiller, looks okay here
18:56.50winkillerno clue, isp maybe
18:57.02KirkburnAdys, I told you to shut up after spamming the channel >_>
18:57.12Adysyou tell alot of people to shut up nowadays eh
18:57.32KirkburnNo, mostly you
18:57.54AdysIm on this chan nearly 24/7, dont tell me who you tell off
18:57.57Kirkburnwinkiller, if it continues keep me posted and I'll check up
18:58.02Adys(hi zeal)
18:58.08winkilleryeah, nagging as you know me :)
18:58.53KirkburnAdys, lol that you bring that up :)
18:59.17Adysi bring it up because it was totally out of the rules
18:59.26Adysdont laugh at me for bringing your shit up theres more
18:59.38*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (
18:59.47KirkburnYes, it was, I apologised for it, and we're on friendly speaking terms :)
19:00.15Adysi didnt say you didnt apologize, nor do i care
19:00.17KirkburnI know, people complain about me all the time. It's awful.
19:00.25Adysbut stick to your stuff
19:00.46Fisker-hey Adys
19:00.49Fisker-i'm playing WoW
19:00.53Fisker-that game you like
19:01.28AdysIm fixing stuff in firefox
19:01.31Adysthat browser you hate
19:01.49Fisker-i don't hate it
19:01.56KirkburnFx ftw
19:02.13Adysim making scripts for google reader
19:02.18Adysthe one by that company you hate
19:02.51KirkburnNever really tried other readers than IE7's, might have to at some point
19:03.29Adysgoogle reader is one of those google applications i never used until recently
19:03.35Adysand dont see how i could live without it
19:03.40KirkburnFeeds are pretty much the only times I use IE, though that's no small amount
19:03.47Adysrss desktop readers are just shit
19:03.56Fisker-google reader isn't that the feed where you can put in a lot of feeds?
19:04.14*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
19:04.23AdysMicrosoft announces games for Zune via XNA Studio
19:04.29Adyscaptainobvious, come back
19:04.32winkillerI hate reader
19:04.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Whirligig: the generation, jury rigging, and joys of the gyrocopter -
19:04.36winkillerI so much pref bloglines
19:04.56*** kick/#wowwiki [winkiller!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (u no hate googlz)
19:05.28Fisker-i hate google
19:05.37Fisker-but only from a company perspective :P
19:05.38Adysu voiced
19:05.51KirkburnAdys, k, stop the kickings
19:06.06Adystotally kirk
19:06.23*** join/#wowwiki winkiller (n=winkille@
19:06.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+v winkiller] by ChanServ
19:06.34KirkburnNew nV driver btw - 174.16 -
19:06.40Fisker-there was also a firefox dev that talked about google in a bad fashion
19:06.50Fisker-physx support yet?
19:07.05Kirkburnwinkiller, welcome back :P
19:09.45KirkburnFisker-, doubtful
19:09.56KirkburnShould be coming to all the 8000 series last I heard though
19:14.12Fisker-i know
19:14.17Fisker-i can check the us wrath site now :O
19:15.43*** join/#wowwiki montagg (
19:15.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o montagg] by ChanServ
19:19.03*** join/#wowwiki dcramer_ (
19:19.41*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
19:20.08*** join/#wowwiki Corgan| (
19:21.57pcjmmm admins are getting testy
19:25.13DuTempetewhere, pcj?
19:25.15*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
19:25.21pcjhi keolah :)
19:25.24pcjhere, DuTempete
19:25.27AdysDuTempete: WHY R U OP
19:25.44DuTempeteAdys: CUZ U MAD ME
19:25.53AdysI MAK U
19:26.25DuTempeteK SO UNMAK ME
19:26.48DuTempetewell, there we go, then.
19:27.12Adysoh :(
19:27.50DuTempeteSo how are the admins getting testy in IRC, pcj? :P
19:28.10pcjI meant on WoWWiki and IRC
19:28.41*** join/#wowwiki kadrahil (
19:30.38PanSolaonly 4?
19:30.40pcju have to delete her first
19:30.45PanSolathat's kinda sad )-:
19:30.49PanSolano love
19:31.01pcjguess not
19:31.27Kirkburn4 is normal for auto-voice
19:31.46PanSolaI was about to say "what *can* you do with a 4?"
19:32.13PanSolanot gonna aop her?
19:32.15pcj/msg chanserv level #wowwiki list
19:34.13*** part/#wowwiki DuTempete (
19:34.16*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
19:34.28pcjno +v
19:35.05PanSolaDu didn't identify
19:35.08PanSolawhich is why
19:35.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+v DuTempete] by ChanServ
19:35.17KirkburnDuTempete, identify! :)
19:35.19pcjobviously pansola
19:35.26PanSolaKb: give her 40!
19:35.58pcj//mode $me +w
19:36.01KirkburnPanSola, :O
19:36.36Adyswho is apt?
19:37.23*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
19:37.25pcj-ChanServ- 35  4     apt                                 2d 49m 40s
19:37.33Adysyeah, i got that part
19:37.39Adys~seen apt
19:37.41infobotapt is currently on #debian (7d 7h 38m 33s) ##icf (7d 7h 38m 33s) #elive (7d 7h 38m 33s) #htc-linux (7d 7h 38m 33s) #kde (7d 7h 38m 33s) #wowroster (7d 7h 38m 33s) #openmoko (7d 7h 38m 33s) #gnu-kbsd (7d 7h 38m 33s) #slug (7d 7h 38m 33s) #lugwv (7d 7h 38m 33s) #idlerpg (7d 7h 38m ...
19:37.51pcj-NickServ-   Last Seen Address: i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt
19:37.59Adysright ok
19:38.30Adysjust cleaning up
19:38.39pcjlol no +v for infobot?
19:38.58Adyshe gets it from nick infobot no?
19:39.18pcji assume infobot must be a linked nick to apt
19:39.24pcjsince i don't see infobot in the access list
19:40.07pcjhah went back to apt
19:40.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o DuTempete] by ChanServ
19:40.36Fisker-drama tiems go
19:40.48Adysu no slap plz
19:40.54pcjoh sht
19:41.26Adysits not 40 DuTempete, its just 4.0
19:41.57Adys~seen adys
19:41.59infobotadys is currently on #debian (6h 4m 45s) #wowi-lounge (6h 4m 45s) #norganna (6h 4m 45s) #idlerpg (6h 4m 45s) #wowace (6h 4m 45s) #wowwiki (6h 4m 45s). Has said a total of 102 messages. Is idling for 2s, last said: '~seen adys'.
19:42.24*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
19:42.26*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
19:42.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
19:42.53[NewsBot]New stats available for #wowwiki (at pcj's request)! See the #wowwiki stats:
19:52.11Adysjesus what
19:53.49pcji always knew apple computers were full of shit
19:54.02Adysohhh ho ho. i see you
19:56.28[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Wrath of the Lich King - Tuskarr Preview -
20:08.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: The world (of Warcraft) is flat -
20:11.28*** join/#wowwiki Orckus (
20:12.31KirkburnWelcome, Orckus
20:12.51DuTempetehowdy Orckus :)
20:13.19Orckushmmm.. can anyone recommend me a IRC client that will alow me to connect to multiple servers?
20:13.30DuTempetechatzilla does
20:14.04KirkburnNow we gotta think of more esoteric ones :P
20:14.10Orckushmm I'm suing mIRC
20:14.20Orckuscouldnt figure it out
20:14.21sacarascirssi, epic, xirc
20:14.26OrckusI'll play some more
20:14.31KirkburnI use XChat myself
20:14.39Adysmirc sucks, try xchat or irssi
20:14.55DuTempeteI'm not fond of xchat.  I may go back to chatzilla
20:15.05DuTempeteit isn't as pretty as xchat, but some things I just can't stand.
20:15.14Orckusyeah I should jsut figure out how to congire chatzilla
20:15.18Adyschatzilla is annoying since you need to stay on the browser
20:15.19sacarasclike what?
20:15.22pcjorckus, /server -m
20:15.33Kirkburnpcj, what's the -m ?
20:15.41sacarascnew server
20:15.50DuTempeteYou're just upset because then we won't be using the same client anymore, Kirkburn :P
20:15.58KirkburnDuTempete, totally
20:16.00DuTempeteyeah, the browser part is a pain, Adys
20:16.16Adysyou should be able to have chatzilla in prism
20:16.24Adyswith some hacking around.. hmm
20:16.42Orckushot damn!  TY pcj!
20:16.53AdysOrckus: mirc still sucks
20:17.13OrckusI will look into toehrs
20:17.13Orckusbut i use it at work
20:17.22Orckusand it almost looks like a program i use
20:17.28OrckusSTEALTH Chatting
20:17.35DuTempeteOrckus, don't mind Adys, he thinks anything he isn't using or didn't write sucks.
20:17.45pcj(kind of like zeal)
20:17.51Adyszeal sucks
20:17.57DuTempeteyeah, basically
20:18.20Adysbut thats not true
20:18.43AdysIm not using google calendar, yet i think its great, for example
20:19.25Adysbut really, mirc does suck, theres tons of irc clients around
20:19.31Adysdont go for one thats asking you to pay
20:19.33Kirkburnpcj, about the mind control thing - the blog I saw about it mentioned that it kinda failed
20:19.39Kirkburn(when being shown off)
20:19.52pcjwindows 95 failed when being shown off too
20:20.06KirkburnIt failed when being used too :P
20:20.21KirkburnHappy days ...
20:21.12Adyspeople saying their app supports windows 95 is like enterprises saying the product they create works on people who dont buy it too
20:21.18KirkburnI was just pleased it ran Settlers II tbh
20:22.31Adyslol the results
20:23.12KirkburnThere's a lot of old computers in the world
20:23.20Adyswhat the fuck of a kind of email address is that
20:23.43KirkburnA chinese one?
20:23.52KirkburnLook at the company address
20:23.53Adyswho remembers that kind of postat
20:24.05*** join/#wowwiki Miyari (
20:24.07KirkburnXiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
20:24.23*** part/#wowwiki Miyari (
20:24.27myke54142no worse than
20:25.08Adysit reminds me of people putting their altered bith date followed with a variation of either 1337 or their SSN in their mail address
20:25.27KirkburnAdys, such websites exist because a). not all sites get updated and b) china will have a lot of old PCs
20:25.54Adyser i know.. so?
20:26.12AdysI'm not specifically criticizing them
20:26.49Adysits just so typical of web 0.2
20:27.11Vesitinis it common for a rogue to equip two different types of weapons (i.e., mace and dagger, or sword and dagger, or w/e)?
20:27.30Adysdepending on your spec actually
20:27.32Vesitink...i just started a N.E. rogue last night and i'm learning the class
20:27.37pcjwand and dagger is pretty uncommon tho
20:27.43Vesitinwell, ya
20:27.49Adysdont bother with that kind of stuff before you're 50ish
20:28.21Adysi thought the take the survey link was a broken wiki link and wanted to fix it :/
20:28.21Vesitinso what's the best tree to build up while levelling? i don't know very much about rogues and i'm working on one now
20:29.07Orckuswill you solo or lots of instances?
20:29.28myke54142my priest has a wand and dagger lol
20:29.46Vesitinprolly mostly soloing with some instances
20:30.26Vesitinmy priest has mace and wand :)
20:40.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Tuskarr info on official site -
20:40.50*** join/#wowwiki sacarasc (
20:46.46*** join/#wowwiki Thraton (
20:49.37KirkburnI've posted about the 1.12 test on
20:55.13Kirkburn|afkAdys, not appreciated.
20:55.46Fisker-i don't see the issue :<
20:55.51AdysI don't see it either
20:57.06Kirkburn|afkSeriously? You don't?
20:57.22AdysI see a lot of issues related to you but not this one yea
20:57.42Kirkburn|afkWell that was snide
20:57.49Kirkburn|afkI'm going to help my hosuemate cook, goodbye
20:58.02AdysIf there is anyone in here who thinks DuTempete was OP'd unfairly because it's favouritism blah blah, say so now
20:58.09Adysbecause you're getting a slap from me
20:58.22DuTempetejust leave it alone, people.  It's unimportant.
20:58.50Adysyou say that because you get the @!
20:59.08*** join/#wowwiki pcj_3 (
21:01.19Fisker-I think we have more pressing concerns regardingfavoritism if that is the reason for you not having either op or voice
21:01.50sacarasci'm no ones favourite and i have neither op nor voice, i declare favouritism!
21:02.31DuTempetemore pressing concerns?
21:03.29DuTempeteFisker- ?
21:04.16Fisker-i'd say you wouldn't be the only case of "favoritism"
21:04.28DuTempetefavouritism by whom?
21:04.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: The Guild, Episode 7: Home Invasion -
21:05.16Fisker-Well i barely have any time for the wiki, so i'd say i shouldn't have a voice anymore
21:05.22Fisker-also think there's other cases like that
21:05.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+vv dok3Dal dJe781] by Adys
21:05.44Kirkburn|afkAye, it's supposed to be bot owners, website owners and prolific editors
21:05.52Adysfavoritism because they're both french!
21:06.06Adysgee guys leave this shit alone seriously
21:06.10Kirkburn|afkAnd you wonder why we have a problem
21:06.15Adysit doesnt even give any advantage to be voice
21:06.27pcj_3|Pixel| owns a website?
21:06.28Adysother than being easily selectable on the user list, big deal
21:06.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
21:06.52Adysand kirkburn seriously
21:07.14Adysstop it right now, this is just .. plain dumb
21:07.21pcjI own like 3 websites, I should get like 3 + by my name
21:07.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+vvv pcj pcj pcj] by Adys
21:07.37PhotoJimyou have 3.  they're stacked. :)
21:07.46pcjAnd they all support Netscape
21:08.03DuTempeteoh, then you should take away his +v
21:08.17DuTempetesupporting netscape totally negates any privilage.
21:08.25pcjwowwiki supports netscape :o
21:09.38|Pixel|Adys: tu es trop gentil
21:10.16|Pixel|pcj: ya, one little one
21:10.18Fisker-et tu |Pixel|
21:10.20Fisker-or whatever
21:10.33Fisker-isn't even french
21:10.53pcjje m'en fous
21:11.01|Pixel|"et toi Fisker-" is fine, more or less, depending on what you wanna say afterward :)
21:11.31Adys|Pixel|: je porte pas de culotte!
21:11.49Fisker- lol
21:12.17|Pixel|moui moui moui
21:33.17*** join/#wowwiki pcj (i=pcj@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
21:33.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
21:40.14*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
21:40.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
21:49.07*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
21:52.29*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
21:52.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
21:58.38*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
22:05.58[NewsBot]World of Raids: Sunwell Raid disabled, Brutallus v4 down -
22:06.50Fisker-Tier 5 Paladin 4-set bonus would be sick if you could control it
22:08.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Scattered Shots: Pets at level 10 -
22:12.30*** join/#wowwiki Orck (
22:16.56*** join/#wowwiki Corgan| (
22:23.16*** join/#wowwiki Furl (
22:37.21*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
22:42.11pcjkirkburn my user ID is different on the test server
22:43.32Sky2042and i can't connect
22:44.03pcjmeh the test wiki is sloower than the normal wiki
22:58.08*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
22:58.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
22:58.20*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:03.08*** join/#wowwiki genmud2 (
23:03.41*** join/#wowwiki EvilGrin__ (
23:07.40pcjnetsplit ftw
23:07.40*** join/#wowwiki winkiller (
23:08.11Oseanyway, can we resize all the <proffesion>.gif images to 48x48px please?
23:08.20*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
23:08.39Oseand all the others
23:09.19Osethey are making the User:Proffesion template too big
23:09.49[NewsBot]Ose meant:
23:09.59[NewsBot]Ose meant:
23:10.03Oseas an example
23:10.17AFKTempeteyou can change the image size w/in the link
23:10.57Oseuhm, yeah...
23:10.58*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
23:11.05AFKTempete[[Image:Mining.gif 48px]]
23:12.15AFKTempeteIt's far better that we have it uploaded as a large image.  It has more use, and we don't have to have multiple copies uploaded.
23:12.21AFKTempeteyeah, yeah, that too
23:12.22*** join/#wowwiki krag0th|Mac (
23:12.49*** join/#wowwiki montagg ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:12.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+o montagg] by ChanServ
23:13.37*** join/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
23:13.46*** join/#wowwiki em0ry ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:13.52Oseit's in <imagelink> though
23:14.01AFKTempetedon't use imagelink
23:14.15OseI didn't do it...
23:14.34Ose{{User Profession}}
23:14.49Ose{{User Profession/Icon}}
23:14.53AFKTempete[[Template:User Profession}}
23:15.02Osesee for yourselves
23:15.02AFKTempete[[Template:User Profession]]
23:15.13AFKTempetedamnit, newsbot
23:16.24*** part/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
23:16.41*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:16.41*** join/#wowwiki winkiller (n=winkille@
23:16.41*** join/#wowwiki WoWLuaircBot (
23:16.41*** join/#wowwiki genmud (n=genmud@about/windows/regular/genmud) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:16.41*** join/#wowwiki EvilGrin_ ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:16.41*** join/#wowwiki elmargol ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:16.41*** join/#wowwiki em0ry (n=emory@
23:16.41*** join/#wowwiki Kyrin ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:16.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+vv winkiller WoWLuaircBot] by
23:16.42*** join/#wowwiki winkille1 (
23:16.55*** join/#wowwiki em0ry_ (
23:16.55Sky2042for the time being, don't use imagelink. if/when we get the extension installed, then use it.
23:16.56Osewhat's going on?
23:17.02Sky2042freenode is hiccuping
23:17.05*** join/#wowwiki Kyrin_ (
23:17.28Oseonce again, not me
23:17.37Sky2042then fix it!
23:18.20[NewsBot]AFKTempete meant:
23:18.20[NewsBot]pcj meant:
23:18.21[NewsBot]Ose meant:
23:18.21[NewsBot]Ose meant:
23:18.21[NewsBot]AFKTempete meant:
23:18.38AFKTempeteseems like those templates were seriously jerry-rigged.
23:19.02AFKTempeteI can't fix them righ tnow, though
23:19.02Oseslowsbot strikes again
23:19.15AFKTempeteit would take me some time, as I'm not very familiar with #if
23:19.34pcjomg afktempete nub
23:20.02AFKTempetedie, pcj.
23:20.03AFKTempetedie, foxlit.
23:20.03pcjeventually, yes
23:20.04foxlitdie, Tempete!
23:20.04Sky2042AFKTempete: if you have any coding ability at all, it's the same as any ifthen statement o_o
23:20.15AFKTempeteyeah, I know, but looking at all those brackets makes my brain hurt.
23:20.17foxlitAnyway, it's not like your problem is with the if
23:20.19pcjuse pseudocode first then
23:20.28Osego see yourself
23:20.30AFKTempeteblah blah
23:20.31*** join/#wowwiki elmargol ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:20.33AFKTempeteI don't have time :P
23:20.50*** join/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
23:21.00Ose|lcontent={{{{#if:{{{1|}}}|User Profession/Icon|Blank}}|{{{1}}}}}
23:21.35Oseand that's just one line
23:22.05*** join/#wowwiki Kyrin ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:22.24AFKTempeteanywho, I'm off.
23:22.47*** join/#wowwiki WoWLuaircBot (
23:23.09*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
23:23.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
23:23.38foxlitWhat browser are you using, Ose?
23:25.01foxlitRenders just fine!
23:25.15*** join/#wowwiki Lopen (
23:28.34Osethat isn't the same page I was looking at...
23:28.50dcramer[]Kirkburn|afk: you guys should add wowdb to the links :p
23:28.56Oseit had double professions in the profession template
23:29.16Sky2042dcramer[]: nuh uh.
23:30.18pcjNot seeing a problem
23:30.42dcramer[]Sky2042: why not
23:30.50Sky2042dcramer[]: why should we?
23:30.53*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:30.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
23:31.11foxlitIt's pwetty and blue!
23:31.18dcramer[]Sky2042: why shouldnt?
23:31.26Sky2042you have to make your case first, not the other way around.
23:31.37dcramer[]my case is because all the other major db sites are there :)
23:31.51Sky2042true. but that wasn't why they're there.
23:32.23Sky2042if the community had had its way, only wowhead would be displayed.
23:32.40Adyswow this is awesome
23:32.40dcramer[]i dont think thats true
23:32.44Osesomeone fixed it :D
23:32.51Sky2042dcramer[]: it's very true.
23:33.06*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
23:33.19dcramer[]Sky2042: you're expressing everyones opinions as yours :)
23:33.28Sky2042but Kirkburn|afk (aka, our benevolent dictator) said, "we're going to keep all 3 of them"
23:33.30Sky2042and no.
23:33.32pcjuhh sky i think armory would be there
23:33.57OseOfflineBot you mean?
23:34.04Adysi clicked a random google ad that took me to a website that is supposed to display a 60 second vid on how much god loves me
23:34.08Oseor is he back?
23:34.12AdysDoes this prayer express the desire of your heart? If it does, I invite you to pray this prayer right now and Christ will come into your life, as He promised.
23:34.36*** join/#wowwiki elaa (
23:35.42foxlitdcramer[]: actually, there was a vote.
23:35.50foxlitPretty much everything except wowhead failed.
23:36.02foxlitOf course, this was quite a while ago
23:36.19AFKTempetebesides, I doubt we want to take part in that crazy BS that is wowdb
23:36.22foxlitIf you wanted to add yourself
23:36.39foxlitAFKTempete: NEUTRALITY
23:37.01Sky2042well, that's weird. the archives disappeared
23:37.09Sky2042theres one
23:37.10foxlitI'd branch Elinks-item into Elinks-item/Dev, and see what you can do about the layout of that template
23:37.13AFKTempetelinking to it shows support
23:37.14*** join/#wowwiki Malgayne (
23:37.22AFKTempetenot linking to it shows avoidance
23:37.29Sky2042 ,
23:37.37foxlitI'm sure you had a point somewhere along the lines
23:37.44AFKTempetepreventing it from being linked at all shows disproval
23:37.47Sky2042um, what was the last.
23:37.56AFKTempeteI'm sure we can "allow" it to be added manually to pages
23:38.05AFKTempetebut there's no way in hell I want to see it added to elinks
23:38.10foxlitAFKTempete: pointless much?
23:38.15Adystake it to talk pages
23:38.18[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
23:38.19foxlit"no way in hell" is blatant bias
23:38.25AFKTempetepersonal bias
23:38.34foxlitIndeed. Off with your head!
23:38.34dcramer[]AFKTempete: wowdb provides info other sites dont
23:38.35AFKTempeteI'm allowed personal bias, tyvm
23:38.41AFKTempetefuck wowdb
23:38.51Sky2042there was another one that was removed from elinks
23:38.53AFKTempeteI don't care what other info they provide
23:38.55pcjFuck it right in the ear!
23:39.05foxlitIn short, come up with a version of elinks-item that has wowdb in it and works, and we'll consider it
23:39.09AFKTempeteIt could be the meaning of life, and I still wouldn't support it
23:39.11AdysTake it to talk pages seriously guys.
23:39.15dcramer[]i dont edit the wiki
23:39.29Sky2042dcramer[]: then it's not going to get added ;)
23:39.47foxlitThen you should be able to tell by the general mood of responses that people aren't very interested in doing it on your behalf
23:40.00dcramer[]irc responses dont really mean much :)
23:40.11Adysthats why Im saying a very last time
23:40.12AFKTempeteby all means, post it on the VP, dcramer[]
23:40.14Adystake it to talk pages
23:40.20Adysnot here
23:40.40AFKTempeteyou aren't going to get much a different response
23:40.44Adysthat goes to everyone
23:40.44foxlitdcramer[]: they're pretty much the only kind you'll get if you don't want to edit the wiki :)
23:40.47dcramer[]i didnt actually come here to discuss it :)
23:40.54*** join/#wowwiki Miyari (
23:40.55foxlitWhat did you come here for? :)
23:40.55dcramer[]you guys just started responding
23:40.57AFKTempetethen why bring it up?
23:41.26dcramer[]dcramer[]: Kirkburn|afk: you guys should add wowdb to the links
23:41.54foxlitGood luck with that, then.
23:42.08AFKTempeteKirk won't add it unless there's user support
23:42.31dcramer[]just because the 3 bias people in here who don't support it doesn't mean there wouldn't be :)
23:42.33AFKTempeteif that's what you're getting at
23:42.45Kasodcramer[] var = new dcramer[20];
23:43.00AFKTempeteyou say bias like it's a bad thing.  Everyone has a bias.  Yours is for wowdb.
23:43.06foxlitKaso: interesting :)
23:43.06CorganKaso <3
23:43.08dcramer[]not really
23:43.14dcramer[]but if you go to wowhead and ask them if they want to be on wowwiki
23:43.15dcramer[]they'll say yes
23:43.20Kasobeen programming too much java >.<
23:43.21dcramer[]if you go to wowdb, and do the same thing, same response
23:43.31AFKTempeteit's not about what they want :P
23:43.37dcramer[]so why is it about what you want?
23:43.37AFKTempeteIt's about what the users want
23:43.39dcramer[]id bet you're a wowhead user
23:43.41Sky2042not to mention, the point of the templates is to verify information, which the 3 currently do already.
23:43.56AFKTempetewhy do you think I dislike wowdb?
23:43.57dcramer[]Sky2042: but when one provides info the others don't, do you not agree, to be a more complete source, it should be added?
23:44.04dcramer[]AFKTempete: i dont even have to quote you  :)
23:44.19Sky2042dcramer[]: wowdb doesn't, though. it changes where the info is located.
23:44.38dcramer[]wowdb actually had updates faster than the other sites when patch day came around
23:44.45AFKTempetedcramer[], did any of us say "it isn't going to happen because we said so" ?
23:44.47Sky2042_afkdcramer[]: and?
23:44.47Corganinaccurate info too.
23:44.53dcramer[]not inaccurate
23:45.00dcramer[]it cant be inaccurate, its datamined :)
23:45.01Corganyes inaccurate.
23:45.08Adysthis stops here, everyone just stop going on about it. If you want to talk about it, - whatever it is
23:45.11Sky2042_afkwhat are private servers again?
23:45.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+m] by Adys
23:45.27*** mode/#wowwiki [-m] by AFKTempete
23:45.28Sky2042_afkand now I go.
23:45.29*** mode/#wowwiki [-m] by Adys
23:45.33AFKTempetelet it be, Adys
23:45.55AdysThis is not the place
23:45.56AFKTempetewe can talk about it here all we like.  That doesn't mean anyone's going to go off and do something about it w/o discussing it on the wiki
23:46.08AFKTempeteThis is the very plac eto go to get a feel for how people are going to respond to ideas
23:46.11AFKTempeteThat's what it's for.
23:46.17CorganIt's an irc channel. That's what you do in an irc channel. You know, talk.
23:46.38AFKTempeteZeal's little project was an abuse of IRC discussion, yes, but that's been acknowledged.
23:47.59AFKTempetedcramer[], If you're serious about the idea, please do go to the wiki and propose it.
23:48.08AFKTempeteBut, we're telling you it's not likely to go over well.
23:48.29AFKTempeteWe aren't telling you you can't do it, or ask about it.
23:48.34dcramer[]im not an idiot
23:48.37AFKTempeteBut there *needs* to be a proposal made first
23:48.38dcramer[]if i wanted to propose it, i would
23:48.42dcramer[]i honestly dont care if it gets added
23:49.03dcramer[]i didnt come in here and say "what do you guys think about.."
23:49.09dcramer[]yes, i could take it to pm, but im lazy :p
23:49.29Adyswell then this is set
23:49.57AFKTempeteKirkburn will/would say the same thing: propose it if it's that important to you.
23:50.04AFKTempeteHe's not going ot propose it fo ryou.
23:50.12AFKTempeteHe's not going to do it because you mentioned it.
23:50.16dcramer[]so you're his opinion now too? :)
23:50.33AFKTempeteI know him well enough to make an educated guess.
23:50.39dcramer[]A lot of people in here tend to think they're everyones opinions :)
23:50.50dcramer[]either way
23:50.51TecnoBratAFKTempete, understatement of the century
23:50.58dcramer[]you dont need to go on and on
23:50.59AFKTempetelol tecnobrat :P
23:52.36AFKTempeteMalgayne, is there anything you would like to add regarding wowdb, that might help dcramer[]?
23:52.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Water un-nerfed outside Arenas -
23:53.02[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Sunwell raid temporarily disabled -
23:53.21AFKTempeteIf you don't want to get into it, just say so :P
23:53.43AFKTempeteI don't think most of us really have any clear understanding of the situation with wowdb, though.
23:53.59Kirkburn|afkdcramer[], the addition was already brought up by someone else - essentially, for addition to the default links it'll need a vote, same as any of the other links.
23:54.41MalgayneWoWWiki is a community website.  If the community wants Wowdb up there, put it up there.
23:54.58Kirkburn|afk(by someone else, I mean someone else from Curse)
23:55.13dcramer[]can smeone renamed "Curse Gaming" to "Curse"
23:56.01Adysif it doesnt time out..
23:56.29Kirkburn|afkMy suggestion was either wait for a little while for the Alexa results and ... other stuff to settle down
23:57.24dcramer[]nice descriptions :)
23:57.26Kirkburn|afkAt the moment any vote isn't really going to be fair and will probably just turn into a site war, but feel free to "test the waters" as it were
23:57.28dcramer[]wowdb will stay high
23:57.33dcramer[]wowdb will outrank wowhead in Google shortly
23:57.45dcramer[](in he spots it doesnt currently)
23:57.51Kirkburn|afkYes, well, that's all well and good, but it's not our decision :)
23:57.52dcramer[]damn i fail at english
23:57.55foxlitwould be nice to revamp elinks, anyway
23:58.12AFKTempeteI think we should avoid taking a position on the issue: show neither support or dispproval.  Allow links to be added manually, just like we do for any other site, but not add it to elinks.
23:58.13dcramer[]ya i ignore the site war stuff though :)
23:58.16foxlitAltogether too much wasteful text; icons would serve the purpose better, and we could add tons :P
23:58.25Adysa nice wowwiki revamp of db elinks yea
23:58.30dcramer[]AFKTempete: ya but then its bias against wowdb
23:58.39Adyswith a very nice autogenerated wiki transcludable wow data content
23:58.48Adysand not a single db link for all wars to be over
23:58.49foxlitAFKTempete: I can easily add it manually to every page
23:58.51AFKTempeteno, that would be the most neutral position we could take.
23:58.59foxlitThat smells of a workaround, though :P
23:59.01dcramer[]thats not neutral :)
23:59.03AFKTempetego right ahead, foxlit, and have fun :P
23:59.05AdysLike it was started :P
23:59.12dcramer[]doesnt really bother me
23:59.13pcjafktempete i bet he meant his bot
23:59.14foxlitWell, by manually, I mean bundle it with bot requests
23:59.17dcramer[]but wowdb is big and will only get bigger
23:59.22dcramer[]wasnt aware it had been suggested though
23:59.29AFKTempetethat's irelevant, pcj, but I figured that. :P
23:59.31kd3hey, another curse fanboy. fun stuff
23:59.38dcramer[]kd3: im the lead developer
23:59.46dcramer[]not quite a fanboy :)
23:59.56AFKTempeteHowev,er foxlit, you are an admin, and need to consider that.

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